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Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut canadie ' de microreproductions historiques 


Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filming. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming are 
checked below. 


Coloured covers / 
Couverture de couleur 

□ Covers damaged / 
Couverture endommagee 

□ Covers restored and/or laminated / 
Couverture restauree et/ou pelliculee 

I I Cover title missing / Ln titre de couvenure manque 

I I Coloured maps / Carles geographiques en couleur 

□ Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black) / 
Encre de couleur (i.e. auire que bleue ou noire) 

' I Coloured plates and/or illustrations / 

Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material / 
Relie avec d'autres documents 


Only edition available/ 
Seule edition disponible 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion along 
interior margin / La reliure serree peut causer de 
I'ombre ou de la distorsion le long de la marge 

Blank leaves added during restorations may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have been 
omitted from filming / II se peut que certaines pages 
blanches ajoutees lors d'une restauration 
apparaissent dans le texte, mais, lorsque cela etait 
possible, ces pages n'ont pas ete filmees. 

L'Institut a microfilme le meilleur exemplaire qu'il lui a 
ete possible de se procurer Les details de cet exem- 
plaire qui sont peut-etre uniques du point de vue bibli- 
ographique. qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite. 
ou qui peuvent exiger une modification dans la metho- 
de normale de filmage sont mdiques ci-dessous. 

Coloured pages / Pages de couleur 

Pages damaged / Pages endommagees 

Pages restored and/or laminated / 
Pages restaurees et/ou pelhculees 

□ Pages discoloured, stained or foxed / 
Pages decolorees, tachetees ou piquees 

I I Pages detached / P.jges detachees 

Showthrough / Transparence 

Quality of print varies / 
Oualite inegale de I'lmpression 

Includes supplementary material / 
Comprend du materiel supplernentaire 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips, 
tissues, etc., have been refilmed to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages totalement ou 
partiellement obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une 
pelure, etc., ont ete filmees a r.ouveau de fa^on a 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
discolourations are filmed twice to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages s'opposant ayant des 
colorations variables ou des decolorations sont 
filmee? deux fois afm d'obtenir la meilleure image 

"] Additional comments / 

-i Commentaires supplementaires; 

There are some creases in the middle of the paqes. 

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below / 

rr n-„' !.it:T fTr* mr*rtr-* 

au ijux ec rccucticn incique c.-debsoui. 















The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of 

Urii vcr -.i t ^ i,t Wc'.f f-r n Ont ,ir jo, 

S< i'TIl (■■ I j l-t cU , . 

L exemplaire film* fut reproduit gracfi A la 
g^nArositd de 

University of Western Ont.iriu, 
Sciences I i I r rir v . 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specification! 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impree- 
sion. or the back cover when appropriate All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illustrated impression. 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol — ^ (meaning CON- 
TINUED I, or the symbol V (meaning ■END"), 
whichever applies. 

Maps, plates, charts, etc , may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
fight and top to bottom as many frames as 
required The following diagrams illustrate the 

Les images suivantes ont iii reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin. compte tenu de la condition et 
de la nertet* de I exemplaire film* at en 
conformit* avec les conditions du contrat de 

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en 
papier est imprim*e sont filmAs en commencant 
par le premier plat et en termmant sjit par la 
derniAre page qui compone une empremte 
dimpression ou d illustration son par le second 
plat, seion le cas Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont filmAs en commencant par la 
premiAre page qui comporte une empremte 
d'impression ou dillustration et en termmant par 
la derniire page qui comporte une teile 

Un des symboles suivants apparaitra sur la 
derniAre image de chaque microfiche selon le 
cas le symbole — ^ sigmfie A SUIVRE le 
symbole V sigmfie "FIN ' 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc . peuvent etre 
filmis A des taux de reduction diff6rents 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour etre 
reprodu.t en un seul clich*. il est film^ d partir 
de Tangle supArieur gauche, de gauche A drone 
et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre 
d'images n^cessaire Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la mAthode 






















^=-^ ;6?,J tost M^.n St^ " 

=-— -^--^ ester. Ne« fork i^f--. 
-= ' *8^ - 0300 - Phone " 











W. IIAJ.K WlllTK, M.J). LoN,,., M.D. D, .,. ,hon.) 

-^M'.l^ nn-MI.VS .„ AM,, ,.K,1,-KKU OV MM..c,NK .r ,.,,H „„MUM 

U.II,l; ,,^ A TKATIU.UK of ..IIaKMACul.HIV am. IHKHllEITl,-' 




11' J 1 

First Filitu,)!, ls;(2. 

Siroml Kditiun, \x\)l. Third F.ditiun, \m\t. 

Fourth F.lUwn. iHli;). y,jth F.ditiun, HtdO. 

Suth Edition, l!»()l. Seventh Fditum, i:»()2. 

Eighth Edition, l\m. Ninth Edition, \\m. 

Tenth Edition. VMM. Eleventh F.ditiun, I'JO!). 

Twelfth Edition, lull. 

Tlnrtemth Editio);. IKI}. 

J'riut'il \n (inyu Britain. 


In pnparin- t!.i^ Edition every earc has been tak^i 
1" I'linpr the book up to date, and sevinil new dnl.,^s 
Ikivo 1,( en addfd. 


<><t., I'.ii.j. 


OKKlNiriONS .... 
I'irVK.MAI Y .... 

PHAi;MAr()I.u,,V AM, TllKKAi'Krilrs 

i'rcscribiiiij; • . . . . 

Attioii of Drugs 

Dru^'.^ acting' on Procossfs oiitsiik- the Body 

Drug's acting tm the HlooJ 

Di-u;;s acting,' on the Cardiac Mechanism . 

Drugs acting on the Vessels 

Drugs acting on the Skin . . . _ 

Drugs acting on the Urinary System 

Drugs acting on Bodily }feat .... 

Drugs acting on Respiration . . , 

Drugs acting on the Digestive Apparatus 

Drugs acting on the Muscular and Nervous Syitem 

Drugs acting on the Organs of Generation 

Drugs acting on Metabolism . . . , 


Ghoup I. Water. Peroxide of Hydrogen, and Ox vi/en 
II. The Alkaline Metals 

III. The Alkaline Earths . . [ ] 

IV. Lead, Silver, Zinc, Copper, Bismuth! 

Aluminium .... 
V. Iron and Manganese 
VI. Mercury ..... 
Vil. Arsenic, Antmiony, Chromium 



♦ il 








VI 11 

^i- AciMs 
•^^f- Cailjon and it r 


■,.,.,„„„„'■'""■' •^' --w,. 

in Dm .. ■ Heart 

^^- Volatil,- Oil, 

VI f I. A.stri„...nt' 
^■'^- '^'uiulccits 
-'^'- ''aiasuioid,,s 
XI. Diuretics 

^^'lUJMACoid tw (1,. 

'• '' WIV Pjri. w.,, . 


mAI>.MAini.„aA. 2s').S 
i.VDEX • • Olij 

• u 

■ id 

■ •"'»•■ 

■ '>r,i 

■ -Jti? 
• ."Is J 

. r,H-] 






• Hi 



•Is J 


Materia Medica is so wide a term that it is diHi- 
cult to define. It includes the following : 

(a) Materia Medica proper, sometimes 
called l'harmaco<,'n()>y. This is the knowledu'f^ 
of the natural history, physical cl'aracters, and 
chemical properties of druf,'s. 

(b) Pharmacy.— This is the science and art 
of the preparation and coiii hi nation of drugs, so 
as to render them lit for administration. 

(c) Pharmacology.—This is the science 
which treats of the actions of drugs on the hodv 
both in health and disease. A suhdivision of 
it is Pharmacodynamics, which is the science 
of the physiological action of drugs in health. 
The science studies the effects of doses 
large enough to endanger life is Toxicology. 

(^/) Therapeutics is the science and art of 
alleviating or curing disease. Many authors 
do not include this under the terni Materia 
Medica. Therapeutics is either 

(1) Rational, when we have sutKicient 
knowledge of the disease and the phar- 
macological action of the remedy to know 
why it should he of beneiit, e.g. The use of 

digitalis for mitral disease. 



(2) Empirical, when our knowlodpe 

IS iiisiifliciont to tell us wliv tlie remedy 

IS etriciejit, cjj. The use of salicylates for 

rheumatic fever. 

Therapeutics oui^'ht not to he ijKlu.hd in the 

term Materia Mcdica, for that treats oulv of drui^^s ; 

hut Therapeutics, properly speakin.i:. is concerned 

with all means of alleviation. 

General Therapeutics is a suhdivision of Thera- 
peutics ; it is the science and art of alleviating,' dis- 
ease hy such remedies as are not drug's, c.(i? diet, 
climate, haths. venesection, and cupping'. In this 
work we shall consider only that part of Therapeutics 
whieh is concerned with drui^'s. 

A Pharmacopceia is a hook j)ul)lished hy some 
authorised hody, i^'enerally constituted hv law. This 
hook descrihes the di'ULrs in common use, and f^'ives 
direetionsconeernin-.'themakin-of preparations from 
them. The liharmacopceias and the authorities jmh- 
lishinf,' them differ in different eountries. '{'hv British 
Pharmacopoeia is puhlished hy the General Medical 
Council. The last edition appc'ared in 1S!)S. As new 
drup are discovered they are. if of use. included in new 
editions of the Pharmacopceia. Kvi-rvthim,' contained 
in the Pharmacopcria is said to he •' ollidal." The 
a]>l)reviation for " l>ritish Phai'macopoMa " is " B. P." 
An addendum to it, containing,' drut^'s otlicial in India 
and the Colonies, was puhlished in !!)()(). Thesedru<'s 
are descrihed at the end of this hook. 
^ The ^Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of 
fireat P.ritain have ])uhlished a valuahle hook. "The 
l')ritish Pharmaceutical Codex," containing' many pre- 
parations not in the " Bi itish Pharmacopa'ia." Sonu! 
are mentioned in this hook. When prescrihed. P.P. 
Codex should he put in a hracket after them. 
;tlATi:KIA ^ItlDH 4 l'l<OI*f:K. 
As much of this us the .student need know will be 
mentioned under ( ach druj'. 



Pharmacy is for tlie most part carriod out bv 
tlie manufacturing an.l .lispensin,' chemist Th^ 
;ne.I,cal student .should, however, hc:ac,i u i Ued Ji h 

t 11 ni. ihev au- best learnt ni the dispensary \n 
j'lenu.ntary knowledge of chennstry wil ..nabk. hin 
o understand most of the terms used in pharm c 
Imtth )llowmg should b.. noticed. i'^'^'"''")- 

cha^Scs-" ''''''' """'-''"' ^^'^^ ^'''-^"^ 
tile uctivc iiitro-fnous principles cf .,r. 


(1) Tlh.yuiv 


{•2) They art- coiiipouiuhuiuuoi.ia,.: that is f.x.v „„ . 
.nor., atoms of Judro^.n in .>,uuoniMX uv r^;^.u M 
various ra-licals. 'M'^'i./'i't leplactd hy 

(.Jl Tlify comhiric witli to form crv fiHin. ), 
without til.- ptoduction of water. t'>-tal!m.. salts 

(_H Tlu.y an- alkaline, tuniin- ,v,l jitnuis paper bhie 
„,vbI.';,' '"■ -•'""'' "'"•' •'"■ ">I">"1';-. CTstallino. .,,,1 o„„t,.i„ 

^-;:'-'';;;^ ;;;!-;-""* :;;,H-'^f;" -;■(.; ,..• 

ai.i.'. Srrv,.l, ,.;.,.. ..., -',, ''•'''\"iih(:^ m i,. i.. Atropine 

in 1. 

•hU not alkaloids a.v omJi^i; 
•ilicuil 1,1 tin. Appemiix to the I'hur- 

«iiits of alkaloid. 
Morphin.' i-. lunvever. 

Glucosides are crystalline bodies which whenacte.l 
upon by acids, or chemical ferments {enyXeTZl 
up into sugar .nearly always -ducose) a ul nH i, 

■ •• ■■ !i: VCIV.!! CU>U. 

ExampL' in B. r. • SaHeinnm \r • 

aci.1 exist in plants as Gi^S"!" ^'"^ ''^"^'"^^ "^ '^"»'« 



Saponins arc a LTonp of ;r|,K,osi,](.s forminL' a 
clear .solution in water, which froths on shakiii" and 
may \m us<<l to einulsify oils and roins. Scm rr;i 
contains a powc-rful saponin. 

Neutral Prin'iples arc indiflcrent proximate- cry^- 
tallin.. ))rincii)lcs wJjoso chemical characters have not 
been (Ictcrmincd. 

Kx;imi)l..s in 15. V.: Alninuui, Kliit.rinuni. 

Fixed Oils arc ethereal salts formed from ihc 
hifrhcr tatty acids and the trihydric ale h.d irlvcerin 
l'^^\ ^^f,!,^ '■ -^^ ordinary temperatures thev r, nmin 
iKjind. I he usual fatty acids entering' into the com- 
position of lixcd ods are oleic, pabnitic, and stearic. 

Kxampl.. : Olis.. „il m„sists nf a .nixtuiv of n cmulnna- 

a<;..l ,t,„H,().) wall ..Ivc-.rvl. Tl,ul i. to s,u. onii„a,v olue 
oil 1-, a niixtuic .if iw., nil> liaviii^' the innnulic C H (C i{ o ) 
i.n.l CHiC, H„(),, \Vl„n acU.i' upo.r bv 
ciiuslic ulkaiir. or metalliL- oxuios IIxm] ,„!, inrtn soai-s (olcatcs, or stcarafs of motals) an,! -hcnn. This nro- 
ciss iri called sapoiiilicalion. 

c.'j. C,H^(C,,H,pJ, . ■iNidio ;JXaC,JI^O, . C,n,(OH).. .-.Ml, " (jhoriu 

>'iilliliii I 'irate 

Fixed Oils are obtained from the fruits or seeds 
of plants, or from animal tissues, bv expression or by 
hoihn- with water and skimnunj,' olf the melted oil 
When i)urc they usually arc yellow, and Hoat on' 
water ; they cause a <,M-easy mark on ])apcr. Thev 
are caUed lixcd because tlu vciiniiot be (hstilled witji' 
out decomp.'siMon. They arc soluble in ether or 

L.jpii,! fixed oil. in IM'. arc Ol^a Aniyj.lala-, Crotoni.. 

Fats are fixed oils which arc solid at ordi-ian- 
temperatures ; if extracted by expression sufhcien't 
heat to melt them must he used. 

KxaiiU)les in ]i. P. : Okuin T!irot)romaf! = , i.^.v.--. 
_ Waxes are chiefly coni}.osed of fattv acids com- 
bined wiih monuhydnc alcohols homologous with 
methyl alcohol. 


Volatile or Essential Oils only rcsoinhlo fixed 
oils in lM.'in<,' soluhl.- in ilii- siiiu.^ nirdia. They do 
not l.'ave a ^'iv.isy mark on paixr. 'i'li.v are mostly 
inllanniialile, and li^diivr tiian water/ '['hv\ arc 
lii.udily ai'omatic, and sullicicntly solidde ni *\vatrr 
to impart their o<lour and ta>tV to it. Most are 
prepared by <listiliation tfiat is, hy passing' a ei.rrent 
of steam tlirou.t^di the sul)stuiice I'rom whicii tiiev are 
extiacied. the steam is c()ndens((l, and thi' oil e'lther 
lloats to tlie toj) or sinks to the bottom oi the water. 
A iew, as oil ot' lemon, are obtained by ixn.cssion 
ti'om a fruit. Their composition vari( s wi^ mucii. 
'I'hey CvHitain Aldehy.jes (Cmnamic Aid. livdt. in oil 
of cinnamon I, Phenol <lerivative,-. il-jm^enol, in oil of 
cloves), i;>ters or Klhereal halts (.Methvl Salicylate, 
Hi oil of winter^'reeii), Alcoluds i Menthol, in oil of 
peppermint), or Ketones (C'arvol, in oil of caraway), 
^'enerally associated with 'i'erpenes \see oil of Lnr- 
l)entuu'j of varyin-,' comi)usition, and which may be 
the chief constituent of the oil [cj. the Terpeiies in 
oilri of turpentine). 

Kxiunplos in B. I'.: Oka Aiutiii, Anisi, Cimiuniomi. 
Liivaiidula', Tercbintliiinr, ,tc. 

Kesuis arc very complex bodies. Thev are anion^' 
the products of oxidization of volatile oil.s. They 
contain many indillerent substances and aedds. They 
urc soluble m alkalies, fornnng resm soaps. H( nee 
the alkali in Decoctum Alues Compositum, Tmctura 
(aiaiaci Ainmoniata, and Tinctura \ alename Am- 
luoniata. They are insoluble in water, but not in 
alcohol, therefore they may be prepared by extraction 
^vuh aicoiioi and precipitation with water; also this 
IS tiie reason for ttie precipitate which falls wlien 
water is added to a resinous tincture. 

^'I'^,,-^- ^'- '■*-'^"'- iii't-' Ik^iiiii, lt(-iiui Guiiiuci, .J;ilui,;.- 
loluithylli, Sciuunioiiue, aiul I'lcis lJur-uii.lic;u. 

Oico-i esiiis aie naiurai solutions of resins in 
volatile oils. 

Those 111 IJ. P. aro Copaiba, Teitbinthina Caiiadeubia, 
inus Aniencauuui. 



Balsams arc iiiivfni-fic ^.r i 

l'«^nH!,";^;•:,,','J;;,;];;;\4y;,^;■■;;;■;'|■^-NanMo i.,.,,.,.,,,,,,,. 

Til,. I' p ." i' ""t.u 111 tljc solution. 

.snspondcHl in ?uca 1 " -f' '"^'""^^ ■'^nhnitrato, is 

Miicilaf'o Acari'i in,] ^r t 
'o fonn .-nudsinn C i^V'/;^:':^'''' ''■^■- f'-<.,„ent]y uso,l 
I'-'i'ffl- It is i.icuiunat o V ,1 ■' ''"'"''' '"■ '■•■^•^»t>v n,c. 

loa.l suhacctato ^ ''' '''"' """ V^^-^^on^,. I.orax, a.ul 

»us|,c„si„n. '^"""^•'" '"-'!■•'■' IS an ,xai„,,l,. i„ ,;. ,. „, 
levigation consists in re miiu" . Y ? '• 

:n^;;^.na::eiii.--r --■ -- -^ 

rtecanting tl>es„ , , ^''n li, 7 tL'T' '''"^' "'»" 
in tl.ia .o .11^.,', "'"'"I'llllltl. J lie heavier linwrlo.- 

si on until a fl! M .'" r"-''' ""= ""'<> 'kcantal/and 

fineness is obSd """'"= 1'°^^''" "^ ""^ '^'i"'''^'' 

Ia«viation consists in the extraction witl, water 


of tho solubio matter of the aahos of aiivthin- which 
has hoen i^mito,!, tho sohition hein- called a '' Ivo " 

Maceration consists in h>avin- coarsely pouflrRMl 
soh( organic substances in contact for souu. 
at the temperature of the atmosphor,'. with a' 
hMUi.Hn a vessel which is frequently a,Mtatr.l. Thr 
ivsultm- solution is p„„red nt\ and ad.le.l to thr 
"•nn.l ohta.ned fn,m tiie remainn,.,. suhstanee hy 
P essure. Ihe whole may hv coiKH-ntrate.l hy hrat 
Many extracts and tinctures are ma.le hy maceVati..n" 
i'ercolation is a process for ohtainin- the soluhl,. 
eon.tituents of a dru^r hy the descent of a sohvnt 
throu.di It. Phe drug to i,e percolate.l is packed in 
a tall vertical cylinder, tied over at its h^wr ,.nd 
with mushn. The percolating lluid, or menstruum 
IS poured in at the top of the cylinder, i.nd as it .Irops 
out through the muslin it is collected. The Marc 
■ s the material after its exhaustion hy maceratu.n 
or percolation. Many concentrated liquors. li,,uid 
. xtracts, and tmctuns of vegetai)le drugs are pre- 
pared hy percolation. ^ 

Repercolation consists in using the liquid oh- 
tamed hy percolating a s l.stance as tho menstruum 
tor percolating a second portion of the same substance 
and using the liquid from this second percolation as 
a menstruum for percolating a third portion of the 
same substance and so on as often as may be de- 
sired. The liquid extract of Belladonna is an example 
of repercolation. '--iiiiH.. 

Scaling.^ Scale preparations are made by drvin.' 

rho solid left l,ehind forms a thin lilm on the plate 
and this him is broken up. Some preparations of 
non are scale preparations. 

Standardizing. - The Pharmacopceia directs that 
certain preparations mad^ from ve^^.-ta'-'e d^n^- 
shall be standardized- that is to'say, shairbe made 
to contain a certain lixed proportion of the chief 
active principle. The standardized preparations are 
^.^.ii.-_l per cent, equals 1 grain in 110 minims)— 



fniit.iininrr :, j,,,,. j.,.„t ,,f t,,t,^] 

•■uiitaiiiiii- 0-;i7 ]i.r cfiil. of t..t;il 

cnntairiiiiK (IC ,„.,• c.nt. of total 

"' per Cent, of 

ExTRAnt-M Opir roMtaiiuMK -''> jut cor.t. of Morpliino 

JiNTTUi.A Oi.r .■oMt.iuun;, (.7.-. ,,. r <-,..... ,!f Muyuhuw 

J.xrKAcr M \om...>; I,.w,n„M ..oMtuin.,,^' 1 r, , „r c-,.nt 
of Strycliimu'. i i i< m 

TiNvrn;sNnrsV,.M,, T,.n,u,tir,iin'(»-J-.p,.,c.Ml.ofStrv,-l,niiu. 

of total iilkiilonls of thf root i ■ «'ni 

KxruA.:.TM HKM.AOnNN.K J-,.,: .orM rr.ntainin^ 0-7.^ p.-,- ,•..,„ 

<|f total alkaloids of tin- root. ( ' >• 'n 

T.N, TMu iJi:, ,.M,oNVK nmtai.un^' 0.1 p,r ...„t. .,f mtal alka- 

louls of tile root. 
K.MIT,AS1|U-M J{| I.I.M.oNM 

iilkaloiils of tlif root. 

TiiMMiN-rrM I{i;i.i,Aii(.NN.r; 

alkaloids of the root. 

rN(lli:NTI-.M iJKI.r.Al.ONN.i; 

alkaloids of tlic root. 
KxrnA.T.M CiNVHoN.K Li,,rii,rM coi.taiiiii, 
totjvl alkaloids. 

t!v!'tI-!" ^^''""^•'- ^';V^'''"'"" 1 I'"'- f"><- "f l"tal alkaloids. 

ttl n'^"";-^-'' ^"^"•"^"■^ containing' OM p-r cnt. of 
total alkaloids. ' 

i..\iiu, iiM Ii'KCA.fANn.K I.lgiii,iM contaiuiPK 20 to "^j ,„.,• 
c.-nt. of total alkaloids. ^ - u lo . „ p, , 

ViNCM I,.K, ..c.-A.NU.>; containing 0-1 por c.nt. of total alkaloi.Is 
VciY'""'"'"'''' ^""^'''"''"-' ""1 l"'- c-'nl. of Hydrocyanic 
Ti;,.iruA Jai.m'.k containing !•-, per fcu. of jalap rosin. 
J'lii/sioioiiicil S/aiulnnhzut/ni,. U'lu n •! ,1im,- i ■ n l. 
rhcnucal l.ody of constant con.po.,- . . - ' .^-^.^l;::^;' 
- us principl.. is a .^,in,t,. chc^nica^rdV"' ' 
st.^,hn,n,. m nu.x vomica, preparation, of the dru^ can \t 
standardized l,y chemical means; hut. when the a^ is 
.lue to a hody or iKulies uluch the ctietuist cannoW. ,Vae 
•i;>=^>'ti(a(,v..iy. the attempt is n.ade to estimate tlu' , ' .'^ . 
o various preparations hyohservn.K the minimi.n. fatal dose 
o each, when adnunistered under similar condition., to animals 
ot the same specie, and wi^ht. Such investigation :^; 
been jnade principally with digitalis, and it has%een fuumi 
hat the amount ot a.tive principle in dUTerent specinic'us n 
the tincture is variahle. Or the dvn.' o,.v 1.. pb":;.!, .'."'.?' 
suuuiardize.i hy observation of the dcKree'of s:;;«rSnK 
phv siolo^-ical ellect, e.g. preparations containing hemisine ( le 

tlieir etlect on blood pressure. •' 

S\ IiiImi 





WeightB (Avnir.llipni^ Wri-hf). 

_ j. ^T'liri . S\iii1m.1, -r. 

1(5 iiiUH'c:-< J one ioim. ,, ff, 

Tlif Scriipl,. (20 Kniins, symh.-I ►)) is rardv iim-,|, hihI th. 
Dniclim (1.(1 «iiiu.:^ 5, is ,■,,111111. .nly iisr,!. I„u „. itl„ , 
1- niliciil. W hat IS known as Apoth. carus' \V,.i^,'ht ,„ whi,.}, 
thr ..line., ( ,j . [ho ^,,uins. i, „„t nihcu,]. l.ul ,. 
-lUH'tinic^ used in Aincrifa. 

Measures of Capacity. 

1 niinini ..... 

'''•'"'"'"'« • • • " onr n.rii.r.KA.HM 

•s llui'l <lraclnn> ( tsit ininiiu>) = one ki.iii. uisry 
20 Mm. I ..uii.vs . . . ^ on<. PINT 

I""^'" • • . . (.nc i.AM.ON J 

().vasi..nally -, an.l x arc wiitt.-n f r, ti„,l f . ^1,. n tli.y 
.-tiin.l tor tlui.l ilrachnis and tlui.i ounces." 

Relationa of Measures to Weights. 

1 miiiini i-^ lh<- measure at f.-JJ-. of ODll u'lain ..f ater 

tn„,lraelnn „ „ -..j.^.^y __ 

I tiui.l ounce ,, i{7 •". 

, . (tlif avoirdupois ounce) 

!'"',, " .. H7;-,0 0^'raiMS of water. 

1 -''"'"1 .. ,. 7O0O00 

,,^^ \ per cent, solution is approximately a ?rain in 
110 minims. ° 

In ih.. i.liarmacop.eial description of thr various propor- 
tions which several parts of a compound hear to one another 
the word parts means parts hy weight ; the term thud part^ 
siKiudes the volume of an equal numher of parl.s of water 

Metrical System. This. whic. is as follows, is oflicial 
on the Conunenl an.l in the 13. I', for the makiiiK of dru-^s and 
preparations. "UoSunu 


OOOl f^ramme. 

wei^'ht of 1 cubic centiniotre of ( 
^Y^t*;"" 'It VC. Abbreviation, grm 

lirO graiiiiju.3. 

lOOUO „ Abbreviation, kilo. 

1 niillij^'nunme 
1 cenliKramme - 
1 decigramme = 
1 gramme = 

1 -1,.L-„„v„., 

1 hectogramme - 
1 kilogramme = 




I iMillilitrc 

I ff'iitilitn 
I urcilitic 
1 litre 


' '•'it'i*' f' (nl.hrvv.. ,..,..) ,i„, 
ni'iiHir.'of 1 .,„,. of wat.rat I C 

iM ,, ,. ,1 • -'■'■• "" "ill' rat I ( 

„ '•'• ""■'-..a-,,,., of 10^;nns.nfvvat.r. 
■' .■ ., 100 

"""' •• •• •. lUOO ■' (I kiln.), i 

Conrersion of British to Metrical. 

I Kiaiii n-0(;i,S;,rr„i. 

I «"iMtv -JS- ;<»!).-, j-nns 
1 pound I'j.i-.Vc'i ,.. .1 , 


''"'"'"' OO.V.)(. e 

I llui<i<lraoliiii nr,:, 

I (iuiij oiiiu'i! ^ -'s- 117 

Conversion of Metrical to British. 
I '>iilhVMa.iniu.= n-0ir.J.{2L-rain 

1 1.1 '■' *■'- K'HIIl.S. 

" - "'• •> o/.. 1 l'.)-K grs. 


1 cubic c..Mtim(.trc = ir.;,.-, minium. 
I litro(1000c.c ) - 4-,-97-. (1,,; i 

iiM.I thi.s uonli.. omitted. Thus ' ^•'^"'■•^"'■'' '" Kruii,uu..s, 

Hi'dnu^l'iui^LL. 0-G :hai?"";;;;:;r' f';:r'"""" '"'"''^''- 

Tinctura lihei 1-5 " _'^'^'\-' "»"»'• "t Meicurous Chlorido. 

-a gra,mno_aud a half of Tinctura 

^^^^Jhe following ki-proximatelv'' accurate table will be 
?«"^ 1 , ^. ^ cubic ccMtinietro. 
1 ounce ii) =28-4 




- 1 



Domestic Measuiea. 

\^ WIN.: n..,.s.Kn, is al.nut .,.,.■ an-l u half to tw.. (lui.i 
A TKv., riKfi, is al.nut (iv,. (liuM ..iincps 

A I.UKAKKAST.. ITK. I. is al.OUt mVIU (lui.I uUUrCH. 

A T.-Mni.i:itKrr. ,. ah.-ut .1,.^,, ll„i,l ,„Hir,.s 

:i;;M riiP-"''--^-""'"-^^ 

^.^__'l_^onu.u,a ,., n, of waUr .;0. nf alcohol I jr, of dilom. 


THKiK i>osj:s. 

Mo.-t <hu;.'> arc ikU, in tlicir n.itm-il ^t it,, c. f i ■ ■ 

Aceta—Soluiions of the active principles of tlie 
clrug extracted fro.u it hy ,nacer:tt,on c/r di.".t n 
wit^acetic acid, not vinegar). The B. 1>. c^tlln" 

Acetuin Can- , 
tharidis , 

Kxt. use only. 


— Scilla) 




10 30ra. 

Acetuin Ipecacuanha, is standardized {,ee p. H). 




Aquae. --Aqueous solutions imprecMiatcd with 
somo volatilo substanco. o'^uca ^itn 

'Hiose in 111,, ];. l>. ,yiroM(.\ to be nnul, 
flistilhn- the drug with water are 
A.juii Aii.tiii /jjj,^, 

Aiiisi I 

Auraiitii FKn'i> 1 _2f. 
- Ciiriii I ■'' 

Ciiuiiiiiiomi / 

Anna Funiculi 



-1 -'.V 

ro... water, winch are nmcle by ,Ii ■UHaU^.f ^ '^"' conuuercial 

Two arc .lirecte,] to bo made by distilling the 
essential uil with water : '■ Liuin^ nit 

A.jua MontlK. Piperita. ^2^; ; A,ua Mcntl.. Viri.iis l^S^ 
In actual practice all Aqu.-e diivcte.l to Ik. made 
irom substances containn.g volatileoilsarc . ryX.i 
P;;parod by adding to water the volatile o w } Zne 
ca phosphate or other insoluble powder tdiXl' 


Two are simple solutions in cold water . 

, ^ Dose. ,, 

AiiuaCaiiipiione i oz . a,,,,., , •, , , . ^'^■'"'• 

(inu bolutiou IS aided with i din 100) ''' 

aioohoi) I ' 

Charta (papers) -Cartridge paper coated with 
'Ui atiue compound and used as a plaster. The 
i>. r. contain^ one: ^ 

Churla SinapiH (for mode of preparation .,■,, Mustard). 

^^"^'^^^ (collodions).-Solutionsof nvroxvlin ,., 

— c euier uau aicoiiol. When applied" extermillv 



a protective film is formerl owinrr to the rapid vola- 
tilization of the solvent. The B. P. contains three : 

— Flexile 

Collodium Vesicana 

Confectiones (Syn. Electuaries, boluses con- 
serves).— Powders made into a paste with su;?ar or 
honey, of such a consistency that the powder does not 
separate, hut the mass can be swallowed. The P> P 
contains four : 

^"''^- Dose. 

1 •-'.> 

Confoctio Rosii' ' \^^'^ *^ * ! Confectio I'iptfis i 
Gallicie , ^''f'^ for, i^i^iwti- 

' pillri. I Sulphuris ] 

Decocta. Solutions of the non-volatile active 
principles ot vi-ctable dni.trs, made by boihn- the 
m-ndu-nts in distilled water, in a covered vessel 
for fium o to 10 minutes, and strainin-. 'J'he dose of 

each of the three in the Ji. P. is 

Dccoetiiiii AIncs Co 
Granati Cortieiri 

J to 25. They are : 

I Decoctum Hamatoxyli 
Decuctio.Ks should be fresh made, as they readily deconi- 

Emplastra. Plasters consist of tenacious, pliable 
solid .-^ubstanccs heated enou.irh to be spread with a 
heated spatula, generally uiurn the rou-h sid,. of 
sheepskin Icath-r, but sometimes on wash leather 
brown hollaud. >Jik, or the smooth side of swansdown' 
I hey are only used for application to the skm to 
w nch they adhere at the temperature of the body 
The following list from the Ji. P. shows that Mr 

BUT THKKK AlU; DKKIVKD I.-l;O.M K. PluMIU ■ ' ' ' 

Emplastruin I'luiuh 

liuniDi louidi 

— Kesin/D 

— Saponis 


Oxide of lead, olive oil. an.l water 


Lead plaster is the basis. 



; Resin is the chief basis. 
Annnoniacuni is the basis. 

Rmplastruni Bella 



- Tit-'is 
- Aninioniaci cum 

Hydrar^yro , .„ ^^,^ 

^Hap^ !;;:^o;:ci:iS;^^-;^:^'°;- ^\^ ^^fin^e si.o ana 
"•oast or behind the oar- the "1^^,''';"^ '''' '*' P"^ ^n tho 
-I'^Ponser. If it is thought hata,Z.'-"- ""'" ''^^ '" '^' 
pn u nmy be provuled^vit 1^ 1"^ , ^ ^''' T ''''^ '^ '^'^ 
(iMiiplastrum iJesina-). '"ar-ui of adhesive piaster 

Extracta. — Cnno ^..o f ^ i 

or a solution of t^e solnli^ '''*••'"''' "^ P^^"^-^. 
<^n',^.s. If the sol d extri t wonld'' n^'"'^ ^^^ '^^^^^ 
poisonous, it may be d luted v. ''^^^'"^'-^^ ^e too 
>V i^x. Jk>lIadonn^e Alcoho icum F?l'' '^""^'^'' ^'^ 
Ex. Opii, Ex. Phy.osti°m H^ ' 1 /- '^"^''^ Vomica-, 
In Ex. Ctnehonit^Sm'Fx j^"^^^^^^^"^^^^' 
Ipecacuanha" Liquidum ..t' • Y^"^^ ^^'^ i'^x. 

UBvd to facilitate the ext nicdon of m'''^ ^^'^^stances are 
and Ex. Euonvmi^i- I ^^^'"'^^^^^0 principles 

Phate to C^: .^^n,;-^-- (alcilnn iC: 

i':xtracts are\.fdilj;ient kinds ' '" "^ " P^^^''^^""' 
(I) Tresh Extracts, ih-a th. ■ ■ 
f'-on, the bnused plant to •" ,. ,. ' V'*''' ''•^P'-'-'Ssed 
I'lotein, filter, evuncrit,. fl, ~ ."i* '^>'^agulate the 

1^. 1>. contains^ E!;Sw:i^:^;;rV^^ '''•^' ''^^^ 

:^:i:.z.' -'-^^ - ^--.s^rtL ^s 

1^7! :?c::?,^^^:^;,,Heat tl^express 

"ff ; heat the filtrate to 'iiu' F i "■^' T''^^'' filter it 
ton.. Filter this off\ri,l / ^■"^^g^'ate the pro- 

HO^F.toasvrupycon^iselv'^'?';'!' '^'' iiltrate^ at 
matter (whiJh proven" 1^11"'^.'^ ^^^^>-^^«^n colouring 

'-P-ve. the ai-PoarancJ^anr^ei;:;^--- ,«;;d 



co„,i»,o„c,. Kx„,r,;es;'ri ii-iT""' ""'■"""■'■ 

1 '^V. 


.\]>i'ioxhn(ite /Josr. 
I'xtiiiclnni iJcIlii- 
di)niiic Alc(). 

— \'iriil(' 

— C;iriniil)i.s III j 

ilicii' \^ 

Colchici r* 

Xueis Vomicjf 

— Opii 

- I'liysostiKinati. 

— .Stroijlianthi 

— P^uonyini Sic- 

ciiin ] •_> j^,. 

— AiuLs baroa- 

itensis ] j ,^j. 

Liquid ExTrtAcxs. 

Approximate Doso. 
Kxtnictiiiii Ijclla- ) 

rpecucuanliic ,', ;j |,|_ 

Niicis Vomica' ' " 

Cii'.choiuf j 

Hamaniolidis ' 

— Hydra.stis . •' ^^> "L 

■Tuborandi / 

■ Krrjot;!' 

— Cascanc Sa- 


— Filici 

- Glycvnliizii- 

■< .'iO iti. 

10-40 m. 




Solid Exthacts. 
A/ijroximate Dose. 
hxtracUun Antl)e-- 

- Ciisc'uiii' Sa- 


- KrgotfL' 
-- fieiitianii; 

— Hyosevaini 


— f 'lycyirliizii' 

- KiiinK ria- 


Apj,r,,j:u,iatc Dose. 
Extraotiiiii I'a- , 

- Taraxiici 
— Sursoi 


'^ .> 


H gr. 

!•") J-T. 

xux vonn;!;::;;;';;, ■^;:'':i;;,::^,i;;;;^7-' -., ti. extract, of 

ize.l (.s,v p. H). ' L'K UDuJu. and Qpuun are staiidard- 

In hot countries it anv liuiiiil <v»r„,, . • 

!-'■> pn- c,„t. of alcohol (tu'p ' • /, n .-'r" '^'"'^ '^'^^ ^'^'^n 
-'op.rcnt. to prevent fermentation ^'~' ''" '"'''"^'''^ '^ 

Glycerina.-Solutiot.s of dru-s in • 

G >con„u,„ l.,,„i„i. xbe Ji. P. l"",';^'""^' ""'' 

CTlyccrinnm Acidi Borici 

— Acidi Carholici 

— Acidi 'I'aiiiiici 

— Aluniinis 

— Aniyli 

Infusa. -Solutions mad.' hv nom-inr, \ ■^■ 
tilled water .po. tho dr , o^ 4^^^^^^^ 
eovom,. up the vessel, a.ntati.. m,^ n ,f ' ^''' 
usually lor a .juart.r of an hour, some nes or Mf 
an hour, sometii.u s for one I.,,,.,. i ^"^^^ 

The filtrate Ks the infusion ' '^'^ «tra"nn,.. 

Iiif, CalumbflB a'^l i"'' rk •_ 

water, to .rev,.„u.^;„,;a.;f^'7;r",s; ::sicz^Z 

(Jlycerinnni Boracis 

— i'ejpsini 

— - l^Innihi Subacetatis 

— 'i'l'agacantlue 


tiunJcu/''' '°"'P"""''' ^''^- ^"f- AunuUii Co.. I„f. r.en- 

lufn.uuis shoul.i 1„. n.a-l.. Cvsh. as tiirv all, oxci^M luf 
Carj^.i.hylh au,l In,. ii„ AcUun, iv.ulHv .Iccun.pos' ' 

Injectiones. Cunceniratod soluti.m.s for injection 
umkT the skin. The 13. P. contuin.s - •' 

iMjectiu Ap.„no>pln„:.. livpodernuca H ^l'r';'m;, .''Zn 
•• ^''^'Jl'i^' „ (:5;{i.ercent. of tlw 

i .. l-> pt r (•••lit. of .Mor- 

pliiiiu Tanralfj 2-;>i!i 

Lamellae -Smallthindiscs made with -elatin and 
Klvx-eiin, and u.sed to .h-op into the o>e. Their wei-dit 
vane, from ,-„ to ,-, , gram each. The B. P. contams - 

^^j^^^J^auiella Atropiiuu (caoh contains „.:,„ yr. atropine .td- 

chlo.^t'r"' ''"''"" ^''''' ''"'"^"^ -' ^^- ^"'^^'"^ '•>'''- 

i.ine h^;;;;:!;.!^;;; i;:;:^"^^'"^^ (-^'^ -"^-- .i.^- of hou.atro. 

nunJ:u;;;h!;\^;!""''''«"""" (oach contains ,.,■„. r. ph.sosti,- 

nn.S?''f^" V''""''^' '''' t.mbrocation.s are ap- 

hi, T '" 1"^?' "'. -^l^^'-i^''^^'^^ eon.s,,stence, all it 

^liicl are intended to he ruhbed into the ^kin evcei^t 

Lm Aeomt^ udmd. is paimed on U^ 

ch IS .simply applied to it. Most contain cam- 
fd ..V "'^' ''"'""^ olive oil, some contain alcohol ur 

co«,titu,ms. riio auLsiauce di.solvu.l ,3 not i 


WATEKIA MEDICA cl emical body, and special solvents are used 
for Li.j. Caoutchouc. Kpispasticus, Ethvl nL t,s 
I ancrcatis, Thyruidci. and l>icis ( ab, ni , ,] 'n 

The followinj,. Mron^-ll,.. .shoul.l b., : 
I-i'l'ior Arsciiicalis >•/■,/,.///,. 
Aisfnici Hydro- 1 
^■liloricKH I ] ,,. (.. i„ 

— Aisonii ct 1I\ - i ^i. j,, 

(Irar-yiiludiili . 1 loni ,,1 

—'i' Sul- aiiout Ii 

phatis I .,, i„ .j^ 

• M'JipIiin.i' Ac(j- 
tat is / 

— Ilydnu-Kyri l'cicli!ori,li 

Li(juor Mori)}iiii;f \ .^h-. „,/,/,, 

Taitiatis [ 1 p.,..,,, 

-- I'otassiir.inian : ] ^-i. in 
Kanatis .^llOni.ur 

— - S(.(]ii Arscnatis 

— Stiycliiiiiijf }Iy 


— Triiiitiini 

a bunt 1 ', 
K'-. ill 5j'. 

'Die fuliowiii^' arc llu- do^c:- of I.i,j 

yr. in 5J. 

uor~ : 


AjqmKri)iuitc l)usc 
Liquor 'J liiiitrini , 
AtrojiiiiR. JSul- 

Aiscnici Hy. \ 

Sodii Aiht'iiati- 
Ffi-ri AcL'tatis 
- Percliloridi 
— rt'i-nitiaiis 


Arsciiici ft 
•Soda' Cliloii- 

.',-2 til 




10 ;{0n;. 

Liijuor Jiisiiiuthi 
ft Aiiuaouiij 
Citraiis I 

— Calcis Sacclia- 1 

ratu.s I 

-- lltliyl Nitiilis 

— Moipiiina- Ace 




- - 'I'aitratis 



— Annuunii Acc- 


- I'utassii I'tr- 

"langanatis ' 

— Calcis ) 

— MaKiieHii Car- ^ 

boiiatib ) 



Not used internally: 

Li'iuor Acidi Clm.mici. 
- Animoiiiip Fortis. 
Culcis Clilorinuta'. 
Ferri I'orcliloridi Foiti- 

- ■ — I'lTsulpliatis. 

- ilaiiiunieliiliri. 

Li-iuoi- Hy.lrarKyii Xitruti.- 


Iixli Fortin. 
i'icis Cailictiis. 

— I'luiiihi Subiu-.tatis Fniii.. 

— So.lii i:tliylatis. 
Zinci Cliloriili. 

Liquores (concentrated). -N,,i,lv all tlif>,. an. 
iiiiulc l)y ivp.'atcd pcrcoliition of 10 o/. {'J. ,>/ ,,f 
<Mis>iai of the powdeml dni- Nvitli viunv^h Alcoh.d 
ILU piT cent.) to form one pint of the I,>r Th,. 
s._con(l percolation usually takes plae.' three days 
u t,.r the first, and those suhse.iuent (conimonlv ten) 
at intervals of twelve liours. F,,r Li,,. Sarsa. Co 
lone, the SarsapariUa is infused and the otiier 
!n<;redients are hoiled, the decoction is eoiuvntrated 
and alcohol added to preserve it. Cahnnhju 
(one. IS made hy maceration with water, and l,i(| 
Nenme Cone hy repeated percolation with water • 
alcohol 18 added to preserve both, and that of Senna 
IS flavoured with Tincture of Ginger. There are ten 
Concentrated Liquors, viz. : 

— Uiual:.. C.mccntratus. ConctiUnitiH. 

-- tuspariH. Conccutratus. Sfmr>i, Cuncentratus. 

- Anuntria. Concontniiu.-. - S..,uia. Cuncntralus 

- ^^;'assi,L. CunctntratUH. - S.rpeutaria. Cunct.ntmtus. 

— Khfi Concentratus. 

The (lo.-,e of all Concentrated Li,juors is '—1 fl ,]r 

;s^'^ 2 iL^r """ '''"" '-' '• ^''■- "'' i-i-^-p-'tar!;;: 

be ^^'"T""^ iT''" •-^'"^■'^'"'llv diluted with ;vater ,nay 
be u.ed a. the vehicle u, a prescription instead m an infusion 
or decoction, but as a rule thev do v.o.t fi^v,-■ ' ■ 

inutation of either. 

-J _ - . . 


Aqueous mixtures for e.xterna) use, 

c 2 



tjen.nillv appluHl on lint, „r wushed on the ,,an 
Ihc J>. I', contjiins two: 

Lotio Hv,lnu-yii ^iu^au^.l l.,,ti., Hv.lnuwri Ni-ra. 
Mella. Mixtinvs of son... M.h.tuncJ with clari- 
iwdhunvy. 'nieli.r. contains only one: 
•Mil iiorucis. 

Misturae. Li,,ui<l pivpanitions consisting of one 
•n uun: . ru.^s dissolved n. water or ,hllns...l in ^ 
solution ol ,,Mnn or some other tinek Ihu.l Tht 
n^'Mur.. IS usually llavoure.l, and is for internal 
administration. ''■i.iiuai 

c„,„;;;s;;;"'"^ '""■'■■"""""""- ^'- C" t,.M.s,.„„„. 

» '^'""'!^:2;;J:;;;.:::;::.:;T'Zn ;;'t ; 

uilh w itiMi \r r-r . M /. V"^"". -w. l.iii Co. U-itiiratt'( 
1 lie (lose (if .'ill i^ 1 J; 

Mucilagrines Mneila.^es are aqueous, visci<i or partial solutions of ,uni iis'd tor susp.'nd' 
ing insouhle substances. The i;. 1'. contaiiLs two 

Muc.l;t;roAcac-i;..,u.,l Mucnu;,o Jni^^aeuMtiia.. 
ll..Te is i,o hxod do..- ; it i.s uMially about 5J. 

T)u^J^l' \?7'' :'''''!''''y "'J^ i^' tilt' Pharinacopu.Ja. 
Ihey a e all ohtained hy distillation <,r hvexprossioi 
oxcep Oleum i>hosphoratum. which is a solnt on o 
pho- Mhorus m almond oil. The V>. P. olea are- 

Oleum Crolduis 

— -Vnc'tlii 

- Autliumidis 

— Cajiipuii 

- Carui 

- - Caryoi)!i\Ili 

- Ciuuauiouii 
- Ciriaiidri 




.i'~iui. Olrum Liuionis 
^ •Mtnth.rl'ipoi-ita' ) 

— .Mentha Viridis ! , 

— Myristica- r -> -^"t- 

- liosmurini 
>. >— ;!iii. — riiospliorutum 'i— 5,,^. 

— Cnpaibjt' 1 

~- Cubii.a' 

C I ■ 

— TerebiiitliiniL' 

o— 20ni. 

2— lOjn. 

oxYMKLrA, rir.iT.T-: 


Olciini ^^^rl•IllI(l• 

- Kirini 

- .\m\i,'(lal(i' 
- Ciidininii 

— Lirii 


lioiicy and ac'<'ti( 
contains onlv out 




I N'lt often 

Ki\<'n ill 

' tcniiilly. 


Olciitu Olivif 



Sillaplw Vnliitil. 
- Tllioljinlliillis 


' Not oftfn 
L'ivt II in- 

I t<Ti,illiV. 

arc preparations containiiii,' 
I M sides oxynic'l th.- 15. l\ 

(KyintI Scilld'. Dose .V 1'',. 

Pilulae. Solid splierical bodies oontainin" nu'di 
rmal a-ents. and intended to hv'wliole 
A mass ot the oonsistenee (,f firm clav is made l.v 
Ix'atni^' medicaments to-ethcr in a mortar Thi's 
mass IS with a machin.. .Hvid...! np and rolled intn, 
pills. n order that they nuiv not possess a dis- 
a-reealde taste, tiiey are often\arnish, ,1 or su-ar- 
coated. ( nless the constituents are very heavy, 
each inll should not exceed 5 j^rains in' 
and tiie smaller they are the hetter. 
-lucose. Lrlycerin of tra<,'acanth, and 
(tra-acanth. 1; -lycerin, H; water. ]; svrnp of 
i^ducose, 7) are three of the most -enerally useful 
ixcipi-nts. Curd soap is us.-ful for creosot'e (n r ) 
and for essential oils if a little calcium phosphate 
and wlieaten flour he added. Confection of rose, 
xvas tormc-rly yery commonly employed. Liciuorico 
powder is a <,'ood ahsorlient. CI ' ' 
iKsed hecause it attracts moisture and 

Syrup of 

the pill from -ettin- hard, hut ).ills made with much 
of It soon beconu; very soft : this mav he hi.ulered 
l.v alcohol All pills are useless un.ess so made that 

ycerin is so much 




ttie> will dissolve in the .L'astro-mtestinal canal K 
IS reMUired that they should not he acted upon 
tii they reach the intestine, they should he 
coated with ker..fin. Pi}!.«. mav }h. ■:- -^ome 
powder, as Ivcopodium, to prevent their "sticking 
together. All purgative pills contain aloes except 




Til. Soiunmoiiii To. All phannacopdial pills are 
given ill (iosrs of about J to H grains, cxc* pt 
riiiila I'ho^pliori. ho^c 1 — 2 ^r. 

I'liiinlii cum Opio. 

Siifx.iiis Coniposita. ; ^^'^'"^ - ' fe'""- 

Ft rii. Dose .l— 15 ^t. 

Pulveres. Powd.Ts aro mixtures of finely pow- 
dered (Iru-s. The best diluent for powders is surrur 
of nulk, because of its Imrdness and eoinparal7ve 
insolubility. The I'.. 1'. contains : 

p , . , ■•^{'^"■."•':'''/"''' "''"'■ Apprn.ri,uate Dose. 

iMlvis Khitrnni Co. 1 1 ^r. I';.lvi^ Crcta. An..-, 
Antunoniiilis i .. ^ ^ inaticus 

;*l"'^'^- , '•■'''■ oin.Opio , 

'I'V^-'C'^^"''"' 1 - - .Talap,.. Co. j.lO-«;0 

Kino Co. • ~ ' '-'^• 

Scaniiiidiiii Cm. 


- 'J'raKiicainli;i- . 
Aniy^.lHhrC„. 2i) .;.l .,-. (ily.-yn lii/.. ,<;()tol20 

( at<-rlui Ci>. lu CU (J,,. 

Ciuiuiiiioiiii Co. 



I'ulvis So.l,,. Tartarat.r E)T..rvoscens (Seidlitz lV.w,l..r). 
(.S.r Sodiiiiii Couipouinls.) ' 

Spiritus.— Spirits are either simple or com))lex 
Simple Spirit.s are solutions (which freiiuently beeomj 
turbid on the addition of water, owing to the separa- 
tion ot the substance dissolved) in alcohol (90 per 
cent.) of — '■ 

(a) A volatile oil : 
Spiritus Anisi Spiritus Lavan.UiliP 

-- J^i^J^'put. _ Mentha, l-iperita. 

— Cnmaiiionii _ Mvii^^tica. 

- •^•""IH'i-i Ko.-nia.ini 
Tlustivnutl. of all thcs,. j, 1 i,, ](). ami tl... do>v .V-''0,n 

•■xc.i>t Sj). -hmiiHii 1 in 20 ami dose 20- (iOi.i. " 

(/') 0{ caiiipho)- : 

Spinliis Caniphora'. Strength 1 in 10. Dos<- 
•■) — 20iit. 
(() Of cliloroform : 

Spuitus Clilorofornii. Strcncth 1 in 20 Dose 
') iOiii. 
(d) Of ether : 

Spiritus .Ethcris. Strength 1 in 3. Dose 20— 90ni 

SUrci, SYHUI'I, T\lii:M,.K, TINCTrU.K 28 

Complex Spirits aro of varying cotnpoRJtion. 
Thoy aro all prepared by (listiUution. The I'.. V. 
contains five, vi/. : 

Spirif.H .Kthfiis \ Dose. Pos**. 

Co. Hniritu.s Ammoniir , 

Nitrosi -20 (tOiii. F.tiduH 1,^ ^ 

- A.niii<)ni.f. Ar.) XnnnrM'.hr ^ -'O.-'.tOi.i. 

iiiaticu-i ' (Jo. I 

.Spiritus Kcctitic'utiH. aiul .Spiiitus Vini fiullici ( 
!ii'o also pluinimcoixtial 

Succi. 'i'hes(« are tlii' expressed juices of plants, to 
which a third of their vobnneof ah-ohol (i)() percent.) 
is achled to thoni. The 15. I', contains six : 

Done. SucciH Conii i I)ns,\ 

Siiccus litlladonnii' .'> -l.'nti. Scoparii 1 'j7. 

Hyo^cyami \-lTy - Taraxaci j 

SucciH Limonis contains md alcohol. 

Suppositoria. Suppositories aro conical solid 
bodies coiitainin,!,' active dru,L,'s for introduction into 
the rectma or vaj,'ina. The basis of all is oil of tlico- 
broina, except Sup. Glycerini in which it is gelatin. 

The 1!.!'. contuiiis ?ev<i). viz. Sup. Aci'Ii Carbolici, .Vcidi 
Taiinic'i. Billailunna', CUvciriiii, Murphiiia', I()il(.furnii and 
I'huiilji Co. 

Ill hoi f.iiititiios if tho .Suppositories would uth( rwisc be 
too soft. >oiue of tho Oil of 'rhcobronia may be replaced by 
W'hiti,' Jlf'swax. 

Syrupi. --Syrups are fluid preparation.s of druL^'s 
tla\()ured with sut^ar. 

Hxaiiiple^: Sy. Aurantii, Sy. Rhei. The dose of all is 
about I5 or rather more. 

Tabellae.— Tablets of chocolato. each weighing 
five grains. The J]. P. contains only one : 

Tabella Trinitrini (each contains ,' gr. pure nitro- 
f^lyeerui). Doic 1 --J. 

Tincturae.- -Tinctures aro solutions of the active 
principles of drugs in alcohol. They are clost-ly allied 
to spirits, from which most of them diti'er in their 
mode of preparation. They are prepared by - 

(a) Maceration. The dru-,' is placed in a closed vessel with 
the whole of the menstruum for seven days, and fre.iuontly 

"^^ M\Trin\ .MF:r)if.\ 

Hhnk.n. It i; ti„.n .trninod. Tl 

"■""tan...- on tl..t..p. Tho nJi,., :'•■'■'/'''''''•' '^ 

<■■'.'■ iiiHM.Arni.M, Tinrf. l;,,-!,,, '""' '"'""'- ^'f l"i.'f u.r ; 

'••) •'^""plr. M,ixi„t, nr-olutinn of m-n,];. nt • • 
tlil"rn(,iiiiM It .Mi.rnliiiu. r* , , . .,""''":'■''•/ inot. 
T.n..t.(^,ini„,., """"^'""'"•^""- '""•^•I''niJ-,.,vhl.,n,li. 

"UM.,.: tli.viuv Tinrtiirr \|,.^ r? V'"' '"''" "'••'■•■ 

'I'iMctiira I(i(li 
■ Acoiiiti 


('iii.;mliis Iiulici 



('hlorofornii (I 

^f|ll•pllill.•l C(i. 



- I>iKit;ili.s 

■'■ •' I'mti or .'id CM 
/''-•. Tiiiftiua Al.M.^ 
- '"'I' A^af.ti,!.., 

'I Aiiraniii 

'i'TUdiiii Co. 

f'illiiplloi.l C, , 

" f'nrduiiioiui 



I'Vni'lV.rc},Iori.]i' ■' J^i.n. " Ciiirhnna^ - ;;(, ,;0m,. 

— ' iii-cinii 
- Lolii'lia- 

— Nun's VoiiiicM' 

— Opii 

— l'o(inpliv!li 

— Scnllji' 

— Stiatnoiiii 

— .Stro])liaiitlii 

~ Co 

— f^iiiiiaiiionii 
— Coiiii 


— I^r^'otif 


— ''•c'litiaii.M Co. 

- <''!iaiaci Amino 


- Hjuiiaiii. lidis 

— Hydrastis 

- Jaboraiidi 






- Kiiiiicriir 

l,;i\iii><liilii' To. 




< »|iii Amiiici 




.111 COiii, 

Tincturii (^uilliiiii' i Ditse. 


Ulici Co. 

SctUl!!' Cll 

Srrii..iitiiri;i' |:}() r.Oni. 
Villi! iaiuf Am 

Tiiicturii Pvi-f liiri i< Ksci a< a con-tit ii.-nt of inoiiili wimlnw 
'I'liictura AiiiicM i< iiM.i cvtcriially. 

Tiiictuni' (»|iii, Cmchniiii-. Ciiiclioiui' Co.. Xiiris Vnniici'. 
r.illiuloiiii.i and .Iiihipiii nrt' staiKianii/cd [s,r p. S|, 

Trochisci. f-o/ciio^cs or Troches iiiv solid pn-- 
paiMtions for tal<in«,' hy tiio iiKHith. 'I'li.y art' iiiiidc 
iitlier with ii iViiit l)asiri, amsr liasis, u ^iiiiplc liasis, 
III" ;i tolii l)asis. 

Truit basis. T.ik.- .".00 tiiiips tho (luantity of the (h-iii; 
.'id. red fill- one lozciiK'i'. Mix it with l.'>\ ouiu'ts of ndiiu'd 
li-ai and iii, „'raitH of ^'uiii acacia. Make tlic mixt ;rf into a 
jia-ti' uitli 1| thiid ounce of nnici!at,'e of kuiii acacia and •_' 
niincts of tlic black curianl ])a-<te of coininercf softcnod with 
lioiiiii;' 'A attT. Divide into .-.t)0 lozen^'fs ami iliy in liot air 
ihauiher: r.q. Tr ch. .\cidi I!, nzoici. Tro-di Acidi laiiiiici. 

Rose basis.— 'l'lies(> lo/enj^. :, are made in the same way 
exc.)it tiiut tli.y are Mavourcd with rose water instead of hhick 
currant; e.g. Troch. I'otas.di Chioratis, Troch. So<hi Uicar 

Simple basis.— The-e lozonf,'os aro niarle in tlio same wav 
except that neither ro^' water nor hhick currant is nseJ ; c.f). 
'I'loch. Catechu. Troch. haiitonirii. 

Tolu basis. -Tliese lo/.eiiK'e- are made in the same way 
except that 'liiirture of Tolu i- added in>tead of hiack currant 
]ia-te; cy. Trudi. Morphime, Trmdi. Acidi Cailxdici. 

Troch. .Stilphuris has a -ix'cial mode of prc,,aration. 

Unguenta. Ointmonts are scmisoliil pn-para- 
tions consisting of a fatty suhstancc mixed witli an 
active dni^'. Tliey are sjiread over tlie skin, or mav 
i)e rubbed into it. I'hey are only intended for exter- 
nal use. The basis is eitlier laid, olive oil, wax, 
sperniaceti. paraftin, or hydrous wool fat. Benzoated 
lard is often used to prevent decompobition. When 



PCS, ,„„ „ec„rs b«w,...n i,(p i/n:/ ,", "X' 

'i-o,.i v„nn,, ,>:„;; J':;;l\;,'',;-;;;;t^^^^^^ 

•UKl Vllmi.i Aurantii, ,vl,i,li is ,„,,r K ''""^"^'< 

sacchann. .„,„uo„^ t.. ^vhiciMn.;;;;: Ii,:^.l™i;;;;;^^ 

Vin,,,,, Cnl,l,id 11, '''m„|. v,-„,„„ , /to.. 

I< 111 1 1, .,. ^ ' ' " 

»>itn \. Antunoniiilf aitd V rr„.rn« i 
\.ll...a,..,,,u,l,-,.,s.,a,,,l,,r,li..d, ,,,,,,'-; """I' 

ill .liain.i, ,. '^ '""■ ^'ii Vint Iron, ; ,„ ■ i,,,,,, 

put m til., hark nf tlir -no'ith ,n I \, ^'',-''^''' »i'"-f'ne.]. 


trional, and veroial ' ^ '''^^'-•'' '^^'^y^^^'^^ ; ^ii.-al, 





Capsules of gelatin arp unod in the samn way as cachets. 
They arc vtiy useful for nauseous oils. 

Cataplasmata.— Soft, pasty external applications made 
with boiling water having linseed meal as a basis and applied 
warm (sec Linseed). An ice poultiee consists of cru-lu d iee. 

Cerata are ointments containing wax. They are ollicial 
in tile Tnitcd States Tharmacopaia. 

Cigarettes. — The drug replaces the tobacco of an ordinary 

Collunaria.— Fluids used as nasal douches. 

CoUyria.— Fluids used as eye washes. 

Cremora. -Creams are pieparations having glycerin, 
vaseline, nr some >imilar substance as a basis, and. us'ed for 
e\tern;il application. 

Elixirs are liquids. All contain alcohol and syrup. 
>Iost are made with orange peel. Some contain aromatic 
oils. They are oflicial in the I'nited States I'harmacop.eia. 
Some arc >imply tlavouring agent.s. others contain active 
int.'redients. The British I'liarmaceutical Conference has 
))nhlished several, '.,/. Elixir Cascara Sagrada (same as 
Synipus Cascara Sagrada 15. p.). ];iixir (ilusidi, F.lixir 
(iiiirame, F.lixir Fhospliori, Elixir llhei. Elixir Seiin.e, Elixir 
Simplex (same :l; Syrupus Aromalious !;. 1'.) 

Emulsiones.— Mixtures in which the drug exi.sts as an 

Enemata (enemas or clysters).— I. i()uid jinparations in- 
tended for injection into the rectum. When their object is to 
empty the bowel they are large in bulk (10 to '20 _?,) ; when it is 
wished that they should be retained they are usually smaller 
in bulk. After injection a towel may be pressed again-t the 
anu'-. Mucilage made with starch (vc Starch) is a gijod ba-is. 

EssentisB (essences).— Solutions of volatile oils in recti- 
til d -pirit. u-ually i^f a strength of 1 in .">. 

romenta. Fomentations consist of flannels wrung out 
hot water, to which dru;.'s nuiy or may not have been aiTde.l, 

Gargarisma. .\ (hud preparation used for gargling. 

Granules aie snuill pills. 

Guttae. -Fluid preparations to be dropped into the eye. 

Haustus. — A (hau^'ht. This term is u-e(l when onlv a 
-:le do-e of a fluid preparation is required. 

Insufflationes. - ]'o\vders for blowing into the throat and 

Lanolinum. -An ointment with hydrous wool fat as a 

Linctus. - This has lioney, treacle, or some otlier thick 
substance as a basis. It is to be swallowed slowly, being 
retained some time in the mouth. 

Massse consist of substances mixed so as to be of a 





(•nn^i-t..n,.v snital.Io for makin,- pil!.. Tl...v a,-, oflici-il ir, 
Mollinum. A mollin.nn i. an ointnu-nt havin-' for it. 

ui. (> K.iuiij wa'-licd oiT uitli water 

un ai^nn;^^^-^'"'"^'""^ ^^^^'•^^>'"' '■^^" '»- ^'-"-^t l.y ,„ean< c,f 
Pastnins ^''.'i''^':!"'^'" t",''^' '^IM'lir'.l as an nintn.ont. 

Perles aro sma!! L'.latiii .•ap.iilf« 

in. .'^ri'^rL.aVr'''"'''-'-''"'''"'" »■'•■""■■'' '■"■ I • 

; , ' ' \ ""■"■"■'■ '■•■O'l "lar. Iiiit iiiv „ti,.„ iH,.|r.' 

n;:.ti:;;;^^^;:J;:';;;',/:"" '-'".. .>...».. .,.„:,„; 

Tritiirationes an- intiniat.. mixtur... „f Mih-tanrrs 

r;'n:;;s;:::i:'"^^ ''"■■^ - " ' ■ --; s:: 

in. J.rT;,,,';'i',;:':,',';;,:r "'■■ ■'■'■--«- "n--'i (■■■■ ..„. 

iMiAi{>iuoi,o<;i \sn ■rni:n\i-t.vri*s 

^^lllcli to t^ave tlicm. 

i. r.uvlv^"!d *m' ,^^°°^-^«««elf l»y infection. Tins „,. ,h,„| 

n. h. ; an"'';"r':'''"^' ^ ^^''"^ solution ,ra,l,..,. 

inoK riuM a tca.poonfiil ot c.u.unon salt to th<> i,lnt of 
s eni,x..,l watn- at the t.-n.perature of the, ir^ oot. 

a.-.i lH'.w..„ ,h.. thnn.h atul of tho oi^th r ]. t 
a- ; tl... sk.n .f tlu. is of,,.,, .ok-ct...]. ^ I , n' ] 

••^ <Vl'''tak.sapcMf..ilyc:,.ansyrin,,.conlainin.alo uantitv 
;;Miuul to 1. n,j...,.i Hn,l ,it„.,l with an as.pti.^hoH.llv'invlv 

and th. .hm.,h pressed lightly upon the seat of injection for a 




few sfconils. Tin- iidvantajje of this method is that llir dru^,' 
is suril> ; 'd (Hiickly ahsorlxd. Tlie tiiiid ii>ed iiiii-t not con- 
tain ^olid irlitdes, nor lit- irritating', or abscesses will result ; 
it nuisl lit- useptio, ami Iherefoic il it is not freslily |irej>ari d 
it may contain a little carbolic acid- or, i)ettir still, boracic 
acid, for this is iion [xdsonous and nonirritatinf,'. I'hc bulk 
iiijcciid >houlii, il ]iovsibl( , be aliout live minims. J-'or injcc 
tions tluit arc not m constant u>e it is udvi-ablr to keep the 
drug's in tlu' form of lann-lla , and to di,-^olvl■ one in a fi w 
minim.> of water as rfquireii. .Mcicuriai.^ arc occa.-ionally 
injccti'd dirccti\ into muscdf s ( -.- c p. '2\'2). 

(c) Into serous cavities by injection. This method is 
rarely u.~ed in man exc i jjt when the idij^ ct is to uash out. witli 
saline >olution, ii -eruus cavity, as the pleura. \\hi(di has been 
opened, or to produce adhi.~i\e inllammalion, as n tlie injec- 
tion of irritants into the tunica vaj.;iniilis. 

ill) Into mucous cavities. -Dru^-s are mo~i freiiuenily 
j.;i\en liy the mouth, to be ab>orbed from the mucous mem- 
brane of tlie stomach or intestines, but the laie of al)>or)ition 
i- much slower than from the subcutaneous tissue, and w'" 
(b-jietid upon whether the druj; is reaiiily soluble in the ;:astr> 
intestinal -ecretions, and wliether it is giM'u on an enipf. 
stoiiiai'h. in which case it will lie ipiickly absorbed ; or on i full 
one. when it will be >lowiy alisoi be<i. Some dru>.'s. ^dven liy the 
mouth and absorbed from the stomacdi or inte.-itiiies, probably 
never reach tlie ^'eneral circulation. a> they are excreted in 
the- bile by the liver. The diu<-' should be in a i)leasant palatable 
form, and, j^'cneraily, so coinluned as not to irritate. 

1 >ruj,'s are sometimes !^'i\en by the rectum in a solid 
form a^ suppositories, iii a lii[i;id foini as enemata or 
clyster-; but they are neither dissolved nor absorbed liere so 
(juickly as in tiie upper jiart of the ^,'astro-inte.-M,inai canal. 

For local etTeets they may be ^.dveii by the urethra or 
vagina (injections, boug-ies, pessaries), or by the re- 
spiratory passages (inhalations, cigarettes, sprays, 
in- nebulae for inhaling) ; insii£B.ations for blowui;^' into 
the throat and larynx; pigmenta, gargles, lozenges, for 
a local effect on the mouth and jiharynx : nasal douches 
for the nose. For sprays an atonii/er is reipiired. Sometimes 
volatile drugs, a.-, chluroforiu or amyl nitrite, are inhaled for 
their general etleci. 

(<■) By the skin. - Some drugs may be absorbed from the 
skin if mixed with some fatty substance. In this wav mercury 
may be absorbed by being rubbed in ; but drugs are cliiefly 
applied to the skin as ointments, plasters, Ac, for tlieir local 

Cataphoresis is a means of introducing drugs tlirough 
the skin. A large pad soakeil in a solution of the drug fornis 


"^'\f'i:i(iA MinicA 

tH'poMtu,. pol.of a ■,ahauw bntl.rv It I ■ , , , 
s^'novort),..,.ut,..r,.kn,.o,toh, i |.,;,,, „ '•■''''^ "'' ^f'" 

'""', -iiliVvl! tcs ■i,„l J"l"H-iun, „„,.,|., ..,i„i,i,. 

^^,. , "".. .,0 alio a;,i;;;;:V.;:u:re'A^;; ;;rr'';'":' ''"-^ "»■', 

H'ii:shes. •' ' ^"''^ '^^ uiop.s and, 

tin, ^^£^Z;o:^::i;:£Bh^ /■■ '^— -"^ 

1. Age. Tlu. a.iult -lu . i 't f '' "'" '" '"""' •' 
twenty iUKi sixty y,,us ..1,1. ' '' J'^''"'" '"•t^^'ea 

i''<'f children uiul.r twelve •i,i,l t,, , . 

:-xe.'i.t.ons to thi. rule for indiV,. u-d . ^ •, •'"''■ '^'''^ 

in'n,c,Kllixer,)il arsenic ■,, i ^ ' ' -f/- ''l"''!'-*'!! take 

^'^l<-n!y very .h;-;; i,;;;;,-:;;'!,;;!;;;;-' -O- -il, but they can 

us uj"- :::!!^^^'''^'-^^'^=^«-''" J'- ^I'OuId sli,,H,y,,i,.i„i.„ 

-""-'■ I"HKU. t /u 'ir ;;;; ^^'^''^V■'^'''•'f^'- 
''•■l"■>"l— i.uehu,,onbon mlin "^'•" ^•'^"-"l'''--i. 'or it 

'•'lUiies eiu.rn.uu.s ,b,s..s of oi.iun t , , "^ '"^ '^" W"um eater 

l-"-un who habitually tak ; ,t ^e'" "r' "'^' ^^'^'^'- "^ 

ones tu oi)en th,. bowels 1""^-'^^"' ^ ifMiUire> very stroii- 

•'thers bearuvorvwdl MHlth ' ;^;';;''"^r''^^^•^"' ""•'•-'■'•^ 
I-ol.l.- are not eiiher :;;.!," .u;;'r>' ^' ^''-^'^^-^''iH' soinj 

5. Time of Admin sStL ''''"' '"" ■^^'^^^■"I'tii-le. 
-'vantage when ,.u^^^^Z /^'^^'-^'^'Juct tu .-reatcst 
its natural time. Thus . or^f , m'' ''' ' ''" '^'"'"'"'^^^l ^t 
evening, slowly acting ' X'^ivJ^^r' "'^'''' -''''' '" ^''^^ 
'luickly aclin,' ones when I'ivet ie f.^-e I !''\ r^'^'" °^^'^'"^'l't, 
Kiven clurin- labour. '"eakfast, ergot wlien 

6. Mode of Administration uv.i. 

are rapidly absorbed from the snl??;^'''''^ '"■*''' ^''^^ drugs 
a snuUler dose is re,ui e fo su£t ^''^ '''^^"'-'•'^- '^'^'^^^'^^'^ 
t!- -une drug is .ij,,. by the .^'r?'-'"/"-^'"'! tliuinvhen the upper gustro-uAe^.n J t^la.'' ul'u^'SV^ ^'^^ 

u-5u,t!iy .slower 



still from tli- rectum, hut there many individual 
ditTer'^nccs wiiii ditTcrent dru«> ; tliu-^ strvcluiine is not 
ahsorb.d from the .stoniueh, hut is readily" tak.'ii up fn.iii 
Ihe pharynx and reetuin. hut t)russic ai id is rradiiv uhsorhcd 
iiMiu the stomach. Also certain dru^s arc excreted hy the 
hver or destroyed in it wiien given hy the stomach. Other 
tilings heiuf,' .Miuai ahsorption takes place quickly with an 
empty, .slowly with a full xi-cu-. 

7. Mental Emotion. Som. times if the patieut'.s tuind 
IS particularly fixed on tlie action of the druj.: a snuill dose is 
pouerfu!. l-'orexamiik'.oftcn, if tlie patient is convinced he will 
sleep, a Mvy small dose of morphine is all tliat mav he re(iuired. 

8. Temperature. As the action of the'dru- on the 
or-ani.-^m 1-^ oil. n partly chemical, the temperature must, in 
coldhlooded animals and excised structures, as inusci.'. Ac, 
help to determuu' its action ; hut the temperature of man varies 
within so few degrees that this i.; not an important factor in 

niedlcilU . 

9. Preparation of Drug^. A .suiall-r dose ot a soluhle 
preparation, a^ a tincture, uill he leqiiiicl tiian of a .solid 
piepaiation, as a pill, which will have to lie -lowiy dis.solveil 
hefore ah.-orption. 

10. Rate of Excretion. It is ohvious that, oth.^r things 
h-iiig eijual. a .-^luiiller dose will he re.juired of a drug tliatrs 
i-lowly excreted than of one which is rapidly excreted. 

11. Cumulative Action.- Sometimes it is found that 
it a pers.jii ha.- heeii taking a drug re-ularly, but without 
the production of any toxic .symptoms, these will .suddenly 
develop. This is said to he due to the cumul.-itive action <,i the 
drug. It may he caused hy the following circuiiHtance.s : 

(a) The <irug may he ah.s(;rhed more rapidiv than "it if 
excreted. This is the cause of the cumuhitivi' action of 
mi rcury and lead, both of which are excreted witli ditlicultv bv 
the kidney. ' ' 

(b) Tlieie may he a sudden in the excretion of the 
drug. Ithasbeensuggested that digitalis and stryclinine. when 
the .piantity of them in the tissues readies a certain amount, 
contract tiie renal ve>.sels, an.l hence excretion is arrested. 

((•) It is possible that, owing to an alteration in the intes- 
tinal contents, a drug which wa.s prcviouslv verv slowly dis- 
solve.l becoiiies (p-iicklydissolved, and hence" rapidly absmhid. 

12. Disease.- The jihysiological action of drugs, and 
conseiiuently the dose, are "rofoundlv !!!;-.:i!f:<;| ]j-- Ji-.-.^if-. 
Tor example, a patient with peritonitis will hear enonnous 
doses of opium. Antipyretics, wiiich do n<;t atYect a normal 
temperature, powerfully depress a f. hrile temperature. 

13. Species. -iJilferent animals are often able to with- 
stand largely ditferent doe -. Thus birds are very toh^rant to 
opium, herbivora to atropine, and he.lgehog^ to manvpoi.,ons. 



e.g. cuntli;iriilcs, and whitf rats arf much iiiort tolorant than 
brown to vaiioii.> toxins. Tlii-, inohahly dcpt ii(l-> upon tlif dif. 
fiTcnl cliriui'/al coniiio^ition of ilic li--uc.^ of vaiioii- aniniais. 


The more complex prescriptions consist of 

(1) The r>asis. or ])riii(ipal a(t,\( ingredient. 

('2) The .\djuvans, or lliat \siiicli assi-^ts its action. 

(.'{) Tile Corri^-'iis, or tluit whicli corrects its <>jh ration. 

ill I'he ('oii>tituens. vehicle, or excuiient. whi<-h iiuiMit-^ 
an a^,'reeahle form. 

'l'hu> tiie ohjcct of c\cry prescription is, if p(i>sii)lc, to curi' 
ipiickly, .-afely. and pleasantly. l''iir example, in I'ihila Colo 
cynthidis et HNoscyami thecolocynih i- the l,a,-is. th>' aloe■^ and 
scammony form the adjuvans, and the extract of hyo-^ttvamus 
is the corrij^'iis to prevent the i-'ripin^:. In Mi.-turu Cret.e the 
cinnamon water is the vehicle, .^^,lny dru;:s do not require 
anythi.;^' to assist theii- action orccirrrct tlieir oper.ition. 

Incompatibility of ingredients 4'otilil ho par- 
ticularly avoided in presc'ri[)tioiis. 'I'here are three 
kiiius of iiicomptitihility : 

{a) i'lirtnual hicointHitihiliti/. i'-ually when chemica! 
inc<inipatibility occur- in a pre-ciijnion. it i.s due to inter 
action lietween two Mdiilde s:ilts leading' to the fornuition of 
another salt. Sometimes chemical incompatihiiitv i- en 
countered desi;jne(ily. for example, peichloride of inercurv 
i.- often prescriheil with i)ota>sium iodide, mercuric hiniodidc 
is formeil, but is kept in solution by the i xce-s of i)o[;i>>ium 
loilide. Often, however, in careless prcseiipi ions, the intei- 
action id' soluble salts leads to the form ition of » salt which 
is insoluble in the mixture, and a preupitate falls to the 
b.'ltom id' the bottle. It is inijioi tant to remember that 
glucosides siiould not be ordered with free acids, which them; nor alkaloids or alkaloidal salts with 
alkalies, alkaline salts, tainiii- acid, iodides, or bromides, for the v 
]necipitat>' them, l-'ailure to remember this lias caused deatli, 
all the alkaloid beinu' swallowed in the last ilo-e in the bottle. 

With the followiuL' dru^s it is particularly difficult 
to avoid cliemical incompatibility ; 

Antipyrin. rdercuric Chloride (especi- 

Chlorine in solution. ally). 

Io<line in solution. All Iodides. 

Li(juid preparations of Iron. .\11 Bromides. 

Lead salts. Potassium rernianganate. 

Zinc salts. Potassium Acetate. 

Silver salts. Nitrites. 





-■iiii:iii(is .(T.ip'.) 


2^'C_ ; -sufiiinios 

«i >» 

::, a. - - - i 

I ! 

2. »< - 

- ^ ! 


• ■/; T. ri ■ .r. .-J 

i: i -5 o S •/: 

sJr .:i£'S 




. CJ ^ O 03 :iS g "t:; 

•/I = 3 ~ -:i -s = 
. = 5 •;= "^ £ = .2 

o -^ ::! ^ c o »j 

■ - 15 _ tfl X a. 3 

3 -= S ^n r:'a 



iid sol 
and SI 
1 and 
cid an 
cid an 
and s 




" -S •? r— tS 1^ '^ 

•^ -r § c o '-> 'S 



•S =« o-c^ ° 0.2 



-J c = -r >* o "^ -2 












ii-rH ^. S i i a 

^ c3 -t: .= •- ^ j; - 

3 J 

_ 3 O - - rg — •■« 

:: /. ^ o -^ * ■'; o 
" i. a.— o :- .i 3 
• H o -3 .,. t; t- ^ - 

3 •/;. X .2 w .li-J^ ^ 

5 5 i "rt .Er''' "S ■; 
ZT- 5'3 i'5"^ — 

•t; ;',— !« i -^ 
-— "^_I! 2^ 3 s" 

C o .-— 3 .2 0: 3 

u i. -.^ -r -.-' o ■-' 
ry5 ■- ^ y p - -5 .J, 

3 O w -~- ■>-» . ., 

- 2 ., <^ U5 Cj U 

■^ ^ S '^- ■— O 

.- -. .:i :^ rf ;^ O) ^ 

3 . -^ *i O ■ — »-' o 

:i *^ 3 c2 — ci 

. ^ ■ — ^ "*"* I-. '3 3 ^ 

i" =5 P ■£. - :2 o 'C 

1-^:3.- ^ 2 -3: - 

:E -i 7" S rt "5, r- i2 

c3 — 1 IJ o ^ T i oi 

•3 -2 S b = - '^ ' 

" 3 C -^ -55 <» - .S 
O sJ 3 .-> 3 -'> — 

3._3_^-= 5_j. 3"^ 


i - 3j 

>^ ^ •— -3 c3 ' to C 

.•^ a m S » O O* 



A ■ I -11 1. Ilium- l'(Hil.--.;i 

Aci.i.uii.lydr, ;:uu.u.i. guinin,. Sulpha, 

''iiiiiji.iin, iiiitliu. . 
Substances rich in oxvtrtiii ..^ ,.i,i . , 

I.'- iin«,.,l with readiivo^i.ii'l [,,""•'" "'"'"''' ■">' 


U-'Ss,.puj;i,s ' ''"''"^' ''''^^" -""-• -f i''-^^' cure 

ab.n.. iuco,n„at,:,i;.iJ,;:;;;,tl"" '^-^"'-""'niinH.n, of ih. 
tin. of til. bub.Unet.,- wiil no' [.„,, ^ ^ '''',"">'"' ""•''- 

111 riucli ciis.'s the solution may h, thickened s„ th-t fl 

1 Pt. of of ivU ' -^'"'''V '''- ^^'^^^ '' ^ l^^' 

1 111. Kii oil Of liirpuntiiH' " 1 " ,^ 

s«mctiMK.s j„ik „f ivs ,„ ,„i,k ;;',,„„,„,,„, , . ,,;; ' , 

TiiK i Ki;sc:i irrioN 


Iss"). It oftoii, huwovrr, acts cliciiiicallT on the iiiKrulicnt.s 
iif the i>i"(~cri>)ti(iii. Tincture of quilhu.i luitl tiiieturc of 

' IK ;^M. a ~ ilii> r.iiitiiiii siipiiriiii (i/./'.l, iiid Uif ( uiulriit'iciilidii 
pf aiiv oil. Li^^'til furboiuvte of iiiii^^'iifsiuiii h tiiiiiKnid to iiid 
liic ililTii-ioii of ;ui oil in water, u- in Vajinr Ulfi I'liii Sylve.-^tris 
i'l I'., !'. i»s."). i;-.-iii,)'.iN linctures reijuire an emulsifying' iij^'eiil; 
111 e>|ual pari of .iiucila^'e of acacia i.-> the best. Tlie suspen- 

ion ut (lil of turpentine in nuicila^e of acacia is acunmiun nun- 
I'lliriiil example of an emulsion. 

((■) ]'inir»uuulu'iuiil hicovipatibilitii ; r.g. Uie ci'inhina- 
tion nf pnr;.,'ative.s with a-trin^'ents. Sometimes tlii- is inlen- 
tii'nal,a>in tliL- occasional adihtionof atropine lo;i hypoilermic 
■-i»lution nt morphine. Alter the do^eriplion of eacii dru^', tliose 
; hat are incompatible with it will be cnumeraleih 


Tlu' delails of ;i prescription .should \)v writleii 
ill the following order: 

The/irsi part i.s the Siqwrscription, which is tlic si^^n Ji. 
• Ill ulihreviation lor Uecipe, " Take." 

'I'he sicioul part is the Iiiscrijilion, con-i^lin;,' of the names 
ii ihr (hu;-'s in tlie ;,'enitive case (th ■ veliicle in the accusative 
n ■■ ad ■' is used with it), and their doses in the accusative. 

The third part is the Suhscrii'tion, tliat is to say. ilu; 
liiieclioiis to the dispenser. This in I-",ngland and mo^t othi-r 
eiiuntries is written in Latin, but in France and the United 
.Stat( s it is in the native lan^^ua^e. 

'Div fourtJi part is the Siijiuiturc. that is to say, the direc- 
ticiiis to the iiatieiil (from L. •• Signelur," let it be labelled). 
1 iii- is written in Engli.- 

The lifth part con.-isi- of the doctor'a name or initials at 
the bottom on the right, the patient's name at the bottom on 
ilu left, and under it tlie date ; thus : 
.S iq 'C rs cript ion . ~ l^ 
Imci-iptiun. — Tincturic Ferri I'crchloridi ~/iij (basis). 

Quiniiue liydrochloridi \ix. i..\x (adjuvans). 
Maynosii Sulphalis (corrigens), 
Glyccrini, aa _^ij (corrigena). 
Infu-^um Quassia:' ad .^viij (excipienl). 
Subscripiion. — Fiat niistura. 

6/'/.'tu'z<rc. — Take oiietablespoonful threetiincsa day wo 
hours after iiiei h. A. IS. C. (doctor's imtiala), 

WilliuiU S';ath. y.<q. (patient's name). 
lt;th June, VJlli (date). 

i, 2 



Abbreviations.— Often this proscriplioii would bo abbit- 
viiitdl tlui> : 

Ij; I'inct. I'Vr. INrchlor. ',iij. 
(^iiiii. Hydrcjclilor. j,>.i. 
Ma^,'. Sulpliftt., 
(Jl.vctr., ii;i »ij. 
Inf. Quas. ad jviij. 
V. III. 

'J'ak< rmc tal)Ifs|iooiiful tin ice a day, two huiir.- alu r Tiicals. 
William Smith. K.'^ij. A. 15. C. 

Kith .iiJMc, i;ti;i. 

H, ss, and fs ai(' abhrcviatidiis for Mini, a half, and ;i.i fur ana, 
of each. 

The followinj: is a prescription for a pill 

JjL Kxtrncti Nucis Vomicie ^-r. J. 
Kxtracti Kuonvmi Hicci i , 

Aloini ' ,.MaKr.A 

Hydrar^.'yri Suhohloridi ^t. j. 
I'^.\tractuni Ifyotcyami Viride ail ^t. v. 
I-'ial pilula. Mitte 21.' 

Take one immediately before dinner i vc ly evening.'. 
William Smith. Es(j. " A. H. C? 

11th Nov., l'Jl:t. 
It will be observed tliat the (luantities in the prescription 
are for one pill only, and the chemist is directed to send 24. 
Often, however, the jirescription is written with the (luantity 
of each ingredient necessary to make the full number of pills 
Thu:i : 

IjL- Kxtracti Nucis Vomica >:v. vj. 
Extracti Kuonvmi Sicci 1 - - 
Aloini ^ i^-.agr. X.J. 

Hydrarf/yri Subcliloridi ^'r. xxiv. 
Kxtractum Hyoscyami Viride ad ^'r. exx. 
Fiant pilnK'e '21. 

'i'ake oiH> immediately before diiuier every ev( nin^:. 
William Smith. I^sq. A. 1!. C. 

11th Nov., l',ll;5. 

l'rescri))tions for ])owders are also written in either wav. 

The followint: is a metric prescription such as would be 

used on the Continent. The quantities, either of fluids or 

solids, are expressed in grammes, so that the ibbreviation 
gra. for thi^ word i- o-nitted. 

l^ Magncsiro Sulphatis . . . 30 

Acidi Sulphuric! Diluti . . . O'G 



Syiupi FiinionH .... :*n 
.\ijutB ''*"■' 

Fiiit hiui-tiH. 

Ti) Ix- tiikt'ii on I'iAn'A in thf iiioriiin).'. 

Williiiiii Smith. E^<\. A. 15. C. 

22 Jan.. VMA. 

The mpilicine iiuiy he prc^criht'tl a^ ii pill win ii it i^ 
itMiuirctl that the patient -ihai! cany it ahout with him, when 
only a small (Iikc is nccilfd. wlu-n it is ilc-irahli- that it -iiall ai-t 
sliiwly. \vh(Mi it is rciiuircd to act on tho lower bowel, when it 
is insnliihle or muiseoiis, or wlion it is (litVicult to jirescriht; in 
llie li(iui(l form. Kaolin id the best basis for substances, as 
|ierman^'anato of potassium, which are ilccomposetl by con 
tact with ortranic matter. 

Oils, and volatile, .leliqiiescenf, or bulky substances sliould 
not be prescribed as pills, as they nquire much -^olid excipient ; 
nor should pills be used for substances recpiired to act ininu - 
diately. Insoluble or very nasty powders are often best K'iven 
in cachits. 

If it is recjuirt'd to ^rive the dru^' in an .vro-iTsci^jdraUK'ht 
<.r mixture, an alkaline carbonate is prescribed vitli the 
mixture eontuinint,' the dru^, while a solution of citric acid 
(</.)•.) or tartaric acid (^.r.) is proscribed in a separate bottle. 
.\ '■)se from one bottle is mixed with a dose from the other, 
the acid actint; on the carbonate liberates carbonic acid nn^, 
hence the mixture effervesces. It should bo diunk before 
I ilVrvesoence has passed otT. 

Abbreviations should be employed as little as possible. 

Serious mistakes have happened because the abbreviations have 

been ambiguous. The followint,' are especially to be avoided : 

Acid. Hydroc. (may be either Acidum Hydrochloricum or 

Acidum Hydrocyanicum). 

Ext. Col. 
llyd. Chlor. 




Extractum Colchici or Ex- 
tractum Colocynthidis). 

Calomel, Corrosive subli- 
mate, or Chloral hydrate). 

Hydrargyrum, Hydras, Hy- 
driodas, Hydrochloras. 
Hydrochloridum, or Hy- 

Sulphur, Sulphide, Sulphate, 
or Sulphite). 

Sometimes the signature is written in Latin, and it is often 
abbreviated. A list of such abbreviations is given in the 





In <;rrfitHrilain it i.alway. nndrTotno,!. „nlr.. o.horwi.o 
;;;;'^ 'f-at tl,.. ,u-..punu,..n^ a>. tlu-H.of tl... r.riri.h Phann. 

or not'';. J''" f.'"^-^""'"'->-l""jl<l l"^"^>aroful in ,I,.pi,|i,H. ^vIH tl,. , 
or not to us.- tins uor-l l.rfnn- thr v-hirlo. |f a l^ul |,„, „ f 
o.. m tho presniption on p. ,:, t,,.. ,,.,,,, .; , / 

i.a,:;,;!;:,'"^ ■" '''^^'' •'"- --"••' •'— >-■" l.'ss than was' 
Dispensing the Prescription. 

Til. lii-pcimcr sill. 111. 1 
|ln-ou^^l, tirst. (2) N.;xt wriU^UiV.iin'cti'm' 

'''■"'■ "l"'""''^^''"'-'"'- "• "un.l: (l)n..u,l,h.: pr..-,.ripti;u; 

" '"^'"ll^*' ll"' I'Ottlf." ('.)) If tl,,'" 

pa. 1,1. H as far apart as pos.n.l.- l,v li.hui,,.^- ' 
\'nK'i.' hcforc niixui". 

iu:li with thf 


Wii.n tho nction of a dru- i. sp..k,.„ „f {}„, 
l)liysu,l,,^ncal uction is usimlly .n.dcrstoo.l. 

. o .T^® Py^^'-iiT action is that duo to tl... unaltered .Iru ' • 
e.g. th.^. ,„.!,.• actum of sulphate of zinc H.a.i, ,. , 

fron. the ?ln°"uf7,^*'*^°"'^ '1"^' '''"-'*" ^o'"poun,ls f<,rn,..,l 

th..u,h.^ ,,. iH. diie t.. tlH. hiot that arhutin, the active prh,ci,;i.. 
into i'<rl",„'.r,'';V '" Vi '"'■■■■''^'V '^"i''"*Kii tile i<idney .leeonipos,.,! 
l!^'uJ^X ^^■'"'■^'lu.none.and the latter'i. a powerfu' 



The direct or local action nf a .lru^• is tlint pm.luccil 
(.n ftiiy orj-'ii" with wliich it cimus in coiitftct , cnii- 
thuriiiin in raiithariil*-^. in hrinp; fxcrrt.-l thr, ,,.-), x\\,- \ \.\\u'\i, 
ciuisf'; iiilltimination nf ihctn. 

The indirect or remote action i ;i i tiiary tT* . f, 
thf iTsull nf the . iLcl ; f <]■ ur.iri puriil> -. - iti'- r.>^|>irA- 
tory mu-iclf^. conai.m'titiy thn J>!ii'.<l h.-ci>m«'3 vfiious. i\tul 
tli.nfnrc cnnvulsioim tiiki'placf. In llii^ fa-^o tho v.Mi..sity 
nf tlif lilooil iiti'i Ihf oMMiUinns iiro ci'ch ..f tli.Mii in-lirrd 

iii-tions of uiaii. 

It i»('it'ar tliat ainniH'ilriu'<< iiclitiK on the =iunf' piirt<;, the 
total ( iTrct will ■li-i'ond wts luuch upon which pari U WxA 
iitT.ctfd. For .'xampUv atiopiiif aii'l uran will paralvsf motor 
ncrvts, hut atropine lir-l atTfcts tlic tfriniiuitions of tiif vat,'u?!, 
and onlv latf in its action thf motor lurs.s of tho voluntary 
and respiratory niusel.s : h< iico i)araly-;i- urul a-|ihyxia ar|' 
late ^yiuptnnH, ami arupi'l pul;<e i^- an early -symptom. J'rari. 
liowe\er. earlv afferis tlie ner%e endin^^'s of the voluntary aTnl 
re-piralorv niu-^ehs, and the heart toward.-^ th-- end ; therefore 
a-^phyvia and paraly-^irf occur early, and a rapid jnilse is a late 

" Relation between Chemical Constitution and 
Physiological Action. There is no doul.t that the jihy- 
siolo'-'ical action of a dru^' often d.peiids upon it-; cheiiueal 
constitution. Naturally, suhstances which are hroken u)) m 
the hody in Nueh a way as to lead to the lil.eratiou of a common 
i'l.nient or L'roup will have a similar action, riie action of 
a dru;.' also depends upon (dectrolytie dissociation of its solu 
iioimrand then the elTect depends upon which ion is the 
more poi-onons. For examfilo. the hydrochlorid.' and .ill- 
phatc of Htrvchninc will liavc the same action owitit.' to ihe 
iiil.nsity of' action of the stry(lniino iot\. and hecau.M' tiic 
chlorine and sulphate ions can he disregarded, for the animal 
would he killed hy the strychnine ion hefore .nouu'h of tho 
chloride or sulphate ions could he ^'iven to have any intlucnco. 
15ut with sodium (diloride and -odium sulphate the action va 
(|uite dilTerent. hecause. the sodium hciti;,' almost harmless, 
iitlicieiit (luantity of the drugs can be ^,'ivcn for the clilonno 
and sulphate ions to have their separate etTect?. 

ln>Iances in which chemical constitution ohviou-ly m- 
tlaences action are the simiLuity of effects of nitrites, the fact 
tliat allchlorides,<liodi(Us of ethane and methane 
are amisthetic. the similarity of action of iodides of many 
nu-tiils and the similarity of action of hromides of nuuiy melai-. 
Suhstitution of one raihcal for another in or^'aiiic com- 
pounds often strik!ni_dy modilie^ their action : f<ir exami)le. if 
strvchniiie. bvucine, and thebaine arc convertad into methyl 



actio,, „t caol, „r the ,i,.i U,™^'! , ,0^ "^■' r,"'" h'" 

SoiiiotmioH the position of tho ra,hci\< in \u i , 

.3 of « physioliical in,nort?uue thu. ^ ""'"f ''"'" 
. ihydroxyben.ene) is vory swLt whi "t ^ LS:: n" ^Sl" 
(lihydroxyhenzcno) is hitter. l.)'u(..u(cnin (oitho- 

Hoiiiotiincs the molemiiar weit/ht ann."ir« fr, ;-,t4 
intensity of action, for the relati •^ x kit o,. '"^"•■^••-/''^' 
is as follows : n.ethyl alcohol 1^8 ; S .£. , 7^ l^'^"^'"'? 

The .hfliculty the whole suhjoet is. howe x-r <o ...nt 
tnat It IS inipossi ) e at nresfnt tn i..,- i »'^'- o f^uai 

ciontly general to he of anv u e o tl^b -llnVr"'!"" ^^f 
renien.bered that dissi.nilarity of aeti n nil """'' ^'" 

.Sometimes this sele. 'ive action is verv sfrik-im/ f , ' 

v-atiuii un trus pinicipie wiii be given. ' '"" 

co„;„Jt"S7^;';;i^;T ^;!:?:':;w:r"^^''^" ?■ ^"r"'-^-^ ^"-'•^ 



l>i\'i«iioii I. Drills artiiif; upon Or|i;»iii«»iiis 
ulii<'li iiifrst tiK' Human Hotly, or upon 
Fro<*('SM<>«» g^oiiij; on oul««i<l(> it. 

Antiseptics are drugs which arrest putrefaction, 
I'ithcr hy preventing the growth of, or completely 
destroying, the micro-organisms on which decomposi- 
tion depends. Some authors limit the use of the 
word to those drugs which prevent the growth of 
micro-organisms, and call those suhstances which 
destroy the micro-organisms disinfectants. 

Statements are most discordant as to whether 
certain substances are antiseptics, and as to the 
strength of their antiseptic power. This is because 
antiseptics act differently on different organisms ; 
and the distinction has not been drawn between pre- 
venting the growth of and destroying micro-organisms. 
Also because the power of antiseptics depends upon 
the temperature at which they act, the medium in 
which they are dissolved, the strength of the solu- 
tion, the time given them to act, and the number of 
micro-organisms present in the substance to which 
they are added. 

To properly test the value of an antiseptic the 
above conditions must be noted. All instruments 
and substances except the fluid containing the 
micro-organisms to be tested are heated so that 
any adventitious micro-organisms are destroyed. 
A cultivating medium, such as agar-agar jelly, 
in which the micro-organisms will grow, is se- 
lected, and two test-tubes, each containing some of 
it. are taken ; to one of these the supposed anti- 
.-( ptic is added. Some tiuid containing the micro- 
nrganisms is then added to both test-tubes; both 
are plugged with sterilized cotton wool to prevent 
tlie entrance of gernib from the air, and it is observed 
whether the micro-organisms will grow in the tube 

CO;i;.,i;ning liO anLibCpLlC, OUl iiOt ili tiiab CUIitiiiii- 

ing the antiseptic. As the power of an antiseptic 
depends on so many circumstances, no exact order of 
their potency can be given, but roughly the more 
powerful are placed first in the following list ; 



instruments are <li>infecte.l in this way '' ' 

consttmvT^w"^^^^''*^*^^^--^ solution of 1 in lOOOi. 

chiiunevK Hn.l,ln,,r. t [■ , '''"'"fPi-'t a room, the win. ows. 

ehi ;; ^u:; un^Tif.;: 'dio^r^T'':' "^;- /•--^^'^^-i f-n; 
It .nust bo miu:!". a u,s r';; Sc'^itTi^'r "^''"''^ 

Bubstancps. -ittacks and bleaches many 

too i'ri "u°f""'' "'"' '• '°^"" ""• '•"''•' "'"'■ »' "-^ -•« 

7. Carbolic acid is lar^.^ly u<i-d 

"i.i.iy'u'.T'f';,"™.;- ',';'■'■''-■• ■""■ ^" "," ■■<" i"'""""^- ^ - 

of .4'c «fr"fr-^r„<;f/°"'"""»' »"" ^'^'- cwoHde 

.u.a c-;>,.«<:'^otart."" """'"'" "'^■'' '" '■yiroohloric acid 
1^^. Alcohol i- anlis.ntin onK- ;„ ..^ 1. .*;.,_ 



(a) Saltaction. Thor;o by osmosis extract water from micro- 

orgiini'^ms and so kill thom, e.g. conmion salt (used 

forprc-crving meat) and sugar (for presorving fruit). 
ih) Oxidiilinn, e.g. potassium permangnnato. Chlorine, 

bromine and iodine act in the presence of water by 

abstracting hydrogen. 
{c) Reduction, e.g. .sulphur dioxide in the pn'sence of 

water, and formic aldehyde, which, however, also 

combines with proteins. 
(<l) I'n(Mpitation of proteins, e.g. many metals by acting 

<lirectly on the micro-organisms an<l also on their 

food in solution. 
(e) Protoplasmic poisons, e.g. coal-tar products. 

Wo do not know of any drut^'s which, whon taken 
internally or inhaled, will certainly destroy micro- 
or^'anisms, either in the j,'astro-intestinal tract or re- 
spiratory passages;, they are sufliciently concen- 
trated to be fatal to the patient. Some authorities, 
however, consider that naphthol, calomel, cyllin, and 
eertain other substances will destroy niicro-orr^anisms 
in the stomach and intestines, cyllin being the most 
active. As the ethereal sulphates in the urine are 
increased by bacterial action in the intestine, they form 
a gauge of the etTicacy of intestinal antiseptics, ami 
it is said they are a little decreased in some diseases 
after giving these drugs. Many attempts have been 
made to combat diseases due to micro-organisms by 
ihe injection of antiseptics into the blood, hut there 
is no evidence of any success. 

Deodorants or deodorizers are substances which 
destroy disagreeable smells. There are too many for 
enumeration. Many antiseptics are deodorizers. 

Antizymo' '.OS. — This is a word sometimes applied 
to drugs which arrest fermentation. 

Anthelmintics are drugs which kill such para- 
sitic worms as infest the alimentary canal. Three 
kinds only are commonly met with among people 
iviuL' in England. 

(1) Tapeworm {T^<7iia solium and T. mediocnnillata). 
Anthelmintics: Filix Mas (mostly used). Olenm Terebin- 
thinre, Cusso, Granati Cortex, Melon Pumpkin Seeds, 



3j J iroad-woni. /nr,,r ■ ®"* ^^^^' ^utea Seeds 

I^octuI injection, o^ SSer'iX •''"■''^ Antl.eln^S^i 
tions of iron salts or^iiJJ^li^f^'^^^^^uassia.solu 
'loiibtful wl.etluT th";^h-M' ? °'^ °* turpentine. It,, 

P^^tie.U by k.llin. th o fw or!'"''^'. turpentine) relieve i,: 

- '--ly -..,er u.. pan tmC t^r ;;;^;^t;^^---'. 

Antliflni ntics for Hin f ' '^^ '^""a^al of mucus. 
Jl'oulcl 1.0. giv.., ul,™ th"':,iX.™;, ™""''--0"n 
Hence it s a .rood nl-.n h. . """'^^^^^ t^'ict is empty, 
f^'^v hours e t : " ^1,77"'.^J°'^^ ^f castor oil ^ ineo^ '^^ ^« ensure 

^'xpol the dejcl n.,rVsi 1 '^ ''"'^^ ^*^^ ^•«'-»i- To 


for this pnrnos(^ are r-.ll/i v ^r '"a'atives used 

i^ a term i°meth e am li.^T'^?^'^- ^^^^^icide 
imestinal ento/oa ^^^ ^ ^"^ *^^'"^'' ^^-J^^t kill 

.hiar^::;,i;^.^^^-i!i«^<^-are substances 


of ^iodine. ,Wc.rin'::^'^^}^'^^'^yth.ol.ate, tin^cture 
gallic acid, :. boric ar,\? 1 , ' *^" "'"tmont of pyro- 
acidum sulphurosum formali""- ' -'iS^^^ ^"^ K, 
patches are snmll, so>?;o S k ' '"^^^^^^^^ '• «'"1 ''^ the' 
rides, and chrysarobin h ^e^'t '^V' ?*°" °"' '^^'^tha- 
<juu-efi severe irritants "'"^"^^"1. 7. rerszco/or never re- 

(3) Pediculi vestin.entorun? win r^"",;""^' ''^'•'^«^'«""ctual. 
parasiti,.i.le. T'n.ruen ti n sVi \, "•' '''"•*' ^'^ any n.ihl 

J^'!'*'-! by mild pa cide. ^"'''''' I?'''''^ ^re also easily 
'•■"Pio.ed. so i. Jnlluerf^StaS^Trg^ri^ ^'^ — nl,^ 

bably all, act as di^U'poit f t'o tho'"^'' ^"^ ^''■ 
ism causing the disease. ^"^ micro-organ- 

the mortVower/Sf'^e^nchol?' *^"'"'"« ^"'^ '*^ ^alts (by far 
''>» "^i' iorn-.s 01 intermittent frverandneuS. ^ ""' "'''' 



l>ivi$>ioii ll.-Diii|^ft actiiiK on tli«' Blood. 

A. Drugs acting on the Plasma. Many sub- 
.-tances must iiftcT absorption exist in solution in 
the plasma, and purgatives, diuretics, and diapho- 
ittics must alter the composition of the plasma by 
abstracting substances from it. Only very slight 
changes in the reaction of plasma, which is normally 
practically neutral, are compatible with life. It is 
never necessary to make the plasma more acid as 
any excess of alkali is neutralised by cari)onic acid, 
but in certain conditions there may be an excess of 
acid, which requires neutralisation. This is done 
by means of the carbonates, citrates or tartrates of 
the following metals : — 

{1\ "Potassium. (4) Lithium. 

(2) bodium. (",) Magrnesium. 

(3) Ammonium. (d) Calcium. 

The citrates and tartrates of these metals are 
i)\idised in the body to alkaline carbonates. 

Therapeutics. — Alkalies are administered to 
reduce the acidosis of diabetic coma, sodium bicar- 
bonate being the drug usually selected. They are 
also gi\en in gout in the hope of increasing the 
solubility of uric acid in the plasma. As the treat- 
ment is continued for some time, a preparation 
which does not upset digestion, such as potassium 
citrate or lithium citrate, is usually preferred. Both 
potassium and lithium urates are more soluble than 
the sodium urate, but the change produced in the 
comixDsition of the plasma must be very slight. The 
excretion of potassium and lithium carbonates in the 
urine, which results, aids the excretion of uric acid 
l»y increasing its solubility in the urine and by 
causing diuresis. For the same purpose natural 
alkaline waters are frequently prescribed. 

In Icad-poison'uuj the lead is locked up in tlin 
nssues m a very sparingly soluble form. Potassium 
iodide is given because some authorities believe 
It increases the solubility of lead in the plasma, and 
consequently facihtates its excretion by the kidneys. 



on ulet'.mX^T.irf;;'^,"-'! '" '-''aonatic/en.. 
■n ti.o p,a,n.a' an" thaV rih^i;,?';'™''^ »«™ 

altor t£ n?;Sr;f .'^:';f ''''"W« neco":anlv 
nsod when tbcrosu, Lb ,,'f '""'"' r""' '■"•^' '"o'^'^ 

effusion into Horoucavfe ^JT,"^ ""/ P""° °;- 
"s tllc^scM^.n,cdi(.s,lr^i,,ff^ '/ ''«!>" that as fast 

will ho rcniatx'd hv Lf i . '" "'^' l''"*'"'' it 
•'■•'■■n.»,.in which it ii tlo h tC:""'"' "'^ 

(1) Iron and its salt.. | ,., Arseniou. aoid. 

corpuscles. Their leti;,,, i! , ''' ""'"''"'■ "' '■«! 

f"o,I. fresh air/rd'atSi tTthi ."e! ^r I'f "T.'^ 

be d.sct,ssed"u,r':ir^dn,.."'r„ firr r ^7" 

most important and etfectual." ''^' '^*'' ""= 

ehlorio'adrpSss^units and "['"T"' ''>'''"- 
been incorrecti;. torn^ l^'^l^^ts'"""^'*""-^ '"'^•^ 



Indirect haematinics are drugs which benefit the 
patient by removing some obvious cause for his defi- 
ciency in hiomoglohin, or an.emia, as it is generally 
td-iiud. Such are mercury, given fur syphilis, 
ijuinine fur ague. 

The size of the reil blnodcoriuiscleKis saiiltobe(hiiiinishe<l 
by carbonic uciil. (luiiiiiio, and morphine, an-l to be iiicreasttl 
by oxyt^'en and liy<lni(\anic aciil, an<l tlieir number is said to 
lie increased by small doses of mercury. 

A lar^e amount of sodium chloride causes the red cor- 
I>u.-.cles to pass rapidly throu<,'h the walls of the capillaries. 

There are some drugs which are not employed 
therapeutically for their action on the blood, which 
art' nevertheless very important physiulogically and 
lo.xiculogically, for they kill by altering the composi- 
tion of the haemoglobin, thus preventing its unit- 
ing with oxygen. Such are carbonic oxide, which 
displaces the oxygen from oxyhiemoglobin form- 
ing carboxyhamoglobin. rutassium chlorate, aceta- 
nilide, phena/une, piienacetin, pyrogallic acid, potas- 
sium permanganate, and nitrites, especially nitrites, 
convert the hiemoglobin into metlnemoglobin, and 
ilestroy tlie red corpuscles. 

Phospliorus, sulphuretted hydro^'eii, turptntiiH-, iodine, 
Jiiid sulphur also reduce oxyhn nio;,'lobiii. I'hospliorus is 
I -pi eially destructive to the blood. 

When freshly drawn blood is exposed to the air its oxidi- 
zation is diminished by hydrocyanic acid, alculiol, chlorofornj, 
ipiinine, morphine, nicotine, strychnine, and brucine. 

C. Drugs acting on the White Corpuscles.— Most 

if not all drugs which are poisons to auueba- are 
puLsons to white corpuscles when applied in sufticient 
strength, which, huwever, is rarely the case iu the 
imniau body. All irritants which set up inilamma- 
tiun cause the white blood-corpuscles to wander 
through the capillary walls ; and all the cinchona 
aiii.aivius iiai c i.^^ i^-unci. ui uriLoi,iijg luis migra- 
tion ; of these, quinine is the most powerful. Acetani- 
lide is also powerful. If the quinine is circulating 
in the capillaries, it prevents the white corpuscles 


•■^'^TKUfA MKnrf\ 

from wandcrinrr o'lf • if ,♦ ; 

^^^--s^s.^p^cvoms Vo e^;^,^^^^^^ ^," ^^^^ outside of 
r:^^y f^-o,n tlH. vessel tl'o.St^tn'"';' ?";'--'"^ 
lave passed. Arsenie iun!-. ^^\^^'^^^ "^ ^vhidi they 
J^^ads to the forma in^^or^^ 
inyeJocytes. '" ''^ "'^")' ^'O'tbrobJasts and 

.„. tr-'^ ^'""-^ - ^^"ite co,..e,. o.t..,e U.e .o.I, 

D. Drugs altering the Cn^L t m- ''' ''"'"'"'■ ''-'''• 
'^'^-' w. ...,, '"5,;^' Coagulability of the Blood. 

^^®rapeutics.— Calcium ,ii •, 

.^•^ f veiv, ..,;. in operations on ? ^^*'" ''^^'«J^'«^' 

foaguJal,il,ty is desired I ''*'''^"'' increased 

^ijl^ve been ^used to d iin , Th'"'^'''"' , x^ '^'■^^^^•^• 
tbromhosis and embolism but i, ^'oa^'ulability in 
oi;.k;r to appreciably in re'aseo V ^'"^.^^[^ '^'^'^ i» 
'^l^;J'tj of the bloocUan ''1 do V J'"''^ '^^ ^O'-^^'"" 
^'; be ..sedthan can be ^^'f ^/'^ ^"^'^ ^'^ 
"Innervations on th. cLllZ^^^ many 

•i"ite unreliable for it if n '7 "^ ^^'^^ ^lood are 
;--orthy obser^^i^E.;;^^t:;!^,!f;or'^ ^"^^-^>- 

""-1 spread down,.: ?. '"^^.^S" '" ""'^"V'^' "•°°'""'° 
vpjifriolp *„ i-r '" over the aunfh. o,..i i.i- 

proceeding from the card,',. 'P^'^n'-O'^ impulses 
^"^'e.!, U,e entrance oaSn^rrftll^S-tf 


cava., the entrance of the pulmonary veinB, and the 
auricnlo-ventricuhir groove ; but we now know that 
there IS no certain evidence that these ganglia ori-i 
nate impulses, and most of the cvidenc. goes to sho v 
tiiat the contraction of the muscular fibres is due to 
spontaneous impulses arising in them. This con 
tractile power of the muscular fibres can be inhibit.^ 
by the vagus, the fibres of which proceed from he 
vagal nucleus in the medulla, and can be augmented 
l^v the augmentor or accelerator nerve-fibrcS, wh le 
piocved downwards m the cervical spinal cord to the 
upper dorsal nerves, which they pass through 
the first thoracic ganglion to the s/mpathetic. an the cardiac plexus, and thence to the heart 
\\ e are ignorant of any function for the cardiac 
L.ingha ; we know that medullated nerve-fibres lose 
l.e.r medulla in them, and that more fibres proem 
tn.m them than enter them. Possibly they have a 
ni.tntive function We have therefore only to con 
s ler the action of drugs on the muscular s.ibstance 
f the heart, on tlie vagal or inhibitory fibres on 
^'^/JfV^^'^tro, on the augmentor, acceleratoi'. o 
>wnpathetic fibres, and on the accelerator cen re 
I ii.' centres are remarkably easily affected byaiiVre. t 
nnpulses, proceeding from the heart itself^or f nm 
=^l"iost any part of the body. Our information co 
c. rnnig the action of drugs on the heart of man is 
necessarily ratlier inexact, for many experiments a.e 
'l.n.cult to perform upon the mammahan heart con 
•quently the cold-blooded animals have been lar'Sy 
sed ; and as some difterences are observed alnon-^ 
them -for example, between the frog and the tortoi " 
-.t IS probable that the deductions drawnlrom ex 
penments upon the hearts of warm-blooded animals 
arc not who ly apphcabh- to man. In the follow^ 
account of dnu/^ t>^" o.^.v,^ .i_^ ..•, "/!'^ ^oiio\\ing 

.nodera e dose ; the action of a very lar-'e do e is 
generally the reverse of that of a moderato'dose 
A Drugs acting upon the Heart directly. -Our 

uit action of drugs upon excised heun/ or pieces 





1 1 tr;,:i,:ir r:;",",V';;"^ t"'^^" 

t'Xternallv or inf.,..., ii ^ ' "''> apPO'^g a solution 

upo 1 he apex, when ,t is cut oiY froni the rerJun^h ,' 
of the heart .acts upon the muscle only ; but it wo Id 

tlie accelerating The elFect of stimulating he nu'd" 
may be either to increase the rate or the fo wlhe 
-cat, or to do both; that of stimulating e min i^e 
b anches of the vagus or its termination's in he"' t 
will be either to dnmnish the rate or the fore" of hp 
beat or both .and the effect of stimulating the acele 
rator ibres will be just the opposite ; and in each of 
tliese three cases the effect of paralv'sing wUl bfthe 
roverse of stimulating. The distinction bet\m.n a 
stimula ing eiiect on the terminations of the va"us 
and a depressing effect on the termination of the 
accelerao. nerves might be determined by oLerv m 
he ellect of stimulation of each of these nerves bXe 
and a ter the local application of the drug. proWded 
hat It has been shown that the muscle it elf Ts no 
affected by the drug; but this is often difficult to 
prove. It IS easily seen that the complex tTof the 
problem IS so great that it will be most convenient 
to cassiiy the drugs which act locally on Zhea 
by the efiect they produce, without attempt ng to say 
whether they act on the muscle ornerve terminations 
Drugs mcreasiyig the force of the contraction • 




(In law (loH^.H these .Inips in fm^,-, nlwavs ra„8<. arrest of M. HVBtole ;.,.„. innnuls the final arrest may he u, .Imstole 
wih some, e..j. .l.gual.s. They all slow the pulse ) 

Z)r«,7.^ an important action of uhuh is to mcr.use the ratt 
ot the carduic beat : 

(I) Atropine. 

{•!) Hyoscyamii^e. 

{'.'>) Duboisine. 

(0 Cocaine. 
(•"') Caflfeine. 

hrwp an important action of , -hick is to slow the rate of 
hr cardiac beat (see also Jirst list K'iven abov) : "^ 

th, Lt.,.»,uc uiui (see aiso nrst list K'lven abnv.-) 

(1) Muscarine. | (...) Pilocarpine. 

the bZ7- "^'''^' "''"'"'' *'''' '''^' •^"'" '^"'^ ^^'« "«"•''«' ^/ 
;l) Alcohol. 

(2) Ether. 

(3) Chloroform. 
Drwj^ ichich markedly decrease both the force and the 

number of the beats (these are calle.i cardiae depreeBanU. 

(1) Hydrocyanic acid. (;t) Emetine. 

(2) Aconite. (lo, Muscarine. 

(4) Anaesthetics. 
(•'>) Quinine. 

(.i) Veratrine. 

(i) Anti' ony. 

(">) Arsenic. 

('>) Saponine. 

(7) Chloral Hydrate. 

(H) Bromides. 

(11) Pilocarpine. 
(I'i) Phenasone. 
(13) Acetanilide. 
(11) Phenacetin. 
(l'>) Lobelia. 

Ia.-t'r.''°'' '^'''^"'"^"'■'"' «alicyhites, and aporaorphine. all in 

B. Drugs acting on the Vagus Centre.—If we 

observe that the giving of a drug to an animal alters 
the heat of the heart, hut that this alteration can he 
done away with either hy cutting the vagi or stimu- 
lating the peripheral end of the norve~if one only 
of them he cut --we may conclude that the drug acted 
on the vagus centre in the medulla. The excitability 
of the vagus centre depends so much upon thi 
v.nosity of the blood and the blood-pressure^and so 
many drugs that act directly on it also act ^n other 
})arts ot the cardiac anDaratns. tl>nf « r.r.^^^^.^. i.-.. 
ot those influencing it' cannot be givenV" The fol 
lowing are the chief, and reference to the individual 
.Irugs will show whether the vagus centre is the 


most important part ..f th. canliac apparatus which 
IS atrected an.l also tho period of action of th(, ,h-u" 
m winch the ccntro is atfected. 

Drug, which stimnlafr thr vaqm centre : that is to snv 
tho M.. .s sl,.w...l. Ua this, .li.appoars oil'.::;;- ^'^^f 

(1) Aconite. 

(J) Veratrine. 

(.{) Nicotine. 

(1) Digitalis. 

("i) Stropliantlius. 

(<■>) Squill. 

(7) Convallaria Majalis. 

(X) Apocynum. 

('•) Hydrocyanic acid. 

(10) Strychnine. 

(11) Cocaine (liir-t" (loses). 
(!-') Chloroform. 

(It) Alcohol. 

(II) Ether. 

(ir.) Chloral Hydrate. 

(Itl) Butyl Chloral. 
(17) Hydrastis. 
(l-^) Suprarenal extract 
(I'.i) Pituitary (posf.iior 

I' lit) Extract. 
m) Picrotoxin. 
C-'l) Staphisagria (Del- 

(-"2) Atropine. 
(-'!) Hyoscyamine. 
(These la-t thr. . only very 

early in t.licir aetidn.") 
(2i; Incrased blood- 

(-*•'') Venous blood. 

Drugs which depress the vagus centre : Lurp,. .logeR of 
.•on,e of the .Iru.'s .nentione.l i„ the lust list, and dru- wbic 
dunm,. h the hIoo<l-,,ressure, such as an.yl nitrite an^ ooaine 

C. Drugs acting on the Accelerating Centre - 

\\e i^now very httle of dru^s ^vhich this- 
Tho foilowni^ stnnulateifc, forth.iradn.ini- 
stration r.ndor.s the ptiJse still n.ore rapid after the 
va^M have l)een cut ; — 

l'>\ pSr'IJw • I <'^ »«lphinine. 

(>} Picrotoxm. | („ Apomorphine. 

D. Drugs acting on Cardiac Nerve Ganglia - 

Those hrst Hli^d.tly stimulate and then profoundly 
paralyse all nerve .^an^dia. In the case of the heVrt^ 
they act chiefly on the vagal ganglia, and so he 
pulse ,s at first a httle slowed, hut soon it hecomes 
rapid, weak, and irregular :— uetom( g 

(J) Conine.^ _ ' (4) Gelsemium. 

iuerapeutics. ihe drugs most used for their 
action on the heart are digitalis, squill, stroph^n 
thus, convallaria majalis. caffeine, alcohol, e the" 
chloroform, strychnine, helladonna, aconitJ, and-' 


Durr.s ACTiNd on vkkskls 




mony, aiKlhydrocyiinic ;u'i(l. The ihtnipi luic in<li 
calion for riic-li of these dni«,'H will In- found given 
under the iudividuiil (Irng. 

I»ivi^i4>ii IV. l»i'iiK*. sMiiiiK on tlio V«».srl«.. 

These arc usually .Ludied . iilier by directly 
ol).^erving alteration.s in the size of the vessels in 
some thin structure, such as the ear of a ral.hil, the 
mesentery, ton^'ue, lung, wel., or mylohyoid of a frog, 
or the wing of a hat ; or the rate of thJ Mow nuiv ho 
ohsi rved. This can be convenit utly done by cutting 
some part, as the toes of a frog, and noticing the 
rate at which the blood flows from the cut vessels with 
and without the administralion of the drug to the 
animal. It is often necessary tijat an artificuil circu- 
lation should bo maintained ; for, if not, it might be 
ditHcult to prove that the alteration in the c^rantity 
of blood flowing from the cut surface was not due to 
inlluences acting on the cardiac mechanism. In ord( r 
to determiiio if the changes are due to local or central 
elfects, it is necessary to destroy the spinal cord, or to 
cut the nerves going to the part. When a drug is ap- 
plied locally, as to the mesentery, aiul the vessels alter, 
if the nerves going to tlie part are not cut, it is <lith- 
cult to say whether this alteration is direct or rellox. 

Drugs are applied to the interior of vessels by 
nijecting them into the circulation. 

We know that each vessel is controlled by 
vaso-constrictor and vaso-dilator nerves, and that 
these proceed by different patlis from the central 
nervous system, but we do not know upon which set 
of nerves drugs act; probably some upon the vaso-con- 
.strictor,and some upon the vasodilator. We can only 
classify the drugs into those which dilate or contract 
the vessels by local action, and those which produce 
* ■ " ••!!-, i-t^:: -wia:,.. a»^iiL>;i vu Liie Ccnirai 
nervous system. When a drug acts locally we can- 
not toll whether it acts on the muscle in the wall 
oi the vessel, or on the nerve terminations. 

It of course follows that drugs acting on the 



heart, or on a larffo vat^fulai ,11 

modify the blood-pre.sC '^^"' '''^' ^^^^^^^rably 
A. Drugs acting locally on Vessels 

>rr^s u-luch, rcken localUj ..jM to vessels, dilate them ■ 

(J 4) Carbohc acid. 
(Il) Creosote. 
(10) All volatile oils, as 
'^il of turpentine, and 
many sub.stances con- 
taining tlieni, as riiis- 
tard, Annoraciap Ka- 
dix, lie. 
(17) Seueg-a. 
{IH} Chrysarobin. 
(1'.') Ipecacuanha. 
i'M) Capsicum. 
(:^1) Croton oil. 
(-^2) Camphor. 
C-i'^) Cantharides. 
(24) Mylabris. 
(2o) Warmth, however ap- 
plied, but usually as 
a poultice. 

(1) Liquor ammonisB. 

(2) Silver nitrate 

(.5) Zinc chloride (strong). 
(1) Copper sulphate 

(5) Mercuric nitrate. 
(t>) Arsenious acid. 

(7) Tartarated anti- 


(8) Iodine. 
('■)) Chlorine. 

(10) Mineral acids 


(11) Alcohol. 

(12) Ether. 

(13) Chloroform (the last 

three if prevented 
from evaporating) 

- .. •■ o/« a poultice. 

Ruoefacients are driies whiVli wi.n» 1 1, 
apphed to the skin, c.nJa ZttZ'Z biHtll 

goes no further than the exudation of pia ma from 

dtn^rttv'"^ this plasma collect. uifdHhe ep^ 
aermis to form vesicles, the drutr causinc, thn ^^ 
d.,ct.o„ of vc.des . .a,d to be a^v^Sf .^ C" 

sufla-iently powerful irritants to cause thl inLm 





Escharotics or caustics are the most powerful of 
all the above drugs. Their local application kills the 
part to which they are immediately applied, and sets 
up vascular dilatation of the surrounding area ; e.g. 
strong nitric acid, zinc chloride, silver nitrate, and 
arsenious acid. 

Counter-irritants.— It has been shown by experi- 
ments on animals that when the vessels of the skin 
are dilated by the application of an irritant, those of 
the viscera, especially those in the abdomen, are often 
reilexly constricted, leading to a rise of blood- 
pressure and slight acceleration of the heart and 
respiration. The same is probably true of man. 
An irritant is called a counter-irritant when it is 
applied to the skin with the object of con'-^ricting 
the vessels of the subjacent viscera. It is particularly 
to be remembered that this is a reflex nervous action, 
:ind is in no v v due to the withdrawal of blood into 
the dilated ves. ..s of the skin. Experience has shown 
that certain organs are I st influenced by application 
of the counter-irritant to a definite part of tiie skin, 
c.(j. a blister applied to the epigastrium reheves 
gastric pain. Usually it will be found that the area 
of the skin is that which Head has shown to be 
associated with the viscua. 

Tlie following, wlicn inhaled, dilate peripJieral ves.tels 
by acting locallj on tliem : 

(1) Amyl nitrite. j (a) Spiritus athari. 

(J) Ethyl nitrite. | nitro.i. 

Drugs ichich, taken by the rmuth, dilate arteriole* by 
acting locally cm them : 

(1) Caffeine. 

C-i) Amyl nitrite. 

(■i) Trinitrin. 

(i) Sodium nitrite. 

("») Ethyl nitrite. 

(')) SpirituB eetherie 

(7) Erythrol tetra- 


(8) Manitol hexa- 

(0) Nicotine. 

(10) Belladonna. 

(11) Kyoscyamus. 

(12) Stramonium. 

(13) Antimony. 

(14) Barium salt*. 

. »! 




^ ^rugs which, taken bu tlu 
acting locally on them ■ 

(1) Ergrot. 

(2) Di^talis. 
(•■5) Squill. 

(■i) Convallaria. 

(•>) Apocynunx. 

(•^) Physostigmine. 

(') Suprarenal extract. 

^nouth, contract arterioles by 

(«) Extract of Posterior 
Part Of Pituitary 

t^) Pilocarpine. 

(10) Muscarine 

(11) Barium chloride. 
(!-') Veratrine. 

rn, --■ \--f »oi:axrine. 

»...all„,.,<.ri«,l,r„„„,, itv'oirouS','" '^""""'^'i'"' ^' 
«o„trac'ti'„„°' ™"""' "■"'■ ""■ "'■'"""■". all cause power/ul 

11.0 albun.i?,ouf, u^dV'lS'' h' ""^ "jr ^^S"'-'"! 
c«;o/;t;S':- '"'■'''"'' '^'"■•■'"'«' ''"'•■-C the „.ma„ar 

(1) Cold, Jiowover pro- 
tUiced ; hence rapidly 
volatiliziiif,' suIj. 

,.-, _ stances, as ether. 
2 Suprarenal extract. 

{'V Stypticin. 

(i) Lead salts. 

All the above, except the 
to contract vessels. 

Those ichich coagulate the 
vessels : 

(1) Tannic acid and all 

Hubstances contain- 
"'« it; C.J7. Kails, kra- 
lueria root, kino, 
hanmtoxylin, hama- 
••"=■=. tinnaniun, 
eucalyptus gum, and ' 

(•3) Dilute solutions of silver 

(<i) Dilute sulphuric acid. 

(') Alum. 

{^) Ramamelis. 

(!') Acetanilide. 
(10) Phenaaonum. 
Jast two, are used in medicine 

albuminous fluids around the 

('^) Lead salts. 
('-'•) Silver salts. 
(4) Zinc salts. 
(•')) Copper salts. 
(•') Alum. 

C') Per-salta of iron 
(y) Bismuth salts to a 
slight extent. 




B. Drugs which act on the Vaso-motor Centres. 

Druga n-hich, by their action on the vaso-motor centres 
(lilafc tlic vessels: ' 

(•)) Hydrocyanic acid. 
(*5) Opium. 

(7) Thyroid gland. 

(1) Alcohol. 
(■2) Ether. 
(:{) Chloroform. 
(1) Chloral. 

Some .IruKs, wliicli in small doses contract vessels hv 
central action, .n largo dilato them ; e.,. .liKitalis and s-iuill. 

Drugs uhich, by their action on vaso-motor centres, cause 
contraction of vessels : 

(1) Ergot. 

(2) Digitalis. 
(:J) Squill. 

(1) Convallaria. 
(•')) Apocynum. 
(•)) Physostigmine. 
(7) Cocaine. 
(s) Belladonna. 

(i») Stramonium. 

(10) HyoscyamuB. 

(11) Hydrastis. 

(12) Strychnine. 

(13) Salicylic acid. 

(14) Turpentine. 
(11) Caffeine. 
(1(3) Ammonia (slightly). 

C. Drugs acting on Vaso-motor Ganglia.— These 

are the same as act on tlic cardiac <,'anglia (see n. 52) 
After transitory stimulation they paralyse thewm^'ha 
ana hence blood pressure falls. Some think that^he of blood pressure caused by er<rot is due to 
stauulatioR of these ganglia. 

Astringents are drugs which diminish the size of 
vessels, and so decrease exudation from them. 

Styptics or Haemostatics, are drugs which stop 
i>Urding Tliey comprehend aU astringents, espe- 
cially cold, lead and copper salts, hamamehs, ergot 
tannic acid, and above all per-salts of iron, for they 
coagulate the blood which is flowing from the vessel 
and the clot prevents further bleeding. Matic(! 
leaves (13. P. 188o), because of the numerous hairs on 
tlirir under surface, favour coagulation of bloo<l 
V. lu-n locally applied to a bleeding surface. Cobwebs 
act in the same way. 

Therapeutics.-Drugs which locally dilate vessels 
are appned Lo sLimuiate sores to heal ; they promote 
absorption of inflammatory products, including bac- 
terial toxins which increase the resistance of the body 
to these toxins, as seen in the application of iodine 
over certain diseased joints ; they act as counter- 




irn ants in disease of deep-seated organs, as in the 
app ication of a l,lister for pleurisy; Dnvl "h ch 
by their central action cause dilatation cf" a he 

V -ssels of the body are used in certain forms of hea 1 
disease as anfeMna pectoris; and some suppose tin 

he good they do is brought about by dEV 1 c 
vessels and so rendering tlie work of the heart"a. . • 
Amyl nitrite and nitro-glycerin are much us d br 

on ^Z?'; "^'r 'T'''' ^""^'-^^ vascular dilaa- 

V ; /h ernpioyed to cause dilatation of the 
vessels of the skin, with the object of thereby lea 
mg to an increase of perspiration and an increi 'd 
radiation of heat. Alcohol, Spiritus .Etheri Stro 
and Ipecacuanha amongst others are used in lis wav' 

Ihe most important us. of astringents is aJ 
« yptics : hey are also use<l to check exces ve dis 
charges ol .11 sorts, as in diarrho., leuccrrW t, 

o en een'n'nf '°"^-^'""^' '^ '''''^'' ''^'^ -^ -re 
uiteu seen in pi:a'.yn"itis. 

'J'i'^re is perhaps no better opportunity than this 
of mentioning emollients and demulcents: 

tect mr^'^'Tir ^"^^^^^^^« '\^'^^ soften and pro- 

and ianohn (l^ydrous wool fat n ' ^"'^ ""^ 'f^^^^^ ^o"^^- as lard 

Demulcents are substances which protect nnd 
«oothe parts They retard the local actLn of su^ 

wC'dissoW ' ^" ^^'Z-^- ->^'- tastes Lss s^e t 
in wafer Tl '" '' ^^"^"icent than when dissolved 
in water. They are generally applied to mnr-nnw 
membranes, especially when unduly Sry.anT'hus 
tliey are often used for the mouth 

cutaneous vessels, but in addition we ha?. ° 



A. Diaphoretics, or drugs which increase the 
amount of perspiration. These may do so either by 
stnuulating the sweat centres in the spinal cord, the 
nerves proceeding from the centres to the glands, the 
itrminations of the nerves in the gland, or the ghin- 
dular cells themselves ; or dilatation of the cutaneous 
vessels may, by the increase in the amount of blood 
and the greater warmth, sthmilate the glands and lead 
to an mcrease of sweat. It is difficult to tell whither 
drugs acting on the vessels do not also act on the other 
parts of the mechanism ; and it is also difficult to 
decide whether a drug acts on the gland-cells or the 
terminations of the nerves, so we will consider dia- 
phoretics under two headings, those wli;ch act ceii 
irally and those which act peripherally. These are 
ditlerentiated by observing whether the drug acts 
af or the spinal cord is destroyed, and on a part of 
the skin after the nerves going to it are cut. 

(a) Diaphoretics acting i^nphcrally : Pilocarpine 
K'rtutly increases the amount of sweat, acting on tlie nerve 
tcnninations in the gland-ceils, and certainly not on the 
vessels. Muscarine acts just like pilocarpine. Nicotine 
also acts peripherally. Local applications of warmth, and 
alcohol taken internally, perhaps act in the same way in 
uddition to their vascular action. 

(6) Diaplioretics acting centrally : 

(4) Ipecacuanha. 

(5) Opium. 

(1) Antimony salts. 

(2) Ammonium acetate 

(3) Ammonium citrate. 

(c) Diaplioretics wlwse mode of action is doubtful: 
Colchicum, salicine, lobelia, aconite, potassium citrate and 
acetate. All these, except the last two, are very feeble. 

When a diaphoretic acts very powerfully it is called a 
Sudorific. ^ IT J 

B. Anhidrotics, or Antihidrotics, drugs whicli 
dimmish the amount of perspiration. The part on 
^ylnch these act is determined in the same way as in 

«•«•- Lace vi UidpIiUiCliCo. 

(a) Anhidrotics acting periplierally : Atropine is very 
powerful, acting on the ends of the nerves in the glands ; 








(■•<) Quinine. | "^^ ^^""'^ «*"«• 

Therapeuti;s. -^Diaphoretics arc nso.l for tlnve 
rnrposes : .uh.r to increas. th. amount o sw a 
because that of the unue is faihn^^ and oi th 
purpose pilocarpine is largely used; oV in the ho e 
hat poisons may he excreted hy the sweat hence 
the use of pilocarpine in unemia ; or as mild ami 
pyretics „) order to increase the loss o? hoa't hv 

netcuth.rT"'""^ '"■ '''' ^-P-- '"obo^ 
J^ecaci umha, ammonium acetate, and opium werj 
lormerly rnuch employed, hut of late yLrs nS 
more eihcient antipyretics have been discovered 

Anhidrotics are used either for general condi- 

UhefTet'-'te" '"' l-^^-nduions, as swcalmg 
ot the feet , bu they are not of great use in medicine 
AV e do not know of any drugs which will alter fhr 

ccitdin drugs may he excret^.l in the sweat when 

the '^^::J:^''' ^' ^^^ ^^^^^ °^ ^-^« on 
Certain drugs when taken internally in lar.^e 

lev n-lfl > ^ i" ^^^^-^'^^^^ through the skin 
uiey iiiitate It. buch are — 

(1) Copaiba. 
{•2} Cubebs. 
(•'<) Bromides. 
(1) lodidea. 
(o) Turpentine. 

(•') Belladonna. 
(7) Chloral. 
(iS) Opium. 
('•') Quinine. 
(10) Salicylic acid. 



(10) Antitoxins. 
(17) Senuns. 
(IH) Aconite. 
(I'.t) Silver salt^; may (li;^. 
colour tho skin. 

(11) Arsenical salts. 

(12) Acetanilide. 
(i:{) Phenazonum. 
(It) Fhenacetin. 
(1')) Chloralamide. 

Division VI — l>riif;«i arliiii; on tlie 
I'i'inary s>^i<>in. 

1. Druga increasing the quantity of urine secreted. 
Theso are called diuretics. The kidney is a double 
organ with two distinct varieties of epithelium ; it 
is particularly well supplied with vessels and vaso- 
motor nerves, and is also profoundly under the 
iuflnejice of variations in the quantity of blood 
flowing through it; hence it is, with our present 
state of knowledge, impossible to sav how many 
diuretics act, but the following table (p' G2), modified 
from Lauder IJrunton's work, shows the various ways 
in which they probably act, many in more ways 
than one. Probably the most powerful is extract of 
the posterior part of the pituitary body, which has 
I'een shown by Schiifer to cause dilatation of the 
renal vessels and a greatly increased flow of urine. 

Therapeutics. Diuretics are used in cardiac and 
pulmonary diseases when, owing to tho general vas- 
cular disturbance, the quantity of urine falls below the 
normal standard. Also in diseases in which there is 
excess of fluid in certain parts of the body ; for ex- 
ample, pleuritic effusion and ascites, with the object 
of getting rid of as much fluid as possible by the 
kidneys. Also they may be used to dilute the urine, 
i\'j. when it is prone to deposit its solids. Lastly! 
in certain forms of kidney disease, although in these 
maladies it is always a question how far it is de- 
sirable to stimulate diseased organs. It is of great 
importance to remember that diuretics may act in 
niany different ways, that there are many causes for 
diminution in the quantity of urine secreted, ajid 
that it is ditiicult to say in any particular case what 
i> the cause of the decrease in the quantity secreted. 

.J 5l 









.2-9 . 

. o 

■ 3 «- 





d a ! 

I n n w 

I "5 ^ -♦» 

S © • 

i -t? -^ -5 
5 3 fl g 

- MS-3 
fl o ® "S 'S 'S d 


* p o 































































Q 5 







rii ■=« £^ 
ca a; o] 

«■*-» 00 




Therefore it is usual to 

give diuretics in combina- 

tion, in the hope that if one of them does not haw 
tlu; desired result another will. 

2. Dnujs diminishing the quantity of urine 
secreted. These are such as produce acute intlam- 
niation of the kidney when given in large doses ; 
(•.<j. turpentine, cantharides, phosphorus. They are 
never given for this purpose in medicine. 

8. Druys rcndcrimj the urine acid.- The chief 
ollicial drug that can do this eflfectually is probably 
benzoic acid, for in its passage through the kidney 
it is converted into hippuric acid. Benzoic acid is 
therefore given when from any cause the urino under- 
got'S alkaline decomposition anywhere within the 
urinary passages. Acid sodium phosphate is the 
natural acid of the urine, and its administration by 
the mouth increases the acidity of that fluid. Salicylic 
acid will, to a slight extent, increase the acidity of the 
urine, as will very large doses of citric or tartaric acid, 

4. Drugs ichich render the iirine alkaline.—Thoaa 
organic salts of the metals potassium, sodium, 
lithium, calcium which are oxidised in the body to 
carbonates and excreted as such by the kidneys, such 
as the tartrates and citrates, and to a less extent 
the acetates, will do this. The carbonates have the 
name effect. Nitric acid is said to increase the 
amount of ammonia in the urine, and thus to render 
it shghtly alkaline. Organic ammonium salts and 
ammonium carbonate given internally do not render 
the urine alkaline, because they are decomposed in 
the body, urea being probably formed. 

Lithontriptics are drugs which prevent the de- 
jtosition in the urinary passages of the solids of the 
urine. If this fluid be acid, uric acid often crystal- 
lizes out, forming gravel or uric acid calculus; less 

calcium oxalate calculus. \\ hen there is any hkeli- 
hood of the formation of either of these calculi, 
alkalies may be given. If the urine is undergoing 
alkaline decomposition phosphates are liable to 



crystallize out In this case the ohject will he to 
render the unne acid and aseptic. This will he 
Httamed by ..vm^^ n^nzoic acid, salicylic acM the 
acid phosphates, and urij.urv antiseptics 

Therapeutics. The chief use of alkalies is fo the acidity of the urine, so as to render 
he precipitation of uric acid unlikdv ; or to ren le 
It alkaline so as to attempt to dissolve a uric add 
calculus \Veknowofno dru^^ which will dissol 
an oxa ate of hnie calculus. Alkalies are also .'i ' , 
to .irouty suhjects. partly to alkali/e the hlood , 
also partly to alkalize the urine, for such p .'s 
are very prone to deposit uric acid in th.^uS e 

ui^r'and "m ' " ""''H '''''" "''"^^^' than sodimn 
urate, and litluuin urate is perhaps even more 

soluh e ; citratesandacetatesan^ notlik dy to uLe th . 
digestion, consequently the dru^^s most used re ho 
citrates o potassmm and lithium. Copious d iiU . 
of water, hy diluting the urine, ai.l in ircvc-n in 1 tlu 
aeposition o uric acid or oxalate of lime calculi 
iNatural alkaline waters are lar-ely used 

. 5. Drugs destroying bacteria in the urine. If the 
urine ,s retained in the bladder by stricture or from 
any other cause. It often und.r- s alkaline decom 
position as a result of bacterial infection, ai d th.. 

01 pus with It. Imctaiia raiiy ak cxisl; in wptLIv 
acu „r,„,.. The following ',lrn,s an ropuW ^ 
h.n.lor t ,e Rrowtl, of l.actoria in tho urino but tl o 
action of all but the tirst trao,^ is v,.,- ""m!. kI 
act by ,.,.n,l,.rin. the acid « p. 53" Urotr" 

."hatougit witi'/,!:?.;^',;:!',,^;::""'^ -"'-'•""■' •">°- 

(I) BenEoic acid. /fa Uva ni-oi 

( .) SaUc7ho ac.d. ,i„, oil of .ander. wood 

0. Drugs nllcrina the compositimi of the urine ~ 
Alu.ost anydrus; w.U do th,., either LLseTt' is 



ixcivtcd Ik the uriiio, or h'-ciiusc it Pets up some 
liiMii},'!-; ill t\n- l)()(ly tlir |)ro(ltu-ts of which are 
.xonttd in the urine; hut hi.u we >\ni\\ only reft-r 
lo irriaiii strikiiif,' examples. 

TuiixMitiMC, cuntlmriilc^, myliiliris, iind salicylic acid in 
l;ir;'f tl(^(s will cause blooil to api.i'ar in tlie urine, In .-aiise 
!!ii y -ft up iiitlaniiiiation of the kidney. 

ript;i--iuiii clili.rate. all ni'rit. , acctaiiiliiie, pyn.^'aMic 
acid. iiDisoniti^r iiy tlic mushri i {Jfrlrrlln rsrulnita), and 
'!.iii~fu>ii)n of aiiinials' blood, In- ak up red hlood .■orjiuscles, 
iiid the jiroduct-: are e\crete(l in the iiriti- renderiiik' it dark. 
I,.ir;.'e dnM-; (.1 mineral acids, arsenie. and iiajihthd! are saiii 
" c,i-;i(inally t" j)roduce 'h, sanio result. 

l'hiisiih(iru> ill iai^e iIdscs causes leucine and t\ rosinc to 
tpjiear in the urine, and :he aintnoniii is ^'^eatlv increased. 

The saline diuretics increase the sdids of the urine. 

Till' chr\ ophaiiic acid in rhubarb and senrui makes tlip 
urine, if It i.> acid. . Iirowni i colour: if it is alkaline, a, pur- 
plish led. Lo^;\vo. 'd renders alkaline urine red or violet. 
.Saiitiinin colnurs arid urine yellow or Kreeni<h yellow, and 
alkaline urine red. Carbolic acid, naplithalene, creosote, 
and other preparations of tar. as well as the urbutiii in uva 
ursi, make it dark (.'reeni-^li brown. I'icric acid makes it a 
liriLdit yellow, and methyl violet a dark blue. 

i'lie urine of persons poisoned with carbonic oxide remains 
.\< it for months. 

]'oi<onin;,' by carbonic oxide, urari,aiiiyl nitrite, fusel oil. 
and turpentine, and M.inetinies mercury, morphine, chloral. 
prus-ic aciil, sulphuric acid, alcoliol, lead compounds, and 
-aliiylie acid, lead- to the appearance in tlie urine of a bod\ 
".hich like su;,'ar reduces Fidilin^''s copper scdutinn. In most 
"f thise cases this body is not glucose, but ^dycuronic acid ; 
I'ir altliou^'h it reduces blue copper solutions, it doe.-! not 
iiHlerj.'o alcoholic fermentation on the addlion of yeast. 
TIh' admini>tralion of phlorid/in or phloretm leads to the 
production of ^'enuiiie glucose in the urine. 

t)ther drug> cause a i)eculiar oilour in the urine ; for 
■ \amp!e, the smell of violets prod;,.'ed by turpentine. The 
aioinatic odour of cubeb-; and copaiba cm be detected in the 
uiiiie after the administration of these bodies. 

J^ead, if taken for lnni^ periods, produces o}!r(!nic infi-v. 
-titial intlanunation of iiie kidney. It is stated that rarely 
Hicrcury will do tlie .sanu'. 






l'> the urin;u y tnict. ' "^'"'' ^'''"^" "r^" sedatives 

belladonna, hyoscyamua .frl . •"'""^< ^ "n opium 

"va ursi. couch S« c?8«a^,°"i'"'"' P^^^^^^. bS' 

BodUy^e^Tatr^. "T,!J;:;£f -f decrease the 

'1'>^''H to ,„,i„c,. Severn /-.r ' '" ^'"■^'<' <'"OU.'l, 

\-" Know that the .n-oa OS ; "'''"^' ^" •''^^^'iso. 

^'"^^ l'--^^ is u special >a , f/lT '^ """^ ^'V-'i. nco 
pi-t's„lin^' over this pro L^ ^''/''''■^'•''^ «f'''atnn, 
"•'f b- l.y radiation C' 'V ^''^ '^"^ - lost 
^•'J >y tlie .'vaporatio of ' , .?-^'*''^ ^^^ ''''^ ^Kin 
V'ssoJs and tlio udorin r 1 V ', ''"'' ^'''" ^'^"so 
eomrol of t],e central .r^o^^^^ ^^^•;,""'1<'.' tl.o 

^«st throu.^h the lun^rs A ^' ,;>'^^^''''- Heat is also 
fro in health so .cc.rratejy a '.i;'?^"'^'*''' '"'"'^ J<>^« 
l^ehey. that there is a mrt o^': ' ' '""'/^' "^^^'m-rs 
function it is to maintan 1 . 'f ^^''•*''^»-">" whose 
production and tt ot %''''''T ^-^^^'<'^» tlu> 
complex mochanisn, are VunnlipTu. Ff'^' ^'^ ^^^'"^ 
and n,ust be ailbeted by th:!;!:' 4?and^'"'""'^"'^-^' 
ot the bloua supplied to thenV ^^ ^ ^'on'Position 




\-ttiii which pnsidis ovit th(> loss of heat (thcrtuo- 
ly-is), that which |)rfsi(Us over the pnuhiction ;)f 
ill at (thfriiioj^'cncsis), and liiat which possibly presides 

/ BaLanre 

I and I o.? ( 

'f^nului I ioiv 
I Tlurmorji n\tfi 
\Coiyua ^ti'i/ol 

YWsSfH 0/ Skin 




F 2 



'^- »>'%. Ll thn!^;;^ ':"^ ^";' '?»? canons parts cif 

ac-t as anti,nr,.tic. C\ ; "L ' ^'"^'^'"■^'"^ vessels 
croas..s the iV.s of hea V ' ! T ''' '''^'^ ^^'^^'' "'" 

••ncortain, l,;,t it is •?,,• . "''u'' "^ ^'^'^''^''"^ 
tmum. phenazonum (antmJ '/^"^^ phenace- 

r the corpus stri u • , 1 ."^ '" ^^"■''' ^'^^^^^ 

acid, and salicin ulsv lin' ,f l^^"^'"^- salicylic 

'^■'vctly diniinishin.. im. . ^'"' l''";'"<'tio„ ; I,v 

^^''lyal..tracts] 'ft T^ {^ '''^!^ ^^ath not 


'^^^vo,-tlu.ten>poraturI;i,, ;,;;;'' ='"^'l'^'-^-^i- is to 

JJni-s whicJi increase the In.- ■ r i 

""''•ly popular as antim . ' "^ ^'-^"^ '^""'•f' ^'>'-- 

"'^'•^>'- ether, untin> r^ :' T^"^'^!'^ ^^'-I'oJ. 

""^ ^J'^T arc not nn ch 4d r n'"'^ '^^''•"''' ^•'^ 

'■'»pl'\V(.(l,eitherbvc( "''' '•' '""'•^' oftei, 

nation an.l snl,s,..n,en ' • V ' '' '^" ^'^-^^'"^ar dila- 
^^■''••il<' t.n.peratV/rr '" '^ ''''^"'^^^^^^^ 



niil .LTc rutlior ;- 'ytaiii, except in ague aiul rlieii- 
iiiatic fever resp ' ely. I'henazoiuim and pliena- 
n tinitni are most . j remand. They are certain anti- 
I '^ r(tif>. I'henacetin is very safe, but the less power- 
i il. They arc quickly absorbed, and so act promptly ; 
■h.y are far more powerful than any dru,L,'s which 
irt by increiising the loss of heat, and these are 
\. i-y imecrlain in their action, often not lowering 
;lir temperature at all. Another reason for pre"^- 
!.i rim,' drugs which diminish thermogenesis is that 
:t is more rational to lowir temperature by decreasing 
;lir production of heat than by increasing the loss" 
tMi then the production will, if anything, go on 
t.i-trr. in consequence of the attempt "^to compensate 
Inv the increased loss. Antii)yretics should be rarely 
/ivtii, for prohai)ly fever is often beneticial. 

B. Drugs which cause a rise of Temperature. 

I '•■ lladonna. picrotoxin and cocaine in poisonous doses 

may .lo this, and />-tetrahydroiiaphthylamine may 

ause a rise of many degrees in a few hours. How 

iln-f act is not certainly known. 

1 iibriculiii, vaiiousiilbuinoses.andcfrtiiin animal poisons 
.< n as that of >licil ilsh will rause a li.-e of teiinjerature. 
! li' ir Miode of action is unknown. 


we k 

vnow of no drugs acting on thermotaxis. 

l>ivi«.ioii % III. |>iii^«« arliii;; on 

lu'^piration can be modified by such very various 
Miiiuences that it is ditlicult to decide up.on the exact 
mode of action of any drug whiidi affects it. For 
' xample, iii the i)lood and in the air will 
iiindify it; the respiratory centre itself nuiy be in- 
iliiiiir. ,]. either directly, or refl.-xly from almost any 
cyjun in the body; or, again, the'moveriients of the 
I'spu'atory imr<(des tlu-mselves may be interfered 
with ; and, lastly, respiration is much under tlio 


*■ i 

f-. -:iix.- 



inlliunc-c. of the cirouh.tory apparutus. Furtlier- 
inore, tJie clncf objo.-t m inclicinf is to rcnu.vo 
tiio cause of ihv respiratory dit^icultv rather than to 
act upon respiration itself. 

We have already spoken of those dru-s which 
produce chun^^es in the hlood and the circulation, 
and tlH> consideration of those modifications of the' 
.cmperature. moisture, and pressure of the air which 
are of vhIuc m niedicine helon^^.s to a hook on general 
therapeutics ^\ e will tlu-reforo now consider the 
respiratory drug's under the follouin-r |a,;i,is • 
• V, 1 ^^^"t^^. ^^^ering the Composition of the Air 
inhaled It is foun.l convenient to administer s(uue 
drugs, although they are not giv.n for their inJlueiice 
on respiration, hy making the patient inhale them • 
such are anasthetics and amvl nitrite 

Some drugs when inhalJd are particularlv irri- 
taing to the l.ronchial mucous memhraiie, causin- 
di ata u.n oi the vessels, increased secretion, and 
loliexly cough from the stimulation of the sensory 
nerves of the hronchial mucous membrane. 
. Kuch :ire ooM ,lry air. io.l,,,... l,i„inii,<., chloniic .on,..-, 
'l"'facimnhu. sul,.lnno..s anl.y.Iri.i... niin,. uci.l fiune^ Lu .' and tol^ucco. TIu.m. an- rurdv „s..,l tiu.ra, callv « 
|nhdanons. an. their .nl.alation is to bo ,.uticJhu- a S:^ 
HI irritable conditions of the bronchi. . a ui a u 

The drugs which, when inhaled, ar.^ soothing to 
ti]e bronchial mucous memhraiie are 
Hydrocyanic acid. j Conium. 

The>o are rarely employed. 

Inhalations which are us. d to stimulate the 
bnmchi, that is to say, to increase iheir vascularitv 
secretion, and muscular power, are- " ' 

?af^w ^f ^' fn -''■ Tinctura Benzoini Coin- 
Cajuput oil, 1.120. posita, ?s.. 

Creosote xss. Vapor Olei Pini Sylves- 
Cubebs oil, 5SS. tris (B. P. ls,!f 

The amounts given aft.r each are the quantities that 
.-liould 1)0 added to a of water at 1 lo F. 


Inluihaiona which ;irp used to disinfect foul 
secretions from the lnoncliiul uuicoius monihraue are 

:\ii><v ot" - 


1 1 Creosote. 
, ' 1 Iodoform. 
I Mild solutions of 
, t) Carbolic acid. 

I'l) Sulphurous 

(1.) Oil of juniper. 
(7) Oil of cubebs. 

Iiihahuioiis tor relieving spasm of thf hronvhial 
;iili( s arc those of 
1 1 1 Conium. < ' > Ether. 

,.') Stramonium. ("') Amyl nitrite. 

I ;) Chloroform. 

B. Drugs acting directly on the Respiratory 

Centre. -If the •IniL,', wiieii injected into the carotid 
iiiierv. very (juiekly produce- its etfect on respiration, 
K 1. conchid((l that it acts on tlu' respiratory centre. 
Another expernneiit, ofti'ii usi-d to ileteruiiue wliether 
■.he dru.u' aets on the otutre, or on the va,<,'al terniiiia- 
limi-^ in the hnv^, is to cut thi' vaj^'i and to ohservo 
whetlier it acts similarly l)ef()re an<l aft*'r the secti(!n. 
Drug's which directly stimulate the respiratory 
lent re are 



(:!) Belladonna. 
(very (I) Stramonium. 

('.) Hyoscyamus. 

|)rugs which depress the respiratory centre arc — 

.1) Physostigmine iv.rv 

ij) Chloral. 
I i| Chloroform. 
I I ) Ether. 
<"i) Alcohol. 
i'l Opium. 
Ti Hydrocyanic acid. 
(S| Codeine. 
I'.n Heroin. 

.Mculiol, lOtbor, Chlurul'Tiii, 
i.i foiT thpy depress. 

(Ill) Virginian Prune 
(11) Aconite. 
I \-2) Veratrine. 
(i;i) Nitrites. 

(14) Gelsemium. 
(Ij) Tobacco. 
(l(i) Cocaine. 

I ITi Conium. 

(15) Caffeine. 

id Cafftiue .-,li;.;litly e.xcile 




Therapeutics.— Tho ,],■„„. i • , 

;f -^'y .in '-Pira ;^n .. :; .;;^'"'.; "■•!' - anv 
'''^ 'nercusin^r tin fc,,,,, , f , ;^''''0 wul, ,]„• vi.nv 

"^'"*'" ""'■■^"^ ='n. (M M, u ) "-^P'^'-n- act wj,i]st 

t)H..ii,ii,,.u,. Th!.' : /:^ 

l^''\v,.rfi,I(.x{H.eto,-anf • u I iV' ' ■'•"^' '^'^ '^ i>' a 

'^'■^' v<'i'v li„l,. n. . 1^^^ ^^7;;- ' '^'^ ^'^-Pimtorv ccntrj 
'■"'• ^)'<^' t '"■^action: |,ut the cm, 

cyanic acid, codeine Wo ''• °P-'""^-^y^^o- 
conium. an.l ipecacuanha .,' /""^^^^a" Prune, 


r'"V'^'^''-'^^ parts, i '', , • '' yn-ntatum of so „,,»; 
^^*"' ^'^••■'•'- and c,.nse,u.^/ 1 ;; ■-■^'^'■'''•'^'■^^'•n^acl., 
tlicsf or-ans. P' "piu'ial irntalion in any of 

C.Drug:s affecting the Bronchial Secretion 

Ui) Thosf invrcasiuq it 
'>' All alkalies, ,;| 
a b carbonate an, I 
"''HI- salts of am- 

'•^i Ipecacuanha. 

(•*» Senega. 

(>' Squills. 

'•') Turpentine. 

(W Camphor. 

0) Benzoin. 

(^j Balsam of Peru. 

Balsam of Tolu. 
• " Antimony salts. 
' " ' Sulphur 
''-I Iodine. 
'J -I Tobacco. 
'''i Jaborandi 

( J V' Many volatile oils. 
'"'» Qixillaia. 

W'J Apomorphine. 
(1^) Terebene. 
l'"j Tar. 





(/-I 'I'lui^e (Iccria.siihi it • 
ill Acids. I >l Sti'<aiuouium. 

J I Belladonna. ( I ) Hyoscyamus. 

MiiMv anili"! liii- think lli;it uiulcr simu' circuiii 4;inCf- 
dkalics (Iccrcasc the -ti r<'ti( i. 

(c) 'iliii.:,' (ilsDifi'itiiui ,t. I)iu^.'> wliicli. wlun iiilmlcd, 
,. t in tliis \v!iy hiivi' :ilit inly 1h'<ii niinliont'il. dipiiiba. cutu'li-, 
:ni many vulatili' 'lil- arc ixcTficil partly liy tlu' limnclnal 
: • I'li^ iiiiinliriiiH-, and ihn^ will iii-;n!i ct thf sfcrction. 

Therapeutics. -Ill hruiichitis. rtincilirs which 
iiicirasc ilif stcrttion inv ti-i when it is so viscid 
thai ii >iii-l\^ to ihr tubia and cannot bf cou,t,'iird up ; 
,iiid those which (U'crcasc it arc ciii[)lo}X'd wlyii it is 
[(U) watery to be easily expectorated. Tlic use of 
ilie (hsiiifectaiit-^ is obvious. 

D. Drugs relaxing Spasm of the Muscular Coat 
of the Bronchial Tubes, or Antispasmodics. Tlie 
iMlliiwiiiL,' relax coniraction of the hrdnchial tubivs : 

(li Stranioniuni, (•>) Amyl Nitrite. 

i_'i Atropine, (7) Chloroform, 

i:M Hyoscyamus, is) Ether, 

ill Orindelia, ' CM Urethrane. 

I'o Lobelia, 
The first five paralyse tiie terminations of tht' va.u'us 
in. and the last four act directly on, the bronchial 
Muscles, it is Very likely, judL,dnjj:hy tlieiranalot,'oiis 
action in other parts of the body, tliat th(- following 
dings also relax bronchial spasm : 

Opiuiii. Clilonil, Cannabis Imlica, ami Conivnn. 

Therapeutics. Stra uonium is of great use in 
asthma, and this and the other drugs may be eiii- 
[iloyed for cases of bronchitis in which it is probable 
that the- irritation caused by tlio inllammation of the 
tubes Sets u}) spasm of them. 

E. Drugs causing spasm of the muscular coat of 
the bronchial tubes 

Mus'-arini', I'iloearpini'. ami I'lis snsti^,'niinr cxcit*' the 
v.i_L;a! cn'lin^'o itinl iiuluci' typical Inonchinlar cnnstrictinn, 
which iri ahdii.slicd by Aliopmc. Barium, Vcratiiiic. JJrununt . 
ami the salts nf many nf the hcivy metals (c.f/. (iold) pioductj 
cDii.stiiction wliich is not inthu'iiccel by AliDpiiie. 

J I 




F. Drugs acting on the Vessels of the Bronchi. 

ihcseare the same as liavc hecn d.^cnbod 
(p. 'ui) as actin- on the vascular system ^'enerally, hut 
adrenalin, pilociupjiie, and nniscarino, aJthoii'di they 
ccnstnct vessehs ,i,',.nerallv. dihit.. those of th(- liin-rs 

G. Expectorants. The modes of action of drw's 
actin- on the respiratory system are so comph-x that 
It IS usual to re-ardniost of them clinically simidv 
Hs dru-.s ^vhieh hinder or aid the expectoration of 
the contents of the hronchial tuhes. Those which 
aid It are divided into two -roups, named after 
their action, not on the lunj^.s, hut on the circulation. 

I. S/nnulatuun:r,,rrt,.n,n/s. Thcs... sue .limulants to ih,. 
CMciiliitK.M ^'.IH rally. I'iuv aic 
(1) Acids. 

('-') Ammonium ,di . 
(•i) Seneg'a. j 

(fl Squills. ' 

(">) Benzoin. 
M') Benzoic acid. 
(7) Balsam of Tolu. 

'J. Ih'prcssin,! i\rj',chir,iiiL>. 
ciiculatinii. Tluy urn— 

(1) Alkalies. 

(■-') Antimony salts. 

{'■'>) Ipecacuanha. 

(1) Senega. 

(■"j) Lobelia. 

(•>) Jaborandi. 

(7) Apomorphine. 

Therapeutics. It is almost impossihle to lay 
down any -enc-ral directions. The prcscriher mu/t 
consider m any case hefore him whether he wishes 
to stimulate or to depress tlie circulation, to increase 
or to dimniish or to disinfect the expectoration, to 
stimulate the respiratory centre, to overcome spasm 
ot the hronchial tubes, or to allay a hackin- cou-di • 
and lie must combine his remt>dies accordim' to "the 
answer he makes to tlu'se questions, W a"-mth to 
the chest and warm drinks are sedative, and increase 

(S) Balsam of Peru. 
I'.i) Turpentine in. pura- 

I Km Terebene. 

I I 1 1 Oleum Pini. 
(I'-') Nux vomica. 
(1:5) Sulphur. 

Tlioc (Icpn^s thf ;:tiitia 

c^l Saponin. 

(.»l Acalypha. 
(K'l Tylophora. 
(II) Potassium iodide 

(Vfi y >liviilly (1, . 
pre.-siiiit). " 


ih,. amount of secretion. Cold and cold drinks have 
ail oiiposile effect. 

H. Drugs which in Man sometimes produce 

Cheyne Stokes breathing 

ri,,..,. iUf in,.ii)hiiH', iH'tii-^iiiiii brnini.l.-. and rlil.nal liy- 
,1,.^,,. In uniniiil. tin- foll.,Nsin- in ii.Mitinn in:ty .1.) it : 
,,„'.,ninxin, niUM'iiiin, .li-iUilm, >lrvelnunr, :iiM :unnionuini 

, ,irbi)n;it('. 

|>ivi^ioii IV. 

iliuu- arliiitf oil IIm' l>i«<'«»liv«' 

A Drugs acting on the Teeth. Soaps and 
Mcw.iers are used for elcaain- the teeth. The basis of 
most tooth powders is chalk, which acts inechanieally ; 
charcoal is sonietinies used in lb.' same way. As llic 
food is very liable to collect and decompose between 
ihf teeth, antiseptics, as quinine, borax, and carbolic 
acid, are often mixed with tooth powders. Astrin- 
-cnls, such as rhatany and areca nut, are employed it 
ilic -Muns are too vascular. Mineral acids and alum 
arc Tniurious to the teeth if used for a lon^,' time, and 
iron is liable to stain them ; therefore these substances 
are l)est taken throu.-^di a (luill, and should not bo 
used as L'argles for long together. 

Toothache may he relieved by local anodynes, 
a< creosote, or strong carbolic acid. The tooth is 
nlu'"red with cotton wool soaked in one of these. 
Clean cotton wool is placed over the carboli/ed wool 
lo prevent the acid from reachmg the mouth, ihis 
method mav damage the tooth pulp. 

B. Drugs acting on the Salivary Glands.— Much 
aiieniion has been devoted to the submaxdlary 
-land of the dog, and there is no reason for suppos-_ 
in-' that the other sahvary glands of that animal or ot 
oiher creatures ditVer markedly from it. \\e know 
iliat the submaxillary gland is under the influence ot 
the chorda tympani nerve, which contains vaso-ddator 
til)res, and also some which directly modify the secre- 
tion of the gland apart from the secondary effects, 




^'>"-- an.l im.nrh :,"' :^ r''^''V'-^ion.s in th. 
.^Mistatory norvc.s. Tl„. ,. . ' f'- ''T''''''''^''-''^' «"'! 

'y^^nhnu. trunk ; tu .''"''''"•'''' ^''^' ^'•''•vical 
7'' ='iso nuHlily ti,,, ^ ^,,,,i / ;■ ;^';^''--onstnaor, an,] 

i^''<' VO-n.a,,ywavsin,;i;,- .; 'V' "'''' ^^"^^ ^''''v 
'"I' '"■'•" H will s,- Hi . h . "'^ ^'"■•'^^' '"'"'^t ac-t 

"--- of\h, fo] o w'T ':/;r ?'^^'^'''' -^^^' »'V 

tb^" toi-niinations of th n '"' ^''^'■"•^^•l\<s or 

-3'-lly well aft., so tit ,•;;'■;,'" ^'^"- '^acts 
the ^' an.l. Jt acts wlion i ' ' ''T'' -'^"'^' to 
the ^land bnt is pre ' uo.l f, "' -""^'^ '^'^•^■^'tb- into 

ehonia or synipathetic p X "^ the 

he amount of .secreti.m In " '"°^"^" ^'^^ct on 

h- tJie vascular etrect '"" ^' ^''^•^^■^^v explaine.l 



'".■H fulling umKr this ],ea,Ii 

(J) Jaborandi, 
(-) Muscarine 
<•■') Compounds' of Iodine, 

n;r ;!rp 

(f) Mercury, 

{■'>} I*Jiysosti^mine. 

'ilie t)robaLlv -i,.* i 

^"tciioula l\,n,.HMi decided ly 

nurns actino on thk salivary fiLANOs 77 

i' ~M'U^ llu' sccrrtion cftu-od by them. I'liysosfiKtnino soon 
r-ii>f- to ciiusc an iiicifa-<' of tlic sccrtlinii, for it ti^;litly cuii- 
liiii't- tilt' vcs-;rl^ of the j^lainl. 

2. Sidldijoy/i, s iictiuij i>n the gaiiijlionic cells : 
Nicotine, arul to u Ic-- txtviit tla^ otlifr ilrii^'s actiiij,' on 
:'an, lii'ii cclU [r^UL- p. -j'J), lii>t excite ami then -top saluary 
■ I iition. 

:{. SiiiUxjoijHcs aclhiij rcjlc.rbi hy stiintilatintj the 

iii.'jilii'nil ends of ujjennit nerves. Of those tlicfc 

air two iinportiiDt ViiricliL's : 

[ii) 'I'liose-tinnihitiii^' tlie;^'ustHtor>aiiil k'Io-;-() jiliaryrij^'eftl 
lit rvi- ill tlie luoutli : 

(1) All Acids and (.'>) Ether. 

(_'i Acid Salts. (ti) AH pungent suit 

(H) Cliloi-oform. 1 stiinces, us imi^tanl 

ill Alcohol. ' and ^'iiit,'er. 

(/>l Tlio-e stimulating' tin' va^u-; in the stomach : 

Most emetics, p~iieeiiill\ Antimony ami Ipecacuanha. 

1. AnlisKiltxitKjiies (iclimj either on (lie secret int/ 
r,,'l.> (ir the terntinaticn.s <>/ the nerres hi them. — Of 
llitso atropine' has boon most studied, and it is 
]iiuvtd to act directly on the gland hy the fact 
that the administration of it prevents any increase 
if salivary secretion on stimulation of the chorda, 
;ilthou,L,di the vessels dilate as tisttal. It is highly 
lirohahlf that it acts npon th(> nerve terndnations, 
iiecause even after considerable doses, quite para- 
lysing the secretion of chorda tympani saliva, stimu- 
hition of the sympathetic will still induce secretion,' 

.\ntisialof,'o>,'iies falling nniler this hea'ling are 

(1) Belladonna, (;{) Stramonium. 

(■_') Hyoscyamus, 

.'. Antisialoijogues acihuj rcjlexly h;/ ileprcsshuj 
till' peripherdl cuds of eij/ercnt H^-nvks.— Alkalies, 
niiiiiiii, and any substances which allay irritation of 
t!if mouth. Part of the effect of opitim is due to 
its depressing action on the medullary centre. 

Therapeutics. A dehciency in the amount of 





r secreted i.s seen most nmrko.llv in f.ver when 

he niouth becomes very dry, an.l the pat cm lorn 

plains of thirst. Son.etimes it is a disease in itse' 

nl™ ^Ul"a?'''^^ ""'^'^^- -^»-" «^ 
mrvous. Jt is a prominent symptom of hdhidonn:; 

poisoning. In fev.r, acid dVinLs especi 1 v o"e 

contamm^. c-arhoni. acid gas or len ona ' ar ^f 

use as sialogog.u's. Drinks which reheve V, iLu 

thirst are called Refrigerants. Fo tl ,h e" e 

known as "dry 'jahorandi has h.en use a d 

wdlnd,ev.. the dryness due to heUadonna ^ 
in-. Lxces.sue salivary secretion is hardly met with 
except as a symptom of poisoning, (vsp^.ciil v | n 
inenuryandjahorandi. In some iv/rms'ol L'? 
tion the saliva has a very unpleasant taste ad niav 
oven he diminished in quantity, but then the indiV? 
tion IS to treat the indigestion "^" 

C. Drugs acting on the Stomach. -Strictly sm-ak 
g w. ought to c..ns,.h.r these und<.r the f^^l,^' ,: 
heads Ihose which, by modifying the- secretion of 
hydrochloric acid or p.psin, influence the c^ nv °sio^ 
of protc.ds into peptones and albumose ThTs 
which inlhu.nce the property possessed bv the 4stHc 
J nice of curdling milk. Tiiose whicli aflcct itT , 
septic power by modifying the secvtion of 
Those wliK-h modify the secretion of mucus Those 
which in hu.nce the nerves, the vessels, or tie m e 
inents of the stomach. Lastly, those wh'cl ro' 
emetics Our knowledge, howevei', is not s.i ie^ 
o e .able us tod(, tins, and the most usefuldass i lea 
tion IS into those affecting the secretion o 4 ^^ 
J mce as a whole, the secreted contents, the ^^sse s 
the nerves, the movements, and emetics '""''f^'-^' 

i- Bnigs increasmg the amoiuit of'.mstric juice 
.^^cjr/e,/. 'Ihese are usually called stomachics'^ and 
include a great many substances. Pawlow'; le 
searches show that the most powerful exciLnt of 

of'fiT" -T^'^'- "^'^ ^^ ^PP^"^'^^^ hence esght 
of food which excites appetite excites gastric iJofv 



i,i(.(l uliich is not appt'ti-inf^ Jind the move iiiechuni- 
,;il -limuhitioii of tlu' mouth or atoiiuicli do not do 
-(). Miiiiv dru!,'s, r.ij. bitters and aroiuiitics, Im-iiaHe 
th. LMSlric flow ht'Ciuiso they act on the ,i,'ustatory 
11. 1 vts in thi- month, increasin,-,' tho appetite. 

I'iic iliiiL'- whirli iiinca^i' tlic flow of ^Msttic juice are 
1 1 1 Aromatics. 

J I Bitters. 
I .1 Pungent substances 

i|ii|'|iir. iiuistiUil, 
lini -tiiiili^h). 

It) Meat extracts. 

(')) Alcohol. 

(t'l) Ether. 

(7) Chloroform. 

(S| Water. 

Therapeutics. Stomachies are very largely used 
fur the puri)()Sf of increasini,' the sec-relion of gastric 
jiiicf in cases of dyspepsia. 

2. I >niiiH (h'rrcnshuj the (tmount nf ijastric juice 


(1) Alkalies. ('2l Tata. (:<) Mmiy of in the last 
'i-t il ■ i\tii in lai^^t' (ln-is, .■.-/. alcohol, I'tln r, chloroform. 

Therapeutics. Alkalies, (specially s(tdiuni hicar- 
hiiuate, are frt(pieiilly j^'iven when tliere is a hyper- 
^.(■retuin of gastric juice. They inhibit this and rest 
till' ulamis. which after a period of (juietude pom-out 
;i normal juice. This gave rise to tho erroneous im- 
prc-^ion that alkalies increased gastric secretion. 
I'ats. .'.(/. 'live oil, are given to lessen the siicretion 
of acid in ca<es of gastric or dnodc'nal ulcer. 

:'. Druijs ((llrriiuj the compositimi of the (jastric 
mnti'Hts. Acids and alkalies naturally modify the 
itaction of the gastric contents. For this purpose 
■ lihiti' mineral acids are often prescribed to be taken 
about two hours after a meal, in cases in which the 
cause of indigestion is thought to be that the amount 
of hydrochbiric acid secreted is deficient. In cases 
of indigestion in which, from tho nature of tlie 
vomited matters or from any otiier reason, it is con- 
sidered that thtie is an excess of acid in the stomach, 
alkalies are given at or after nioal-tiincs, the favourite 
diu'' beiiiir soiUum biearbonato. 



"NSi ■.■ -I !^."' 'c '.• ' i^.-.f 




1^ 12.8 

1 ^^ 

— m^ 2.2 








^MTKIMA ^M;I)I(■\ 

— ''■•"":"- !;.,i:: ■■•;,-,'.;■;,■:;■;,''; 

iiv ;ttt(Mi 

!;i\ I 

".' " '"■■"I" to trv l.v thf 

tfi" i.i^f <•■,:,. tjn, ,, ,1 ■, '■"." """■' 'ti'"! Ill 

'■'" "' ''"•^'''•""•"•.•'"-" 

."cyui::''-' --^--^YP - 

(-'! Carbolic acid <" Sodium sulpho-car- 

<i' Iodoform. ,,,, « f°i''^*«- 

' ' • Boric acid. Sulphurous acid. 

<••) Creosote .',' Naphthol. 

"ii Eucalyptus '!" »^?^7"tli Salicylate. 

(7) Thymol. 
C^j Sodium hyposul- 

Ih Salcl. 

J-":;,::;;;,!, ::•,.;::■ :i'::;i ,-^ i-. 

(•■111... ri, . 1 ■ '• '"^ "•('i;illv iMiuon.'s- 

in.iv.^v \Vi,l ; ''V-V ' '*"■ """■""s in.iniwan.. to 

s.ii.-a r,,,,.,,!., ..,1 • ■""•. ''^-'t'*''-. ^•"■'chi<'un . 
Tlnsl;' ;;''•;'!;;'; Y':::''-':;- -'--'-• and v..rarnn... 

'^ 't an. ,u.v.r ...nplcvcHl for irrituni 

irritant, l;. in-raHv. an, 

{•. \sTi;o-iNri.-TiN VI. i!:i:rr \NT^ 


. ULL-t ; ill f:ift. til'' '""'ly '~*"<'-"^ '" ciuniiinii u.-f jiiv 

-!:, ■-tdiiiiicliir- : rlif otln i-s ;ut faf u»> powcrtul ; 

•1 -iniill (1(1-- of th.iti S'i lip intlaiiiiiiatKm oi 

■■iistric wall, whiili is il-'" pioiliic.-.l I'V (.\fr- 

: ,l_'i lice 111 Moiiiai liif~, a- \'>f '"ii-taiitly -• <■ iii I lie 

■ n:;^ iii'luc- <I l.v alcnhnl. The tin rapcutic iiulica- 

!,!• till- cla.-SMt ilniu's iu-c the -aiiic as tlio-^c for 

'M:u't.icS L,'*-iiiTally. 

(, i^(r,:-iiitr-^tin'' irril'iKt.. — Im .icM-riliiii'.' tiu- iii- 

. :,iii:,j ai-tid?!-^ "f (ir;iLr< th.' -fat..iii. n; is frv.pu-nt.iy 

.!,■ thai lli'A arc Lra-iro iiii»'-tii!;il irrilaiits. ami 

- i- a colls, nit lit, .>ppi'rtui;it y tni- dc-cnliitii,' the 

;i)it(>iu:i piMiliutil in li( alih liy ili- -•• ilniu-. If 

,. .iiiiLT lia- a can-tio action, as many ira-tro inccs- 

■ :1 irritant^ have, the -wallowinLr ol' it \vill cause 

■ -;,i. rahlc pain m tli.' nicuth ainl pharynx; in a 

• It time tlusf p'ait ; will li.comc .. \. rely intlaimd, 

i cdn-ripicntly vi-ry nine!: r.'l'lfncd. swollen, and 

,;t'iil. 'I'll,- t,".ii._'ii'- ^vlll 1"' olti M iiiiicli cnlai^M (1. 

• 'h.' liriiL' is co!'rosi\c. ,-loUL^hs, ^.ncrally white in 

ioiir iit !ir.-t, \\i:l! a -v.n ly intlanicl aria anmnd 

•I;. 111. will Ih' -..n: as th.;. fall oil th.y will l.a\e 

, . is. Owinu' ^» •'''' r-^'" '^'"' >'*v.lliti'_'. ik will for 

., tinif he inip.(Hsihlf to take any food, or at the 

i . -t onlv that of a soft of tluid nature. Oinctly the 

':iiu' reached the sti^niach int. use irritation i-;stt up, 

.!iM .pieiitlv the jiatieiit f. cls -;.vt fe ahdominal [>ain. 

-,l u't iierailv th. re is soon \io!. nt retchin;^' and 

:,;itin'_'. A-^ tlu poi-on pasx s i^n il produces its 

., IV irritant effects on the inte>tine. and diarrhd a 

• 1,1. l',(,ili the Vomit.. i matter^ and the motion- 

;'. n contain hlood. 'ih.' ir.ii. ra! -ymjiionis are an 

;:\i()u- count. nance. <mall f.t hie pulse, scanty urine, 

:ow t.inptrature. and all the sMiiptoins u( CoUai'-.-. 

;.^t.r on the ;.:astro-int.-tiiial irritation may hi 

. \ere enou^^'h to s.t up l'- n. ral peritonitid, or a 

t-tnc ulcer may form, and ihcn there Ui.iyhe a^-Med 

. 'h. cusi nil 'An sv!upt(;m-. of j^'astric ulcer and its 



M (JUcll 


^-'^^^^'•"^ '1 tin ,,J, ;, -, / ; '"-tnu,..,,. .^. 

.i.L im ■"'i"i<' a.-, l|ju.-c wlja- . 1..,. ,. .1, , , 

1 " ^' "' I'lIU il.-~ll"iii"i rj • 'I'l. 

iJlllcll lnulT U-i(l!,,r,i , , ''■'"/■-'■ '^'- llil\,irt 

tu iau.i„u- .a..lnc pain. '■-"^■^^'' ^'' •■^''"' 

,1| Bismuth carbonate 
C-'i Bismuth subuitrate 
(■•I Bismuth saUcyiate 
( 1) Opium. 
(•>) Hydrocyanic acid. 

1 liiy uiL 

I'' Carbonic acid. 
I ' I Ice. 

I-' Belladonna. 
'•'' HyoscyanuLs. 
il"^ Stramonium. 

.l.uiaci. n.r.a.. urau/^^Jiaur^^rrr^..^^ ^^;^' 

fUIlu ),[ 

KMI 1 It 

licivast-.-. If ii i'>- tli»' iu'i'liiy is th.- imum' ct" 
• :.. ii'i'M 111' lit-, :tii\tli'.liL: whu-li caiiM-s ;iii iiicifii-f 

i" ,;'i.ii;v will to men- [M.wu-tul inuvt ;i,( iit -. 
\, ,,(,•;, tVnia 'lii-. -Lrv'/hniii'' app. ,vr-> dir. i-ll_v lu 

-.luiiluU' liif I'Miil liiii>vl'' "t' the '_M~l!i(' \v;ill. 
■>'..!ii;l<'hic- ;il-'> [i: w'halilv iil'l tin iikim i:.t iil-. -n 

' oiil" rolulil't'' ll-t will !'•' IiilliU'.il iU'i'i-, liii\ 
,,,!i.ioa, and sU'iaachic.-. 

Till' priiix r t huniinu' nj) <it llif L;a-tiio roiit,. ut- 

- -n 11. r. ^siry. liial llif valui- iii /l_\ .-p.-ii^ia d' <lniu'S 

:.,. 11 aid til' L,'a-tl!i' lll(i\. III. ll'S IS \rl_V L'ltat. 

i. i.e. tllL' III .|iu-Ii(y wall which lill\ \<.ln!ra tilt, is 
.:/, . aiititissjxptie acid luiMun -. 

(■,//,///"/;<(/,/•. ,s. Thi^ tfi-ui IS fit. 11 !.» 

;l--laiiccs wiufh aid tlir .•\|.ul-d. 'ii ot Lja- tiwiu ti.- 

loiuach and iiii. >tiin>. 'I'luy .ul hy -tiiuulatiim 

::r L,'a-liic ami iiil»'liiial nioviiai nl-. ll iia- h. t n 

. 11 id tri.iu (1 lineal oii.^t r\ali«)ii thai th. iiu.-l. ctla it nl 

: I i:iiiiati\' s arc 

h Stomachics :.iiRiali... I'j' Asafetula, 

, ,,,iil\ <"i Auiinoniacuni, 

Avomatics. '-' Valerian, 

Bitters. ''i Camphor, i i i 

i Pungent -.i'!;ui..-. i!"i Volatile Oils. 
, ; Alkalies, 

s. J-'.ii,i'!ii-s. ll is Will known thai the man) loin- 
nlicattd iia chaiii-nis in\olv..l in ih.- acl <>( voiiiitin.: 
ai-e r.ndt r the conlinl "f a ctiili.' in lln- imdiilla. 
which i- ca[iahi<' <>f !>< ini: -limulaU il hy aHVi-.-ni im- 
jiul-. s ri;icliin'^' il from many -uiuia s, -ludi as th' 
ci-rihnini, a- w in n .>iL,dilsor -incUs cau-c -icknt -s. ih." 
muiilh. the idiarynx, ihr o -•opha^-ii-:. ihc lunu'-, ihf 
htail, ihc -loniach. the iiilf.-lini-, ihc hiliary pas- 
<d'jf-, the kidiifV. till.' inrilonciim, and the nU fus ; 
so tliat dri"_'s acting' on any t.f thc-f or_'aii-, of on 
the cdiire it-t If, mi'^hi ix- enit lie-. Hut it is u-ual. 
;ii de.scnbin^' liru^^s \Niiica caii>e vimnUli',;, l>) huH- 
tinn onl\ those wliieli tlo .so eitia r hy acting' on the 



•'*'\'ll;l\ vn,u\ 

„,.„„„,„, ,,„ " l-.i'lii.L. ,-lx-,.,. Tl,„. 

'■''I -■Ml.. ;,iiil„,r. ,, .,,,., ,1 "■'■" '■"''■■I indirect: 

<i.'.-t.., I,:,- .■•'".' ;'";'K"f ''"■-■•.«-,,.„„, 

'■-"-.;:n;r';;;;!;'':i::''v''"'" •■'■' 

;■>"-■.. 1.. i.i„„„ .„:■"'"■''■,", -"'1 "" .i 

(1, - 
Ji(fi.,ii. II 

. to 

'"". ' ^I'^llll... lit li,,,V 

t«>|'K ])|;i( 

'■■^ 'I'llclJv 

^^ l"'"l"«'«-vc.iintin.^ if'..,--, '""' '''^'^ ^^''"" 

••5' If tiie <llii- will „',,. , ,, , 

V'^niitinu- iscuiiM.I hv ,l "'"''''Jl''- and tliat tJi,- 

nnnal m;.-!.: ''^^ ^^— nlra.tu.n of tin- uh,i„. 

1 . : I 

. 'I' 'f tl„ ,lni-ul.,. ,-, I 



llv ; aii'i tli(> rra^dii fi>r tln' -1> lay i-^ tlia' -;ntV;ci. iit 

. iiiu-t tliipsc f(ir thr 'Iru'j, to In- ali-orlxd. 

ill spiti- of thcst' txiuriiii. nl-i it i-^ (iitVu'iilt to !'<■ 

:•' aliout tlic acnoii of »iiifti<'-, for -onii- act in liotli 

'. -. aiii'i -nine may in the eoursf of tin u' circulation 

'iroiiu'li tl" I'l'ioil ac' n|ion -omh- 'if tti>- inaiiy ]>art- 

• t!;'' Itoily from wliii'li th> Nomiiiii'.' c.ii'ri rrcriv. - 

■■• 11 lit impulse-. 

Th.- f^iUo'A in;' i • ."Vti''- i!" f.-'" 

V ■!-. .1. 

Apomorphine. <>'■] Copper sulphate. 

Tartai; emetic. iTi Zinc sulphate. 

Ipecacuanha. i-'i Soclixim chloride. 

ill Alum. I'M Mustard. 

I'l Ammonium carbo- dni Warm water, 

thfSf ;ii>iiiii'ir]i!imt' i- lli>' n\i\y mi.' fh:it art-; cnlcly 
" '''v. 'I'll'' ofli- r-i .'li! a> t I'liirilv o': tin- -tftiiiaeli. ^nit 
■ ■■ .1111 ti>' AU'l iii'ciS'-iKinliii piiilt:ii)lv ai't iKiitly (.••■nf,!_\ . 

Therapeutics. 1 jm tic> lia\c two w^i -j. l-ii>f!y, 

■■1 |-flilOVr till' CUIlt'litS of the -tomarll. TllMS win II 

• ■ a'L' 111 is ovir-f'ill, and tin re is a fi diiiL'of naiHt a, 
1! riui tic iiy cmptyiii;.,' the -tomacli niay vi lit-Vf. 

i :i tics arc laiL'ily n-i(l to inipty ihr >tomacii in 
'- of i'oi-;iiii!nL'. ami they may in in tit ci-rtain 

• - of sii'k hradache. An i-mi tic occa-ioiially anl- 
.' . \pul>ion of a foK i'_rn lioily 'Aliith has lifcomr 

jiacttil in the fauces or (i-:opha'_'ii-. Secondly, 

.'tics are ii.-ed to e\pel tile Contents of the air 

au'e-, especially in cliildrtii, for tlu-y cannot 

p ctorate Well. 1' dr this piir{)o~u tlie-e (JniL,'s are 

■ '.• 11 to help children to e\p>el the iiiMrhid pro<liicts 

hioiichitis. lar\n.'iti-, and diphth. ria. They al-o 

i "he e\[iiilsion of fciiiiu'ii hodie- that ha\e liecoiue 

icactcd in the larvnx. In choo-ii'L.' nii emetic it 

111 1 1.1. 1.1 

I i i i M r< iiii !ii iH I ( ' I i iiai ai 'i i 


;_ 1 1 ( 4. ( " ' ( . i ■ I * / 1 1 1 1 I ' . 

■ ■icnaniiH, and tartar euiet'i- are the mo^t power 
1 they are the mo^t dejire-'-ant, and ai'e therefore 


'l"t ni!;i!.I, i 

^'nfi.iv M,-,,,,.^ 

tip' |HJ;-,,|1 

i'' thf criinii 
.'iINiv,- (pI ■» 

!i Ii);ii,\ 

I ;i -. 

•'""•''• '""I- IM^ M 

""'"f'^"'"'f i'v -.;,,,. ,,.1],,,;, ::; ■'■ 

I*.'! ;ii! 

"' " -<'i'ii;i"u 


> «i,„i,,,.';: ,,',■'■■"'"■■"- "'■■-.. 

''iL'li 1. 11^;,,,, 



boinc acid. M-,, „,, ,|,: -"y'^J-ocyanic acid. ,-.- Cn 

Cocaine ,.. Cerium oxalate' ^!'n ?'""'/'"'; = ^"^•''^"' <7, 

Vinixmlpecactmnh.-^. .i;.l!f;,;/;V ''''m '' " "" 'f 

of iodine. ,11, „, .,. ,i„_, '"^ • ''■:■•■ ".;,.,» Tincture 

;l<'>-'>f-.!,,,- Alcohol ,l; J^.f"^«"s acid. .IL.. .,„,i, 

fonn M -„ Creosote. M Et^fer 1 - *''e V " ^hloro- 

••""' '^ Sulphocarbolates. • " Silver nitrate. 

' ' ' Opium, 

Bromides of r 


i'v.L.v.-».-,ium. :,., ,) of „_,,-, -* ""'"ionium. . h of 
;•' Amyl nitrite. : ^,J' ""'^'--^^ ^^y^lrate"^ 
liyclrocyanic acid. .. Alcohol -^f"""-, '^ ^^1"*^ 

inciiip-iitic's ih. , 

''''^i-t..U.;^^l,. :.;,''•>,"-'';; <'f tin... 'in,.s 

v-'Hitu,;: IS. ii- ..;.', i.i; ;;.,"■ '-'^V''^' ^" ^™ 



\( riM. ON THi". r- n •^ i im 

•iHiics. irt . Miliiif liNilri'cvaiiic iiciil, f;irlM.iiu' 
li-mutli -ait-, iiic.rpliiiii-. ;inil i- iliii'- urt pi r 
; . :ii.- -.iin-t ivliai'lf. Inif all art- \ > i > uiatiliin. 
D. Dnitjs iictintj on th<' lutestiiu'S. Maii> -.• 
•,ii- art |iMiii-((i into thf mii-iilif, 11m- f<'<><i is 
,1, ai:> n-il liv ill'- Hint 11 :uii\<-^ thttf. alui it 
i ,ii,_', ,1 ill It- i-(iiir-r 'iowu tilt- inl<--tii!i- ; tht- 
.-;.... r_'\ (i| llitf-tiiial .llL'.-tioli, ot til' till. \. Ill' lit- 
; • !!> iii'fVdU- 111' (• hall l^l;l- "t t lif iiitt .-tuif art' nil 
,1. i-tiv kiiDWii ; ilni'^'s iiiiiy hr (•.,iivi,|, raiily alt. ii'l 
• !;r 1*111. (■ th' V c'liiii' t(i t.lii- I'iirl "f thf iiiiiiit-iitarv 
• li.aii'ii;.- iii-< a- s art' iittl.- iiii'itr-lnod ; (-(.ii-f- 
.;i:l\ \\f (-atiiiot arraii'.,'*' tlif ai-i loii "t 'iniL' ^ in ;i 
. lolou'.cal fla-Mlication. W'- kiiou. iii la. I. of only 
. , '.uipoitanl <llM-loiis, purL'all\< - •iii'i a-lrin'_''-nt<. 
1 II. Ill' iIkhIs (.f .•xiitiiiiM 111 whii h ha\f i). I ii n.-fd 
- , ,i. icrmiiii- llif 111. III. ot action of piiiL'ativ.s ;irc 
• ;. liv tli(t>f of riiir> aii'l M'li. au. Ihi- tii -t-n;inifil 
. i'vtr ciil thf mtf >linf ar ros- in iwo phuc- a >iiort 
•.iiiff ajurl : liu' i-olatfl pirt which was -liU 
M'li' il to ill'- iiifM ntffv wa- -.-wii u|> ai oiif i-nd ; 
:.. ,,;iifr.tli'- oi.fiifii'i.wa-- a t lad if l to thf alMloniili;il 
,.:ill, an'l tinis tlH-if wa- a tf-tliihf likf iHtc' of m 
•■ ■.tuif iiilo whi.-h ilniu-^ I'onl'i 1"- I'l.icf'l. 'Ihf iKiit- 
: ._'iii fiihfT ^I'l'- of thf f \ri-i .1 |)i' ff wtVf siwii 
• -fthfr. so ihal liif whole iiitt'Sliiif was ihf saiiif 
i.ffnr.' bill a lllllf -liorl. r. Tin- m. tho.l did 
,- lm\.' V(-rs saiis'faflory n'-iilis, and {•'jusf.inf ntly 
Moi- an 'l'-vi-..i ill- f \|.. riiii'iil-, wlii.ii >f.-ni niorf 
•" i*(w(>riliv. 11'- |iiii lour iiu'iitiiif- roiui.i liif mlfS- 
- .,. at "|ii'al di-l;iiir. - a[>arl, -o iliiit he >tiiil otV from 
1 1 -I of til'- u'lit an. I from fath oiiif r thrt f jUfCfs ot 
. -liiu, lacii llif saiiM- Ifn-Ui. Withiiliiif ^xruiL'f 
. . iiijfftt-d into ihf iiii.i'llf (Pit (■«■ ill'' 'liii^' lo l>f f\- 
-, . iimtnlftl upon, aii'l r.liuiit'l tin wiiolt- int'i tlif 

1 . ;.. r., .. r.ii- l...^ii-: till, ■iimii;ii u a -; 
I :--,. nmai. ;-.i.-.iu;.. u: ^^ ■ d. iiiid llif .-talf <'i lilt- inlt-rior of lln- imdiiltt 

pifCf wiis rontrasu-il witli tlial of llif pu-cfS i-ilfifr 

-i'U- of it. iWforc Mon au- f\pt riniLiits thtTf hail 

beeu uiueli discu-sion as to \\du;thfr rfoino pur;,'ii- 




>MT!i:r\ \rr!.rr'\ 

r 111.. 

lllliscil ;ir CMif Mwl" , .'l I r . ■'"'"" "' 

r. inr.licnial ,i,,<,.. inucli of •!■ ,1 ■ i 


-•^ -'■'■» .n•;n^:;;';;;,..^-^':;;^;-,-''■:^i'l•^^ 

'.''<')""Vat.v,.,,n.u-ii)l,.,.;,,'lu(.,;.i,i.. ' \' , '""^•^"^' ^ 

luv L'lii.-,,si,i.. ...•i/liK X, ! :^l'th.s..pup.';,- 

. • ' " >i.!.i;iM-,v:mv..s nf anthra- 

i-^<|.i,> , ; l'"li — ..nnvativ.. fh,-,, ,„n.Mtio„ 

'■liiii'arl.. imruratiii 

l""-^'".s<.nna.oas,.ara.alo..s. W.- 1* / "^^' ," 

( 1 ) Whole meal bread 

rl) Honey. 

(•'» Treacle. 

Hi Most fruits. , , 


(I Tamarinds, 

(•'•I Figs, 

(7i Prunes, ;«rii 

'■'I Stewed apples. 

( •! Manna. 
< I"' Cassia. 
' ' ' ' Sulphur. 
I !■-'■ Magnesia. 

iivc Oil. 

II. Castor oil 

I i 1 I - 1 SI. 

1 1"') Vaseline. 

(Ki) Liquid Paraffin 

' Miail 

<iNni,!: irufivTivKs 


Th. ..• Mrr all of thMii .loi.u-tw rouu'\w< vux 
•, ,..1 f(.r-li-/ht (M^.^ ..f cniHtij.iinnM .-.iMruily m 
:;:j,i,.M; son... a^i'^ l..^MN. fonn 

,at,on. .1- M-... .1.-. ,.hvs.-t.,nu. (M nux 

,■,,., ,ls) 1m lla.lnt.nii. >1'.»,^. i.inl >J> 

■.,;;;„;.;.;,.„, a.-., .l.. laxanv... l>ut a,v n,;t u-a 

;,,,, una.riu.airal nnl. n. Nux v..nnra h ...o-i 

^i,,',l,i, . i, i. ,„-,,l, a .inv.-l .>innMlai.L t- tl... 

. ,,.,c„li!- ecat. har.Uv mtlu. s. en imn. II i- 

,, ',,lv u^v,l in .;.-- (.f cluoiur nm>ni'atinn. .•^i'- 

, ;,nv\vh. n omuTni.'in \uv~nu< nr lu t K-^r 

n: ^v•lunn. for any nason. ,t )< that tla. inl..sln.,.l 

' ,;,.ii„lon..a in small An^v< nicvasrs pfn^laluc 
,„,,.„,..,„. b....;u.s..n,.araly.--tlH- u.lul..U.ry tilnv-. 
„f i1h .nlanchnics. l-wl i» ..lo.l.ratr .lns.< .1 .•on, 
,,l,t.lva'r.>t. jHTi-^taku- n.os, nu-nl-^. li i^ •■ ». tlv 
:,,n.l,;v.a fur this lalt. r ,.ur,HHts i'si..rially m 
,,„;,l,;,alion^vlthnl.l.^^. llyn^c-yamus a.-t> on ih- 
i„,. ,nncs in Ih.. >am.' way, and small -Ins.- nf It a... 

,.♦',. H -Mvrn wall ntlur i-n.-atiNvs m ,.nv. nt -npin-. 

,;,, U "mv... an ..nlM-lv rliNlhrn to ih. nn u'ular con- 

.,,,, lions thr sn-on-.T i.nru'ali\« -; pHwlun . _ 

Kr-ot ana phy-o-'-i-nia an- haiaiN .-v.r u-^.m! .oi 

la\ali\.' « tlVct. 

n:nirr!n:int!r,s. Tl.c-r arr rat luT n:..rr povv. i - 

„ ,„ ,i,.i/ a.-tion tban laxatu.s. Tln> ^lunuhLl.- 
,,ri.taN- ana alM.inrn as.- mention. Nun.-.-t ill.'^ cantor nU ana n,a^n.-.a. u Inn L-ivn m 

laP'o (loses I'.c-on!' siniplf pur_:ativ. -;. 

; r 


1 ■■ Aloes. 
i_'i Rhubarb. 
(:;> Cascara Sagrada. 

(.'■I Purgatin. 

if, I Purgen. 

(7) Pel Bovinum. 

X . C AV1 11 n 

h'ivstin-lo..U^.rv,- tliat ih.- f.rst four all 
eontan. ana ow ih-ir activity to ..nioani (trioxy- 
rn.lhvlanihra.iuinon.'^. vUnhvh ana senna contain 



V\TliM\ \ti ,,rrv 

'•'^'•>-<,,,|,,,n,V ,,ri,I^,li,.,.,,, , , 



I'M. ui, ,), I,,, ..■■;■; '»"^i"n.r,. ,,|,, , , ,,,, 

"'"■•"" — In,..:,...";'";' ^'"nl.r .nu-f.uv. 
'""■-"■■^'- for -n' ;'•'''''• ^■!-''^''''' ^'"thnu.,,,.. 

^vi.Hi, (•..,..„,.. ,";"""""• '- •••"tin.....,,.. ,„ 

"|.|lM,|,,;,| ,|,,,,._ '^'" '" '.'IV.,! 1M,.|. r tij,. 

•^••v.T.. irnfatio,,,,! tl,.. ,„ " ".' '■"•^" 'in^.. ,.„„.,. 

'■''■•'^'••- ^••,.^,,.„ ;.I.,|;,;' '''■':''''''■''''' •^'''i,;. , no,-. 

"^"" "•'•'. M,|..M- ■•.,,.1 ■,'"■'■',''"•■ '■"""■"■■^"'"-•nv 

f'i-'i-n: ii-;;:L;::"-; i'",r;, ;-;-^ '"■ —1. 

fll.',. \\ 

"■" •■"■' Mi ...-.I, ,. ,,f 

(•^1 Colocynth. 

•'" Elaterium 
''"' Croton oil 
' " ' Kaladana 
•'-' Turpeth. 

<J' Calomel. 

'■-' I*«tlophyiiiini 

' 'I .Aloes. 

'•• Jalap. 

<•'» Scammony. 

''•• Oambog-e. 

inerapeutics. |,,,.,j 

in nli^tili;, 
\\;(t. IV |.\;| 
•iiiich fhii, 

'1 fro,,. ,),.,.'■ •;'■"•"?' '•<'M.,vi,„ ,; 

'■"III tile l„„iv 

''■■•';'■-' "-■■..fjai,;pnM;;i;:,;: '::,,:' •': "'■'"■"■■■ 

"i"va<,. ,1,.. ,„.,„„„ „r , ■ '" ''.M'.;,. M,l.,.i,,„ 


F.NTM \T\ 


.1,, n,.ri^t:,Nl>. :U,in.n-.M'"' = 'b ^"' ' :' ''^""'"-^"^ 

■ ■. ., ,).,nn-i- r.'it;ui:lv vl.y^ <.'inr j.arl 

.,.. ,.,,,o:s.ina ,„;,„> l.lwv.. '»'^'V', 7T'^ !■ 


:.;,iv.:nrtinn oM tl.. M.t.Mur.l , ,M t h- Inun fn, 

,,.■„,,. ,i.-Ha.< .on ... ,..:i.'n..^.um 

,,.i,,,.. „ .M-Uyt.k.nnpl.v ,h.- .,'"l..lnn,. t... 

SocUum citro-tar- 


7 1 Sodium phoHphate. 

-. S\ilphate and other 
salts of magne- 

', ,..t„uul;u.t^ln,n..^..n.nt a,.! .. rn luu. for 

. f,,„l tl.;il MMHr of th. -alt. taK.n n a- :..'^ I .'■ 

„ V t n.t.M.nal .-anal u,.t,l Ion. afu.- .ho 

_^_j;j,,,,.,,,,,.,,n.yth..salt. The <ahn.. ,m.-.a- 

•;v. - arc 

1 Potassium tartrate. •• 
' potassium acid tar- 
Potassium sulphate. 
1 Sodium sulphate. 
. Sodium tartrate. 
Therapeutics. Th. ..■ an vvn .h.;.! u^ 
,,,,, ,u,vat.v.....s,.,rially f..r ,.-.-on> » th. n- 

V;;,:::.nvL,.nof.on,. 'H''- '-- ^^7;:-'';^,;;;; Ih 
,,,„j ..,■ n.o.t i.n,-u'ativ.-nnn.Talwa .T- .- liu.N. i 

:,n..iMah.a.r.a.arua,<haii. .v^n.hM'. ';'''•'•';'- ;\'; 

n,, 1...,, wav of taki..u' ll-'Hi l^ to ^.l th. 

• 11.. ,,f "th.' -alt or thr niin. ral u.'t.r in a 
r.uuii-rit ilo-f 01 in. >•"' 1 ,wlv 

svhil.-ir.-inu'in th.'niorn.n..'. 

Chola-oUM.. nu.-ativ... \vill h.- .1.-. i.l'.'l ^^" 

.,. ■iLillL' of thf llV. .■. . • . -1 :. . 

' En-mata. Anv tl.ii.l i„vpa.atu... .nj-n-.i w;.- 
n..^":t^n.i^.alh:aan..n.,na^ '^ 'T" M T'tl^u -^ 
^ , ,,,.1,,,,, .i,k,..-. or It l^ una.lvHahh.. h.-caus. 

;:;\,:,,to,nn<. int.-tmal oh^trnctiou, ulceration, or 


''^"^'•"M Ml-.nirA 

of aninr ,,r. ,.;. . r * * "•"I'l "I' f<. 

'"• If !ll,-|V |„, 
'" -• "liw' oil 

Intestinal Astringents Ti 

"'">tin..;n. "'''">"' '"'• f'""- action out!,' 

' ' ' Lead saltg 

"' Tannic acid. ,,,,.1 ,,i '^ „ 

't, a-- ' ' l-ead salts 

(■-' Krameria i,,„i ''' Silver salt's 

• '' Kino. '"" Zinc salts ' 

; - ' Jf-'^n^atoxylum, ,' ! .', ' ?i«n»"th salts, 

• '" Cinnamon, ""' Copper salts um.! o^ 

•''' Catechu. an,| , I-i.'Ilv ''" '^■''- 

■i-^fnu,;rnfsa-nr ' " ^"^■"''^"^ °f iron. 

' ' ' Opitiiii, 

<-' Lead salts. '"'' ^•'^^cium salts. 

''"'"■'■"■'•'- a.-ti ,,i,,,„.. : , 

' ' ' Opium 

* '' "yoscyamus. 
(1) Stramonium. 

( 'I Lead .«?al*^s 

!''» Lime. 

'^/ Bismuth salts. 

(HOI, \(,of.ri;b 


1 1 - 

Therapeutics. 'I'h' lir-i piocttdinL' in (Vrry 

, ,.t (li;inli<i ;i i:^ to niiiovi its cau-f ; if llii-can 

II.', It will pr.ili;ti'l> siili.-iil< . Oft.n the I'aiis. 

-Mii:! ii lilatiii'.:, iinliL't-tiltli- t'ntKl. alni lln ii it i> 

...lusiiilf l'» U'lVr a iiul'l imi-.. as ca-toi- oil or 

:i.i.l.;irli. in L'l t rill nf i;. Tiic ma j..!'!! v nf ca-^i'- i^i 

.Jlli.ifV (iiiil llin ;i ;i!. Jil( ilalily (hlf lo <()Iiic sli.U'lll 

'riitis. aii'i lilt 11 any n\i<- ot the a-triiiL'.ins ilial 

!.,:\fliMn nana 'I will lif \aluaMt'. tor it is d. -^irali!.' 

':. r,in-'rici tlic (iilaifil vr^-t 1>. ami t<> (liininidi tli.' 

,;j,,ii ami tin iiK'Sttni'nt,-. liitf-tmal a-ti'i 
■ -, iit^ an till rrfMi-i' often coi.ilinit <i. an.j when th 
.i; uitma 1- at all .M-rioiis (.jiiuni i^ of L'r.-at .-rfvie 
I; tlarc i- a p. r-i-lfnt caii>f. as i iiln iciiloii^ ulctra- 

tiMii. {\u hoiM iA il"inj,' <J I i- sliu'lit. \'<\a tlir 

iM at'ui lit I'V (IniL'- i- only a >mall part of the i.attlc : 
if ill. .iiai-i-ho a i- st\fic. ali>olutt it -I i- m cssary, 
lo(hl iuii~t \>v viiy Mniplf ami -ivt i, in \. ry suial) 
(piantitii- at a linif, not nna-li tluid -liniil.l h.- 
.Iniiik, aial tlif pata-nt musl k. . p warm. 

Illl4'<»lili:il %iili«»<'|Mi«-«». It 1 .i-!;htfiil if it i- 
,, .., i, I,, ,l;..,,l, ,1 ti:.- liiU-tll.ll! fi'lit.Iit.s win!, rh.y ;irr ill 
U.. l.n iv. aii.lif il WfO )..,^-il.l.' It mi^^lit \>' li.UMilal. u. inl. - 
una! iniVi. -..r^iiiu.-msKrfallv ia 1]. iltiuuI ii.l. -liiiul piucc-.M s. 
Uiit liif attcinpl I- I'ftfii iiia.l.' iiiwi p.-rh.-ii.- with -niar -uc. ■< 
u!,. !i s..ur.-.l 11. ilk 1).. -'">''i i.s -ivfii I., thr i^\i>\^tu ..f 
!:i,rni.Mr|.'aa; in tli.- lai--- int.-Miu-. Tia' .iiiiL's u.s. .1 ar-' 
:',. ; l^^^i.• aiilh-. ptic- ip. ^'IM. la. tic an. I aiil cal..!!!.-!. 

E. Drugs acting on the Liver. 'Ihf li\.r lia< 
> V. lal lii-limt fum-tioii-. vi/. lo »crr\v . to toriii 
:.,] >toiT up L'lvco.j.n. to form una, to < \cutr suli- 
•amas !iii>orl)c("l from ill. ■ intt -tine, and lo (Ic-tn.y siilislunces abauvbd fn.m llif int. .■.tmc. 

1. Dnins milui'nciiKi tlu'srcnttunn/hil,'. li dot- 
.t follow lu'cau-f mort' Lilf apptar.-^ in lia ia-cts 
.at mort' is .-i'l'ivud, for il may be thai iht- ._'all- 
ia..Mtr and (bids ba\f l)t'._n Uiorou-^dily ominif-i, 

thai ibo bill- wlath ha.s beon pourt-tl uiiu the 




"^'\Ti;i(I\ MKf,l(\ 

•iiiod. iiuiii ]in- Im ,11 


'''""^' ■inickiv \n{ 

U> tuKr pi;,,-, . J)ni-S U) 


I'llr iictualiy SI ,ltl,-,| 

»!■ hepatic Stimulants ; l,ui. il 

lltll llH-r.;i,,. til. ;il 

n- , 

a'l tijiif 

"I tiirett chola^og- 

i I .- ! 

i\'r li.i- 

Ili.illV i|i,-I 

t I'Uil ll;ili 

■llllpiV li;U| (,, ;| ];,,.,_ 

ilu!. liiiicii 


il . as [lie 


'!"•'■ UjiU-ii 

III thr l;i' 
itidir, c 

•' - \vi!(iMiii m 

"■ <^'""""t -I Mir l,,,-,,,^ |-,M,n.| 

ai I \ (■ \ ! r.i V, , i.-i ;, ., . . . 11 

i. riKM.i 

-' fl'IlOll ,11 


L,'iiL'll( ,-. 


i;i-< !' ( iioi. 

\< I' M ,i 1. 

nliLT to Mii- 



l-'lCIl)) |i;u,. I,, , ,, 


• ■ callnl 

-t i[ til 

iiran/.il iin-~. ;uiil i,j„„, j 

^'"""'1 in I'a-tiii 



1> liroiiL'hl 

luiuati III I) 

li'- ^\Kll lull; 

t-aiiiil.t i~ UiMi-u.i inti) ila- hi!,. ,i 


(lii: I.I (!,, 

liU'Jlhll U|)l)|l IS ;m|i 

Mll|\. t) 

let, -.nil 

If 'iiiiL' h) / 


»■ XTli-tlll ill 1( 

llllll>[rn il. .•1,1, i ii 

•■ IXI'III- 

HON i|. X 

" iiioii iua-[ 

IV and .iflfl- tlir .1.1 

"■ ■iiuiiiin: <,}■ 

a.s t)i;iL all II 
I'iliai-y lluw. 

I'm ct cli 
An. r iiii,. 

^1 till' 11\, , . u 

"■ ;'i\tii <laiuii,' [h 


■■I' I'lnii'ii! 
' 'i-^f in i!u 

a-o^'ii.. Bile 

IS ;-■ I \ I 1 1 1 1 


:' I . ii,(-! 

!'■ !' il.ijw ii; 

•i"' ''\ -"Mil (i|,~, 

" I'l-'iitli II 1 ,ti,.,,,i 
'1' ti'ili (il liii 

lit .1 ■( - : ! 

" <l. lUir 

il i> -tat 

rll"ia;.'iVL'iif~. hut ii|| 

'"""■ "' Iti'in iiii-iva.-.- !i„. 
IhIu'ViiI lo |„. ,1,,. ,.,,,., J,, .^^, 

1 1 I Euonymin. 
(-'I Sodium benzoate. 
I') Sodium salicylate. 
( li Podophyllum. 
(">i Iridin. 

I'.i Mercuric chloride. 
(7) Sodium sulphate. 
l-^i Sodium phosphate 
('.') Aloes. 
(!'n Ipecacuanha. 

■J'lii-'i.un- individual liiiT,-!- 

li;iM_^ null .ij clan;, m br r.ill,/, 

t tl.. l.,.iv ..I ..„ . 1. : 

liiin-.Miii.: ,iu the i-uiutiii:, ,,f 

' \' I - -t.a. 

• iiiii iii,.ii,ti. 

a, I. ('[ 

M _' , 

> "■!!' '■Il\, tll.ll 

.ruatit^ ,„■ i,:i.. ....,,. ...i',, I,,,,.. 

'la! uir jii..,. ,i iij-,[, 

' " ' Dilute nitric acid. 
Dilute nitro-hydro- 

chloric acid. 

Potassium sulphate. 




Dilute arseuiousacid. 

i-iicts anmii,- i!;fi' ,1, •.■• • , 
I , r I..V 1 ,11 .,^ , i,i:tii\- 

'''"'•'-'-a-. an.iMirl, M '.. 

^1-f ^:-iall :,.,..t:ne, and hince 




pC^ ll lorn. . .U^nncL cht.s c>t pur^^auv-s n 
:.aJ ail.uru.;e., ai.! muscular tnov..n.ntH, a. 

the .'itll-blad.U r ami «tiict>. 

;;,^tu. .iiacd. Caluiud, ea.lur ud, ;^^.., 




>'\Ti:i;(\ ^rI:[)|r■\ 

»na.n,^iun. .nlphHt..,r,pi„,n. an<]] 

th\< .met. I 
1» I'l \vill) t 

'lit. It 
i< ir tJi.r 

not Mini.-i.^.tly inaiK.Mi 

»C' tat.' ]i;iV( 

t'l intfT- 

'''■i;'";>-''-.:-.,;,.i.:;.u:,- ';:,'"''■' 

-. />l lo/.'i hKiilit 



't i^ 1m li, \',,l ,( 

III the foriii'it 

tins action 

^iih-tanc. <. (■ 

■•it <f)]\\{' ,,f 

""'■ "/ ///•, ,/ /, 

Ir ciiiiX', I- 

I"'-|;Hi_V Jciici) 

'I iiiid uri a 

t'l' iiim 

7 //i( 

1. an-uniL' at il,,. J 



" 'piaiitit; n 


'""":' '•I'i-n.i. . a, Mi „■<..„.■ 

< xcnii 

■''■•^'•'"■'•. .inrinionv. aum,. 

' n"-|)li.>iii, ,,,;,v :,h,, 1, 1,1 ,,, ,1, • " 

'!'•" iiiis ,in,.. ,•,„;,. ; ; '->"iM..M,i,.,„,. 

--.■-^,,;^i;;i,r^:,:;— ^ an.l ars.-nu-. .f ., ' , j^', '• ;"'"'"'• 


<>l>i!iiii, coicliicniii. alciiliol -.n,! • ■ 

'•■ ■''■'•--- th,,„.„n,;^t!;;';.';',;:;;::i"'''"'-'«i'' 

Phorus. arEenic. a,„i antimony ZZl l/.n,') ''"'"■ ^^°''- 

'''■•'■""■'linn ,,f it J,, ,'...,,,,,,, , • "•'>•'!-" 'Mtl.-,. t.lttV 

morphine, an.l codeine hav,- - ,',','!';■„;.''.''';''''""■ °P^«»»'- 
F Dru^^^s acting on the Pancreas. TIm .,,,,.; „ 

of.t!u.drn,snic.aHn;u;:;l?i;;;f- '^'^-^ -•>■ 

U.< tllrv n,l„l,i, ,1 ■• '. *1'»^-''"- <lllunil..h U 

iKM.cnati^thnv^ ^"^^ ^'"^''' '"'"''• ' '''' ^'^^'t. the 

[,r>fo? \rTiNO 



A. Diu^s acting on Mascle. l"luu-u.....l.^i>t^ 
, ,, .1 ,M,t ^t-.i' ''> .■..11.1. In- tli'iii in a. tall. 

' B Dru^s'acnu^'on ihe Peripheral Eiulin^is of 

Motor N.rves. i .f Ui.. -l.u.. '--j^";^ ^.^^ .^ '^^ 

,,,,,,,,,1 .,..iM.. ni until I. IS (...■i. ^^'^i\^<-^, ...11 .a- 

: ' ; • ,i.,. ,„„„.l..-; will .•. ~,.u,..l t.. a .-.■..... 1 

' ;„nu-. alih.>...h ih. y wul .u.i ......mua wh-.. ih. 

■',,;, v.. .s .U..iulal.a. It a s.n^K. ...^^o.. .;. 

;;.:,'A.;l,atast!..uvan.M..iu.c. w.ll.v.,.u 
,„.,„, Her^c.s NVilluu lU., probal-K lU. .u.l 


, .,,i an.l .•.,ninm ure by Ur l\u' nu^.t uui..;.t=ml n • ■ 

. , rv.. .Ills Th.TiU.. UllClllly \Ne IH--^' I 

C Drues acting on the Peripheral Enc hngs of 

Sensory Nerves (-ili.T than li.--- -t -l'-'''^^ ^^;'^;,- 

? knouua,. of iiu.. H a..r.v.a ^''-- ;.- V ^ 

,V,„a uh^.rvatu.u.< on num, Uw it h v.rN ci thcuL to 
' !n..i.ut uiH.a^, a. lh..y l.av.. .u.a. m: .. ■ 

,.,;,,.;/' Thcs., when api.U..l io-^lb- ,^-'- J-- 
Tiu.v ar. 111.- -a.uo as liie In.u ^^^'^'^^^ '^{^In 
^sLich has. alreaay bc.u Uiu.a.racea (p. •» h . >« 




M\TKnM M)D\(\ 

Therapeutics. ;,,'•;.;;'''''''•''''■■••' t'-li^t. 
.Kin ,. l,;i "Ml,. UN. ;inpli,.;,t„ ,n f,, ,i,: 

•Mtn<)i)i.'}i ji.iiii j. 

•^^'"""'"^'""•'ti-ponMt ;; ' "^'"■T'""■''"-■■^""■ 
Local Anodynes li . i i 

'^M Chloral. 
""I Chloretone 
" ' ' Belladonna. 
''-I Stramonium. 
' 1 ■» Hyoscyamus. 
' ' •' Opium. 

;!;; S^'fi""^ ^bicarbonate. 
•l^' Oxide of zinc. 
"^ 'ute 

(1 » Aconite. 

(•-'» Carbolic acid 

< il Menthol. 

I') Orthoform. 
C't Veratrine. 
nW Ether. 
(7i Alcohol. 
<-') Chloroform. 

•''''^'''-■I'.n ;;;;;:,;:;;:.; "''^i^-^/hy^^^ocyamc 

pi.rc.s \(TiN<i OS Tin: srr.Ai. o.m. 


,,^,,,. l,„l ofl.'ii. a- in iMuntl"iaaM.l many^ ..f 

Local Anesthetics. 1: -■• cocaine eucaiue 

carbolic acid. Kava root, a..: extreme cold. ul. n-. 

',,,i...a l.v.o nr a.ii.>i-- ....•thvl -■,;.. la-- .p.^s^ I --^ 
„, , , ,,.. H,,i SO luu.l, . iu|.i..v...l iis fornuTly t- prcla.-.- Inc.d 

,, , , ,.,i,.,l l,y .-. camr. Nvlnrl. pn..! :.•. ^ a hi.'h .l.-itr uf i,.cal 

' d' Drugs acting on the Trunks of Nerves, riu-- 
,, .,1 .r,v;,i.r i.atl)Ml,,-ual ihan phaniiarol-.^iuil 

.,.,.,v^l If t;tl<''i' ''"'• 'i '•'"■-' ^""'' ^'"•^' l"''"'"''' 
Xvnuw iMtlatniiuainn nf thMarvi'^. which 1^ shnun 
,,v ;h- "rrai inc.rasr of th.- tii-rnus li^sur h.-fA. .i Uw 
,;, ,\v tihn^. and ihr faiiy .l.-.Mieratimi of ilw '-n s 
,(,,.,a,,lvr^. |)urln- lli.' farUrr sla-rs tli.' irrualinii 
1,1 Li;. 11. lA.^ ( aiisr- !imcb pain ami tm-hiiL,' ; hil.r, as 
•h, V Ihm. ih.-ir fiuu-lu.n. nuiul^n.-^, with loss (-f ^n- 
.axnu aiul panilvsi- .^a in, .-fim acconi..anif.l liy 
Li,,,,hi("-lL'M.>ns. For fuller dftails book, nil nuMlirinr 
luu-i !'•• coiishIumI. 

•l"n.- am-- ino.lucin.' jxtIi'Ii. r il n. :ir;;i- iU. 
,11 Lead. '■' Arsenic. 

,Ji Alcohol. <l' Mercury. 

E Drugs acting on the Spinal Cord. Tlif <lif- 
rKMihirs (.f .■xinrini. Ill ;iiv m. -nal liial we know 
,„,,hi,,^r cf the anion of arn^'s on ihr s.nx.ry 
..,,tio,iS of Lhc conl. \\\. an alM, i.^'ivninL ot ih. 
„.,;,,n of dv'vr^ on ihr nioi-.r fihivs. 1 h^ tollowmt,' 
'inKhod is aaoi.t.a to aiscov. r whelh.r a dm- arts 
ihf ant. ri.)r (.•ornua. Suppose we are studun^i^ 
•u' whieh stimulates them. After the dru^' 
ha^ heeii L'lven. a slight p. riplu ral >timulu^^ will 
,,n„luce such marked ntl< x action tliat convuNions 
will eu-ue upon the stimulation. If the cord i. cut 
uM.-s and th.' convulsions follow the stimulus as 

before, It 1-^ Cieai' iruU LU. oC l.a:;:;-.-. l-. -,-> .-.....- 

,,ri-iu for in that case they wouM not take plac 
b.low'the p.nnt of M^ctiou. .V-:ini, if mjecrmn 

I .tr 

" •M\1):i;;\ MI'DICA 

:':7';'-^^'';'' ";' '"■■'7 '~ '"■"••^"' .nr„ ^,...,.ls ,.v 

A (('iiv 

•'""^ ;'■, ""'^ '••'!- I"^"-'. ul.,, ti,.. .-nn, ,. 
lit! canal. !h, r>^inni-u<u< cohsv Iro,,, ;,Imu.. ,,..-vi, 

;''"''p""";""''^ '''■■"'■>"'• ^^'>' ha. ,.;,,,. 

W-.hl,.,,nnalIvlH.n.iuO,t.„v„npul..^M,^. ..M^Uoi'v 
■/'■ •nu.j.s tncrai :.:,:,, thr antabilit!/ ,r /, , „, , ,. 

CO}~)UI,i ,11, -' ■ ' ■ '"■ I ' .' / 

1 1 1 Strychnine 
I-) Brucine. 
lii Ammonia. 
I I • Thebnine. 

( ') Chloroform. 

(I.I Ether. 
(7. Ergot. 
I"*' Opium. 


Tlurapeutics. h ,. v. ,v n^vly n.. , ;,„ .j., 
unv.nn,! m .|,inal .hs...... i,, atr. ,n,,tu.. to .„ n 

l=;'^'li^"anu.nur.-Mnn,a. hut -au-hn,n.. is ,Hv..Hon 
'ilv i^u.n for .a..s of para^^is d.u- to .1...,., ^f 
thf spinal fold. "' 

/'M<,,.. ,Uuh d,p,, .. //;,,;, .,,.//y ^ /•, ,^,,^^ ^.. ^^, ^^^^^^^ 

(1 1 Physostigmine 

(■_'/ Bromides. 

(■i' Alcohol. 

|4) Chloroform 
(.1 Ether. 
,1,) Ergot. 
i7i Opium. 
(>*! Meicitry. 
I'.' I Zinc salts. 
(lU; Sliver salts. 

'11' Sodium salts. 
'I -I Pota-ssium salts. 
1 1'/ Lithium .salts. 
N ! Antimony salts. 
'1... Ai-benicai salts. 
1'" Camphor. 
1 17i Amyl nitrite. 
'i-' acdiuni nitrite 
1 1'.* I Chloral. 
(20; Carbolic acid. 



i»!a'<',-> vf 



■' Apnnjorphine. / ^X^^^. 

;: ' I'^i K.iva root. 

Therarutics. Tl. -. aru.. an- of ^v^ylu,l._ ..--.■ 
,„..i;.in.fnrth.u-Mrnnn..nth..^pn,;.ln.,,l. I h>- 
.,,„,,;,„. ;, l,v f;u- th.. ino.' pou.Ttu!. Mii'l iwi. 

',:';';, i,,/, ,..,, ,...ul.u- a.-t,on u, rn.lunn. 

.l.rn^i-^nt ,lHl.o^r..nnrrnlun.n<nf th.rnnl. L.-a' 

l.;nu.< .•au'^^ of rh. anfuor n.ruu al 

,; , ,n.l ln,!-rontn.u.a ahu.. ot airohnl p.o- 

, ,,,ly .-aUM-. >U'M a.LM.rratiMU nt lla roiM a. a 

"f"' Drugs acting on the Brain.- Tli- acion of 
.;„.,;,.anMnrl.ln,-.h-.a n.arh-o arcurat.^ly a^ ran 
,(,,, .,,■ ,lru- aci;:.u' on th. ^,nnal an.l !«. rN... 
,;:.,,,. ,u.tnP_' on rh. Inau. .llu<irat. l^vo v. ry ua- 

iiMi-r;iiit ''fnti;!! la \v<. , . ,1 

■ 1.,,.,;. tin. law Of dissolution. ^vhH■h win n -^at.a 

,. , ;n,,-i'annan/..y.>^ a. fo lows. Wh.n 

,,v..,t...| aiv -V' ln-l,.sr in ,i.v..lopnH;ni ; thai i^ to 

,,, tho.. n.vt; ^" " Z^;^; 
l,,w.vt nf all f.on. an .A,.lut nui.rv punt ot^.u, 
n,a i. to ..V. t!.. funrr;on^ nf r.^inranon an.t .•UTul ^ 

„,„,,,. ..r,Vt.,i.,,v..ryw..lUx.n,pht,.;.lm 
h.. ....ofa^■ol..l.forth.■ti^^tfn.ur...n■^tolM.a.M,- 
^...,la^•th ntth.Mnt..ll.K..^pnallstlu.h..l..-^t. 

,,i niZ-nn'm.\md death fnnu failur- of respi- 
ration an-i circuiation. 


^MTIIUV ^fl f.K \ 

till! 1 tl . I • ' li\|'fiM;i(s. S,„,„. 

"iihlv that < riM'-; p\i\t,. , c ■ •^<>uif 

''•■^''''••'''''•■'-'l'attlM..xn,;mo,,f/ .'"'*''" 
'"" M'""l. :.n.| !lu. <IUU-Jth nf 

cmi-ciit i-i (jiiii 

(I) Alcohol. 

(-'I Anaesthetics 

'tl Chloral. 

(>! Potassium bromide. 
< '1 Sodium bromide, 

"" Ammonium bromide. 


M'Niv..,],-- • '' '" '■|'>I.p<^y:u,.l,„iM., 

'" '^'-"'* >-•"■:.. n,a..f tin. fu,„,in,.. 

"' //. 

/'''"/- i.iritittn tlu ,1, 

(1) Atropine. .!,«<. i • 
<-'> Absinthe. Stiychmne. 

.,., , '" -P^ysostigmine. 

<>1 Mil 


• " ' ''"^' ^'> '^^I'^'-'J'i.nt.son animal..-. 


, ri:!l'.i;\l. I't I 

• I'S 


. ,,uln. s foll.Av.l in many cu^.m by -i. l.rnini an.l 
,„,,.,l,..rrnce. Tht' «xact r-rni nf ,1, linun. -lilT. r. ;i 
\\r\\v in I'lu-li ciHO. 

(11) Coca. 

ilJi Cannabis indica. 

1 1 ii Lupulua. 

,Ui Opixim. 

(l."ii Camphor. 

(I til Santonin. 

,17i Quinine. 

1 1-1 Salicylic acitl. 

I I'M Tobacco. 

^ n li ilni^'-i :u<> 

1 1 ) Belladonna. 
C'l Stramonium. 
(.1) Hyoscyamus. 
( h Alcohol. 
I, I Chloroform. 
i.,i Ether. 
,7 1 Nitrous oxide. 
is) Coffee. 
(•.») Tea. 
iini Quaraua. 

Therapeutics. M;.ny of il;. ^.- an tak-n l.aMiu. 
/Iv ..^ ruvln-al -immlanis ; f.-r . xan.i.l. . alcnhcl. 
• ,' cntTrr tnl.acco. in'lana ; niuuni m ili- l'.'i>t ; 
, .'nnahi. in.lua n. many i-.u-i-^.-t .\ -la ; .--..a n. paM^ 
,,,• N.Utli an,! if it l< Wl^ln-.l to -ivr u 
,,.|-,.l,ial ^nnmlant a- a .ini-. n,..- of l\n^. i> u^i M1> 
,.l,n-;.i. Tlu- iv.l. \ aiv vry miportai, iv 
,,,„„„.,„lv .n.i.ln>.a for ...n. o.h.r aclmn nh 

■,rv n.anv of this da -^ of .iiu-^. a. will l-' M.n 
,iuvrlly, i'Ih' -timulaul acliou ^ooi. -im> way to :i 
iMiMlvsini,' intlui-ncf. 

' t-,n,nr rrrrh,:,i ■. \h.<r an; r...n- 
,nnnlv aivulra into thiv.. chis.vs : 1 ypnoiu- or 
s.poritU-. Nanoucs. an.lAna-thK..-. It .< hrlu v. .1 
thai on- wavat Ua^l in any ar.,.' a.iuvs.fS 
llu.a.-livitvofan.un.n.' i^ hy cau-in- niranion of 
tl,.. i.Tuiinaltilanuntsof ,t^ -l- n-lnms or axon, thu. 

M-aclivitv ihrhrain j. anan.u-, 1ml ihi. i-= tin- i.miU 
nmrr than ihr cau^.- ..f th.,.ion. 

ji. ,.,..,...,-. (>•■ S'Moi.iiiH > an- dvu'J< wliicti pro- 
,l.Kv' if n..l l.lfntical with, 
naiural sleop. 

w , 


^' \T| |;l \ M^ ,,,,.^ 

Tlip livpiif.tic- ar. 

1 1 ' Opium. ,1,. •!» 1 , . 

<-'■ Morphine. •' " J'-^raldehyde 

i>' Chloral hydrate. li,' llT \ 

n. ButyK Chloral -hy. , ! ; ! ^r^'^^ 

' I I Medinal. 
' I 'I Ada!in. 


( "' Bronudo!?. 

f ' Chloral.imide ,i.,i Ai^ . i 

'• Chloralose. ^ t '^ 

'■ Chloretune ,1 l?^''^"""*^ 

(" Sulphonal Cannabis indica. 

Therapeutics. TL. . .i-,,., ,. , r, 
i'"-'- -'^"n,. fn>,n si. . , ' ' ',;; '^ '' '"' 

"""'•■ ""1""-'^'"^ "•nn,ov,. ,),•,,,,.. ,,■,'"■ ' ', '•"■ 
n*"^-^ M. ,1.1 .-. <«.< «.!u, ct III.- slft-i. fss. 

"f .i •'"!"• '""|r:n„„,t,.,| l.v,iil;,,,n,-tl„.v. I- 

to - .. n 'I'l,,. ,, r 1 "■I'lHIU , ,j r,.n.i ic, , 

-■1,:, ..,■ I ,,',::;':;'''■''■■' ^'- ■"""-.. 

Ihi.-r ^i; .■.t-||ir'|.< -.r ,.1 .1 •.•■I'll!. \\|i,|,. 

, ' "I'liihi.- in |,.,.irhiii -....i .11. 

'■'"t ;irc not in|.ii,.ii,.<,- ,., "';.■■''''-■'' in 

"'"■'- i-uu:lwu,i/:.,u,t;j,;'.'-'''''''''^"'"'''"'.v 




Ihf (.'11' 'villi.' I- a lit I'f i.ii.'.t . 
eneral an»«vnexic«. •' 

•V> Chloral hydrate. (..Alcohol 

. « u -4«„na I"" Canuabi* inuica. 

it< Belladonna. 

\:', iiiu-t I"' t-'iv' II 111 <• I . !■ > '■ • 

Tarrapeutics. ri..> an nf ,.. .a m^c ... .-iilnnn^ 
, ,,.,„„,;, of a.iv luv\, .HMnvnl th..M. >u(has. {.., 
. uni.i.-. ..I'lu.uaT.a l..ll:M..M.,;..:in I.M..tH.;i ... ■- 
1,;,,hI a>^n-. -^ an.i lu-aurn.: MM^ nMH..l . .-;.-. 
,,,Ml:M. Asi.^ni...!. -^. Wu-' Mf. .hu- ilMt 
I, ,.1 „. a total lo-. ..t c..„-.i..usn..>s. m. pain 
■„,, i..„L'.r; Hi th.- -Mu. uuu-vrilsn.iu<nx< 
...I.Jh.I 'ri'--^- lllu^!.-atr ii.llnliaMv ihr law n| 
/...'.lu'i.M.. a.pfi.l- .1... l.irt that alt- r . xnt.m.ol 
„.,,aNs,..>n.nsur.... 1-; H.)a th.. sta,.- n, 
• ;tl..-.. 1;.- ca. i... P.Hhlv nb^.rv.a u. a.. 

,„,.,, ,„ ,1... l,,w Mt .in^ulutK... II.. lii-h. -t ta, uln. 
.„,„„, I,,,..,,..-. .xrU...!. li:.' Pal.H.t >.•.•« 
v::."^unll..a,-s,v,.>.-^. 1 1.- n. st 1. .in, t- .-hatt. r 
^v,i.llv an.l n.- .h.-vnt 1> . i'T m , !..• .mH..,.. ..t n 

„,v.Mlar. a,. I n.,.tu~..n .v^ult. N. x. th. >>hx 
,,^.,,.., ,,,,Uv< nt th. rort.N a,-. -^U.Kuial. a ..•n...uhn , 

- , that h.' -.-nc'ulut..s. Ihiou^hi.-^ arni< ah-.u wil.ll>. 
,^^,,„„ .,,•,,,.• h.^h.r.nU.ll..-tuallan,lti..h,-nni,.ahU 

,.,,...1. ana in ..!.. a..-.,.... t-. th. aw N.s.-n 
, ,na lou.h a.-i ha^l..-t...ini.-.a 

;::,.a..n.^o th.: lu- h-.l> h^ht-h.,....a.ush.. 

(i\.r n 

expn-s>^s It, c-vin;: ana laut^h.n- .a^.U : now h. is 

Mtallv irr,sp..iiVihk t-r hi^ acti-u.^ a..! ninl..- a- 
oliH".r.vsults. It waih. no'a-..illiUlth.-fu.u.ti..n-^ 
! ! ;,, ,1,, riiili-r -lat.a. in tlic hlW ot ill--">- 

Umon"N^xMlu.n-folh.Nvs u,..m th.-st.M.uiau.>^ 
motor sinuuhiU.m of llu' heart uud r..sinruiion. 



^MTi:nr\ Mr.i)i(\ 

!.■ i.nlM. and r. spinttionH l.oth inmasf i„ 
nnnlMT, th. l.loo,] pn.s.un- rises, th. fu,.. ,l„.ho 

xnt,.,l In.t tl... h.^^li,.r,.art^<.f tho crchnnn .^,v;. 
^■'>, nn;! tlu. pat.,.m l„s...s r(msrio,n,H..s n..,rh r 
.n^rhth^bts, soun.l.. nnr painful i.npr.ssic.n. n ' 



liiiii : Ik- Imcoi 

aii(i li 

;; -a-ut; ti... nil..,. an.l n., ;: 
i;"^;b orlnn,' th.. -• .1..... ,,., pn.iu... 

• •.t»-~niL: ft tile . Vrll 

:ir<' tick 

tll' f.M I >ln not move wli.n tllrv 

"■'."■'^""•'"" l"'l"l '^ ^"ntract..,!. nn.ltl,.. pr(.vin„-< 
;-K..n,n. oMl... p,,i,.. ,,,| n...,n-at,on ,. s,L. ',! I 
,• ■■' -^l"^^'"^' "f ;1-'- rat... It i^attl,,.,. 

"!"f'"'"-^ an p..rfonM.,i. Th.. ,i,.pn .hom of ' 1 • 
•notor .vnnv. ,s follow,,! i,v tiu- ,1. .n...,,,, 
"MHcul;.,- ton, . ;n-i th.. ..,usd..s iM.Jn.. ,,,ut.. tl'uv 
an, -■.a... to n..,H.n.| to nH.rhan.,-al stimulation. Tin. 
'^ ''"■ "■-':''• "f.' that ,s n.,,uMv,i h.r t),.. 
'^'->' 7'"^-t"'" "1 <l,.lo,.atirui. an.i Un- ih,. ,,:, 

"'a.iual,Aa.nnial„,nolth,.ah,|,uninaUH..Ha \n', .' 

t i-ti,-ssh,n.l,lnot 1„. push..,l !„.vnn.l thi. -ta-v ' |f 

'"V ar,.. ..v.n ih,. involuntary . lo.^ Ui.-ir 

^:-7>>;i-''-;-Mtal,,luy... ,haMl. sphn.-t...^^^^ 

"■'■""," ••""^.^'"' '-l^^'l''"- 'vlax. Th,,,inn 


• it It.,, piilst 

. ;'■ •^"'' '■' .-^)'ii;it!<in ,-<_)ntinu.s. th.- nn.v.. 
T"'"' ""/•'"-' '-"- -ak.ran.l u,.k."; , 

^-v. au,l .nv.ular. an,l th. h,.arMinallv 'st^p. „ 

•''';•': ^''""""!'- -\^''»>r'no,]ofth..a,inHnHtnn 
n.n.u,•^.:^vhHhn...,^..^y,.p,,^.> . 

'•'V" ^^ ";•>' ' -y -.i.. l^M.thu. a^:Mnillustr;,tn,. 
"J^'^'- "';;-<""'<•>.. It.^otr..nnuu,vhour<}H.r. :. 

•^•...^: ...i pat.> iM ...iii move ill.- nnni-lcs tl,. 
^■----^ ^- ^'-huai. thru.|„al.iinv;-- 


(1) Chloroform. 

(■_') Ether. 

i:^i Nitrous oxide. 

(l) Many other substi- 
tution products 

il.rivt-.l (r.>:n ulcn 
llnl- llll'I ••thti~. 

Therapeutics. .\,.:. sih.tir- are ^n. n <> •- 

,,Kon«M.Ln.s.. so that pain n.ay no W ..xp - 

; ;iLtu.n<,aLonnnal..aminatHm...,.am^ 

77.V r//,r/ ,!,nH'r. of ,ni.psth.t:r. .n< '• 1 '• aU» 
^„ .,,,1/ Tl.H u^.allv tak.-< }.la(v l-fniv ih- 
t nM alvuna..rtl..i;^lu..n..■• 
, ' ' t; ,, 'I'hi< i^ our o til.. '^iviit.-L aiKl 


n^t coiiiinnn aaiiu't !•.- 

. V !h. lak.n that th. .< nll> una.;. ...' 

,l„„lv .li..^ fiMUi failuivnt tin- li. art. 

u-uallv an. to a' conjlunat,.., -t ;"-;■;--;.;• 
nnu-lM.f rh.. ana..tlH.tu- .uav ha^. ' ' ^" ; 

U.frnmsonH.a.^.a^. ..t th. Inn-, or th. op.ra- 

1 n.nia thai hr -houM ll.' 'H. hw Sl-ir .1 

'^'^'" r \lw^ h.%un■■aa- 
,vul.ty; ara '\ ",;,,.,;, i,<lopp..a ana art.r..-ial 
ininwrralion of thrana'-tnt UL 1. -^ \\ ^^ .^_,^,_ 

.irh...; thrnu,, l,:u-k .M.I th- tn,„nu. ,.ull..i nnl 


■''\Tj;i:iA Mi.iMi \ 

— • '"-•''''";>::x;r;r;j:r:T;!^::'r'^^' 

'"■'■'"■• o^uivj to >ii,i,l,.n 
<-"n.vntrat...i 'II, , ,; . 'i '^ ''''' ^''P'"" i^ tn,, 

:!:;,':":,;"' ''"■:•'-'' '•'"^-■'■. >f ti... van,, 

I,.. k,.,,t nn n, -i, ■ ..-.iMratK,!, ,,,,,,1 

''■-.-^.;v:'n;;;,,;:n';:; ■';;:::,':.;;;■;:''-••■■•■''■ 

■iVMi.l •! f , • ^"'''"•■"'' til" pati.'iil To 

f'-n:;:::;,:::;;:','''^;''"-'- ■■"'■■""'■ -i i- ..n',: 

I'M li!^ -l.|c 

I" a\(ii<t the 

^ Dings actin- on the Eye. 

tiiii"' ;i 

. 1 uini .,cl> id.-ailv ,)!• (•.•iitra V If 



;t-(,s actincv on THF, ITril. 



afUT s.nuf limr ainl on Ih.iIi .-yrs. it lluil il 
h.i. H.i.a .•.nn-.iUv ufuT al.^ol■l.tlon fmiu Ui" con- 

!,.i~.a.s'.'.:u-nonnn.~th, h,.\.uMl\.^ 

tl.rown th.. cnvuiHtiun. this shouH 
tint it^ ar.inn .^, and that wlu^n il arts aiur 
l„.,„,MhinNvn wao ;hr (ireMniilion \vh. n no v. .>..■! ^ aif 
l,„,^.;,,,.l ,, .io.> ^o h.rau.. il IS r,r.Mlatm^ lorailv 
th,.uuii th.. c-N.. it all th.. an..,u;< ana v. ins ot 
r,u..Nranlmaf.n.a.anatlM.aruuuillnot art wh. n 

i.„ ,llv upnlu-a. aithou.a. 1! Nvouia h.-t(.iv. ana Nvili 
' w Vh.n il,n wn mio th. •.. n. ra! cirrulaUnn it 
,hou- that Its artiun 1. .vntral. at.a that It a.-t. svh.'i. 
J, ,aint..tla-.-vrl..ranM. ^oni.ot n ,. ahsuiin .1 

If ,t ha.^ l-.n proxv.l hv ih. -,(• mr;,n^ to act 
.vnlrally llu' furili. r mx-^li-ation i- uWhc-ull, lor thi' 
rfiitral ni.'(aiaiii~in i- niiniutx. , ,, . 

If .1 ha^ hrm iMov.a to act lo.-ally, it may a. t 
,,;n.,, .,n th.- nMi^.M.lar hhr-s uf th. ins. on th. 
unninations of th. ihinl u.v^v m th. ni. ..r on th.- 
U.nnmaiion:^ of th. ..rMral >ynii.ati..-t.c m lii.m. 
Stmnhation oi th. thml n.rv. cauM.s th. puj;.! to 
,.,„t.a.t; :-.rtinn of il cus.s th. pupi to ..nat.. 
Stimulatuai of Ih. synil.ath.tic raus.s th.- l^upil t^o 
,liiai.: M-.tion..f it .muh-s th. 1.14,1! torontnut. 1 
,1.,, pui.ili-^ hv ih.hK'al action of a amu'. aiul 
^nn'uiatu.n of ih. thir.l n.iA.. NvUl i,nt cans., u I- 

U-,ct hut Vi-t th.' niu.>ch- is rcsjum^iv. to in.chanica 
.tnuuiatinn, It .hoNvslhal th. .n-Un- ..1 th. t uM 
n..rv. ar. naralvs.a. If the luipil is contnict.d b> 
Ih. am-, an.i"altho,iuai n-ponsiv. to nurhaiiical 
,tinmlation. ss ill not dilate ^^\u■u th.- thinl lu rv.- i-^ 
e,u. It sh.ASS thai tti. ol lii. tiuol n.r.. arc 
.tuaukUt-a. If a arug locally aUat.- the pupil, hul 

:z-Jsl2^MiM ~'j/ S m^ i^SS 


MATKKIA Mi;ni( \ 

..ot ■,i< |.„w..rf..lly .IS Stimulation oi tli.- sy.npath.tic 
■ ' • •^^'"•^^'f ^■•iiilar ....HTiments mav 1,.. 

■ pi'iijiieiits Ilia 

nic iii(»(i(. of acliMii (,f 

cla.-,,nl,.rtlH.,r,ua,narf..n.. ^ '' 

A. J'ar,r;r-, tu, t: iin'.nnt'.nns ,.f til. -h'., ■ ,..,.-. 

C'l Gelsemine. 
(7 Muscarine. 

' 1 I Atropine. 

i-ii Homatropine. 

(ii Euphthahniue ,,, w,. i 

•''^'""'"- Amyl nitrite. 

''.:;:;"7;i::;;r,,:::;: ''■■'■- «,,„„,„„,,..,,!,„„ 

Cocaine. • ^.,'>q'''''i' tu . 

<■. .!..• o >i^,j;/^. Ansesthetics (I, 

.a< iii u 

M'K'tu-s (i,./i(r,irt (/,<■ jfujJi, 

" ir .ictiojil. 

-1. 57/;.;;</a^ //;, /, o,ii,w/j,„js <-r tne third n . "P-i 

carpine. nicotine (pmhahls i " "' ^^^°- 

/•■ 'i ';""::!'' ;;■'■'""-'• Pliysosti^mine. 
.'■-!■; <ui,'ra .'.';/. AniEEthetics ,. u- •. )•■ rl,. ,r ,■ 
opium. • "' ^'" " 'ii^'U'Mi), 

-LM |Mii( and', ur,- iHrd t,, ,111,, ,\' 

i"'H'";-"riui,:dn,a.c.,;K.K.„,,i,:;i;:.; ,';,,:: 

.,,, - l»illBsi,..i.,« „„ ,1... ,i,,i.,, <■ ,,.. 

,,Kl.-. \C-TINr. ON <U;.;\N-^ OK ( .KN KllATlON 111 

(1, Atropine. (') PhysoBti^mine. 

r>) Hyoscyamiue. CI Pilocarpine. 

3, Honiatropine. (Ti Oelsemine. 

in Cocaine. IN Conine 

lulni-n.-uhii- IriiMMn is inrn;i~..l l-y airnpiii.- 
dar". dnM'-K liyocyuiiiinr. .lulurin.-. It i 'Uon ii~f.l 

• (Irls.-nnn: iKiriilv.^ ^ ihr rMmiiil ...u a. luu.cU.s 

, ,,Hri;illv Ihr Ifxator palprbr;.' iin^ thr .xt, riKil 

u[iu< \'\ its action (.11 thr UTiMinal uvvw tilam. lit ^. 

CoLMinr stunulatii^ lli. unsiniM-.l iiLn . in tnr 

,,,),;t.d nunihianr and llu- evi lidrf cuum'.-^ thr c\r to 


Coiiiiir I'ro.hur.s ptosis. 

Thr raparilv lor .<rfiii'.' hliK H mcrrasril hyslrych- 

uinr Santonimcausrsrn->t\i.MrMhrn yellow visi.m. 

H Drugs acting on the Ears.- Wr know wry 

liUlr ;ihout ih. action of (Irut.'^ on thr^. . giuiiiiir 

and .silicvlie acid causf noisr.s aii.l hu//in-. 

J Drugs acting on Sympathetic System. I h- 
fiaiou. fact has out that It an aumial hr 
Uvatr.l with a hu-r dosf of nictinr. .,r it thi- hr 
ai.r.lir.l locally to thr suinTior cnvical or uliu r nnvous -ran-lui. stimulation of Thr nn-vr 
ImIow thr -aiiu'lioii no Ion.-* r pnuluers it- (•iiara(^lrr 
islic dYrrls, .■.'/. co»islnc;tu.n of ihr rar vrs-r .. .lila- 
l,.li(.n of Ihr |.ui>il. srrrrtion of saliva, althou-h 
-cumulation ahuvr tnr -an-lion dor^. 'i hr -an-hou 
crlls air clrarlv paialysrd. A ^mall dus. at lirsi 
txcitrs thrni. "Curara, lohcHa and coiiinr havr thr 
<iunc rtV.rt on -an-liu, and .-^o pmducr rtlrclrf on thr 
luiii-t Vfssel- and rcrrli..ns whirh havi' hrrii ^U - 
.erihfdon pp. -Vi. -'^T and 77. Sphaolinic and .-stimu- 
lates .sympalliotic gan-lia ami is ihu.s anta^'onistic to 

Division \l. IHiiu- Ji« tiiitf on llir Oi«;siii«. 
tit 4i<>ii4'!'ati<M«- 
A Aphrodisiacs. Th. -r an- suhslancrs whirh 
iurn usi' srxual dr-ire. 'I'hwc arr runcnvuhl) many 



ways in s^hu-h thi. nii-ht tak.. p|;uv. Tlicro is a 
*■♦"'"■ '" 'f"' '"'"I'ar -|.inal, irni.rin,, ,,f wiii-h 
ca..y n-rfioM. and ih.s ,s rap;,!,!., of i.,n^ ..x.-it. ,1 

""■"•;''■• '""'^'" "■'••'">■ "•"'" ^'-'•'■'vl..-nu. an-lth.. 
^"'"'^' "'-"';'l:M„>..h..-. ,.,-,Im. part-. i„ ,M,r „n 

^" , ;■ '':> 'J'i""'i'"t ,ip,„i ,).,. ,vn.t,.i i'.'.hh 

•;' = '' i H'Vlu,v>u|..-ta,M-.swhi.-(i „n,.nr,,. ;h,. .,,„,,,; 

■|■|'.■^■li.>^^u,K.i^,.^,h,u..|,...,.,...,i ,,,;„,,,, , 

ii""|. I ;i,-t,,,„ 1. n.,tc.■lt.Ulil^ ki:..A„. • "^ 

;.'; ^^^'yf"""*^- •■" camphor. 

(| Cantharules. ,,., Phosphorus. 

I 1,1 Cannabis indica. 

_ B. Anaphrodi8iacs. W , ,i,, „.„ Uu.^v i.- ,,,rt i,n 

>"li;f liritiiti,,,, \\l,i,.) 

1 1.-: 

i| Opium. 
{I) Belladonna. 

Ill ei'c !>iii'_r '!!■ itiudviii 

]'!•(, hat. I_\ act f( •1)1 rally. 

''''■'" '' ' 'I 'i- ;iii.4'luii(ii .,i( - ai'r 
.11 Bromides. ,.-„ Hyoscyamus. 

-' Iodides. ,,,) stramonium. 

{Ti Digitalis. 
I -I Purgatives. 

C. Ecbolics nr Oxytocics a,v ui,ic-h 
'inn.-:, or .uMu..luu.h atUr IMrtumum incv;^. 

Ti . ;. a., 

I- I Quinine. ,;, !»,.„„ r ■, 

(.'.) Hydrastis - ?°^^^*"1 Purgatives. 

t sfvi, I i' I - '' Suprarenal extract. 

I J) Savin ,1,. J . Is..,,. ,,, Cotton Root Bark 

aiMuliipii in I't/n- (i;u Hint 

Ocfll U^f'l i.l 

iuu nu.^ l.t-KUii. Thrv h. 

lln.uaiij, tur tul., lUll-{JO.-,f. 

INf ;ill!ii;- t uU 


( h Quaiacum. 
i:,) CantUariclea. 

(•'. I Borax. 

nrTc.s xcTiv; on s, cuk.tion or mh.k W-' 

D. Emmenagogues aro .ubslanors uso.l to in- 

,n,i<p the mrn^n-ual t!ow. Dnninution of tlw in.n- 

strual tlnw i< a .vn.,.tnin of ^o many <lisra.fs thai a's which n.m.dv thcsoaivn- 

^c-t Hnnu-na,.>.u... hut th. suh^tancs wh>rh 

,,,,n to hav. a siKTial urtiou in nu-na.^u..' th. nu-n- 

sriiial llow art' 
(1) All Ecbolics. 
(21 Asafetida. 
Ci) Myrrh. 

ar.. y^^^*-. inm.'-n.n.aM..... co.i.:iv..r o>l an-l -Irychnm... 

;:;;,;'; ;L;,..;,..ft..n a..l t! n...t..f 


E Substances which depress Uterine Action. - 

Th.-si' aiv .-niplowil to n-i.ain thr contraction.^ of 
thf gravid iiltrus. They aiv ^ 

(1) Bromides. 

(J I Opium. 

(:ii Cliloral. 

, t) Cannabis indica. 

F Drugs acting on the Secretion of Milk. 

^i^d.trtuir.iues. or -hn-s which increase the s.cro- 
tioii of milk. 

Jaborandi .u..l Alcohol. Of i>"- J'^Vn" rl\'!'v 
,1, ,' Tlu- MTH lion i> so ...uch un,l.r li... c-o,.tn.l ..( l.... 
„„„,,,d h.allh th. h.-l waylo .n.un- an al.un. ant .....r. 
una 1. lu k.-. p ll..' -'.nrral health a f-'OM-i a^ pu.-.sihl.-. 

AntniaUu^Uvjojiu:^, or dru-s whicli .h .t.^m. the 
sccrition of milk. 

Belladonna, .ali.r .-ivn infrnaliy nr ..ppl.-'l lo<;a!l.v 
i, V. ry HV.-i-ni. aam- locally mi ihr ....unnKiry ,'.ari.i 
■i.; Mn'ihi- ^wt-at ulanii-. , , , 

The following- dru^!^. \i i^'iv. :i, :ii.- iXOtica cy .'^ t,-..... 
„.l art ther^-n. Wn .n i.y Uu- .lull: U.l of an:5e. oil uf 

i:.i Chloroform. 
(tp) Tartarated anti- 



■''Vll.l.;\ MKI.iCA 

■"■•'< ■-■'■'■■■ "'i:;t;;;;j;::v::i';.n:rir-"-'"' 

I'ii'i. iiHivuiv /iiif !,.,(„ ,, , • "';""' '"Miiiitli, iron, 

nH..ti,..H,i„,nuZ.:.i'r ;':;''';'■• ^^'^'•i^-ti.:ath..,. 

.' '"i" ""• ""'K-^" "H'tv tl,at tl„." 

I'iiil'i will ,.,,t t.ik.. it Th. I '""\-" 'la^tv tl,at til,. 

• .^'in. ,,/,;,;;;:;';;.;;';r;;;;/;;:!:;|;:,-'>- '■'■ -I -.•...! 

(Mir kMoulfd',', ,.f il,,, 

'i"i"'ii;il 111. tul.(.li>,ii (.f th. 

I ] ' '" ""iniai III! til .(I 1^11, ,,f ,1,, 

<•.-.-.. than -. h..<.nahv:..iv...t...lun.l.;..hV 
-n.Hnns uhoutth,. ac-nnM..r,|,„., .,„ „M.tal.u' NH 

\\"i'l- 111 coniiiioii M 

I'll (lni.i:-;iuv (-(msi.i.r, ,1. Two 
■'' :in' ah,.rati\c an.i loiuc 

'■' I-': >■- a!.. r.„.. „„. IV. ..,:,„,' ■',;:,"■ '■"■!■",'■■ 

;':'n::r;;:^:Vti:^^'';T-^'- -•■.■- 

Tonic. liii 

altci;.',\.-. \, , 

- 1.- :i tt fin ii> 

y<\>ii 111,,:,, va-u. thill, 

"," ■" ■ »~ ••"IlllllOllh I'lill'lMV,.,! if , ,, . I 


«{ flif l.;<M),i T(.,. , ' ,.u ^ -li;- >ri,.n ,„ th,- .( 


MATKIUA Mi:i>l('A. 

Ml ,h,. ,il. tancr.Aal.uul lo ... u. ..-, :i.-.i ,»..• lOuirtv,:!.-.]... i.v! 


Water. Peroxide of Hydrogen, and Oxygen. 

\4li \ i>i>'rii. I- %'■'*. 

S..ti:.r. l'Mi.:u-.-l 1-y,, fi-.m Jo.„\ luaiuiil !'• r. 

nj) J)lt-ClilltUi!le. 

A( TION.* 
External. \n in.htr.r.ul l.ath (SM- !H F.). or 
,,„., inuhuh ih. l.alh.r n.'.th.r Imt nor ml-l, 
prudiicfs no iKirticubir I'tbet. .• i . ., i 

' Coia l.;ith. mrfusc- III.- pPHlurnoM..! H. .1 
,l,.inu-: luat In.iu ih. I' if ihrv arc pruloii-.-.l ; 
:h..r.tnrc. ui fn-t th- ImmUIv l.u.p.rattuv may v^:^^ 
l,„hliv l.m wh.n ih.- lo- tlH- pnuluclion il 
(\\U ''hu- aniMunl of r'lrl.niiu- an.l t-xpuvd H m- 
on-i<.-.l Th.- rat.' of llH- pulM. ami r.-piralioii 
•a 'tir^l ri^. s. but -.-n fails, 'llu- skin b..coim-H 
pal., an.l th. conaiuon ..{ -..o-r-^Kin i- s.-'n. Atur 
thr luiih tlhr .liiration and Wu.i'W^un^- .uiUibl.- tor 

_, _. ...u :.. .1.; 
i,f -Lil'-'i. lli»^ wora ,1V,...;:. ■- ' 

Innk .dw..y. be U'k.n m uuan i,h;ysioloKicul acliua, ur u.:lu... 
in lu-.ilth. , .( 




•linVr.-iit persons varv wwi-Iy, i • -, r \- 
A ^vanul.atlMf sut)l..i..,nIv,.roIun.'..,| ,ntv ran 

'•"•'•<• IS pr-.f.Ls.. i..rsi,intti,H, 

iniernai. W arm uat.r .r ..s ri ., /, .. 
M....,n,.|, l,„t,|„„ldvlr,„„,h.. I ,„,|. ■„„ ' 

f'™--^"; ■ "f nun,. ..,■: I ,,:;;,■ ' nii|.aiNs,lii.'.-ti.iM If., ,.„„ I I ,. '■ ■'■' 

• .'iiiniuit o( urinary nitrM,^.,, 

• IS Herein. <] W.., .. . ■•■•.-.» uum,-,., 

'""' <-"|'"^cI,.s an ,,lac,.,l 

>•' H ^alt so ut.nn of Hul. .onc-nlrat,,:,. ; t , i!! 

''M-.....K., i„ ti„. ,„i i,v,„.,„i,' '.;■■';'' 


'-M'">"iiic Hs r. (,Mr,i. the 

External. ('./,//<,/'//, ■,,•.. ,,■]<• .1 

<OI,It HNTM-^ 


f....l,n.' nf w;iri,ill. .1... - liol fnlloxv !i rul-i 
l.ath '.luuiia n..t us., Thr i-on> .lailv u^. 
nf a c.i.l l.atli prol.aMv .l.mun-li.s tli.- t-. 
,..^,,,1, ,,,ia. Col'l l'='tli^ an' ^ai.l to aiT.-.t atlarks <■ 

fever Tli. first (.f puliinu' th»' patifiil m tlu 
,„l.i;,,a..- is to car<., froiM tl.. stimulaim,. 
.,f ihr skin l.v the n.M. an in.T.asr.l 
nf f(.r\hi-> nas.m an.l l..cau>o of Uh> c^- 
atiun of m<liatioii, ih- rcclal trinj-.Tatun' at first 
,iM~- a litll.'. l)Ul soon, owiii!,' to tlu' amct ah-^trar 
t,nn <.f ana to thr ainnn.slHa pn.a.iction 
of luat whirh .luickly s.ts m, it falls rapiaiy. a..a 
..,.„tuni..s to a., .0 after tl..' patwnt is tak.n out 
TIh. fnuuralun. of a bath for a patunt with tvphoj. 
n.vrr <ho..ia lie Intw. .n (;s an.l :.h !• . ; lu- sho.aa 
1,, low.-n a into it hy a >\uiU an.l .vmam m t.n 
,„i,„U,,.. unl. - I., for. that tmn- h. ^ Mu'ns ..f r 1^ 
l.u.<t- • h.' i^ 'h. ti hftinl hack to h.a. Nsh.iv a hlankrt 
,V thrown ..v. r him. If this ir..atn,ri.t i- 
;,aoplv.l th.. lath"ou-ht usually t.. hi-'ivwi wh.n. s.r 
th.axillarvtruip.ratu.v n lOH F- N.nut.mrs th.' 
pati.nt is'plac.l in a hath at a temp, ratun 1 . 

l,..l.,w his own, ana th.. water is .•ooU-l hy putting' 
n, co\d water or ice, till it has fallen t.. ahout «.H I ., 
,,lu-n h.' is tak.n out. Often instea. .. havin- a 
lath he IS sponuM.l with cM wat.^r as he lies in lud ; 
this savis tn.uhle.hut hoth spon-in- anaacoM pack 
.which consists ..f a sheet four f.-hls tlnck w,un|| 
.,ut in coia water ana wrapp.a rouna the nak.'d 
IhmIv f..r fiv... or t.n minutes) are nif.nor t.. a 
hith Pneumonia mav h. treate.l hy th.' appli- 
cation r»f roia, irenerally hy means of ice poultices 
;umlica to the chest. To make an ice poultice, put on a 
J:..r.. ,.t .rut,.., p.Tcha tissue a lavrrof wooa wool, tiun 
;;;;; or iK.wa;rea ic;. spnnkka with a httle salt, turn 
over the e.A-e of the -utta percha-which ha^ h.-en 


1' ft uid. ii|(,ii")i 

^r^Tl;mA ^frnr<■^ 

" ;" '" '■"^"' ill tli.- )M,n|[ic, . ,,,h1 

''•' '-^Mvatnn.ii I,,- any.,. i,i.,. hyperpyrexia 

;•''' '^ 'UTi-i locally H,hul'^...l,|u,. ?;.,,, 
•;---- l-...n a n.nni,.:r..f ,..,,,!,,,,,,, 

I -. 
a ■[ - 
I • 

i .; oi ; ; '"' '• r"i -"'""•■f... eni.i Lim. 

" ""-^^ '" •""■■^t |Mil„i.,riarv I; .Ml.,,,} pv ( ',1 
'-- va,.|.h,.,,Mvfo,vhW,ostatic "^ 

--■•i'H..;;-n.n.,,. soothe pj.:',:;t;^ 

'■""'""- "" ■■"!.. Mn,t I,, ii„. ,nt.,-i,al 


■ --ivin. aU' 


;;;;:,',r 17"''' "'''"■' '• v«:„.„.U; • : 

•nail i\ In lore- "ohh' t,i i, i . ""n. 

lllN(iliinii II. I • •^'"«^'"in> lull 

'■'i""it increased perspiration 

-'^' ''•'aKuialt..,ai,ntl.athu]nd,ha i: r:.;^ 




, , oontract. itna t.u'n- i^ no .luphnnsis. A I.muI 

hoc Lull, has .1... >.un.. .l!,.t.. huMo a W.yU-^u.'. 
\ u..a tor a (-.4.1 .ullu-h.a.. 
or for uuM norrhoa. Spon-ui- Nvith hoi NvaU r will, 
hv tlu- vuMMilar .hlalalion aii-l- sutal.n- U cauSi'S. 
nauc.lh. l.'nii..'.alu.v^l: hilv.nt.v.r. 

h.hiwTO r..o,u l.ia..n- an.ll.s F ,. proi-rly 

,,,^,^,„„ nia.thnnl. l.ul U is ofu n mil. .1 a Nvarn. 

I'ali ^ Ul'i'l "=^^1' '^ ii.l.T.u..lialr U■l^^vrl^ Nsaiia 

;,,i;.,M. A.^Vlluu,'al.ovr'JN l-.Hah..lbalh. l' < W 

,. 1.. ,,i„ l„.irauinprnil.uv jwurl, ..viT 10- . 

laternai llu' <l'Ht ihrtai.rniic u>.| i.t watn i-j 
t„ wash oul Ih.. U^.-u. s. ..-i.-c-lally ih. kuhuy^ an.l 
,,, kr.'Plh.- uilUr.UiilU-. ^nUM-lx'-''^^^'"';^"-'"^';''" 
,,, ,h.. fnnnalio,. of gravel or urnuirv ra can hv 
.Inukui- pUntvof pur. uat.r pr^x.-nl U.. if torina- 
,;,, ofcrNslaU.u.-han^ 

,h. h.;,,....!..^' of allc-al.uh arc- vsa-h.d out of I 
„nnarv svst.ui I. for. iht-y havr luur U. ^'row to an> 
.,/., ami \t ll.v of uric- ucMatlaroiunu. 

,1.,,;,,,., o.- ^^at..r .iunua^hcs ih.- of llu- 
,,,,,aio.i, lor 11 dc-eivasc-s ihc- amounl of k. . aci-l 
.vivua. ll IS ^taU-a lluil llu- lo ih- tonua. 
,;.,not .all su.n.. may also he- in v\n.k^>y\^'^ 
.U-uauM^ot lu.i.i, ot v,aM^a, im. -la- iHc. iK-c^m^^^ 

l... c-omcntratc.l ami tlosss ii.oiv .lu.ckl \Shn 
Up^-4uanutu— t uuvr a.v arunkil >liouia usually 
h.-'Iu.rc- ai.lill.a ual.r. ami sl.ouia !.■ laKc-.i 
„,;as. A, 'lass of c,.iawau.rlal. won rising' mlh^ 
monan- will with .omr pt-isoiis cau^e^llm l.owc-ls to 
W- op urd. Warm waU-r is an . lut lie. 

* h .. iM.i.oss.Wlc- ui llu. \n-o\i U> 'A-^f in....- than a hrit-f 
,k,lcn uf ball.^ u.ul th,- ara.K.n^ .-t ^v.acr una ..u.,. r.i. ^suU•r3 


' JcaMsaBET^jg 



^' yyuj \ ^f| ni< 


•ill U'jU - -•li^il h.ii ,.i I- • ■ I . . 

o , ' " ' ' ' ' i"Xi'i<' "I Hv<lr<.{.'. II n 

vi-Min- -Jo nr ;!(» vohinM-.;. 

CiMLAiTi:!,.. r..i„ 
t:i-l''. l;. , .1, 

Dose. ■ to 2 fl. (lr 

•■''i^;llllv acii 

■!<".> .1,1,1 I, „,„,,| .,^,j I , ^ I,,,,,,.,,.,,!,. -, 

,1,.,.', ,,:'■',;' !;^' '■""--"!■-■ f"i-iii<.iu,,.i,i; 

Action .\m, Thkkai.,.:, tk s * 

^■ii.u!:-^;:",.;''l^;':^':r"^'-"T''i"i*"'" •>.!,-„- 

;:;;-r;; ;t'--' ^''-"' - 


1 : 



•m it cuni.^ out ..f tl." rylijvlr v.rvc.M. ihv tulu. 
;.ona.u-tinu' it Anml\ 1- ^arP.m,ar,l i^y li-a wat.T. 
Tlu- ..M.hinatinn of llio bni. tit m th- al'ovr <1h. a ^.•. 
i.not thatthrl.lo,..lab<..rb^ iu-m.. th i.i lh>' non.uil 
;,„u.nn! uf nKv.n. Iml that. owurM.. nni.Ml..l -v- 
.,m-atinu. tin- ■air st.L-nat.-^ m llu- aK.w, and llu; 
,/,,,,l^,,i„„ of oxvi^'H. 1. luls to th. quirk <l,t>il^.nn ot 
it intn thr alv.nli, an.l hrncv th.^ normal anioun.. can 
Ik. alKorb.Ml. Tliat taken m sniutinn in i\w pla-^nia is 
ospi eially valuaMr, fnr It .^ rra.lil V uMVt n tn tho li-su. <. 


Till. \LK.\I.1N!'. M1".T.\1.>. 

Potassium. Sodium. Ammonium, Lithuun. 

|»OI \H^H II. 

Syuihul. K. \toM,ir %vi._'lil :i'.M.-.. (Not olVu-iiil.) 
Wii.-i. tak.n bv tlir innuih. iM.ta^sivu.. salts ,uv .■xrivt.-i 
a. quirklv a^tl.y;.- .h^oiiu..!, ^....o . iT. rt .. i.roauc..a hy th.- 
,„„.;-.i,nn inn. Lai this is nally i..nvertully .l-prr^sanl tu all 
;„ ,v,. an.i inUM-i.. tissue, as is >huwn hy lo, al .pi-luatinn nr 
aft.r Mihcutun...ui^ inj.rtion. in Nvh'.rh --i- .x.-n t.-,, ,. ,..,l 
„.,irlv -orapi.l :'.^ ah-orption. 

i. I.iqnor l»ola'»».sr. Snlnumi .■{ ( u. nc I -,.i~ii. 

*S-,, 1 \» iLiiifuus ..plulion ,,f p.)ta->iinii <-iirhniuU.- 
.- h,,',lMi'\vilh -hik.-.i Vv.r.,: Th. .■-:ii..vr,atanlli.r.n4...ypho„..,l 
,.tT. KCO, .Ca(»»Hi, CaCO. • -iKIin. 

(•m\iu-tkus. Acolnurl.-s.siilkalitiMlui.lwilh a 
■uia ta-l.'. Sp. iir. l-Or.M, .Sfr, ":/r/i .V-." p-r r.nt, nr -', -r. 
;„ 1 ,1. „/ pnta.-r,.n hy.h,.x.a.. u, wabr. To l-. in .-n , .. 
.•la~> hotth's with airti^-ht >tnpp.T> m , l ■ 

iMiM-iuuKS. Carhoi.ic a.iT hn>.. -ulpliatf-^. chLT .ic- Aci.I. aci-i 5aU ^ nutaitic .=i.ts an-t 
,,,,,uaUoMS nf a.nn,..-;ia.,na. hyu^cyainu-, an-l .Ira^ 
LLun. Ih. alkaln.a- nf th... thr..- b.-in^ .W'<.s...l h> 

r:.ii-tu' r..taK. AM ,iTiilni,ls an- i.r.-cipitat.-.l hy alkaia-.. 

Dose, 10 to 30 m.. im'y (luuua 

'2. I»ola*»»»» r:ni«»lM*J». 

Cau-tit; I'ota-h. I'nta- 

111 H". ill ox 

.!.■. KH<». Sipu. 





1 o*> 

ClIAUA) Tfl,^ (,) ,], ' ,, ■ , . 

Internal. .1/, ,,',, -\ii-.,i, i 

Ln,a::;:;:i^,,,^:';;;:;;:-'V;!';:t-;! ■;.■■.... 

■"•"i"i IS neutralized. i;..,, ,,..,"'*/ 

'iiiiuriitriiai df 

i'lKalKs an. .iuu-iviv al-nriM.i 

^''('■sfiNr. Aikalus l...i,i I,, a 

"i "'; ^'l="l^--iii'S nivulat.- in tin. Mood a. bi 

11/' IS (ll tlu- 

1- -icticir.-it. 1. said [,, !„■ iMrna-rd Ti,^ ' 

!i<i' of ■iT -.1,, -1, ■ ■ I ^ '"■ *-"""niiiia 

• ^''y '•"■-•■ aiiiouiii. ,,t nota-^.iiiin ...If 
;| vdpressant, „,.,,,, ,,^,,,,1 ,^,,;- 

,,/'■'' '.•.'•^•. Aihahn, f-ta-siu,usihs ar.. diuretic 

M-M, .X... ..a .n an. urine. ;.nd.nn7 

and Uuj. nieu.asin^ U. iKHVcr ul hoidn.^ un. a.ui ., 

i OT A--H 


J:,'s},irator>i passoqcs. Tlw l.roiicl.iiil s.ori'Uon ih 
.,..n(r:iilv increased ni -iufir-fity. nna ii i> rm.l.-n.l 

[..,S Visrl'i. lull with rOUir i-.- ■ • 1 --rhllH It !.^ 

',/.,,, riu. iii-nleiiL:.''! contra, u-.i! j-nuiuco.l !>> 

V. luniir nr bi.niuii >;iUs is ,iIh.1i^1h4 hv pota^^iun, 
^.,lt. Th^var- .1,1. rl niUH-uhii- s>alU-;. iUhI 
ilVpr'.. al-.; ih. 11. rv.-i). -:y>lciii. .-I'f* uilly th.- Lram 

liii.l spinal c.)!'!. , ,, ,. 

vV^^/«./;^^ . i'nla -una .alt^. Um all a kali.'-, 
if .Mv. n ill lai-i' 'l-'^<-. i-'ul.ahly m-ri a>,- lu.labohsin. 
l,.,,ii,i" t.> a i.M.lation <>f pralM'is and ta'.^. 
t.,r (.,' Ih. L.'.lv alkali.s tV>.,(,ui.t!> i.n.u...t. 
ox.aaln.n. A- a lii. cAcnlu.n M '"' '' '; ;" 
(■ivaM.i, Ihal (.1 ainiuuMla .hniin!>lua. i.:u l!i' tt'tal 

uitroLrt 11 1- ii!fi'» aM'il. 

■riii.i;M'!.r 111 > <.! I'^'i ">"-"• 
External. ( au-iu- [n~:,,.]i lia> loiii ust-.l i.- .!.• 
-trov lupus an.i il was f..rinrrly .ini.l.'N i '1 I" mai, 
i.^ut- (■aivinu-lbftakeuU.lnuiLil.arliPU. tont. il 
fuM- %. rv lai-i.i.N . LiU>""- po^^i-^' '^ '»^^"i ^" .li> -Kv 
,,Mtlir fatlviiMU. r-, ami lli..nuiu'liiy cu-aii^i llif.-kni 
\,[.Un-r ..p.-rali"ns, an. I NN.ak.r r-.nutini.-; ot it aiv 
,,n,,l..v,-l tnIv:t:.^. t i;.- . i^.K'niiW u. cvilain chn-mr 
' 1,1 .ii-^. aM-^. A 10 p. r-Cfiit. s..iuii..n i- i* ciuuun.tra 
.,'; r.iiiovi' an in .'n.wn,._' lu.- nail, u hi-h ..> paina. 
^vllh tiir ll.n.l. an.i m a !\ w ...■.m.i. is >o ...!bn..i 
;lial much ran U s.-rap. .1 ni\. 'l la- pnu. , uiv -s 
iv.H.atr.i till th.' nail tliai r.-inains is sulhcimtlv thm 
tn hf riiiK.v.a wiUi a i-airof tint- scissor^. DilnU' a.-tin.-^ a- M.iativcs. ivluvf it.-hin..'. 

Internal. To ohta.n th. t-Ittcls ol aikalfs upon 
uUirnai ..r-an^ the hi.aii.L.nat.-, curat.', and uctaU- 
,,t p..ta>suni ar.' pivf, rahic to i-.ta^h, for thai i.. upl 
I,, irntatf ih.:- stoinacli, l)Ul il is occasionally u>. 'i 
ill sniaii ii.i>cs us it ^u-iii^ .-eua-^iT. !■■: ••,- ;--:■- 
Toxiculujy, see Soda (p. \'^->j- 
;|. l»ola!ssii farboiia*. r.,ur.:>iuiu Cinb-uMi. . 


'•MTi:iu\ MKi.r.A 

th<. r.url.on;U. r.f pola.,,,' ' ^■; "• V" '' "-"'V^s little l,;.t 
caluwu, .arhonat... and ;arh;f;,'^"""'' ''""'- -l''^^'" 

-"suluhl.. i„ al,.„iH,l. ■ ' '*" '" "' "''" '^''■';''" ■ : '-^ 't' ' . 

FMrrnnrFs. Siilj.hat. ., H.Iuri.i.s. 

DoHe.5to20g-r • ' "" "^ "•""" f""-l;. 

( AiiuiN \ [ i:. 

■■' ,"^::'-;::::, o;;;:,,:;:'"™:, ^;";::rt: "; '-■" » -!■■«- 

•nn. KCo,,c,) . 11,1 "kikI, ""■ '■" '^''l'" 

lMiti;irv. Tl,.. railH.nat.- 
Dose, 5 to 30 gr. 

Action ok Vot,<.u-m I;„ai;i:onai k. 

Tiu. potassima i.ica,i,n„at.. .Moo .,„.lu• 

Sto/narli . pntoc.;.,.,, i.: i 

,,,,,,4„-. . ." '•'* =■•= »i: f'uiidic iiijiiiiinn<' till' 

^Hstnc secretion ,s v.ry useful when .n .^cJ,sn[. 


rOT\SSIUM lUCMM"^' \T'' 


,,uanlilvof^^1^tric juico issocret.-l. O ion such juioo 
is iuflTi'Ctiril, an.l much (lysp^p^ia r.^sult-^, hut noruuil 
.r.miric 1U1.V . MTivr...! whm the alkah hasn-^Ud Uu' 
r.ian.l-;. Til.- incivaso of the antis.ptic aci.l srcrotion 
U valuahl. HI casrs ..f .iyspcpsia associatt-.l with h-r- 
ni.'ntation in ih.- <t...nuich. Tjiiu kl i r iilil.. y W' ti ikri] 
afiiiTUh^li-ii . li^u wudi iiajLii_rJt:iLi-utuL-^ aiid.IIiu 
^ -"V--^ fn.nM.rul fruciations,>-<pc-cually if paui 
rrpn.riit ul<o. hut it i> hi'tt.T tivatiumt to ivuiovt" 
tl,.. ra;i^-- "f til.' dvsiHiHia. U i^ not a coimnnn 
,,,H,.av for .Ivspi-psM, hicarhonat.- of soaiuni hriui,' 
u^uall'v pivf.nv.l. Kithrr i^ hnirfuMal Nvhtui niurh 
nni.u'i. pn-MUK.forthHi^ v.iulu-d L-s vised hv 
alkali*'^ It -^h.iuld not he ust'd as an alkali ;n (•a--rs 
i,f pMi.,,nin- hv nun. ral acuU, h»fau>.- of th.' .volu- 
t„,n of carhoniV a<ud -a^. r.irarh(mat.s a.v ryvd m 
,,,,f. ivnc- to rarLonatr.. as tlu^ latt.r a.v far to,, 
tron.'lv alkalin.. for th.- stoniarh. I'otash wafr is 
..ftrn'^.lVunk as an cffrrv^.-inu' watrr m-^tra.l of soda 
wat.r It ^houM h.. a solution ■ HO -r. to tlu- pint) .d 
,,ota~<iuni hi.-arbonatr in wat.T into whi.di ( O, ,iras 
und. ra pnsr^ur.-of four atmosph.ns has L.Tiipas-.d. 
r.inrna^. Alkalirs (h'cri'as.-thc pan.u-.atic si'cn- for th.A- inhibit tin- foriuation of uni-tnc juut, 
:,M.l tin' pancr. :itii- flow is .xcitrd hy adds. 

/>",../ I'otassiuiu hirarhon;it.' cnn'ulat.s in 
ihe hhmd as ^urli. It was fonn. rly mu.h us..l m 
rh.'Uiuatiff.v.'r. hut is now suptT-^ch-d hs -^Mlicylatoa. 
I'rohahlv It di.l no -'oo.h In t'out it is u'lvt-n to in- 
cna-^f tlu' alkalinitv of th.- l)lood whicli contains an 
i.xco« of nric acuh" hut th.-r.' i< no < that it 
hcnctits L'out. and th.- many alkalin.- nun. -nil waters 
us,-d f(.r this dis.-asi- are .-iViracious h- oaus.- tu-y 
cause diuresis and r.-nd.>r the urine hss aci.l thus 
•i^sistin'- the .x.rttion of uric acid. Totassmm l.icar- 
honatels hehrved to he ha-matinie : that is to say. 
it i< ihou-'^ht to increase the ainounl oi hjemo-,ai>r,in ; 
hut a< fo^this purpose it is usually j,'iv.-n with ir,.n. 
il^ h;ematlni<- 5v,w.r ha^ not y.-t h.-.n 


r, J 


"•f ^T|•I;I \ ','1 ; ;,. \ 


•». l*ot:is<^ii 

( (I (I II pK 

tas-iuni Aectat.-. 

Solabilitn. 2 i(' I , ■■ |"culiar nlmii. 


Dose, 10 to 60 gr. 

< II, oil' <(.,,K,,, '•••«•«• 

' ■ 1 .iM: 

ti -uu!;!- 

■Dose. 10 to 40 g-r. 

A'Tinv „;. rMrv..nM Am T^T, ^x;, (Vn;^-n- 

External. No .ruci,. j;,,,,,' nMr-l ti. v .„• 

imernal. Th, .,..„,,„„.!,„-, ,,,,:„^,„,. „, „_,. 



^ rn;\ii:. 

li-.^-ilM \riT\T' \M> (ITH.VTr. 


I:'... I. Tli<v irivr 1«. I'll liirL'fly u'lvm for rlim- 
iiiiitic fiM !•, I'lii iii-i- ti"W r.mly cii^)!!!;**'!!. Many 
l.,-li,v.' I'l'th -iilt-^ ;irf i)f Lji-tai valuf in •jnnl ; if tli;il 
i-^s.Mis lln-yilo not iiK'ivd-ie the powtT of Llxxl pl.tsnia 
to dissoh-t* sodium liiiir;itt'.th. y probiiMy ai'L by ai.linu' 
the .'MTftion itf uii'- arid. 'I'li'y art- j.nwtrfully uiiti- 
Horl'iitic. tlmt i- t.. .-ay. ih. v pr.v. iil^ ^i^iLU^ 1'"^ 
th'V ai-f not so ctVi'-acious a- 1< iiioii juij^y^ Ijjjii.' 

Ki'inrh.-. Altl'oiiL'h in li' ahh tlic ilinrfsis jro 
.luccl hv i-itrat>' and ar.'ta'. of pota^-iuni is sliL'lit. 
and thi'Hn a and oilier >()lid- of llir m-iiif aiv arliially 
d( civa-t-.l. y, I clinicil .■\| .rj. ncc diows that I'o'Ji ar.-. 
Ill i;!iL'lit> ili-ias.', diurelu-. 'I'h. y aiv fr.'|Ufnily 
UM-d 111 liii.> discast- and in frvti i4i condition-, and 
hIm) to ituTca-f tlif aiiiouiH of iiriii.-. an-i thu- n. r^ 
liloVf patholo<.Mfal lliii'i- ii! .'a^. -of l.i.iii-itii' rtVusion, 
a-iil< s, AC. hiur. tic- arc Ih-! coniliincd, and t!i.' tol 

lowmu is a u' i niixiurc : rotas-ium acetate, -Jo 'i-. ; 

tincfnc of s,|iiill. 10 HI ; -piritof nitrous fllu r. ;;i» \\{ ; 
Siiccus Sc'oiiarn. 1 i!. di'. ; water to 1 tl. o/.. 

'I'iiev render the urine alkaline, and an much em 
ploved for tins purpo-e, liaMm: the advaiitaL'c over 
other potas.-ium -alt- tha.t tii. \ do deraiiL'c 
di^'L'Stion. They ,..r. (f u- m tu'nal ii. phi ili-_. f<u' 
the urinary alkahes al<t the e\juils;oi: o! tatt\ 
(■:iA<. Not oidy do tii. y prevent ihc precipi- 
tation of uric a(ud, and thus hind, r th.' to;!i;:i^ 
lion of uno acid t,^rav.d. hu- p. rhap- liiey will 
di>-,(.lve smiU uric aci<l calculi. To i<eep th.' 
at the alkalinity iiecissary for thi- purpo--e, U) to 
(;o L'l-ain- of ihe'ac.'tate or cutratc shouiil h- di-solvc li 
in lour ounce- of uatii, and taken every four hours. 
If more than this is u ed, harm is done, for an in- 
-ohihle hiurate form- mi the surfac- of the calculus. 
With maiiv p.aiit nts it sutVu es if such a do.-e ill a 
tuml)ler of wat.r lie taken al iied tim.' ; for liufin-.; 
tile niudi! the acidirv of til' i.^ highest, as there 




H no alkiilnu- ti.l.- .lue to Owin- to th.. 

(l.-prcssm- :u-lion of ]>oUi<,uim s.-ilts. thrv sliouM 1... 

no'l Willi carr in p.Tsons siilTcnii- from liLart (li.,.a... 
•S';'//. I5.,l), fluvSi. salts l„;iv l.r us.-.i in <li.rht 

1'V.VMa such as that of ,, ronnnon cl-l. on ac-ounl 
ol turn- (liaphnntic propcrtif.-;. 

Luwjs. Th..M. salts. Ilk.- thcc;irhon;,HJ hi- 
oarlM.natrs, an- mild salin- .■x,M.ct..rant^. .siMriallv 
suitahh. for casrs of Lxunrlutis, w,rh visci.i. scantV 
.•xp.'Ctorat.on, as tla-y mrna.. th. s.-cre-tion a,,:] 

••ssc-i, the vHri.lity. Th.,!.. ..f potassium h 
li'iw.\. r, still m.,rc . tlicacious. 

K so 

7. IN»i:issii Siil|»|i:m. 

I'"l;i-.sium .Sii:jili;itc. 
SnruK. O.M.ur. nutivp. A!>o ol,t;ii,M-.i l,v t!..- int.-nirii ,n 

f'i/z///. 1 111 1(1 of wiit-r. 

^nTiciiK.. (»tl„T-;iij,hat.sati.lcl,iur.,l...,. 
Dose, 10 to 40 gr. 

Ih.- last twn riHivIy as a .iiiu- ntl. " ' mhi 

S,.rK. K. Nnurali/.- a l.,,t .nl,ui..r, nf ,„,tas.nun rarh.m- 

'^■■lulnlity. 10 in s .jf water. * "• "i.-,. 

ii"''"'"o^'* i:;''^ '■''■"'■•''*• '""^ ^-.^ri.onaf of j.otassiuni 
Dose. 20 to 60 ^r. (.l.ur.tic) ; 2 to 4 dr. (pur.'auve). 

jH)la.-n , L-rtain of tartar. 

^ SorncK. Obtained by purification from crud.. ut.r 
,.;....; ,up,,..ii,.i oii iM iuav:,ol Wine casks .lurin-tlie ft rincn 
tation of t-'rapo jmvc. 

r()T\>--i'M -'I FMivri: wd t\i:th\ti 1'2'» 

('nvr.\< iKRs. A liiif. viutf. :'iilty jM.Aij. i or |iiii-c-) nf a 
hir:'fr crv-tiillitif mass. T.t^to, |ili-iisiiiil. Jioul. SnluhiUty. 
1 I'l -JiMi (if ri>\>\ wiit'-r 

Imi ■ i.i IV. r i'' ia;:i Kirtrat- 

Dose, 20 to COffr. li ■• ' 2 to 8 dr 

).,, it\. iii'l TiikIu-cu • Sii!|ihiiri-. 

.\< ipiN oi I'm \--ii M ^1 I.I II \ rr. TvurKMi:, 
\M) A" 111 'i \i. 1 i;\i i:. 

External. 'Mi. "f' iHinirnnly -Iiu'iitly acid 
aliil thi' niin !S ii- utril, lluy li:ivi iinii.' of llif f\t''niiii 
cau-^tir or aiitaci'l pri ■[" I'tlt -; nt orhfi- 


Internal. !>.!, •.■>:, . \11 tlini ak- ar. t_\ pical 
liMlraLMLMii saline purges. pr.Hluriii./ .a-y. -nit, 
uai.rv !ii(>!iiiii- willinii? iTiiuiii'. Th- ir iiin.l.- i,. 
actimi lias alri ady 1" iii t'ully (L -i-nln li i ,. p. '.'()).,r. TIk' sulphate nf (i(ita--i'iiii i- hy -^utiir 
l).lii'V.'(l to lif a iii.Ml.Ma!'- cholagogue, sli.^rhtly in 
crtasiiiL' the liiliar} ti'iw. 

Kiiin, »s. - Th. tartrate ami acid tartrate an- 
diuretics. I'trau-i- a .-mall aui'tuni nf ilnin i-. m thf 
iul(-liii< , cDiiMrltil intii a carlionatc ati.l alisofl.iil, 
ainl this arts diirctly nii tin tctial ct II lliricr tlity 
!•• nd.i- tin- urine alkaline, i'-ut all iln- -iil|iliatf and 
iiKist. nf the taiti-alt and acid tailratr i- cxcrtltd 
with the facf nid if, as s.t'iu.-; prniiahlt . s'lnx' is 
alisnrlifd hy tin .-niall in'tstinr in thf form m which 
it IS taktii, It is I Aci'cti (i aL'ain iiitn the colon. 

fa' X '' 

Thkkaii irn > <.^ Toiv-^-hm Sri.rnvii;, 

'rvHTU\Ti., .\M> .\« ii> '! \Kii;\Ti:. 

Internal, lufr.^tiin's. — Tins. . \c( llcnt puri^'a 

tivts ar.- fr.iiutnlly u~fd, i -picially for iiahitual 

slu<^"_;ishni?s of the iiowti-. \ <io-^,- -lioiild he dis 

solvf.i in a tunihitr of warm waN-r, and -ippcd duriii!.' 



M\Tl./a\ MI.DK A 

'in-n.. Ih..v r..y I,.. ,,„,,,„,, ,., , 

Iwm. s,„M.. rholM^n.MH. art,,,,, ,: ,. ,, i,.\ c '"\ 

-^•-fn.u.aii..n,n,.ahh,,,,,,n.;::;i;:;; — 

-.Iphai. ,..-.l)a,,..|n..-. I ,<;,,.,„,,„ „; "" 

hn,u,',j.s. 'Hi' lait,„ia<;.it;u-;r,t,.'.n , , 

':""■-"-'' ■■'■ '">"""- -n ti„. ..;.„....:,: '■ 

l"'ta..|,nu ta,,,at,. i;,..,..: .lu-.i,„„ . •'"":"' 

L'Jll-i(ll,,,l. I , 

I. ; .,1 

Si/nniii/m^. Niti. ; Salip.ti, ^-'ii' I\N(i,. 

n..l'i:v';l:;J;;;;:':;^::;l;;;: -;;;;''••• --ti..-s^ 

cool ,u1:m... .S,.;././.,., , „.!.,, :,.,"'"' I"-'^'- ''•">«.•• 

f^iM,.n,,,Sul,,|„t.-...l,|.,nd.-,u,;,i ;...,. 
Dose. 5 to 20 gr. 

AiTK.N Ml. l'.,T\ssM M .\(,1;v,k 

External. \Mthn,,' ,i.,t. wnrthv 

Internal. -S/w...-. ,;.,, /;,,,.,^;,' ,,, . xi,,.,^^,,^ .,,. 


/)'/"."/. ()\\iiP' 

lllir f(i it< l.i.rl, j;n- 

'»' j'DWtr it 

■'""■■•'■' 1'^'-- ""■■ "•' i'i''-i u, ,.i„„,„;,: i":;:;,,^;; 



ti. til.' I', iiitr;itt - prt V. lit ihr cnacnlati"): nt" tli^ 
1 ;.,M(1. I,!' (ii--(.l\f till- (I'll if It I'. ;ilrr;iily t".'nii..|. 
.t it is ii'it l-,iii>uii tliiil tlu_\ liav. .'iiy tilt i t mi th. 
nil hmI ill tlif It'ttiy. 

II,. I, r I liili-.i "!lnT [>nta>>inill ^Jllt> till' iiiLii^ t^- 

I (Mid;. II depressant, caLLiiiii^iliii,.Lui.u. Ua iMjcLjtar 
l\i>i,i,ii ■. Small 'lo-i'- ai- diuretic tVniii tin ir 

'ili-frt actli'ti nil tl.f ftlial ci!!-. Kilt lai'L'- flu ■ afr 

li ililt ti. iiitlaiiic llif iiniiuiy |ia-sa^'tS. caii-lliL' lialii;i- 

iMria. Tiif dnii.' i-^ ixcn ttd uncliaTi'.'t'il in tin- miiif. 

Shni. Niiniti- ot iiiitiissiuni is u mild diaphoretic. 

Tim i; \n I Til - nr I'.iivsshm Niii.\ir. 
Internal. /. • '. Cn arcniint nf ii -npi 1 

:|| jiffXt IllIllU' lllf C'laU'lllatlnll (if till' llSlIlL' 

1.; I, i! ha> In fli U-id lli I'lii iilnatlc tiMa' and iiian\ 

iiillaiiiiii.itdrv ciiiiditiiilH. lull il i- now di-ii aidt d. I'm 
ii.ilil\ , a - 11 1 - a I a I'd 1.11- diiiri->aiil. it oii!'. di t- li.i riii. 

K.'hii'ii.s and Skill. — Il is sonit liim s • iii|'lii\t d a.«< 
a diiintic and diaphoretic in ft iuili cnnditioiis, imt 
tin aiatali- and llu- riliatt arc nnudi pril't ralijc. 

Aatlini't.- Vol thf tnatnuiit uf tins di-i a-.-. MdI 
tin;,' papi r is snaki-il in a snluticn of intii- of alxait 
•>U i^r. to thf lluid (iiincf of water; .sn^_j;jsja-.i-iiJLiaiLL 
I., iiudi S'lunff ait. ulun dry. suc('(sd\t ly placed in 
a jar and Ii;,dit» d one at a linn . Th. palii nl inhalt s 
'li< funit s, the eonijm-iiitjn ol' whiidi is nni ri rtainly 
known. KniL'tr consider- il ht iter to dip the paper 
also into a >oluli(tn of chlorate nf pntadi. anil to 
hiiin a pace laiu'e eniiiiLjh lo till a whole luoni with 
tile fuini s. This ir-alnieiit often ri lit'Vcs, and niti'e 
i- a conmion in;jredient of asthma [xiwder?. 

ii. i'oi:i«>sii < iiioras. I'ot.i — iuni ('ii!i>r.iti'. 
K <".(»,. 

S^'i Ki I . i'.i- i/hliai'u- iiiTo w,vt«i- iiwMii!-' liiii' cr iiui).'- 

K ■_' 

M \ 1 i I I V M 1 UK \ 

iH'ia in Mi-j" I 

■ ilh p"ta.s^inrn chNirii!- 

1 , ,. 

iiiiinv ><u)i Iium 
iiimI t'lvt'i rill. 

ImI 1 hi 1 II < 

Done, & to 15 ^r 

/ I ■ j-ii t' ,1 i: . 

Trocliiscus Potassii Chloratis 

\\ illi :i 11. sf litf 

iti'-n with 
M. cliiirr.Mtl. 

Ill • .It'll 

■ \< Ml IN :>{ I'l ' I \->>ll M ( 'm.i i|. \ I I 

Extern;il It i . ]„ \u\,-.\ ti. 1i.'.;imI\ .1. rnuipoM .1 
li\ . |itic tissn<'<. ami iti:i? flir h.i-ccnt ..wu't-n L'i\tii 
• il! :i< t- ;i- ;i -tiiiiitliml ;iliii ;i!it i-t pt |, i,, i|j, m. 

Internal. .s/<. //;/«•/, ,n;./ //,^■.s^/,,.s. .small .j..<t's 
li.i\' im < til cl ; jiiii-Dimus ones prodiK . -viiip?(iiji>; 
siiiiilai \i> tli(i~t iikIui'i li l.\ tiif iiitiafi . 

Jili'i'ii. I It If aJMi .^iiiall iji.-i - lia\( ii'iffVccl. Iiiit 
several ca-.- .,t [...i.-^oniii;.' >1h>\v that m l.irLje ii,,s,.s 
i-lijorate of iiota>-niiii lii-iiitfL'i ate- tlie n.l .Mi-pn- 
eles, ami ciium m- li.-iinnL' mt,, metha'nioglobin. 

Till' uhereil liloiiil, dWUiu' t(i id-- (,f nwu'ili raiiMji" 
pnw.r, faille- fhf >kin to b.- cvaiidtic ; it i- pa-scii l,v 
the unm . wliirh is tJMr.fdn' ."lark .■()!(. iirnl, iuul euii'- 
taiii.^ L'niiiiilar ■/, hn-.. aihl tlun tin urine is exactly 
like that iii.t Willi ii; paroxysmal hifmoglobinuria. 
'I lie livtr ami -pic. ti ,t.r. eiiiar-.Mii. Th. re m.iv 1,,. 

jailiKlicc ami li:i ainl ih. iiiar.-(iu of' fh,. 
111. Ill- licciiiii.- \rfy .\. phriti.-' i- in. luce. j. 
ill- tiiiml.- arr MnflM .1 \<\ the ./,/,/■/. (,f th,. |ij(.(,.l", 

:»'"! -'> 'li' urine is -canty. I»cath (.ccui- fnnii 

caiiliac Wcakiic-- nr ma ima. 

.\- p«ita--iitni i-lili)falc easily yields up its n\\^c?i, 

f. niiicil} it \va- liclieve-l ir i^aVc otV part u\' it- 

.>\\LMn 1.1 the li><iics uliil( circulatiiiL' m the lA'.y.-J. 

i-iit niiicli of u IS evcii'i. .1 iiiichanL'c.i ui tin- iinnc 

ami other excnt loii.-. 



Tin i>\i 11 II' - "1 l'"i ^- ■'!' ■' * "I "i:v"- 
It i^ i,.;..! fnr V'-"- ''•"> tnii-ilni^. ;in.l>ii 

U'ilis of :ill \:ilhtl.-. .Ith.T . 'Iir^'ll- 

"n^Jil- ^" ' tj. u^;»-L' L, •^^'•j' '"' '^' '"'""" "^ > un-imii;t ). 
. .r L' i \ iTi'T ) 1 '• ■ s \\ 1 1 1 1 ' ~\rrT i 1 1 M.liitinii. for It i- tli.-n 
i.\cr. t..l l.v til.' P;tli\.i. !' '»M.r!il>.'Mlic :irtio!i. whirli 
hn< I'.'ll tl.MU'.'lit to 1 t" IMM. lit o\y|4'ii. I--* 

tlHT.foiv aluas^ Io.mI. li i~ .•^|Mri;iil y valu.iMr f'-r 
ulcerative stomatitis. I' ha^l-'ti .;i\.ii r.. uom. n 

ll il.l. t.) nil -iMITN . 

I'l. l*ol:i«>*>ii lti«-liioiii:is. Chrotumiu. 

|;i. l*ol:i<.Hii r<i-iii:iiiu:iii:i«. "J ' 

I I. l*ol:iH<»ii loilidiiiii. 1 

|.'». l*Ol:i<»»ll KioIIIkIiIIII. I.tomint'. 

Hi. l*ol:i»<..ii «»ul|»liiirala, Sm'< " 
17. ^;ip« 'lolli*.. t " M . 1 

. ,• U.l\.- till. 

Sviuli.'l, Ni. At. .tine -.s.i^'lit, -j:}!' '. 

'llif iiKtiil M..iiuiii a- nut with 111 cniiiiii. I. ■ . li •••■■•-■ 
,„, .- xMit.r. (111. I iii'i-l tli.r.'l.-iv Im- v.v.-lr iiaplillui. 

('H\K\' IKI.- \\ f\\ kliilWIl. 

l-ii.iii It 1- lirii'aM.l la.iui.r So.lii Kll.>..k- • 
Thf .-'o.liiim !<)ii li!>' "" phy-iolov-'ical iicli<m, aiwl tli' f 
1 -oiliuiii -ait- i • -ii. r l>y ■ ■ '. ' ■ ''" 

,1. ; I'll "f till' "tlli-f i-i; 

I. <^0«lii 4'Sll-lMHias. S...iiuiii L'arlxniat'-. Na.t (», 
liiHti. Si^n-'ni/ii:. Si>ilik ur vv;i:-ii;iit-' -"'la. 

S... I,, h. o'l.taiiuil (n.iii M,.iluiiii rlilMri.i.- .ilh'-r 1>\ itUii 
u, ii..ii ^Mth :i!niiPiiniiiii hiciirhuiiaU- or by Us cuiiv. r-H)U iiilo 
thr Mili.lialr :ina tr.;i!':ii.' l!.i- N^itl; .-.liiHai aii^l .i'-:'-' ■" 


(•,iM;\, 111:-. I,.i!.' .■Lit. [IK- ihuiulac iry-lal-. liai>- 

,,;u. Ill wh.ii fr.-li, l.til Iti.y >....n '•" 'i'"! I>f0t.ih.- v%lnl. 

,„. 111.' -mfu.T. ^a^l^^cuu^tic. Sol . 1 n. -iof c-oM wiil.r 

■I'lCinUj <imi)ts )u'utr(ili:e '.♦••"> .;r.ii';, -" , itr,. ,ui-i 
111 ."■ iruiKs ('/ t>irtar<x acd. 

iMiruiius Sull'liat. -.uwi •liloriiifs. 

;,• M ,-.i)ir.i:?!../ I'! !-'.\ii-a<-t-i!ii l''.r^-nt.i. 

Dose. 5 to 30 g^r. 

•i. Sodii « ailM»iia»» l.\*M« alu*. i.xsiccaUfi 
S...Hum C'uriMawil-. NaXt),. U i- !"ar.y anhv,ir<.iH 

S"ii;iK S...iium <-aii'"iiat.' i- ^.'.■Illly hiMl«->l ti.l \'<^u\A 
wiUri- uf irv-tiillizHtioii il lose= ♦WJ jht cviit. ..f il.-. wci^'hl. 


^' \i i;i>i \ Mi.hK \ 

Do,r3't:v.,'j:''''^'' '■■■"'"" -■' '■' i 

>.se, 3 to 10 gr 

A. T 

\'^" I'ltlCIl ('\Kl;o\ \r, 


;t. >i**lii l{i< :iil»oiiii>. s ,i, , 

II I 'irai tii.nad' 

''--•''''■•••i-'-iHM:n,,,n,;;;Miiij;;;,,I;;/'''' '■'"■"••" "^ 

■- n,,v A^^lMl. p-wi.. or -n..tll M,..,„r! : nir .■, v - ,al- 
■'11^-1 = '-: nnt ..aus,,,.. .S„/,w./,7 v. I ,„ II, ,>,.,„., 

\vat< r. 

'■'" ' '-'11' ••■ Til.' .-arlM.iiar.- 

•'' 1 I ill h -lll.lill I ,;(, 

Dose, 5 to 30 gr. 

Trochiscus Sodii Bicarbonatis. 

!■ : i .ail -. 


I :i ic>-, I, a I 


■' . I . Ill > ac 

«""N '-1' SmI.Iim P.MAIcIa.WT, 

an h.. p.„a..u,n salt, i.ratt..,- al.,„,a:,.,/, ' 

• K I KM) |> t li,. S.'llllc '■ 

H i; \i'i i ri< 

External. A I,,:.,,, ,„ 7 .r. to 1 !l.n/..f ;,,, 
Interna, s;. ,,,„„. |,^ „^„ „^ ,,^^^- 
;nn,,a,otll,..,..,nv,p..,, .L':*- 

'"" "" •'"•(•"lllli t.I thr tU(. .llfl'i 

'• I' IK'. -, jlHt 111. 11(1, , 11, , I 

ii'M M I'.ic viii'iiNA n: 


ii H iiiuch luort' fr.Mi'i.ntly-^ivrn. llnicr n i> :i v .ry 
coiumon inuMf'lifiit of incdicirn- disi^Mifd to nlu-vr 
.lyspfpsiii. lifiui,' t;ikrn shortly aft.r inriils to inhiliit: 
tiir tlow (.f .u':i>tric juice. ()r some lime 
;ift.TW:inl> to nfUtiMli/f fxc -^-^iv.- acidity in the cas.-s 
111 uhieh i\ii- patit lit complains of i)iiiii. which is l>v food and comes on about four hours after 
a meal, or of lu'artliurn and acid eructations. Its 
vahu' i- aNo partly duf to it- s.dative action on the 
j^Mstric nrrv.s, wlierchy it relieves ^nistric pain, and 
partly also to its power of li'iu.fyin.L: tenacious mucus. 
A vei-v favourite -^Mstric sedative mixturt" consists of 
iibout" !(► L'lain- of soilium hicarhonate, tou'ether 
with 10 j^'raiiis of l)isniuth carl-onate, suspended 
in mucilai^'r. A irraiii or two of sodium hicarhonatt-, 
with a irrain of powdereil rhuharh and -nine sutrar, 
forms a common -tomacliic powder for (diildrei!. 
Sodium hicarhomite and u'entiaii are also often 
eomhined toptlier in -toiinuliic mixluies. Kth r 
vesciii*,' soda water (made the same way as poia-h 
water, p. I'l't) i> amild .gastric sedati\e. In comi uicr water-; often contain neither potash nor soda, 
l.ut evi'ii then the ( arhonic and '^ms acts as a >edative. 
So<hum hicarhonate i- so slowly ahsorl>ed. and i>. 
ill rompariMin with ixita-^sium -alls, so poora solvent 
of uric acid, that it is rarely use(l foi any etTeclj; it 
may ha\e after ahsorption. Lari;.' doses (I'A) to .">(M) 
'..,'rains a dav) are useful for diabetic coma and all 
n.niis of acidosis, iii which tli.-y neutrali/.e the excess 
of acid.s in the Idood. 

I'di-Dir.iii.': i>v ciiu-tic iilkiilif- is \>r\ rar*- 

-tiiillv u tiik»'s 

i.Uuf t-uliei- l)\ (M.iasli., lM.iihi-!i ipoia-uuii i. 
ui .-inip !..■> I'n.iiuui ,iiit,on:i;. I. (U.jth liu; iu-l ar.- impur.-. 
I htv i-otiliUM ciiu.-tu- or iM.ia-h.) 

".Si/»(/.,'.'M;s. A (•.iii.-tic la.-l. I- .xp.ri. iKM-l, ;ui.l i- .luifkiy 
f,,ll,,.A.'.,l l,v ,vTHi.i,,!u- ..f LM-tr«) iiil.v-liiuil iniliition, vi/.. Imiii 

uiK li» at iiilhiUii.ial. S'Hii 

itiii;-', liinri h I ii, an. I ,ib<l'> pinti 


I. r wi 

.1 I' 


Ih 111 

,( 'U\ 


MZ. a (i'.-IjIc quick (.nib*- 

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V 


S -(iTi th. 


t'ltiL'Mf. anil 



■^I \Tl l;r \ ^!l 


thinat iM^cfiii*' s\v,.|l,ii. ..ft,1 /- /,. . 


I"'.lnf t-i.i,i wal.r- ,,r ' „, ■[' - ^■'^'\-i 'f'i .-111 naif u 

Hll<]y, ;.'1V<. pl.TltV .if 

ur wat. r an.' ulut-.,f ,.,.,.. """''" "t"- ■'-"1. lui>....,i tea. 

i"'" '•" ' Calcmin ii)i<..j,l,at... 

Dose. 30 to 120 trr f.,r i.iw ,,, l . i • 

'^. ^»0«lii l»llOS|»||:,H i:f|,.||\r^«i...^ . »r 

'■inK S.Minun l'i„,.i,|,.it.-. "^- '•^^•'•^ '^• 

'l.-.atl„.Muxtu,.. ^ii'i,, '• ••^^ "''•■ """• '^'■'<l. '■♦ o/. 

UK-HuulaMonn "" '^ "'-'^'•"■'-^'- -"' ^h. n .tn fll u a-sun... 

a.M.n;:;::'.;' ;:.;;:„, ^^'"^" — •• • ^^•-', ,. ti. 

Dose. 60 to 120 irr i i i, >,, .. i i 

l"Ho■^T!^',.,,^'l!;'::,':• ■■;;•■'""■' '•"'■■'""■■- N".^",. 

.. <-"Ai;\, iMis. C.Juiirl.s.: ,.,„ I,.',... .;... 

^^/"^•'/''J/. 1.,. ;Ju: wat.-,. '""' '■ ^"^^•■- ^'^'i'"'- 



Imituiiiks. Salt- of iinminiiiuiii iitui iron. 

Dose, 30 to 120 gr. f^r r. juat.'il n'lmmi-iwilion. , 


OB. ti'i" -ni;.:li 

ii'iiitiiii tr.ition 

7. So«lii *>»iil|»lias i:il«'i-\4'«.4-4>iis. 

I'.tT. rvt .>ciiiK 

Soilmni Sulpli.itf 



.")♦• per con 

t. of it- wti^'hl 

','. M/. nf -o.liuiii -'ili'lKit'' till it has lost 
fi.-,\vat>r. Thfii mix \Mtli it sodium 


."< ()/. ; l.iitiiiir a«'i 

il. l:^ 

o/. ; ci 

liic arid. '• o/.. 

Ufat llif iiiixUirf till il a(.'u'irL.'at<-. ai 
a L'nmular forn 

cj linn -lir nil II a--vmns 

C'llMutTH;-. Wliitf Kr.iiiiilf-, whiih .iT.i'* •.-«.•■ dm liif 

udililioii of walt'T. 

Dose, 60 to 120 gr. f i r. |i 



1 to 

OB. for -111 

^,'1.- a'liii 


11 ill :; In ti tl. o/.. of watiT. 

M. N4mI:i l':irf:ii-:il:i. lutnat. 

A So. la. Soijiuiii 

l'ota--iuiM I'aitiati 

i( H" till ( (loNal' <». 


t)»i V'"' 

Tarlvali' of .-o<linm and iiotassimii ; Uoflidlr -ait. 

SiTUi b 


acid |M)t.i--iuiii 

tartrate to a liot soliitioti 


odiutii rurlionaU' 

-f H.U • CO, 

Cii ui\t iKiis. liai 


.'KliC.ll.O., . Na.Ct), •.'KNa(\H,(»„ 

(■iiii.iirlt --, ii'Utral, triiiiftric 
1 111 "J id c'dd 

Tiistc like coiiiiiioii -ait. S^'Liliiltty. 

iMirui I Y 

id |>ola-7-iiiiii laitrati 

Dose, 30 to 60 gr. (diun ti.i ; J to 5 ob. (inirKiitiNt). 

/'/■( riiicitifn. 

Pulvis Sodse Tartaratse EfFervescens. Sijn- 


n. S<i<llilz p 


tartaratcd -oda l-'<> 

11- and -odiuiii liicarlxiiiatf J" ^-rains ; mix hik 


rap in Iduf papt r. I'arliri 

r aci 

I :ts 

^•raiii-. \sia[i(>i 

ill uliitf pap 
Dose. I > 

Ml aiiy iialf a [ 

l--Ol\ I 

llic |i.i'Ad.-r 111 tlif tdur pap'T 


it (i| (I. Li ur warm \\al> r, and lli>Mi aiid 

thai 111 til'' wliiU- papi r. and linnk winir i tTiT\f-cin'.'. 
!>. *»<Mlii I ilio-'l':iilrJi«. i:il«'iv«"»4«'ii*.. 

r.l]rr\.-ii lit Sodiiiiii Citrn taitial' 

Socia f 

Mix -iiL-ar. 1 

> o/.,. -o.tlMlll I) 

iiariioiiat*-. "<l 0/ 

cdtrio acid. IH o/., and tartaric acid. 27 (■/. Utat the mixture 
till it aKgrcnatfS and a^sumts a v'raiiular form. 

p., . .. ...1 , i,^. Wh.ilf dt'Uoii.-.-tw !!t L'runiihj-, uliich ctTi.r- 

vi'scc on the addition of \vat< r. 

Dose, 60 to 120 gr. m .'5 t-^ •'. 11. o/.. of wal<r. 


•^l\ll l:I\ Ml |.|< \ 

A< I'loS ,,(.• SoilM \l I'll 

Internal. Iki.^u,,,.. (!„ii,.. ,,, ,,, , 

l"'''i saline purga 

1 -, , "" '" " "i"'lM|| ;il(oiit tWii or il,. 

'""V.,V^^^*':'-!'l"'''".n).r„,n,„, ,,.1,,,' ' ^''"■'' 


tives. |)n.<{ucin^' ;i snft 
!>■ aft<i- .'idinini.nuir 
'''Ik' siilj.iiatr, whi,} 

"'.It ..f tll«'C(.||v.n,,n,lin.. ...,r.,.., ,. '"•' 

•i""i,|ii,L: [..itasMuin sik.. 
Internal. /;,/..//„... T),. ... .,i,..,f , 

-.-of ,,Hn-,ativ..s.,.pZri ' 

c.Hllyu>..fuIf,„-J,al,nual .•.,„.,„,,, ,.m ■„:, ' 

;<'-Hi in tlir |.I,„k1 ,„• tli<. n, 
take thciii is to dissolv.' U 
;i Imiil.Iur of l„)^,.u 
succcssi\,. siiiall (Ir; 

"Ilillii ;ii, 

;iii (Aci-- (,( HI ,,. 

""■• 'J'fl-' I'l-t \\A\ I,, 

'tm„i,i.r „f iMk...,.,.,,,'';':,;::;'"",;:, ', ;""'"'-'' 

.:;:;;:;';; ';;;J;:T;^:MC/'''r,;'--''v'™'"-^'^" 

■['■■pi.... u,.,M„is,,i| ;,,.., ::,v::\' -'-I'' -^ 

■-Mll.-l"n... ai„l,i,...a-,.„f ,i„. li,' . ' . ' ""■'-- "I 


".a.,.,,, M.I ,t .KT.irsa>s,.mu,l,viil, „„„.|, -,l,,|,,,i,. 

s< >1>1 1 M 1 l(l.iil:ll>r. 


i.f iiiilUlir.-iuiu in .l'.-ciil;il>. Hiili\;iili .I;i1H.'<, Sridlit/. 
rullna. l-"i-if(lrit-hsli;ill, Kiihiimt. Apriitu, ii\u\ Kissiii- 
;.'-cn Wiitt-rs. A ])o\\iiti (•.)ii-<i>tiii/ of :'><» u'l'iiiti-- of fju'li 
of soilir.iii ->uli»h;it<' uinl iii!ii,Mi.-.iuiii sulpliafc. iiinl ;i 
'.'iMin of iiicli of soilium cliloridc siud Mxiniiu iiiiiir 
lioiKiir nlosf till to '2 10 '^r. . forms wlicu (li--olviil ii 
^Mo.l iiiiilatioii of .I'.scula]), Hunyadi .laiios. and 
I'lan/. .iosof waU'fs. Tlif plio-pluitf i- a nnld.r 
ami If" uni>l'asaiit pufL^aliv.' tluin i)\v others; il i- 
oft. n L'ivfn to ciiiMri n. 'I'hf • iT. rvrscin.!^' lu-cpura 
tioiis arc jialatiililf forms. 

If laru't' dosts iiri' usfd tlit- rvacuations arr \.ry 
wafcrv. and tlunforf thrsf dniL's arr u-rfiil to rc- 
moVf'tlnid in ca-ts of drop<y or ascit»'S (I'spicially if 
due to ilis.a-f of tlir li\fr). SntVcn'is from irall 
<tonfS art' undonl't. dly hcnofitcd hy a cui-m- of 
\v; ■ -rs contiiitunu' -nipliatf of sodnmi. and tin rt tore 
frf|iiiiit!y L'o to CarUliad. 

lO. ^»04lii l'lilori«liiiii. Su.iiinu ChlMii'i-. Na( !. 

Sc.ri,! r . < >ri-ni iiii! iM . 

t'ii\l;v. 1 1 K'. Sill, ill. whit'-, ( i\ -lilHinr' ;.-l.ui: ■'!■ tl.^ll^• 
fill, lit . iti'ii- riA-ta', . S' hil'd:';/^ 1 m "J; >>i ('n\.\ Wiil.r. 
Dose. 10 to 240 gr. 

A« iioN tiK SdiMi \i ( 'ni.duii'r. 

Connnoii -alt foiiiis an aitiiir of ilii t '.\itli all 
cnaturi s liviiiL: on vt urftaMt food, » .-jticiall} it it 
fontains larL,'f amounts of potassium, Imt is not u-. d 
citlur liv carnivorous animals or liy tribes livm^soltdy 
on tl.'-h'. 'Ill*' imj'ortanct' of it is st » n in tlir lon.u: 
distancts hi rliivoroiis animals will waiidtr to salt- 
lirks, ;ind I'y tli.- f;i' t tliat ti'ilns li\inr^ on Vt ;_'.tal)l.s 
will l:o to war for thi po^si'S.-^mn .of it. r'unu"- s 
cxjilanatioii of tin- dtsiit- for salt is as follows : I'dood 
jila-^ma roiitams nuudi >odnim cliloiidf, v.'.'ftalilt' 




whrii. thftrfolf, tlu <f salts of potassium narh tin- 
Id.iod. j)otas.-:nim (diloridc and tin- sodiuiM >alt of 

} • 


,1 • 



th.. acid whirl. w;ts co.nlMrH.l With tl)<. nnt:..-,iuri, -uv 

•■X ret...l hy iho kxhuns. ,u..l tlio hi i ]„... ' 

-innn d.lon. ., whu-h loss,, th. nA... Ll p 
•y t.-ikiM,' so. n.m c.hlnrHl.. unh th.. fno,i T 
; ;nval of .alt l-a-ls to ..n..ral, o-,!.. , 

an.l ariM.m.a. a s.t,,.. of syn.pton.s oft.., s. , i 

l-ninc.. h,.f<,n. tl... ,v,...alof tax 

'^HMt.tu.s of H tahl..s,.oo„f„i,,uanl. arr 

ay-' M.n.KHs ami n^ay alM. ,H.r,v, for the inn,, ten ,• 
>-luti..n withdraws fluid fr„n th.. -^l.tro-fm ,, , 
'■'"(•..MS .n(Mnhran...Hn,lsoarts as a.,nnt n K 

nu.;t.oMs.>fsoiut,..n.ofsaita,.;;:;: r ;.'^^^^^^ 

'uinl.clorth.. (A,y//,;,.s,v,v.,,V,./„,,, ■'"•^"tti.l 

'"'';\'i.i IKS ... .S..i.n M Cm.,, KM,,:. 
,lt_.s (.rrisionally „..,] as an .„h t.c. al^.. as an 

;';i-;;t y n.,<.etj..i .n <... of .oiia,... ,„ wh.;!; i " 

•i.l m the 1 lood vessels IS lessen. .1, as fn.,,, h. n.or 
,^<>...| lonlts. A jnnt ..r ruth.r mor.. >s :. ,...,. ..'i 

'• more IS a usual 

'"•^"t'yt...-n>,.Ioy for an adult. 1 1 n,a v I,.. nm..-t..d 
'""> »'•■ n'otun,, under the skin, or into ■ ' 
=--nhng to the urgency. Su.h u.,e.. ons ! 

>o hc-en use,! ,o,. .l.ahetu. o.tna. and n.av re ' 
If patient sen>ihle a,,.un f<.r a little uha.: as lev 
dilute tlie excess of i„,i.son in the hlo.-d. 

.SuitiUnn (il Ktlivlate. C.H ON i .^^.ifi^. 

soniiM m 1,1'JiiTK 

1 n 

CiiAPM iKiis. A r-vmi-v h.iui.i, cha:i)-'inK to br..wn 
l,v k.-.-,.nic. houc- .h..uM Iw fr.shly iuti<h- as wiint.-l. Str,'n<jtn, 
]'•< j,.r (•<nt. nf ihf .-n^liuin »tliylatt>. 

I'', I 11\ I.\T1.. 

1 -...l If.riiUv :i> a iiiil'l c;mstu' for un-vi. wiirts. 
„.,.1..< lupus, ana nrhcr Lrn.wlh^. It is lipplu-.l with 
;,'i...intr.l -lii'- ro.l for two nr thrc- .lays; then h 
<ril. fnrn.^ • when this has falhn .)tr. the trcatmciU 
in'av U' ivpraUMl. Soaiuiii .thyhilf is ju'rhaps our 
br-t cavistK'. 

|'2, *»o«lii •*nl|»l»i-' Sn.lium Suli.hit.^. Nii.So,, 

Smiiuk S:ittnut.- ;i -nliitmii ..f MHliuiti caih.'iiat'- \vitl> 

■iliihuii'ii- in'i'l 'j'l-. ,. 

CiiMivnn;-. Cnlu.irl. -. tiiiii- I'lir.til. i!i..nnc;iiiH' jai -iii-,. 

S. !i<l.dii'j. 1 111 » "f vvitl'-r. 
Dose, 5 to 20 gr. 

A( HON ^NI. 'rHKl'.M'l.l TICS Ol- SoDII M Si I.IHITK. 

Sodium sulphite solutions (1 in H) may hr u-^t-a 
.xttrnallv as miM antiparasitics. This hody is 
in tlu' stnmach aecompost-a hy tiic ih.n. and 
.rivis otY sulphurous anhy-lriar. It luay ili.rffoi*' 
he "iven to arrist f. niuiiiatinn. If any remains un- 
a,.n.mposta it i< ah<orh.a as a sulphite. No other 
action r,f this -alt is known. It is very rarely f,Mven 
in miaicme. hut in sulVicient doses mi^'ht produce 
tlie elVectS of sodium sulphate. 

r.l. irid «*o«Iinm l»lio*.|»liHt«'. iNnt nrtioiul.) 
Nill ro Tin- -alt i^ the chum- of tlif luitura! lu-i-litv of tho 
„;„,.: an'l -iv.-n mu-vwi\h. in .loses of l(» to -JO t:r u. wat.T 
.v.iv hour. II u.-r.a-.-, th.- a.-nlity of the uruie. ami i-. v.ry 
uM.ful wli.'ii that llui.i i- alkahuf from .l.-.uiui.oMtioti vutl.m 
ih. iiruiurv tract. 1? noiy hr u-iv.-n with uroiropiii.-. 

II. fNodii 4'ill'a«». So.iiuiii Citriite. (Not (ptVicial.i 
Miuhof the inai-.-,lion follows ^mviuk' o.w. inilk to 
mfu„t< IS owin- to th.- fa.'t the eur-ls of .'..w's iiiilkjor.u.'.. 
,,, th.- -iMMwieh are \.rv .i.-.i-.-. iiie a-n-olv ,- pr..^.. .i..:ial.- 
,;, the Hiuoui.t of calciun, n. the n.ilk. If cUrale nf Bo-lnirr 
,. ,i.l.l.-.i. caleium .Mtnite .< formed .ii.-i the .-iir-is are much 
U— .i.-n-e. It 1- fniuiii tliiil if to each uuiice of i:oW ^ milk a 

>'\Ti;i;iA Nri iM( V 

"""••1 -•••-t.i.n...,h:;rHr,::'r;?''"V"^'^^ 

•'•"'^'■"i.' I.\ rl.niial .x,.. ,,.„.■.■ ""^ '~ '""I"' ^ < .it. .i 

.5. |.,..H, „...„.„„.■.,..„.,;„:„: ■' ■ 

17. ^oWii "MMMihosplHs. ,,,,,,,, 

iO. I |„„, sodsr « hloiMr,.... 
•ii. >»*lu l««.|i/„a^. ,. v, |„„ ,, 

'■■'I'- I -111. tl\ .S,„i|.| 


•^ii ai.tti . 

•\^mi„.,. Ml,. \V.„.ht, ,,,,,„,,,.,„ . .. ^. 

, '•'''«i • t.».„o„i, . ,v.. ..r- :'"'*f • 

..f .\„nn.,nuu NH.,.i2. ->■„,■ ..,,,„ ,1, * .^"""« •^"'uti,,,, 

'"'"'"• ■•^'"i ^-i.v :ilkalin... S|, ,., (» v,i " '">' I'""^'"it 

-■■■''-: '--a.:?;;;;;;:r;;i:;:;:!r'i''''- -".,...,„.. 

:-:■:-;^^:;.^™'■:::;;:;x■:^;;'::;l''!;;^,, ■:;:-; 

4. Spiritus AnnnonL-B Fetidus . • \ f . . 

5. Txnctura Ouaiaci AmmoSJkta s " ■ ^^'^^ 



"2. I.iqiioi- %iillll<>iiiH*. Solutinn of \iiimi>iiia. 
Ml , ( 10 I'l I c . It .ii-Mil\i .1 in wiittrl. 

Smi I,, I M.\ -ii.iii/ -iilutiMii (.f .MiuiiKiiiia, 1 pjiit, ;iii.l 
•ii iilltil \v:iti r ■_' yA\ t -. 

Ci'vi.v. 1 i i;>. I,:l-..' lull !.-, piiii.'rnl tliiiii tlif -tiMiif 
■<iililt mil. !^p. ;.i <• '.'"''•. 

Dose. 10 to 20 m. a. :1 (iiliit.'^i. 


1. Linimentum Ammonife I,i(|ii(ir AinininiiH'. 

1 : altlii'',ii •111. 1 ; m;>\,. Mil, •_'. AlllllinliUi .-oii|) or 

nl'.it'- iii iiiniiiiiiiium 1^ f'lrnit'j. 

2. Tinctura Erg'otse Ammoniata. s,r Ki>'<>t. 

3. Tinctura Opii Ammoniata. s.v opiiiiii. 

4. TinctnraQuiuinae Ammoniata. ^^ ' c^uiinni-. 

5. Tinctura Valeriana) Ammoniata, .stv 
V;i!ii i.m. 

\i ]\n\ (il Siil.lTloNS OK AMMiiNiV. 

ExlcTiial. A solutKiii (if ;iiiiiiH)iii;i produces rube 
faction witli ;i. -• n-^.uioii of lu'iit. :inti. if stroii.i,', ii 
.ii-iiiinii (if puiii ;uiil I'liriiiii;^'. If llif Viipour i- 
(utitiiitil It (Mii.-i s \t sicatioii. 

Internal. .V< , . W h. n inliiiUil. tlit- viipour of 
aiiiiiuniiii is irriliitiiiLT to ihr iiost- aiul air })as.safj;fs, 
citi-iii.i,' a )i!ni;^'t lit -^tiisatioij anil siicf/ini^'. Tliefvet^ 
:iii(l no.-f water, 'i'lit pulse aii<l respiration are rt- 
tle\Iy accelerated. If \ery {onciitrated it jiroduces 
.-welliiii,' aii<l iiitlaniiiiatioii of the nose, glottis, and 
nspiratory tract. 

St'>i>iii<-lt. As an alkali ammonia acts like other 
alkalies (.SI',' potassiuni hicarbonate). It ddates the 
Lra.-tric v« ssels, and produces a feeling of warmth in 
the epiLTa-triuui. Ji reth-xly stimulates the heart 
and respiration. 

iJ'ot'iL It- action on the blood is not known, 
luit it is supposed to diminish its local liability to 
clot in cases of thi'onibosis, and to dissolve clot that 
i^ already formed. 

Ilc'irt. .\niiuonia causes a rise of blood-pressure 
from contraction of th»' arterioles following stimula 
tion of fhf vaso-motor centie. I'sualK there i> an 



1 It 

>'AT»:iil\ Mi;i,,( \ 

i'-n-as...! puis., rut..,!,... ,, t- .runnlufn,, of 

l:r.),n;,tinH. h inciv;,svs ^^.-atlv thr fnM,n,.nrv 
..f respiration, In,,:, M„nnh\t,nM ..f th ' 
spiniK.ry ciiitv m t},,. inr-lnll., 

)is thr chlMriflc acf 

iMisulNof iiiiiicral)ici(]s sucli 
xcrctid iiiichaiiL:t'«l. OruMnic 


salts su,l, a. ,h.. citrat.. ;u„l ac-.tat.. ar,. ,.ari,^ 
'"nv-^t...l to nr.a .1,.. ac„i lu.,,. ., 
nirhonic an.l, partly ,.vcrrU-i nnchanL-ed. 

TMK.un, n.s UK So,,, T.ONs OK Ammovm 

. External. Th. tw., l,n,uu.,.t. a.v ushI a^rcuu. r 
.rntants n. nnnu.rons .nn.i,,,..,,.. su.-h as . , 

joint an.l chn.nic .-iKMnuati^,,, 

Interna . An.n.cna >n s<,,„f ,„av h,. .i^.n 
^.•(.n. nu.als as a ^^tstr,. snnu.lant in '.h-sp.rp. , 

<^T Its ...n.ral stinn.IatUH, ..m.-t n, th ■ canh ^ 

njratop. and spinal sy.r..n,s. ...,.,,,,,, ,/^,; 

^•o laps.. froM, anycansr. Anin.onii }..< 1^ i. .' 

{•()llaps«. from anvtaii^c Vininni.i. ),.. T • • •. 
.,.1 . , • ^"" '• -^niiiioiiia has |i, CI) lU], ,(.»,] 

.suhciilancoiisly n, , t>,.s ,.f ..,.•.!,,, \,\u- "J'<-itu 

A vuri'iM,. inivfnr ■'"""*•• Aniiu.iiuuiii Carhonatp. 

NH.HlO., u,th tun.nnMi.un r.t. l,:i„Kttr MI NJ] co ' ^"'''*' 



S"ri.i y. A luiMiii" >if ,iiiiiii"ni>iiii -iilpluitf "i chlori'lf 
titi'l ciili'iimi cMrlwiiiiki. 1- -ulij' el. .1 t.i -iitiiiiii.ili'>ii .Hill r< r^uli 

t'liMui I^li^. '''r.iiisluciiil crj -tiil'iiir ciik" . miIuhIc, uri.l 
l'uni.'1'iil In till' -iiu'll. Sniuhiliti/. I 111 t iif wtit>r. 

Tu.nty ijriims ni'ulriilur 'Jt'. j ./mui-. »/ citrw acid or !'>,' 
ijtdDis of tarturtc lUi'i. 

Imi'Vki iivs. S'llph.itf^ iiti.i ciil.' . 

Dose, 3 to '.O gr. i^timiiliiiit i>r • Afi.iinnint) ; 30 gr. 


Spiritus AmmoniaB Aromaticus. .s'v»i-'n/y"i.— 
Spirit ''f hI \m;.i'i1>-, \iii'ii. 'Ilium > :ii Ir.iiinlt'. -I <<,'.: 
I,i.|UMr Aniiii.'iiii l'"iti-. '^ l! <'/.. ; ml <<{ nuliin /, 
l\ll.iir. ; oil of Iriii"!' <M!l.<ir. ; iileoli. il r.«i p. r (•■ nl i, 
t'l'puii . ; \' 1. t piiit . Mi\ lliidil- A itli tl" iili-"li"l .11 1' I 
u.ilti I'l til. Ill ill' l.i t i»iirii'>M lit id' lii-lilliilc .ki|i| 
id.' aiiiiii"iti.i aii'l till' i-irlpi.tiiil"-. Ili-iit till -.iliitiMii 
l.iki- |il:ii 1 . iii'i till M ill i'l I" th" til l J. "III! Ill 1 if I In- ill- 

Illlllt.-. Sj.. ;.•!. 1 ••>'.•<(. 

It riiritam- III iidi'di'ln' nlulii'ii ri" iiiiiiii' iiiiuni 
r,ii li'iti.ili , I M I |t ( ■< >,. \Mth ;k, 1 ' .■ ' ■ 1 ;imiiiiiniiiiii 

llS'll.'M.i. . 

Dose. 20 to 40 m i i n [<• .it. i. 60 to 90 m f r 

^iiiL'l' ailiiuiii-tiilii'ii. 

A* iioN vM' Tiif;!; \i'i riu -1 ok Ammomi m 
(' \i;i;i»N All;. 

'I'lic txttriiiil and iiitfinal arliuiis of i\m car- 
iHiiiatr arc llic .<aiiH' as tlm^f of Liijuor Ainiuouia'. 
li IS noi iisf.l » xicriially, Imi Spirim.s Anuuoniii' 
Aroinalicus i-^ iiilialiil U>r its rdlfx cnVcts, is 
lakt'ti a.s a gastric stimulant ;m<l caniiinuiiv.' in 
(ivspt'jisia, ami as a cardiac and general stimulant 
in svnco})f, .vc. 'I'Iil- carlionati' is, m addition, an 
( xcfllfiit expectorant, stinnilutin'.,' ihr rc-piniiory 
niovfiiicnls, and i>\ its {.'tnt-ral stininlatint,' i-tlVi't 
aiding' the i-xpnNion of thick niuciis. It is must 
used for lirouchitis m children and the aged. It is 
an emetic acting directly on tlie stomach. 


1 1(. 

M \ I I III A MIIUi \ 

I'.vii ..r,M,,T. 

I.i'|ii.., iiliillli.lli,. Illl'l th.MUllM.t|(it.|.|i..iur.'.yMI|ltnI||>li; , 
..til. 1 ,i;lwll|. ^. liiit ;i|.- Ill..r.. cnirn-.u.-. | /,.- (lU ' |.:i - " il^'f-* a I • 

tift»'ii 1 ,l!iiiii(<i. aiiii th'- itilia; iiimi nt t),, \a|'(iiir i\n^ I... i 
I- — >■ M to kill fr.irii ilii-. i-,iii-.-. 

>./r»»i. »£^ 14- f'.r olhfr nlliiilic-i (V, , p. I;t»,). 

I. Illlilioiiii riilorKliiiii. AmiiiMiiitiiri Clil.iii.l. 

Nli,( I. .y^iii<iii,iii s,ii aiiiiUMtiiiic. 

S.rii.i . Mny !„■ f,,riii.<l hy ii..iitr;iiiziri^' ,i <ru.|.. ■^i,iuti..ii 
.'I ;miin..riiii or iiinriioiiiuiii ciirl.oiiati. with li\.irM.|il,,iir uci.j 

CifMe*. II i;-. (•..I.,:nl..^- cry-tiil :.'i'. . .s. ■'-,'.,', //,. 
I III .J uf wall I . 

I M i hi i ii - . (!,,, !!y liirry iiuilt<.r-. 

Dose, 5 to 20 g-r. 

.\<iiM\ o( Ammomi \i ( iii,Mi;ii)i:. 
l.Mc;illy ap]iln.i iiiniiHiiuiiiii clili.iiii. incn ;i-t«; 
''"■ -MivtiMii (,f 1,. ,(M|.^ iiiciiihraiii'H. ;iii.| !.. ii -liL'hl 

'"■''''1' I' 'I'"' ttif ^;i)iir ,ifi, r .il.-(.r|il Ii i-; siid 

'" '"■ .1 l''l'I'' ••(I'll.iL'dL'Ui . <|i:ipliiinfir. ;ni.| iiiiir,.i i,.. 

Ill l.llL'. .1.,-. , 1! ||;l, ill,. .;,,I,.. -.ulWU 1.(1 til.' li.aii. 

i< >|'li.itl"n, ;iiiii II. rvdi \ ti III ;i^ .■iliiiii(iiu:i. 

I III 1. Mil ill-. (l| AmMi.SII \I ( '|||.i,|;||,i 

ll iS ,1 \.iy ri\(»iirit. t,,|- 1,„m1 :i|i|,li,;i 
"""• ''.\ III' 'Ills of llili;il;it|nn of th.' \;i|..,iir. t,. 
iiu-iv;iM' iIh si.T.iinn 111 iinicii- In.iM tin |ili;,i\ n \, 
iMistachiaii till..-;. lai-MiN. liadi. ,i, .imi Lionrlii i,," 
ca-ts (it rliiuiiic pharNiii'itis. otiti- inciia. lai \ ii'_";i-., 
aihl liri.ii.-lHtis. Maiiv iMrins i f appaiutii- "♦".ir it' 
'"''•''•iti'iii aiv ill tti. market. !'i nio^t of th, m n 
IS ^'. lurat.'.l In tliu ariimi ,,f 1, \ .j. ,,clil, ,nr ;,(i.| im 
iiiiiiiK.nia. It i. ()c.-a-.iiiall\ -r-.n l.y tin moutli 
.illi. r a-^ a cliola-cLru.-, u^astric stinniiant . liiaplio 
nti.'. (.!• .liinvtic. lull it is tnn f. , 1,1,. i,, 1„. ,■,.,.,„,,. 
iifii.i.d, ami it H V, rv ua-ty; thr i;,,-,. may to ^om,. 
I \ l.f foiux-alicl liy litjUniuT. It i> >oimliiii(.^ 
ii-fful III cliroiiic lii-oiiciiiti.s with nuu-lj cxp. rtoration. 
ami i> thru i>.st Lrivtii as a lo/.'iiL,'t'. Soiiir"aii'lioritifs 
i-onsid.rit u siHcitic lor iuui-HlL:ia. It is not a -. rifnil 

\M.VI(iN!rM I'MOSl'HATi: 


\, Ijiqiiur Aiuiiiuuii Airtaliiu .Solution <•( 

Aiiiiiii>riniiii Ai'« tut«-. SyiU'iii^m. Miinlfrfr'^ ^jtiiit. 

S"i K' ► . Ainiiii'niiiiii •■iirliniiiit'- 1 oz. i^ «ii .-olvi-.l in 
\\iit« r lu tl. <</.. I'll*' -'■lution Id luulrjili/.f'l with acrtic a<i>l. 
iiiii vi.iit< r H ;i'M«-<l I., iiuikf 1 [lint. 

Im mMIS IIHI.K-*. I'ola-'ll, -n.lil, iKni llltif I'ttI Koriilt*-!, If i<l->, 

liiiif wiit'T, aiills n( Uinl iiiiil bihfr. Sliould bf jiri'^frvtMl m 
j.'r«'«'n i-'i.i-^' liiittli -. 

Doae, 2 to 6 fl. dr. 

<». I.iqiior liiiiiioiiii 4 itriili«>. S liitioti of 
Aiiiin"tiimii Citratf. 

Si'iniK. I 'i--i)l\f 'i.-, <>.'.. nf citiic a<M'l in IJ^ t! n/. cf 
\viit)-r, iii-!itriili/.c with aiiiinnikuiiii uiiilitiiiikt)', aii'l a<l<l water tti 

Illilki- 1 I'lllt. l'|iMI\f HI /T'fU y\ii^-* l)Ottl>v4. 

Dose. 2 to 6 fl. dr. 

A( riuN \M» TnKKvi'i;! TH-^ OK TMK .Xmmomim 
Af i: i\ 1 1; \N'> ('i IK WW. 

Till -<• ;iif iiiilil diaphoretics aii'l diuretics ami 
art' u-f(l only for iln ^«• tlltcis. 'I'hi v prohaMy 
act III l»oth (*ii-;is iitfi«r on llu^ .^rcniory (m-IIh or llif 
iiervt s coiincctnl with tin in. Tiny do not iriitalt 
tilt' kiiliitys. lull inert aso hotli llu- waUr ;uiil lln' 
>oliils t'M'rt'tt <l. Tin y ai'f fni[)loyt(l in iJrii^'hl s ilisea.-^i 
as iliiiniics, ainl in ifldilf contlition.-^ as iliapliort'lios. 

7. %llllN4»llil I*ll4»«>|»ll>l««. AiMtiKiinuiM rhM-.|ih,it)' 
iNH,) iiro,. 

.">i'ii.. I.. A'i'l ii ■'trniiu! siiliilii)ii i>f iiiniii..iiin In ililulo jihfi 
plinne' il.i.l. H.l'O, -JNIi.HO- (NU,)..liri), . 211^0. 

CiivKViUii- Turi-iMK 111 ciilourli'.is pri-in^. S^lubi 
iitij. 1 m t "f wiittr. 

Dose, 5 to 20 g^r. 

A( rU)N AM) ThI liMT.l Tit S OF .AmMONIIM 

As Us ^olutidii H capahlc of dis^Kin;^' a con- 
siderable anioiinl of uric aciil, it liaH been iist d 

acid wlien there is a tendency to the formation of 
uric acid calculi. 

I. -2 

^■^^ MATKFjIA mkdka 

>*. %mmo..ii Kr„-,.o:.^. -■ ■ am I{,.M.oicam. 
«. %iiiiiioiiii ltioiiii«lu»n. , l5,o,„i,„. 

Ill'llll II. 

S^.nUl. I,,. A,n„,|. u.:,.l,t.(;-:,7. (N„t nilinal.) 

iMiTitniKs.'. ;i!inniini. 
Dose, 2 to 5 gr. 

..„;.':;;:;.;:;:■ ""''''-■'><■ ^ ■■'-. s.iuimu, 

Doje. 5 to lO gx-. 

:» l.ifhii niia^ i:««iv.'si,.,is. 

f'.n. I 


I-illiiiiin ( 'iii.iti . 

Dose, 60 to 120 gr. 

A( riON (»1 IwTHIl M S\|,T,s. 

''"!';• '.'l^inal iilluu.n >;Jt.s an. coMvvrto.l into a 

^ '^^- - <"• ;n too lar... ,lo..s. ran., vonutin.^ an 1 
d HjThu.a. ,1,,.. tn ,.tstro.,.ntent.., uinch ,s th.'^a 
"f<WtlMna.n,nal>poi<o,H..| l,v lithiun,. Th,. .astro 

|^.nnso..ursalso,flu,uunM.,.vnsul,cMtan"^^ " 
»i • Irn^^ lM.,n^^ then par^I^ .-xcvt*.,! I.y th. .^.tro 

;'xcTK..a j;h,H!v bv ,h. ur„u.. an.l to a Jc^ Vt tn 

aikaunr':;;, ^"'--"^'-""-'--.wth;^:;^ 

duretTc "",/""'•,'" ^"•^•'- ••' tlu-u- salt action 
diuretic. J ithmni hiuratr is n adilv soluble but is 
only form.a from . na-ntrated solufinn. .f i'./. ... /' 
- is, an.i brnn> th.y an- useless as ^oK-ent; ■;f 'i;; c 
-ul n, naUK Tb.y ar. ...ural to 


11 f) 

iiiusculiir tissiu', hut in this rcspcft they ure much 
less powciful thiin ji(tt:issiinn -;ilt>J. 

TnKi; \ri;t ri(>, oi- I,n iiii m Sm.ts. 

A lotion of the cjirhoiiatf of lithinni i I >^v. :<» 1 tl. 
oz. of water) ha< he. ii applici tAftriially on lint 
covfrcii witii vrutta |i»'rcha lo rtlicNi' th.' paiji of i^'oiits 
infliiiuniaiioii. to jnonioic the hrahiiL' (if L'nutv ulcrrs, 
and to ai<l tlio ih-ap|M aiaiicr nf t()|)lii, Ixii ;.ji\ hendit 
tliiit iii:t\ fdlluw is iliir to till' warmth ^t ;|ic applica 
tion, .md not to a -oKcnt action of tiic lithium -ak 
upon fhf urif a«.'id. for lithium .ilt. cannot \h- 
absorhc<l tlirou^'h tlic skni. Salts of lithium havf 
hccn much i^'ivcn to piiticnts sutTcrinj^' from acute or 
chronic ^out, uric acid calculus, or LTavel, hut in the 
hody they must he too dilute to be of anv us»' as a 
solvent of uric acid. an<l any improvement t'at follows 
their employment mi^'ht e.|ually well he obtaiiu'd hy 
distilled water. It has been shown that tin- ad<lition 
of niedicin doses of lithium salts to blood serum 
doe.s not ii'ciease the s(dul)ility of uric acid in it. 
Lithium salts should Iways be freely diluted. The 
citrate hastheadvantai.'eofL:i"eater solubility. Lithium 
salicylate idose, 7 to \') j^rains) is recommended, as 
.salicylic acid increases the excretioti of uric acid. 




Calcium, Barium, Strontium. MagTiesium, Cerium. 

(if llif-c Cull iiim, llai iimi. a:i<i Stmiitiuni ao- .m tal . nf 
thf alkiiliiif i:uth-:. nud M;i /nt -iiiin wii fniiii.ii, imiu'!' >l 
iimoii^' tlwm. Ciiiuui i- .-n imiiii|inii:iiit th;il it i- ii.'l 
wiiilliy (if '■f|>;ii:it'- imh i.l.iiitmn. arvl i-^ jiIk. . li lif-o f.T (■••[! 


4 Ai.< ii li. 

Syiiilii.l. Ca. A!, iiiic w>ij.'lit. ttil. (Not iiillcinl.t 
("alciuiii Ciirlii.iKili i plmi in.nnjMi 1 jn lUd foiiiiH. 



I. <'i-«>l>i l*ni>|>ariita. I'r pur. ,] riuilk. dCt) 

S..rii. K. Cliiiik fi.T,i f,,„,i itn|.iiiiti. - l,v . lutrintinii a,'i,| 


('KUiv, ,n:-. friiih!.- pi..,. «,„• H,l„l| alut.. ,,nA.i. i 
In-olntilf in uiitcr. ' 

Iv.HMi'VTiTiMK. Arid^ an.l milpliatpp. 
Dose, 10 to 60 gr. 

Pr< jmrations. 

1. Hydrargyrum cum Creta. ,vv Hv,lnin'vrinii 

2. Mistura Cretse. I'r. par.Mi rhalk. 1 ;'tr,it,'ii. 
'■until, :i ; >u;,'ar, 2 ; rinnimnin \wit> r, .'{-J. 

Dose, ', to 1 fl. oz. 

3. Pulvis Cretae Aromaticus. I'l. par.-.l . I, Jk 
11 ; .innnnmn. I ; el,, v.-, I- ; ,ai.latnnni -.-,,1. 1 •' 
niitinr^', ■{ ; Kui.'ar, 'jr,. 

Dose, 10 to 60 gr. 

4. Pulvis Gretas Aromaticus cum Opio ^. , 

(»|iiuni. ' 

*i. < alrii 4 aflioiius l'ia-4 i|»iialiis. i',..i,„•al.•^^nt•a.lM„mt..C•a(■(},..S■,,^.^.,»/. I 'i .,.,., tat.Mh.i.ulk 
N.I II. K Hull t..^,'„r M.lutinn. „f calrimn .•hlu.i.i.. 
;iM.| -iMliinn cjirltonatr. CaCl, • Naf'O, = ("afO •JNaC! 

CiiMM.-iH!-^. A wliit- ny-talliiH> |.nu,i,.r' in~-,.'lul,!,. i„ 

Imim I'.riiKs. Clilorid.-s, aluinina. iin.i iinn. 
In(..mi'viihi.ks. un.i sulpliatr^. 
Dose, 10 to 60 gr. 

Contain, a in •I'khIu.sciis Hisiniitlii Cunipo-itii-:. 

Ac-TiON OK C'alchm Cauhonatk. 

External.- It is inildh- astriii^a-nt and holns to 
dry moist surfaces. 

Internal. Stomach and Intestines. C'alciiiiu 
rarl.onate is antacid. It is a mild l.ut certain 
astringent. How ii acts as an a.strin-ent i-. un- 
kncAvii. \i.ry nearly all of any calcium salt is 
excreted unchan^'ed in the fa-ces. 

Ahsorptiun. When calcium salts are taken, small 
(luantities are al)s„riH-,l ; most of that absori.ed is 
excreted by the epithelium of the laix'e intestine, the 
rc-t by the kitlmys. Calcium is mcessarv for all 
forms of protoplasm, thus manv lowlv or-an"isms die 
wh. II placed )ii wi.t.T from wliicli it is ul.sent 




Knliinia. — r>fM'!iMso certain mint ral wat* r-^ cnii 
taininf^' iiicarlmiiafrs ami siilpliati' of calriiun, anioiiLT-t 
iitlii'T -alts, liavc 1)11 n ns.'l ■~iicct<sfiilly in ca-'f^ nt 
iirinai'v L'ra\tl aii<l ial( iili. it lias in'tii :is--»rlti] that 
iht-r ■~;ilt-- ai-f ill ur. tic. aii<l soh.nt tnr iiri<- aciil. Imt it 
is nil lie liKt ly that thf hcncticial rlT'its of thrse watci-s 
ai'c iliif lilt rely to the hirm' anionnt of w.itfr iliuiiK : 
aiivliow, tlifTf is no proof that it i- iliic to tlif -alt . 
Such waters art' thoM- of ('ontrixt'villc aiiij \ itttl. 

'riii;i;\ri:i IK s ok ('ai.( hm (' vki'hn \ i r,. 

External.- i'rciiart'il chalk forms an t\ci llt-nf 
thi-tiiiL,' powilt i- tor iiioi-i cf/cjna. 

Internal. M'muiitiuii liiitiiL I'.ccausi' of i's 
nifchanicalactioi) it is u i^'ood tt)oth pov.ilfr. Thf 
followiiiL^ is ;i LTi'O'l foiniiihi ; I'olassiiim chlor.itc. 
■ lo^r. ; powik'iiMl hanl soup, H(» -/r. ; cMrholii- acid. 
2<t L,'!'. ; i»il of cinnamon. 10 U{ : pri cipila'. il calcium 
carlioiijiif to 1 ()/. Mistura < rcta- anil I'lihis Cit-t t 
.Xromaticus, particularly the fortntr, are vt ry \alualili' 
for cliickinL,' nnld (liurrlnia. • sp,,.ci;illy in chililr- n. 

ht'hici/s. Tlu-rt' is no tlouht that pfrsons pas-iiiL; 
ravel or tirinary calculi, especially if compo--t il of uric 
acid, are henetitetl hy drinking' the waters of ('ontifxt - 
ville ami \ itti 1. They should i)e taken in tpiandtit s 
<»f h to ♦) pints il day and hetweeii nuals, to avoid 
the laru'c amount of fluid cuusim," iiidiLTesudn. .\t 
Contrext'villt' the i^Teat hulk is drunk hefore hreakfast. 

li. 4'sil\. i.iiiii'. CftlfiuiM oxidf. Cit< ). 

SniKct . .Mii'if liv ciikiiiini; cJnilk, liiiie^toni', nr riiiiil)!*' 
til i\pvl I'arlionic iiti'l ;.'!is. 

CuAiiACTKus. Coriipiict masses nf a wliitish colour whirh 
iiiiililv lih: i)rb wiitcr, aiui llitri ssstll ami i-rat'k. \vit}i ^; 
cvoluliiiii of hiat. and fall inlu a jiowiUr (slakid linxM. 

•I. 4':il«*ii ll>«ll'il«». Calcium Mydrox;.!.'. S'jn-mijui. 
- Slakoii Lim*'. ( .i(Ull),. 

Sol III K. l"n'pAHii iij> tin- iiiliiinlii'ii I'i rtiiiti itii'i > ai 
citim uxide. 

CiiAiiAi TKi'.-. A whitt", f-troii;.'ly alkaliiH' |)owd' r. S>4ii 
bility. 1 in '.tuo of t old uHt<-r ; if sugar l>c addt d 1 ii, '.i.i. 






1. Liquor Calcis. .S//,,.. „,„„,. a,,,,,^ j.,^, • , 

Dose, 1 to 4 fl. oz. 

2. Liquor Calcis Saccharatus. .sh.L „,. 

Dose. 20 to 60 m. 

3 Linimentum Calcis. K,|„al p„,t- nf !i,„.. 
f!;;,,',,! ' "''"■ ""■ '■' "^'l'""-,.Hln.Mun|.,a..,. 

:u„iinr ;;',:;;: "'■"""" •-f-i-^'p-^-.'f in,,.. ...... 

A'llON OK r.MK AM. SlxkKI) J. IMF 

It ™'^- i,{'7"'''';" '""^^- f-- - ''"^--i- 

Ion.. 1 ;■;•'" ^'"■"""- •^"•'■'1 ••••l^vnn-.lsin 

" I">»nnM,._r hv „xh1,V a,-i,l. ;„..] /inr 
'•'''"'•"I"- U act. a. a .nil.l intestinal astringent 

'rni;i;\ii.( rn s. 
External. Slak.-.l Im 

i^ ii-imllv Hii\..l will 

. ciniiloy,.,! n>- a caustic. 

'1' <:ni.tic potash, wlii-n it forn 

\.. • '•".-Ill i")ia-[i. wnen It to 

- -'^ ^:.u::; I .uri.- i. \,\s Naiiiahi".. f(,r "burns. 

Internal. I-un.. uat, r is nuuh us.,! t.Muix with 
""11^ t" l-.vvr,iL Its {nruuu. thick in the 




CM, ('IM 1I10S11I\TK 


stoiiiiifli. ( ■^{)(('i:ill\ when, as is often tiu' casf witli 
f'hiMrcn. the curds cause vonutiiij^'. It is (iitVuMilt to 
uiulcrstanil how it ads, for altliniigh Hinc water con 
tains so httle Unie it is often etVicacious. In severe 
cases of infantile \oniitinj,'. eipial parts of milk and 
linie water may he ordered. If it i- umU'siralde to 
dilute the milk mi mii(di. the >accharated lime wiiter 
is an excellent preparation. Lnuu water will check 
slii'lil d' rrho a. It is a useful injection for thread 
WiiruH, for leueiiichii a. and for L;leet. 

.%. 4':il4-ii l*lM»H|»lias. r^ili'lum i'l ■ . 
(■ii,ir<>,),. .s;/>i(.»i//>»i. riui^jihiiti- nf iiihf. 

S..ri;( K l»i---i'K>' lidiif ;i-li (iinpure l'iil<;i riiii~ph;i-) 
in liilutf liyilidcliiiii ic aci.i ; ti'l'i thi' injuni to ii liiiuted -..In 
I:.. II of aiiiiii.iiiiii. Wa-^h urni liry ill" prccipitiili-. Or it may 
111' rnudi' by tlic intf.ractin:! of lalciuci <'hli>Miif ami stnliuiii 

('ii\i;vci h 1;^. A li).'ht white aiiiorjilioM- piisviltT. iti-.'ui.!.- 
in water. 

Dose, 5 to 15 gr. 

Il i- ((intaiMt.d a- a liilii' lit in I'ulvis .\ntiinoniaii-; ami 
Kxtractum Kiioiiyini Siccuni. 


Sympus Calcii Lactophoaphatia. rrecipi- 

tat»il lalciuin caihonatf, 2,' oz. ; lactic a< i'l. •> t\. <>/.. . 
concentrati'il phesphoric acid, 4.^ tl. o/. ; refilled sii^'ar. 
7l» 117,. ; oran^'e flower water of coniimrce urulihited, 
•J.J, )1. i>/. ; distilU-l water t>i make .") pints. C'nntain. 
calcinin plinspliate, almut 1 in lU. 
Dose, \ to 1 fl. dr. 

A< HON \N1» 'rMi:iiAl'Kl 1 MS OF ('\l-( IL.M 
I'MOSJ'H \1 K. 

Calcium phosphate is a nio<t important con 
stituent of hone-;, and therefore it is necessary that 
food should (-(intain it. If not tlie hon;s heconie 
soft. I'alciuni sait> are ahundant in niilk, _\olk of 
Cf^'g, vej^'etaliles. and tlu- h(jn«'s that carnivoia eat. 
'1 hey are ahsorhed from the intestine, and «'.\ces.s is 
e\cret«'(l int(» the intestine and passed with the faces. 

Calcium phosphate lias he«'n ;^'i\('U for tickets, 
and for the ananiia and fic-iilenes often seen in 

(•I : 
1 I 



Si 5 


M\Ti:i;i\ NrKrti(\ 

yniiii!/ cliildi.ii. l.iit if 

'-- not c. rr.iin fliat it .|, 

'■•"1; with sull„.,.nt,;.l..nnu salts for, t.l ''" 

'■^ >'s...i as a ,l,l,„.Mt for p,,w,|..r>. a< n 

illlM It ).|fVt'Mts till 

IS inert 

■'• :i-'lntn.ation. For ,i,,..,. 

••'•Msnns. a,„i l„.,.,usv ,t ,s n.snlul.l... „ ,. -, „„ ,,■,, 


'■'"• ^v.npns Culci, La,-fnphn.,,l,,,t,s ' j, ' 


("n<litif))i> (,f an;i Miia and w, akn. .s. 

''I"- '■-IlIillMII;' lullrll 

'"■' """•»' 1' - than .Ml p,, .-.nt. .,f 

'il'liiiiat. .1 I.iiii.-. \ ,,,,\ 
'''I" -ill'lialr. „,„„. ...iil.nn, a, hi 
'■■''••"'I'l -nil. Ill, i,. CjjS. 

::;''::;■,.'"■';■";■'' '■>.'—: ..;:.;;;,:',„ 

'll.itr ail. I U(„),j ,(:.ilC.,;t 

■Dose. J to 1 gr. in a pill. ' 

" IMlilllIM 
I -111. 11. 

'•'t<'> It liMS 1,..,.,. U.„..l f,,, ,,„,„„, „|.,,„J,, • 

;;'.-<'m..nts and also ,or uitlanunalJr ,;;.'. 
indued liv niflucnza. ' ' 

^. « alrii riiloiidiiiii. ca! 

<'iiri .-'iH () 

<uim CI 


«a,.,";;^;::,,,:;;n;;:;',';;;;::;:;;:;|-''-|..i-«i>>..ri ,.,»„„ 

( hm:a. uhv Whit,, iiui--.- ),..\in.r -, ,„■ .t .>■ , 

Dose, 5 to 15 gr. 

"'HKKAl-i.rTI,S (), CU.. M M CHI.m,,...:. 




luctatf ({]<>-•'. ') '.'!•.' is also ust d t(i inert asc the ooiil,mi- 
l:il)ilitv of thf liliioil. It \vi< hciii ^'wt'U for chilblains. 
I'loluilih tile (Ik-c of (•iilciiiiu sails iit<Tssivi'y to atlVct 
til. coa^iilaliility of tin Mood is so larL'r that thrnt' 
>;ilts arc of no use i:!\fn tlM'rapt'iitically.aiid (•(■rtHiiiiy 
ill piarticf tiny olti n f;ul. Tlif lactalf and the 
cliloiiilf .-.r. hoth 11 i>ty. an^l should thorefore ht'-^'ivcn 
with liijuoricf or otluT >tr()ii^ jiavouriiii,' ai^fiits. 

It used to !»•• L^'ivcil with the ol>Jt'Ct of rrducillL,' 
iiil;ii-i,'rd lyiiipliatic <_'laiids, hut i> not now t'ni[iloy»'tl. 

M. 4 :il\ 4'lll4»l'ilisila. <^'. Diloriiif. 

**. 4':il«-ii !l> |»4»|»li4»*>|»||i*>. <i,. I'lix-phnnH. 

Hi III I n. 

SviiiIhiI. I'.a. At miir \v<'i;,'t]t, i:'.7t. (N'nl otViciiil.) 
li:irii 4'lll4»|-i4llllll. I'oiiiuin thl(>ri<l<'. i{ii('l .'Jll (>. 

Ciiml' 111.- ( ■■.i'ii;i ;i- -. tr.iii-iuciiit taM«-s. 

It I . Ill liir .\p|iin.ii\ lit till' l'liiiriii.if(i|iii ill. 11 -^ :iii iiiiiiini;^ 
>i!:ilpiii, !!• . .1 Im 1. till.-, liu* it iiiiiy ln' s.';-. • ii iiilfriialls . 

Dose, ' to 2 gr. 

A( rioN. 

I'.aiiuni salts caii-r the rardiac coiiiniftioiis to 
htconif -■lowfi- and nioic fonihh-, ai-tiii;^' likf diiri 
tiilis. The hlood sf-.-tls all ovt-r tin- hody. includ 
iiiK lho>i' of till' liin'-:s. arc constrict*-*! by direct 
iiclioii (ill their muscle, and hloo<l pressure rises ; 
the hronchioles too are constricted. Tiie plain iiiiis- 
cular lihres of the inie-tine may he e.Kcited, ami then 
peristalsis luin<,' inert as. d diarrlneaensues. In these 
r»'Sp»'ct3 harium vtsfmhles erj^'ot as well as digitalis. It 
acts like veratriiie when apj)lii'<l locally to voluntary 
iiiuscles. i>rolonj:iii^ tlu- contraction ; hut this elTect is 
done away with by the application of potassium salts. 

'rnKKAl'KLTK S. 

liariuiii chlori'le is not often ^dven, but it has 
been used for mitral insufVicieiicy accompanied by 
irre^nilarity of the heart, for Inemorrha^'e, and as 
a. ^tiiiiuhliit in_ atnnv (if the blu(|i|er or intestine, 
l-'orintily it was f.(iv.n in nervous diseases. The 
waters of LlanK'ammarch wtdls contain (i'7 f^'rains 
per j^allon of barium chloride, and base he»n uswl 
in cardiac cases. 


MATi:i(i\ ^tl:r)I(•A 

lt<l|-ilim Mll|»l,i,||. ,,„.r.,Oin,|, f,,„n ■ , . 


"iitiv,. Milphut... ' "■*'*<^".' '" •'}• punfyinK the 

i.uSrru,;:^u..'lr',:;v'^--^'- ri.,,,..,,.. ,,;.,.. .... 

t''^^t of th.. xuH- it ".. I ;: =":;',•■ •^/""•••■ta-t... uh.Nt 

l:;;::;:':":;;;:':„„:r^:i;i";„:;';;': •-,,.' • .o ..,,. 

i;"-.... ►:.-., I.,,,,;.-,,;,",,;;;;,'"" '-'-'""mt.- 

!o«°r^^.*:,>^°,^- ;;:;,;■■."-' i.".-.«, , to 




rtfiiifil -iiu'iir, 1(>[, (./. HfMt tin riiixtiiK' till it H^'Kri'^'iitJv--. iin<l 
..tir till il ii-'^niiK-^ a criiiiiiliir f"rni. 

('MMiMiMt-. Whitr |.Tariiilt>s wliicli »fTtrvr-,oo on llx- 
ail'iiti'>n i>f vviit«T. 

Dose, 60 to 240 gr. for n p.atcil Hdrniiii-tnition ; f^r i\ 
'-inj^K' fiiiinini-tr;iiiM!i ^, to 1 o«. in :? tn f> H. ,)■/,, of wiilf-r. 

:i. .lltitfii4-*>ii <'2ii'hoii]i*» l*oiid4*i'o*»ii*». H)tiw 
Mak'iH'-iutn Cuiii.'uriti'. ( M ^('i >,i ,M;_',( ill i , I H n. 

Si'tl:, I . Mi\ -tlMlij.' ImhIiII;; il'|ll>iiil> SnlutioIlS (if Illft),'- 

iif^ium -ulpli.itf iiii'l -iKJiiini fiiilinniitc. F.viiporiit*'. IM^'SO, 
• 4Na,C(), * U <» (Mj.'( n,i,.Mj:,(tM I • tN;i SO, . CO. 

CnAH\< rKii>. A uliitt- vjramiiiir pnw.lfr. ff»'bly snliiliic in 
water ; ;{.'. liinis .i-- In mw ii~ tlif li^.'lit cii hi.niil«'. 
I.Mrn:! in -. I.inir. - iilphatt -. 

Dose, 5 to 30 gr. i^i i> p< .a< <1 .i'lniiiii^tr,itii>ii. 30 to 
60 gr. f.-r il iM-1. .1. . . 

I'ti jiiiriitii>)i\. 

Liquor Magnesii Carboiiiitii. Si/unnifin. 
Khii'i iii,i;.'iit -i,i. (',nti..nic u' nl ^'a • iiii'i»i a pii,^-,urt' 
■if tim !• atiiiM-plicii , 1 , p;i--ci| into a niivtuif nf frr-,hly iiuiK'tK' -linn en Imiiatt a'i<l (Ii4illf<l wattT. 
It i.i kept I III' !y I'niki 'I. < luiiih .'tr.s. A <"lcar f'fTer 
\e>cinv; tlui-l. (0111.111111..' lo ,r. of ili-' carbonate 111 
1 f!. ../.. 

Dose, 1 to 2 fl. oz. 

H'ttrji Minjiii uitn i'iirb',n<it>- i,> ••.^nt.nnrii in Troi'liisoiiA 
I5i.-Tiiuthi C'oinpo-itu-. 

1. :T|}i)fii4>Hii 4 :iilM»iia*« l.4'%i«>. r.i^ht 

Ma^;nfsiuni Carl'Mniit' . (.M_-C< >,l,.M;.'i< )H 1 . Hi .( ). 

SoiKc K. Maili- like the hi-avv oarliocatc. »'xoept that the 
solutions are inixeil eohi .umI hoilcil aft' 1 mixture. 

CiiAKMin:-. A \iry li^'ht ulutc powij. r. I'artly aiiior- 
jihous, with .-li-niltr unci -copic prims interniixi il. Vtrv 

Dose, 5 to 30 gr. for n p'.itf.l ailniini^tratinn , 30 to 
60 gr. for .1 -ill, il ijii-'-. 

."%. yimii%v<*ii% l*oiMl4'|-osa. M.avv Mii'ii.>ia. 
MkO. SynvHi/i'i. H'aw fticii;. li nia^'iic^ia. Heavy tuag 
iiesium oxii^if. 

Soria'K. Heat tli> hfa\ y cai hoiiale to txpel tlie CO,. 

C.. . . I .. I, :. .' 1 . Ill • " . 

!:.\:v.'.; : r.ii,-.. .t. w ::ti- |;-;v. ;:i r, -.iTV iliSOiUDiO in »ait-r, 

3.^ times as heavy a- the li;_'hl. 

Dose, 5 to 30 gr. for u j" att-1 admin. .miration ; 30 to 
60 gr. for a single dooe. 




Mvii.iiM Mi;i»i( \ 


.S.V^<.-//m,. I..,l„..l.u,..l,ua,-.M :.. I., Ja „„.„„.-,.,:,.; ':,!,.■ 

N"l IfK H.Ut III.. I|<.ht Vlir\,i,VUU- tu .A,„ 1 thr (■(» 

Cmm;. i,K~. A li.l.t hulky Mnt.. ,.,,.,|.r. f.,|.n .;:i,„i.. 

eOcr^T ^''^^r '" "•■•■^"■'' -"" — '"•'^■■n. 30 to 

00 gr. for II -111;.'!!" (i.,-c. 

AcrioN OK M\(;M:^n .\r S\i,is. 

External. NOik. 

Internal. .Sf,„;M,7i „>,./ Int.^tinr.. Ma-Miesia 
an.i the ina.'n.-snim carhunat.. ;uv antan.l. actni'in 
luiuiv wavs l.kc th.. putas.iiuu a,ni .,„lnnn alkahc. 

1 lu' C".rb..nic ar-i.l ^mv,.,, off, if t!„. .arhunat.- has Im-,.„' 
^Mvon, IS so.lativp t.. tlir >to,na.!i. Th.v arv l.oti, 
.l.'Cojni.osr.l In- iIm- -i.stric j.iic, tl,r .-l,!.., M. . l;,,r,i„. 
an.l l.icarhonatr ..f nia-.i. sunn Ih ni- tn,-,,,. -I Th,.s,; 
tlin-.;>a fs, ..i tfi.. siilpliat.. if that ha>- h. ,„ tak.„ 
a.-t 111 ih(. iut...tiii. its typual saline purgatives' 

Ihr sulphatr is „„.si ,„,u..rtiii an.l i, ,„,.• ..( il,, h. ,l 
of Hahnc purL'anvr. l,,r th. iMf.iin,,! .-HU haMj,- 
v.ry httlf s..l,.,-ti\o lor .ith. r i,,,,, ihr ,lni.r 
accurdin- t., mol aulhoiiti. ^, a.-t . ahn.,-t . nliivlv u" 
osmosis (srr ji. :>I ), - - 

lllnn,i „n,l Cnn.: I .ik, nt h. r alkalin. r. ,„. ,i,. . nia^;n,.s,„ni >ahs „un asr thr alkahnit v of ,h.' 
''';'";!-il^^tli/- U... uriiu-. h.l,. o k...,, uru-'an,| „, 
.soliitinM. ami arr.liuntir. J;„i th. ir artion ,.„ d,.. 
I-1<H.<1 and Mi-MH* is f.., hi.,' than that of s;,h. of 
IH.ta.ssnnu an.l so.liu.u. f,,,- ,h..^ aiv with .htV,.„hv 
ahsorbfd. I,ai-e .|os,.s inj.-.-t.-.I into thr hlo.,,! o'f 
aiiiiiials an- toxic, kiUin<,' hy action on ihr li. art. 
'I'lIKIiAl-KI TICS i.F .M\<.m:s . .,1 Sm.ts. 
Internal. Sfn,n„ch. Ma-,i(-ia and the caihu- 
nati' are nnld alkahnc ivi,„.h.s. and niav h,. u-td 
m tlu; .same das.s of ca.^vs a. other alkah.-s. Tlicv 
lonii iiisohihl,. coiupomids with inintial aci.U oxah'c 
.iLid. and sails oi mtTciiry, arsfiiii-, and roj.pcr IW 
alkalizin- tlio -asirie conunts thvy hinder thy 

(i.KII 1 


uli-rirp oil of JllLiliud . liny 111. llii-rt toll- aiitl 

ilot»< to ;;11 till -> -;ill'-lin 1 . tin iilijfctlol) to tlnUi 

i-i hulk. M;iL'ii< -lii 1- to hf pi. ftrrt'il, us the 
ciiriioiiul*' Lfivf- otV furiioiiif iiciii lms. 'I'ht v miist In- 
frtiiv j^'ivcii. Ihf siilphiitf i- an nilitlotc tu 1» ad 
and baruiiu sail-. I'oniuiii,' m-^oluidf ilpliatt s, 

I iiti'^tiihs. 'I lie iiiiiL:iU'--iiiiii suit-! air \vx\ coin- 
iiKUi j)itr^'ativ('>. Mau'iit-ia. tli'- {•arhnjiali', iiikI tlmd 
iiiaL'iHsia art' f\ct lliiii lor c liililnii. Th*' -<iil|ilialo i^ 
oiu- of our lifst saliiif j)i;ri,'ati\« -. It is • t-ry larj^rly 
iisfd. ( sj>f( lall . fill tl Niirii tit'S of constipation that 
arc a-i-ociatcd with lit , itu- di->ordcr. L'out. or c\i'c>sivc 
uric acid. \i< u-c i-; tli. n spn td over sonic time, ami 
it iiia\ coiisciiicnily l>c takrii as one of the niuicral 
waters whitdi cfintain it and sodium sulphate i.>.c 
p. liilt). A CO! •.ntiatcd Solution, cau-im,' as it does 
a Lrriiitlv increa ed secretion of inti >tiiiai tlui<l. i-- a 

U--eful pUI'_'e fo|- dl'opSN Ol' aScite-. 

/;,.ii (/ ;*/./ J\ III'/-,. So little of lll( -e all-; is 

aliM)rl» d. thai they aie onl> to !»• irivm for their 
alkaliii" elVects on the I'lond arid uriiit m tlio-,» ci .s 
of '_'out ami uric a id i,Ma\il in which jiot.i->iuiii o|- 
.sodium s.ilis cannot he home. 


ri:Kii VI. 

S\ IIiIhiI, (', . A till I Ml- Utlu'ht, 1 »(» 'J'!. iNlll nl!ll 1 : 

<'«'rii <>\:ii:is. ( i iiau < Kalatr. ('. i(" o,i^,'.t|l n 

S.'ll.. I. 1 'l I I IplLiti' .1 -llllltll'll "f ilM ■■\.lliltl' \Sl',ll ,1 

ii! iiiiit -;i!' iif I'liunii. 

ClUI.M il.K>. A \slllli JJIMIIUI.U JmLmI. 1. ill -nlulill- ill 

Will' r. 

I \ii 1 1,1 It > I.;iii;h.uiiitii, liiiiyiiiiiiui nxalat'-. 
Dose, 2 to 10 gr. 

Tni;!; vi'i.ii n ^. 

it is s^ivi'i! empirii- lly for somitim,', e-pecially 
that of pit;;^'nanc\ , ana occasionally wrh ht neht. 
No phy>ioio,i,Miai action is known, and piui tidy no 
Cerium is al>-orh( d. 







emetic., an.l ........ H.h, M..M ,,,p,,..,7..:^'^:i:^L^^ 

I. riiimlii 0\i«|ii,i,. [,„i,,„,, ,,,, . 

f, Hilary-. . ' • ' ''"• ■^:"i''>nj„i. 

S'.M.K. Mh.I.. l,v r-.Hsu.,,. I.,i.l in ;iir 
< Mu;^. iM.s. I'al,. I.n.k ,.,| l,.,iv\ ,',|. i,, . ,, ■ 

^^•^'••- "l"l'l' ... ,M,n.. .M,.la,.t,.. a.„|.- ■ "'"''''■ '" 

'"'"'"" <'.1'|".. n.M,...,,i...„.u. 

Emplastrum Plumbi II,, . ,,,„,, 

4. I'lnmlM Ar.-ia^. F,..,i a.,, at... M,,ch.m 

• iU.O. Si/>io>n,m. Su;,'ar .,f 1. „i ''.",".1.. 

_^.^^S..n:..J,,.-,,h,, ,,..,,,,,,, ,,,,„,,.„, „,.„,„„„„^. 

CimiA. TM.-. Wliit.' incn.w.liiiic i,|i>ti. u;.i,,i, ,„> h„,.. uat.T. p„t.i^.nnn :.,.|„1.., ^..;....,,a,l,. ./.,:. 

• Mil Kin. J, ..a, I L'urlKiiuii... 
Dose, 1 to 5 gr. 


r.. ..^•.,?'\^.^*.iP^'*^^i <^^»^ Opio. L.a.] ac tat.- 
Dose. 2 to4 ^.' """'•^''" '■ ' "' "'"""' '" ^- 



2. Sappoaitoria Plambi Compoaita. r<4>a<i 

Hicintf. Mt> ; (>|iiii[n, 12; ('il nf lli<'nl)rii!n!i. IM'2. Tu 
liiakf twtl'.c suii|i(i>il(iri( 7i. I (.t. of i)|)iiiiii in t-iirli. 

3. Ung^entum Plumbi Acetatia. I.iud 

aCft.ltP, ■-'() ^T. , whitr Ji lliilVui nltltllli !lt, 1 I'/. 

I'Tijiiirdtions vKiili- finm tl,.- A<rttite m iri-.ich I.>nil 
,'xists as t'lw S%\Ui\rvli\lv, I'l. (>(C' M,(),i,. 

1. Liquor Plumbi Subacetatis Fortis. 

SlroriK' ■■'->iiUiiiii iif liiiil .-uliiiC t.ii» . S'j>ii'n>/)ii. (ioiilaril 
<'xtift<t. I, tail afttatr. ■"., ami !• a<l uxiir, '.\}j, arc 
bnilfil tok't'thf-r ill watrr, 2n A "ltM><'. clear, colour- 
li'-^K lii|iii<l, swt-et a'^lritiK't'iil l.t-~tr. alkaiim- r«'a<tii)ti. 
Sp. JkT. 1'J7"». Str.tuitli, '2\ per < i-nt. of th*- suhaotatp. 

2. Liquor Plumbi Subacetatis Dilutui. 

S>/7u>n',tn^. -(idiilaril %\at< r, (iniiiaril It.ticri. I.iiju'T 
riiiiiil)i Stiliai'ctali-i, 1 ; alcoh'il ('.Ml p. r (•♦•nt ). 1 ; 
watt-r, T"*. 

3. Olycerinnm Plumbi Subacetatia. L«'U<i 

arttiiti'. .">. It a'l iiM'U. HJ. >.'i sc .rin, 'Jo, aii'l sMit< i, \2, 
aif lioijtil tdKctlitr. 

4. Ungiientum Olycerini Plumbi Subace- 
tatia. < il\ci riiiuni riiitntu S.ibacttati-, 1, \vliil>- 
paratliii tuntiiHiit. •'». 

:i. I*lllllll»i 4'»rl»oiiils. p. ,k.l C.irhoiiatf oi I.)'h<1 
FfMliiiw-c.irlioiiatf. .\ iiuxtiiri' of cirb-niat'' ami liMlratr. 
•J(I'liC(),),in)|()H( . Si/n<»!U»i. Wliitr l.ail. 

SciRi K. l'!\pos»' Icail to tin- \apniir of Hrt-tic a<-ii| ari'l to 
air oliurKfd with carbonic aciil. t'll'li • t'iM('.H,(», t .'W > <■ •_'(<), 
•2(rbC(),(.llM<>H'.. ■» -JH.O • •^ll'l.-'CH .(»,." 

CiiAiucTKRs. A hta%y, .soft \vhu«' pow.lcr, iii-oluhU' in 

iNirnaiY. I.iiiic 


Ung^aentum Plumbi Carbonatis. 1 with 10 
of white parathri oiiitint nt. 

I. Fliinihi loilidiiiii. I.tal>h. iij . 

yoi luK. Mix xilulioii-; of 1. ail iiiliatcor !• a'l Hotalf atnl 
pota.ssiuiu iodide and di v the precipitate. 

CnAR.\CTKi;>. H<a\ > hri).'ht yellow jtowihi or cr\>t.illire 
scales almo.-^t insoluble in water. 

102{iA MKi»i( \ 


/'ri jariifjion. 
1- Emplastrum Pliimbilodidi. T.. :uM,„Ii,i,. 

i ; 11 MM. 1 ; 1. .,,1 |,|a~t. 1 . '^. 

2. Ungruentum Plumbi lodidi. i uith 10 „f 

wliiti' piinilhii niiitni. lit. 

At IK IN OK Li: \i) Salts. 
External Th,. ;utinn <,f 1,.;..] salts „.. tho un- 
biok.nskin .ft)MylKuv..„v.,.vwvsli^:ht: Imu whrn 
HPplHd t„ tlu. ahra,l,,l .k,n. to so.v. an.l to ulcers 
tlu.y coHKulatc. til. alLiun.n ,.f th. .liHc-harK.', thus 
lonnin.^raprot.Ttivf roat; th.y eua^uhitc th.- alhu- 
inen in th. ti>:>,u.. th.nx.Kvs; ami th.v .lirrctlv 
iiotnlh.xlv.contra.-iih. snuillv..<s,.ls; for tht-.,- thm' 
N'Hsons th.y ar.' p'^werfully astringent. They also 
fjooth.. paiii.aiHl an. th.ivhMv.xn.ll,.,it sedaiiv.'s 
It IS obvious that >uh.,anas so .uark.dlv astri..r^,.,u 
Mill h.. haemosta ics. Anv salt inav h. irritant an.l 
caustic If .nou^rh ,. „.,,i ,,„} j, ,^ MilVu-icuIv con- 

Internal. L.;„l .it ,., o,, nn.rous M,MMbra....s 
I'ncisdya- on du. hink.,, -k;n, an-l .n thuvfor,. 
|'o\v..rfully ;,n.i i,,uno.-anr „, ;.|1 parts „f 
he ahnu.itary lan.!. Iro.i, th.. n.outh -lounwanl. 
" th.. stomach th,y ar,,! into a chlorid,." 
^c'u.l ..xritcs toiii,- i-.u, tractions of un.>tripc,l muscle 
lirnc.. th,. coll,, ami ahmtion i auscl hv it (For 
other actions .s, , 'i'o\]col,,..r\ .) 

TiiMiM i:rri( > ,,r Li,\i. S\i/r>. 
External.-]., a.l s.lts aiv appli.-l as loiions or 111 imiiiy c..n.htion> forwjiich an a>trin 
gent, sc.iativ.. ..tlrct is .i.-irc.l. as in uccpin- ,r/.-ma 
an.l many van. ii. ^ ,,i ulceration. The "Iv t-rin of 
tile sul.acetate cjilut.'.l l,nirf..l,i uith -lycerin or milk 
IH very us. li,l for th,.s. c,.naiu..ns. Tlie lotions may 
!;-• Hijeci.-.l m vi.lvitiH. l..ucorrlma,-leet, and otor- 
••h.-a. hut .vhouM n..t h. appli,..! f.,r ulceration of 
file cornea, le^t thi. \vhu, jir, .ipitate formed should 
l»a,l toptrmunent opavity. Tluir se.lativc uirect id 




Wfll sc't'ii ill their use in pruritus, but of course tin- 
tiiuse of t'' itchinu,' should if possililf lu' r»'iiiov»il. 
The Liqi !Muinhi Suhacctiiiis Fortis i'^ ranly u-^cd. 
;is it is St eiKHi^^'h to irritiitc ; tht- ihluic tonn is 

that usu!ih_;' ( inployed when ;i lotion i.-^ df^ir(d. It is 
often :ii)()Uf(i to l)ruises when tin- skin is uidii(il\tii. 
but it is doui)tful if it is uhsorlx'd. Thr onilineii! of 
the glyccritiuni is an cxcrllcnt reiiifdy. and ;i lotion 
of lead and opium is a favourite pnparatioii. It may 
he made hy nuxiii!^' 5 gr. of extract of opium with 1 ll. 
()/. of Liquor I'lumhi SulKicetatis Dilutus and I tl. o/. 
of watiT. I >iachylon ointment consists of equal [larts 
of lead plastir and soft parallin melted t<i,t,'ether, and 
mixed with an e(}ual quantity of zinc oleate oiutmciiL 
and mc/curic oleate ointment it form- a transparent 
ointment excellent for many purposes. 

Internal. The (diief use. of lea<l salts ine 
acUate i> the only one given internally i are a:. ,l-^tI in 
gentd in severe diarrhoa, sueh a> thai ot tsphnid 
fever, and as luemostatics. ;i> in ga-tric ulr. r. (^r in 
Inemorrhage from the intestiin', e^pt ciiiliy it' --evi re. 
as in typhoid fe\er or tuhtrculosi-. lor thevr pnr- 
poMS tln' Pilula riiinil»i e Opio is \(ry \aluahle, and 
the siijipositories ma\ he employed for rectal h,i mor- 
rhage. Lead salts product! marked constipation. 
Other drug's are generally preferred, Imii the siih- 
acetate of lead may he used as a gargle, or paintid 
on as the glycerinum when an astringent (Ih cl on 
the mouth or pharynx is desin d. 



T"\ii i.i...i,v. 

A( r 1 1 Ia \i< I'DiM'siN,,. A. will II .iiipiif.l i\t. ri.iill V. -,. 
\vl\>-u taki II iiiltriiully, till' ^<lllt-^ nf Itinl, if <•,. 111.> i|, ai.- 
I'owcrful irnliints. C'n-e.-; i>f ariitf poisMiiin;^' jnc i.Uf. I'lif 
Jicclate is must fi*'<iUf,-;tly tiikeii. Thi'if i,>s H Iniriiiii;^', su. ■ n-li 
tiistcin tlif iiidUth. tliirst, v<)iiiitiiii'.iibil(i!iunii!cnli!',:in<l ii-utiilv 
(•iin:-tiliiltiull. hut if the howcls iiir Dprli th'' , ar<' lilaek ; 
iht,' skin is cold, aiul th'.re is tullapbC. if the putu iil livr lon,^ 

.1 -J 

II - m 



<-'II:mM, 1,1 u. I'.. I-.. MS,,. -Jl.j 

1- is .-(I ('((niniDii tliat it i.j 

''"> l-."l:- .-n.uH,- •„„„;;,.. ,.,u r, • ..: o 1, ,^' ' "'" i'"" 

111' l....iv uith f i I , ,, ■ -"""I 1> «'l.- lak..,, i„f,, 

from tl.. ,„„.r,..MU,,„,, f. r i" ""■'"■'■:'' '" ">'^"y wavs 

"')'•-' I'-, ail. I pr.i, iircs! ., ,11 „ 

. ■ u.:.>. i,..n....,,.,u. ,.,,, ,„.„,- 

..I ,...1 I,! i, .„;;:■;:::" '1/':""^'"'"" -"• "■•• 'nnnh..r 

it rlLck;. l!|.. 

ill' II < Ml. till n 

;-M..-...i..v..o,,:;:;'r;^,^;;,::;-;;;; -.->-;.; 

.iaK-,.ii,,,,,,,,,.,,,, '■'"''■ ''"':''':"'ii.- i""ly.,,,„v 

'• Ml II 1. Hill. I t 

III. •lit ii t!,, 
l.a.i ■.,■l^ , 
I'l.i M. i\ 
liami. aii.j ) 



'"" "'^'-'f'<-i:iar,. ,ai..; I,„t pain^ 

--^■''■-''••'■p'in'-. intiauinl ;';::;: ;;;;'^;;:'^-^^ 
-■- '..■ .'.....It wu,..,^;'.,;,tr;^.^; :;'";'':::■ -■^'-^!v-■v^^ 

'•'•'"".^■••inlhrm.rv... Tlw kuin.yj 




ari' oftf'M the ■^•■.itnfchrnnioiiiflainiiuitinii ; whctlnrtlii- i->iiii- to 
tlu' j)a-^-iit.'f 111 tlif It'iiii tiitiiii;,'li th' III, 111- tn [hf ^rmit cini-i'.! i.v 
thf U'li'l. i> iiii (i|iin i|Ui~tU)ii. Till- tnii'm. nt <iin^i~t-< cliullv 
in iivniiliiiici' i)f tlif -imrc*' of puixnnn^;. I'..tii--iuiti indnlr i^ 
ofUil K'ivcn, ;i- it i- -iiji|M-f.l tu ii:.ii ,i->' tli.' ixri. tmn ,,f i.H.i 
in tin- uriiif. 'I'tiis i-i |ir(i'.;iiMy inr.iH" it, \'.iv litl.r 1. i,i 
pas-ifs (Mit liy till- uniu- ; ini',t liavi- thf IhhIn li\ tli>- i'.i (•.- It 
i-; <ti\<\ a!-" t" In- t\iTt li->l m thf iiil>-. -u<',it. aii>l imik. I'nr .i 
clinical ai'C'iunt of th.- <s iii|it.iiii^ ami lifatim iit a t ' c.f 
iii«-'ii<-iii'' inii-l I"- r.iri-iiil. il. 


%i«^i:\Ti yt. 

Silv.-f. Syinhcil, A;,'. Atc"i;c \\i-i_ ht, h'T '.'.:. t N^t ■ ' i 

I. %rK«-iiii >iir:i«.. Sii\.r ■ \ Nn 

S>/)t<>ni/iii. Lunar cau-ti. . 

S«ii iiCK. ( »litaiiii-il In the iiitci actinn .if lU, r -m,! uiiiic 

CiiAiiVi 1 1 i;s. Ci'ldiii li---;, liiliular, li^'lit i li"inhic n \ lal-. 
Siiluhihtu. •! Ill 1 of walf-r. Shdiiici h.- kt-pt in ih,- .l.iik. a- 
li;.'llt I'lacki'lis it. 

Iv( iiMi Miiii.K--. Alk.tlit , aihi tli<-ii I .iilr iial- -, ciil.i nil -. 
ii(-iils (fxi-cpt nitric ami ac. lici, |iota.>.-iii!n indulf, ,.iluti,.ns <,[ 
arsfiiit,-, and astriii^-'cnt infii--iiin-;. 

iMii iniiis. Other nitrait--. 

Dose, \ to\l. gr. m a |nil wah kaolin. 

'2. Ai-|;«'iifi ^ill-sis lii<liir:itiis. Syi:..)rjin. 
T(iU;_'h nt-'l c.ui~tic. 

Sni-|:ci:. Ku>.- ti.;.'.th' r -ilv. r I'.i |.ait-, aii.i 
}inta--iiuni nilcatc, 1 ji.-iit. aii'i ]'(. ir intu |irci|i. r niniiM-. 

C'n vn\( ihi:-. -Wilt, m /r.yi-li whit.- . ^ liinli i. . 1 i.,.l ,,) 
cmics. l-'i'i-.-ly siiluhlc ill wat.-r. 

:t. Arf;4'iili ^ifisis ^liiiusiliis. Si/nnr.,/:-. 

MitivMlf.l can-tic 

Sdi i;. !■;. It i- a iiiixtiir.- iiia'i.- h\ fu-iic/ tn/.-ih.-r ..n.- 
part of -ilvi-r'- am! tw.. p.u t ■ nt' p..t,i- i-mii 

'i'l.f ITniillct l- P'pU1-.-.| lIltM luii'iM-. 

Cii <i.\i' 1 1 i.<. White (Ji ;.i.-w~h vshiti- |-i"i- Ml CI, lie-;. 
Freely rdiuhle in wat.-r. 

I. %rH:4*iili 4>\i4liiiii. SiMroxil. \^-i) 

Sun;.!. Shiik. ,1 -I'i 1'; 11 .if -ilv. r witii 'imi.- 
wat.r. -'A/No, • Caiolii \ i (ai.Nii,! Iln 

C'n Mivri (■ i;--. .\ii uIi\. n.-.wi pnu.i. i, "f..t.i\ --] J,l.- m 


^'\TI|;m MIDFcn 

ls.-M.,T„M, (>l,I,,n,l.. an.] organic .ul..,.nr.... ,.p.. 

iMi 1 i:in. M. t;,iii,. -ilvrr. 

Dose. ' to 2 gr. in u |.ill vv,tl. kanl,,,. 

-\( l(i.\ ,ii. S!/,\|;i; S\i,is, 

External. Tl,. .,.,.„, of silv.r .alt's is v.n lik.. 
;. '^ ;•' '-';i -'l'--. I'Mt tlH.y a,v Mion. poNwrf,,! 
,;".;•";•' 'l^"- '■'"•-';• -^ >nn,h ,,..,1 as a caustic. 

■•'.""••"''" ^"■^'*'" ^^■'"" ^v,. WHh a li,nit:.| CHUM.,- 

;-'Y'''''';'''vi'-t''MlHrpart. Lor,ons of u „.uv ],.. 

I-. ... astringents. Ihu ,h.,v a.v not >o us-fnl u. 

:.;'; '''':;';"•'''•■/''•>/'''■ ''-'•■ -ntatin. ..hI ...... 

I-'- .^'Iv.v s,lts. hk,. l.,.,l ..its. an. hemostatic 

::;-''^^^'".'";'''^':'>- •"■-""—. w.-ak soiutuu,: 

'"• ""-';■ ^n.nuhf. to lH.alt!n..r;utio„„,io|.nr 
"'•■'1^ ;'1h1 o'Ih 1 mllaiii,,i SMlfac..-. 

Internal. :..!.,.,■ saiN. ul. „ lo..alIv a,.,,lu..i ,„ 
'■'•"-''^1-;. In tl.. sto,,,a<.lMlH.,|.ron,. 

;:;:•;•;"■ ■; •"" '^""^^- ^^''■^ '■on,,.,,.,,.! is fon,,...!. 

'^ ■'1-Mi,..,| fron. tl... aiinnnia.y trart. for its lo,,.^- 

""^ ;■"'"';'• "^ ',''' '" '^''' 'I'r-s.t.on of ,ninut.' 
^.■:.nnl... of n,. tali,,; sHv... Wrv iutl. is kn u, 
1-u ,ts<,MtH.ra,-t,on. in a.-ut. poisonin.'V^ ! 

-unru,. an,ln..rvoMs.y,nptoms.asconvuIsu,ns a . 
•";^ -"I.: t)u. c-lnon.c fonn.s...n .no.v offn u'f c^,,,,a.ntly, infTnaliv, is .1, „ 

'I't ti-ol.u-ationahov,. ,n.ntiom.,l. Son,., is pa..,..|,ao.sasth.sulpl,i.l..:so,,uMs.l..po.u,.,] nth 
""< nial or^^tns. ..sp^rialiv th,- ki.lnr\ 

sii,\Kl; ■>\l,T-> 


Tm;!: \i i;i in-, oi' Sii.\ i:u S \i.t<. 

External. Nit.Mtr of -ilvcr i iihk h u-li| bocaiist^ 
it i« frcin Us liiii'^d ;i<-!h>ii onr cf the I'fst caustics, 
aixl iiiJiv lif tiiipli .yt (1 tn ill -troy u:irt-;iii(l fMilicrimt 
t^'ruiinlutiiMi ;, or to ajtply fn laN - ; Imt it must In* 
rfinciiilMi' <1 tliat it is dm nsi wlit'i an cxtonsivo or 
dftj) act inii isrt'iniiid. r.icaiHc of its combination 
of an ii'iiiaiit -tiniulatiTv.' ftl'tct with an a-trinL;<'nt 
influcnci'. lotion- fit, ■ u'.ii. rally ahmit 't f^T. to tin- 
fluid ounce of w.^itr, arc of much Ix iicfii uhcn ap 
jilicd as a paint to indult tit ulcers, to ind-orcs. to the 
atVcctcd pait- in chronic phaf\ni,Mtis or lar_\ OL^ilis, 
or as an injfctinn in tdict or intlaiumatioii of the 
OS uteri. .\ urethral lioU'^'ie .shoidd contain j i:r. 
Weaker solutions i*J <,'r. !<> 1 f1. o/.i are emploM'ij 
for i^'ranulai' lids and. various fi.iius of (i))htlialniia. 
Solutioiis i)f tile nitrate wdl -ometiiuis relie\e pru 
ritus, anil niay lie applie(l to the ri d skni of a 
liireatenin«_,' hedsoie ; \ery .-trnm,' Milutions ha\c Ik en 
recommended as a local applicatit/u in erv-ipela-. 
Tinea tarsi is -ifteii titateil hy thr application of 
solid <il\er iiiirati-, ami ulcers of ihi mouth and 
otlier parts may hi- touched witii it. It is an excel- 
h'nt hauuostatic for leech liitcs. It is al>o applied 
to .smallpox Vesicles to prevent pirtin;.'. to hoils. and 
to the uteru< in chidi:ic c f\i(al catarrli. I'rotarj^'ol, 
a protcid coinp(>u (1 c(;!itaininur '^ per <-ent. of -ilver, 
easily soluble in water, is used as an inji ction for 
j,'onorrliu'a. The u~e,al >treiiL,'tli i- 1 percent. Largin 
is a somewliat similar -i!ver-protei(l compound. 

Internal. Siher salts are not much i: ^d inter- 
nally, anil tlieir continuous einplovmeni is oi'jec- 
tionablc on account of tin ar'/yria produced. Tiu'V 
Were formerly often u'l^'ii ni ntr\ous di-tases, l)ut 
there is no evidence that tiieydid an\ Ljood. Altlioui,'h 
it is said tliat tiie compound of silver formed in 
the stomacli i- notia<trin"-eiK. nitrat.' of silver will 



•"^'ATKIdA M!-:i.(r-A 

w.":in:lf tut.;"" f "•''■•"■ -> ■■"'> ".a. n, 

I. Z MM-, M.lo,-M|.„„. z.,„.n,I,„.,... XnCl 

">'il"< i,l,„ir acMi ;ui.| /i,„ 

"|i:i")U.- |(h|. 

<ir t;ilil, t~ 

""'"'■'■■ ''^"'"'".'///, i-..-.iy ..iuM..";;; 

, , ' HU:v, Ml.,. Coluurl. ., 
''•■'''I'" -'lit illld .MIi-,11,' 

»'•■'■':■•'•• ■■• '-••■..'■. i:;::::;:;;:„i :v;;,^:;' 

' "■ '"^ •• ""I 't'l'l '^'^^U'-r. .S|,. ^-r. I ■:,.•{. 
Acr/MN OF Zi.Nc (MLouinK. 

Internal. ,srr T<,xu.,,|n-v. 

Kiv.n iiifriiaiiv. 'I'lus, j,t„.. jt i.s not 

muiiiiii- |,.,„m1, iiuici;.s and .,|ir..,ls ,,f 



niiicoiH riKiulir.iiic \i(iUiit jinr>;int;. aii'l cnlljipM'. I'nst 

VliirtilH. 'I hf Itpl'" ;n ulici^ ;i|i tl|M«'- plci. i llccl \>\ nil lU'ilIf 

ii rit;iiU. 

rriu!ii:riit. Wa-h ■■iit lln- --foimii Ii. nr 'iv'' tMutlicH (mi' 
|i. l.iii). iiii>i linn ii« iiiiilcciit- ill- (lisii y. l.;i.i. 

*i. ZiiK'i >>iil|»li:i«>. /.iiic S.ilpli.i:. . ZnM >,.7n i >. 

Sun;. K. Mu'ii ii_\ the int' larii^.iM'f /.iiu ami -ul|ihur:c 
a( i'l. 

('n\i;\ri ni>. Miniiti- f. linirl'S-^ pri-in-, Vfiv like <\\\ 
} liat»' "f iiia^'iii'-iiiiii. liiit lia\iiiu':i. in<ta!iii' la^tf. S'''ulit- 
litij. In ill 7 of w.itir. 

iMi'iKiin - I. 'a'!, iinn. r,i|.[i. r. ui-- iiii'. 

In( ci>ir\i ni.Ks. Alkalii ^ aii'l iln ir rai !■ -iiati -. liiiif 
walir. Itail U'ctati'. -liMr uiiial'-, a t nii;-'fiit \ c^'ftal'lf in 
fii-ion- or li'ci'ctii in -. ami milk. 

Dose, 1 to 3 gr. itMuiii ; 10 to 30 gr. (• nHtici. 

Ungmentum Zinci Oleatis. Im-mm- /im- 
siilphatr. •_' 11/... in iii~tilliil Wat' 1 : al i> iii--Mil',r ( >•/.. 
of Imiil -nap ill >lia\ iii^;-; in ili-tiil'-'l \Mit< i'. Mix tlif 
t\vi> .■^l)lutil■ll-;. Cnliict tlif /.me oliat'- ; diy it iiiiil 
iidil an I'lpi.i! wiiu'lit ..f whitf -nft par.itl'm. 

:{. ZilK'i 4'ai'l»4»li:i«>. /;n<- ('arhdiuit'-. Zino 

Ihiirdxvcailjonatr. /.ii( ( •/ /lii'lh )• 11 (>. 

SniiaK. !!iiil lin.i'lni -iilutiiiii- iif zinc siilphiitf timl 
siiiiiuni ciiiliuiiat'-. ilZiiSt I, -- -.'Ho ^ iiNfi.CO, = /nCO, 

(/.Ii-JIKM, • 2('<> • :iNa So,. l>ty ih-' pi. ■ ipitalfl v.'uy -ait. 

C"mm:m III.-. A wliil'' ta-t( !»■->; pnuijir. in>'ilulilf in 
wati-r. Siniilai in lun-titiitiiii in iiKU'iic-iUMi carliiiii ilf 

Imitkiiii -. S lipliati -, chlniiclt -. ii.pj.. i-. 

Dose, 1 to 3 gr. it..nici ; 10 to 30 gr. i. mi.'k). 

KaU'lv ;i ill cMi pi ti» Iiiakf tlir nxi'li aii'i liif art t.itc 

\. XiBK-i 4l\i4liiiii. Ziiii' Mv.j.ic . /.111). 

Si'i U( >:. I'll I'aiiii ii'. Inaliii/ llif laiii'inat' t I'llnc-s 
ill a ti iicililr. (If finin imtallic /iiu- hy rdinlni-lii.ii. 

CiiUixciiK-. -V -lilt, iirai !\ '.Niiiti', la~t'ii-- pnwilii. 
in'ohiiilr in uat' r 

iMrrKiin-. I he cai imiiat'- aii'i il> iiiipuntn-. 

Dose, 3 to 10 g-r. 

I '>i-}ntr,itii>yi. 
Unguentiim Zinci. /.iin ,iM.i", 
liii.i. 17. 



' 5 



lirll/dalt i| 


>'\Tf;i{r\ M]:])\(\ 

'^•".' •"••I'll" . i\-t;i)li/,., o-it • • 

!'""^""- ■""•• ■■.■tl„.,.,ul...,at... 

"'••M'.. \N„ A. 1,,M,:. ' 

External. Tl,, „, .,.,1, „ . 

'-'■■n-i. ■„,. „i,., : ,1 ;;," ■■''■'''"', '" "■■• 

" ^' '"'"■ \<.u\ ,M„I ,|v ,• I , '^"'^- "'"- lll.V 

;'''■''' ''•\'''''-'i"''-''-H ;...,'; :;;;,:^, 7,' -^ 

emetics. Tli.\ act .lir,,.t'v -' -'■^'"^ 'ire prompt 

1' 11 

y-.--^.o, ,,rn,ur,n^v...-ylittl...K.nn...i,, 


.-nM,,,n,K,,.,n,nnh..nt..n,s,ki.ln,.v: ; . 
"t 'I i~ M,i[.ni,,,t IS piohuMv i,),T)rn.,.r 'I' 

I ""i_. 1 i()i,,Ui|_\ the syiiiptoiiis 



nrwliich fli(i;(' who work with /iiir somttiinr-^- com 
|||:iiii ar. tliic Id ;if .riic ;ii)il nfli.r rnef.ih winch 
cniitaliiuiatr c<>ni|i(iiiiiil - nf /inc. 

Tin;i;\ii i in -. m' Zim' Si i.imxii , ( ' \i;ii(in \ 1 1 , 
(Kini:, ()i. i:\ii, \mi Ai i.r\ri:. 
External. \ ^olutKni nf the -uliihutf. u'ciu rullv 
iiliout li '.T. to I tl. 'I/.. 11 -UiillN colnim (1 ri'd willi coin- 
|ioiunl tiiu'tui-.' ot' hi\(iultr. jukI thru cullnl Lotio 
Kuln-ii. i< Vi ly (ifi( n iipphtd for it-^ a-trii),i,'t'iit ulVtci tn 
all -oit> of law smtiicc-; and ulctcs, imd as an injection 
in '.'"iiorrlio a, Icucon ho a, vul\ iti-^. or o'i'i-;. IMani 
-oliition-- of thi^ -trcngth may he a|i|>Ucd to the < \c 
t.>i' coiijinK tiviti-. A urethral hou^^'ir ^hnuld cunlaiii 
a Lriaiii : <<<iii.tinn s a iriain -if the iiicoholie extract 
of helladiiina i- added. The olrate i-< an e\e.llent ap- 
plication to <or( s and iilct rs uheii a le-^>i ast i iii'^'cut 
|>fe|>;uation i- rei|inrid : and th.- oxide and eaiho- 
natf. eilhrr ducted on till |i;i It ~ or 11-1(1 us an nmt 
men', jiic m eoiislaiiL u-e for ca-. ri in whndi onl\ a 
mild a-^truiL'tiit cthct is di^irahle. An ointment, 
oftiii known as I 'n^iicntiim Metalloriini, consists 
of e(|iial part- of oinimmts of /ine oxide, h aij arc 
tate, and dihif.' nu'rcinir nitrate. This is a vt r\ 
uood apjilication for many \aiMeties of eo/ema, sores, 
ami ulcers. I'!'jiial parts of zinc olcjitc, mercuric 
(•leiite, and dii(div|on ointment (p. KJ.'Ji foi m an 
ointment which has the «,'reat ad\antai,'e of heim,' 
tran-jiarent. and tin relore the pro^^'ross of the disease 
can he (jl)ser\( (1 without wa>hiiif» off the ointment. 
Calamine .iriipiire zinc carbonate) is an excellent 
>li.i,'ht astringent for skin disea-es. An ointment < 1 to '» 
of heiizoated lanl;anl a lotion ( prejiared calamine, 
I'tirr. ; /ineoxidf, l.'i/r. ; lime water. h() ^ ; ^dycerin, 
'H)\\l ; water, 1 tl.o/.) arefjood preparations. The fol- 
lowing' sometime- siicc<'t'ds in pruritus: Zinc oxide. 
1 "iOLrr. : ^'elatin. 1*20 <j.v. : Ldycerin, (> .> ; water to(» ^. 
The Jelly to be melted when used, and applit d with a 
hru<h, and th« ii cfjver.d with cotton wool. 





•>'\Ti:iti\ .\fi:i,|rA 

irt:"::!:,,^:::';:;';'''"' ,'■■'"■'''■ "" - "■' -< 

— ..f i...i-.., „.'•';■ ';;'^''>" .■.,„.,„. f„r 

■ u-i ..i:- ;,,,;:,',;'". ''^•'•. "'"/"i""- ti„. ,::;'■"■ "'^' " —I'Hi.uu ,„|,r„v.. 

•— ' ''>''-'-i^.;:^;;:w;::;::,,'i:;;.M:ir^''' 

'■"'::'■":""""'■'■"■ ^ - "■•..m, .::„, ,s.„ „„;,,,„, 

•-';."■ -ir. r :,■,,:;;,„":„:;"•■■-' ' -»'•'• -i- 

•>r-''-:'';M... '^';n';'V'7;'^i- "■•:",''"'■■'■■■'■•"•■ •'■-•'■ 

i.-ln,,^...,,. '' •"'l'''."-l. ""ii.i.- .,i„.| M,„H vr.-tiiM.. 

°°'" ■ '° ^ ^'•- '»- ■-' ^ 5 to lO^r., ..,„..„.,. 

■\i n..N ,„ C.iT. i: Mj.,.„vn.- 

w^ sri,i'U\rK 


siilphato, but men' jwiwrrfiil!} . Copper .>iil(H iirc 
stnmt^'ly unt iscpiic. 

Internal. Mmirutntj i-'cut' . Iltrt-iiNo, if vrry 
coiuTiitrHtf <i or f,'i\i m in laru'*' tin ••-., tuppcr >iilp}i;ilf 
is all iicuif ciin^iic irritiiiit. 1 ul [Mii-.iiuriL: hy it 
i-^ VI rv rari'. Iti nicdicinal tld-^t-^ it is stroii-'lv 
astringent. \ xw U\ it n ^'raiii-> of tin -^ulphiUr form 
a pow»'rful emetic, acting' dirtctly oii tlif s'loimuh. 
As it is more iiritatiiivr tliaii /.itic sulphatr, it ai'ts 
niorr readily, Imt it lias llic flisaiivaiitaj.,'e that, if it 
fail- to act. tlu' stotnaiji iiiu>t !'•• promptly cniptird 
by HoiiU' other iiie;ms, for if not. tin coppi r sulphate 
\sill cau-c iiitlaiuiiiation ol it. 

Jii iii"ti'i'ff,-(t\. Copper .-.lit- are -low ly alisorbed, 
and COplKT is chletlv re e\creted hv the llVer 111 tlic 

'rm.KMT.i I u s Ol CoriT.K Si 1,111 \ii. 

External. The -nlphate i- apphed as a eau-tic 
to reduct' exulieraiit I'l iiiuliitioiis, and i- u-» d for 
tinea tarsi, beiii:,' rubbed on the edu'es of if'.e hds ; 
as it is milder than nitrate of sil\er, it ciii-e- le-s 
pain. 'I'ht- •' lapis di\ Miu.-," w hi(h i- often u-. (1 f(»r 
this last purpose, coiisi.-t- of ropper .-nlphate ;{ o/.., 
potassium nitrate :i o/., alum -il o/.., camphor 
(■>() ^'r. The lir-t three aic fu-ed to|^'ether. The 
camphor is ad<led. and the ma-s is ca-t into cy- 
lindrical moulds. Lotions of copper sulphate, 
usually about 2 <^v. to ] ll. o/,., may be applied as 
astriiiu'cnts for just the -ame purposi s as lotiotis of 
zinc suljdiati' ; but it niu-t be leiueiuheie.i that tluy 
are more powerful. This i- the usual -treiiL'th foi- 
solutions which are to be dropped into the vy . 
lliillier strong r -olutions are mild h.emostatics. 

Copper (deate made, with lanolin, into an omt 
iiieiit of a strcnLfth of 10 to "JO pi r cent, i- an • \cel 
lent parasiticide for rin;,'\\orni. 

Internal. In .-mall do-es coj)p> r sulphate i.^ 
valuable for .severe diarrhoa ; usually it i.-, given by 

! r 










t 1^ 







M\TKKI\ .MKl,i<\ 

l-.nou,h,ntlH.r.nuof.p,ll.hunt nucvl n.n 

■ ■ -t nrtul .njM.noM. It Ha r.uul ..„,..;„• animu 

nHl, its ,,n„n|.L action. It ,. lar-i 

;;:;;;;^';;;'-'-s ^ ----'i ->.-• ti!,- ; ;, .,1 th.. .;,i|,),;,t.. ,M uat.T ,.v.rv I, w „n„rt 
"il \n.uitu.L' t-.k... ,,la,, w. ,. • . '' '""".t.. 

I , ' • Willi liif if .(,-.,.-, (if 

;;:;;;-;!,, ^;;.■::,..:'^:'L:;:^;;;!■•^;:■"r';,:::;■ 

, V ""; '" '-"IT'T. i.nt It w... (■onu.Tlv .ia,..,i 

In -1111,11, III .i,.., , ..jjt, ,,, 

"PI"' ar.. Mol.nt j:tt>tio- 

,, , , "■•'•"■' ■ "'■; ."lit.- |iui-,„,Mi/ 1. \,.rv rai.- 

' ' ' '■' ' I" I I I :■ 111 ■ 1 1 I 1 I . . -.1 ' ' 

I'''.';"'''-""' i"-f"-' -.„ti,„. :'i ;.;:;';: 

.:-i< t'M. Till , .\ 

'■"'it.tiiii .1 in lira.--. S. iii 

"ipt-iu- aiv lii.,u..|,i u, i„. 

'•■ ' tile 1-1 11, |,, I 
iirtlln,-- cnlic 1- ,ii-. t il 

Ii;'-li lli;i> lie 

'■ '-"ri" 


lUMH I III ,|. 

.M:,!,;,!!':,r,"'" ""•""■"•- '- •'■■■■■'-- 

* "M-V' i-h.. A h.avs uliil. ,,.u,i, , n,.,.', IJ 

Dose, 5 to 20 gr. 

IUnMCTH s\1.1> 



Trochiscus Bismuthi Compositus. 1.imi;i.i1i 

oxycui Ijoiwiic, "J >,T. ; lnuvy mui^'iivsmtii>', "J ^r. ; 

] !■' ri|iit;iN -i (• il r'!'i im:'" 'iKiti . I ^T. ; ;iiiii <i r«i-i- ii.'v-i-. 

'2. ItiHiiiiillii Mil»ilitr:i*.. l::Mt:',:'h Ownitratc 


S..I i.< I-. I'r- j>;iit '1 \)\ ill.- intr ,,u '.-ii -: i. -iuutli naiulf 

iUlll WilltT. 

C'lt MiM I ) li.-. A ii'Mvy wlutc ]>iiwi|t 1 in iiiiMUt<' crysttiilim; 
hi-iilfS. IiiMiliiiW' 111 UiiUi. l);ii -u'.uiu* 111 (iilutf mine mid. 

Im ..;.iiArii;i.K-. Witli u,a. I it iilwjiys yiflti.H a iilll«- fno 
nci'l. iiml lurici- Icii'l- t^i tii-' iilicriiliDti nf cftrlintiicin-i'i ;.';is from 
linarhciiiatc (if soiinuu. nr if pros(.Tih<"i witli j><>ti4S-*iiiiii io-lido 
Iciuis to the litx i;iti()ii i.f iioiihi'. llisinnth -u!t> fnim tiiiiiuib' nf 
l)i>-niulh wiifii |t!f-crilnil \\;th >uti-faticf'- ^•lillta^lll:^,' taimi-i. 

iMiTunif •.. Liii'l. ar-'tiiir. ti'ilui uiin, i-hii'iiilt ^, luiiali':^. 

Dose, 5 to 20 gx. 

I'l , yiiT'lti ■)l. 

Liquor Bismuth! et Amniouii Citratis. 

N.V'i' '!,'."••. i.l'|!;nl 111- Ililltl'l. lii-.iiiv. t'.i;iL-i. i.t lil,-- 
ni'itli DWiiitrat' iti 1 ll. ■>/. .it iiitiu- a'l'l 'iiUit>.| with 
wall I. A.iil •il;J ^'r. of |<ota--iinii iiliat. ai'l IT"' -i ■•! 
lnHa-Muiii i-arl)iiiiatt' Willi a litlli wain ; In at to "_' 1. 1. 
l)i ->ol\r tiif j'l • t i|i. tail' 111 am nil 'Ilia ami ad'! u ati'i t.i 
i;iak< a [uiit. ('.i;il.i::. .'. /i i .1 In lui.lh i ' mi|i t. . 1 !! li i , 
Dose, to 1 fl. dr. 

:t. IClHiiiiillii 4l\i«||iiii. I'l tiiiitli ()\i<)i r. n 

S"fl;i r. Ill 'll ihi 1 ■>.% iMti all iji a -■•!:;; ion nf -ml a ,i!:.| .(i v 
ihc pifi iinlalt . JlWttNd, • -JNalKi I'.i <», • J.N.iNo, . |i ti.' 

Cl!.\IU> Il.H>. -V liwil 111 a\ s ljri)\Mii.-h Ncliow jtouii i, iii 
.■iilul>!f III Wat' r. -olaML- in iiiliic aLi'i aii'l wat' v. 

Dose, 5 to 20 gr. 

I. I(i<»lllllilli Silll<->l:io. I'>i>iiiulli Sahc\iaii' m 

r.i.-iuulli C»xy-alu'viiil.. r„ll, oH.Ct »( > 1;,( ». I..- pi. [.ar. .1 
hy tlif iiiU'iai'lii'ii it li]-vi!iulli n.tratt ai,.! -iiliiun -;'.lic\ l.itc 

ChakacI'M:- \Mi I'l-i-. .V whilr of iHiiilv whilt! Iniivy 
anKirphoii'^ pow.i. r iii-oiiiiile in wat. r, alcohol, aiul kI\''«'iii. 
ll (j:ivf^ ihf iLUcliiiiKs for hi-'itiulli ami a \i"itl I'limi, witli 
fiiiic; fhloiidi'. 

Dose, 5 to 20 gr. 

.\t 1 1 UN < 11 i '.i>\n 111 S \i. ( ^. 
External. Suit- of li-inuth lia\. no .icUdU "H 
thf unluuKiU ^kln. J)u.tUi1 on ;i raw .^iirlact tin \ 


M\Ti:i;i\ \n:i)icA 

form a ].rot. rtiriL' cnat. aiv f. .,Iv <.'<t iiioidiil, and 
an \rry mildly astringent. 

Internal. If I;.,-- m..^. s of >alr^ < f hi^muth an- 

'"'J"'''i "li.j. r tlir >Kin (if aiiiinai^. ..r if lar-,. ,1,,.^... 

"/ -"l"''!- >i'i'~ arv i.i\.M (n til,.,,, l,v ;h,. ,n,,iith 

fli<_v pn„iucc .11,,!^ a^ >..v.Tr as tl;..,,. ,!,,,. r.. aiiti- 

niMiiy. '|]„. el,!,};,,. ./a-tcM mt. ■tiiial irntati.-n and 

fatly (1. !/, ii.raiioM. ;,nd it i^ -tat. d that sinuv v.-rv 

snsc.ptiMr jn rM.ii^ may Im- pni-.t,,.d l,v lar-.T iUxv^ 

liy til" lunrtl; nf ii,..-.,l,iMr -all- : l,:it. a^ a riil,'. anv 

s\ni|it..iii- olL'a^tn, mtt-tinal iintaiimi cnu >.(! l,v tin. 

ui^oIuIm. -a!t< ,,f M^iM'ith .Urdu.' to fh.' ars.iiic'witii 

whielihisiiiMtli Slits.. -[M.iallN il... .iii-nitiat.., uiav !.,• 

(•(.ntaniinat.d. \Vh. u |.wrc, u i.' that thf.<.. 

salts, hk.aiiy hhuid h.avy i- w.h r, ad , |ii,.ilv a.. ^,n,- 

i.'cti\c^ I., tti.- L'aMiN. 111!. Miiial iiMi.-,.us iij."nihranc 

Tliry hav... 11 1 astringent art i., I, .diniini.>hiii;.,'.s,frLti<'n.' 
and art- -astro lilt. stuialanLL^iplio. Th. siihnitrat.- i< 
l'< Ik A.'.i to h. th.' iM..^t i.ou, itul 111 th.- last dm^ction 
iMcaii-c in cnniaci with u;,i, r a t, n,ls to split ni. 
""•' l'i-'iiii:li oxid.' and nitric a.-i.i. an.l m the 
iiit.stin.. l.iMiiutli siilpliLi.' i> lorni..|. and nitrt.iis 
Napoiii-, whi.h ai. aiiti .j.ti.-. an lih. latf.j, hut it 
iM.ty !,.• that il act> a< an o\\-. n lairi. r likr ars,-jnc. 
<"'"■ I'l'' oMd. ••.rtainly app. ,iis to act m tin- wav.' 
r.K-'iniitli is \crysl..\vly aliS,,ih,,| an.j f\cnt..l .diicfi'v 
"1 ihc iiiiiu. and it iray ].,• t, un.j m the liver, kid- 
neys. spK. n. an.l n.i\Mi,. Xothint: (•.'rtam 
IS kn..\vii of any n'lin.i.- .•tr.cis. Disniutli haves 
!!"■ nctum as th.' sulphide . an.l colours the fac-s 
';';'^'';- '' "'=«.^ ^•:"'>'' :» I'lirplisli Ina „n the -uins. 
Mic hnath of p.r-^.uis takm- silt- of hi-niiitli occa- 
sionally lias an lik.' oiii.,ns. Thi- i- .hi.. to 
th.' (•ontaniinatK.n of ih. hi-mutli uith minut.. traces 

<'f t. lllll'l MIM. 

'I'll! l;\rl.l 11, > ,,) |;i^\;i I ,1 .s u,iS. 

Extcraal. haii- ..i hi-muiii may he dusted on 
-oreri a.- piulccUVe;s and mild ualriil^'ents ; fur thiij 

I'.r■^^n th -> \i. i -> 

purpd^. tlir ()\ych!Mn.lf. hhk )i u-.l a- a , ■,,,!, ,.. tie 
(I'liiiicd.'. n ih. |,..,-t. 'I'll.- tuUuv, 111,' isa t:,,o,! 
l.isiiiuth M;n;iiH 11' . r.i.>iiiiitli (.\i.i,- l j.arr. an,! T.], ;,• 
;ici(l s i,,,!t^, -tinv.i 111 with ;; j.-.m, ,,r uini.. \sa\ 
li'jU.'tii.l hy hear, with '.» jim-, n{ -mT; [.trathii. The 
Mihiiitnit.' i> s..iii(titiMv> >ii;ity,.(l' II, IS,, (hiiiti'.' 
ii I'dl.i, ami <ii^p. in uiucila;,'.' it uiav hr n , ,1 ., , 

iUl lllJtC'tinli for u"iI](i!t1iu a nl- lfn,-,,ll h>ia.* I l. , .i 

winch is hi~iiiiith .>iih-ai!alr. has i„ , n .n.i,.,. ,',|' ;,'.! 
an oiiitnifin aini ilnstuiL' j'.'Wd.r. 

Internal. Tho suhin'.a:.' an. I t!,,. . .il„,n;ii.. 
ar.- rhi. tiy . tuplnUMh and tiny ., ,.ni n. 1-- niurf .ili 
ciriit Than ihf -ihihi. i.';v| ai. ..,!.-;. Tii.'V inu-l h,. 
su-|Mialrd, prrf". rahl_\ i,\ inransnt' (MMipuiInd tra-a 
canth ).o\v.irr a.acia. for with th,^ a cuiipart 
iiia>- 1- foriu.d at tln' iiottoin <<{ ih.^ hMtMr;; ._';\rn 
thus th.y art' iiioiv t-tlicacioiH tlian a- a lo/mi,'!'. 
it is not kn(!\vii i.ow th'.^ .tl'.ct is prodiicd. Init 
.•ith.T of til. 'sc salts IS r.-iuaricahlv tilici. nt iii n-- 
laovini: f^asiric ^ann wh.tli.r ihi." to hIct or to 
u'a-triti^. or t-v.-n wli.n no caii-r rap h.. .j. t.ctr.j 
Tin' u>ual doM- 1, 10 nv "JO •jv. jloth t dniLTs 
will ofttii -top \oniitinL' dut- to va-tntis, "astric 
vAvvv. (diloroforni, i>r.-i.'iiaii(y. or indrrd anv^othfr 
caiisr. 1-or tlan- a-tnnu'ri!; aclion tli.v an- t,'p.»ii 
ill .iiarrhoa. A. -s ,,f r.o .jr. \.,.iuj adnnms't.Mvd 
williout any ill .•n.-ci, and -mif h.h. v.- rliat part of 
the l.rnrtit is dn,' to th.' anti-fptic action of l,is[niith 
<alt-. 'I'iicy a[ soni.tiiiifs to (di. rk th<. ^cv^r.. 
diarrii(i-a of tuh. rculoiis iili-.i ati..n of th.- hou.l 
Their cllicacy as -^a-tric aiiodui,.^ and a- ifastrn- 
astrin-'iit^ i- nnudi in.T.a-;. d i.y coml mation with 
a little niorphinc. and if i.'i\. n a- L'astric -.dativc- 
tllf adijitioii of -iodiinn hicarhonat.- a- Wtij as the 
niorpliiiic H an ;id\aiilairc. In ,,„.ii a piv.criptH,,, 
the l»i~^inutii .•arhonatr h jir-f. rahle to thr sul. 
iiitratt'. for the latter niav a.^r ,,u th-- -lodJ-M: ,-,=■■.- 
honate and lead to th. p^roduction n\ -^iiHicieni 


M\TKI<r.\ MKniCA 

-.•irlH.nic ;,n,l to Inv.- tli.. cork (uit of tlir hotllf 
Manv tfiiiik til.. Misclulil.. ..wchlorid.. ,1ns.., r, m 
•-'"..'iMa isinr.. iiM fill |.nj.!ir;,tio,i th;m t(i.. -uhiiirraif. 
I'l iIh' <m rl'i.tmtc. 

Til.<._vl;,r.' \'.:\< i),.,.ii l.irL'.lv iis,..l in v:iri(Mis 
u'.iMii.. Mii.crion^. It i. su|.jK,>,.,l to cniuliiii,. tin. 

MltlH.S of l.KlMlllh XllKWltfl th,. alltl<..l.tir lU-tlOJ,.^ 

ol -ali.\lic ;,..,. 1. I, ,.,i.,I_v ,,,,iii, „j,_ ,,,„j ,^ ,}),,r,.f,„,, 
Ix-stpivm ui racii.ts. l.iu fl,.- fnllnuin- i- a us.fiil 
pr. .nii.iion fnr Miiiiin. r .iiarrli.ia aini dioh-ra ■ 
^ulirvlaf.. of l.i>iniitli. :. ._-r. : .oinpoiind pow.i.r of 
••ni!,a.,M.n. 7.', -r. : .•o,,i,,oiin.i tio.T ,nv r,f ,.f,l,H-nf„n.i 
'^'■- I'- '^^•'). -Jd Mi: acoinaric spirit of anunonia. 
:-" ni • '-'"'■'• of iM|ip, rmiiit. I(t m : < halk miMnr.. 
'" ' ''• "•■• I " I" tak.M fviiy llinc <»r fmir h-uirs. 

■i 1 

I. \lHIIH-ll. Al:.,,,. \ -Klplnit.. ,,f al.uniMlun, :in,i 
|M'f:i--i!inp i|".t.i--iiiiii aliiini. A 1 (Sn, i . K S( t. -J J 1 1 < I ..p i 

-i.ll.!i;i;- ..! .uniMii.iuii, an.l ;iinn,..,,ii,in (anui'ioniinn' ulu,,,', 

a: (.s(i,t ,i\ii,, sm^,..mi[ (I. 

>n::,. I. Ma.l.' \,y th. , niiihiiiHti..ii of uluniiiiiuiii Mil 
l'l^:i^' \^:t!i puta^iiiii! -ii!|,h:,t, ,,,■ \wtli ainin.,niuru -ulpluit- 

CiiMM. 1.!,-, \,i.l. r. /-,!ar ,.i.t!.h,,iral <r\.ta!-. traii- 
luiriit. cilniirl.--. „,i,i wall a -w..ti-;li H.~trin.'.-m t.>^t. 
."-"uihthtu.-l HI 1.) nf ,ol.i uat.r: 1 in 4 i,i ^'l^rvnii 

lN...Mi-Mnu,i-.. Alkali..-, liin... >alt.> nf ■i,.,i.i. iiu-rcui v 
:i' '1 i!"ii, tartrat.-. ami lannic ariii. 

'•11 ' !■' I " -■ lo'ii Mili>l,at<' aiiil .MJiratt-. 

Dose. 5 to 10 gT. 

Olycerinum Aluminis. Alnm, I ; iii>tii!..i 

\v > I ; I 1 

.■i\('iiiii, (. 

•2. illlllKII i:\«.ii-<atUlll. Kx i.rat.,1 aiuti, 
^" '•* • "'.'t li"ta--ii.iii a.;nii to not aiicvc joo K till 
IK. iii..r.. ii-imuiis vajM.ui i- -is.ii ,,tT. It cntaiii^ I'. ]nr,;;u. 

\I,IM, K\i'!.IN 


fnlity. Slit's I V !■ ;t < 'inipIctelT »olubl»- in wuttT. 

:{. liaoliiiiiiii. KaM,!! 

\ niitivf alutiuiinnii ^liuiili' powilornil an-! firtil fii.m 
i-'iilt V luirlurK'-;. 

('iiMncru:. A >oft wliiu- jtowi' r. S-lubility. N- ith.>r 
III -.'..iter ii'ir ililutr iU'i'l-. 

/.' ! - r.'iif.i >h ■: >: Tiiii'i I'ii. .-|.)ii .! i. 

AriloN OF A MM. 

External. It In- no ;iftio!i on th.' unhrokfii 
sKin. liiit coil'." 1 lilt t- il'.f all'iniit-n of tli.^ (li-cluirLjf-; 
tViiiii ulc't-rs. -on-. Ac. .iinl llni- t'oiin- ;i prottTtiri!^' 
coVi riiiL' to the jtiirts. jiml aiM- a- an ftVicicnl 
astringent, 'ilif allmnii n in tin !i->ii'- thcni-n-Kr ; 
is coaijulatril al-o. Tin- i . ta L'ula t.ij alLuni-ii will 
coi'ijirt -- lUi'l occliiilc fh'- vc-.'^rls, ii'i'l thu- iiluni is 
haemostatic, hriiil ai'im ali-orl>< wai.r. aihl ihcrf 
loif it^ -olid form l^ iniMly cau-tic. 

Internal. Mimmfiir^/ !ri<i. Aluni is an .x- 
cfllfiit iistrin;^'! nt for tli- riiourli. ^toniiu'li. auil iiiii'.s- 
tiui-. :u!il will ciiii-t- coiHtipalioii. In lafL't' dose-; it 
is emetic. iictiiiL' <lirtM'tly on iti<' sroni;i«'li. and in 
liir^'or still, irriliint and pur'_Mli\f. Most, if not. all, 
is piissfil liv till I'.fct - ; prolialdy. in nn'diciniil do-c?, 
it hiis no remotr ilTici- on thf ti>-iifs. 

Xrrvi'us si/st,'m. (iivcn to .aiumals in lari^'f 
dose it jirodiiccs par' -is, los- of -t-n-;ition. forced 
niovt'iucnt-. 'li'owsint--, and il< alli from r'-piratory 
par a ly si-. 

TUKKAI'II I !( S OK .\l,rM \M) KxDI.IN. 

External. .Mum is OL'ca-i.inaliy ii-;id a- a caastic 
to dt'Strov Weak iMiticriint j-iannlation-. Ivioiin is 
a f'ood (instill'' powdi r. !• ulltr's earth, also ii luitive 
iitumininrn silii-atr, i-; ii-<m a- a dn-tiiiL' powder. I'.e 


'■M-Il:i;l\ Mi:ii!<\ 

Mr.A;,M,).l.. lu. a,,,,l,..,| to u..,,,Mi- Hv.-n.Mfr,,,. .ur- 
l:H-<--,aiM;.-;ui Hi.]. .•:,.„, .,r m,;, k. ,i or, lint fnr MiKin- 
" •••"I'i^"'-, ^"'""""-'f':J'^'v..l...n u^..if.,rl..u,.(.,- 
'''■'■' ^'".1 ,'!..t. T. „,M-;,],Mn..vofwar. r 
i^:irn,,,,Mnn<Mv„L';lilV,rn,o.t purpns,... Kk,. -M-ain^ 
'" ""• """' """'■<■ II. ak,. a j;,„„l ,,v.. or a .Mr.-I. 
Mn.n,' snli.tinn. .„• pou,|.,v,i alu,„ a|.,.l,...l In^allv 
■^"f ''l;"i'';--'- ;>• >t H ,.,,t <..v.,v. .urh as on-ur. 

;■'"" !"1'- ;''l'l';t-s. sl..'ht ruts tlM. ^uuH. an,i 
tl'y 1..M.. AliiiMiiMl.aii Hliumiiiiun salt nf napht},, .1- 
-iilphnnir ari.l. ,s ^,n• M,l„l,]., It forms an ..xcl- 
Ifiil Iniinii ,,r ..ihtiii. lit for raw <urV.ic,<. 

KaMlin n -i^ts ,,,0.? rl„ nn.-al n:.L'.-nt's un-l tluT..- 
, '; '^ '■■ "-;•' "r '•' '''^'^ f'"- "'-'t^'n- pills „f such 
t""ii'- ■i- pli.-pj„,rus ^ilv.T Mirrat... or potassium 

\\"iil,| nrvur It all oiNJiiiarv ha.i- w.-pr im,.] 

Internal. .!',.;, ^^;,;. ,„,„;. As a mouth wa>h 
;"--arH..(., l(..r. to 1 H. -z., alu.u i> v.rv valuahl.- 
;•' UH-rativ,. -oniatitis. i,, aphthous conditions of 
h,' mouth, an.l m sli-ht pharvn._Mtis or tonsjliti. 
.lyr.rinum Alummis pamt..,i ,„, wuh a cam.!-.-' 
hairhrush 1^ . xcllmt lor ih.-... ron.litions If ,),, 
Mns(. ... nriLMt,-,! u„h a solution of alum it niav 
'■'!""'>■ ='.<f""""- "/.i.ia. It has h,.n foun.l that 
" h.r astrm.Lvnts ar. pnf.rahl.. for hi. ...Jin.' fro,,, 
t i.'Moma.h ami for .liarrho a. hut a tKispoonful of 
"'""■; '''7"'^" "I sinip].. syrup and ^-ven <Avrv 
MHurt.rof an lu.ur till v-mitin- ,s phmIirvcI is an 
. A.vll. nt ..,,,. tic for <hiM,vn. and mav h,. used to 
I'loduc- von, itm;,^ m larui^nti, and h,-onchitis as it 
'^ >'y" Almi, wla-v. ohtain.d from milk 
furdl.d hy alum may h,. ,jiu-u in th- diarrlm^a of 
;.M"'';>'' f'v.'- I„ l,ad <.ol,.- alum mav op.n the 
'"^v, ..:. p,o ,ahly h...-au^, . h, -,:- a .ulphaU.. it pnci- 
|':i:it. s any Ira.l xilts a-^ insoluhl.. sulnh.atf.s, 




Iron <i: i Manganese. 

S"iin' .'nitlp'ritif^ rcin-hiir tli ir ?' ■ ■■ 'i .•> -f •] • • li'i • 
is soiiHwhut tiiiii!,ir 


J-'<Triiiri. SvicIm.I. !•■.■. AimimIc weij/lit. '»"»•'.>. (OlVniali 

I. I'«'l'l'lllll. Am:- ;il>-.l ii.iii A ir«'. il.uiiiil. r u (Ml . 
or wnm^'lit iri«n ii;uU, fi- • fmiii c.\i.ii-. 

M'tiilln- I'nii 1- -j'li.iniiiici'ji.inil 111 t\\i> fi.ini-. \i/.. tin • 
iinii ii 'lni''.i it(iii. 


Vinum Ferri. Syno)i\i>:. Mi i i wu;'-. Ir ri 
win. 1 ()/. ; -.''!. !!s, 1 j.nii. l)ik*'-t fur thirty 'lu\-. 
Strryvt'i. 1 im 'Jn 

Dose, 1 to 4 ft. dr. 

1. I'«'ii'liiii l<4>(l:Mtiiiii. III. ill. i iiMii .\ tint' 
p.iuij.-r ( niitiiiii:ii^' at Na-t 7 "> [•• i' . •:.' ■>( tm tallic iii'ii witli a 
viirititiif aiiiDiiTil iif linn 'ixi'li . 

S. II III K. J-'trric liyiJniMili- i> pii i ipitati li with aiiiiimiiiii 
fimii a ilihitf -nhiliiiii nf iri.n pcrrhii'n'li-. It is hi-atfi| m 
a (.MiM harn-l, ati'l ri'iuci '1 hv lia\irii; h_\iirit''ii {)ii->i.i ii\.r it. 

CiiAiur I i:k>. A t'ii';-i-li h'ack iii>'A'i<T. -tr"rit''_\ attia't.-'l 
hy thf iniiK'tP-t. 

Imi! i;i I \ . S;il|ili:ir. 

Dose, 1 to 5 gr. 

I'ttiuirti' !, >:. 

Trochiscus Ferri Redact! Strrnglh. 1 ^.t. of 
rt'ilucfii iroii 111 iMi i; 'Aith a -iiuiiii- iiii-iis. 

77i.' fiuu'U-in.i (\i/. th" -ulphat.', the «-arhoiuit»-. tli-- 
iir-^i ii.iti . til.- plio-i'liiti-. aiii ih- i'P iiil.'i (iN/.T/ii(/.s ■.,.'''> : that 
i- ti) -ay, -alt-,iif tin- Inwtr oxnh- of ir"ii. !•'« < •. I'Ik' ioiHilf 

1^ Hill it-.ilf iitlii-ia!, tml a jm [laritt nn ciintaitiin,' ■ : 

:t. IN'rri ^iil|»li:i*«. Ffrroim Suipluiti'. i'.Si ),.71i < • 

S.iiKi r. Ii'/ii ■.'..M i~ iii>.-;olviMl hy Ixiilin^.; !■■ :'r'' : ■ 
iiciil iiiiil water. The >iiliihate is crv^tallizi'il n\i: 

I'm MuiTKK.-. Tiilf j_'r<t'n. r)i.iii|ii.' rhutHtiic [m.^ni-, witiia 
>t\i>tic la-tf. SoltihUitii. I ill 1'. i)f wsWr. 


ImII 1.1 I 11 I , 

Dose, 1 to 5 g-i 

^1 ^ 11 1:1 \ M I M< \ 
! 1 ■ 

,^ Mi'.tura FezTi Compo-ita. .s^,„„„„. 
Miu.u - II,.,.,,,;,. l-< ri.jii. -,u;i,|,at.-, •_>:. L-r 'i„,fn<. 

"'"'" ••'' "at,.. :tM ,-r. : nnnh. r.n ,,, ...'ui. " • 

••p.nt..f ,.,„„.... .o,„: - nuNrlnM !:; ' , Vs , 

Dose. ■ to 1 fl. oz. 

^Tl5:'' ■ '-■" - •' -"Vs:,:„,.!;!:'7i-;: 

•"^■" 1" K. th. ; .1 i,,,t.- l„ ■'!•' 1- If I 

,,.,,.,,,1, , f ,, . , ' Ln . |_ I . Jt^ I,.,,.., ,v. 


I'f Ihi- ,-iljihar. , ' " -'•■»; r . 

Dose, i to 3 jfr. 

/''' l-ir<i' hnis. 
1. Pilula rer.i, sv«.,..,.,«i. I;l,,^.l . „,|l 

;,:r,; ■,:'"'" "'■ ■ '"'■ ■— ...i ....ii ; 

k"'-'"- ';■;':, : ^i— ■^'^".. ,,, ,.,;„• ^,:;„;;; 

Dose, 5 to 15 gr. 

2. Pilula Aloe-i et Ferri, N, , Al,,.-. 

::;u:^;:,;t;;;f- '"••■" ..„;;, ,:.,;-ct:'.cj 

'" "' ■ '"' """ .■.irl..,r„il.. In.- „,,.,,,, 

,;;::;;';. '■ •■^' '■ "'■ ■'■ ""•-■■■■■■ " - n.i,,,.., „',;■;?;;, 



I'olli Uii j>ii |i.iriiti<iii :iti,l III IlliiUii ^ |>ill f-'iiii .1 ■ ' .t>.. 
|ii)\i'iitM tuilhcr nxiiii/.iti'iii. lilt' vHri'liunilt il t'.ii 
of irmi ^liiiiilii iKit )>•' ^'iv> II III i\, ini\tutr. for tin- --.^.n 

I- ilis-*olvfii 4.ut. iiri"l thtii tlif coiiiiioiii 1 (MM .ill oiiij 

Imi'i III rit ->. Aiiiiiioiiiuiii siii|'liiit»-. «'\' • ' 

Dose, 10 to 30 gr. :ii a i-mlu'l or :i-< .1 i^•/<■n ■' 

<». I'4'rri il-«»4*llil*>. \t>>i\ Ar •iiut<> diillt'.! Ar 
.-» iiiik'.t of iiciii III l;. 1'. Irt".")!. It coii-i-ts of iirttli f.'iro!i,-i. 
Jf,( A-(>,).»;H t », iiiiij fiirio iir^t iiiit< . wiiti -^ohh' iron oM^if. 

Sol (ill-. Mi\ liot --oliiUoii-- of »..iiiuiii iir~<-ii;it»' iiii'l 
l< rroii- j^iilpliiitf, a'i'l soiiiutii bicin lioimti' to in iiti.ilizf tin- 
fri»' siii|)liurio mil tlml i- foiiiH-ii. Ar-<ii.ii>' of iion i- pn 
1 i|iitat»-ii 

CiuuM I Mi-.. A ).'ri • iii--li .till' I [liioa-^ pMvs.l' r, iM >. .!■ . ,i 

Imi I liii 11 -. S'llpliiit" s. 

Dose, ,, to ^ gr.ii- n \>\\\. 

7. I'i'i-ri I*li4»^|»li2i*». ir'>ii I'll. |'>i,ii< I 
:i>tM t Ifotli fi-rroii^ |,lio,j,li,ro . 1 . i I'l '^i -|| 1 1, ,,•.,! !.,,.. ]., 

)lll,Lt' . Wltil >oni>- II oil o\l,li . 

S.'i i.. I . Mii'lr I \,irt . J. ,1- !■'• Ill Ar • ii.i !i_\ iiii t ii utio • 

O.llUIll pllO -Jlllill' for .-Oljllllll ill -lIUl!! . 

('ii\i.oni.-. A" Mil' iiiiioi |i1iijUt j)i\\.i> ! . K: 
HI u.iti r. It < .lilt, nil - iii'l 1> ., ill. Ill IT ii<T colli, of the hj'ilruii - 

|i I l.r.l- plioSjlliHlf. 

Imii t;in. \r~i ii;<'. 
Dose, 5 to 10 gr. 

I'll j'ltruUon. 

1. Syiupus Ferri PhoHphatts. !'. 

\\ li • . 7-"' -1 .. in folui :it 1 .iIi'l j-i;o.|.ii. ,1 ic iiii'l, '• .1- ii , .1 i .-l 
.niil -_vni[>. Stifttijth. 1 ;-'r. oi firrou~ i)lio-,|)li;iti' iii 
r.icli ihiiii ilr.icliiii. 

Dose, \ to 1 fl. dr. 

2. Syrupus Ferri Phosphutis cum Quiuina 
et Strychnina. .S^/»i< '/(»/»«•. KiiNton's Hyrup. Sv ruim-. 
Irium I'lio-jiitiitiuii. Ir.ii win-. 7'' ^r. ; coiictutiuU'l 
|>tio-plioi If ucui, In ll dr. , (.ow.i. i. .i -Irs'liniri.'. •"> i-r : 
i|uiiiiiif -ul|ili.ilf, i^jiici , -jinii' I > tl -Jll tl. o. , 

I>o!?e-, ' t-f^ 1 f. -'-r 

Kaili tl. ill 1' I'n- •nt^ 1 /i of f»-ri<iU: plio>|.i|iat. . 
.|uiiiiin' Mil|ili;tt. , .uni •. ^r. .•! -tr^riiiiiiif. 


^'\'riM\ M,:,,,, ^ 

l.v.l...K|H.,u-i.| ""'•^■I't. f.., t|„M tl... „„l,n.. |,..^.„„„,, 

I5ose. 30 to CO m. 

p'.iiji.U ,,f tl„. },ij_,|,, ,. ,_^i I "'■ '"' ' •'■'•': til. \ .u.. ,-,,„, 
in thf fnrii, ,,f ii, (,,,,, ' " ' ' " ^'"-t ;ir. ,,fhr,nl 

'• ^^'!''^^.l':''^y''^:'/■•'''i'•'•'•r ""■' -"< -"•-■■ 

'^"' '•""^. J.,.,.,., all .' 

1. Liquor I erri Perchlorir^i ri 

■"i"t n,,, 1 . a;, 1.1.., '^•^rcnioncn. II,,. ,trnii^: 

Dose. 5 to 15 m. 
tuin^r^^""^ ^":^-' I*«rchloridi. Ti,.. .,„.,„ 

'i"«l<">. I ; ;il,-..|,.,; ,. 

'" i • I 1.1. 

Dose. 5 to 15m. '''"'"'""'' "^ "■■"• 
•<>• I i«Hl«i I ,.,,i |.,.,.,„j.,,. . . , 



Si'l hit A ln't M.ltttii.ii iif f'lii'tl- -ti.| ill!' ill ii|'ii nil- 
(iri.l mill<r 1h Ixiilc'l with lutru' mul ftii>l waf^r. tiF^SO, ^ 
;MI SO, . •JUNO. ij. .:isn,) . ill u -.'Nil. 

CimUi I Kli-' \ ink !• 1 v>I-. II ! I ir',,-1 !.' 

cil'If witli \sftt< r 

II. ri«|iioi- r<-ri-i l*<-riiili':ili«>. '^^olutiuri <>f 

I', rric' . K. ..''iN* »,). 

S"i Hi K I'i~-"!\f iri'll Ail'- iti ni'iii' iifi'l ;i»i'l "iit-r. 

1 .■ • >*IIN( », r r.- t,Nn, HI I • • ".'.St ' .S( I ,' ; p. r 

r.-iit. "( ll'ill. 

< iiMi\(iKi:- \ il< .ir if'iiili In. .All li'iii'l, u trin>.viit- 

I Ml ' KI 1 II ■• I' ri.illS -ilit.i. 

Dose, 5 to 15 m. 

I'i. I.i4|ii4>i- I'l-ri-i %i-«-l:iii*>. S..Iutinii ..f i-.-nic 
Ai . 1 it' I .■ •'((' M,M.). 

>■>[■{.• y. I'l M ic ^iilj'' 1 I'I. . .|.;t.,;' i \Mtli 11 'iilu'f 
-..liiti..ii i.f Hiimii.iiiti. I '..■'' '^", t'.MI.Jfti !•.■ ,f,||ii -f 
.■{' N H ,) Si >,. I hf I' -liliiii,- liMiriitf i- .Ji---. '1\<'| m '.'liicukl,' il( I'i. I., t.litt f.lU H",<). I r..»M(',M,<> ) . 1,11 O. 

CiUKAi \Hi~-. \ i|..|i K'i llui'l. iiiis<il»lr Willi \v,vt<r t>r r 

Dose, 5 to 15 m. 

'I'llP f'lHt'tflHiJ III, I ,:<li,ltums iif ll"H, >>.i (mIIciI 

ln■l^lU^^• thiV ilTf (illfl t" !"! Ill -ciilcr.. TllfV III.- Ii"l Will 

'ht'iiiiil chniiiciil c"!!!]'''!!!!'!--. Till' \iii-f "f nil i- f<rrii' liylnit*-. 
riifrc ari' tlii''»> th>- tiirtiiruttil ir..ii. tin utiiiiii.iiii' i itiiiti'. urn! 
ill'' <''- i.f iT'iti iiii'l •luiiiinc 

i:i. r<>ri-iiiii 'I'iii'tarsiliiiii. I irt.uHt"! In n 

Smui K. l»i--"i\f ttt-lily inii.i' !> rru- h\(liiitf in :i li"l 
-iihiliiiii of acid }M)ta>>:u!!i lartr.itr, i-\ii|iniiitf t" a -yiii|>. 
iiini lirv nil -Ik ct^ of u'las-. 

I'll M'.Ai TKiis. ( l!irnet<:'«>liiurtii -rali-^, -ii^-'htly >w»'»'ti-ih 
aii'l a-li iii^'iiit. Siihtf'tliti/. 1 in t "f wat' i ; f<«l)ly iri -{i.tit. 

!^^|■|:^I^s. Aiiiiiii.iiiii hmiI firii.u.-i ^iill.-i. 

Dose. 5 to 10 gr. 

11. I'l'l'i-i «■! \iiiiiioiiii 4 ifi-iiH. It'll iiii.i Am 
lUDiiiuiii C'ltrili-. 

>"ri,i K. l)is-<ii\c fiiric li\ilr,tti- in a h<.t -Jolutiori "f <ili h' 
aciil. ii<'Utrali/.>- with aiii;ii"ni,i' .rat' . .iii'l 'ir\ in -htit- 
iif ^'!ii--. 

T'li Mill! Kus. lUil -i-ali'-; likf tlic laitarat* '1 irnri. hut nnt 

-') liifp 111 Ci'iour. S"itlhlU'^i. lo ill .'» nf •■■ i". : . t'r:: » 

in^iiliihk- in spirit. 

J. si; 

>'\TI.I;|\ Mii.i, \ 

Dose. 5 to 10 gr. 

Viuum Perri Citratis. I 

Dose. 1 to 4 fl. dr. 

■I; . 

I .illl!l.,,|iiu|.| 

■"-J:'-:::i.-.t';J;;i,,';;;,v:iV';;;;;;;;::,, '■■'■-■. -. 

, ';;.""""'■■ ''' -- '" ^.^.:...i i-,M..,.,.,„- 

Dose, 5 to 10 gr. 

'■;';"-"''•■ -"' ■'" -v.u!r"^;; ;,:;■•':-;,: '■'■•:;;';■ - 

t'oMs. suH,^. ..;;"'' ;'''^\''^'^'''''- -'•''''■•'',,.■..,, ^ 

!.':;;.,■;';::•;.;:;::;'' ^''^' • ■••■ - •'i^^'^'ivi;,:':;';;;;,.;;; 

•■.''-u^:;;.^;::|./:::;,;'';!:-r'r: •''''•■ -''•■'■•'-' 

""'■'■""■"■' •" -'•'■-.'.-.■Vi. :::;.; ■;;^s:;;;' 

External. .Solia,,,,,^ ..f ,•,,,., -,!., ,, , . 

;:,-;'r; '';;■-■■; ;'i..-n,;n,,;;t,r;,, :.,x;; 

•''■-" ''"•>•■ ill 111. ti..u.- n.,li Tl ,• "'"V 



liiiiiiiii.-lir^ tlifir calihrc. I'uilly tor lin- itii-oii , liul 
still luorf l)tM'!iu-r tlifSr .-;i!t-^ of ii"Mii iiuickly ciin-i' 
tJU' C();it:ulati()ii nf Mood, .■iiul th" clot thil> toriiitii 
plilL'S tlu' lilft'(liii'„' vts-t 1^, i\h\- :ir.' ahiiosf thr iiio-l 
pt'i-rtct local hsemostatics Wf po^st--. ami will ottt ii Very -• vi re ii i inorrhau'r. 1 Iw pt i-cliioriili'. 
thr '^iilpliaif, aijii tilt' j)ci-iiilral'' of irnii arr all Vt ly 
.-iiMiiL'ly asli-iii'.'fiit ; l»ul the <cal.- preparation-;. 
.slfi'l uiiif, iiiliiccd iron, ihr carlion.itf, tin- iodide, llif 
iirscnatc. the jih.Hphati'. a)id the afttatr of iron arc 
so Very ffcldy a.strinL'< nt that tiny arc iicvcr u<cd 
a^ local applications : in fact, to ii:o>t p. r-oiH tlii_\ 
art! non aslriiiLTcut. ( )\idc- of iron iiivc ih. property 
of coiiNcrtinL,' ow^'cn into o/on> . and are tin tefore 

Internal. }!< u'i;. i'r< parution . of iron have a 
.-typtic taste, th. teeth and tontjue may Ih blackened 
when thev are taken. owiiiL' to the foitnation nt ihe 
>ulpliide of iron, the -ulphiir h« inu' derived finin tin 
food and the tartar on thf tei th ; hetic( it i-^ advi- 
ahU' to lake iron pr«paralion- throii^'li a uda -•- iiihi 
lira quill, 'ihe a-lrin'.'eiit preparations have, whtii 
locallv apjilud. the .-aine action on the nnicnii- 
nieniliraiie of the niontii a.- on tin- rau -kin. 

Siiijii.irh. Whatever lorin of iinn is '_'i\«ii \'\ 
the mouth, it i- ciiiiveited in tin -iomaidi into 
ferric chloride, with prohahly a little f. i rous chloiidi . 
J^onu' experience has sliown that ferric (ddoiide is 
to (he physician a mo>i \aliiahle pn paration of 
iron; prohahly this is hecaiise it will not ali-tract 
hvdrochloric acid from the L'astric jiin-e ;i> is the ca^ 
with all otlnr preparation^ of iron, it i- (Avu stated 
that an alhuminate ;if irnii i- fMinn d m the stomach ; 
this is iiKMirrect unk '-^ iimie iron is L'iveii than can 
unite witli tin h\drochloric acid. and win n alhuminate 
of iron is given hy the nmutli it will Ik- converted 

into 'I cldcride in_ ifie -.tonKH le AltJl'illLdi wh;iie\er 

form of iron \- adminir-tered ferric chhuiile is formed 


■•'\TI.I;i\ Ml.liK \ 

'"'^'f';' "f^'nar mu,.,,,,;..,.-.. ; for .f aci.l ,It 

!'■ ixrchldriilc 
1 coiitaiu a coii-i.i. rahlr 

'iiay do till., for th. V on'. - 

:';;' -'f^— ,1.- Ti,;./,a;:::7x;;i;,;:';i;;:';;::. 

"'•|;'^'Y""---|-'''^'livt(i..a,..i .m.J...,:,.nVau. 
''■•■"'^^•■'7- " — . io^^ nt ap,,..t,r.,an.l ottur .. 

;; -''-•^^y-^N.. ..w.,Mntii..i,,nnofa, 

';-nn..,.n.a.-i,..d.and,,|,sl.annl..s ul [j ^ 
. K.. i.H. .olntions of ,1.H j,„, „f ,,,., ,,,„„,,^^^^^. 

-■-...■ n.ta.-H at alio,, onl^^/^^^^ 

-'I'.. 'i>tli.. ,v,i,n...,i,r.n..iiaKH.,i,ro„ ,|;. I'/is.s.h 

:•''"'•■ <-^'"^': >n.l..,.^iio„. Tl,.. jun-hion.!.. .,f 

'" ''" :"""^^''' "< ■'•"" -I'- Tl...non.a~tnn.M.n 
'•'■l-''',,nlylH.a.:nn..nt,n proportion 

-a,Mounlof^..n....l,,,.n.i,.ton^^onMll,,ll.^^ . 
V'-'tstnrjuicv: In.t ,f la,.. ,iuant>tu. ofaslnn'.. . 

3'-=''r';-'- --''•''''•-■-.- wind, ,s nor. 

con.poM.a l.y il,.. .a.m.. ,,„.•.. w,ll a..l:i h< a^tnn 


^""■^^"'.'"•, "" l''-i--n,- ,nto tl,.. ,nr..,tni.. ih," 

-7-^-'';ln..l, a,.,^ aikaln,,. f,.,,,, .a,.!,,, ai.. f 

-.'n,,,,.tl...f..,.,.u.d,l,,,.,,U.i,.,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,i^, ,,.,,.,;/ 

;^l"<-i'r..n,a,n.n, .,!„;,on..u,n,:.' m tl,. pn-...,,..,. of 

;-'!•;• /"!-'---: H. M.ia-l,lo,-i.l.. iJn.nv..,t..,l 

I'tof,.,,... nnhonat... vsln.l, i> aN,, soImM., l,„v.r 

''";'""''"';"'-'"-•''> ;1- ."tK'n .,f tn. .,!plH„ 
-";r-" ,<..,nt hy.i,-,,.. „.,,„, ,„i,,,,„,l,. 

:;^"i'-'l l-'nu.t> of ,|,n.n,po-,,t,.,n tl,..,.... n.v.' t' 
^- -*■ -'h.p..u,„is of n,,o an n.m.vud uao the- 


Is: I 

ffiToil'' s lii'li- .'ili'l t.iuiiiiM ■ l!ic riiinir ;iciil Imidl' 
liciiVfd tr.iiii the \>L'i talilt ■< iii lln- f"ii.l . aiiil ;i- sufh 
111 f .■liiiiiiiatt il with tti< t'.i CI ~. u hii-h ;t! .■ t iir:it (| Mark.'L'*' aiiiiiiiiit - lit rill a-triii'_'tnt jncparalinii-; lia\i 
.1 constipating effect; tin- is owiiiL' to tlitii ii.iiiL' 
an t'\ct-s !'f ihiii!. So that tln^v art- /lot ar!t<l upon 
in llif ^li'iiiai'li 111" mil -tun -, ti'f tl.i' iixiilis aii'i 
cariinnati ■- iirc imii a-!riii;/i n' pii [laratinns. 

.1 /'.s. /;•/'.'/'';. Irmi i- cfiiainly taki ti iK' frmn the 
alinn'iitiU'y canal. f<>v tlif '/t'owiiiu' chii'i ;,'. t s froni its 
fiHiil all till- it''>ii n. (.•c--^ar\ fi>r i"- incnii-c in \\ii'_'lii. 
hut as tlif total aiiKiunt of ii-mII in thi- a<iiilt ImmIv is 
oiilv aliout ;is i_'iMin^. It 1,-- proi^aiily aliNMrhi li \,]y 
>lo\\iv in \cry nnnntc amount-, anil a- won in fooii 
f\i-^ts as o)'L'' ci iiii}iviiii,iis, thi-rr is im iliuil.t 
iiiiout the ah>()i'}ition nt' oru'aiiic iron. Wluthcr. 
howivei", inorL'atnc iimii -al;< cm he uhsorhcd has 
hicn inuch iliscu--i d. 

Tht prcvailiiiL' opnni.n, fnumliil chictly on liHlo- 
loL,'ic.'al »'viiirncf. now is that thry can h»- taken up 
1)V tlie itite-tilial epi'lnhiilii ainl pa-s,.il into tlie 
li ilcocVte> of the hlmnl in nillllite particle-. 'I'hiS 

iron is lir>t ilepo-iti li in the .-pleeii, hut later on i-- 
fonvcyeil to the hver. uheie it i- imilt up into com- 
plex . (ilie- one of which i< lalleil ferratin --which 
are the ])recui-or- of ha inoij-johin : where in the hody 
this is finallv laaili i- not known, hut thi' I'ld marrow 
utili/e> it to make red Mond coipu-cle-^. Any excess 
of iron in the li\er. after le-^tiiiL,' there <ome time, i-^ 
taken away hy the hlond and excreted mto the 

The o{)inion formeily held wa- that iiKU'j^'aiiic 
iron -alt^ ari' not ah-oiln d. 1 he chief rea-oii for 
this view was that thi '.'."» ini,' of -^ludi ^alts liy the 
moiitii doe-- iioi lead to iii-Te iron Ml ijie uritie; hut 
We now know tiiat thi~ h heiMu-e m >u(di a ca>e 
file excess of iron taken up h excreted ini(» the 
int'-tiiie as an or'/anic coiunound and as it has 

;Im' lui.. 

;:r,r^;i' '-'"-:--. :;;:;:. ','r;;,:,:r;;:: 

"""'•'" P"v'i,,n„t iroMl,.. 1,,..,, .h.,^sn t<, tu . 

'''';''^'''''\'''''^''''i-'-no.,t.;tnntin.i,i.;j •''• 
""■7":^ ^>"'""'- '■•"•^•■f tli' ir..M ,, ,ror n 

■',-, ''",'"'^' ■'■'"""•'•ha... ,u,,„; 

':iiii ' ill., li.i iiin-/i, 
iia iiKiiTlia'.;... 

'" '•'il.iiii form. ,ii ;,ii 
'•\ Inch ( itli, 1 


'■■'""■' ';!• <-"ii.ii(ioi, i,, 

V ■ 11 ' "i"i"-i ■. 111. a.|inmi.rrati..n of irn., 

^^ tli.nin,.. sai.l t,. 1,.. ha^matimc: a,,! •,; ' 
'"'"■""■""•"^ '" "" ' „i- tin. hlnnl tX 
'" •'"' '";i"V^'",""^ '" '!"■ I'MH.tiun. of ,11 , 

xTpiioii (i| (,,(„| i,i..n .asv i.s, ,. 1) III, If I 

:-^"-''- -"'■■-".--■-''in;! v' I,';;; ■,';:; { 

l..n. . .., ,i„,.,.„n. H ,.,.v ... „„,|,.,M,UKi. llul\ . h . . 

>t. 11 thai fnriri.rh if ., ., I i: , ., . '*"-"• 'l!l\(' 

-"I '•'■'I, and if ihi^^ 1 

"' ■-"• It 1- at tirsi M:.r| 




flifVioult to nmlcr-tun-l how it can Ixinflt im;iiiii;i. 
As llif (irs^'aiiU' imn in t'uoil niu-t \»' :\,\)<in-\'fi\ uc 
iilii<t riiiK luili- tli:it If 1- ill -.Miiif way or dtlirr pr.i 
tt ctfil tr'iiii ilfC(iiii|Hi>iti(in II) the ;iliiiifnt;irv canal, if 
We h. li. \ ■• I hat ! lit- Miiii'i:aiiic cdinidt.inils u Inch wmiM 
ft --uh it it was (it i()ni|ni~t (1 arc iiirapahl. of ah-nrii 
tinii. l'.uiiL,''''s h\j>o;hi <i< wa< that in som,. fomm cf 
:ma'iiii;i. csiitcialls clih ii-o-iv.i)) ;_'anic sahsof iron f ak' ii 
iM th«' foi 111 arc in sonic way -plit up in tlic intt^-tiiif m> 
ii- to I'f inrapahh of ahsorptioii. In tho<r ana niic 
ciindirii wliicli can \»- hi nt tiled h-. non the ailnnni 
stration ><( !hc innr^anic salt- pr. \cn;- the ilccoiupn 
sition I'f the orL'anic salt- :n the fo.t.l hv tixiiur the 
(\(cssi\e aiMoiiii' of i|e(( iinposui'^' au'ents, which 
accoi-ilni'/ til I 'in'.'e a le cinelly alliahne siiiplnilc-. ami 
tciiiiinL' -ulphi'li it iidii. Tins, he -av-. is suppnite'l 
hv the f;!' t tha: t'l cnie chloio-i- rapiilK eni>itnoiis 
i|o -ev ot iiiiii a! I ot?i n foiimi iieccssarv : for exam pic. a 
patient Will * ike •'• I'niins uf leiliiccd n-nn thiee tunes 
a day. oi- I'' l'i iiii- a day. .Now, t he whole amount 
ot Hon in the hlmid ot an ordiiiaiA h<althv woman 
I- ahmit ;'."> '.'lain-, ii^r there i-, nnh niie atom ot 
iron in a n."le( iiji ol ha nioL'lohm, uhich contain. 
( oii-idtiahly o\er "JiKM) atoms. Supposin'.'- she had 
lost half h< r ha nioi/lohin. if the iron trivcn were 
^ini])ly iih-orhed, one day's treatment miLdit ;ilmo-i 
restore )ier to luallh, iuu it is well kr^owii that 
weeks lire often rcipurfd. I>ul if this \iew were 
corn ft w(' -hoiild exp. ct thai hismuti). maiit^'aiiese. or 
ar-ciiic. hy tixiii^' the ihcomposiii!.,' atrcnts, would cure 
(dilorosis a- clliciently a- iriiii. it lias heeii -lated that 
tiny will, iiut Stockman h;is ]>uhli>he(l results whiidi 
point 111 a cniiTrary directinii, and he ha-- shown ihat 
sulphide of iron will ( uie (hluro-is althou^di on 
r.iim'i's hypothesis it -hould not. tor it wih not fix 
t he deccmpo-im.: iiv.'ents it ihey arc alkaline -111 phide- ; 
al-o there chlorosis no exces- of th(se -ulphide-; 
in the intestine. I'lirther, many think tliat it is not 
lleces-arv logivelan.'e do-e- of iron to cm e chlorosis. 


^' \'' iM \ Ml r>ic\ 

nm n,j^,.t...l.ul,,.u,;n,..,M,.lyc.un..,.hlnnMis. hut this 
; -n-.t Nil .M ,.„,.. i,...,,oM,,Hnvth.Man;.thr 
' '-; "o..x-n.t..,| w,fM tiM. n.t..,n,M- un.l th.r. t v 

lit llilltl ,■'}',, t.s, \ 

"••"1 in ;iti;fiiii,- suh|tcts m 


""i I'Kiy h.- -ill,, to th. -'..ii, ,•;.! 


wvwv, -.lli/ht. 

i,.,„, ^,,j, .1 , - iin|.rn\,.iii, lit in h. ithh 

i" i-ilt> liav.. h....„ ,Mv.,i t., ,M-.„!ur.. iihnrt.nn hn 

:;:;/r';h''v''''''- ''"''''■'••■ '^ -• -''^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

"'■•;-' -'•',f any ,n,nH ah.';,;/, 

'-^^'nn^MH lonn. and n .annut .-xi.t ,n th ' , 
; ■ -h a |,.n,. uv .h.ul.l hanily ...j,,et ;; 

'>n-.-nHiv,t.uv,lnMh..,,,l..n.lynu,hatu.i:; • 
?,■•'"'';;"■"?•= i'- -'''!> H.. hy.tnuulatu,, L 

,,,,,'■':!'":'• !'■"• '"iiliLTanin,. of imn is .linn- 

:-::!:■' ::n'^.::™";:;:::-v;:.'!-,:':r:'Lr'''-'"' 

I'liotnial mucous m.-mhrane. 

'''"' l;\'' >TI,S or 1,,,N- AND ITS S ALTS. 

External. Sohnu-n. ,of th. sulphate, th. „<.,- 

^Nt- have. It 

matters very 



littlt' which of ihfSf i^ nsfd. In I'.iiu'I.ukI uiif of 
tht' solution-: of ih.' jM rchloriih- is jn rhiips oftontst 
(•iiiiil(«y«<l. I'.ith. r i^ of stTvic*- iti iiuiTiy casrs - for 
f\:uii{'>lf, to stop h.iiiiorrlia.L't' from l<<ch hitt-s. fmrn 
the iio-^r, from |iil. ■^. or from thr utfrus. us in tho 
li:fmorrh;o^'i' i.f maliTnanf ih-.a-f. A 
wav to ai'iilv th'iii i- nil Um or cotton wool snak. <lin 
tht" solution", ami a cavity -uch as liu- no-i' or ut.rus 
n.ay be I'luL't-'fi \vith thc'lint. '{"he a. jmous solution 
of llu' pi'vciiloridf ha- h.rii used as a spray for hanio- 
jttysi-, hut as it may excite cou-.'hin" it is not to be 
rec'omm. 11(1' (1. it "i- vn-y useful its an astrinu'fnt 
for paintim.' on the fauces, pharynx, or tonsib in 
intlammation of the<e part-^. It may for this pur- 
pose lie diluted with *an eipial ipiantity of watiT, 
or a solution of 1 part of p.rchloridi' of in>n in i of 
L'lvcerin may be iHed. It ha- be.ii advised to 
pa'int orvsipelatous skin with the tincture of por- 
chloride'of iron. A solutioii of the suli'lmied gr. 

to 1 tl. o/.i ba< iu-ell used ill Lfleet. 

Internal, (i'lstrn-vitr.stitiul h<irt. The astrin- 
crent preparations may be swallowid in cases of 
severe bleedinf,' from the -tomacdi, such as that oi 
malii/nant disea-e. ulcer, or cirriiosis. if the bloed- 
inir is profuse, a draciim of the Liquor i'l-rri I'er- 
chloriili wiiii n drachm of t:lyferin to facilitate 
I .swallowinL: mi\y lie <riven every hour or oftener. and 
this will sometimes apparently save a patient's life. 
I'or les- serious ha morrhai^'e >maller quantities will 
sutVice. Intestinal hanu.rihau'e may also be treated 
iu the same way. 

The tendency of the per-salts of iron kj con- 
stipate is usually 'overcome hy the addition of some 
pur-^'ative ; thus mai^m-ium sulphate is commonly 
L'iven with the perch loride. and aloes is often pre- 
scribed with iron >ulphate in a pill. The per-salts 

1. .. I, , v» ,.;...,.■> tt~,v i\\,T-f\>,,i liiit fhcrc :iri- iiiHnv 
;;;i'v e i-;t:: ^: 1 1 :; i- -^ • ■ - - - --- '. 

dru^'d more suitable for tins symptom. C'hrunic 



M\TKi(i\ ^!KnTc■^ 

constipation i- offcii vt ry ( tlVrnnily trtat.d hy a 
I'ill fit ii'i'ii -iil|ili;ilf ami cxtracl of niix \oii:i(;i, 
t)iii jimlMhly til'' ciiici' lit [lurLMtivc in i' i^ the 

l)ll\ \oliiicM, altlicUL'll -oiiii claim lliiit l;il'_''- ilo.-L'S 
of ii'oi: -iilplialr \\ ill "\i rcoiiic I't. ionic coii-tipaMoii. 
.\ii\!:ii\v ;lic cnti tipa; 111" ctl'ict of till fi rnc >ult- is 
otii II iiiucli ('Xa '.",'( ra; I •!. 

A rcc'al iMJcctitui of a tlui.l liradiHi of the 
t iiict lire of t 'lie 1 I i-ciil. i:iili' n\ iiiiii to Imlf ;l pint of 
wat" r kill- : hii'aiiuoi in-. 

Ai' I iiica 1 poi-i ,niiii_' i - l)c-i iTiatiil iiv till- luiiiMij 
pt TMxiilc of iron, whicli ^lioiiM ]«■ \'\> -liK pi. pari li hv 
mixiiiu' l",L'' till r '•'< li. o /. of Liquor |-'. vy\ \\ rdiloi-iifi 
wifli 1 <i/. of -iiilniiii c.i i-lii Ilia!, 'lilurci uith v.ati i-. 
Half nn ounce -hoiiM In- L'i\. n ivt ry U\r or t.-n 
luiniitc-. An in-oluli].- arsinit'- i- foniiiil. aiiii inav 
1)«' j/ot ri'i of li\ a t huroii -hU purL'at i\f ijosr of 
ni;o.'iic-i!nii -'ilphalc oi' -onu oilur >inipli' pur_'>-. 
A do-f of i-diiiiiion -ah or >o<ii!nii liic;i I'hoiialc, 
followiil l.y 1 tl. o.'. of t!i.' I.iijuor I'trii hiahsatns 
of the r>. I'. Co'lcx (i il in ( (1 with water, i> :il>o elUcii-nt 
in poi-oniiiL' I'V ar<enic. 

/'/' ■ '. 'I'lie u'reat 11 -e ( f iron -alt- is to ri -t^re 
the Miidil Id its ii()''inal coiidition in anainia, 
(■>|'ec!ally chldi-o-is. They are iisele.-- in p* r- 
nicidii^ ana iiiia and •.■■en. rally of little value, if 
liny, in th.- ana niia of leucoc_\ th.-emia, exophthahnic 
'_'di: !-e. or I |o.l'.'l<in"s di-i a-e. All oih.r coniinon forms 
of anaiiiia are -econdarv to -ome definite cau-e. siicii 
a-^ hicmorrhaL'e. had pMi-diiiip_r, -cur\y. ac, and are 
tliate.jhy the r. nidNal. if po-<ilile. of the (•aii>e of 
the ana mia. Init reiM\, ry may lie aided iiv tlie 
admini-t.ation of iron. 'I'he perrhldi-id,. and the 
,-ulphate of iron are iwo of the nid-r etVicacious jire- 
paiMtion-. and pills CdntainiiiL' a i:iain of tin drud 
sul]iha!e. uith aldcs or mix \omica. if constipation is 
pre-i nt. or ih. I'llula ]"( ri'i. are vt rv vahiahle. It is 
usiihl to luL'in with one pill cuntaniing one i^raiu of 



ili.' (Iri.'l .-uliih:!!' iif iron thriri' a 'l:iy. hut -ni<lu:illy 
ihc iuiiiil'»r of i'ill> may lir iiHTi as. .1 till I'ln-t' or 
four iwv tak-'U at a (los»,>. Thi- liullio.l of lart,'.- 
(lust-; of l)if >\ili>h!it<' oftiii iippfiirs to nir. more 
rapi-ilv than >m:ill. !• «los«s. If tlirsc astriiiu'.-iit pic- 
jiaratioiis rau-c iiiiliu'«'>tion. ;iiiy of ;!;.• miM. r \>i' 
|.;ii;itioii> liiay l'- -iili-tiuitt li. Tht cailMinatf may 
lif i.M\. II in ]ill • in r;tpi'lly inci* a-uiu' <lo-.s. or tin- 
ildSf of !•' lii'-i'i iinii. fi.iiM-nii nlly >/\\*i\ on \<u;ul 
ami I'Mtt'T. iii.iy if jii-ii'-l. Mi-t'ira 1 '. rn Com 
posita is a(li>aL.'!<'«':il'l' pr. piiratioii to takf and to look 
;it. 'Ilif stvptic ta-'if of r-onii- of thf prt-piiratioiis, 
. ^n. ciiillv tlif a-^trin-/' III "nts. may !'•• conceal, d hy 
irivniL' th' ;ii Uiih ;i ■iradim "f '.'lyr. |-;ii. whicl. acts 
livit- vi-i':'-iiv aii'l I'V ri liuciiiur .-oni<- "t tli'- ft rric 
Im ii f. rr<iu~ -alt. It ;- 'm;«ii :iil<ir.i tu tin- iinfturt' 
(,f til- p. rcliloi'iijf. Tht.' -"alf pi . paratioiis li.irdly 
. \-. r iii-;i'„'rif. ilii-y ••n-f tlurt f^r. u-. d f'>r paiii-n!- with 
a d.licatf dii^t -tioii. ami I'o'- <\v]i it i- nmcli hcttt r to 
makt no ritu mpt to rapidly im-n a-t- tlif do-f. l)iit to 
dcpt nd on -miill dn-. - -p-. ;id oVfr a Iohl' p. riod. 
l.i.piMi- \\ rri Alhiimwiai i mIo.,-. 1 t-. I ll. dr. , I.i.jiior 
Fon'i rfpt'iiiM'i idn-r, 1 to 1 il.dr. . and dialy.-^td iron 
(do-f. 10 to ::(> iipi, ;11 in th.' 1'.. 1'. ('•'!' \. ar. vi ry 
iisffiil noil olVi.'ial prtp;! iti(»ns for ana mi.- jutsmus 
whose (liu't-tion ;s N\t ak. Thi- last sh(»ild hf L'ivfH as 
di-op^ ()!• with 1,'lyctriii. Min-ral (•onlainin^' 
iron ( -in-h a - '.hose ul La I'.oiirh. .'lit- and Ltvii-oi niay 
hf '_'i\t!i ill -ludi cases (.s^>.' p. 2r.>i. llitwick wat«r 
(•niitain- ;i '_'"od d. ai. • »fttn ir.-n and ipiinino citratf 
is prt si-ilhi d as a pill : powdcn d ira'.'ai'anth atitl syrup 
form thf lii-t t \i-ipifiil. Treatnifiit of ana luia hy iron 
leads, of coin'Sf. to the iii:proveinent of the num. roiis 
.-vmptom-. -iiep. ;)< am. norrho a, con.-.tip'ation, .lys- 
iiep.siii. iVc, V. hiidi all,- tlejn lid- lit upon i\\> ana mia. 
That form of m-urakda v.liith is associa't.l uitli 

.1 >i .1.1 . 1 i 1 ll..Mlllv ^'' 111- lO Il'ClII. 

•'•'■• ■■-' . • ■ • - . . , , 

Sviupu.- I'erri rho-iihaiis cum (Hnnmaet Strych- 



^n■n:lcI\ mimicv 

;r'^'"'V-''-"" '-'• '"• ''-iia T^„!:'',^• 
ai'P'"'<iulv will, .,„,,,. in ,, •'• :"""-""-^ 
anhnn^. .„. jr ,,,„ , , ' . , ''^' ^, V' . '•'"■".u;.f„i,l 
'"" ' '"■ <'iiiMfiiiti t inr.. ,,- r .. 
Jn.iiiv iiKiiiI is \ , ,11 ; . ,, V "-^ ''•' 

tf"' tiliCtillr of tip 


ot i)a(i M)iv throat, such a-- h,, lut- I i 

J'i'^^ "<•' II iivaf..,! in rl,.. . ' '■'> -'l"':' >' 

to <»th.r caii-, . i, .,.,i,j ; 
of ildii. 

"■" '" ''"• -""•• ^vav. |\x..r".iu.. 

" ("litia-liKhcatc thf us.. 

";' '■'■P"it((lt(.hav< a f... li 

';'"""u..^ ...inv.iK ,,,,. i,,' 7 '';■'''■■ 

'^""■:'"-- \VI„,l„r ,1 ,1,;,. ,„ ", '•'■'-'".-■ 

'' '"ii;.«iii aiitl noij-a>triiiL'pnf Ti,. . 

Iitr \s>l( M I I.KMANd V- A Ii; 


at '••Ji-t u|i..ii ll . 1 ■ (lui-t hi- 

v;iviii it) 'iicli -n, . ■ tliit il i^ 

|iri»hal>l»' tin- »r<>tj iii tt hiis iin il!<«'t Ut i .i. il 

m:iy jn-t a-* wrll \>r ^iwrn. a i •' I lu' 

iioii jihi'sjihiitf, whi( li ulwii I'lmijc 

iiinl, is an txif'lli nt lui riuitunc. Ii i« ii-i>l ^ i I'luu, 

li> c;iu-f tiif -vriip 'tf it iT>very|>l>ii.-<Jiiil m ta-<'.' i .. :ii,iu-.t' 

it wii- foriiitrlv b»'li<'vei| timl tli> pho-iplioric acid woul'l ai<l the 
k'Kivvtli <i( liiitii's, r-|uii;ii;y in ( f ricki Is. Tlif iron 

i<niiilf liu-i In »!i iiiir'niiii' il im r .sliuli «»■ wisli to K''iin 

ihi- tMn«lit of botli » it tin! ■ 'in- piiipnrtion of iron tn 

ioiliiif i-; >:tnall (1 to I i. It i ■ -j... lally liabU- to (laiiuiK''' lJ>t> 
tilth The oitriitt' of iron liinl >|uiiiiii»* oinl'iins tlii' virtiU'M 
nf hiitli irori an-i "iiiiiuiic It i- ii f.r.ourit>- mil. I 
fur -ii^'lit ci^ts (if ,111.1 ini;i. nui-'l nut )»• jir- ^i rih' •! \Mth 
iilk.ilit -, 11- iht \ (It' ripir.itf tin.' i(!iiriiiic. 

I*:iri-isir«« l'oo«l. iNnt utVtriuI.) 

Ac !!iii 1' .il' 11 ii I ;ii.iti"ii,kMo\vnal-ousSi|u;r<''>('iiiiiiicul 
Kootl. rill' Synipu.-* !•'• rri rhic^phalis Conipo-itus of thi- 
Uriti-h I'li,iii:i;ic< iilital C'o-iiX corn :>p<iii.l - to it. The in- 
/ii <litiit-; of tlii-f art' inm win-, c iicti:triil< il pho.-pliorio iiciti, 
]!!• lipitiiti •! ciiK-ium (• irboiuitf, I'ota.-iHiaiii Ijicarhoiiatf, soiliutii 
I'liM .phiitf, I'M. hill. al, -■i;.;iir, uriUiu"'- How- i arid 'li-^tilK-l na'.tr. 

Dose. \ to 2 fl. dr. 

Thi- 1- a pi' ii-,iii' pi> paralion, «ivf-n for tin aIv . the 
pho-ipliatts aii'l uoii iti it. Chi!'lr>ii tiik.- it -u-'ily. 

IN'i'raliii. (Not oihtiai.) 

Till- I- .1 t.i-tflf-n rtiidi-h luowti p.'Ail. r, iii-;olnh!i- in 
uatcr. pi«]>.ir»'il hy treating,' iilbiinifii aii'l 'Jn' t.irtratis of iron 

Uliii lMi;u--iLl!n V..!!! o.l;i. (^MlltilitH 7 \» I Cl'lt. of irotl. 

Dose, 8 to 15 gv. 

Il 1~ V( ly easily buriu- by tin- -toin.u'li, aiul is thi-rcforf 
:^uitaljk- for ani niic piupir with wt-ah di;.'''>tiut.. 

^1 \\4^ \M:^II T|. 

.NI.iii;.'ano>e. Syinbo', .NIn. .\l .i:uo '.M-ii."ht, 'i-'j. i .Not ij!lic:iil.) 

I*4>t:i*«sii l'('i-iii:iii;::iii:i«.. I' >t.i..-iu.'ii T' rman- 
i'aiiai' . l\Mni •,. 

Souiu K. It may bt obiain<'l by thf inttraftion of 
pota-sium ciilorate, putaffsiuiii liytlru.\iiif, and manyamse 


M\fi:iti\ Mtuu \ 

Cm viiAi I II.-. 1 1 .1 L , Mil 1. I . I t 

tx,.i..„..u .,11 „.,v 1,1.'; ,!,!„',",'!'' ''■'•'"" ■" '""■•"' ' "" 


•"".,>. I'„ta.;nuM ca,i,unul... |,!;uk -. 

Dose. 1 to 3 gr. a .'i |.,l!. 

Liquor Potassii Permangan.itia 

1 1 'I L. 111. ,,..,ti.,j, ,1, ,|,,.,i,, ,j „ , , , 

Dose. 2 to 4 fl. dr. 

.\ciIi)N (.1 I'ol V-.^ 

:iM l'l.i;M \N(, \N \ ,).. 

External. In t „■ ..h,| f,,,,,. ,l i. . n.M^ti,- 
:i'"i i- u.Hi, k.jii -irv. a,,.r,,an.nt .alt. h, j,,,,,^ 
"'^l""-t:".[arn.,n i^ thai Hh.n niuist it r.a,lilv -mv-s 

''|'it<nXN;,.M iM til.. |MVSMlf.. of ,.,-anir I .u.ji: .^t M.l 

i^ sulnlion. th.n.tnn. ,,uu-kly turn .lurk hn.un 

.sr..s..,| hv us suluth.n .u ..-ism- uj. o^^,..n m; k.. 
u a disinfectant, deodorant, .ma kntiseptic. .;,,... 

J'wtn. action as u -..rniu.i,),. is v. rv Inuitni, for ,t 
- r.a,hiy ,n.. up h - oxw..,, to •>}.. o.-^ani. 'ul! 
> ;i.K.c.s in Ns uch tin nucro or^ani.ius lloun.h that 
11 \tiy soon |ii(.oiu,.. iucit. 

Internal. Potn-^uu, prnuan-anut.. uIihi tnken 

••■ ■ '. ■ '■;'- ;-'=-'.i Ui«y aiv ( xcrric.i in tht- 
unn.. and into th..inu,>inu.. rrobably tb.v huv. no 

1 itTV^^'UM I IKM VNli \N \ IK 


iiii|;ortiim iiclinii iifitT iiUs.npLiuu. 1 oiui.iiy il Wii-- 
tli(ni;,'lil lli.y i-uiil'l r. j.liicf iioii in tlif ImhIv. 
hiiLlhi' 1^ no: M..' 'I'll, ifl r..ti>u-cli-^ .!<» nt»l luk. 
up niiini.;iiii» .s.'. 

'|'iiri:\i i.i 11. ^ ..1 l',iT\--nM Ti i.\i \N<. vN.Mi:. 

External. AIiIk.ul^'Ii iiota-im;: I'. iiimli>,Mn;it.i 
is nni uf iiiiuli pnu'iiiMl u- «,'. i-niici<l«'. il h 

roiKiUMnlv . iiii'l'A.d a^ ;i .1, . .Jnr.iMl \'<v ilniins. 1m d 
pan-. In \"\.i-li ui.ii-iN. un'i to uu-li tlif haii<l- ; f-.r 
ihi- la-t [.iiriiii-.' il. is ^miiJ-l.' a-^ Imiiu; non irntanl. 
It lias i.n.- a.lvantaL'"' : nam. ly, that it is ta-y l^y its 
fhanL,'c in colour to -.•<■ wh. n it, has lost itt< I'tlnvcy. 
1 in I'lOi- a St rvlf. aiilf -ir. ii;.'ili. Conily's red tlui.l 
con-i-lH of >< '.'rams of -odiuni p. i manL^'analc to 
till' lluid o.mct; of di-tlll.-d 'Aili l. It 1- fXp.ii-^ivc 
for purpos.s if.juiru".' a lar-_r*' .(uuniity. It slainn 
fabric^. 'l'\u- .-tain ni.iy !'<• u'ot out l.y apidyint,' 
suli)hurou-; ari.l. luit the fahrio niii-t l>f iMinittliatfly 
rinstil in \vai. r. for -uiph ino acid i-; forimd. 

Internal. Th.- oiVicial li'iwor of potas-ium por- 
nuiiiL'anatc dilut. d to 1 m •"<> can In- ii-«.-d as a 
nioiiih wa<h or ^'ar'jlt in fold conditions of tho 
luoutli, or a-^ an inji ction in cas. > of toul .lischariji'.s, 
.'^uch as may (jcdir \\iili '.'onorrho a, va;j;initi-, uterine 
disease, or o/ana. >('me ha\e lon.-i'lere.l that 
potassium {lermanL'anate i- h' iieticial for the <ame 
ca.SfS of ana niia as ii-n, I'iit prohahly it has no 
. If. ct. (Jther- piai-e it.s power m amenorrho a. it 
.-hould ahvay- he ^,'i\en as a pill or tahella, for the 
taste of solutions of it i- v< ry na>ty. li (;\ 
morpluiK and is therefore an antid.'te to ojuum 




Crintaiii;,;,. Mercury milv. 
■• ■I1IHC%I«;||<| ^1. 

Cha-.v, ,m>. a lirilliantiv l-Ntnrn i'imM .r,t..i m 

J-Miiiain^. I.,,vi, ..ih^r ni. ta!.--. 

/■/t/.,i;-,;;u.>;5 attaining fn, vimuru 

Dose. 1 to 5 gr. 

•"<; of sul,,hi,i.. .,f „H.rcurv. an,l t ,i. ,r ■ ,t 

n -^-r T „ •'' '• '"'•' "f "itrcury, nearly. 

6.V,,,,,/;,. i.„:)";,f,;„;,.;;v."""' ■■ ■"'■""■"■■'• ^ 

Dose. 4 to 8 gr 

>'!eat., a.:.i nurcur„u> a.ui n.e.vunc ..xul- :. ' """-"'"- 
.S-vn!- .^"^ru""' "y'l^'Y;^" Compositum. 



'2, ll><lr:ir)(>ii Oxidiiiii ICiiImiiiii. i;. 1 Mi 

cuiic Uxui' . H.U. S;,)!' K;,vi. K. ■! [i. eijutatf. 

Sn-iuK.- (Jbtaim-.l by hciitiiiK' iiurcurir iiitr.itf until 
aciil Viijiours Cfii.>L' to \»j cvulvtil. 

Cii.\KAirKi;-i. Ail craii^'t'-rt''! jiowilrr m- cTv.-iiiliinr .-ciiIo:<, 
.diuonl insoluble in %v,it»T. 

hnM!UTU~. \\>:'\ \vi\d, bri'-kilu.-^t, nitrate of ni- rcury. 

Dose, i to 1 gr. 

/'r.'car.i.'i. •>:. 

Ungnientum Hydrar^ri Oxidi Rubri. S'.v"- 
'Hyrn. l'\<'\ pnciintiitf ointnu-nt. ll'"l nn ruiiiii; 
cixi'i'-. 1 ; _vi I'ltr.v jKirHtlin 'lintni-iit. '.*. 

:t. Il)«li-ai-tf)ri <>\i4liiiii l'l:i\iiiii. VJiuw 

Mercuric Oxi.i'-. H<:iJ. 

S<ii r.rr. I'recii'itat-- a solution of nietcuru: i.-hlorlde with 
cuu-lic hotla. 

Ciiai:actk"-< a yellow powder, iiisoluble in water Not 
given internally. It ir- cont.iineil in I.otin llyirarjjyri Flava. 
It ha.- the same cuinixisitiun a-^ the i. il oxi^le, but i; amor 

Ungnientum Hydrargyri Oxidi Tlavi. 

Yellow niercuric uxi'le. 1 ; yellow .-.'ft iiar.Ulin, V.>. 

I. Ilydrai'^yri I'rrrliliti'ifliiiii. Pcrchloride of 
Mercurv. Mercuric Chloride. S'/>i'm'pn. Corrosive .-lubiiwate. 
H-Cl,. ■ 

S'liMi K. Heal a mixture of ni> reuric suljihate-, sodium 
cliloride, and man^'ane-e dioxid. . IL'SO, - "iNaCI • Mn()_,= 
H;;Ci.- Na SO, MnU.. The pi-rchloride -ublim. r, v<:d is 

Cu.ii'.Acrr.a.-. Heavy, colourless nui.-ses of jTismatic 
crv.-tals. S'-'liiiilit!/. — I in Hi of water; 1 in A of alcuh.ol 
(',tU per cent.). It mu.-t bo di.-S(jIved in distilled water, fur 
ordinary water decompo.-e- it. 

In( i)Mi'A!iiu.).>. Alkalie- and tlieir carbon, ite~, p. ita-..-.ium 
ioilide, iinie water, tartar emetic, silver nitrate, leaii acetate, 
alii'.iuien, M)ap-. ve^'.i,ibie piep.i.rati(jni containiiit-' '.annic acid, 
and ia fact nio-t sub-tances. 

Dose, J^ to , gr. 

1. Liqixor Hydrargyri Perchloridi. Merc uric 
ohluritle, liij^T.; di~tilled water, 1 pmt. Str, lujth. 
i gr to 1 !l. '■■/... or ■ i-T. to 1 ll. dr. 

Dose, 3U to 60 m. 


M\Tf:i:r.\ Mi:r)rr\ 

;:r. in 1 !l. „/. " ' '^ ''"y'''- -' 

Dose, ; to 5 gr. 

i-- -ii-lMiid.. n th. n, Til..- f, ' " rin.-,|. it 

^i- l"nt; or ;U'r. to 1 ;•..,-■ '^''"^-'^- '''• «■■• ^^ 

Dose, 4 to 8 gr. 

Clou.: i^^^'n^^, uf:'^r^" Subcaloridi. -- 
<». 11} «ll':i|-ifvi'i <>!«>•■«. Ar 

I> ,il ;, f ''''••;^'^'' ''^"■•' -"^P- ^ '-^ 
soivf.l in water. ' ^ ^''- "' "" '•^•^"'c chlor„i.. dis- 

solid .uulL'!!r '^ '"'^^ -lavish vdluw, uleugiiions. m,,,!- 
, ■^. lly«liai;rvii lo<li<liiiM •*. . . 

Ml.liC TltY 

li( I.H 

s;,,,.,.,, Mix lH>t i^olulion^ of inm-urii- clilnri.if .iml 
pnl.^Muni r.ll..r an.l .Irv ih. ,.u-c.,at;a.-a r.-l .-^ 

,luhi.' in sviil.T. ».;:i • i-Uv in a snlutioii .,f ,)..tii>Miim luai.l.- 
iMMuiiii -. Til- -:'.!'t.- a- -f th. v r^-li^^r'^'^'- 
Dose, to gr. 

i 'i ■ 1 ,; I i' . ''■ ■ 

1. Liquor Arsenii et Hydrargyri I i.di. 
Su'ionuvi. l)on..v.i.rri soluti-n. Di^-.i^.' r.iiui, j-arU 
„f ai>.* i.nliar an.l in. rcunc iu, m w.a.-r. A 
cl. ar l-alf y.ll.nv liq-ii-l. Str.n.jth. 1 l"-r cent, -t . .tJi 

Dose. 5 to 20 m. 

2. Uiiguentum Hydrargyri lodidi Rubri. 
M. r>;iM.; 1 ; i.^nwaU'l laid, 'J L 

«. llMlraiuyii lodMliiiii ViiHlr. HI. tN i 

^f u.irci.ry. , . 

S,.ru.K.-Uul) to^'.'h. r in- iv.a;^ i^H n-lui.- nsuIi a f-vv 

•Iroi.- i)f siiiiil. . , , , 

CnvKuiKiis.-A .lull K'rf.,n ^,u^^d.T in.uluhU- ni wattT. 

Mu,l b. kri.t in tlH-duik.f T it v..T\ .-.uun bfcunu-.. th.- red ludidu. 

k.-.'i.- b. titr it a ^li.'bl excsa uf mercury is present 

Dose . to 2 nr. mi a!. it is b. .t i-r.scrib.'d IhuH : 

Hvdna vn'l.Hiid.iui Vivid., tbe viun.-l dosi-; inilk r-u^-ar. 

• "t • ex.ifi.nt <{. s. i\u- oxcipi. nt ha.-; tin- luUuwin- i-'Ui- 

i;,:;it:on': Tra^..canlh i'0^^a..r. not Co.). -».).'.- ;wufr.- JO Ml ; 

.-\rup of ^'luc '-._•. r,:j. 

». l.i«|iioi ll\4li:iru>ii "Nili:«n^ \« idiis. 

MiTcnnc Nilial.-. or iVrmlialo ut M. rcu.;>. !i •.%•> ^ Ui .uiu- 
ti'iii in iiiti'ii' ai id. 

S"T-i;. I . I'i 

1 •<.:. iif iiHTcurv in •'> l!. i/.- i' nitnc 

acid with 1.'. li. o/., .,i watt-r. and iK-al. , ,. ., 

Ci!.u;A.'ii;i>. A culuurU.-s.s, slrun^ly acid liquid c^-ntam- 
iii;^ nuieh fit-.- nitno acid. Sp. i!T. 'JU. 

I.n;iti:i i v. M'-rrur <r,- iLtr^tc. 

lO. I ii«ii« iiliiii» ll>«lrMr^)ri >iliali».. .S^u 
onnvi. Citrine ointment. ... 

St.iiuK. Mis a snhitlnn o! l_(i£ ni.rrurv ui :J ul uilric 
acid, with I of lanl and 7 of olive oil. 

Cii.\i;-\' III:-. A ifinon-jvllo'.v oinliaL-ni. 

Ung-uentum Hyurargyii Nitratis Dilutuia. 

Mt-rtunc liiliuii- 1 ; r.uil yciiow;;n. I. 


*'^"' ••' '■ Mix soluti',.," f 

''"■'-"■■ ":''!:;::i";;:^;';;r,-,;,-^:-- '■■•■■■ 

' " /■' 

Ung-uentmu Hvdraro-,,..,- a 

"".V"^ Ul,.:.. ,„.^f ^^''^"inioniati. ^ ,,.. 

1 .11.11. Ill ointiiii'iit, :). 

with It vary v.rv uuu-h uXn T '/ '•^:J"'"'""^-^ 

'•MMi.jfoun.l that anthrax 

>Vovi: w..,v ,i,..rn;v<.I iv ,"='^ anthrax 

;ir-..,v.. u..n.',,;';;, v;';^--;. ''•'- i.u.,iii 

l".<'(»()aotin.Morun(. irnr. • 7';'"-^^ ,,1 i ;„ 
1-r half an hour "= i'r ' "' '''.^ -•'•"*'" ^^^-^h,-. 

v^'m...i th. .nnvth".,r ':":;;:;'.' "v<'-^>0() p,,;. 

'""■•■ i'""-'f"i .■,„•,■„-(>,.,, ,.,'■'"■" '"'^r '■'■"■■I' 

tiun of 1 if, ),„„| 

'• -iii.iiniat,. is. _\ ^,,,j| 

'""•'•"'•Vis f.H,,..i .„.',"■•'•. ■■^"/^""uuinat.. of 


>fi:i;r IKY 

•J( ),'. 

;;irt;irir ariil fo ] n\' corro.-^ivc >uliliiiiatt». Tlio 
l>iiii'Hli(K-. ili--;nlv' <i id j). riussiuiti ioiiulf suliilicii, is 
itNfi ;i ]n)\virt'iil ;intis('}(ti<'. M>t;illii' in-t ruiiitius 
(•iiniidi !)<■ ili-inf<i"t(- ' %vitli the jn I'rliloriiic, fnr 
iiitrcury i- (lfit(>>it»''i mi tin la. 

Mo-i iii( rciirinlH, t-^pi ciiilly tiif ol at<'. n<i(]f. 
annul 'iiiat<'. tii'ra*'-, atui pfrclili-riiif. will ilt-rroy 
the aiiiinal aiiii v»i:t Iai>li pai'a-i'. - that iiit' -^t. the 
-kip, : they aic thfivforc antiparasitic. A1-n nnxt 
(if tliciu will (H'ca-inna!!y ri licvt- itchiiiL'. fVt ii when 
111) caii-^e i^ III lif \t lUJi' .. 

Thf -nhiiil.- salts art' p'lWtrfiil ifritaiits, fur the 
nlhiniiiiiari (if uicnMirv foriucil is ili>~olviil in tlic 
lltiids (if lli<- ti.ssiKS. ami tin- acul (if the iiHi-ciirijil 
salt i\cri-it- irritant acticii . '\\>- aciii Sdlution of 
the niirati' is strcn^'ly can-tic. in<(ilul>lc -liilt.s arc 
-lii,'htlv ii-ritant and itiin.' : calnnicl i.-. xiiuc- 
tiini-s ap[)!ii il to .-(ires for this property. 

Ml tallic im !cur\ and it- salt- arc absorbed by 
the skin. c<pccially wle ii nililicd in cithi r a. an 
olcatc or an ointnicnt. Thc-e pr.parations are also 
tal:<'n up. althoin-'h to a h -- (i< u'rt i-. if -imply applied 
to th»' ,-kiii. tor niinuti- particles of nii rciiry or its 
-alts pa-- into the h.iir follicles and schaccous 
folliclt -, friiiM wiiich thi y arc ah-orlit-d a- an oxidi; 
or a clilmaiii'. .\llthc -\iiiptonis of nurcurial jioison- 
iiiLT can he priidiicid if tl:i- diUL' i.- ah-nrlxd throiij^h 
the skin. Til'' vapour ca'.i in absorbed tliromrh the 
niticou- nieniliiaiie "f th. lung.-', and incrcury com 
noiilid- are so Xdlatil tliat when they ;ir- applieil to 
tile skin -rine usually ent(T- the lilood liy tiie hiiiL's. 

Internal, .MthiiU'.'ii th- different -alt^ of mer- 
cury h.iVi diiii Ti lit exT. rnal action^, aftir ali.-orptinn 
thi ir action- are. ir. nm-t respiect-, .-iinilar. The 
lonfj-continut d u-i- of excessive dose.s nf mernirial- 
produce- Well-marked and important symptoms lmc 
Toxicolo'-'V). The actions for whicli mi rcurial- are 
nsed in medicine are the fullowinj?. 

Sluinach (in-i lutcitities. TIjo metal mercm-v 


^T\Tr:i!i\ Mi:nir\ 

. If. n-lmerruroiisr.,,ni..nn.i^J„i,r. mildly irritant 

""■ nununr ,mv. n u, u. sip. .i,,Js 
'"■;"'•"■'• :"■['■ ^;<^tn,,nal inituu.,[[ The 

;i;-l--''';'iM;-..M,u<>d...f irritation, 'unknown 
;^ ^^n.n:unthM,nM.on..,i,,,,,,,,,,n,,,^.,,,,,,,,^^; 

>""" ■■"■'■ liiirM.-i aln,,,., i,..f.„, .,,, H). ,iun,,.- 

•' ■'' >"•■ 'mi- the 

''!''■ '' *"• !•' ;ii.-(,rt,M| ,,1 

' :m! 

.-Mnn-.,... ^M■,■k..,,lo.^v.l. TIh.v ,s pn.lj ^ 
^on... l.,n not ;,n .■x.-,.,,.v,. innvMs..] s^r-n-tinn f n n 
f'->m.'>tn,aiuall.tor ih.. n,.,ti..n. aItl,o„.|' L I' ! 
■""'.';"'-' V"-',""tw,M..ry. A.tlH-acti..n,,f[l,. ,„;., 

WsatH-H. for tin. urn. ,.:,..,.. on rh, i,".., r , 

'i"Hkly. thatit,s,ionl,tfulw!,.tl:.rthuvis 1^;. f. 
;;'-''y',f:. pu,-.ativo^ J^ 

P:.n>,h.,twofonn<,.,n-...ti V 
\\!i:.N\M-ro;npo,n;,h,i nnTcurv ,, tak.n l•^ :>„. 

;'"'""y^''"'-"i'- '" ''" -.una,-),, ran .-x,., i„ ..',; 
• on |h..n. lin, .uno compoun.i h f,,,,,..! wh.n 
-n- Ion... ol nM-nury ,. injV,,. .1 suhnuan. ou~l v 

'H'v ;..,!,.. .olui,,.n for ini,..tionshowM..-,nram 
•' Intl.- sihliuiii chlni-K , . 'n c:-, K- u-),.,, i, ,, , 

1;='^ -^ tlK- dose ,. iMsufru.i..nt tocauslpur.^ 
sonu. niorcury ,. absorb,,] a. an allnuninat. •• ? 

passni-oiu oit!,,. i„,u, Milphidt- 

' "Of loi iiiLti i»\ t/j,. i, V, )•_ 



This is iKiw ktKnvu to lir nn ••rriu', but ]>• rchlnridc of 
lilt rcury may pos-ilily slii'litly incn;is( th- ijU;aitity, 
and [1- ihaiis, nci- i>i<iiially whtii r:iln;Mi'l i- ailniiiin- 
i.rcd, s'liiii- iif it is f(iii\»-rttil into th'- |ifr(lili>riiii\ 
(aloiiifl ami, to a It -is cxt I lit . pri j'lir.iti. in- m|" m. tallic 
lilt rcury arc, )io\\i m r. lalli d indirect cholagogues. 
luc;Mi,-t ih.y, in ili. nrinnt !• ;ilr> ad_\ tAplaiiitd, aid 
ilic .xcri lion >>{ l.ili . nnd lifni'.r powtrful antist ptu's 
incnasf it- iniiLMlixf ai-;...!! I'V luiNtntiiiL' it- dt - 
coiiipo-ition. In ni(- tin -tonl.- ai-. dark uti i n : th' y 
contain ca lot Ml -1, nil •I'curii- -'ilj'liid' ,.ind uiiiht ifd liih . 

/;/. . /. At'- !• al>.>or|ition tin- nn rciinal coin- 
|iound fornii il in the r-toin.ich and intisliiH- [irn- 
luibly li.ciinn- <i\idi/id. ;'.nd circulates a>J an o\}- 
alliiniiiiiat.'. Miini'i' b itr_' ••"ntinu.d <\"-^< - 'if lucr 
cury slii,'litly incrca.-c th« Mcinif.-- of 'he liloml in 
n d cor|iU-cl> <. and mav add a lift!'- to "lif wtiL'lit of 
th.' hody. Large doses pioduc*' anaemia. Mcirnry 
(ducks the ciniL'rat ion of whitf corpuscles, aiiij this 
p( rhaps txplaiii- its antiphlo;,'istic action. 

Rcin"!i' rur.'t.^. Mt rcury is chiflly t \(U't t« <i hy 
the c;i cum, ciiliui. and -^ali\a; in lar'_'f 'losi-s it iiri- 
talt s ihf -ali\ary inland- ami is a p^wi rful sialogogue. 
Minute anioiints an- i \cri tt d hy tin- uiiiit . swtai, 
milk, and hilc. liy ii-tlf i: i- m lualih a ft-, hit- 
diurttic, hut it soniftimt s powctfully aids other 
diurt tics whtn dropsy is prt-st-nt. it is t li;iiinate<l 
v< ry slowly, and henn accumulates in th'- hndy. 
es[M'cially in the li\» r, kidm ys, ami -pleeii. 

'I'liiu: \ri:i iic.-^ <u MnucLuv and h>, Salts, 
Externah Antiseptic action. — Sohuions of the 
])erchloride an- %iry hii'/tiy t mploy. d. A streiiu'th of 
I in 1<»0() is useil h»i' wa-liiiiLr ifie hanils, for wa-hin^' 
the p'arts to he operatetl upon, fur s(!akint/ towtds, 
lint, sponj^'es, A<-., u-ed in o]»erations, for washin<^ 
inftcttii articles, infected ro .m-. furniiui-e. linen, Ac, 
lor wouiiii- au'i ca'.iLn - ia> the ulcrus), ihe -!ieiit;Lh 
for a .single washing .should not cxcecl 1 in 20(H), 


M \TI l!f \ \u:^M(\ 

for contiiiiKil i)ri-;,t,i(.n 1 1,1 ]i\,(uu). C.rro. ivo 
suMnnan. .in.-.. t.nt..l M,i., n,;,.]. so that „no 
'li".uv..,l inup.ntof ^v^t.rn.;,k.-a .nlnti.-n of 1 ,„ 
.'<H», an- a <nnv, ni. nt form in whirli to carrv rh.. 
'',"""■!'!"■•. * '"-n-'v.. H-iMunat,. ^ulunon^ sf„M,l,I 


-I'/^/.'^m.;/;,- aW;,../. \Vh,t. pn^ijuf. f.. ''„inf ' 

"""t..lii„,n.rnnynint„ ua.l, 
"1 ""■ i...,rl,lori.|.. an. v.ry u^ful for .1. Ij,,, 

">< thr h.a.l; a,„i th, -. t hno. ...{...fiaHv ih,." his't aiv 
.■\nll. ,if nr ,1. ,tn.\n,,^ tl,,. 1„„:mi. in rin-unr,,, a.i-l 
lavii<. Ih,. in..-ciinr ,.l.,,h. 1- „-. f„l f,,,- ,i,.,trnv 
in-tl,a! ,n pr \ na^i^ v.-rsi,-„i, „• : ,f tl,,, ,K,„ i. .a^ilv 
irntatr.l th- nii,tiu<.iit .,f ir slmuM Im- ii-,-,| M.t' 
'•nnal^ -^hoiiM not h.. uppli,.! ..v.r ... lar-, an an,i 
that tliciv 1. a n^k ct p.iiM.niii- from ah-orpii,,„ 
_ /rntn>:! „rfu:n. Tlio an-l solution of the nitrat.. 
Is- ,H..<i N. -ir^troy w.ri^. con.hloniata.Ac. ; no doul.t 
'"•1(1. of it-^caiKtK- aMion is .'uir to tin fn .• nitric 
••|<;"1 It contani^. .M,l,!,.r pr.parations. <nrh a< th,. 
'lilMt.oimni.nt .,f t!,.. niirai... or then,! (.xi,!- r,int- 
lii.ntif.hlut.-.l niayl.u..,! for tin.-a tarn • ar),| the 
san„. ointnnms ar. u yy h. n. /ical to ;.nv or 
son. that r..,|.mvsa stimulant, v. hctlur or'nof it h.. 
syphihtu;. Wh.n a nuM..r preparation is n,nun.,I 
caionifl IS oft.n -lu^t,.! ,,n th.. part; and hlackwa^h 
IS v.ry ronnn.mly u..,i. .siKaally for ^vphilitic sorcs 
ami fon.iyloniala. 

/ In;,,,. l;hu-kwa~h. N.llow^^ash.or Tn.:,,. n- 

tiim ilvdrarL'vri mav 

'inpl'y. .1 !o r.lirvc the 

itchm-of skm .iis,.a-~i-. Mich as 'i-ruri^'o <,.nili. .upi 
iirticana. if ili.y ar.. not too .xtHisivf. V v^rv 
lavoiiriir onitim.nt u>v manv skin .lisras,.. i. com" 
poM.l of ,.,pial parts ..f tho .lij:,,.. harruri.Miitrat.. 
/nic oxid... and lead actat.- ointm.nts {see v 171 " 
^l'>^orl.cnt „ctu,„. All m.rcurial ointment.- and 
tlif okat.-, ulicn applud t^, or -,„tlv ruhh. d i„f,, ..nv 
pan wnaii is rlironuaJiy mllamed. ..It^n aid the 


K >'J 

r\li-;(ir[)ti')ii i.f {];,■ {irniliu-!- nf iiil!,unin:iti<'ii, if tli.y 
arc tint too (litji .si-;it»i|. |"(ir thi- piiriinsr I'luc nint- 

Illtll! .III'l Scdtl's i)ilitliullf . ('V \\\< oil, If, • nil, till' Mt, 

.lie vt ly riiiiiini'iily ii-;(il f.'i- cliroiKi- in!l:iiii!i!.i:iiiri 
iif jiijiit^, chi'iitiiciill y fiil;ii'L,'fil ^I;i!iil-!. .ii.d (limMJc 
[It ritniiiti^, wliirh ct rtiiinly r-ninftiiufs ;i{>p. ar-; to Ir 
c'lrt'l I'y tlii' apiilii'itii' 111 of" ;i liiuilt r s[>if:i'l witli on,. 
I if tli> -f pit p.i rations .ir \\ir I,!iiiiii« iitiiiu 1 l\'lrai-.'\ li, 

• Acn U'lull thf iii<f;i-i' H twin rc'ulol-:. Thr oJlitllliriL 

I.f ihf i< ■! in.liili' !< ill Iii.lia to ili-' thvinbl 
U'laipl ill L" litl't'. 

Internal. .\l'>ncnt<iriic.iniK \'. rv ililntf -.oln- 

!i' !!-;' f thf pt rchloridt I I lt. to lo i!.,./. watt-r with 

1 il. ilr. "f liihi't- livilrocliloric \u\.[ a httli' i^'Iy- 

I' rill) may \«- u-cil as a luouth ua-h for - •. plnliiic 

iilffratiiiti. liiiiL''-r aiivi-cs '_'rtv in miiiute 

'lo-c'S for tht* -luliltii soiiiil in.: ininii iliattly aftt r f<ioil 

soiiutinics nut with in chiMf n. I'.y far the most 

i!ii[)ortant intt-tinal aftimi of lu. rruiy is its [inr'_'a- 

■i\f fill ct. ('aloiiiil aii'l iiluf pill art' [irf t-nniu-ntlv 

tilt,' puri^'ativis to t mploy win n thi-rc is, from thf 

hi adache, coii-lipat !■ ■!!, fiirrt'l tonL.'!it', fffliiii^ of 

A.-i jht ovt-r tilt' hvi r, ai:ii ;'i in ral la.--ituilt', ii-ason 

•■; -usptM-t that thf dy-p.p-^ia is hf|tatic'. Ththfr 

i ihfse limits at iii'.'ht, followt tl !■'.■ a uattrv 

; .r'_'f, as Mi>tiira Sfnn.i' C'ompo-ita, in thf morn- 

;i'_', will <il't< n i-oinpl. t'ly riiifN.' thf >vin[)t"ms. 

The hluf [111! at, iiiL'hl and hlack" iliaiiL^'hl iMi-tiira 

St nna- (ompo-ita) in thi- morn;ii'.' ha\f Ihml' hitii a 

tavfjiiritt' coiiihin;ilioii. Minurvi'r i',ilom,l i.s al-o 

"Ht' of the h( -t i»iiri,,'alivi s U>v ca-fs of cirrho-i-;, aii'l 

fardiac cast .s in wjiirh ih' r-- i- cin-i'it rahlf 

:.-, patic coni^'f-tion. (irtv powih r mi\til with a 

littlf -iigjir is an f\r, Ih-i.t puiLMtivt' lor chililrtii, or 

c-\in for aihilt-^. wh- n a v- ry miM [)Ur;^'«' \< rfpiii'ftl 

as, fr,r fXiinipIc, ;ift> r -i \. re •• ntrritis or [•ti-iti>nitis, 

oT ii it is lifSir.ilii-- LO o[;' ii Ih'- iioVVfi.T dlU 111^' i\pii(jl(l 

f'V(-r. ChiMn-n take mfrcnry Vfiy Wfll. Infants 

can rasily Itear ^'r.iin do^ts of thf Ltrt v poudrr. As 

liarrhaa, ispecially in (.-hildrcn, is -o oftt n duf totho 


'J 1(1 

M \ri.l;l \ Mi.i.K A 

•;''-"""^ "' '-Inn- .nt.Mu.ul anti-.i.iio Jiu,u, Imv. 

1^ "tt.u! nuh .ii-itali.. an.l s.,uill - ', 
U%T, '" " ' ^^^"'^""^vn (.uvs .iiuvtiV lull' 


(Im .s ;,'iVal ,t,'u()il. 

•V/'/////^.- Mmv.u-v ,n any !,„■„, i:- ,.nu ., full v 

•"'""■• ;<"'! •-'•■'} |n,\N.i, r [(.rcliil.hvn. Tl--. u-',m i 
•" lliii.orjalil Ihal |[ luaK. - ,,,, . ,': ", '^ 

\''l'''''lf ill ilL'- Wi- ia\( Ir I , 1 . 

'"'•^■'.'" "f "-It 1. ,....„ thalit AmrAd aNn 1.. 
:u.i,uni^t,n.l .m, a, n, ,, arj, -h. i.I.,.„i. |. ,, .^ ,), ,.,,,.. 
P-i-n I. !l,.. s,,inK-hata pallnia. i!.. ,,,us' nf 
^>•HHli^; ucanc.n,-M,lvcun.rl.,.p^^^ 

""'"''■'"-' ^■"''■"""■''•'"'^ >lin,.i.lia-vcrl.. .M.siH.l 
U sihvauun hvainnnt >huul<l 1.- lu-un a > -arlv 

r',"^"'''*; '^--l--!lyvalual.l..i,Mh. pn.uarV 

""'".^ -Mi,t . aii.liniiti.s .iii;,T a-^ lo ii-^ 

;;''•"• '" ="^'-- ^yi'l-i-. !• .> a. Hlicariuu. f , r 

t i- n,n,..nilal as t,.r ilu- a.-iuuv,! .i,.a... U i ■ 

iali,nr.uu!:di^.a.. otllu. khhu-Vs ,|., ,,,.1 1., ar il u .11 

, ., . '-• -i«ai .li^a.hai,lai',. IS Its 111- 

>UM,it\. M.-ivun.i:,,. .,1,,-^.. 1 i., -2 ■.,■ i„ , 
j.... .- ..M.n_'..v ur..nwi,. lal.a la ^ulUf uuthnriut- 
^:ii AI<>iiil»i-otli. ,.\,,t „r:;ci-ii 1 

.NMu.u.naMn.ieunc CLl.mle, u douUc duun.ic , , ..r 
<-U],\ .uid amiaoijiiiiii. ' 

MKIU L i;v 


S' Mix ".'71 |».iit-ii( c<irr<»ii\e .-.uiiiuuali' w.tli In; 
(if aiuiiiiiiiiii.'ii cliltiiiiii', lii'tli III ^oltitimi, aii<l r, i|><>r:it- 
L'liAhA. u us. — t'hitt" in'l liiniiiiiir |'ii-i!i , (r- ■ 

. . ■• lllT ur ulyCfTlM. It rnlltilillH ulii- liKiin' i!« ,t ...|i. -.vf 

.1 .iiimtf Ci'iiibiiifd with two uf iiiiitiiniiititii rlilnn-i". rhr»i' 
.:ii-i I'f s;ll ultliilnutll • Vc 

,■■ iiualf. It is ji .• I ', I •.. , :., . .: ; . nut 

coiiit»iiie with albi; M'luUly a^ |>trchluri(ic of muicury, 

aii'l It i-; thert-fi'tt' ir^? iiiiiatin.-. 

Actios- and Tum; \i i.i i n s. 

Sal iilfiiiiiri'lh 1,'aii/. iii;ia,iiii!ii_' I pt r c iit. . aii'i 
sal al. lai'i'tlli Wool (ii|p.i' (.•(■m. I, hnih tiiittd with 
iitiilitif Muf, uiiicii i- id. acli. (1 liv [lif lii-rhai'LT. .so 
thai it i- ta-y to set; if it, has .snakcl thmiii^'h. arc 
lUiU'h usiil ti) ilrts- WDunds aiitisfiiticallv. 

Sal alt iiiliiojli itijfrtioii-^ j <^r. in 10 u[ uf wat. n 
are a coiiv. inmt noni! ritatiiiL' fMMu in which to 
inji- : !:i' iTwry in' raiiiii nilii 1\ m ^vphihs. 

V|4>r4-iiro-/.iii4- I }:iiii«|«'. is't oiln i 

Cunsists I'f one luultcule of mercuric oyaiiidt! cunbiiifl 
witii f«)ur iiiolrpiilfs nf zinc cyaniilc 

CiiAUAt II liH. A whitf i><jsvl<r. 

A( 1 Ion and 'I'm. km i.i ri( >. 

M' iTni-o/iiif cMinidf 'jan/r aii'i wni.l. ladi t-on- 

laiiuiiL: :' |..r ct lit. nt' thf -alt. ami tint, il niauM' [uiik 

with rii-olanf. arc ti-. .1 in anti -.{'ti.- .-<iir;^'irv a-^ the 

.-alt i.s unirritatii)L'. It i< al-(j u,-t.| n< ;in ouiliumi. 

»';» '■ :(( ;<;. 

ill By the 

mouth.— The ]a«iu.u HwlrarKyri I'trchlondi ia ofi. h i.:i.. u lo 

;4lult-, usually in 1 tu-Jl! For tht- lut. r .\iiij/luiiid 

; ■•!ihi!:-, i"t.i--i:nn id oilt-n cuiiibim.l with il. I'l-r- 

riued and id kept in solutii'ii by the 

• ■■' • ■ '1 1" ;.:i. C'lii i "iid»-. Mcrcur.iii> iidiidc. i-r the }.'rt.'fii'i'' of nii-rcuiy <{). -Ji);}!, is much u- d i,y -,uuif. It is 

• ill uator un>l i.-, intitnipiitiblc- \ulli |iuttt-,.-.iuiu 

•i.-- ltd iodide and uietaiiiu njercury bciiih' formed. 

I iirtparatiun for children is > to' I ^,'r. of j/rey 

i - ..aLi, ;^ncn ju-l uttcn enough to av.ji.f pur^;atioii. ai. i 1 to 

- jr. thr<e tiiiit-.- a lav is a y.iv. n ?>• adult-. 

C-'i By the rectum. Uccaaionully mercury .-; ,iw n ad 
a -uppo-it ry. 

(.■il Endermically. .M' rcuriaN, ..specially calu.-n.l, an; 
often "luated nil -crcs an.l u!c. i.-, an.l lotions are ulao locally 
a[. plied. Mercury can !"■ J.-<,r!"-l in tluM wav. 

I -' 


NrATKHIA Mi;i)|( A 

III Bj inunction. IJlui' oirilm. in m.^s i.. n.lx,. ,| uit.j 
hu .kin. I Mially u p.f,... Uh. s,/.. of th, i,,,. „f t),.. i|..,,„b 
.ibuul H .Imcl.Mu ,- rul.l,...| ,n .,..,•..« .lav l,v the u„>:l„v...l 
hand. 1 1... ,„irt ..f fh.. (,.„|v .l,<.iil.i 1.. var.-.| ,luiv • the ah.. 
inn.r ^u\v ..f th- thi-h-. ah.lnm.n. urni.^ are Miituhi... 8it,iaU..nH' 
hui.)- purts .sh..uM h.«voi.l..|. Thf ,\:rAy .lumfion ..f th.- nil/ 
hu.K 18 •.() Thf .,intn:. nt ha^ h. .„ put „.M.h th. .,. k 
for th.n It IS nihh.-.l mt- th. f.u.t .iuriii^' wulkuu- \ \..rv 
en.c.Ml wity „f ,i|,plv,:,K' ,t in ij.ihir. n i- f. .n.. ,i. a ..,, a 
JliiiiM.^I hni.i. r whu-h L. \v..ii, r..un<l th.- n. Th. ..I. it- 
iiuiv bo inii.iuvfd f.jr inututi<.n. Iiiini(:ti..n i- mi.. ,,f th- 
h. St rufari^ ..f ins.intiK th.. „h-.„|,ti..n ..f i.i.rciirv. hut nur.v 
Ij.iti. tit, .,hj.-. I lo such fi tciioiis un.i .hrtv pt,. --'- «,„! I-fi {,,„.l\f, j...if,.ini It voiy in-llici.nlly. ■ Itniinti-.ns should 
'" K'lvea on uh.jut .Vi ..on.^cculiv.- d;iv, an.l th. u ;ift. r un 
iiil.-rviil It liMii ! 

"•■" lutramuscularly. (>u, . i.hth , f ,i ^-ruiu ,., 1.., „f 
th.. i-n'hh.ii.i,. .hs..jlv-.i ,n aJ.nut :, t,, s „, nf .ii.tiii-d wiit.r 
uiih a ,,f M..|„i,n t-hlorid.' mav I..- .i-.d f,,,- ,i ,|„.,. -j j,„ 
"'•'■•II- -I .1 syri,,,.- i, plun^'-i .i,-j,lv i,Un s..,„e 
/■1UM.1., prcf.iuhiy th.:-f u( th... Klut-al ifKion," aii.l t.. the 
..ut.r Hi.h. ..f It. .,, that th- patii-iit .h,,.. n..l ...t ..r lie on the s,,..i 
ami th.. r-.|un..i .!,...■ .,f tl>.. p-rchluiid- .sohitiun i.. inj-cfd' 
If iMU-h pam 1. . au-.-d. a pi. ..- of ic.. mav h- h.ld ov. r tin' 
p.i!. h.fwr- th- inj....i,nn and aft-r th.- n.;.dl.. i. withdrawn 
Ih- mj.-tinn .h..uld h.. i..i.-at.d ,iai!v. l5-f.„- n,,,,^- to h-d' 
1- ;i r--d tun... \N ith prup.r oaiu t:.. ahs..-.,„ s i.-.Milt Tiiis 
■ ^ .1 v-iy lapid and thoimu-h way of bnnt.'in^' th- ..ati-nt 
iin.i.r th.. mllii-nre nf ni.ix-iuy. M.rctiric lin-ta'- (dos- Tto 

h ;-•!. I and ni. n-iuic i-vanid- ol'.-c ' 

t'' .'. Kr./ a.. ^..,0(1 .^aitd 

(<■!' iiitiannisciilar 

.M..i.-ury is usually hest -^ivvn i.itiaiau.srulailv in th- 
metal i.r form. f,.r then only ,„k- injection weeklv :s f. ..uired 
l.amhkina. VIS.., th- f.d.owm,- : m-rt-ury, .} oz.; lanolin. -J o/ • 
(•a.h,.liz. d li.|uid purairni. a-i .") ,,/.. Tliis e.pial.s ^.-r i in mx' 
.M.i.Mmum ,i....... mx. ....... a w. . k. If caiom-l is u^-d tli- do^e 

1; \ ^-r. How-ver m.;icuiy ..r it.s salt, are ,^iv. n, admim^tra- for two years is n.-ce-^ary to ..rti(.ientl\ ^vphiPs 
Ih.j iniin.-tion and intramu-cular m-tliods are th.. best Th.' 
t..'th and mouth must h- ..-lean to avoid salivation nd 
there may h.. shnrf interval- when nuicurv i, n^t ^:[u■n ' 

(M Tumigation. Calomel is use-h th.. pat;, nt. who i. 
naked, ;;.- ..;i a can- hoitom chair: a hlank-t, whidi r,. .(h-s 
to th.- door. 1, fa.^ten-d li^'htly roun-i hi.-, n,ck. Tw..ntv :.-rains 
: f ia; i .u.- piae.-i u. a purciiain .iisii o\..r a spiiit"l imi) 
under the chair. TJie calomel volatili/.s. iu,.i j. uhiorb-.d by 

Mi:i;( I \'.\ 


the skin. A hath shnuM la«t twenty niin'it<s; with nhvioiid 
iii'j'lificaTiMn:; tin iiicthM.l may \io «ppli--il to piiti< iit-< in Ix'i. 

(7) Inhalation, llii- i^ rar. ly "r ii.v. r u- 1. 

(•<) Bathi f time .Iriuliin-* of (ho |>« rohloii.lp to ihirtv 
^'aliens (if A.i'i r. with otu- •'iinl ilra^hrn ».( Iiy.lroohlorie aciil 
U'i'lril, have hf»'ti ti-cil. hut ".hi-y an' vi ry rart-ly « iiiplovod. 

Acute poisoning' i^ rnrr-. Salt- of nu rcury. fipri'ially 

th.' I'lr -;i t-. I I • I ,.'• . s ■ rc^'astro inti -tma! irritatin-.i.rau-uiH* 
K' pain, v<.mituiu', ani iliarrhn-a. Corronivr' mibiiniati' ani 
wliiti- prt-oipitat.' an- thf prfparati.-im u-'iially tak.-ii. A. it.< 

IKliiiOllirik' hil-> follnWf.l Uii-hill;,' '"!' lir"" CIIV!*!'- with ■ i 1- 

t!.>fi- "• p. '■ ii .■ i. •■ •.!. rr'iry. 

Chronic poisoning hy m ;. . .i a,; pro.lurps a 

train n{ r'limrkahif -\iii|itMMi-. Thi-y wen- st-ry i-oniiuon wh'-n 
it was th'- practice l.' ci\f^'^r (l.)s.-< of nuTi'virial-; •.hiin ar*- 
n'lw fiiijtlfiyc.i. aii'l th-y an- n.Tasinnaily i^f-n in thn,.. wha 
work in tii-icury. In th.- pnv-.-nt 'lay. when the patirnt -ihow^ 
pny snjn of iniTciiriali-ni, thf dn-p i^; rt'lurt>i. Thfsr xym- 
ptums {wliK.'h rnnstitntf hy'Jriir>.'yristn i>r nif'rrtiriali«jn) inav he 
hroiiK'ht alioul huw. v.r \\u- in.Ti-ury i-; tak. n. Th.- lir-sl in.lir.i 
tions n(>tico<l ht>- sii^'ht f.i tor nf thf hffath an^l -^orfni-is of th«i 
•.'Urn's wlien thf tffth are kn.xkf.l. Thf n follows a ili-ia^-rffahU- 
iiif taliic tiistf in thf inoiith, thf K'Utii-; hfcotnf swolion and soft. 
:u\d ihcy . .-(l rfinlily. Nfxt thfn- is a romi.ifral N- incrrasc 
in thf amount of saliva sforet.-il. .\il tli<-»- symptonn 
;.'r.i'hially hfcunif inoff luarkfij, \n>l tho toriK-uf -wf'lls. Tht< 
t.fth are now loosf, the saliva, whioli i-< tlii<-k aii<l \i>ci.l. 
I.oura '!Vfr thf ini.;it}i t!u- paroti-l an-1 salivary (.' arf 
f nlarKnl and tfndfr, aii'i ilifrf is a -iiK'ht risf of tVinpfraturo. 
In olilfti day- these symptonH occasionally endftl m thf 
fiillint,' out of the tf'fth, fxtfnsivf ulcfratio'n of tho mouth 
ii:d ton^'Uf, nccro-is of tlif jaw. w. akiif-^-, fiiiaciatiMn. 
fuifrmia. a watfry statf of the hlood. a liahihty to h:i mor- 
rhap's, f xhau tion, and dfalli. 

Morf riirfly thr symptoms arf. f..r the most part, nfrvoua. 
Thf!<f occur chiftly. if iKjt cntirfly, amon^; tliosf uho work in 
Ihf mftal and iuhalf tlif vapour. Tlif fir-t to bf ohsfrvfd is 
t'fmor, bt-K'inninvr in the face, tlh-n invading the arms, and 
afterwards the le^.'?. Karly in the c.i.-e the tr mhlin>,' is Mtn 
"!iiy on movfment : ?oon it is pe rmane nt. It re-e mhles para- 
lysis ai^'itan.s. Usually tlu-ro i.s cori-.idfrahle weakness of tlie 

rvtT»;pti'i[ tiiuscIeH ! '* nif'TPiirial *irl 

Th: re niay be pains. 

and a weak mental condition in common. Nothinj,' has been 

found, jto-t mortem, to account for these syniptoiiH. 


M\T!:i;r\ >nT>rr\ 

Arsenic. Antimony. Chromium. 

Tlu com,, nun. i ni.tal.^ hnvr ? v, lal phvsioH'i- 

cal an.l .-.oim- rlicrin. .,. j int^ in cointiion. Tiif oxi.h" nf f-aoh 
is fxlcrniilly n ,>ow(ifiiI caustic. Intfrnally, i\r,in:r. n^-.i] 
iiK.ny. an<l (as far a.^ ««■ know) chromium coriii 
Rfviri' KH-tn).int« >tinal initaiitp. Arsenic an.l aimi iM-n j,i 
lar^'c dosfs both caus- v, ncral fatty <1. jjr neration. 

\|{m:>ii m. 

Mftallic Arsenic. Svml.o!. A-. At-iiii; u, ^-1,; 7- 

iN.:' -"■:, i .' I 

I. %4'kIiiiii Ai's4-iiiosiiiii. Arsf-ninu.s Anhyarido. 

Synouyms. - Ar.sfnu- ; Arsc-niuus Aci'l ; Wliit. ar-. tiic. As (» . 

S..r,;.K, At--. '.-■.•,■.....,-,--:- i m,,i ,,uii!i..n.. ''•"" 

Cii\!;^ 1! !.-. A li.i.vy jM.vv.i.r. or vtratilici opa.jufi 
wliit.' ina-M-. J ii, -tri-a an t-ausf <1 hy thi- pr.'-.ncf. in 
.st|iarate lay. rs of 1 tallinf an.l opatjuo, ai... uf "tlic 

amorpliMUs an-i viii.n ;- a .>;ri.|,ic Jii.Hliliciilioii.-, f.f arscninus S<^lnbili/i/.- I in Kmi ,,f f.)l.i. 1 in in of loilint.' 
walir. Wli.ii v.ilatili/c.l and sublim..!. it i .!;,. ;'.;ii ;;.' 
tninspar. nt, l.rilliant oetalii .Inil orytita!.- \*. ■ .', ,| ui-), 

cliarro il ii ■.'iv.s ulT a Karlic-lik<- o.linir. 

Inc..mi.\tii'.i.ks. Lini.- \vai<-r, salts of iruu, magnesia. 

IviTi:iTii>. I, inn- -.tits. 

Dose, tv' gr. 

} 'reparation -. 

1. Liquor Arsenicalis. .S;,) 

Snllltidi, Al ■• l;^ . . u. ,1, -7.' J.-1 . ; ' |>. : 

ate. H7.^ gr. ; boil in Id li. oz.' of wat. 
|ioun.l tincture of luv<rnl. r. ."■> fi. .ir. ; ,, 
No (b'contposition occii-. ln;t .ui alka 
arsfniuu- mill is fornie.i. »S'?/. 1 

aci'l in 1 In r- , cr 1 irr c. nt. 
Dose, 2 to 8" 111. 

2. Liquor Arsenici Hydrochloricus. Ai- 
si-iiicu- a.-j.i i. 1, i., ,1 u,;:, ! ., ,p., 1.;.,,,,. .i,.,,i ,,, ,1 \sal. r. 
No .Itcoinjx.siiicn occur.s. but an acid solution of ar- achl i> f.-mieti. Strrmjlh. 1 rr. of arscnious 
aciii in 11 1» III. HI- 1 per com. 

Dose. 2 to 8 m. 

•2. So«lii Ai-*.<'ii:i«.. .s,,aiuni Ar..nat.-.Di.-oaiuin Ih- 
dro-en Arsf!!:,!,- \ : !! \.= !_ ;Ar.cniatr wf Hud\^iin. V..V. Is^i). 

•^"' '•' ' • l.xpi'-t ti) a t<iiiptr;ilurf of 'A' i-rvpfalii/.td 

:-"i:uin ai-.nat'. whitli may b.- prt-part d , .aaiint; witli 
waUr tlu I'mdiut of tin- fusion of Hrstniou .iihy '-id.; with 
.sodium nitratt and I'.Iium carbcnat. . 

>; vm. Fowlci'.- 

;a- -iinn carbon - 

i add cnm- 

■ :■ :, 10 tl. OZ. 

Ill- s<ih tion of 

r. of artjenious 




CiiAr-ACTKHr,. — A whiU' powdf-r. Th" hy'lroii^ form, whirlj 
contains -<■■' m moU'rulf- df \vat« r "f crv ;TaMi,'.at;.iii. i ■■ft- ii 
Hfon, an 1 !icial in I'.. 1' 1-^ 

Sol.; :.i: 1 , , . 1 in fi : . • I • .' . uKUiiiif. 

Dose, , to tfr. 

Liquor Sodii Arsenatis. Strr^'T': I i- v 
c. nt. I'f :inli,\ili(iiis >;i'.ii;;ui ai -inato in 'i 
It cuntiiin- ;il«iut halt tjiiiio uf.->«jnic 

a- Li'i'i'T Ar-cnirali-. 
Dose, 2 to 8 m. 
:{. \i'«>«'iiii IoiImIiiiii. ^ I.Hiii.'. A-l,. 

> .: ; ; M , ':■ [ -Ur.'- rirv! nictaHic 

:nass<-. Solnlilp in wat<r anil in akohol. Solution neutral. 
Dose, to gr. 

Liquor Arsenii et Hydrargyri Ioi.icli. S\>: 
I. I'i'ri'i \i'».rn:is. , h .:i. ]i. H:;. 

Externiil. Ar-' niou-. uciil hu-! lin actidi! on tlir 
-kin, tiii; ;i[>[il!.'i In raw .>ut"faft_< it. is a inu.rt'ul 

Internal. Aiiim m'lr;/ I'nli -•- tin' lios,.- 
is \trv ^niall. all prt paratioiis containiiiL' ar-i-nic 
arc very scvcrf gastro-intestinal irritants ■ lOxi- 
f()lo<'vi. I'ait at Ifasl of lliis (■!]'( rt is du.' lo fxere- 

. . ... 

tioi) of ihf ai-i iiif into tht- siomat'h afu r ahsorpuoii, 

for if t-MNrll -'iliculantnusly tluTf may In; no liH'.'ll 

off«'Ct. .•ilthou'.'li thfii' is intiii-i' ^a-triiis somi .iit'T 
iiijccljon. In iiiinut'' <lo-ts tln-y ai'f Lrasliic sijiaii- 
huits, cau-iiii; ililatalion of the i/a-trir \.-.--.s.-ls aii'l an 
iiicreast'il tlow of irastfii- juice. Small dose .s also 
.-tiinuluti' lh(.* (iuoii'ii Uii. 

1)1 i. .Vrsiii.c i- '|U'a.l:ly nl'sofbcl iiuo tin- 
Morn], and is foiiii(l cspcciaily in tht; polyinorplio- 
nui'li-ar wliiir cor[)Usflfs. k cannot in iitailh, hut can 

and tilt- numl'ir of red coriaisclcs ; how ii dc (•- this 
IS nnknown. .\rs(nic j^'iviii <liu"in<,' ha niorrhai/f has 
Uitltj L-tfiel on tliO lilood, hui if couihinod Willi iron it 


^ >i,..v cans.. |.p,un |u^Mu. nliHiMn ,,f th.. >Kn, ,,,.1 

"-. tinM.f,.„n„.M, 1.,,,. i),Mn.ll,v,....t.,l,Ljs 

'"■:''• '"<^'-^ l^'rL-.. .„nu.h to cans,. ^,.n ral 

""'• Allth, , .•Lu,-os„crur u ,th „::,nv ,.t},..r .Iru-. 
■I'l'l uro nut j.fruliar to ars. nic. 

'" "'; *":"^ :.'•..]....,,„, 1 till „ flM.lK :t..n. Tin- 
'■; a local acti^.n. for i; r;,]-.. , ,,!,,(.. uj,,.., .,„'-, , ' 

tH..A,i....l uart. l^a.v..,lo.,,MlHca,ni:in.< 
find Irad h> ],;, ninrrlia-.-. ' ^ ' 

1 (''"'"'V ':''"'- J" '"■"iv arMuie .-vi 
n.o .,> und... tr.atnu.nt hwh. dr.,. |f ,,l.„ ,„ 

Jtlia^ l.,rn ".corn, IvMal.Vi tOMnit. ^s,tha]lMni.n• 
;;noIh..■^..w that of ,.in. and Schul.. ,; ) J 

arM.n ou ae,d !..con... ars.nic- a-id bvtakir.^ 
f'oni tin. pron,p|asnn but that tlu.. a,^. n,r acl ^^l 

n;;;;''V''''''^''l'.^''' •--', andthat tn. 
:.: ; ';'"•-""■. '^ "" to US l,, a carrnrof 

•N^jn.. iMnak..stln.>;.n, S, .n. of tin- j...opk. 
n Mwm^^}ut. ar. nn- in ...all quant.tK.s, id 


.;',/;',; '''''^="i'- '^ >^ p'-i-Me that tin. - that an antitoxn: .. d. v.-l„j,. d .n tin n 
\\.'od that sn,all do,.-. <,f ars, nic cdn-ci 

';;•?■ •^^'^^■-'''i'r--tro,..nous..i„nu,:;;;^' 

.... ..,,j.,,,,i.r t.ui-i.i, una 

Clin-.. f..ft,. I • I I ■ "> viivv i, uiiu 

can t attN d..,L,'fn..rati..n. <.>j.triallv of the lisvr 
sonn..h and ; th. ,lvo>,.n dnaj.p /j 
fi-»n tho h,...r. and tho ulkalinitv of th. blood fall.; 



nwiiirr to tlif fiiriuatinii i.f lactic jicid. I'.ut fnir 
KiikwIciIl'c of ilii iiitl'itiK't <if iiiHt jiic oil li'itrition is 
\iiy i^iprrft ft, nor An v.t- l.i.nw ^f aiiv iicti"ii to 
\\hi<I it^ Ih ii, !ii:;il (tTfcts ill mail}'S can 1m' 
riftrnd.luit a- th« ilniL' ctitainlv in snnic way aht r:^ 
llif cnnditinn of till siilTti-f!- it is xai^iu ly < aiicil an 
iiltt iati\( . It i- ( cliii tly l>y the uiiiir. to 
a It ss (xft nr l.y tl.t alinnn'ary canal, the swi at, tiic 
saliva, th* luit-. tin- milk, hair, curaiu-ons (■jutluliuni, 
and (Nt 11 thf lca!>, hut it is al-n >t<'rtd in the Imdy, 
ciiit tly in th. livci' and kidmys. It may l>. foi ml 
many ytarsaft<r d- ith in th. hndii - of tho-..\vho 
lia\f takfii it duriiiL' lift. h. can j^ass fr.'iu the 
motlit r to tht' futiis. 

J'.rcr< ti'H.— Most of it is c xcrtt. d hy tho uriiif. 
Minuto aiiiii'ints jias- out hy th' niuenu- nifmhraiif 
of stomach, hdw. 1. ami hiiiu's, and hy tht 

ThKK Alf.lTlC'-i (tl .•\l;Sl.NI( \I, ( 'i >M l'( U N I )S 

External. I'oriutrly ars* nimis acid was i d 
as a cau-rie to dt -troy ^'ri>wths. lujuis, wa-ts, .vc, 
fithi-r }i',irt or a- a \n\~\v. Arst nif)us acid, 1 part ; 
(harcoal, ] [lart ; ltd -ii!j>hi<h of iiit niii_\ , I par' ; 
and watt r. <]. s.. i- t!if formula of a pa-tf once 
vi'i-y pojiular. it n:n-.t he u-id strtiiiL' ciioiii^'li to 
iiiakf the ma-< of <ii ad tissuf .-loiiL'h out tjuicklv, 
or il-c thf })aiit nt htconics I'loi.-oiifd. for thf arst-nic 
is rapidiy al'-orlnd. .\r--i niou- acid i j.'raiii with a 
L'rain of caloiiu 1, vi rmdion, or hlack antimony niakc 
a caustic |iow(hr. Liqiin'.- Ar-eiiicalis lias l.t. n rcconi- 
mi ndfil hy ItiiiLTtr a- an aiiplication for corns. 

Internal. Aitn.rj't'tri/ (^innL Ar-t nious acid is 
usifu! to li. -trov tht' tootli pul]is hcfiirt- stop[iin^ 

In some forms of dy-pepsia small dosi s of tin- 
Li'junr .Vrsfnicalis aif oct'a-ional!y-;.'ivi n to stiiuuhiti- 
tlif appetite. Arsenic is so liahle to cause sicknes.s, 

V4 t » *.*!». I 

. f 

V lii pt-wIiiS in {n'>i.Sr*Iiin|^, tiiitt 


is a rule always to heidn a course of it with .-mall 
tlo-es, say ;5 or 1 mi of tin- Liijuor .Arseiiicalis, or ,-'- to 
V,, gr. of arsenious acitl as a pill, and gradually to 

21 K 

M\Ti:!;r\ -Minrfv 

innviiM. i]„. <iu:mniy Ar-. iiic in anv f.,nii .«h..„M 
J'lways l.P faK-.n nni:,.' -i;:,T,.lv aft. r lucaN. -., a^ to 
:"'•"'. 't ^'y ''" '-"'It' • i full stoniafh. ,i!,]r. n 

l)'arii \svll.(,j.j |H'n|»!,. .iMMut. V.-rvsmali ,,,., 

inM.-.-liM-k v.,nitin;r. . ^ Mv that fonu :., ^vhicli 

""■ '":"' -""!''>■ •'^■^'"'- ^ ■ an.l in .xr, |,tio„al 
ra>'''' If "li'v .-,iu..,..i m rhfrkin- .iia rrh.i :i wh. n 
f'tlicr (iriif^'s have faili d. 

/•■'."'"/'■ ':/^v/.s. Ar. i:,r M ,.f , valu.- in 
'firnm.- siipcrficial -kiji .ii-.a>rs not owin- t!i. ir ,-,„^., 
'" ='." nTilan'. It ,. thprcfnr. lar-,|v u.«.i f,,,- 
I'-'-riaM^. p.nii.hiu'iis, and -oincliMi.^ 'f^n.- r-liiMnic 
"• '"la. It is cf no use in tlic acute stu-< > nf tiif^e 
in;iladh -. t:>rif riitan.-r.iis intlainTn:t'ir,,i j.,].., .,,.,, .j^,,,-] 
< :H.-s<.f ananiia which Vain. ^ ,, ,.,,,-. ,i hv iron! 
:ind '.vhirh tall inid. rth.' h.a.ini- .-t prifnarv aiiamia. 
'"■'■ ''■ """•li miprovcl \,y ars.nic. \\,r jji,^,' 
.'., I'y. of sfxliuTii arscnatV .lissdv, d m io ,,1 nf 
water mas h. ini,,-:,d -uhciitanoouslv. h;r :h. d-i- 
IS u~,iailv-iNvn hv th. ni,.:nh. Su.-h ;.,-, j., rni.-in„3 
ana'inia. sph iiir l.uc.cviha iiiii . ai:d HndLdun's 
(lisca-r ; hill ,,t;, 11 ,,n dni- i- <,f miv avail, iu (jtlur 
'"•■"'^"l ■•'"■■". iia. -urh ;,. rhh.nt^i.. ar.vnir niav j,e 
f':i«-d. l'!'i not ..ftrii with 1'. n.tit. uh.n iron .-riniiM.und^ 
di^aLiv... It otbii inii,rr,vc< the m. taboli^m. ih,. 
:<hl"'tlt,,aiid ih. w. i-hf HI fhn-e wlnxr .. ■(•■,!. ral laalth 
'■" ''■' ''''• \y>>-u:r : to .jUUlin, . !hr li,-.. 

•'""l'« '■""iic \^' h.iv. . i,iii ii i< no; ,;,;,,'1\ <,, 
'tli'-acmus. h may. h.p,v,.\vr. in thr ahM-n.'v of 
•i""';'^-- '"■":•■'! ^'"■- '-^ '.^ind i- .•>p..,-i:,llvvaluahl.. 
'"'• ""• ■••na !,iia uhich follows,d for laaraj.'ia 

dllr t.. the smi.. caU^e. It often do,..^ distmrt .',H„l 

I" ilieiuuatosd arihniis if -i\. 11 for a Ion- whih . It 
IS fr. .|ihii!!y j>ri.'seri!)ed r,,r (dioiva. hut it is .iill'iciih 
'"' !"''^^' !';■" t'"' <-^'^'- •-.vt Weil n„.n.,|,r:eklv tl,an 
th.y would without any dniL'. Ars, me has heeii 
stron-ly ivcoinnh-nd. d in asthma and in iiav f.-ver. 
rora.thiiui ii nia\ :..■ -^n... j.v tiu' iiioutii. or snioked 
as c-i-arettes. n,ad. h> sa!i;ralin- hd>ii!,ui< ,,;,,„ ,• i,i .1 
-olution <.f tift.en .,rain< of potas^iiin, ar-enite to an 
ounce ol water. It lias h. . n ,Mven in phtiiisis hut 




witlinut I'orif'fit. If tnkfn witli thyroil propriratioii^ 
it ;i)i)K';jrs to diiiiini-h the liai>'lity to t liyitiidi-ni. 
'I'lii spriiiL's <if l.ivico auil La I'.tiurliii'.ili cniitam 
aisT'iiioiis arid. Tiic \\al< r> art' sold in MnL'Iaiid. and 
fiifin a (iinvftii'iit way oi* u'iviiiL' the ilnr/. MrotiL' 
l.iviro cniitains ,' , <,'r. arst iiious acid and ;in grains 
(if iron -alt- in a pint. Wr.ik Lcvico (vtiitains ,1,, 
and H ^'r. rcspictivdy. La I'.o'irlH>nlf cnntain- ,'., <^r. 
nvx iiion- acid and a trace of iron to liic pint. These 
wat'-r- slw'uld I'c drunk at meals, 

Cacodylates. (N"t — Ar-cnic lin- l»ii) mucli 
Kivrn in th«- forni of Oficndvlate of sodium (the soflium salt of 
racodvlic aciii tCH,i \-<)()Hi. Dose, 'to 1 gT. I'hc ilruK 
c.'iiliiiii- f)lH per rent. I'f nr~> iii"ii- ik li. ;in'i y t it ;^ t.itcl 
that luiK'p <io-^8 of it d'l not cause jw^jsonin^' ; lhi^ is bt'-fUHo 
ar.senious arid i- very slowly fornifd from it within the body, 
and jio.--ilily niuoli of the ijacodylat*- is ^ot ri<l of hrfore thi^ 
huj)|i»n-. It lir.^ not hccii fonclu-ivt'Iy sliMwn lo h«> thi-ra- 
p<-uti(';dlv .-ui»r:"r t'l ■.-■v • riir-.-: nr -d. It i- aiii v. :.'ivfTi hypo- 
dermic. iliy, I jjr. J!: 1 '( 

Sodinm Aminopheuylai-sonate. i.Not nilicia!.) 
{S\> . .', . s -i; i^ ' . !. 1! • :i'. . ■■ .'. i. so inuti. arsamin.) 
A \v)iit. ciy-t.iUirH' powder, .-Mlutd'- 1 in •"> of water. 

Dose, 1 to 3 gT. by mouih or hypodtTmii-.-iiiy .lissolv.d 
ill \v;it> r. \.\i i: l"i /v. ha- been jriven for a ^.injile do-e. 'I'hi- 
C'linpouiid of aniline and arseniou-! a^id contains abont '21 per 
cent, of metallic ar.-enic. luit c • '. ! a- ir >].-~, - ,.f it than of 
ordinary arsenical prepara- n without 

syniptoni'! of poi-oniji;:. I.iiti .;> ii h.: \ vrv. ;:.i; ;ii >:iven 1 '!> 
alone and eon:b:':rti v-ith in'nuriaU for tr>. iianosoni) 
malaria, relaj nd syphili-, but altriou^rh in fsome 

cases btnftii ^ij. n- i follow it has not yet betri ^bown 
lodeliiiitely eiui . I'recisilv bow it acts is not known, it does 
jiot atTect trypanosnnit-s the body. Many ca-es of 

poisonitii: ar-- n i.i.r! >iuptwn>.s ar'- dryne;-- of tlie 

throat, heada trrhtia, and in some ca.sts total 

lilindnt'-- due l>: ii{j 

Iiij. eticiiri are t'iven nub- 

a' :;■< ^^ ■ ■- of "J or:? day-. 

Sodium Acetarsonate'> '" •■[jm. — Ar a- 

L.iiii>i- -wiiii'.ii-iil U'-iii .i;i.\ji i:\ {...• ii..i , .a -tiun I'f an 

acetvl radicle, may be ij^ed in the same a> atoxyl, and has 

;}>{» jrrfmt {j.Jvor>t<^.fj» of }i4 • ' '\\n It is bolji-Vid f)!."!! fu'^ 

•loses of atoxyl or arsacel: the trypan -..nit- n',:t of tin 

blood and then the admi! i of mer ary kil! th. m, but 

both dn;_'- art s»ii! on tin ir ;ri u. Solalio'i- if ar-a'-iim kt-.p 
better and bear biing ^lerili-eil belter tlian those of atoxyl. 


M\Ti:i:r\ >ri:!.u \ 

Salvarsan. (N,,t 

invrsti^.a,,.,) .^ |,r m, \ ,* ""'' T'^ "' "''"'*'<"•'■ '" « series 


■ 111 

IM. -upp H..i ,n .las. tub... nrst .n,>tH.A,^ ^ Ka. to oxi,ln,ion. Th.. t,},o 

Dose. 0-3 to 0-6 gramme''' 'iV-' '"-f'"'^ '^'^''''''i^tratio,,. 
' " A.l.i J J,,.,- ,.,„,. sodium fn-.lratr. 

total hiiik t 

fit tlH. 1-. ,Hi ,.f tlM. . n, ^ i, : • "I"' "'^ ""•'' '"'«« vein 
--1. a U.un>.Zn:Z^^ ,:;i ^ ,!'"■ -— .apparatus at 
1'^^' '••• ■•■'■•■ l-:.nt.h.:M;^rM,^---;'-;^';'"t 

inilClH.n. |),:r,„,, ,1.: •• , ""1 lOr J J h"Ul-. h. f, ,ro 

,1- .• , "; "^' -• u"ui-. ti.fiiro 

""Iv l-Kht ,iu.;. l,.nn^ i„i..>r:,,n ;' 

n-niaiii in |.. , ;_-;,[ 

'J'lif oj.. riiti.iii Ui ;~t b.- 

injiciioii. Diirni 

■sfH.ul.l b.. nc;unb,,„. ami must 

'I'et. fnr -J I hour- af„.r injo.tio,, 

stnniyaMptM-. ,,ft,„ ,;,..,,. ,,. ; ' ; 

f<>' a f-w hour,; l,„, „.v,.r.. -v, t '^'*" ^'-'"'"''^ 

Pvr.x,a. n.ors. v^nnti ,« am dj- ^ ''"'"^^ -/-""-l-ab!. 

-^■y ..n. .,f ,b.. above 11 rr^VT" ' ^'r/^^'^ '^ 

'•'■— 'i ", fb. 1 ;:",.lt::^:„;,;';^,;^^'v "-^'i'-'i -at., bas 

b.HjMs,.f f|.,,„ .,... . '.."■^'"P":''- »t contains ibo ,J,.n,l 

'"■^'"■•■^"f tl;.ni.a.„i it I, rb... 
'■iiUM-of th.. pyu-.xia nnd other 

. , , , 'bad 

•■ 'bad b,ict.r;a wlncb an- th- 

■v'i'ptoms which ufuu f,,!I,,u- 

tnr use <,f <al\ar>an. 

^y'i<-n ^-ivfu iniramuH-uIailv. tb.- ,1.. ,- f . i 
.-iliak.n into Ki r.,-. of warm ,i,; il ■'-'ilvai ,ni ,s 

aceti.- and till tb. nnxtn,, i« ,, ■/ "'*" '' I"'' «•"- 

J'vdrat.. .,lu,..,; ! Hi e.i M,'T ; »'"" '^ '''"'^i- "f -innn 

ciitan.M.tKlv :.„J ,1 n , ^'"."'i'l h-mt be j:i\on ,nb^ 

li'is brart disease 'rVn-iViii'' ', '"' "'i"V'".' ''"' ""^ I'ati<nt who 

further detaU. i^cm w^ ks J tV' '" ^T'''^'^'-- I^or 
i wou.-, m j.t be consulted. Usually one, 



iiises are gj\t n ut inttrvii' 

r two 

A( rioN \Ni) Tiii;K\ri.ri'i(s. 

.^ .-^yijhiiitu' cliiiiic)' . ' coii'lary .svj.' or 

uh'i r;ili(jii, or a Icrtiary Lraiiiina or tiliTiiilioii, 
Lrt'iicraily iiujirnv.' lAtrani-'liiKiiily r;i|iiiily at'tt-r ii 
<i(js(- iif .>.il\ar-;;ui. Syphililic li-^iun-^ that havr ln}vn 
chronic {iT iiionlhs will 'li-:i)>ji' ar in a ffW ilay-;. k 
is of imc ill m-'juirtd or rojiL'tiiiliil syphiiis. hut :,i 
parasyphiliLic alfritioin it ha> not \<v>u yd jirovv<l to 
in: ofi^'i'i-at lit-:ni fit, hut it may prcvriit iheir pi-oLrrtss. 
The \i>>- nf salvarsaii ca.-;' s tht; syphilitic spirochftr.s 
to (iisa[)p'ar and the W'assirinaim reaction hfconit'tj 
nt'L'ativi.'. Sonntinifs a tran-imt rist- of ttiufitTaturt' 
follows. It shouM not he L'ivin if the patitjiit is 
siitVcrinL,' from any serious oth>r than Ins 
syphilis. Sutlicifiu tune has not yet tlapscil for us 
to ho sun- that syphilis i> pcrniaiiuntly ciiru'l hy 
salvarsaii, and i)rohal>lv it i> wist; after the injectinn 
of salvar.-an to i^ivc a two oi- three yeiir.s' cour-e of 
niercurv. Salvarsan (O'l isvin., water :5U ;- , irlvcerin 
'. tl. ()/.( has heen u.sed with honelit as a local swah 
ft a- chronic ulceration.s of thu uioutli. 

Neo-salvarsan. iNut otViciiil.) A coruleii^ation |)r()- 
liucl ..: f.iiii.iM. h} i.- upho.xylate of bo'huiu ami Sidviirsiiii. 
Known as Nn. '.'1 t. A y.H.w p.iwdi-r. Ha.- the nn-nt iniviiij- 
uiK'e over .>ii!vur.-,.iii ui biin- iitily sululile in wuI-.t. foiiniiiK a 
;ientral solution, l-') ,'!!ii. ni o-u!". ar^aa niuuls 1 rrsu. -i! A u-i'.al d 1 ^-iin ih- jlved withiiiit luHlit:,', 

irni with very little -iiiikin^', iii 200 c.. of ih-tiUfil r, ;^i'. rn 
nfnvetioiHly. It ia belicveil to be- a-^ Ltlicuci'jUa for syphilid 


T.iXIi ■iI.'UiY. 

Acute Poisoning.— White ;ir.-.etiic- is fr.-.iuenily usvil aa 
ii poiboii. Souu iiftt-r tiikiiiK' it tliu siitT>rer experiences fairit- 
noss, nau.-ea, -icknes-,, epi;.'UT!!:c [laiis ariil teniltrne-s. Thc-ic 
.>ymptoni.s quickly increiise. J'hc v..i;iit i.-. hrDwn. an;! often 
-tre.ikeii with h!i"Ml; the pain is very severe; there is profuse 
•iiarrha a, with niucii teneaniu.- ; ami there are cramps in the 
Luives of trie ie>:s. The voniitiiiK' becomes violent ami iiicr-,- 
r-.iiit; tliere is a burnini; sensatinti -n the throat, with intense 
thirst. Soon severe collapse sets in ; the- skin is col'i, t'le 
i-vilae bUiail and feeble, and the pati'Ht dies collapsed. The 
symptoms iretjuentiy bear a close reaemblance to those of 

i:h<ili ra. /• 

• vtri if tlif a, . 

Jjfl'II ilplMll l| ill 


^'\i'i:i;[\ \fi:i,,r\ 



'■'• tiia. 




■ U..I )l 

u.J»- of ir,,n (f.. I'M, ,,, ,|: |. , 

i- hiiiiii 

•-IV ; hot i.l.Hnk.tsaii.l 

' ' ' ' ^l^.■ .'I as 

I'ln y arr 
•' :iliiiiJiiiiiiaI 

It' r. ami thcrf"id 
• -liow that :h.' 

fit -iliii |'ii'pan-(i liu! 
iron (J). l',»i). If • 
in liir;.:<- anioum 
<»ivc hiamly or i tin , 
bottl.- to th*' f., t ill,, I 

Chronic Poisoning. (»ft.„ ^v> 

•l .'^...ll. Ih,-, M,.;,u ..UUj.loJiix.f ,, 

'"" "^ apiutit,.. riaiiM-a. ixrliai'- 
I'airi. un,l ,„il,l -harrhu a Ti... ,. 

th.'.«njUM.,.liv.x.iMj.-ct.-.l. tli..;.v..'.,„, 

^ h.-l.t h.a.iaehe. •nu-,. -v,n;,iun.s Z- , 


iH.isnrm,^- },v ,t is fr,.,|u,ntlv / """ " • ""»t chronic 

wnrl , ,s in ais.riic. and in ,„:, ... ' '"'^ ^^ith in 

wilii intent to nmnhr Th.- lv«.. , '*""'" '',''''^ '"■<n uiv. n 
••ilna.iy .Mentioned •.- ' |''\:>'"1;'«^'»--* produred are 
taken uiediciiiaiily. "*-'" ''">'«^ '^^^^'^ "i ar- ,.ic .ue 

nil-; the chief syinptum .' -I'-'^'ial neii- 

zoM.r. i,ara!y.i< ..f t),e inuM-ie," oi 7i' 'S "';*''^'" "''•-■ '" H't's 
extensor, .-f th<. hands a "l f^.:','';'''''^-- ''■■ -'''>• the 
piuns in the linihs, and .-.,..•,], i ^'*."- ''"ti''^' 

are recorded in uhich .^ ' "'-"I^'- atru,dn. ,.,,,,,, ,^.,,; 
Jnentati. !. , f th, -!jm ; . "',^ '■""^«*'U'entraM>r..wn j,iv'- 

piKHi.i- tjout the neck. Veiviar. [y 

toMsi an,l to hrown ..i^wueMtat u nf ' l'^;lt'»"»'c scales .kera- 
- -l-te exceptional Call^'^l^Z^J:!^^''' "' ''r"'-^--' -"J 

t-n-u,- may he si!v,.,v \fter ?. /,'"'.'""' "f '"t.cana. The 
in addition to the ^'a<tn.."inte tin ' V ''^'"'''''' P"i--^'J'n"^-- 
is w.l.-p.vad fatty^le.;.n:r ■! ' ^;;;l;';.7;;- '— there 
I'ody It i- w.-ll .seen in the li er ki I '''"'^ "^ ''^•-■ 

muscles, including the heart. •^'^'n-y-. =.tumach. and 

ar-.nic the epidernus peell mt" ^"/'■^•^;P'"-Jn^'l With 

<le.eneiation^f its lolv, .J !• t ,? l""'-' ^ '''"^ ''^ 'J'"-" ^o 
fruiathe;u.Ne..llayci uutwaid..' ''^^'-''-^'-'ition pruceediii^' 



\> I I MOMI M. 

I. \iiliiiioiiiiiiii ^ll:^||||| 1*111 iliiaiiiiii. 

'2. \iiliiiioiiiiiiii ^iiipliiirMliiiii. 


(II M.AC1K1;S. A (ilj 

Dose, 1 to 2 gr. 

(V.M.ii::. ■! tl |Mit 1 1 Pilultt Ilv'i' 


;t. Iiiliiiioiiii 4KhIiiiii. \ 

111 wuttr. 
^ ibchl.)ri(li 

■•■ .11' ; 1 I .'■ I : . . • : . ' ' , 

i;.() = ;>l,oci + _'llC'l. I 

r:iibi'<l tluTi 

SI. () -js iCl en 

I •; . :.; . II: : ■ 
Dose, 1 to 2 gr. 

.:• 1. .^ut 1 , 
; with -(iiliiim 
il:..i. -jMcOCl ■ N^.(^ O, 

■> r. 


Pulvis Autiinonialis. A <uij.-liiuu; fur 
".liii;.' : .1.: Ami;:.. ;i.. , uxide, 1; calcium 

pho-iihat. J 

D , 3 to G gr. 

I. \iiliiiioiiiiiiii I'ai laraiiiiii. I :^ a . i .\ii 

l'ut.i.~sii>-t.ilIr,Ui- !•! Al.nin.i;,',. 'k>i.(>,('Ji (ti,, 
11 U. .s ■!■,•.- 

So. ; . i :. j..^. : • ,. , . ■ 

aious oxiilv and .: 

■ ail a littl. ■ 
! uifyin^; b\ ; I ^ tritns|'arent crystals with triun- 

'•■ f'r.^t-. .^ .,,...;,. 1 in 17 '■'■ (•••'■(. 1 ■•: ■< t.f K,.; ;.. . 
riif .si)luti(>n is faintly arid. 
i.M . Miviii;!.! >. (ia^iic .in>i . a.^lmi^' 

. I jHs, alkalif-. !■ ad .-.i-t.-.. 
I:'. i;iii V. Acid taitrutc of potassuiin. 
Dose, '. to . gr. (diaphoretic; ; ,♦ to 1 gr. (■■uMii.u- dt- 
prte-Htii) ; 1 to 2 yr. i<!niLtie). 

nade into a»! 

t '■■ n plao-. a.'id 


"^'^'1 KIA MIDI, \ 

k'l cnutic. 

Vinum Antimoniale. T..^,. ■,•,.] 

l.Ml.o/. .S/r, „.;//,, 2fr t . 1 .i , 

Dose. 10 to 30 m 2 :a 4 fl dr. 

^ /'";'■'■ •" ANMMoNn,, Com,.,,, N,,s 

'•M- nial irritants T ";!""i'i.U ;uv |,mu-, ,f„I 

Internal. . I ///;„■;, M,-y ,•„,,„/ \ii,., , , , 

KIlDU ii. 


; "'*' ''ft'-n -.1 tartar emetic i, i,. -t 
';; "-^ '•--'it ;.r ^u.Il,.u.n^ tin. ,■ 

I'.t.'Ilv hv its ;,,■ 

'"•'I'llhi fur it u,|| ..','•• • " '"■'"'" "" ''"' 

'■yaMa,M; hut :'i '^'"^'"'"::^.' --H--1 

v-nntn,. i. : w'^ '''t..t„u.s. an-i thus the 

'".^ i> ColUlliUi .1 fni- M,)n,. tunc h, I.,,. , 1 

^^^'•^^'•■^•"''■^"•'^^'•'•i^''"ttoth,.i„t.;tln.. '^'■'^"^^" 

II ;i-; up.,n the 

//'"/7. \ntin,n„y 'M-U Uj,„n ina'ii' 

-^»"'i-'.^".:.i' ::rr;,':':l;'''■'"■■f.--,- 
lima ..,. ,n.-..i,i,t t„ tl,.. ,„r.|,;„. „„.;|„ : . "' '' 

lilt lus JMcoiiu' \v,.,L-. r' .,,, 1 ; " •' '.''■•""''■*' ^^'<-' I'"'" ^f- 

i n >^*- I iiiaji} , tne pauses 


\N riMONV 



i ;;;;--.• of tins, not known: p:-oi.l.,V.^ 


.( . ./ ■, ; 

.nonv acts US a powerful depressant, .^p.rianv .V "h . 
lUfMl.rat.' (Osi- CMiH,. ■. f. ..lin.f , f- I . • ""^♦' 

•'V' -i<-> -t an-un.ny r^l.-x ..,,•., n.nt h .no 
•^t. an.I that tin. ,. .1,,.. t.; a -l.p.vssin^^ n 
t»"' ^:'n->ry pari of th. .pinal ror 1. Tin. . , ,■ 

i<\ ilircct actinn on t if npi>rl. • ,. i , .• 
Iitli- n)!l!i,.,n-.. nn thr t, nn.rrttinv I „t 1-,,- " i 

;-;;'■ ^co^8iderablefau..i!,.,n:,l:J,;;x. ;;:;;,: 


; ;, V'" " ''' '.^••'•••^"""nto th,. stonKi.h. \. 
^ 1 t..e. out hy t... hn,n.-iual nn.-.-us"u 
• ' 1-- th.. aninunt nj smviion. ami tlni, u-ts m 
-expectorant ( ,,, tl. .k,n it. a..t,on u ^ i 
>• 'K'liis. diaDhorPtiP 'n,;. ;. i- .. "• '' 


ii> i->- .-hiftly a -.CMii.lary 

■' "'Ml ,., (uri H ,i„v. t |..,,1 ,.ir..,.t. In .,•„,, 1 
in passm- lUnnv^h the ki.ln, vs it niav W .H.^hMv 


M \I1 I;l.\ MKI'If \ 

for .Mii!j. liiiir It wiil cuiis. , hk,. arxnic. f;ift\ «lf<.'(iH- 
ralii.ii, » -|.«ciiillv ot the li\. r, iiiitl ;il.,.li! inn i.i th. 

ill jiallC L'l\((iL''MC flllU'liOIl. 

'I III i: Ai I.i I K - nF Salts oi A-. , . ... .\. 

External. .M,iii_\ ymrs ji^^'o ;iii niiitm. in of tariar 
Miirtic Wiis f()iiitii<iiil\ apj'luii :< unlfrinitant, 

lull it caii-f.-. miirli jiaiii. and is imw ^rliiojii u.->t(l. 

Internal. Ann., m, in/ <<//.'(;/. — Tartar ( in. tic i.s 
ii(»t to Im^ rcfoiiiiiu'iiilMi a-^ an tiiu-tif. f.-r thr uction 
is sii.u. aii'i tin- ^.'ciiiral ii« jin-s-sion nf iiiitiic (|(.s«.s 
is^'itat. li.r tins iia.Min it hIioiiM ncM-r !'«• L'i\tii 
to luodiicc j)iirt.'ati()n. TJ!.- otil\ imm s iiiwiui-h it 
i^ ).tiiiM>Hi.l(' arc tlicsf 111 uhioli an cnK tic i> r.- 
*l"'i''' '"' lar\ii"ilis. luMiiiiilli-. or si'im otli.c aculc 
iiitlaiiiiiiaiMr\ loinlitinn ni thr if -itiiatorv tract, tor 
then Its (if|.r»-.>>,iiil actinii ,,\i tlif circiilatioi; mav 
pciiiaps |,c iicnclicial, ImiI iisualiv ijn caciianha is 

CiiciiliitsKii. AmiiiKiiiy was forninlv lar^'civ 
ciiijiloMd. c-jociall^ 111 coinliinatioii with a.jcnit, , to 
rciluic the fnicf and lr.(juciiry ..f lii. piil.-c m all 
sorts of I'fhnlf cdiiditMii,. imt ihi- i-m-w L'liifiallv 
thoii^'ht unnccevviiA. It' it i- to Im ti-.d u i*s 
r>iKcially indicati il in n -pir;itoiy alKrtinn-. f. -r tlu-n 
Its cxj'cctoiaiil ciVi (i iua_\ he \alii.i'h!f. 

LCsjiirdtioi. It lia- hi. 11 \i r\ iai:ch ,i.':\<ii !ur 
the tally sla,L,'c of acute hidiirhiti-. iuit cntainlv it 
sliniild net he coiitmiud after a iVie secretion of 
(■ri'iichial iiiiicus has hi-t ii set up hv it. After thai 
it IS. (HI account of ii- d. pressing,' inlluciice. an uii 
desirahli' eX[»ectoralU. 

.\c/To/,,s ,(-,(/ luii.'-ciiiiir .s'/strnis. Its ii>»' a^ a 
st<lali\e m delniuni litinens is lu.w ahandoiii il. and 
ihe intri'diiclion i>f chlorofurni jia-; luan.- it iiiiiiecis- 
>aiy to employ tartar eiiietic to it lax niii-eiilar spasm 
m iicrina' aiitl I'lslocati'iis. 

Ji'iiiii'it ciffcts. ( )cca-ienally it i< '.^'i\t n in fevers 
for its tliaplKHvtic inthunce. and tor its slii;ht anti- 
pyrelic action. Sometimi'S ii is or<ier.(l as a chola- 



Uf)LjU.', l.llt. I.. Cilll-.' of it, j)()\SiTilll -1. |ii. , ,1.,: ,1, (|,.,i 

i: IS 1< -s usi'd jis H iiif<licin.. than ft.uu'rlv. 

Acnie Poisoning^. I'hi< ^vniptntm ar*- \»'rv Iik«> tli(M«> 

iiitH.tinal irnutiin m \.ry siimlur, but ii i« tujt ti.arlv ;*.. 

Traitnifnt. I'ti!. -s tlw VMinitin- i-, v.r. '. -i,. , 
I'liint- buU'uturu'ou«!y, i.r /.inc sulphaU- hv 
th.' st<jin(ichpuriip may bf •: •• ! \\*„ i\v<^ ,..|.i ,i^„ , ,,j 
( .I'f a .Iriuhiii uf fiiiinic <.r i , i,l diH-«.iiv»,Ml in wat,,. 

t.a ..r rotT.-^, -iritiks. lU'.l stimulanli** 

■ '.iriviUiIy. H It w\i;*-r l/.^ttl. ^ uii.l \*-i> •., l.' .• i. - ., ... •. . 
iit'ct -N-iiry. 

Chronic poisoning is imt v.hlo. .--... cai.^uu to cuii 
: r notiii' \v\,-. 


^>'"'' '^■■- \' •-•'■ -' :.t. -^-1. (Nuto!]ifi.iI.) 
I. 4«i«luni 4 liroiniMim. c; !■.,;. \. ; i ^■\.. ,„j^ 
anhyiiride. C'rO,. 

SufH.E. l'rep;ii..,i ir.-iii p^ia-.MUiii lj;chu,ui.Uc bv ibe 
a' t;on (if sulphurif acid. 

Crtviu^ IKK**. Ciiinson acicuhir iMv-ital^. verv deli-iues- 
'■-■lit, .-alublf in watir. Kt-adilv vi.-id» .,x\k< n. aiid'vviti ili,-r»'- 
fure easily cxplod*.-. It dui= »<> *iili ».itht.r giy-.t^rm ur alcohol. 

I'l ijiiHiitiim. 
Liquor Acidi Chromici. Ihruinic ar.d 1 

wuti;; . ■•). 


External. In coiisr.iiictu'r of it- .i\,i,_r |,,,\v, r 
ciiiMinij achl is ii iKiwcrful d. ,„inr;ini :u,.l .lismfec- 
t:iMt. Ii (-(Kiu'uhit.s ull.iuiifii uii,l ()\i,li,-, s ui-.'unic 
luutler, ;iiiii is tli.T.ture :i powerful caustic. 

Internal. Ndn. i< kiu.wn. \ri;i IK s. 
External. As a lotion. 1 m jo, or evi-n .-troni^'or, 
••hrniuic ;u-i(i h.i-^ l.r..n ih,.1 f,,r its disinf.'ctunt 
ITupfrtics to wasli foul ulcr^ imd son <. mj,! us 
;: KK-Tu ai.j-.iiCuUtMi hn u/.;in;i. ^wnorriiu ;i. i. nruirii'i ;t. 
;i!id had ulcL-rutioti of the inoiith. but a :.'uri,df .sliould 
contain only ;i L'rain in a tlu-d ounce Thu phiiriaa- 


M\Ti:lUA MKI'U \ 

cop'iiiil Vu{n()r h- (i.cii-ioiiully usf.l a> a caiislic to 
(Icstmy c<>n'iyl"iiiata. 

»2, P4»t:i<xsii llH-lirviii:i«>< r()t.i--:i;ui r.uhio 
iiijit' . K.CH', ( iM,. 

S'liiu^;. I'K i':ir' I tiMiu c!.r<mi> iiDii-t'ii'-. 

CiiAiut I n:s. I.ri.u" or.iir.'f n'i ti;ui-ii;iit .'il ti icliiiic crvs 
t,,l-. SiHubilitii. 1 I" 1'' "f wiit.'i-. _ 

iM-MMlWlir.I.l -. 1 >A .lir to till- ' ri-f wiUl w:;: li i ! ■ iX i 'll/i'^ 
It r. .I'illy fullli- ' X!'''<i-1\' L-i'Uil»(.UIl.i-. l\> \:r, It 13 bc-l lu-t ■ 

Dose, ' to ; gr., in c;iiisii!<'^. nr .i^ :i piH witli k;i'«liii. 
hcnoN AND 'rHi;i;Aii-.rru-. ci' Toia^-^ilm 
I'.K Hl:(iM \rt,. 

Occasionally solutmus i.f it lia\( Ixdi tak.-n liv 
mistake. Svinptuin- of vi ly -.m it -;i~iroinl»-tiii;il 
intlaiiiiiiation Nviiii miuli colliii.-'' havt^ followed. 
llautlliiiL' thr -all fiv-iutiiliy may iiinmIikt .czfma. 
lis solution 1'^ caus'.ir ;iuil aiiti-.-plic Imt it is woakt-r 
than cliromic ari<l. rotasMiUi. l.i.h--. ■malr i^ us.-fui 
for '^'a-tric catarrh and L'aslric ulcrr ; il is l.cst given 
on an empty ^lomai h ihric- a day. 

The nniainin- -roups oi ilu mnru'amc drug's 
are uon-nietalhc. 


(.■.iiit:i:Mi'.' Phosphorus . ■,:,.. 

S\::i1>m!, 1'. A!.'!iii' \%( i-ht, •■■.! . d Hl.ciu!.) 
S.,riL'- OliUuiir.i fr.a.i ca'uaain j^hn-phat.'. 
i'lio'v. ii'h- a wax iik.- .-soiai. fr-ly -nhiiilr iii ciuli^.n 
l,is M'ia.U'. ^:-;uiM^lv ^oluhlr in ulr..l„., Klin-. luM diln,-,. 
■ •■' , ,„ s,i ,n ml -1 '■•■■■■<•■ t^'i iat. ii;'^..lul,.;e in 
,;;:..;; uith-<l:ir!:. Mw-i !..■ k, ,t u-ni-r w.u.r as 
it ,,x„ii/.i- ilM.l tak.- tin- V. ry ••u-n;.. ll-al.-'l ^MI^l liV'hu- 
...n It IV. i nr uau.i,,lu.a. i>ii„.i.h..r;.. Nsin.-h i^ nun 
LmniH.u-. as It !■> -" ium/iuI.!.' that U L-aimol be iib.-urbe.i. 
"Dose, \, to , gr., m \y.\\ >t ^, 

1 Oleum Phosphoratum. 1 -.r. if iihn-i.luru- 
ai^M.lN.-.i al 1-^M I'- "1 '.•',• ■>:\. of iihn.-ii.i ot\. whicli 




iiiii-t fir-l ]«' hf.'it. a tn .••.00 V. an.] lilt.rf.l to r, iiiuv 
\viit<r fin.l oiiMiiK' rii.iit.r. f.T thi^ wi.uM oth.-rwi-i' tl:-- iilinsiiluirw-. 'Ihi-; j.i . paratiMii i; \,-iy 

rri-T V. .S'/-, ?,■,;'/',. 1 |„.i- cut. 

Dose, 1 to 5 m. nn i .-. :at:!i cap-ii!. 1. 

2. Pilula Phosphori. I'h. -phni ;-, lo ^r. ; 
^''-•- 1" ' A.i\ ii„ ,!. '1, !■.'■> -I,: iar-l in. It,., I. TJ.') ).'r. ; 
kanliii, ll", ;,T. ; ciih..!! l)i-.u!j.lii(ir. :!;■, ni. I'la.-.' th.' 
wax aiiil l.ii-il ill u!i:f. I [iinrt.M-. aii.l -tir tiil lik." 
fT'-ani. I)i>>ul\,. tiir {)li.>~|>li,.|ii. in th.' .'ailinri In^ui. 
]<u\'\c. aii.i mix uiih th.' m. !t..i fa!^; a.M tli.' k.iulm. 
K.-.'p the iiiixfir.- in rn\,\ wat.r in a holtlf fr.nii which 
li,'ht i- i\.l!i.i.-.l. WiH-n (li-p.n-. .1. .•v.iv .i ;.'r,iiii^ ,.f 
thf inJxtur.- i-; iri.Mri).irat.'.i with 1 lt. olt'uin a.-acia. 
'I'hi'- piil c.niaijis 'J j.-t c.-nl. ni phn-phoni... h -hmiM 
!)>-• varni-hdi. 

Dose, 1 to 2 gr. 


Thr (.Illy known action of ininiit,' ilos^'^ of phos- 
j hi>ni- is tli:it in aninial-; thf -ponL'v li.ssiu- of 
•li.- lioiits is l.y tlir il. position of true 
ti'iiM- of iioi-nial coinpo^ition. an. I the coinpact tissiu> 
i- It iiiji rid nio|-.' (ifn~< . jf i-atluT l.iiLrcr. ficpi.-iitly 
!■. p.:i!t'i (loMS ar.' u'i\rn fm- xiin,- tinio. piolifrra.- 
■' ''i "f !li«' iiitcis;iii;il connt ftiv.' tis-Hf of the 
•^•-niacli. liv. r. and ki.lti.y is ;,lso found. With still 
iiiL'.r .los. s fatly d.L'cii. ration i- produced, as <lv- 
-c'lii.-d und.r Toxic. .Io;_'y. IMnHplioruri enters ilio 
!'!""d a> pho-^plionis, and acts as such, not as 
I liospjioric acid. It is eliminated in the urine u.s 
pb.ospjiit.?. I'dixir riiospliori ( Drit. I'liarni. Codex) 
dose, 15 to 20 m. - the l.e^t l!ui<l pr. paratifjn. 


!l has hern used in osteomalacia, in rickets, and 
iM '■ i-es of uiimnted fractrnv. Inil for rick.ts at 

- a wry inferior, an. I it is prohahlv of 
iittie u.-e in nie<iicine. 

TmXI, .'tM.iY. 

^ Acute Poisoning. I'h. -[.iLinn i- .,ft.n tak.-ri. <.r 

••i:lji:ilru:i!. ;r; :;;i r;a. . V, .iTii-i a:^ luadil iiiaU^ of Vt-rnun 

'■ '■■. For th.' tir-t f-w hour- th. to ar.' no ftl.cts. tli»'n th.- 
.v;n- syniptoia- .if K'.k-Uo-int. -luial initalKjii -,.1 iti : 





Xai;-fn. al'ilniuiiinl lain, ami vnniitiriK ; tlio vomitf.l ni.'ittirg 
simll c.f ' !i(i-i li..i':- iiimI arc himindii-. TlitTf is s.imo 
piiii'ial li. iiicT.i(Ui. I'iarihii a i~ raif. '1 he jMitifiit may dif 
of cnliaii-i , but far iin.ri- lrti|'itntly tln-><- -mii|»Ioiii.- all iias< 
off. an. i In aji'i'c ar- ij'Ht'- wcii. J'.iit aft- r thric or fcur ilavs 
jaiiii'iii I I- tMtuii], a'nl !)ii~ .-(Mill licconn- \(rv liitp : tin ro 
i.-, ii'iw -!■• :'.t I'lii-tiati. ti. thf iivtr i< cnlaivfil, tl.f ab(l()Pi.->n 
'li";!" ami li'- <■• ih|>laiii- i 'f mti n^c ihir-t. \'( initinp of 
aiKriii McM.i] and 'iiairlnia witii Mdmiy .stnois may lif nd. 
Mi\(ii, iiul liu-f twii ~ym|itiiin- ar<- nut .-cvcrc. 'I'iic -kir. i> 
(mIiI, t(i.. pni-f If. '!>;»■ ami rapi'l. 'I'liv uiiiif is scaiitv, hi/hlv 
(•'i!()ur< li. a!hi;mim'U-, hilf-.-iaintii, and jicrlii)i>> bhuiiiv : it 
I iintams ih'' ai I li'in In "lir- atnl l.iriic Hi'i.i, aini iii tlic tinal 
.-ta;.'! - i!ni>' contain liilr a<'iil- ami ciNr.tals of !i uciii ami 
tyrn-im linn i- an cm c.-.-ivi- jimtcin mt tahnlisiii a^ >liii\vii 
li_\ lilt im-ic.-r of Jiliihiitc-. [ilio-iiliatis, anii nitropfii in tlic 
Kline, 'i III- la-t (iiini - t'loni th.- cxri-s-. of ammonia wliicii i.s 
ino'incci III ii:c piotcin ti--iic- ami |>()iir» il into tlic l.looii to 
nciitiali/c tiif laclic acii] and the acctom- acids, which ajijicar 
liccaii-c pho~])hoiii- picvcnt- the roinplit.- oxidation of 
t'lyco^'.-n. tat and tin iii.n ,iitro).-cncoini tc-ults of protiin hrcak 
down, 'lid- ii:c(im|ilcii- ox.darii.n leads to the accumulation 
of fa; ;i liii li\er ; nd tl.i mu.-c!e- wlmh umlerK'o tativ de- 
)-'| 111 latii^n. Mii.^cuiar twitchint:- occur, the jialn nt Incomes 
c"rnaii'-i .I'.d dit s. l'<-t vi''it.i-!. 'I'v.o K-uits are mtv 
-iiikMiL'. ill I'atts di L'l neraiion ( tlnir- jiho^|,hnrus re^cinhles 
ai-rnicaiid antinion\ l. alTeciiHk' lirincipally the liver, in 
wliicli 11 1- \i-i\\ iiiarki d : ami it the palicnl live.-, lonj; enou^'h 
llicie mav lie a diiiiiniition in mzc of the oi).'an. l-'attv 
de^a neialloll i- ah-n tuiilid ill tile muscle-, kidiiev-, and 
t:a-tio-inTe-!inal tract. I'Ji H.i mon-jini-'es are ^pen in maiiv 
jilaci-. and ei(diymo-i < are -ometim- > very ahundant. If 
they occur in ti:e ;.'a>tiic and intr-tinal mucons niemhranes 
they may ^'ivc ri-i to the erroiieou.s helief that evidences of 
acute -a>iid intc-tmai irritation can he found at death. The 
symiitoin- of ]dio-;diorus )iM'Vonin;j in many r -pects rcsi-ndde 
tho-c ol acute vijlow atrojihy of the liver. 

7'/.. .■/»?<•»;,'.- I hoi oujjiily emjity th- stomach hy a 
stoni,i(dipnnip or l.y wa-liin^' it oiil. (live copper .-ul- 

pli.ite a- an tic {-,,' p. ITli, three (.'rains ev.ry few 

miiiuti - till voiiiiiin.' i- induc< d. til- n every lo minutes; also 
hall adi.iciimof ml c* turpentine o/.r. I ev ery halfdiour. A 
full (io>e of a .-alme purK'e may lie administered. No other 
oils or fat -hould ni any account iic >:iven. 

Chronic Poisoning, ihis, which used to be seen in 
tlio-e who woikt d anioii^' i>ho.-plioru- fumes, is now of j/reat 


28 1 

rarity. Tlip rliipf syniptnriis arf flmsn of ^:a-tro-intr>tiiiul 
irifii'if)!) ami ripcrn^i^ .,f thp Juw. Tlu^ StMcktiiiin ha- -dn.wn 
to lit- 'ii:»' to tlie fact that tii.' plid-plioru-. fiirn--. wlicu thf 
,:uiM i- i M.kt'ii. L-air. accr^-, tu liir Kon.- and l.iurr \l-i \ita!:ty. 
50 tliat Jt -a-ily liccnnir.^ th,. ,,.;tt nf inh.Tciildr .li.,..i,",.. 
S'ltTf-r'-r-i frniu plic-iiliMrus iifcrn.-is oft.n .ii.. frmn i.-"!icral 

I. lalrii ll> popliosplii*.. ('aloinni Ifvnopl,,,,. 

piiit.'. ( ad'H U I " 

S-'-i;, !. H.-ir j.lin-phnr'i=; with >!;ik<'.l iimr aii-I wat.-r 
:;C:i(li(' -I' •; ii o iU'idii o i .'I'll,. 

CiivKAi n i;<. Whit.- ]warly cty-ta; >. witli a hitttr riai;- 
>coii- ta-to. .S'-''(^''.-'v. I in s of c.,!.! watfr. 
Dose, 3 to 10 gr. 

•2. Siulii II.V|M>|>||OS|»lli«.. S.liiini Hvpnnhn';. 
pliit.. Nal'Un. ■' ' 

S.-i-i:. K. A'M so.liutn carKoiiatf to a >.il.iti,,ri of cal- 
ciniM liNpopn. ,,,,),!>(• nti.l cn apomtf.. Cad'Hoi • Va ('() -. 
I J <>, • -JN.d'Fi.o,. " " " ' 

t'iiAiiA. rn>. A white ;,'ianu]ar ^^ait witli a hitt.r tait<\ 
■'•'/I'V. 1 in 1 of walr-r. 

Dose, 3 to 10 g-r. 

TinKAPKUTics OF H vi'( )!'iro->!'inTr.s or ('\i.( icm 


Thf'SedniL'K liavo licfji r.'C()iii!iirn<l((l for phtliisis, 
Init :iltlion<:h 111 soiiir ca-.-s th* y a|i|) to hav.' done' 
t'OMil rh( re i- no satisfactory < \i.].'ncf of tlitir valuf. 
Ii; oopho-^phiic of iron i^ oftni pi-fscrih.'.i (dose, 1 to 
." uT.. >li<_ditly PoluM.' in waffri. AH tlin.- livpo 
phi.-pliifts aro hr<i L'iv.ii dissolved in water and 
->!up. 1 lio I,i(|n()r 1 1\ p.ophnspliitimi ( 'mnpo.sitnin 
r>. I'.Cndtx ; dosr, I to 2 tl. <]r.icontain- tho-^c throe 
'Aii!i inaiii/anosc livpopho-phit.-, and tlu' Svrupiis 
][• po|iho--iiiiit!nn Coniposifii. ( |',. \\ ('.,d.-M. di^,. .'^ to 
- !'■ '•"■• ("iitaiii; tlioso (if iron, pota-->iiini, i|nin!ne. 
ciiiriuin. iind ni;in'jaiit-.'. tfL'ftlirr with , ,' , I'r. of 
-Myi Imiii,-- in each dnirhin. 1' .-liould ho roinrnd>rrt d 
th;tt livpophosphit. s txplor]o if h(att<l. Calcium 
!.:u-topho-phato is d(-( riht d nn p. ]:,:], 
<;|y<-<'r4»;»!!«>*tp!t:it<-^, v.r ,. n; {:■:=] \ (i,M-!(.ii,.. ph.i> oio-.-, ;{ to 111 ^r., sohihic ;n 
w,;.ri IS niM-i u.mmL K.-rri iJlycTophosplia.s uIo^a-, 1 tu :> i/r., 


2*^^ M\TKi;iA Mi:r>if\ 

l^pariuply i„u .ufl],.i,.nt!y -nlnlU- in wat-r, ,h a u-.-fuI salt 
.l><'.ro,.lu,.,,,at.. ,a^.. i,..n nuu U yn.u tn ,„.,-.„„ „.) 
n.n.,„k or ,i-.a.. aro run ,i.,.n, w.arv. an.i .a. 

l.r.. , an.i .•,.nau,iv ,„ s,,,,,,. ra-os th.v ar... „f l,.',,..,;, T1..-V 

ar»' h.-^iKiv.n ,n an ..,;„.•. nf uat-, tlavnurr.i w.fh svru,. and 
akr.n -lu.rtb afhr n,. als tlni.-,. .lai!v. Manv nth.r ,1 • ■..,. 

rl.ns,,hat.>sl...i.i.~ tl,,nvo.a,c. .nth., nuuk. t. .\nV...! 
eni ,,H.,.uat,on ,, ,1.. s>r,^.,- ,Hu.Mo,,lK,s,.lmtuu> { nmpo.i. 

p iijt.s of ralcnnu. ,M,,a,-iun,. -n,l,.n,. u,n^n,-n>uu an,| in.n 
^vi h ctru. ami. rati-ni.. and Mrv.hnin... .s,;,,,,,-,,^,,, ,: 

appjar ,o 1,.,. that ,1,.. phn^plioru. of K],,h.>.phat..s 
i> al/soilic(i and n tain. (1 m lii.. l„„lv. t i <■ 


Chlorine, Iodine. Bromine 

T]u-^p uh'nu;a<. ^vhi(•ll are c-li. n.icallv «o rlo^.lv alllfd 
are ail of, i.ow-rfui di-mf-ctant. and iVritant.. ' 

4 iii.<»ifiM:. 

^>"''"''- <■- Atomic \w-:».'iit. ;i,").-,. 

M..IN oi.tan.d fro.u .-hlny.nat.d Inn.- and d,iM,t,at.d .oda 
chlor,:;: -^-''vdn,c.l,ion,.,nu d i.tuta contau. h^^ 

I. iulx n,!orina;,dI,ii„... fariO . 
C.C!.. .s.vm-„,v;,.. Id-ariun;,' ,„,ud. r. It n,av I,., rr^'ard.-d 
.|t HT a. a rnn,po,u>d of,,:,. hv,KK-hiont,- and c^lcm 



■'.iquor Calcia'chlorinatao. 1 „f cdilorinu'ed 
innr^d,ak,n k,. ual, In .„ wat -r. Vi^-ids .H per c.nt. 



«. I.i.|il..i ».„dii 4l.l.>iiiialH'. Solutio.i „t 





Cmaiim rnw.- A oloiirlr-s li.itii.l with an f..l<.iir of chio- 
nn>: It 1. u inivtun- of . l,l,„„|. . hy,.o<hio,,f. un.i nirlM.nal.. 
of^o.huI.l. Contain. ■_'.-, p.r.N ,11. u\;ulal.lf chl..i-mr. To l-c- 
rn^-.-rv.Ml m a ,,,,,!. ,i ,,k |,l,ir... 

Dose, 10 to 20 m. 

A' Til IN Oi' ('ni,()|;|Ni:. 

External- ( iih.nDc i^ .m.' of ih,. mosL p.nv.rful 
disintectants ,in.i deodorizers. Ii has u v.rv -nat 
aniiiity li_\,ii„^...,i. ;,n,i ju.,,,-,. .iocompos.s "om- 
pMiui-ls which fc.iitain hydi-,.-. n. oxvocii ^'.lUTallv 
l'<iii- Sfi_ iV.p. Chi, , rill. •" i. a v.rv "artivf'aiid d,'- 
stnictivo irritant to ihc >kin ami miicous liifinhraru'^ 

Internal. It is har.lly ev. r -iv.n int.rnally. 
If II wcrr, it wonM hrcoiiif fonv.Ttf.l ii to chloridt-s. 


External. -Chioriiic is lar-dv iisr.l in t\w form 
- •.•hlonnatid lime to(li<i„f..ft iuivi.s. .irains, urinal.s, 
.vr_. h iiiayl)t".'mpioy..lalso to .lisintVct rooms aft-r 
nit.rtioiH All m.-tals or artichs, sii<-h as 
I'lTK-s, hkoly to ho bloach.d, .ho.iM JHcowrcl up 
'T iviMOVod; the \viiid.,\vs and chimiuvs should h.- 
I'^'-todup Thooas can hLMVolvod from ('•ornmon salt, 
Mack oxido ul niam^Miio.-o. and sulphiiric acid, 'i'ho 
d-or IS thoi, .hut, and iho crack- around it arc pasted 
"J'-r uith papor. Chloiino wau r is .-..luotim.'s cm- 
pl'-yod a-, a ^va<h for lonl ulc. rs and dischar-'os 
"•!>• pfoparation known as l-dcctro/onc owt-s^its 
.■'iitH.-ptic proportion to chh.rinp. It is sea water 
tho alkalmo of which have hoon converted 
I'ito alkaline liypochlontos hv ..lootr.,lv-i«T Its 
antHoptic stron-th i.s ahoiit thn sanio as that of 
l.i'juor Soda' Chlorinata'. 

Internal. ( hlorino i^ us, .1 internallv f(.r the 
"'""th. A wash (stion- iivdrochloric acid, 'nu ■ 
Potassmm chlorate, <Jgr.; wator. 1 ll. o/.) contaimm^ 
tree chlorine ,s vory u..ciul for .-vringin- the fauces 

■ ■■■ -'-■■••••'■^ ie%i r. i Ii. \;ijM)nr oj ciiiorin*; 

'-'ives nst to -reat irritation of ihe respiratory tract, 
^i!id should never be inhaled. 








'"''•'"'■ •^>"''"1.I- Ai-n.ic vv.-iL'ht, l-.'.,-..7. (oniciil; 

[•n-.i.v. 111.-. lili,.„:iM.- j,ri.n,.. or o,-ialH-,|rn„>, uith h 
l-<;uharnd...aK.|,|,n|....l,,::,,,ivi„,,v:nl,t,.,,,,,n-;,„ ,„„„„!.„.. a„.i,un,.nnia;.,ti, tlu. i..t tw. ^ ' ^ 
1mmi;iii,.>. C'vuiinu'.n i,„li.l.., in,,,, uat.r. 

I'i'i ''ID l! :,i)lK. 

1. Liquor lodi rortis. I,.!!,,., .-,; p„ta.Mu,n 

!•■ Lii.ini. !,>;iiii |,„i,, ];, i'^ ].,,-_ ' 

2 Tiucturalodi. I,,,!,..,., l : ,..,.-.;,„„ .n.ii,!... 

-. 1" r fiiit. 1. 1 in.liii,.. 

Dose, 2 to 5 m. 

3. Ungruentum lodi. I,.,linc, ]; p,,,,,.,;,,,,, 


A( TIO.V. 

'"• .'ictiMiis of i,„lin.' apj,li,,l exter- 
nally aiv liu. ^;n„.. as ihu... of chloniir. that i< to 
>:n, 11 1-. |„n\,r!i.lly di.sinfectant and irritant The 

attrrac-tln„ ). th.. ,.in,. un,.o,tanL Iodine anphed 
<' 'I". sk„. ,„o.h.ce.. u xellou- stain, wliidi can 
r, ''^''"".V^ ''> ••'" ;^'l^^'li ">• .sodium hvposul- 
"'""• ;^ "'•■ san.. tune it causes a sen^unl-n <,f 
heat and dilalalion .,f th,. vessels naihe- 

exudation (,f 1. ucor; tes, to whicli its enei-etic 
a.'sori.ent a.non is partly dnv. There ofu-n is 
;'" ^'••^•"•""lali.'n nt lluid under the epidermis 
'"'•'V'"-^-'--n-le. hvparations of iodine aronu-elv 
^^^■i ^U-.,n^ rnoi.^ii t,, produee more powerful irri- 
tation than thi.s. i he e.xternal application of them 



probably n ili \Iy contract.^ the vc-j^cI-; «.f th». -.mI)- 
jari'iit organs, iiii-l tlii-^ may explain tiifir use i\:^ 
countf rinitants. If ili,y arc too siroiii:. the irrita- 
tion set uj) liy thcrn will procci.! to the fi.rniiition of 
IHisiiil. s. and .let |) intlainination with si'arniiLr. 
Th.y usually d. stroy the snii.rticial (Miticlc, -o tiiat 
after the n-" of tlinn tlic skin pt'cls. Iodine niav 
li.- al,-»ri)e(l tVoni tiic skin. an«i the alkalies of the 
I'lood sfi-uin Ira. I to tilt' formation of xidmni iodide 
and sodium iodate ; thurf 

tiNa 1 1( •(), + .•{!, = 'iCO, + ;U I () -I- r.Xal + NalO,. 

These, when thry met t an acid, undtiL,'o donhle 
deeomposition; thus 

r,Nal + .\;iI(),4.;ill ,() = t;XaH<)-f ;;l ,. 

riius fne iiHliiif is formed in tin- stomath and 
kidneys, and so ifiodin.' has hft n applied to toojaru'e 
an area we ;:.t ^'a-tro-intestinal irritation .and 
voniitiii}^'. The same may haiipen if it is taken hy 
the mouth, and it may eause pre<-i<e]v the s.-ime 
-Miiptoms of ii.dism as pota-^-ium iodide I p. *2;{!M. 
lodme preparations ,ii-e parasiticide to ; vaiious 
ve.'eiahle and animal parasites whitdi infest the skin. 
Internal. .Minute doses t)f the tincturo oera- 
-ioiially stop\<)mitinL:. In the iodine is con 
Verted inio iodides; what is known of their action 
will he deserilted presently. The vapour is vi rv irri 
tat in- to the re-piratory passat,'e<. iodine, hro'mine, 
aiid (dilorineall eau-e riL'or mortis andan acid reaction 

m the muscles of fj-OLTS. 

TuF.r.Ai i.trifs. 

External. -Iodine is rarely omploytd for its 

antiseptic properties, as chl(»rine is chVuper. Tlie 

preparations of iodine are in constant use as irritants 

ami couiitt r-irritani'^. The ointment, tincture, and 

■^i-f-i :L:t- :ii:i; ;; ;;;;;:4i-; LiiiLii lili': iUiinU-nC, Wfiicii V\ its 

'.thcial in I). V. iss.",, and was too stroiii,' for many 
persons. I'reparations of iodine are fre<piently used 

r - 



>r\Tj:i;i\ Mi:i)icA 

us counter-irritants for cliroiiic i?il!Mmni;ition of joints, 
for plcun^y. clullilain.-. p«Ti()>titi-:. aw,] many other 
lHir|)o>. s. i li. mil. I prepa.atii.iH nf n.-iinc ;ire a|)|ilip(l 
ov. r chri.n;ciill_v nitlam. .1 I;, mjihatic u'lan^U w hfn the 
(■au>"-oi'ili. swi lliiiLrcannoi hi n piomiL A 'Ifc.ldii/i.d 
ihictm-c (if i< pr. |.;iri(l, eniiM>tinu' nf loWme 
<li-s(ilv.<l in nctilird spnit, and d.coloriz. d hv a 
siront,' sohilinn (if ammonia. I is -^tit nvth i< 1 iii 10 
nearly. It is u I'.nt. I'harm. ((»U'\ pri |iaration, an<l 
has tiic u-lvantaL'r nf not -tainin-^' the sl<in, hut it 
fontuins no iodnir. for iodide .uid iodate of ammo- 
nium are form<(l. Th. r.fore it is a mmdi milder 
irriianl tlr -i otlicr iodin.' {m parations. Anv I'tVect 
it may ha\. is duf to .xt ess of ammonia. i'"or its 
uritanl cir.ct ihr ollicial tincture may hf injected 
into a or a cy-t to cause adhesive inMam- 
matiomand it hash.en injected into joints, ahscesse-;, 
and the iileiiral cavity after empyema; hut in such' 
eases ._r,-,,;,t ,.,.,iv ,,,ii-t he taken that the inlhinnnation 
induced i< not too severe, and ihn ir. atnieiii i-^ now 
Ncry )-arely u-ej, for the ca\itie< h. im,' kept a-^eplic 
heal up witiiMiit It. The tincture. <ir. if it can he 
home, th.' IkjUo!-, i-^ oft, n used a< an antiparasitic for 
rniLrworm. Co-^tei's pa^te. which i^ xmietinies em- 
ployed for thi> disease, coii^i-rs of 120 -rains of iodine 
dissolve.l in 1 tl. ()/. ,,f li^riit ,,il of wood tar. 
^^)rton's liuid, which i. used as an injection for 
.;.pnia hitida, consi.-is of iodine 10 L,n-ains," potassium 
iodide ;i(l L'rams. L;lycerin 1 il. o/. 

Internal. The vapour of iodine is occasionally 
inhaled for diseaMS of the lmi,-s, hut it prohahlv 
does mon- harm than I'oo,]. ( )iie or two minims o'f 
the tincture in iialf an ounce of water are often t,'iven, 
quite empirically, e\ery half-hour in cases of vomit- 
iiiLT, and sometime^ with distinct heiu-fit. ['repara- 
tions of seaweed have amoni,' uneducated lursons a 

i'<il\nt'»ti,\»t i , i 

..,,.1. ...;.. . _i, 

;evi:;L ;;:;.; Oi;c-.lV. 

i"*-'""' '' " it'UiiCiiiu: iti-ij^^iy. li theV lia\e anv 
such action it is prohahly hecausetlie iodine, chlorine, 
and hromine in tiiem set up such dyspepsia that thj 



proper (liu'fstinn imd ;il)S()r[)ti..M of fi.o-l atv piw.ntr.i. 
Kxtnu-t. of Funis ^.^s/,•////^v//.^. tlio lihui.]. rwnick or 

awnick. haw 1m-,ii u^d, an-l ;tn the of ^um,. 
'luack prt-paratioiis. 

lo4li|»ill. (N..t otViciiil.) Suvnny,,,. -K .lipin. r,..lin.,I. 

Dosei.'t •_'"■. p. r ..lit. prcpar.itiMin. 30 to 60 m l.v 
"""'"'• f!ii'<'Utai i-Iy ui- iiif r;imiiM-iil;i rl\ . 

A rollipudlia nf „„i,„.. iui.l S.-.MIUC -ul .M.par, I l,v 

r.lMUS.-.iiy i,,.1i/i,:k' tin- oil by i.Mii,,,. ,„„n,...|.lui It i, a 
lliuk \r,|..u ml Hinilar to l, (■■,,■ p. -Jj:-! nn.i lli- 
Ir.ML'tl. iKiiuIiy . i,| .Mutains ■>:, p.,- ,.. nt. ..f i,„l,,,, . ^ ,, 
i!--,l fur >ypliihs :.•; i, p.-ia^siiiin lo.ii.i.. ( ;.,• ) I |,, 
.>t-^.. ,„..„ti.,iH.l,i,,,..- ,„ay nft.,, I... ^xv^aU .x.;.,..!. ,i uitl, 
:"U;intaL,-. I.Ml.p:,, may 1,.- ;.m\.ii i,y irituu'iion. or ,t »,v th. 
in,.;ill,.„^ an . ,m:iI -i, „,. A K. prr . ,nt. <• .n.p,,u.,a i." pa- 
paiT.l ami niav ],.■ hm-I m r..ri.'.i„Hi.]iii;,' ,l,,-(^. 

I. Potassii lOliidlllll'. l',,ta--i:;i:i I,,l.,l,.. KI. 

-ir ^'i"i';'. ■ .,'/-^"'^- ""':"• '"'"i'l'^i- l'"ta>s,r. t;i+(;Kl|() 
'KI K <) -.illn. Iv.ap..,ut.- an.i l.-ut tlu- „-,.!.„. 
<-i.,;irroiil: tin- ..xy..'..n ui \hv u^ha- i-. rairu.l ,,;f a- r;.i!.„iu- 

Ml >, .it Kl + :;( ( ). 

_ CllKKv, Ml;,. Wiuli llr.piMUr .•■ii.i.'lll CIVMaJs luisillK' a 

.■liiiif uitliowi (ul,.ur i! puiv. Sid.dit^i. -A in ;{ of 
■Aatrr ; 1 in 1-J oi alc..l,,.i ,'..i) p,.,- c,,..^ ■ i j,, ;f,,f ^.ivr.-nn 

lN.;..Mi'Arn;i.,,. \U>mnih s.ihnitrai... .u,, t spirits uf 
iMic, iKpionc. . j.ifparation.^ cvjiiliiiiiinc-tiucli. 

I MM i:i I II ~. l,..iat. -. 

Dose, 5 to 20 gr. nr nic.r. . 

1. Linimentum Potassiilodidi cumSapone 

im of 1« iiiiin. 1 ; wat. r. Mt. " ' 

2. (Juguentum Potassii lodidi. I'da^Muni, .,0, pM,ta.-iuni . ;} : ual.-r 47- 
t'ln/iiatiil laid. JllU. 

ruta-sium iu.ii<ii- i.-: funtaiii.-.l ii-. a .suiv.nt in all pi,-ir- 
ii;.ic-'i". lai pitparatii.n- of I'mIih,-. 

'i. SinXii liMliiliiiii. Sn.liiim Im.Ii.I. . Nal 
,„!,.1^''"!',';l ^!'".'*' ''■'"" .'^ >"lutinn nf ^u.ia, a puta.-iuni 

^ Ciuuu iu;>. A wliii... ,l,.i:,,,urfc.nt, .rv-taiiin. p-r.vd.T<t.-^l-nHy.o!ublcinswitci.-h.:uin.a,ula!.ulH,i; 
Dose, 5 to 20 g-r. 

I : 


4W • f > 


A. HON OF P.-TASSIIM ANf, Sol-;, m I,.,,n„s 

External. Th.y lK.^.. ,„.„... TiM•^ .1,, not nri- 
\<-'r\ -iiiHJI ijiKiiititi. .>. 

Internal Th.n. .s mu.h unn nan,, v aL.ut th.. 

r'"";' ';;"i--=^".i..s..r.i M..U- 1...: i...„, , 

; "• - "-t .l-v :u. .l..nMu,o..| ,n th. ■ l! 

Ml .,uaMt.t,..s ol ,,:,-... nr nx...n(..t fr. .■ l.; 
JiMN-p,.,to,,;,,ni*actinu' „,,,„, a,, „„1„|.. u|,;,|, ;, ,:, 

■ \Mi:(li is III 

fiiriii.nic acid. I Im^ ' ' ' - 

and ill. ji " • ' 

lilJI + ()=li,()^ I.. 

\\. lia\.'jiHt, shown that lodin.-aci^ •.< •■!. -,1 i 

II u niall\ a> u,. {.rociir,. uith i-ididrs, and ih-it iodm.. 

-^a.^Hin: lodid,. ,vpl,.M...d loduu. in ih-rap. , -s 
Ix'caiis.. ,t dors .lot.aii^.. tiu. .:,„. ..,....;.'.'"; 

■ '"•• >anir '-M^tro-iiiif^tinal 

■"ark,.,l,„sv|,h,l,.,|.,„„, ,„is,lis,.:,.„,l„.v,n„:tl. :• 

as ahsoiiicnts. Tl 

.^^ ...,..,. u.-Mi... in.v al>o havra siHcili, •((}., tor. tl, . 

;-.uw:u-v.iand.A..-th.,i,...,nth^,jv;i!:;;: r 

' ->tirl..s and hnasrs. Son.. Ih.Ii.nv tha t"h. v 

a.l h...lnHinanonof Lad.,,,! ,),, „^^.^ j^,. |^ > 

'H- laa that alhunnuat,. of had i. .olul'l,. in oh 

-"> <;< pnt.ssn.n. iod:d,.. OcvaMonallv w . 

i>y lar.e clos.-s of p.;ia<:i,un ■io;iid;r^Tt i;as^^:;:;ulv 
'---•-In- v.dv .hown that n..irh, r Iodide c^non^ 

inrxsNU-.M \M, voDriM iMr)ir)Ks 


sni.n nurihut „f h.mIiumi |.h..|,ir. . h„v . tf. rl <„, th.| In.l„i. , an- rupMlv ..lnMU,:tt...l 
.V tl:- '"•'".•. sal,va..w,.:.t.:u..l,MUc.u,snH„il,nni,< 

Wli.u lak... ,„ ..X,.,... th..y ,,r,.,i,uv a of 

-Miiptoms kiM.wii a~ In.ii-in. 

lodism. IIm. ,,it,.„t runiplai,.. ,.f h.avv pam 
"vu- tl,.. Inntal <v.ui., nuiliin- at thr n.,,.'. .<„•.■ 
If"n:,t. inf,vaM..|.<..r.tin„of ■alua.a,aia,.,nMaion 
•"Mh.-k.n rnn^l~t,n..' uf ,Mt,l,. . In 
ran. ras^.s tluT.. .s a!lMnnn,„na. Th- ,nfla„nnat,nn 
.'■out tl... faur. , ,„av .,„va.l l„ m,- ^nun. .„• .|,,u„ 

I" tnu'lMii. sflt.n- ,,,. Jarw.L'itis trac-l,..jti-.. an-l 
l"-.uhH,s lla.s.;swu|,t.,nshaN..|..,.na~(ni,<,an 
(•N.-.^Hn.. fnnnatio,, ,,f „,,. ,n,|ni.. f,.,-,,,,,! a. „..•„• 

'""...ial.uv.. a.ultlu. ;. Minjort..! l,v ,(,. fa.t rluit 

h.ycan .•(•h.rk.dhyla,-..,!,,,,.. ot ,n,|nuM Urar- 

"'Nat...ulurhk,..,,th..ll,.M..,fth..l.,,.ls,..ikaIin. ai..| 
l:<i> pivvent tl:.. fo,,„ar„,M .^-fr,.,. lu.fin.. a.i.l al... 

t.. fli.- .i.r<M,i)K,.itinM „f in.ii.l.s l,v n.tnu-s. f.„- „unut.. 
"•'.v-^-.f ih.s.. an-^,.,i tu ,\i., „,^al mnnis. an,i swat, an.i th.v u.lll,),. rat.. 
*'■"•""'"';■ f':<»"'. l'<'ta^-Mi,„ ,.,.h.i... h",, ,t.u,,i n, 

-ipiH.rt of ihH v,,.w that M.l,.luu,,l,,. a,.;,! Hi.,-., ,;,, u, 

•-'■•■' ^^'"^-l' <<>nus a v.ry staM. .■,.„,, ,,.1 

•Mtn.usa..,,!. ^v,llp,vv..I,ti.H|,.,;,. Th.. ..,-0 „t.l,il,tv 

yt I'(-oph.' t.. pnisoniii- hy i.Mh.j.s va.i.. v.rv luiich' 

'iaf^s, a ran. impurity ,.f i-^iui, .. n.av ,„ Huips hJ 

THKlcAi.EUTICS OF l>,.TAs,n M .,si, SuDi.M 

Th.. nio^t important iH...,ri,,.ii,],,H i< (Mr ^vr],ili> • valm. fur th.. prm.ary an.l >..con..arv .ta.'..s 

> cun; .j.^ht. hut th.y ar- mValuahl,. 
t>n th. r.-rtiarysta-es, u, lii^y olun,. th.. rapul 
absorption ut nn. .s. .-umi'-i!.. ■,,,l,,-i 1 1 ■ 

-i P'-y . iJi,-;ai ,i..>,. niav .T'. n h,. 
t' patK.nts sometimes tak« tw.;. thrr.. or 
-.•n..>ur.lrac-hn..a<lay. Lar.. .io... arJ .-sp^dldk 

-.a in ^yplnlH ni the n.rvous sy-t.m. I'o Lssi L 

2 10 

MNiii:r\ Mi;i.i(\ 

io.ii.i... i- oft. n |,| will, p. ivhl.wi.l, .,f „.(.,. 
curv. I !i.- I,iiii..,l„|.. ,, f,,n,,.-,l aii'l .ii^M,l\,.,i n, the 

<'XC« S-; of piitil'^^illlii IO«ll(i. . 

Chinni.- ilHiii,.;,tn:,i ;.itlititi-i^<,ft.„tn;it...| and 
;o,,n.-ui,l, |..n.tit.l.yMn:.ll .!-. . of ,,oU>:i,„„ 
i". 1. .■ roMti,,,,,.,! for :i lon.^^ ,,)„],._ ,,„^ .„,,,,,,, ,,^, 

''"'"''."'"•'■" '^ •nun- UM fill. (ir.,H.n-h..:.l rl.,.,,,,,:;. 
lism H ofi.u tn;itr,l uirl, |.ota>,iuni io.iJM.. h fr*. 
'i"..ntlyai.htl,..;.l nrpt.on -f cinoM.r inllainMiatnrv 
rnMl,,.x,iiul,.„ Jintsvpliiht,,.. Th.n fori- 
'•'■it.MM r.)iiMSofj,,:nt .lis,-aso, ..f |>\. jiii-l .,f ,mi1 
;'""';"■•• '""~"l"i-«tioM soMHtnu.. >).M"t,, 
i-y III.. -Ini-. It )ui. l,.eM ai-pli...! s;KT,.>,f„lIv l,v 
Jii-aiis of citii, ,,,,-. si. to parts alf-rt..,! uith vhiuuu- 
''*";"."=^"^'"- '' "'■'••" l-".fit>.o,n.. fon.Hof .^,ur.• 
!!'"' ""■'■':'-'■> '!"• ;h; ,.,int of i.Hlin, in thr thvroi.) 
' ".■.'■'"'"'l'^ *'^'^ '"•" '■'.■i'i.- to nuv :in.-urv-,ns 
wlurh a,.. ,na..-...,,|,l.. t.. H.,v.,y i.v ^;vin:' pota.;i,nn 
"""'', ^■"' '""'7 l.'"-""l- ''"'• " 1^ tliou.'ht that it 
ai'l> til.. coa-ulatioM .,f hi.,,,,! i„ rhrin ; Liit as at th. 
sam.. tiiur th.. patiH,: ,. aUNa\~ ,„ l„..l. ,t ,. 
'iinuult tosa.N how luwch of ai.v iniprov.i.i.nt that 
"lay happ.n to lakv p;a,v i. Am- m tlu- io,!,,!.. 
'■'■'•'r""^'>' '^ '•'■'" v.s ll,.. , ,:„ ,,f aM.,irv.,n o.- 
a'-n.a p,.c-ton. h is a valuaM. . xp.rtora'nt. and 
>nni..iinns .invs ra.^. s of l.ron.lutis wla-n other 
n;in.du-s liay- faih.l. chronic Jlri-dit's 
-iisoa^,. has h..,.n lai tival.d uith this ,jrur. 
i.anlac(-ous., of the kah.^.and oth. r <M-a,H 
IS -Huhtcd hy,t It ,. for asthma, 

:iiM in soni.. cas, , do, s nuich -oo,). ,,thcr -ivrn hv thf 
.'";'"th...ras.,m.„f th, n.uu.nHis piupru-tarv h^nnd 
nih.datio.K sohl for a^tlmia, many of which contain 
•o'lKlt' of i.ota-Minu. acioiic and -Iv-a-rin It i 
occasionally ^iv.n to d, crcas,- th. s.dvtion of ndlk 
I otassimu iodide perhaps causes a sli-htlv increased 
t'xcretioii of hoth had and nuTcurv if t!-', v :.v.:- ■:-.. 
the ho.iy and it is theivfore occasionalh- -iven in 
cases ol chronic poHoninu' hv the-e luetals! 

i>odimu iodide i> not ".-,0 much useii. but it 




IIK4MII »|. 

'"ituifiril fri)tll '.fi u-nt..r iii,! 

•'-•^in.hl.,a„.,.;.hlo„.i„„r s '"'""' ^''"' '^ 

l^""^"v. lo.l.M.. aM.lrhlnnn. "i ..(I „f ,vai. r. 

A I I lov. 
l-'t^" tliMt nf ••hlurinr an.l i,,,],,,. . h i. nr Iv 

;- 1 !ll !ll.,ilr,nr. '^'"' '> 

:.,:,'• ■•"''•--" «.-o...i.|.„„. ,,.,^.,,.„^ ,, ,,_^ ,^ 

^ _^^ .V M , .ui.l si.t-,. iiH'tall.e -.lit.. .hm| 

Dose. 5 to 30 gr. 

a. >.Mlii l.,..„.,i„.„,.. , |„ .,„„„„,, 

T^nJr! o« ^'"'^""f r"f:i-iu-,. bnuni.l.. 
Dose. 5 to 30 gr. 

•t. \iiiiiioiiii l{roiiii(|ii||| «,, ,, 

. ii I,, "■■"••HI. AiMiiMmwin J:r..t,,i.|r 

^- nt sahru. ta^t.-. .S'../.6,/.,,. li„r.,f,;„:^ ' 

'"•"■MiMim.K,. Ac.I., aci.l salt. -„.v, I,.', , 

Dose, 5 to 30 gr. 

At TIuN (U lijCOMiDKs 

External. Thrv iiavc nom- 

i f 





M \T?'!.! •, \ 

of lli.s.' till-..- hroiiii.lcs. ha : ■ j,aim. ,1 f,n ilie 

tliroaf. (liiiiiiiis!i it> >. hhMI ,, (Jimial .L.-^.s liavc 

no otli.r ctNcf on I li.- alim. iit;ir_v caiiil. All i-mnjidrs 
■'"' 'i"''-KI> <nii\..ii,,i into sodium bromide m tli.- 
.-tMiiKich aihl iiitr.iiii.s. aiMl tli<-_\ a!viva<i)lyai.H)rl).d. 
•" ' ■ ' '^ ' '' "•• I'.oiiiKlfs a;-r iH.w, rtn! depres- 
sants to tne nervous system. TImi-. if an aiwiMal l.,- 
'_'i\f!i lai-,L'<- .i.K, , ,,f ■ju\ n{ tli,.i,i. ifi'italion of iho 
"■"'■'"■■■•l iMolnr ar.a--. wlurlj |,.f,,iv .a^lv cxcitrd 
m. A. Minus. tail> t.. .in -.,. |-.x]u limrM.s aNo >l,nw 
'''■" ;''■•• '■•■l!'"-. •'\<-ital.ilit_v of the ronl i-^ coii^i.i, ial)|v 
'i!i""''i^l"'l- :"h1 thai 111,. actiMtv of rla. s,.i|.,,rV 
in.cliani-ni i- aNo iiMpanvd, for laiL,'.- do^.s of Lro" 
ii.idi s L'lM II to froir.s can-.- cutaii. <mh una -th. sia. In 
man at lrii>', not onl_\ tluc,,riical motor an a hut tlic 
l.iar.i a-^ a who!, i. ,l,.|.n ...d; tli. rtfon- tlic^,- dni-s 
;..v |M,\v..rliil hypnotics. It i, |,n)l.,,ld.. that in adii- 
^'"" '" '•"• '"''Ki and spin;il cr.rd tli.- luiipliHai aro d. pr...Md. ^o that hronn'd.s nw well 
w..rth.\ to )„■ calhd powvrfiil nrrvous d.prc^sant.^ 
Hi- :'«•!, Mty..f th.. mu>d.s is also <liminis]„.d. not 
mily hy th.. acti.m .,f tli,. dr.iL's on tl,.. n. rvoiis 
syst. 111. hut hy (hi. ct action on tlicin. It has 
l"«n shown hy II. K. \Vri-ht tliat cxccV- 
si\.' do-.s ,,{ hromidc of potusMiim cause in hoth 
man and rahJMt-; dc^'incration of ih. cortical colls 
and thill this d.-cJUM-ation h,-m- at the n. riidic-rv of 
iht' di ndron-. 

<''''"/"^' ''.--MMiiy sullVivrs from oi-ih ...y take 
iar-cdo-o^ of hroniid.- <laily A.r y.ars without any 
vUvcl on the Ih art or ciirulation. li.nce the coin 
statcint lit that hroniidcs in sudi dosr< arc deprt-ssai 
i< incorrect. Toxic doscs product; a fall of tempera 
ture ; this is prohahly in sonic wav secondary to the 
depression of the circulation. 

l:rspi)\tt!i^>; i. sli-htly depressed hy hromide.s. 

M,'t,i!>,:l,M,i.^ The amount of carbonic acid "ex- 

'. ', ' ' -' ••■;•' ^J'>'i.:-*'. i> T.iivijiu: iarire (iosrs 

ol hromides. Ihe amount ol urine is incrca.sed ; 




the colotirinn: matters, the sulplmr. and thr nitrni,'cn 
111 it art' iiicna^id; l)iit the pliosplioriis is .iiHToas^od. 

Sr.iiia! nr,,tii.s. If l)r()iiii.i(.> ar.' taktii tor a loij.' 
tiiii.-. a failinv of yexual vi-oiir i^ pro.liUT.l. and 
ulniiiaiflv till i>- IS a ^'ivat Irsscnin.L,' of tlic sexual 
;il)l). tite. iii-oiiiidps an- tli.r.'forf anaplirodisiacs. 

Iu:nin!,it-"ii. llroiiiid.s are rapi-ilv eiiinuiated 
I'V the kidiievs -kin, sahva. int. stiiial n' niern- 
I'l-aii. , hn.hchial iiiueous nieinhran.', ami milk. 

Bromism. If hronud. s are taken for too lont,' a 
period, a series of symptoms of poisntiin^'. to wh]eh 
•Jie ah. vr name has lir.ii -iveii. may appear. Tlie 
e.irhe>t nf ihem is a rash, consistin,:^ of red papides, 
clnelly on the face and l)aok. exactly re^md.lin^' 
M'lue forms of acne. This is prohahlv'the re.sidi o{ 
the .xcreiion of the hromide hy the skin. 'I'lie next 
symptoms are a piuTal lowrnif^ of the cutaneous 
- n^ihihty and also of that of tlie pliarvnx, ilien 
there is din)inution of sexual power, tlie patient 
h' comes 1( .spirited, easily fatij^nifd. unfit for work 
and his nitellect is dulled, and in had cases tiiis 
pas-eson to dementia, melancholia, and otlier mental 
disoniers. There may he a little conjunctivitis, and 
-nnu- increased secretion fiom the bronchi. 

ilromides owe their action to the iiromine 
m them. In man at l.ast. the hi^dier functions 
"f tlie hrani are depressed l),.fore the low.r, and a,LM II i)efore the spinal. Thus the de'pres- 
--loi: takes jijace in rei:ular ..rd<r from ahove down- 
wards, in the ri-\erse order of the phvsioIo<rical 
development of the functions, and this is commonlv 
the case with many drugs. [Src Law of Dissolution, 
p. 101.) 

'i'iioso who take bromides liahituallv find them- 
s.Kvs unable to sleep without, and tluir intel- 
hci liecomes oh-cuivd. These had etyects are in- 

"■■" •> ••••••- -f:.:.. ^:.^ih;.i,ij, iuTf-er fiosf.s are 

required to produce sleep, and thus the unfortur.ite 




M\Tr l;l\ MKDicv 

siiiT.rcr iu-coinos mnrf uiul 

more a slave to the 

TiirnAfTi Tir? or r.iiOMinrs. 

External. NOiic 

Internal. J.',>/,r;//„n/ mfuil. Fonnrrlv tljo 
bi.rk ol tlu- tlir.Mi ui,^ p;.int. .] ^vitll a solution of a 
l.roim.lo l„f,,n. a laryi,,^,,! oxamiiiation. l.ut now 
cocaine is eiu{)l(iv. d for tlii< pnrjiose. ..//.s/,.,/..- l"..,.aiise of tluir denressinf- 
eftect l:rn,ni.le^ a.v larL'. ly i,.,,! for nianv nervo„g 
dKeaP.s. Il„.y aiv tlir nm.t vainal.le drn-R we 
have for tlie t.vatnien^ of eiHl..psy. a.Tin- nodoul.t 
ly dnmnis un- th.. excitahility of tli.. orehral cortex 
liicv rarely cinv. b,it oft.ii -rfatlv diminish the 
'lund.erof lit? It isinipo..,}.!.. to.avof anv^MVen 
case wlietliH- bromides will ,1m ^rood, therefore they 
nnist I.e tried in all ; [Mtit nnil is more dirticnlt to 
mfluenr. than -ran-l mal. Th. next mo.n comnx.n 
use .jf l.romi.ies is as hypmuics. Thev are most 
usettil wli,-n there is no oi-anic cause to 'explain the 
insomnia, and th..refore thry are not emplov.d when 
pam the patient awake, hut are -iVen with 
K'reat henelit m the insomnia of overwork worrv 
or that connected with the climacteric jxriod The' 
sleep induced is .,uiet and refrrshin-. without 
dreams, an.l tli.refore these dru^^s are „ften of .rreat 
value n. niuhtmaie. and in th. ni-ht screamin- of 
children which may he re-arded as allied to nidit- 
niare. Al.'^o because of their .lepres.smt elVect on 
the nervous system they are ^iven in mi^^raine. and 
often they are th.. only dru-s which do anv -ood for 
the h. adachc- of this di^ea^'. doses 
often a .Irachm at a time, are -ivcn in delirium' 
tremens, especially m comhination with chloral and the pail, nt seems (]uieter for this t'reat- 

nient. Not onlv the jnsomni."., li-n tb^ ..jK .j. ^ 

symptoms thut"are common at the ciimacteric pcHod 



may be roln-vd by l-,,,- th.M,- .l..pre..i„.. 
IMW.T on crntres beiow tbr cv.rt.x th. var. L.\ and 
with -oo.l n.sults. inlaryn^.is,,.lu..a.Ml hav. 
hevn -uvn 111 wlioopin.'-n.u-h, bnt th.. bvn.tit i. not 
niarki'd. .Some c;i....s .,f t.tai.u. haw ncowivl aft.T ..f bn,ini.K.s. Il.iv thrir Nalu.. .. „.. 
'l"Ml)t. .lu.- toth.-ir pouvr of .li.,ii„islnn- ih.. ivflrx 
''""•f">" "» til., spinal cor.i. Jln.nii.l... haw lH.,.n 
■^lU'U as anti,l„t... tor strychnin.. p..i.,,nin.'. N.nn- 
tniLsthfysurcv..,! in cas... of h\ .r,.,ia an.l n..ural.'ia 
■in.l som,. varh.ti..s of functional di-.-a^r of rlu. iu"iri 
are much nnprovfil by th.-ni. 

.■b'Ctbrom.,1.. of potassium is ._M^.n f.u- >p, rmator- 
rnoa and nymphomania. 

The bromi.b.s of pota^.ium, so.lium. and ammo- 
nium probably hav... m the man.. th.> sann- a.t.nn. 
hut potassmm ,s usuallv pn-f-rr.-.l, an.l the 
other two an. onlv -riven when'th.. pota<siu,n salt 
produces consi.lerable canliac .l..pression. liubidium 
i^nimonmm brmnid.. (dos.-. ;{.) ,n., appears to b. the 
best bromide for some cases of epilepsv. Mono- 
bron.ated camphor u,n.. hy.h'o^M.n atom .".f camphor 
s replaced by bromine) is often eJlieacious (, 2to 
l'> ^'r. in a pill,. 

Th- Li.pior lironiochloral Compositui (li V 

c-a^h of chloral hydrat.. and bromMi,. of potassium, 
:n>d, m addition. Indian hemp. Snccus hvoscyann 
-niP.r,. peel, syrup and h.p.orice ,. an imkation of 
the mixture calld Jlnunidui. 

liromipiii. (Nnicniciiil.) 

'J'hi- c'Diiii.uuitiiTi (,f ] 

' p. c...t.„f l,r,„„,n,.. h„.u,.i.d.ln-. i. 1 ,„ , ,l,,,.t„„..H„,i 
' "'H>b..,.,v..n in a-, -.uuImom ,.r in .•.,,-ul..-. It .- ^..,v 
- ..!ar .ah .ome pro..nU.r. ..,a i, u,...i L, ih. ,am.. ..,.^ ■ 

f " 

! " 

r .' 

f •■ 

( , I 

'i for le.-ta! nij.-fion. 


^'\'n.l;r\ MEDirA 

«.-o...,„-:,| ,,,, „„,,;„., i, „,„n„l,,„n.-i...l.nanvl 
T. , , ,V '*',""" ■■>«•• "•»'"iiiHmii l>iliitiim 

l>ilut.,l Jlvur..i„,,„,i,. ||i;,. ■'iiillllHI. 

^'■'>u,_ Iti-,.r.,aM.,n,ytl„. ,li.t:llati.,n of ,,o,a^-i,im 

Co,Ua>„. l..,,..r,...„l..,fhv,lrop.„i,n,n„.'i, '^ ^'^ '""• 

DoBc, 15 to 60 m. 

ArrioN \M, ■r(ii.K\i'i;rTi( s 

T)u.actiwn,.f,h,>;u.Hla,.p..;,rsiul,,.,lu..anH its 

^'''''•''^'"•'"•'"""i'>"t th.. iilkalin,. hut it is 

v..rynnvyu>nlf;wth.. sa„M. purpo.,... It has Ik-..,'. 

•n.|.loy.,i uuh ,,,vasinnal M,.(....s rn nl,. v.. n..,<..s i„ 

''•; rars. an.l ,. ,s .,,,,1 to pnv. nt th. svnn.toms of 



('•Mltaillili- Sulphur ,,iilv. 

^1 l.l'lll K. S. AluMiic u.i-l,t. ;!-.'(i(;. 
^^'ii|'ln.i 1- .,!li,ial in tn,, fn,-,,,.. 
1. ^Illplllll f^,ll»liiii:,|,„„. sullni Sulplnw 

Sur,..-. ln,n,cr,ni..M,l,,l,u,ur.ulph,d,..hyMihl.,nation. 
tiivKv> I, ,,^. A Kn-.m.h-_v,.r„w ;-ntiv |.,,u,i,r 

..-,,':':;;;;;,;■;,..;;::!;'■■ ■-■''-^' n,. ..,,.. ;„„„,;,,..„, 

Dose, 20 to 60 gr. 

I'l; j.innti.n-'. 
1. Confectio Sulphuris. Suhlini. ,| sulphur J • 
a.xl l-ia..,,,,,, ,;,,t,,a,. 1 ; tia.a.-untl,. ■ .',„„'•'•' 

tllu-tiUV ,■! ,.ia.i-, , ;■ ; ^iNr.llu, I' ■- 1 ■ -. 

Dose. 60 to 120 gr. 

2. Ungueiitum Sulphuris. Si.i,Min( m Mil.luir 

Sul,n,n.,i -uiphur .^ ruulain.,] iu I'ulvis (iUcvr. 
rlii/a C o!niii.-itu>. • ' 

J. M.I|,lM.. r.,.., i,»,l;.|.„„. 1 aeipitatcd Sul 

sn.i iii-R 


Sni-,..K. Su!,,lnir i^ prrripitat. .i l,v hy.In..i,loric aci.i 
li'. M. a -,,.uti..[i Mf ciilniirn MU^hi-i. , uji.l ti;iu-ii!,,h,it.-. wlu.'h 
ha- 1...,, M..i>i.- l,y h..i:ni-tn-rti„r sulphwi .ui^i inn., iii uu'.r 

LHAiiv. ,n, A -ivu,), _v,!!.Av v,lt puvv.i.r !u-. from 

hui /.iiv. -.liplut. . x\hi. h luiik.s il L-ratv. 
Dose, 20 to 60 g^r. ' 

/''•/ (/»■ '7 ?/('>,'. 

_ TrochiscuB Sulphuris. l'!., ip.fiit.'.i -:,i,,inir 
-: I'nUsM.iin !tr„i i.utia:., I : ^ ^ : -uia ar.i.-ia I •' 
tiiirtiii.- (,f or.u)/.-. 1 ; imiciiii-.'.- ot >,'um acarja. I -I'd 
fnnu I lM/.r!i.-v. c.ntainin.- •') -r, nf ,,;![, hiir and 1 ;.'r. of 
[nila.--.iuiii acni tattiatf. 

A( lioN (,\- Sri.l'HIi;. 

External. Snl|.ln,r if^rlf ha. ,u, ;,, tion on (ho 
-Kill, 1)111 >(.inr oi u i^ convert.,! into MilphiiivUfcl 
!iy'lro-,ii. aii.l il,;,L is ;i nnl.l, ul,,r stiunhuit 
<-n~iii- sli^^ht (lualation of thr \, <... Is and m M.m.- 
i"i-Mi> i-v/vuiu. It kill.. liu, Scn::.nt. . Immnns, an.l 
I. ih.rifoiv a parasiticide. When lo raw 
Mrfacf. It is L-onverttd into sulphurous and ..ulphurie 
•icitls. and i-< thcri-foro a sLvcre irritant. 

Internal. Mnn,K',inj,annL—h lias no . tlVrt 
"11 tin- stoniach, and nio<t that is lak.n i. pa-s.^d out 
■n Uic facas unalt.nd. A (ariam amount is in thf 
:n!.-.tme. convt-rtrd uiti. s;ilplirnvttrd hsdio-Mn and 
"Hi' r sulplndts. Th.s,. can.... a mild laxative etlVct 
iHrnasmLf the .fcivtion of iiitrstiual juua-, and' 
-n-htly stimulating tlir nniscuiar coat, producim' 
-ott -..mi liquid stool-. ..unttim..s uccompam. d hv 
llatiisol -ulphur. n...liiy.ln.i.,;inirhi;t 
'; i.intity. niakfs sulphur an und.-snal.l.- hi\ati\r. 

/.>•//../,■ ,'i/cvi.s. >ulpiiur i.> al.Mirli.das ^idphid.-^ 

!iid -^ilphuivtt.Mi huln.L'.n, which i^ a i....\\,.rful 

l'"i-^on, decomposing th. hl.,o.l and tiiii- pro.hicun' 

Muptoms of aspinxia. It aN,, ).,ral vses tiie wiiol.-. 

n-^uus and muM-uiar syst.-nn. hut 8id{.hur is novcr 

■nwn to man m sutlicant du.-cb to pnuhicc- any 




M\Ti;i;r\ MKDirv 

Tm! 1;\!'M i,,^ ,,, S|-|.l'lill:. 

External , ^ul,,),,,,- h n.uun.nly us...l to kill th.. 

"•iiiv scalii.s. TJiL- 

SKlll slioliM i„. \V( II sc 

mciit (.nth.. U..S, ;.. _ ..., . ' ' '" '' "'•• <"i't- 

flit (.tr the 11. At i,i,„-i,iii^r. 'li 

I "'"•■' 'ill I II,' n|ifai(<l 

^n/l;;-;;^:;:::;^::: ';:;■;;;;'!>■ -'.' '-'■'•;- 

Internal. . I /////r,,/,,;-// ,•,///„/ ^„i, i 

..«.Max.„nv,,.,,.,..i,,|^,■;V;;::i-,^'' 7,'- ■;;;,:;:'■.>: 

;i sofi inofi,,,, l,„t no )nn ,t , ,, ■ f' i- '""'""• *"-^ 

'!'• or two sulphur 

iO/<-ul^..s taken at h.-hnn. oft.-n .o ' 

j=;■t-;'l;^,,t■;:;;:~v.r'l;£;! -5 

Jiiui.ral u.-uiTs c.ntainin" 

-.ipM,i..sofM,,ii„,,,„,,.r,, ,;; ;;^;;;;'■;«''';';- 
Kilter li:,s l„vi] 4„«„ , "111"-.-. llam,;,Mtt. 

:nKi tiu. sol,,!;;,, ;;:""'"'""'■"■•■'''-''''"'"" "fi.iu. 

JiOHctt' n'l'.jris — s;.,i.>i 1 

»'t-™iiy .«.^ all .,„. of'stin'.u::,:;;";;;^,^ 

MM lilU 


witl.cut any Lron.l n <ult. hut ocvasiennllv .-hronic 
.•cz.-.miu.s.MKa,.l with luu.h itchin- ;.,,{.;ars to hv 
'•""';'< I'V It. s., ,1,,^ th,. ,„ij,,,„,. ,„^^^,^,^. .^ ^^ 
Miituhl.- laxai.vr !.,r th,.,. .-as^-s. Sul,.l,ur has hfrn 
al>o ^'iv.,, f..r hionchitis. fnr chnuiir rhH.nuilisn.. 
nna rhcnnati. n.yalu'ia. hut it is v.-rv .l„uhtful 
wh.tli.r ni th.s...lN..a.,.s thrn- n much 'ivli.f from 
this tn atUK lit. 

INMjlH^a H.llpl,,,,.;,,;,. Su!,.h;„at..,i l'..,,,,!, 

th.Thi.'f ;ir.. |M,ta--iiiiii Milpln.i. -. 

■'"" '•' '■ "'•'• in ;i!.. a ,;,i\t.u.. of .uli.lnir aii.i 

,„f.*:"^'';";'.-; "",'.'> "-i"inKi-M.-.tiH.fnshlvl,n.k..n 

-.iil.-icf, .;f wlucli ar<' iiv.T-c-n!,,nr,,l. 

,,^'"'^'*""* ■"*•'• >"i|'l"'>-it.-.i I.i.u-. A „uMun. 

'" ntui.uM.' ,.nt 1..,, than :,.. ,„.,. ,., ,a. „f . aiciun. -uh.hi.l.v h 
c:ilciiuii -ulphiit.. aii.l .•ari...n. ' 

■^•■1 K' 1 . •■alnm,, -:,l,,hatr with \s i , hiiivunl 

Dose, , to 1 gr. 

Slll|>llllli«. l<Hli<|lini. S iijln.r I ii i. .sr 
N;'M;m:. l-u-tM^,,:..,! sulj.hiir uiM io-lu ., 
t.a.:v, ,,,.>. <u.^vi-l,.l,huk .Tv^talinH. ,„..,•.,. m„. llu>« 
^- n.l^„f „„|,„... .s../.6<a;,,. 1 .„.;., .,f,hc..nn; ,n>oluble 

ill \\ til*' I , 

J'r, n.initum. 

Unfuentum Sulphuris lodidi. .Sulphi 
loilulf, 1 ; -,u, nil. I ; i„i!,-,,at. i I.imI, •_'.;. 




K i ? 

Action .,i Scmhi k \ti:i, 1^.T^SH, .S, ,.,.„, kat.i, 

I.I.MK, AM> Si l.lJHi; liuiii.j.;. 

External. Tlusr ptvparatinns aiv irritant, and 
uiv iK.uviful parasiticides h.r th.- .sar,..,jt,.s homims. 

internal, .soriun- is iuioun ..f thrir internal 

• i"i 


MATKHi.A ^rF;nirv 



"^".n L,M,;, AN,, S-i.,H.K Inun.r.. 
External. An, nt „f ,,th.T w II ,■„,• 

soft..,, "^'"i for tins ,nu-pns..,nth..s.,M.nav, 

t;;;;;r^;r,H-,t,';":;;r::rlr;' "^■■'■■■-' 

• to 
1-^ C'litaiiiin" 

•If .:o()(i to casc^ of acii,.]ii(]iii-ifi P ,i 


,»,• IK r,u uicra pi iitK s • iiii •, >,, ..11 r 

fo. .■hronu- rlH.,u„a!,sni.aini tlir HilnM,!.. . 

:' :,':i.::'rv^''':'-- -^n art,m.,ai i ; 

i;'""*\^»'l I'ota^h 1 „/.. water W ..a], 
cliroiiio ps.iriasi- ~ ' ' 


1- nsi'.i tor 


■;«™.M,r.,nn,,Hi,,,,,l,I,,..,i,,,,, ,,.,,f:;,^-,J f 



Cla.. I. - ,|,„,c „l,Kl, .,, ,u.,„U aciJ. ,l„ ,„„,,„„„,,, 



lA.y n.„l ,...n,-;irtr.,. nvi.Ur^. TIwn arr Sulphuric. Nitric. 
Hydrochloric. Nitro-hydrochloric. Phosphoric. Acetic 
Tartaric. Citric. Lactic, a.-i Tormic a,., Hydro- 

bromic n.'i.i .ni.'l.t 1... ,,u„,..i i,, r,., hut it l,u> .ilnn-lv b. t-n 
( M!i~i.i. ii '1 (.^f-r |). •_' If',). 

Class II. 11. HM. ulucli. altliou-h f.-. hlv aciM, un- j.„w,.r. 
ful.v anti-.i.t., . Th. y ar. Boric an,i Sulphurous aoi.i.. 

1)1 mo hy,iru,.yam.. ai.i.,,!,,.. i. ,;/,„.■, ^ai,., , ra.un.-. olnc. 
.'in.i salicyi;.. ,tc.,i- ,in- i,mi ,.,.,i ,,, y,..,,,, ,^,„, ^^,|, ,,^, ^^ 
M.|. r. (I iiii.i.r Dtlit r h.ii<iuii.'c;. 

AiMiiioiHacni aii.l .l.n.mir- aciM aiv imt tr'if ai • t)i,.v 
nn' anhy.In.i.s. aii.i lia\. Ir . n , ,,„M.I.-i,,i ( v^,. ,,'., ..,-t 
aii.i •-'•_', . Oxalic aci.i is ,n tl,.. Api.-ndix to ih,- I'luimiacuiu'.a 
a.s a t«'St. ' 

f'l v-,«< I. 

1. A<i<liiiii Sii||»lnni«.,„„. suhuric Ail. 

SunaK. I'r.Hiu.v.l l,y th.. .■o,nl„i.tin„ nf .uipluir or 
l.vnt.->. an, tl.e oxHat,.,,. a,„i hy.jratmn of th. nsultui- siil- 
! l';ao,is anhul,,,!,. hy n-a... ..f nitious an.| a,,uro,H vat.uur*. 

( MMCA, ,, ,:s. A .■nluarl..,. l„iu.,|. of an oilv .■nM<i,Lnrv a.„i a,.! corroMv. Sj., ^-r. 1 s..{. CVntaui. l.^ ^t 
'••lit. of hydroj^'fii sulphaK-. ' 

lMi'iiuiiK.s.-(»x,.i,.< ,,f n tro-.n. ifa.i. ar~.iiic 

IsV'Mi.An.u...s. Aikalif,. thnr caihunafs. Uad. n.-ui 
'•alfiuiii salts. 

f'r, /',i),itio)t<^. 

1. Acidum Sulphuricum Dilutum. Sul 

phuMc aci<i <iiiut.-.i uith .iistili.-.| uat.r iiiit', it his i 
SF'. ^'r. lO'.tJ, a.i.l .■,.ntain> 1,! C..-, ,,,, ,.,.,a. .,f 1, , ,1,,' ,,.,', 

Dose. 5 to 20 m. 

■'" Ko-a A, .■iiiiii. 

l! :■• '■••n;-in I '■ ;;, Infii- 

2. Acidum Sulphuricum Aromaticum 

.St/ Hunt/ lit. Klixir of \itii.]. Sali.i : i ,• 'i, i ■■ 
alfohol(!M.,„.,,--nt.i.-.;; >„auion,'\ ■' tltlr ' 
tuif of Kin-, r. in. .s,,. .,-. (i ;(•.'•_' to uwji'.. h .■.,„iain^ 
lu.i.'h itl,\: - .l|,haur ( -i,l pimvin !.■ i ari.i 

Dose. 5 to 20 m 

Jt !•< c 'ntit.iicd LH li]tu..ini C"iric!io:i:i- Aci'i'mi. 

^. A4-i«!!i!u >if;'ir;i:n. Niuir \c.i jiNo 
>-. lu K.- Ma.le hull. i,ola-:.,M. nitrat. or .oaiu.n nitr.f. 
'ii-tillin^,' with ■^Mlpluirii: aci.i 






M\TKHr,\ Mi:r)ir\ 

CiiAiiM r Ki. 

LIIAIIM TKI.,. .\ c,,l,,nrl.. I 

Ton sulpiiaf, l.u.l actat. ''''^"'""' carbonau-.-, ..xi.k.s 

I'r,: iirntiittn 

Doae. 5 to 20 m '■ "'"^■' """•■'*"•• 

.-'lv-1 in uat.T. 1,.. '^' •""' "";■•• '^^•"''' -ii- 

"U,u.^l..h;,„,,i.. S,,. -r lu7' '"'" '"^ ''""~'^' "f 
Dose. 3 to 20 m. 

An.l"-,„V"'-" ">""■-><■ •"■«.„. „,,,,„„,„ 

-M|;;;'r;,;.,,:?;;i,!;:;i;::j;:;;;-^;;M;.;a;;.; ,.„„ 

1. Acidum Hydroch 

"\'in.r|,l,,n,. .,,.1,1 ,1,1 f T f .""^^ni Dilutum. 
Dose, 5 to 20 m. 

iiati'. .--vi-.ij i.i.-i.aiauons. .^udiuiii ."aiho- 



Acidum Pho' phoricnm Dilutum. Iho, 

Doge, 5 to 20 m. 

■i. \viiUnu \vvttvum. A. . t... An.l. ni.conJl 

.s..!K.r, nhtaim.lir...,. son.l hy ,i, .iistiilati,,!,' 
<"i.l ruritaatin,,. „r fm,-. .thvlu- hI,.,,!,,.; i„ ,„,.,,,,. ,„ 

'.:•;' ^""- \ .•ulour!..,. I„,,n.l. Sp. .-r. 1..,,. C..„. 
t.i:!.-...l i-r crit. ,.• n ac-rtut... 

IM> _uin.. I...,t.i a. np,.,r. Milj.iui. .••. In.inK-lilorir. 

iin.i .^ iliiluirou-i iicni.-,. 


1. Aciuum Aceticum Dilutum Actir nri.l 
<Jnut..i with ,-ti,;...l vvut.r until 11 lia-u ^n. ,t. loot, 
a.ul ruiit;cu,> t-J7 ,,..r ,.,.,,1. .f hvlin!,.,.,i u. .tiif 

Dose. ■ to 2 fl. dr. 

2. Oxymel Ac t.o a,„|. l ; wat.r. 1 ; ,|,irif„..l 

llOIli'V. -'. 

Dose. 1 to 2 fl. dr. 

A..."\,!,';'","""n,v;"'"'""' """•"■"•• '"»-" 

S,.,i:,r. l>i.til ,lry so.iium aort.if with -troru' mil. 
!"un.- a,-..l. NaC H.(», • H>(). . CH, (•< m .Ff VhJIS.T 

'-•:V=V."':"- ■•^'•"'""••I'-s vfry a.„| l„,u„l. ,.rN-u!li -,.' 

M-M. ^. Np.,r.i„.M. c..„UM.s;..p..,;..,.t.,.h.y,,.,/;; 

T. A«i4liiiii 4 ifi'i«iiiii. ctric \< i,i fu K 

CHAiur,M;>.^.. f„!,,u. !..... trim, trie pri^m-- ^,.rv 
'••;>'•• >" -a,.r. 35 ^. to 1 fl. or of u u. r Lk,- a ^.lui 
t.M.» th,. same average strengrth as lemon juice ami 
neutrahze 50 gr. of potassium bicarbonate 42 i^ 
of sodium bicarbonate, ,.r 26 ^r of ammn«i.7«^' 
carbonate. Ca.,c ac-i. l.k. -.rtanf a, i° 1,*^°":"" 
t- prn.iuc,. an .tT.Tvosci,,;: ..uxturf- with ..„,. of t). ."ah-.v. 

c.irlionatfs, th.' two solutinns h.iru' »..i»<-l ; i.-..,.i.: . . 

t^KuiK. The carh,.,uc ao.-I ;^a^ cau^. ^' tiu. ^.tl^-rvi. -.•♦•n^ 
-^funned thu. :_.>KHC< ).. H.C.H.u.. K.C.H.u. . .•iCa 

p ■ 




^'VTFKr\ NfKr.lCA 


'-"""t.i.t.ut.-. alkali,,,., ..,r|,„„„,„. 


Is. ■■\\i ,:ti'i 
:i('i lit, 

'^" ' ■"" -. '■ II . r '. ., I II 

'Min. nil inatf.r,. - "rh::,,,- a„,i tart.iriV a.i.i<, 

I.,n.'::: '■''"''''''•'•■ '■^'''•''''••^ -' ^-"s LiMu.n,., Svn.pus 
Dose. 5 to 20 rt. 
^. %«-i«llll|| IJUIiMi,.,,,,, r 

dexlrn.,,.!..t.,v h.,1,, ,.,,.;,"'* '7 ; i'"""' ^'■'■'' '"■ 

CM oil r.H.n 

^ CU.KII ( . I..H 

^.;;;;;;;;,/'''l;!'Y' >'-'... .■■■t..-~MHnan,| tartrate, 

neutralize 46 er of ' «nf, — ■ ' u':' '" ^^nt. r. 35 or. 

of sodium l.:S,:na?:*'''"S4 '"'"or**^" ^« ^- 
carbonate. ^^ °* ammonium 

I Ni . .\I|' V I 111? 1 ^ (.- I. , 

.an,!;;':'"""'- '•'•"'■ "^•^''" --<• ''-.., a,,,. ,„.,,,.„,„'.n.. .: 

Dose. 5 to 20 gi."""'" '" ''"'"'" *'"""""■ -^"Ipl'atis. 
la.'.a!,. (ll.(l|M||.(nnH ""•• '•'"•''<• '-»'■•■'. H.^^ln,,...,, 
n,..nn:'i:.:nJ""''-'''-""^''' '•>"--''' f H SP......I f,,. 

«^'t.T. al.„)„.i. „„i .,,,,, ''•'''•'"'"' '^^'•'^""- Mix.s u,.|l with 
Syrupus Calcii Lactophosphatis , . . ,, , ,», 

>^!^>n._l..t ,. ,rntant tn nn>co,JM""i^!^!'^^""'! 
ai-r.uitii sunacr-. Tartari," i<v:tr>., ■■-^•^- aii. 

"""^ ^' -" - "1 ''"•ursv'zjr^ 




:Mr""l f" .. -r. u lun-lMce. pan,. ;i ...nsitinn uf 
•.'.nun.,. :M.,i <.oM.„i..nd.l.. .i.lHtatn.n. The 
n .uaiMM.:/ M.j.U an. n. ry powrful irntar.ts. th-nfor. 
•^'■" ;v.,.u .hint., snlutinns of tlH-M. n.av pr.,.i„.... 

caustics: sulph,.,-.,- ,u.d ,.| a...|s. l..,';:;' 

pu!, .uru. :.,.,,i |..av... tin. ,.arl.oM nn!..u..l,.;i. th.-r.': 

'Zl: rt'T "'^'■"' ^'''i"^ tl." sk.M a .1...... v.llon- 

-.^^n.- tnth.. fwn.nitiu,, nf nitrn.,l,.rivativ..s '.f tv,-,,- 

H.i.- ; u ,lu,.s n.t v.. th.. allMMH.M a prM-MMrat... 

ui.i is ii.M.fnl wl,<Tior, is n.,,uuv<l VIl 
t(i.' ^irnwjvv uMifP with an.) coaeulate al- 

,';'"';' ^i-;^''- -In.-I. l.y us.,.arafin,r.Mav;a.e 

i''';nHM,, tlu. t.>su.. and s. nmstnrtin^ th. vc-sj' 
•ut a'; astringents an.l hsBmostatics. DUcti. .ol,,' 

f'-n. of a.' aiv <MuI,n,' tn th.. tl,„lH.l sku, of f,.v..r 
ti'.n.fore th.y an rall...| refrigerants. Ac,.], are 
K.niTal protopla>ni,c poisons,,. th.v kill nmnv 
^uero.or,^.nlMn.. aro antiseptic, an.l locallv apphed 
t«t trif heart depress it • ' ' 

Internal. MnutL All aei.l. have a poc-uliar 

h. teeth. \\,th rec:ar.| to th- saliva thev increaw 
he amount secreted, hv keepin. Z 
mouth III.. isi they allay thirst. ' 

Siom<,ch. -Nitric acid interferes with .lijje.stion of 
proteins, as u con.h.nes with then.. \Vh..n the amount 
of acKl secreted hv th.. i/astric ni-.f^.-.M^ ,,=..,-.-.1.^.. .... :. 

d.licient. acids taken after a nu-al. when'all'iharthe 
stomach cat. secrete has heen secreU-d, aid di-eation 
iiydrochlonc bein- the best '' ' 


Hi I 



/„;,rmy. --..,„., ,.xp„,„„.n;;,ilv uhu-vd in 
or pMssH fron. tl,. .r„n,;n-h ,ntn, tlu iun.l num 
conv.T, tlu. ,,rn....,..r,M .x.,,,,... „> th. .1,, d 
n-.c-ous n>.u,l.nn. ,„,„ ...-n ,„>. an-i. thn I,.. 

;;|;:;7'""' '■'^•' ^'"' ''' '■ --^•- 'i- ,,.„.,•..;;:;: 

////'■.s7//;.. .\,iM..,uirkly l...,.n,n(. r-nnv. rt..,l into 
nomral salt, .n.i ar. ,r.l.lly al i,..! .s sch 

Sonu.,,.s,,.,.,ally H.lphuMr ,l,i„t....|,. an .apito nr." 
s-m-nnln. n.:,>tin.. tlui,- a-^tn.,.. „t art,,,,,. Th.v 

mroln,ln...l, ,,]. Tlu. ,„v. „... of an-ls ■„ u' 
o...,n.,,N..a,iMon;!..xdoH,,...nfrh.,pv,,,,. ,,.,,: 

w HU sullin..,,, of .1m. .a.„-,cco„,<.n,';hav,'i,as..l the .luo,i..nurM. th. ,.Nlorus rlos, >. an.i re j.^x .. 
H;.'an,as t[u..luo,i.nal .•ont.nt. a,-, n.^.traiu.-d'a ,<! 
P't.-^ni.m la(.ti.-aci.l,slw.l,..v..,ltol,,-oll,. 
nu..sunal d,<,,.f...ta,n. ..,,,. uallv ,,f thnap"uI;T 
,, ^;';''"";'' '."•''•■'■- -V'-i'l- incna... th.. a..;,iitv of,il,v,.o,nl,n.n,.w,tlMiu>l.asos 

s..thatth,.Moo,h.oMta,nsl...,..;,.i.on,caM.l. , j 
:;;>' ''-.-n.norarlu.s. ac.M^un.also,H.ntraH>J ; 
"";""";•, "".Van...xnvt,.l u> ,!,.. unru.. ..utra^- 
liM..! ,,a,-tlv l,y l,a.,.s I.:irtlyl,yanun..nia. sothatth. 
'""''-"'••^ ';>rn,...„ ration..... InutlH.a.-.iitv of ,' 
jn.^isonly.h,l„lvH.n.a...i. As In.h alkalu.i ^ 

^li^'htiy.iuuinish u. I'hnsphonc acul i- lulu-v..! to 
m.rvti.r the aiununt of ph,,sphat..< in tl,.. ,-,.,1 hlnod- 
n.rpu>.;l.s. In. adnn.n^ratum of h v.j.oe.Morir 

" '•^'l"'-;-^'^- '"'t H .l.-s not alt..,- th.. anuiunt of 
n.'.no.lohm. .\,tne a.-ul ,. .,at..,i to h. ..x,.,vt,.c 
o a small ,.xi,.n, ,. an,n,on,a, an.l henre sli-^htlv 
to ,„.Tease tlu. alkali, nty r.f the n,-i,u.. AretjJ 

citrif. lacli... aiul tartaiic 

"•"!- ;tr.. mainlv oxj.lised 

■'y\f^'\ % 




'.^'•'■^•'^^^ »•; ■""i |'""lun- ,: ., „ ,,M,. 

"! !" i'^i .- :-.l Uy lI.lTtM.silJ- ti,.. HCUU[\ .>! t(.,. 

- i. Iti caniiVMni \]n< n-'ilt i^ m rv .liii-,!,lr t , 
' -'ill .A\i(,y iM ih,. n.u:n..i.^aiion . i '[h,. u. lT l.v 


' '" '■•\''-'n< ^ .»K Sn.i ncKic. Nn!.,,. Hm,,;,,. 

' III, Mi;;.'. I'l!,,-,! Hm|,(, . A( l.i ,- . ( : j ,,., , -l-^,.. 
I \l!' . \'- ,1 I, \' \ l< \, II, >. 

Exrernal. N,:,-:,- ;„.;,| ,, „„,,,. ,,,,.„ „_, ,^^ ,^ 
;•:''■ '''•'" ^'' «»iii.r>. tor. ..uiM- !.i til,., I- ,,,.,. -a 

;.;;y n.r u;ift r. it is ilinicuii t.. limit til. actinn ,,{ 

'H''""' :nil )i!i,..<i.ln.n.- nc-i.].: aii.i th.. r. niainn,- 

■I'l- an- not so pDu.ifi ! as iii'riL- aci.j It -s 

.i.i.ln.u.dtu.l.strMy uails. r..u^\^\..uu:i, iinli. alth'v 

'■':.'--'.-({ai!;r >,.(-.-. caiicruiii ..n., Ac. (,l;,,i,ii ;,,.;,;, 

I • ■ -• 1 •'■y <uniU -Aai'- ai.,! coi-ii^-. It" 'his 

■.-'- I'-iin :t t:,ay U- ,lili,-. ,1. \.,, ,iii,.j..,| ^,,,„. 

"■'■' •"■'• '•■"•' '.^' ' -M'l"\"l !•'!• ;ii'ir in-itaiit .mrts • 
,";*'■ l^^^fl^'"^ .-.tihli^hin-n:^ aei.l „uti,s an! 
. "'• '',';' '^ '-^ ""' l"-"V*'l tl'-i! tli-v .in aiiV .r.H„l. 
•■iiv \\.ll-.iil;.t..| arid, i-stwc-iaiiv >ul|.liui;.-. i.aav hv 
• '""'ltorh.'<-k -hL'iil M-.ciili-. a^ thatMl Uvrli lut. s, 
■ .'■'•. \ iiif-ar .an ii\va\s hr ..htaiiu.j : .vt n u 
■•■';''l'i,l'<-'iii'iL. .1. In Uuv til.' skill is, ,!>.:, !,;,[),,, i 
■'\:-n_ Vin.-at- as a n tri-.-i ant. an.j v. i-v .iiluf. sul- 
.'■•'-"•1'; :i<-i'l IS us, ,i as a lural a irinjfnt m the 
-•■'.catinL' nt jjhthi-i-. 

^''\'''';'y ' ■ ^ '■;'! 'ian.a.. th.- t.ah 

•■'.■' -huiil.i If i,,K,-n :hr.)ui,'ii a L'Ia~-s lahf. 1 t.),,,,,, 

^^^■>^>v vanr ,r\,\ n>rli i. .,it.n u.. ,1 i,, .i„,udalr 

'-• .<ccivt!Mn ..t >ah\a. and hciu-. ailav th.' thii-l <.f 

' ■■'■■ I'a-i, ii:-. I., iu,,rii.k- is a !i\.aiVit.- .h'ink lur 

•'•- |'"i-p"-i;. L;i<--lu- uri.lha. h.,.M n.-nni- 

,!--<!'.''l to(h>M,K,. oirtii.. n,.inhi;uu. m .ii, 

'•nt thtiv IS nu t vi.l, n.'c tha.i this inatm. nt h.-nHits 

tt^f i aiiLht. ]-..|ual parts of lactic ucid and wutt-r 

r f 



. i ' 



1 l..ii. !.. 1 l!.y/...t wa-.r m.-.v 1... .,n,,l,ur,|. V.-rv 

''"'":r'^":"'^"->"> •','"' '" -""• --H wnl, p.Hi 
i< .-lilt-. It H 11 -iial t(> 1 

II i->'i 

^'ln wifl, lactic aci.l :,() ,„•,• 
'-'"•^^^"'••' ^■■.lynnt.. ^hcnn -^ ,..,■ c. nt 

•'■•'"• ='<'-l^' ;■....,.,,.., (.ilM.,accc..,l,l..tiil..,cnlous 

ii' •it'll ill III,. >aiiic ua\ . 

.•^^■'"""/' '"■•■^ /.// ■^•.c.- Ifv,ln,c|,I„,i. anil to 

|rnat..t value ,n that van. t v nf ,iy-j,c,,.ia in wind, 

•^'';. '''''•/'- =''^'="V 'M'l''i".,|. h. ,n^.n son,.. Intl.. 
whuc alter an,, al. A ^..,y n-i,al st, .nu;;iiic ii^iUuiv 

V'^^ ';"•""•'■ "' ""^- ^■■■■•'"•a an.i .una. ..!,.; 
^t.uiKMhic asc.,ni].,,nn.ltinaiucol^Uit,aii. I.act.c 
...Mi ha^ iH.n nse.i ,„,■ ,h., .ani.- ,,.,,.0... A..„|. 

■"■I'-'";"' 7."pl--"ns,,faci.l..ruc,al,on. an.l 
'""•"• l-'th.s,„ir|.n.. ,h..v.|,.,„i,i ,„ ..iv.n.lurin.' 
'*"'"■•■'.'"'■ ';1"""- 'l'!".v'li.M cl,...k i1h...xc,...iv:. 
.-•rntuu' of a..i.l ami n Miain l.rni.-niatinn \u aci.i 
iHi\t:iiv h.n.liis fh.. nai,\v^.inn n{ 
l'n,.nancN MM.l sniail.iiHc. .,na.|,.,„.hi,„,, ,,,,j„^.,^. 
''•" 1"''^'-''1-1 '!"nn._' tvj.1.,,1,1 and .ith.r f.-v. ,-. h.."- 
c-^ms. th,,t,.,n.,f th,. acl ,. much .Inninisju .1 
, ''': ""• »;'"!" ratun IS ,ai-,.ii. V,n..f/ar is 
"7'^'^ ""■••''-■' "i"-:'>.Knti, oniv .i....s s.. hccan.; 
•' lyn^cur.. ,lan> acd NVili ^. t u,, a nuM ...Mnti< 

'""'I. ( a.-nj. taK.n m an . li.rv.M-in.^ inix- 

"";*■• ''■ '! '■'■"^•""" ■■'li'l \MV (tlicail.MlS 7ra,(r!C 

.^.dativ... h..,nt:cial tl-.i.tor.- ,n painful .hZn-p.^ 
^".l.yonntin.'. I 'ilni. .nlpjiui ,.■ a.-i.i ,uav hi. ,;:,<i 
a.- a iiicnin^tatic in hl,,,]i,:^r f,,„„ jj,,. ,, ,;,„.,(.), ^„. 



Illtr.tilR'H. hut its a.-lioM ].; f.,,.I,I,,_ | 


iH ;i!i .i-lnii'. 

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ai;uili..;i. SllVir ;i!i,l m; r. ,. J, \ .1m h! 

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uiiiiut r 

civumiil: ih.. am. ;ii; ,,f h,!.. |„,m,, ,| intml 

'lib liiur-, \s !;ji inii,.,, I, 

'"•IK" ai-i(|s, in- 

:iri' L'Utii. and .- 

!t i> ■Mii,i(i.r,(| ijiat (iv 

l"iii.-;i()ii of' till' livcr. l") 

"■ "iti^tiii,.. 
■'1' lit. wiini 

ikrll 1 

)V \\(ir 

|'"I'>Ul i^ ,111,. [,, ,li 

il;U.- sulphuric acid i.s ,,f 

.t'l l.iL-tcn. 

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llix'lltlil. ,-UJpliaU. vi l.;i,| u 

!'|-'-\i'iit- al)>,.rj.u,,n of I, ,i,l. 

;i- It fi 

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'I'lus an 

•■ '"lis. and 


•"^Durtd Hill 
i-t asts. i . I. 

W 1 ^ , 

'! I" nt'I;- 111 , 

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iiiuin, r <li,ii'il:.i u ;,,,,| ^.^[ 

"'i"y iiiti-stinal 




"', ;in.l ii.jui, 

( ;ifh -aid i. 

'|.u;;lli : (ii thc-i. llic 1 
Mfian i)aciliu>, aiT tli. 

' f'M.ain a nuxtui'e u{" 1, 

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li J- r-i)\sii With a su 

.'i-L<in \ aril i>, > 
'nu-t vuluahl... i 

utic uri,i 

'!i.| niaintaitit li at a i-crtam I 


;/• tliL' Jiul- 

I'"\v,i, r<.r]i,j,u,| 

!'*• until iL IS cuidlt d 
!ua\ thtii 

' ii'I'Taliin. lura crt, 

"■ iiruni. Ill 

:tn,i n,,t tM(, i,it;..,- f,„. ^^^,j 


'■ i':nt ^ a .lav t'or ai 

"I'liiiaiv lull 

1 a nil! 

1^ two 

;ii-!'l I'acilli in il inhilMl tl 

^ii'l m. ^^till 

■ ii'.' II nrL'ani.- 

;ii- a 

nd il 

It' .irrouth nf , Mt. 'SL 




• ctusf in til, n 

" '"^'l''' ■•'<•"' tnn,i..,i tr.un lb. 

h'. t»'ni]nialui-t' and du 

^ ii^'.> a-^ an int..>t!nal ,ii-in[ 

• clam. 



'■ii:ion ,,f Liu- prrpmaiion of 


With thf ap|.;uatu.. u.c,! and 

ir.' ni Ln. . \t. .-nai air. This mil 

ihc I 


hi] In- ,li. 

!"H'. la-tarii-, an.i 
-(-•rihi'd I p. 12i;.. T 

■ iiiliit\ e.l" ti;, hi, 

'1 i-^ ol'u 11 irui n 1 
h ihi \if,v oi II 

«a.-(.s ot ihf lafLtc houi 1. 

K is i-.-pt'cialh 


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;ic. lie ! 

■lilOtf flJfCtS ,lf ,;il! 


all fad \ 

iii-v a; 

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lllf In tilr Uic 

1)1 en 

'■' ii.-f 111 tJi 

if iinin 


i> WL-a 

v. .'ichn 

an.i nuc I'hildn n 

C 1 


"l""\iii_^ Ii„. .jualKv ..[ il 

'Ut It ha> lii.l 

ail, I pos-ih!\ aidiut' ti 

If n 

• aiUf 

i)« ( n pr. 

'♦-' .-'lowth ol 

anif may ha ■ id ,,{ -j 
Mifii f'lipldud lor si-iuAv. and ui \ 

I-" iiavt; anv 


I'l.oru- acid.> wiiti 

itler are said lo do ) 

I L'lv. 11 U,y diahft 



Vf-f table acid- 
tctic and phus- 
«--s ; incifcd, thi' 

nuc- juicf uu.-, UniLn: 


s 2 


^' ^■I III \ Ml i.u \ 

-■"""'-^-""l.-'nvht -w..,n,. .„• ,,,,„ , 
''"''^"':" ''[""^"i-iia^;,, ;.„:,, 'at;., l,,,- 

•' ■'■ ''""""-l-l '1- n:ulM:,l -MT.ti.,,,, :a,.l . , 

••'--^l;to,.n.,lun.,-u,y,-,,.j.nnal.l.. n.-„h. W. til 
-•'•tlK.t til. ivn,ot...l)M.ts., fall ari.U .vn,,t.. ' . 

lO. l'oriiii« \(i4|. 

AlllilDc \i I ( I I : I y ^ 

Bose, 2 1„ io.„. ,,;,;,,::r„Hrsr;;":;t;'::;,,.. 

■""■■,'•;.- ■' "1 '' i'- 1-"<M( Su!uli(.IU. ' 

1 III- a(.|.l i- l.clic\,,j ,,, :,,,,,, 

^""1 " »'- i.,nViv,^ ,, ;,',; """ ',' ■"^. 

«N„I, :,,;„,„. ,..,1,.,,.,; :,.,, ,„, ,,„i„,„. ,'"' •■' 

^;:Z':::'::"" '■'■'■■'■ '^^s.: I,. '2':,r.-';::!''::i 

■ ■■■■'■■ --.^."-"SriT';,;,^';:*^ 

'■."i:::v;::it;;i!::-;;:;:!it;:;;v ,::; :;;/i;:t -- 
^:;:;:,i;'::i::u;;J'::;;;:;— •^;;iH^^l"^^^ 

t "• -t. ,-> a., .huk. from ti,. 1.1. J .;,:„. a' Uu"u' s '"" 
..l,.tnie-th.„ In ,.-„nati..„ 11,. .,'',• ''> ■-!■"" a fiun, 

lil-i- i> \,,,, 
ur!,„i. '1'),', 
uft. iife.i mid 

lai-.,|. an, I vus>ivA \Mth a r..M -u, a • 1,1. ,„.i 

'"■l.l. . a,:.l 1h. suthTs fr,.,n ■ ,. ai tin, M '/ < ,' '~ ^"•' 

U^'^rnu. nuuAnnu, .,f ,1,.. ,- , 1 /"'•. ""^''<"^- Tin. 

"" l!!'.i.Th ami gullet L-f 

>rr,pifr-Kofs vciD 


■■^4>' -^ into th. •[..■lit,, 11. Ml r.lMtV. 

ilj-iotiiiniU urK'dii-. Ml,, ,!,i 
■1. th.To may b.- cMirnsion 

' :!i'I.i:ii.-.l iiii.l swoil.ii. 

'■••n at uiicf, ,'.,;. ,,, in 
HhiliK so.lii : ;iri,l th.ii 

"• 'i'l I ♦••i. D.) MMt 

, "•"! lias \u:;i Uikrn, ,,t!,..,- 
• ■-'■ - .. tl..- .t,.,„.i.n. .\r.r|)him. nmv beini. .■t-l 

■ :'■< i\ 1 1 ■ t ' : 1 

111- iiati.-iiT h.i 
iml iiillaiiiiiia' 

i- iMiilci rr 


l.llUrM'H Ari.l. 

I. \<-|4llllll <^lll|>|||||OS|||||. 

•wlhr.. ...vurv. or, plia.,- 

'"^!:: ,„.^ '■"'•""•'-^ - i.M ^sui. :, ...phnoMs 

• - I ' -'• An a.pi.oii. ~„luti„„ r„Mt.unir,- tlj 

;■ ...a. n: ,o,in,„vi, ^ilplnt.-. M .SO,, au.l ron-.nnii.nM,- r 
'I'-rcnt.-.f ^niphur<„..unl.v,iri.k » ^'•"•-l"""l"u, to 

^ut M.I s iiphunc aci.l. mineral matt.r^. 

Dose, _ to 1 fl. dr. I;. 


A(, I ;o.\. 

>>Mij.l,iir,„is ;i<-ia i.s ^troM-lv .l.' 

-. ana ,.,trU..-,^,oxv,.nso..a.,iytn>,u,.r,utnc 
""-. H i.-li!yd.r uipo.sfs tl,.,u. lu.cotuii...' ■u..lf 

tectant and deodorant, m,-. n, vm,,. of u. ^ '!'^": 

;:u;:s;t;e;dr"'''^^^ ^h..,, .,„.,, ,.,„,,,.,,, 

Internal I: i;,l t. a.t a. a .Itsinf^-tant 

^ II — t'' a. i ini.-.tu,.... hut ,M. v..rv .luuUful 

^:- ''-;n'H..l.M,. to h;uv any apptventll. action 
••' liii> tln,ci;..ii can bf saiViv taiuii. 

' i 




External. Sulphur.,,,. a-„l ,. dn-..|Iv ., ,1 
■•i'liiy.ln.h. IS .Mipir.v. ,| ■,. ., ,1, i, "■ •^."l'l"M.HH 

Ill IMl. rfl(,!|. 

-' '-'-'' n.:.!il;;;;'.''':;;;;'';;;;r:v'--^^ 

Internal.- SM|j,)nn7,„< 

^"n..„tainMMutl,.. sr.una.h an,| nn "n. 
'nm van.ti.- of :|v.|,..,, ;., i,,,, . '"^'r""- 

ill <•( I-- 

'i. t« i«|iiiii IJoiiniiii. 

")r,ii.,. \;.,y 

Ch vi;\i II 1,.,. r.ili.iii', ■ ,> 'I 

Dose. 5 to 15 gr. 

^^ ^^ 1. 01yceri„„.u Acidi Borici. ,;„.„ , „,, 

I\ 111; 

'-.' ' ' ■'■ * 

'■^ i"i iiiDt.itii n f |:, ,-, 

2. Unyuentum Acidi B 



iJOiac ACIO AND l*.)l;\.\- 


It. nuntx. S,h],u,:, I'yruh,,na... ^-.v,,,,,.,,,,.. . 
> '.luilll OiioMillv. .N)i.l;,() .luH <t. 

•^■"'•"■: N">it',i:./,. i,..,.r a.-i^i vv.ti. .iMUUrurl, u.. 

• l-'l ii.itiv.- .a.r.u,,, i„„.a,. wan a .,,.,.1..,,, ..f .,„i .,„ 
I'" imtf. AImi fi.iiii.l ii.ilUf. 

Ci.Aiu. TM.-. rr.m^iMr.ut c.l.url..,. .Tv-[.il>. .ukal..,.- 

' •'' ' "f .'l.vr. rin; n ■! in aluMliM!. 
Dose, 5 to 20 yr. 

1. Olycerinum Boracis. l;.i,,u.l;; 


2. Mel Boracis. i;,„..x. •_' ; .-iv, .-nn. 1 ; ,.l„-.n-,l 

Action ,,i- ];,)i;ic Acid and Ihikvx. 
Exterual. 1:ul1i hor.c ;u-i.l ;in,l hnniv tlrstrov 
■•Munj-.,r-anisni^. uiM a,v th,i. disiufectaut and 
uitiseptic. hui th. u- ^,Mu.. IS 4u^\a, mui ih..y a.v 
::.iirh ni..n.,u-iuc. in im•^,•miIl^. iIkiu ,n mhihuupr 
'■-"uiM.^iti.Hi. The ellcct 1.S exuvraely lucif 
-uliiii.nis (.f i,onc ;u-i.l will ,vli..vt' m-hi.m'. N.iii,,.,- 
ii-l;uKv |.ro,lihvsa„yirnt.iti.)!i. l;,,n(' ulkI is vtrv 
. n'.M ly iiM d in |.!.,Mrvr i.iilk, bulUr. an.l auiuuil fou.l 
Internal. -Jlorax an.l hnnc ucal dun-k thr aai..n' 
- t .ahva ..n sLaivh, hut, if iuiythni- thcv uiciva.-,.. ihr 
^.Uuiu,! llH'^Mslricjui,van.lih..|.uncrtanc<t.,-,vtion 
l-aruT a.noi.nts, hourN.-r, >li,-htlv ,vtanl .h-. ..tion' 
^'1 sull laiv.r aiv -a>tn.-in[r^tinal iniianl^. I'.nnc 
■ 1 i.s ra|.iai; .hininaU d m thr uruir ; il h sai.l lu 
■iKTra^r liK- luva ainl tlit- .|uanLUv ..f iirin,. h is 
'-0 vxcixud m th.>aiiva,MVrat, an-l f;rc.s. aii-l itis . HI raiv ca-,s tu cau.i- ahuiiiun. U niav cau^e 
•I -cuiy .n.j,ti.,n. In i-xceptional in>[anca,-s; wh, n 
i^r-f qaantiti. . have hc.-n apiui.,! tu raw ..ufaccs or 
i'Mifuus lUL-inhraiU'.s nst- (jf tfniprruLun . .h'pivs.sioa 
-I .i>irus, kthh. pul-.-. L-crhyniorirs, hunhar nam 
^lii'unnn.ina, aii.l nausea, vuniitm-, an-l .liarrii,. a 
l.:i\e siiprrveiird. llaiiiilui ^vmj'tonis dn not f^il-os 
-!""!i:;^' foo.l po visvd uiiii h(jnf aci.i il ij.,,- 


• » 



^'ATI:|•r\ MiDrr \ 

'""'"'"'"•" i^ ^lu.ill. sMfl, a. 

' I , , . : . I . ' 

f"Il,.U- ,1 1,,,, ,„,,„,,,,. ,. '■" ,''•=• •'- il"N IM.IV 

'' '! olf\ ioii-lv 

'■' '''"'.^ '"'"i. r,.?. ,1,,.,.. ,„,., ,■,':, ; ■ 
■ 1,1. - 1 s- ''' ' liii' t ;j I I , 



"' '; \1 i i I h -, ,,| J;. 

A- lli.v .i..i|,,t ii-r.':,t,.. 

■" \' '1- AM, l:,,|;\x. 

- ■■ '""■ '•"' '^ •■'-'-. nj.!oy..,| .,,„...<. 

'■ li a Jiot 

1- M:;i(|c 

^viiiiiid-. I: 

''•;•"■ ■•"•'•*• "!ntMH-,,.f' , 
\\lill. Wax I j,:,,-; , 

l:);t rl 

-at,.,-y.o!uri„n..f ,i„ In,:f ,■,.''; -"^."i-n 
""" I'".-'.. L'!',r, .„i, , .>, - ' ' . '""' l'--''!';!!a 

•'" .•inti\,.,,r;,. V.-,.!, s„ T '" '.'''•'•' '"' '"'l'l">.'l a. 

'W'l' I-. i I, ,r 

':' 'i-'n,.r J,,,., it 

i>. -MMharn. ,vc. 

';-:•"' i" ^-(.liih;;^::",;::'"""^ ■■^"•■^ '•"- 


"'■•'. Ill tijf projHirnwi 
^^"":''-. i- (•M-,iM.,n)v,..n, 
'" '• Til.. '■ 

I s 
• "■'• "t Warm 
'■"■>''-" ""ttl„.l,j,.,, 1,1,.,. 

"»""-i'. ( .■'-"'' "''^^^''''"-^ ^--'t... nf rh,. 



L'no.1 w;,.l, f.,r tl,. „H.n,h; (.K.,,in o,' \un;^ , ,. 
"••• ""'•""•'• "'' "Onf,. in,,,. „,,:..,• to i .i" ' 
i'.-'-nm.. „.,la., i„,„, .„• ,nouth wa.},. cnma, k 
n.any,„:Mv,i-nN.„f.h..| .,. - In. » :, i.,.,,.. , V '"^ 

: "' |''\. .111.1 II, II,,, i^ 

;.":■""•'•'";.tlnnuithluv.,ni,^..^. hut i, ... .i,,M.i.,iK ,;, 

- '-^r »'•;■" '-''^'n inttTHMlly ,n tv,.hn:,i f..^.., '.i 

I'l'^lusH l.^^v^lnl.,Ml.,lnli..n..,l^•V.ku, MNn 
>tis.s.,.itnn.i,..v..u-ntaMlnv.,r,), i,,,,,;, 

•nMaatn,n,-a.l, „r.v...,na. Naus. a. I.h,.,!- ai;., t ,' 
-"""n^ UM|,l,anhMannyl,..,.;-.„lu,....|. | 'i .; 

^al 11 

^ I- ' !li' i.iir III ail Hlkiiliii,^ iirii, 
ltoro-;;|>« <-ii<|(>. (S, 

:;n A.tM li-J <.l horic ari.I. 
'•nt nia--;. nwi-lilv su'iil,!,. 

S.ri;, I II 

ClUI: M- 

.'■ r an I a '■ 

Acriox \N-!, Tni:!:\i i i ri. ,. 
, It i; u l-wrrfuia,iri~..pti(., a-i.l i,a, i„ .„ .i,.,i •• 


(AK'lUiN AM. IT.> CnAiJ'orM.s. 
' ' Carbon. 

4 \ici:o. 

' n i-i f>nlv (,•• 

< JMl»o l.iyn,. V. 1 Charcoal. 

i>o:,'e;co to aao'g'.' '""''" "'"■""' '"'""'■■■■ "'" 

r ' 







External, f ),v -liarcnal ..I.M.rl-^ .-k. • ,.., i 

aliSnl-M. (,\vi'. 11 f,,,,v,li, •. J 'i""i. will, ti,,. 

•^'.i"o.. ()r,,,„„. n.att.r ,. 1,..1,.,..,| ,„ i,., ., ,,; " 

\ lM-.^^.s,s,K^.:l^M^..-,.n forth., deodorant.. ^^; 

"•.it.;.>. ii.,d.o,H..,)„..Mtly.i,.,.nl,,n/..s th..,,. I '■ 
Interna,, l-^.n,,,;,,' ,';'■„:,';' ll,,',;, ■■';:• |;''- 

11 " to 

, , , 't {'a^' t)ii< 

. I''' 1.. cau^i. ill, I-,. ,^ ,,|| 

r;i;;.t;::::s;,::,." •■■'•■■■■-'- '-^^^^'." 

iniernal. It ]r.>^ l„,,i -iv, n a. a ju.u.i. r -i^ 
I<-.n^.s,an,l:..-l,H,.,n,.. unhtlH..,l,,,-t;,f ; ' 

'I— II, Ethylic Alcohol. Amylic Alcohol, Chloro. 
^t ,1;, "rTr"";™- ''"'"■ *""« Ether 

III. . . .t.-. i,r.>,luct; l.,cal uii;. .iho.-ia by 



Ih. ^.t.:„a.l. l...ut. ,w,.i ...r.trul M.-rv..,,, ,'.,t..,n ;JVt 
•:^'u:,u.. anl th-n .|..,,n,-..i l.y „...„.. N„r,,u- -„..! 
il.r..| \vii!i tlntii for convnii. ti.r. 

%i.« oiioi. i:i ii\ 1.14 I »|. 

,.,'■•','';'", ^ '■;"■''• '■'''>' n>ii .via,, c .11 jtH. 
|-,tli>l 1, ojr.riMl in r!,.. „mi.. f.,ll.*r,v „.,. f,„r.w 

I. tlrohol \l,s |,„„. \l.,„l„t,.«I,-.,l,ol„tnV/v 

. .''' ''•' ""^ •'■''''■■•■■ '"' 't ii'a.\ n.n'aiii 1 i . ,• .. tit 
• ifjht of WHiPD. (»ft,.ii callr.l "niroh..! ' 
S.,r,... r. l{,.,nusr. I,y „„.;,„> .,f ,,,n-kii,n... at l..a>t '.. ,,. r 
. Mf w.itn- f,.,in I.-.. stn.nK'.'th.vlic iiic.hol. and thm -iMil 
niu;N. rm,. .\ colourl... tluM fr. .• fn.,,. o.L.ur ^^ 
"'•••».. '»•,!.•;!. r,.ntai,Mn,.t !.-,, tktn 09 ,.. ,■ ..'nt.',;. 
,;;' ^^^r^.'^^ •• ^"■;! -t -nnr. than 1 i^ r .. u. w^ter. 

1- l.><:iti.-utu-. 
I—'I to iii.ik- .lilorMfoim .1-1.1 f,,.|.i.,,- s,„li, Kthvl.iti^ 

PH '^;w'''!"*'V" ««•'"«' :«lii-. i: ... . i Spirt 

Ethyl Hydroxule. 90; Water. 10 , 

,„,;;;;"^"- '"■•^^"""'y'^^'-.t'i"...ff,.n:,..„t...i-.....|.ann. 

CMUi^.rK,:.^^•,.TK.■■.. Colourl... -,,,. 
^''!" ."I'li.l Nwtl. .1' rn^f. Sj,. ,r. u s:u. v.^ r,.,..|,,.. 

•'••'• .•vaporat...i. (M.-ar uh..„ nnx.-l w.ti, r ,'d....n. f 

"'■! r.~m.| N„ u.ipi,a>ai.t s,„ wl,. n . vap, ,.,t..| i..„n 

■ '; •|-".i tonth.r t. -;, _-u,.u n>tl,.. I'l. ir.n,i..,p,. ,a 

■•'•tf»-i -p:nt. l;. i-, 1...-,. ...H,tai.n„« l .v.- p. ,• ,.,,, ,„.,r.' 
'!""'"•'• <'" '••"^'"i.' alcho] ;ui.l ■.v.u.T.curUra.t.o,, ,,f „,i,h„.. 
-■1 ns... I.,.r... ,....,.,. Wl,..,, ,...1, „ „.,t,„. ;. 
. '• -nil.f.i, th.> coolr.l liq.u.J > I,. . tiip',,v..i 

II..- four :.m,-i.d l,.,ui,h ol.t:iin..i by :i,lu"lii.^. alc-ol,..; 
■" i-rciir.) With .ii,t;!;,.l ..^ jt,., ,^.„. •' ^ i ^ n . 

J. \lroliol 70 |Mi «,„t. , ., ,„„ ,, ^ 

■ '■■'•" '"'1 ■■'■■'■> -1 "^ :!. ■■ .il tl.:.,| uat.-r 

, 1. Alrohol ,<H» ,MT rr„|. /.^ ,„/„„., , ,,„, „ ,,, 

;,I ('..U p., ,.,.,t.i . .-..i.;.-, ,1. , '. ,|:,til|,.,i r ' ' 

.■5. ilrohol ,1.1 ,»,.,• ,-,-ii|. /.vrn/umo i,.., ,. ,.. 

' ' '■'" '■"' ! ' ■ '"' ;i ' • ii.till.-.l WHt.r 

*i. llrol.ol -20 ,M-r i-v»tt. h,, v.'uon. , ^ mn - ... 

'■''•'■^- '■'"!- ■•i^t.i . ;;.-..-,.. ,. . .•.,i:.t:il,.,l vval... 

r. ?-|HllHl. V.,h,;:.||H.i. Syn..ny,u. l;..n.]y 













A .-^PPLIEn ihvVIGE 


MATi;Hr\ MKDir'A 

( )iM.\(T)-:im. J,,j,r},t slurry 

(■m^an:- n..t_ less than 1:1" cont. ,n> mlum.'.A eth'lic 

colour, jifc-iliur H.^nur. 
alcohol, -.itli a volatil.. oil ari-i -.vfral Kli..n;. 

Mistura Spiritus Vini Gallici. S,,v,<niim 

^■•^■A 111.,. i;.,u .,. t)„.,voik> of two eggs with hall an 

:;":"'•• "• ,-^';T '■'"■' "'i'l "f 'Tandy an,! cnuKuuon 

•> a!>l , I .ll'll I |] . r I,-. 

Doso. 1 to 2 fl uz. 
*». \ iiiiiiii \«'ii( mil. sh. 

ClI \K \i M i. . \ 

i.r. ('..lit, I, 


!'-"'-'' ^^'ii'-- I'.i" y-Uowish^hrown 

ethyhc alcohol . uh ..i! .. o,l„,n„;, Inalt.r.. J., an.i ^at.', 
-" '" ''•'■''■•■ •"' \n.a , ■•..,., ,,; n,, two nia<lf- with ora.iu'.' winr 
!».% IIIIIIII \iii:iiiiii. (Haii-o Will. 


Am rant of Ktiiijlic Alcolwl b 

Alcohol Altsolutiiiii 
Alfohol (r.s.i'.i 
Sj)iritu- lit (■Ii;i,ai;i- 
Alt'ohcl l>i!utiini 1 1 > r i 
Whisky . . . ■ 

Jiuiii. tiin. Strong Licjmin 
SiiirilusT(nui()r(l'r<K)I Sjn 
Si'iiitii- Villi (iallici 
I'-n . . . ■ ■ 
\ iniiiii Alhiiui Foiiiii-, I r.v !■ 
Shcrrv anl M .!. ■,., 


riinoii\ intj'ortan 


I i 1 1 - 

'■•'■' v'-r r.nt 


'i 1 in .Vt 
■"•I lu ■".'..• 

."i7 "'.' 

■-'" t ' .ID 

lo t.i ■-'■_' 

,/'■'•• -^i""^''- '"-'"•..1 i.yA.-tof I'a.liani.nt a^ - I...!,,,, 
-urh as shall, at a t.,„i...ratur. of 51- F.. ..„,, . .Hc'tlv'-' n n 
;" a" \'\nul na-asun- of .ii^tilh..! Nvater.' W, ak. r .ppa's an! 

!:-""" "^n'»-ol/-an.i.t.o,...r.,„rits-over,uo.;f.-' Tlnl' 

. - ... ver proof nuatn a luixune of alchol ;uui uat.r 

-''^•n 1- l-.-t.on that ..o v„Iuui..s of this unxtur... uh.,, 
'i'hit,.| uat.T t,. ).,.,: .la. imxtun- pr-of .-,.,,.o ..;..:.: ,.. - 

nnxtu';; 1 !'n ^'" ' -' ^'•-'■""^ ""■'"^ |.-^.."' •",: 

mix n..,p,oo.puu .... .at-r .ontauuu, ui J(.<M„huucs 

<•' of pioof spiiit aiiil !.'."» of .vattr. iMi i;. 


Viiu'in Alhiiiii ( I '.S.l'.i 

\ inuiii Ai.iaiitii 

Hn,k .' 

Clant . 

Ci.itr ... 

Strong All- or Su.iit 

iJttr jiii'I I'm It r 


111 ;.. 1.; ' .. 

1 I I ; , . 1 -J 

'•' t" 1-i 

- t , \-2 

o lo :> 

'' to :• 


At TION «i) Al,< I i||i )|.. 

External, li is an ;,!iti-. |.ti.', ).!, \tiitiiii: ih,. 
ti'TJimlioii (if ;iiiii killing' I'utr, f.trtix , l.act.-ria. If 
;i['l>lit(i lo the .-km. ulcdhcl (luicklv . v;i|.niat.-. it 

;il0rcf01-l- (-..(iks the skill, wlllcll r,.Il~\ ,|M. IltK l,.culllf,- 
l';ilr tVoiii the (.•niin';icli..n (,1' i),,. ,,Iii;il! \.-.s,.ks- 
-nlii- li) tliis K-ss >\\,.at i,- s. n-, tcl. A!, i> 
:k ;- i-cln;_'tr;tiit. a.-lrinL'Mit. and anliKimtic. I'.ut. if 
• \ai.nratinii is inwci!!. ,i ill ;in_v wav. -u.-li a- l.v a 
u;ir.-li.._'hi^s (,)• ;. |, (il LMi'ta |Vrciia.(M- t In- a Uailiol 
'■ nikli.d 111. It .iiii(-k!y aiiM)ri,-, wai. r iVom ilu- -kin. 
>ii.l thus liankiis It. llavin- pa.-s,.,i tlimiiLdi tin' 
' I'l'l* niiis it (lihitcs tin- v»s-:.-ls, cau-c- ;i f. , lint.: ci" 
'.'•.sniiili, and i-rodiiccs a rubefacient t-t't. ci. Ithas 
ilii- ])o\vt r (if (-naMuhiliiiLr alhunu-n. i.ui iIk- (-(i.-ii^iilinn 
'jmc-kly ivdi.-solvcs. ll c-si ia(-ts water from all irsMi. ... 
Internal. Mn/dJt.- \V|„ „ ri.n.-mti-ai. d. ,-.i,-,.l,,,l 
i-"diicfs a f.-.lini,r ,,f wariutii. <>r (»ft,-ti ( vcn a burn- 
ing sensation, in th, niuuth. If h. id thcic tm- xmic 
liua- ill. ali.iniicn of the .-^ujurfinal li.-suc, i^ coami-, and ih. nmcous niiinla-an.- In (-om.- \\li?tf, 
';;iiL'(-.-tiMl. an.! opaijii... Inn th,. apih-acani-.- socii 
'ii-appcars. as th,- foa-zulnm is n-dissoh, d hv ih.. 

liuld.^ of tilt- tis..lU.,. l)n-..Ctl\ tli(- ajcollnl isj,";;- i,. 

tlu' mon.lli t!a-i-e i.s an incii-a^cl llnw ..f -aiisa. and 
liii- I'ulsf may 1m- .|iiii-ki-ii. d ; tJi.-,- iv^uUs an- ivll, \. 
'"•■ tli.yoc-cnr l.fl.uv ih. r. is tDn,- f<,r tht- alr(.ji.. I i,, b,' 

, l,.,>vl.. .11 »-._.! • ., 

■ ' =■ '■'-'- »vA^Li »;i.M/l j.indi -iu.iii aiuiMiills -Limu- 

lau-, lar-L- amouiit.s dcpivss il:.. .-, it. tion of ,-^alivu. 
Alcohol Im.^ a .sli^^ht local ana-.sth. tic i-nVct. 

Stoinach.~]{hVi- aKo. if tlu akajhol is sulliciL-rjilv 




- / 

>' \i i.i;i \ MI \>u •> 

'" ';'"■"'"■■• , '';"'■• '■'■'•■'^ •|Ua„tiiK.san. ^iv. M.ih.. 
.UMSU-K V, .U ,|,h.,, . ti,,. ,nucuusiuciiihr.,i„ 1„ ,•...„. < 
'■••'.'• ■'""','";'. '- ii" iiMT.a^r.l .sirivtiou of -iiM,ir 
JHlr. . Ah [his VAU Im- -■,,,, i„ },.,j,,„.n i„ (..,,,„ ,,f 

^'"- -'I'l-titr i^ .-liai,,, uii.l ih,, ..,,,1,,,, fi„. 
<'.'^lnnjrn!u;i,un ui:!, lii.ii.y i„„i,l. of i;ik,nL' a liui,. 
al.-oliol nni,i..iial.l.\ \>,l\nv naals. ainl al~,, [}„• 
<•'""";"" . xi'.iuhc. thai ak-ohol tukrn .liiri,;.- m. -,1^ 
;';;'-''-'-"•■"• '^=^!>oinark.<liyJncnu>,!ivitv 
;;' ""• --'-^n.- liHA.nuins an.l proiiiMt, , at.-nri.t,,,,; 
IhuMh. r..a.v s.-v.raUav. u. ul.„-h moderate doses 
ol alcohol may help the digestive process, an.i \Uuy 
iia> a.-:iiaM;. W. i,., „,- U a:. -i. hv reninM,;,. (Jh- .m.-,]^: 
'■'"'^'■'"^ '" -;au.,itnn.. altrra .nral. ihat al.-..hnl 
aM-^ .i;-,^^t,.,n. and |,y lhmii- i)„ta»iuui i,,,!;,!,. h, 
^-w.d ihatit iurna..! .he rapidity nf .I,.,-,,,.,,. 
\\i!h -mail ,i(..M.s lis L.l}<rt(.n tla- f. mi, ni^ i~ ',11,,- 
l';"'a>.f. iii-mu.ra-,.>-if.pnMli,.-. local aiursthesia i*„ 
"" -;"''^"•i'•an.iM.:Mnaya■ll.^, -a ~: ri,- ,,.„,. J;,. 
l";i<li"i.l. ■.M,t , I, composed int.. al.ic-h\,ir add a^..ll(• 
:..•l.t. anW rnn-.,!,,, „th -n:::, .,1 I h. P, j ^i n. I .., .f .,„ - 
;Ui<lpr..!.i,lsa.vp,,.upita;,,i. Thi- lund.i- .l,.:...t„,„' 
''"t i.^uaih not si.lliruuily looaldu thr aal\iu.. fi 
t !'• Na-.Mii;,rdiIat:,tinn. tlio increased .i.c-ivtam and 
""■ -"'"' '-';•"'•":. Tia- ,:!■ large doses 
IS very harmful. 11... ..-uviiy „f ih.. ...stn.- juir. 
'" ''^-}':"}"i; !'•'■ '-'astrir walls air indanu.l. hu-v 
;l'i.n.mie8ol ii:urn- niv ,.mi. d out. and if tl,t. mv.t- 
iiuliilL'vncr IS contmutd elironic -asiri;i, . n-n, . iln- 
^M<in.- -lands atrophy. ;,n.l cons. .puntS u- .., i -j ,. 
I''n,i;i]„nt dyspepsia of drunkards. 

-^ ;"-^"''' •'"-'• -I" :^i»--hul inii,,d;,r..I into tii, 

-ouuarh m a e.uuxnir.Ut -i turn.. ,.;. ,uat hrandv 
iinin..iiat(i\ prodii.-.s important reflex effects 111,. 

vessels nt!h,,.uh,,l.h,,dydilat.-.,..p,.ciallvtii.,M'ui- tin. 
.-Ian ; heniv rh, iv i.- a U eiin- nf warmth. The hloud- 
Pivssmv a-c Tiu., rcJex ellcet.- are well seen in 

Al.( I iHol. 



the iiiinifcliatr r. >ti 'iMii. lU of a f.uiiliii/ person li\ tli.- 
itiL't-tiMn tifa siiiL'l.- ilo>,' of" l.raii.iv . hiliitc alci.iiol. 
. /. li' .-r. do. s not jM-(iiii;c, [li,:ii. Thrv ;,r. .luicklv 
f.jllowi il li\ l!if cti. i-t- (il au'ohi.l iijioM it.f fimiiat !oii 
■liii lo il.-> jin-st iir. il, ill.. (.!(,(„i ;ili, r ali-or]'iioii. 

h.ti'.stn, ,■.'..— II. If al>-o}i(il li.iv; ;i ,-lj|_ri,t astringent 
rihct. ami< 'iutiiti_\ it iii:t_\ .'li. ck .nanh.ia. Il 
aris on th. 1' mi'iiuiic a> on tilt- .-ii!:\arv .-fcr. :i((ii. 

Ji'""i. Alroliol is aliMJiiitd .juickly an.i niuiv 
lar.L'iI.v \>\ the li'iood v. .—. 1> th;ui the lart.als. Il is 
-aul lo ini'i-.a-f and Unn diniini.-h tli.' arno JMij.l 
ii.ovt nicnl,- ol ill. wliiti- liioi)d (•' >rp!!-t'!f-. 

..T' injK r.iti.t, . Alcohol 1-, antipyretic, low.i-iip.' 
tlic (finin'ratiiri' in lf\< r. an.i witii kui.'. do>,- m 
h. ah!]. Thi-i is clii.Hv i\\\i_' to ciitaii. (.ii< ViiMiilar 
dilatation and rapiditv ot ciiiMil.ition. l.ui al-o ^liL'htlv 
ptriia).-^ I.) L'tii. ral liimiiu-h. d (.\idution, 

.1/, './/■- /.s//,. A lit;-, ol' IJJiin,. u,ii. of a\riaL,'. 
stri'iiu'th in'oduct s I'V it-^ oxiiiation as i;,iudi licat u,- 
live or six lald.-pounfiils of ojivr oil, itn.i an ounct- 
"f I'l-aiidy \iilii- KM) iMl.ui. s of fn.i-_-y. N.ith.a- thf 
nitak.' of (.xyu^'n u.r the oiitjHit ,,f ciirh. .nic acid L'a- 
1^ all.i-. d l.y uk-o!),,;, thcivfuiv .i,, i; ha. |,, ,.,, ,.\jdi/,(i 
11 th< hody it saves the tissues and is a food, i;* 
I'.atfii oh-.rvalion> ha\i>ho\\n tin- | ro.if of thi-. for 
a!lhoiiL,'h liiodf!-ati' .jo-i- (.f al.''^iiol 1,\ tlit ir to\ir 
actional fir.-t inn-ta-. nrotcin inciat oii',!,,. \.i m a 
1. \vda\s the} dniiiin-ii liif .nitiuiidt ui-. a and uric 
acitl U <.|- 7 I'.r c. nt.. aial hy -Jirir oxidjilion jiroi. in 
Ti-->ii. s ai'f ~|. ■',!■. ,1 ; and that i\ H a fo.ui i . also pj-()\(.-(i 
■ th.' fact thai th.' Wfi-lii of ih-\ nia\ he 
.!:aintain;-d if a hirut- aluouiil of alcoiioli.. tak. d, 
' x.'ii ifthc ic-t of the food is \,-rv .-hiall m an,. Mint. 
. :. ulli Ic iiolic. li iha' It i^ ;i t. <ni wjii.ii can h. 
.ih.soriud Uiihoit an_\ pri \iou.s cHl'. -m n. 

The diminished oxidation ol tissues h, piu' nni-ii 
more in.triM-.i m iatty tiiao in [irott in li-^ai.'-. mav 

iiahitual diinkcr- of 

.,' » 

aiL'.- .jiianlltic.-' <.f alc.fiol. 

had lu an inijifrttcl coinhusUon ol fat. nllv 
11 accuninlait -^ in the tissue.s, and obesity, winch is 

r :: 




MM'i.l.M Ml:l)|C\ 

nfl, 11 iiii-it:i-'rii liy llic ,ilil(»iilH of -;-H-c!!'tr;!!i' iniMfcr^ 
lllilt iilcoliolii- licjui'l-; r-diit . ji. :., .) 

ilC'plil-tS ;i \ilvL-tV f ' 

;ll' li 1 iy ill ; jii> ;: i 

larx'«.' (I'jSfS liic t 

Ciirnhittun. in. lII.m., ,\\un\ tho L'UvuliUioii 

r<-tif\ly [iroildct (I hy sliiiin' iliou of iht; laouth and 

iiiiii.i-h liavi- already in. n jiM-iif !'>n»"i. After al- 

<''||i"l i^ ai-snrlicd it iiithiiii. iii;ir!c(.'(llv. 
It beats more powerfully aiui more rapidly, tin* 

l"il-'; i'.roiM, tMil. r ; ih. ..■ ivsiiit • ■ -Li,- [., th.- 

1" '■'!''" ''i! ariiial dilatation and ; iiMnlatini.' 

• '^ ''t <i'i !-!:'• li> :r ;. Tin- \.i-i liri'd .t,,,! 

up-. II. ,il! Ill, vessels of the skin dilate ; ih. ;■, tuif, if 
li- pr. vioiisly t'.il (•.,!. i, 'ii, [. I---:: -.vii^) h;,^ vAnn \\iv 
altiih.i! i. ,l- w.uiM. 'I'll, blood-pressnre rises -^I'^'iitlv, 
ilif iiiiMvaSf ! ■ , ,,,'j 

l>»-n-^atili^fi)l (:■._ ^a-j .iaia;i.iL.ui.<!!. i l;eiUi\ ol . il.n.-; 
of a!'-'di^'! nn 'Am circnl'irinii .ift, i- .1. sorption apptar 
".'" ;. ■ liify art' idtarly lu lin.-f dur lo tiif r. llf\ -tiiuulus f!-.,ni tJu' 
>toiii;udi. and lluTrforf ihov foiitiuii. til. mi. Thf i-,.- 
- lit of tltr itiiTfa-'. d .■•-.••il ,*i,iM liiruii^di thi- v.i!-ii U-! 
or-ans i.s tiuit tli. ;iter udvanta^'t- ; \u nr.. 

tliL' nil ntal fai-ulln's are bri^dit.-ned Inj' a t.i:;.. , tl.( 
mu-^ciilar stri-nirtli .seems increased. ;!.,»re urine is 
pasM'.j, ;iiid tli.- dcin p. i-.r.ires. 'i'ite pcr.sun wlio has 
laK.ii th.ah- uailyf.'»ds-.'.-neraliv better 

'"' !• I' - uhva;. -onie ])er.sons 

h:i\i .1 l.t .pi.i. ;i, fu i, :^1 \^;,\ ' (,., iiiiinediatclv afirr 
ahohol. Till' :■ tn-,,l,:i!,: ';,, <!;, \,.sm1s of 

the abdomen .vily thai 

almost all th< ' iie body i.s m iheni, and euii- 

siMjueiuly thei. i - s, . iitth- in the brain, 'riu-n- are 
many individii:!! t-.-isl-arities in the ell'eets of alcohol, 
't lias be dly prov.-d thai these j,'ood 

reMilt-; are IniL irunMto y. Th,- heart, uhhoie^h at 
fir^t stimulated. i< more exhausted after the stimu- 
lation hu^ pas>i.l utl thai! it ua-^ b. !' ,ir . 'J'his i.-i 



tnu. ;il^o of all iho or-in^ of tlio ho Iv stiinubitp.l hv 
tlio im-rea.s.Ml oin-'ihition inil-io.,! bv ilc .liol. [^ 
iii;uiy cifni.iii-ns tn^j aivti.' cxiM-lirions ,t h;is' 1„ . n 
f-miul that lithM-p^.h at fir-r th.- in.n. iiftrr takii," 
a'coh'-l. .•cMiM do Mioiv .voik. v.t soon th.'v folt ^o 
tiiT.I an, I ,Ahau<!r.|. ih .t .hi ih.' whole th.v (',,,,1,1 .1 , 
injich iiiuiT uiiliM,,t thin -.virli thr alcMh,',!. Lar^e 
doses of tl-.iiol .Jo not Miniulf. tli.- hrart at ■ill • 
•:i.y pa-.alyse it. hoih ivih-xly from r.h.. stomach an.i 
.ftcrah.orj.t,,,,,. Knonnou. ,lo.... j„,ur,..l into tho 
-•oiiiarh 1.,!! iihno>t ii, hv r..{h-x urtion 
A .iniukanl Nvh,, --; •• ,1. ad .h-nik •' i.. accuratrlv 
i;.' ikiii-. o!,.' who IS kill..l hv th.. paralvsin.r otr.rt 
'^ iMiul on th.-, hit th.' phra^' is ofttu 
appluMl to any on.- who i-, vn-y .Inuik. 

!^' \"'''!i n. -Th.' ripi.iity of respiration and tjj« 
:i'i>'_i':nt of an- hivath.^d ar,- .li-htlv incr.'ase.r by 
■.rdiiiiry d ,s..s of al-oh.d. Wdutht-r this is du." '', 
jnniula'i.ui of th.' r^.pirat.^ry c.-ntru in d.)ubtful 
\ .ry Iar,'t' doSfs dcpr. --: it. 

S':!>i. -Alc.diol i< a mild diaphoretic, partlv 
b.'.'aus.. of us vaso .hlator ar<tir„i. an.l perhaps a^o 
("'.•ause ot nilhieiico on the sweat-. 'lands 
As j.istnientione.l.the c-itaiieoM.s vascular .lilatation 
Mads to a f'''din.^' ofwaruith if the patient's outanoius 
vessels were pnvioii>iycontracte.l from cr,M. h mav 
("■ that part of th. antipyretic power .)f al.-ohol i"s 
diu'to increase.! r a.hatioii h-om the.hlat.d vessels and 
also to evaporation ..f the increas, .1 auDiuit ..f sweat 
It H P' rson ;s ,„ a eold atinosph.n'/alc.hoh by increas- 
ing' th.. radiation from th.. skin, hmis to the los. of 
>;o mu.di heat that h.. may .he from coM. althou-h at 
tirst the mcrea^'d cutaneous circulati..n. inakin- 
mm feel warni.r, -.nv, s him a .ielusive fe.din-' .;f 
••varnith. "■ 

A7.7n.'//s. --About 2 p.T cent. (,f the ale, .hoi in. 
-'estea- unless largo .piantitics are taken i.s 
' xcreted unehaiig;-d, iiDstly in the urine, to a le.s3 
extent m tli.' ..\pir.d air. .)nly tho trace in 
-weat, and m the milk or fLoccs. Must of it i.^ 


M \I f.l:l \ M1.!)I' \ 

oxiili/i 'i 111 rill 1 ■■'!;. . 

this in cliiilly a sccomi 

but i' [ii-iil al'lv ' , 
\ ■ 


hill ;m 11 a 
iKili. 1 In ' 
))tr-nl) \\\\i 

aii'l hiilliaiitiv . 

I' ;niM <huretip . 

ill ot 1 
« (.•ll_\ on till u'i'HM ; ,ili. 

ihc (Iom !).■ \, TV l;tr{,'tih(' 
stiiiiul ite(h II Iv <lii-cctlv. 

cud. 'Vh( 
... , '.r.' !!ii i.'U 
harpt'i.i i. In 

ht!.iij;of stronuih. aini • actually >\\i>w 
liiai CM rtain im hlal juic-isrs jirf .-tiinulated, »./. 
th'T" i.s :i ■■'](•■■ r ill ■^■rin;irririf.n (.f ;.. , i-Iv -iinilur 

111 • xallulioji ol ii. • ' Mi'f lunclH)U> qiiicKlv 

|)a>-f^ into nMc III lit |;. --i..i, ihe hi'^' fiwictioiis 
lii'inu' afh'Ctid tirst. and t!;.- -t-!;,!!.:;!. :. ■.iv.t] <1. 
jirt'S-iiih of fiiMclinn | ' ■ i . 

hii'ln -I 1(1 ihf low , ' . ;. iiun lu , i 

ilhl 'Ml!t - l.iilh ihr i,;> L i:),iL -linin hi : j ■!. ; ii-l.wlV 

.-lite. , ill .1 hy (1( pfi ssion, and a!^n \\u- "law ol' 
dissohitii>n." whndi i|t. lul -i.i • inctions 

\vhi(di have a j»jK-an il la! • ;hc annuM -i li- ot" 

tip inih\idiial ai'i- llu nni-i v ,i ji lo inliucneL'. ihn-i 
uhiidi l];i\f :!;il'ta:"!d ):irh-!" iM'i h ~i:i-v tr, h.''n- 

■ ■ I't'il. WhU'i: :i ;■. 

1 lit ,-i:iMMi:iUon and -ui 
ir:"!'i.n tht It t'l):-. 1 :•(■(•. , 

■he hJL" 
ilic J(i\vt- ■ ..,-: lii-ni^ 

r ■,,1... : 1: ! 

tli('.-<- liUirii'iii^ \wucii 

tin- last to t ■ '■:'*"■ !- 
s(ijiu-nt d( j 
in a di-ci n'i: ! 
lirinly 11 \« i; 
Ji\t-d. Thii i.. 
vi-ry early ly iho! 
tJiMi. lilt t 111 : ' 
r. ni.Lii) stin 
lion mH-<. ' 
i-niotion-. 1:, . 

spt-'ch, lalkiny inculicit iuly una iincKi_\ : -iiortiv 
alit r\var(U hv rannot talk at all. l>iit can nniv niaki- 

t "Ii i: ,1 nu us '. I ii:> 
^■•ri -nhirlv. h;it thi- 



'•■■ Ion.-] ;i ; Ml--:.- /,f ,,,. ,.l , 


i. \.' 

Ul.i.l tlillu' IjillJSt'it'. H' 

■ " >^')on tli.y ;ii\ 1 

;n<'ms.|..u.!..p,.,i ,,:,. .,^,.^,, .^^^, 

■ :i.l r!i,. jo' caniint .-,,,],.,,•.; )ii'...,.l} 

'■v.iik -Lr.uuht, and p iiiatioi; 

'Its pa>...s into th- nn.ui.tyi.,',i„ ih. ni ar all" 

tlln.a-t.vityoftluT..(ir.x-....„f,... „f ,,,., ,.,,,.,j r 

h.\ud. ;h. patient p., : i.: ,„,„ ,,„,, f^..,.,- 

':'■ '"'"■ . ' I" " til'- r. -piratory r. ntiv, which u .. 

■ inn.U auuulatnl. h..,„ni... paraly...|. hiva-hin- 

"iniruh. au.l th.. fact. H livi,|. La,fiv, ih.- h. ■,,.'' 

wa.,Usoat|ir>t.ti.u i.:,,i, i. i^^.ralys,.!. an,i 

"'"'■'• ounls tW lu. lucL tiiai injum-s Nvhirh 

' . : soMT ni;.n rl,, not kill a dnn.K.n .,»,• 
■;'" ''•■•"•f =^"'1 '•• r .win^' to ihr j,vn,.rai 

"^'■•'1 'I. lue.-^ion. a.v nul antrt«.,| ivfhxlv by thon: 
I .Myc-.,„Md..r thai with alcohol an'l dri...'; of"si,nii.,,: 
•n ■..'. chlorofonn, th- apna,. „• s^niulation of 
\MM-ccn-,p.<rKvlly(t.u.tod. ./i ofinhihiti,.,, 

• "*';vous dqwvssion .- I depend upon a 

M-t-oi, .,t the ternnn.,1 i .uu. nts of a\on< 
•■,"■ • H..!^ rendcHTV' ^vna.w... I - inri„,a:,, 

' ■ ■ ' ' "! i-'.'! food. !••; 

mi I i.'icL on iii« ,, ,; . , 

,11 • 'i'lli'K.'v 

.■■ •■ ' ''^'P^'-^ '■ - 1 >^v.■:• 10 Uo wo.k. and 

■' '^''' 'M^-nn:. .:n.ds sho;v at lirst a 

"^'7/'; 'I'l'' powers, and uith 

is Mnall do^. s p.-1-haps at first stinnilate 

' '""^ "■ ■ ""'i "1 this direction is 



1,1 • i 

i- — '-^tcuuea -pint to oiu- 

'. ".N ilt-r torui the l^ono St.: if'), ..f , i,,,,. 


M^TKl^r^ MF.itir\ 

cojxiiiH. |{:iu'- "i" liii' ili|i|H il in it ;irt> MipliKl to 
spraiiu'il joim^, Knii < ^. ,\r. Tli. ;i! t\;i]iMritt--, 
(••■nU I lie 1 III It, C'li-i 'I'h lifly till' v»~s»l-; cmif ract. ;iii(| 
iiil! initMati'iri iii:iy tlin- !>•• clif. kt d. At tlif -ani<- 
tiiiM'tlif !()im1 an.i -tlntic cITi ct <if thf C(>M riljcvrs 
ill' piiii. In a -iiiiilar \\a\ iiiiny \aiii-ti. - nf hiKJ. 
adif iii:iy I'c (K.iliiil l.y |i;itliiiii^' the fori .'ua'l \\i'!i 
(iiliirtaii ill- ('(ili)'_'iif I If I'iiv I'uiii, wliicii consist , ,,f 
oil I if Mifrriii nrrt's. \t\ ; .>il ,,f oraiiu'c i" . 1. 1 ; of 
jiiiinntn, 1 ; alro'i'J ''I jiM' (•.):!. . lL'"J(t: wit.r 

to linOd. I'iMlniy <']• -Mlili nth. I' fnllu i.t' ll' .loj 

i'^ oltiii n-t'l to laili.' ill' -j\iii in niiii r ?o h ir'N ti 
it l>y al'-tia<'iiiii cf \\:'<r. .unl tlm- pii-\iiit iln- 
fill ma! ii Ml ot li'l-i ii'i s iti" crark' '1 ii'ppii--:. Spirit 
lot ioi g (la)'li' ij on tin- -Kin may, l.v luiin- "f tin- 
1mc;i1 va-rnlii- f. in'rait iMii proili;,-, ,1, ,^r,,p -\vi at in(_,'. 

Ali-iijiol 1 ;Mi(| ill. M-; ,]\ tin- II I- of I,iliili!(lit!lIU 

Canipliora' Ai:'!ii. iim; uni. i- 'iiniiii'inlv i niplnvi il t'l-r 
it ^ nil'i faci.iit ft''i ct. to ai.i th.- al. orptioii ,,f ii.i'aiu. 
tiiatnry pro.iii(t> atid to i-i|i,\i. j't')), a- in I'lu' 'uic 
1 hi uiii:tti-;ui, lii\:tl'j-:a, ,. ■. 

Internal ][■,■''. A littj.' hraiidy h. M in t!;.' 
mouth will hral.'iMl an.i tin ric a';-l r.h.Ac tooih- 
acht'. \!(r)hfil i-; u^. .j in th.- form of ;i isuri'lv i>f 
p'irt win. for it- pi.w. i- of prfcipitatiiiLr alhiiiM.ii and 
actinu' a- all a^ti'iiiL'.tit in ca-^.- "{' chroiiic <!.!•.• 
throat, t \ct--;i\i' saliva! i' in, (ir intiannuaiion of tlic 

Stniiiuri!. I'lcaii-o it incrrasc- the -♦■ci'ttinn of 
Lra^ti'ic jairc. the va<cnl;iiai\ ami tht- mnVtiiuiiN of 
the ^toma.h. alcohol ■,i\i]<i d'\i'r<[inu anil ahsorptioii. 
It inii-t only he 'akcn in -mall ipiantiti. -. for laru'e 
amount-^ para!} .• the -icritii 'ii ami causr L'a-friii-;, 
iitii] uiiiiiia!i-ly ' to atrophy nf th.' -.'astiic iriands. 
It -honlil 111- L'i\. n jir-t hrfmr m" ihu'int,' a nnal. It i-^ 
harmful in amti d} -p.psia. hut for tin- indim-stion of 
Uif ;il;i li alio in h > . or for :iio-f wiio -arc Uioroii;^'iiiv 
t'xlmusttd hv ovi rwurk. it is \i rv valuahlu, as the 

M ( ' >ll' >I. 

I I 

stom.icli slian s in the c:»ii( ml «\1, unction. It \< ul.-o 

'iM fiil l„cauM- it mcrt-as,.. tli. :i}>j>.tit.'. ;iii.l it i-^ a wliic-l) is al.M»rl>r.| without pr. viou^ (ii" 

<»\vni- toit;^ jinM.>?li,tic prop. ,t\ it may nh.Vf pain- 

fill (lysprps.a. aii.j \v,a\ ch. dv Nomitui'v'. esprcialiv if 

t •!.' Ji \yitli (Mrhonif aci.l ..m-. a^-. f-r ..sampl. . in tli.- 

1 riu of fhanipa'.'nr (.1- hiaiidy iiii^i s<Ml;i-u,it,.,-, ,i„.l 

i'<caii^<; It iuci-fasfs ili,. a.-tivity of tlir ^-astric imm-- 

- "- 't ln:i\ n li.\r llaiiil, ,.,•,. A sin-.'l.' i\»<o of 

•!""' -pint- poun.l into ih,. stuijia»-ii \< u\\, u , ,,1- 

■■'.•>"l \Mtli •-•r. at l.'iM'tit for it, r, ;!, a .-tiiuulaiit 

• ■ "11 t!i. •iiTul.itioii r,r ih-r ulio iiavr faintt.i, 

. \Niio ar. roliap^.l tin'u oM ,.!• ai.y o-h. r chus... 

Iiitr.s:,K,.s. JiiaiMl_\ an.! wat.r uili ot't.ii cluck 
.un-h-.a. I'.rl.ap-. t):' : owi-,.- t . tl... a^trin-. nl 
i 'Wt r of tlu. |.;an'i\. 

/■«■'»-. Alc.liMJ ha- Im . II 1;,,^-, iv u-,,i in all sorts 
• f.lTil- con.iirion^. \\ C l,a\,. s.-tn that it impairs 
i'iaMoii hy its action on th.- r.d corpu^clf.-., that it i- 
\ih/.(i air! i. ih.ivf.nafoo.i.thatas alocMJit ha.Mi 
i.iL'li calonr value, that it sav, s piott'i.l tis-ut-s, thai it 
iin hf ahsoih.l with., Ill ta\in- .liL'.sti.iii. an,! that 
1- 1- iiiildly antipyr, tir an.l .haphor. tic. Th. m- pro- 
p-rti'S woiiM ivnd. r if h.n. ficial in f.\.r. On tlu- 
otlar hai:,!. tli. a(v. j, laiion (,f th.' pul.r woiil.l !,.• 
ui^lnictly hainihil, alth(«UL'h it niu-t h.. n nMiwh.-r. .1 
that \.ry (.fi. u. t'..;- <onM' .! r, a-o,,. al.-ohol 
.owtrs ih. pul- 111 f. \. r : th, indn:. -tion cau-.d hv 
••• takin- of la!:', .jiiantlti. ~. and th. iiahilitv t^ 
'cpr,--i,,n of iji. iv-pirat.uv an.l canliac vviitu-^ 
uoiil.! h.. x.ry un.h-.Miah!,.. 'j h.- hot nil.-- aiv 
'i-.a whil.. alcohol nia,^ h, ..:ivtn oft.n with 
:M\ania-. m h-., r. , i-h, r t,, ai,! .ii,-. -lion. n. .-low 
jli- pii!-.., as a canli.ic stmuilant if tli. pati.-nt 
i' iiiuch collap.s.,]. (.r t.. pn-huv .-h,p, yri it may 
i!i-ny.,i liic \^a^\.- ail!! "i. d to do jiarm. " Then f,,r.", 
»'-h,ii It 1- h.iii- II- .1 the (■!>•. .'t luu-t h,- caMfulK' 
••■■atchr.}, and if th, piil-f - .pii.'k and fe.h!.-, 
or, us mdicatimr ra .trie irrif.-i,,,,. th.' ton-u. h. ' 


r ' 



,. I 





' • 'li . .l! S iili'l I'! (lU 1,. or Uli :-UUt ' 
«ll \ . I r tl:r 


■!•',;!;■' Ill . i. i|, (i|- ti 

ii(>n)<i I 




< iiL'th 

tin- tilht J ij;i 

.<1:)U. r, till If 

tjuil. itll'l l),< 

^'nnil. all ' 

more jur, 

alcohol i- iM 

Avers ii is in 

SIM akiii;^' L'tiu rally. 

wluii r.ur olijcct is to Kci-j 

for a f( w rl:,>s cmiy. till tliu l. ;K..!...:a,ij ,;i a >|„cilK 

|< \i r nf-horl iluratii 11 ; Imt it i- i,fi, m .-U. i, u\ , ,. ;. 

is (jiiitc iiMiit ccs-^arN . 

. '\"/' '■'' .' ■ ' ''• •■' .1''-' nien- 

tiollrd, !)»■ ii-. .1,1- ,1 MijMji liic III I \ t r. Maii\ lit'-oiis 
who ':u(T< r frciij iindiiniia liiiii tiiat tli.v cati sit » n 
Iw'tUr for a t:la- <.f \\lii-k_\ ,.!„i waUr'jiist hcfore 
•roiii'^' to hiii. 11,, ,|,,,iil,r lurausL' of it> dcj-iv—anl 
iutidii ujioij ilu hii^!j«>[ cciitrts. 

Kidiicys and Sh\n. Ahol.ol i- r rca-ii>i!aliv ;/i\in 
as a (liiintic. din i- ili. i. • rm. iicfau-e it 
u-iiai!y coiiiain- .■i.iiu- iiuiijitr, winch i> also (liiirctic. 
-\'''"'' ■' I'Ul lilllc ali-(.lh.l i> f\<-ivt.ii hv the 
'^'''' ' sf( Ills to ht }.ailit'iilari\ irrilaiiL lo ihc 

luviiii;! II, , ii~, - (if ,i:onorrhiin nwl j^'hrt. ninl sonu' 
:iiali(iriti.> foiisiil.r ihut clirotiic iJrivl • ih-.:i-. 
iiiiiy he iiHliici.l hy alcohol. Ainio.-t iiic univ .ise 
liiadf of its (li:t| JKiitiic . iVfct is as a hrli) to cure a 
colli ill ti,,- h, a'i. lor wliich {.'.iiii . ;.. strong' f,'la.«H of 
.^I'inis and warm water may be lakcii iminr.liatLlv 

hi f..r ;.. ' !M ]: .T. 

T.uMT li,. ( ^ of .n1,-.,ii,,; w!!' I ],,,. ,i..-- ..:,,, ; .,..,;,,,,; 

cmdiHf Hii<i 

Chronic poisoniny t.;.-,, si> many ilist-as.s that ;. 
reallv ai'u-l o! iiieaicim. V. ;v (,ittii ti.iitin.-itd diujiLuid-, 

i II } OKOJ Oie ^11 V| 






.■■It) . 

■ 1 • MiU- I 

Doso, 1 to 5 m. 

ow whtn 

1. Arjua Chloiofoi-ir. i 

'• I i:. I- , 

Dose, to 2 n. oz. 

2. Liniiiientiuu Chloroforiui 

til! r. •■ ! Ml :!: 1 .M' .jh r' '.r 

3. Sj.uitiis Chloroforiiii. 

Dose, 5 to 20 m. for repeated ii'lminialnition, 
30 to 40 m. : i , i'liuitiiilration. 


irATr:hi\ MFfifA 

4. Tmctura Cliloroformi et Morphinre Com- 
posita. ]i.f.ii.I..| t^il.. an iiuitat:..!! ..i t!.. ] r-] m. !.,iv 

Mdlid/i. cali.d cllLlnilun . Mix clll< K.fulli;, 1 ' tl ( x' 

tiictunr.f ca|.-;.iiiM. ■ t!. o/.. t.n.'tuK of In.liai,' l,.'i,,|,'. 
2 tl fr-/.. („i ,,f ;.. j.].. iinii.t. 1 J n,. nu<\ ph.i rin. .", H. „/ 
with nlc.h-.l ('.<() i„ I- (., „f.,, .. t!. ,,/. lH^'-,.,Ur in. i) hin,. 
Iiy.iioch!ori.i..s7_. j..,-.. i,, i),,. mixtuic. Aii.i t.. it .li i.t,,l 
}i\>li.cyai,i.- a. 1,1. 1 i|. (./., j,,i.! cn..ii-h i.!.,.),,.! cni , , ,• 
'■"'t-' '" "';'^■' -" '!• <■/. .s/n>;.7,';/. 10 im mntains 
cliIiTof. nil, ■' )i; ; tii..r|.!iiiir li \ •! M .r li lor:.].., ', ;..r. ; 
Afi 'liDi l,%,ii-, ,•■.;,. ,,,.;. J,, ,i_j,,f, ,„,_■• „,^ '■ 

Dose. 5 to 15 m. 

N.r.. '111. ,,mir,-,i:on ai..l [ rr.j.. rti..,^ ai. .l.lT, i.nt 
fn.iM 1.. 1'. 1-v.,. 'J I,, iiK.rj. 1,111. i- 1. , r. t!,aii 1 t;.,i. s a- intidi 
in ih.- i.nMnt jT. j^aration. w liicli i- v. i \ i;a-tv. an.i i,<.t at all 
ik.- (•l.l,,iu,i_v.,r. Martm.ialf'> I.i.pinr Cl.I, r. n,,., il.ii a j. ;, 
I' tt. r iinitati..ii. aiMl (■.titain^ (1,1, n.f„nn. „„.,{ hin, . atr. i.ine 
'.""" "' 'f I"l'I'Mim,t fnr ac'tivf iii-i. dibits. It- »1. -f- is 

i' to 1." m. 

Action. ('!il< rof(.iin in iuiiii_\ it>j,(ctv act- 
like iilfoliol. Imt it i- iiKWr I'l.wt'iful. '■Jlius if 
allowed to evaporate (,ii ih. skin it prod.^.s coli ; 
tlur(f(.rf tlif V. sscls at lliC ]a,ii,t (.f :ij {.liratinti 
contract. iiiKJ at tie saim tinu local anspsthesia is in- 
iluctd. If til. \ai)(.ni 1>. ccnfinMl, or if dileidforni )., 
rnl.htd into tiio skin, it acts as an irritant, 'lln vtsst Is 
(liiatc.^tlic j.ait bccoints nd, ami tktic is a s. nsi- nf 
liciit. Tliisnil. facioiitilTictiiia\ i-asson to vi sicalion. 
Jt IS a junverfu] antiseptic and -. n. rul nn.tonlusniic 

_ Internal. M.utL.- If concuitrat. d. it ] mdurrs 
irritation and a l.iiininL' sensation. If dilute, it lui< 
a sweetish taste, ^\llicll r. nd, rs A.jua Cliloiofnnni 
a valuable \eliicK for the administration I'f nan?, cms 
drtij^'s.^ It ri 11. \1_\ j.'i\,^rise to an incieas.,] s. cre- 
t!on of.'.Jiva, and is a local anasthetic. 

St: >K,ii-h.— 'l\[i actinn of chlomform is very 
like that of alcohol. dns. s tan-, marke.l 

feoliiii: of warmth, dilatation of tiie t.'astrie ves.';els. an 
incri ;;skI secretion of trustri 



iiiOiL- rL''ular 



.'iTvl iiuiro powtrful pi>tric ?i;nvriiifiit-;. It is p,r- 
i.iij'S sliuhllv a-lriiiL'. nt in tin- intf-tiiu s. 

A!:^i'rj't!i./:. If i> ;il,M,l-l..(i into tlir Mn. m1 iVnln 

;)i. siiiiiiarli ;iii'l in:, -tiiif-. ;iii4. if L:i\( :i ;i< v.ipoiir. 
In. Ill til.- liiiiv-. li'i! ir 1- \. !\ ii'ic. rtiiiii whaf ''h.iM:/. -; 
;' siiliM .,11, iit!\ uri'lrrL'iH -.. I'i-mImImv !ii,.,~i cf it i,- 
(•.iiiiluiiMl with t!.. fh(.l.-!. rui aii-l itcitliin of the 
:• (1 i-i'iiiusclt.--, hut sdtiif i-: crtaitily < ii'iiiiiat, d in 
''>';'il' iii'i M'liif ill t!i' uiii).-. it ii.:i\ lif foiii),! 
■ 'i till- hliMiij (.f th' -!■ who invf hi.n pMi-: 111, il h\ it, 
.li'i ,L'l\c-uroiiic aci.l inav a|i[.tar in thr unn-'. 

T, n,i.,'rntnr,'. Tht t. iii|ifratiiif fall- ahmit 1 I'. 
.tt. r th, lu.ilonpt (I adiiiiiiisti-atidii of ( iilm of. .rm. 

-V. .'./A- />;/,. After its adiiiiiii^tiatinti tht- iiim.- 
:•• 11 and sulphur in th. iiriiir ai.' incr. a^ed, m.Ji.-atini.- 
. LMeatcr d. tni. tioi! (.f piot' in. Thr ch'.nridt- in 
'•"■ niinc, t-n, an- itur. a-.d. >ho\\iiiLr that <onif 
. Morofonn is d.conii)ond in the iiodv. If th. 
hiticnt lie suf'.-rinL' from <liah. t.s. tin- su;_'ar in 
tia i)loo.l an. I iiririL' i< iniudi in.-nascd. K.p,at.d 
inhalation of i-hkiroform pnithuts fatty d.^'cn.ra- 
tii'ii, csptciallv of the li\t r,, and ki.lntvs, and 
P"o!onf,'(d over-indul-:. iico k-ads to lihrosis'of thr 
sanu- ori^'an-. 

I;j''-rt:t!(')i. This tak.- place mainly hy the 

1 :n_'s. 

.\(7ro?/.s s>/.st' nt. (iiloiof.rni is an »xc-.!l. n? in- 
■aiicf of the law of di>~..liinnn i.v/,' p. 101 ). an-l ah-o 
' t the W(l!-know!i fact that dniL'S which in small 
d')-es appear to stimulate any part, in lafL'e do^es 
"tten df|)rtss it. The ph. iK.m. na rusultiriu' from the 
inhalation of chloroform an- commonly di\ided into 
three .-ta;.'! s. Hire, as with i- an op. n 
• piestion whether tb. ,'^ymptoirs of stimulation are 
due to removal of inhihition or to direct .-timulati..n 
l'ii>t staL'e. — Tiiis i< at hist one of general 
■iniulation. the liiL'h.-t function- heim.' the nio-t 

.stimulated, iHiialiy utievenly. so that tlie patient 

c ;: 



f >'! 

■U i 


sotnewhat incoherent. Tl 


e Kii (''iiiation IS nionii n- 


•^'\Ti:i;i\ Mi:i)i(A 

t.Mih- (■■!. nii.i i,.. , 

of Wiil-riifli ;ui.| (-,,1 t 

'■"■'>• ''Ik- ■ 

• \1- fit MC.S >. ll^iiiinliS of |; ' 

I I • -'i?uiil;iti()ii ,,f ;i|j tl,,.^, 
traiisil,,iy. ,Mi,i he fjuic-Kl-. 
iHss ; iie iiiny 1.,- auji, 
liilkiiij^r with,, lit kii, •• 

soon h..; i\u,\ , " '• 

1 1 , ■ • " ' • ' ' ' i ; . 1 ."■ 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 ' 

^''' ' l''i''' "I •■ ' ■ ■, ..,,. I 1 ""I'l-, 

•|'i , ;• ^f!:iv .iiiLT 1 or (TV 

l\ .'"ll'iWt'fl li\- 

ifaiioi!. i- 

M.i j,r;: , . . .. 

iiti arc 

'•'" ii.-,m. tluM.Mii;.' Ins anus and l.-'s 

';"; '•"^^"- =^'"' '- v.ill .In.ut and talk i: 
; •tpns.nse very lon.lly. roin,-.! ,. • 

"1 fiv.iucucy, aii.i ti)..,.. IS 

Ik 111 

roiii 111, 

th.. . 

I''''-'' 1- ilici-( :i-, 

''""''''"'- "i'tl'- ii'.i;! ;ii'd .r,v.t V. ■ I. '11 • " 
; . 1 I • ' .1 1 . 1 L 1 1 ,t I \ (•>.'mIs. I Ik- 1 1 1- f 

lllliahlUoii ,,]• iwr) ,,"1' .,,, ,1m 1 ! ■ "'• 

■V "';'■'-'■ !"■ I iiiv.iih,,,^ 

><-(--iiii(l -ta"( 'I'l., , , 'mi", 

I'n >,~lon. Siiiji.- aut i<.i< call I' .1,. t.. e 

i,,.,v 1. . , ,• S ^^^'- '•'" "i !fi" J!if»tor c. ntn< 
iiia\ |., ciiiitui;;c( mt, h •■. ;. 

•■•■""•■lulnr that 'li. ,v •■ ■ » ' l '\ ""i","'^"''^ to 


( flKuian UUM 


!iri-,irN,l. Tl . !!'. '^ition of 

\v:!\ to 

;' t 'M'! ! ■ .Tl 

11, 111! 

,inil 1. 

;. Mm, 

'■ ' .• CfUll't IS 
' ""Kit ffcl 

' ■ ■ nat tin- 

will iini lit- I't 111 \ly in!iii>itf(i ' iiocknf ;in 

ii>n, tlii- is the {uTiixl at vvliicli iduj , rate sat- Iv. 

•'< llii- emu a rr u ; 

tiibilil; . he l(i\ 

i • ■ 'i. •■') liiai liif jati'. lit ii.iiy 
liis uriiir iuul la ct-s uiidir him ; all miisciilaV 
'.' i- aliiiii-licd, :iii<l coiiSfiirifiitly ilif mi-r!, < urc 
■ tlai'i-i'l. Seine of tlit-lii, uH those df tiif aiM. 
!''"1'''''> ill tin- C'oiiiliiioii towards il.c » ini .,. 
• -tc.iinl .-la.i^'f. Tlif ])!i}iil is widely dilal. .J. 
■''al'Iy ln'Caiise of 'lie e'liuiiaiii-iie/ usfdiwia. 
i- ilie jiti-ie.! [,, \\]i],'\., the iidiuiiiistratinn i. 
1 I'l lai'ilitat.' tiir reduction of (iislocations, ay 
t liahif the al'doiuinal visceia to In- feh throiiuli 
•':' ahd'iiniiial wall, if -till nier. « li',,niforni i- 
• ••. til.' d. I'M --i..n (,;' ih,. racijiae. atory, and 

!i!0[. r caiities eominues, the pulse becomcs'feehle 
' rej,niiar, and the hean litially stops in diastole. 
' not only it^ ciiitra! im rvous ap[iaiat!is hut ii< 
' • ' ' '■ i "1 'he dirt'Ct action i>f 

:;.' t-liluK.toim circulaim;.: in the eomnary arteries, so 
■iiat it will not respon<l to niechanical -tiniulatii.n, 
' d hy this period it i- so dil::N d rhiir, if the periear 
.nil is cut. the heart pr< lu^rnia. 'I i:. 

! ' d nui-<de of the ail. . . ,|, 

' ' dilate. Thi- re>! ■ u:L\ti!. ;iL> I;, come 

1 irri|juhii', with .TTn" t a : - - l* 'wt t n 

!;iui, and as a result i! ! 

a-phyNJated. The hloi d j . . ~-ure {.'raduaily tails t<» 
■' '■". Thert- ha- heen much dispute as to' wh.ther 


i.. ■ e 

-• » 



^ ' .M\Ti-i!i\ .MF:nrrA 

<"""-.i>^..m a)M,o,nN,i h^ ,1,., N, ,„„ 'f Hvi.n.tnl 
'■'■'■'r|^tf,at,v,,n..Mnn.hv:nsl-:,,|.,ii,,p,p,ti'.l,.., r 

'-•'(, ..•,.,!.,.„., that tl... fall nfi.l l|.n...un.H,„ain; 

,,..,„, , 1 • '^""' "" "■'• '" ^'"- •""' t"'' l-s 

V ' " '''{"•'■-"■" "» ti.. Na.n,.o,.rri,.t..rn.ntn.. 
1 f 1 "f'V'""/ '''-'-^'""i^'-.nlytlu.n..nhof 

'""'"■';'•"■ '""•■•"'■. th, lir-t to ,•.:,,,,„;,,•■ l.ut ti. 

'"""" '"'■jinur--. ChlwroforMiaii.l 
liittliaiic scr' 

ir- ai-c e-h(-viali V ^c 

inaiiv ili-i!<,'- (if ill,. 

•-l.-t,,l tln< fact 1.:.. 1,..,, ,,. .j ,. " . 
tluir narcotic acti-.n i ,, ., loi, ^ 

W i:!i til' ( \c, 111 i 

^, ,,, .,, , ,. .'"' " "' 1!^ i'"-;il action. ,„, the 

^ .'janilain,u.nrarvcan:,K,..„,|K^ 1 Uc- , ir, c- on the 
^''"'''"' '""-'• • . aixi that on il,.. x • I i i • 

•'"^\'" '*"::•''-:''• '■•'!'"-'''nnnan.,o....u,fa..,na 
\"Mutu.:- ,. v.n luhlc to occur .lunn-^ the 

;';1;-"-tranonofch!,.-,.n,,i,t.:.(]vcnt i:of , 

:;:';•■ <•'";'-••;' r-W'-l. Jnnuc,„.t,-lv i,cf^„v 
'leal il t he li-ipi I 1- . '■ i. , ;. 1 , Ti . ■. 

i '1 ■• ^".' '" •iilit I (Kiat.d or (-ontracf,.(l. 

ExtPriinl ( 

Ti[!:i;\| IMTICS. 

.. .f ... • , - . 

, ., . ■ \. V Min.iacicnt iiiid irnfant 

ftlccNiuca--... (,t .-hronic rheuniath.nK n.vahM 

riM, an<l 

(•HI.()i;()l DKM 


('!iroiiic int1;iiM)n,iti()ii>. A ilrop nf chlnrofonn to t}it> 
llui'l (iui;cr (if ui-iiif ci!-(if .i:.i;ii,(l .iiid Vi u't l.iiil'' iiil'ii- 
-idll-Mi- il.cnrtin!!-; w ill k' tp ihilii tVolii .ItCMin [lo-i t iuii. 

Internal. !■ iiia\ i. u-t.las a ideal ana .-'h. tic 
I'lr [nip; haclit. till' till ill liii.u' 1»1ii'.'l:(i1 wuli ;i j. ;»■(_•,■ 
nt cntlMii Uddl siakt'l 111 'lilnrdt'oriii. it (ti-u'ni-.- 
:lii- laslr nf iiaii-<(iii< iiifilirii., ,, iimi th, {■.■fm-,. A.jua 
( lildfdfnriiii is ,1 \, , y coiiiiji. 11 \i liicic, aiui >p;ntiis 
( (ildrotdriiii i> imicli Um d a- a lia\diii-iUi: air. m. In 

■ -t<iiiiacii iL acts hkf ail i»li()l, hUiI i< '.^ist n in tlir 
am.- varitti. -; df 'ij. -p. p-ia as ar.' 1ji n. titMl i.v that 
w u '. >!iiail iid-.c> inay i>. .;■,(■.! as caiiii.ic st iliinlants. 

Inhalation.— It i^ mlial.d in .^, nsatidiis 
1 pain, will tin |- irdin -m icil njicrat idiis, lii!iai'\, 
!■• anil int. .-;inal i<.!ir, .,r paitiu iti-n. in tii.' 
I.i-t casi- iidt niucli n. . 'i 1), t^'iv. n. It is al.-o iniialni 
id relax UiU-cnar spa-ni. as \n the r. .luctiou df 
iii-ld<-atidn> di- in rnia-, dr IdP ilic ii.axatidii dl' 
niUS'lr-; Idi- iiia'_'nd,-t ic pirpn,,..;, ;i.<^ f,ii- fx.-inn,!,^ 
>viii n u.' vvi-^ii Id f. . 1 til'- aiiiidUunal vi.-t'fi.i 
tlidrdiiL'lil} . dl- !d -ff whi'tliiT a - Afilni^' is a j)lKiiildni 
tuinoiir; or. ia-tly. it i- inhalrd to relax spasm in 
c-as«'S dt tetanus, liy.iri .j^hdlua, tn' in dth. r \,irietics 
-t' r..nvii!-idn--. a-^ ciidrea. The A.C.i;. mixture, 
•viiich cdii.-i-ts df ah-dliite alcdlidl 1 Vdl., chldi-dform 
■J. \di^.. aiul purr i ttier :> Vdls., ;.; v. ry Cdinmdnlv 
imploded l\)V all tiltsr purpd-i s. It i- sai.j to hi- 
.-afer than chldrdtdrm. All it^ thret,' Cdnsiiturnis 
\i.latil',e tVdpi it .tt an espial r.ite. 

Tilt- fdlldwini^' jidints shdiiM lie attiinli ij to in 
the admniistratidii of ciudrdtdrm : 

1. 'I ln' ri -pnatidii airl pui-e shduM he farefullv 
..a;. -hell fdp an_\ >i;;ns oj' I'ailiU'' . 

~. I lie dj . ratldll >hd;il(| IieVer he llcLUin till 

ri-tU'X ariidu i- prdfdundly d> pre--eil that is id sa\- 
till tilt' staL't' of mu-cu!ar rtiaxatidu lias (■(.mmencni. 
Miiny pationts iiave bt tn h/.-t tnun m i^'lt ci of tins 
p:i caution, for lliu stimulu- <,f tlic knife lias rotloxlv 
::.oppt'd the heart. It id a cumuiun and dajiL'croud 

IT- » 



m\ti:i;;a M';;)r'\ 

error !o tliinli tlmi, i)ofiin-;t' the opf-nition is trivial. 
it limy he l)rL,'uii * arly ; rao?i nf tl,. d. ch^ fioiti 
• •li!(.nif(,nii Ini.Vf t;tk« n itlacu win n (he uiu-ratio'i li,, 
ill-. II -liL'lit. 

•''• (ir.iir (■:ir<- iir;,t 1,, ,-\, .-ci rd if i!i, )i.:i:t ]. 
fatty or Icelilc fir)iu any t-aiisi', or i* 
frniii (ii^tiiSf of the lilliir-^. nr if lie \,, \, jv ,j;,[, 

1. In op. rations about the tin. nth care niw-i \u 
! 11^' II t" ■ • no l)i()o<] <jrtts iliiwn tlic tnichta. 

.">. It is (If-inil.u- to lia'.i' tlif ^loinac-ii (nipi'. 
tln'rifoff no solid food -houiil In- L'iv. ii ,,i!i, 
in'urs iiftort' the atiniini-t ration. 'I'll. pati. ms ii. ,i ■ 
iiiiist ht' so dir. ••. ■! du'ii voniitin_' liiat hm voniif. 
iiiatli r~- ran '/> t into \\u- !ai'\ ii\. 

r.. I'al.^f t, .-til -hould lit- tak. n MiiL of i\>^^ ]\\n\a\:. 

7. i'llC Clllorofoi-Ill nUl-t i'C piU'r. 
■^. ll >llO',lM l! it \:<- {••<> <■,,;:,■. !;• ; ,.-, ,1, (■,,(. if i( j, 

tile htart may -uddtJily stop owin.i,' to stimulation ..: 
tlir vaural ccnirc. Alioiii r, per .•.•nf. r.f rMorofu. ni 
lo ;».") p.-r rent, .if aii- is a l'oo.I nii\iu)'t_'. 

•'• 'I'll'' li'i'l >!ioiilii Lea liltlf rai-.d. and l\\>- 
lo\v> r jaw ii.-M up so tlia: li.r tongtie shall not I'a:^ 
I'lck M\ , r tlio larynx. 

ill. Spf.-ial cart' nui-t In- lakfii v.!,,m rlu- ., 
t!"ii 11' ci - Mat' s awkwai-.I pn-;!:: Mfciall'. if" 

r. spii'aiinii i, inu-rftTt'd witli, as in ihv lat, ra! jV.-i- 
tidii n-i d in (litstftric and r.nal cu-is. 

11. JHransf the ti'iupcratufc fall- tl.. ; ij,- 
should 1 I- ju pt v.ariii. 

if the puLsu fails or thi- bitatliim,' hwome?? vcrv 
\vi ak. or slops alto^othcr, artilii-ial respiration sliould 
at onre be comMu-nccd. i!;p t-iniTc 1 , ii ^ puljtd for- 
ward by fore. '1 'W fi the huiL's. 
The fa< a auii ab.i.ihit-li >ijuiud be lln-ked with wat 
t' ^\- '-. a capsule of amyl nitrite may be inhaled, an<i 
iiine, etii. :• f' b'-andv iir. a-:, d ^■;b:'nr in.-(ii!>jv. 

1' 1 I 

"'" " '• V irajac 

ariaii.>i.: any iis>': pt-ihaps ii do. s liaian. Ariiticial re- 
^houldl-- •■■•■■■' •■;! ^1 • !, ai an li^ so, 

: > 1 1 ( ■ 1 : ! 1 M I 

) TU! i; 


\-. n if tin !"( i~ no ~\l'u "f ri turnitiu' Jif'- : 'Hi'l if rlit re 

llie slic'lr • if a canliiu" l>«,'!il. or a -iiii,'l(' 

' niiitic r. [uva:'-:\ y.inwuwnt, artiticial rcspira- 

i;:ii • bt iM r-t Vfi'Ltl in for fvcii iiiaiiy limir-;. If 

lie, th»' lirad sliould bf lowtit 1. ii:.l 

lliivl Ili* . 1)0 useful. Atlnpilif 

;iv lie 1'. u \(. :i ill th<'ll'i[»f (if arcrlc- 

itilr' t!i,- : 

■1 I'V 'ii'tion of Ihi' chli'Toforni 

Iti oinotoi'iri. < ■ : : 

Dose. to 2 in. 

I'ntniofofi! t(] till* w iiinij)iui,'-i'<)n<.'h. Ir 

; luini.-ihf^ ilit' -. \i :,iv and numlifr of thf parowsnis. 
^I.■lnv (':t-t - ( f r'.*M)nin'_r arc nil r'c-r'l. fnr ir ialnin-^t 
!>oliiM>- id . uii'i iiaviii'.' M ■ '-' ' I. 

•In i'Ditdiii ■ ! 1 iiii;cihi^t' nii-Miitv, and i.-! all taken 

:i Liie !a.-;t iln-. . 'I'jii,-; i.-^ L'ot over \>y ili.-solvinL,' 

■ in alcohol, 'i hM> : Imuiioforni 2, alnuinl I'.IO ]nr 

■ .: T'o, j,'lyC( ;::, ■;". This will mix with water, and 

f nthor druu'.-^, without [incipitalmLr the Iminio- 

rni. it ma} !)«■ susjii-ndid in a niucilacre mixture 

f ilis>()lved in t';ri.'-: it^ V'lMn;e i4 nli:in?:d (■■i1. '{']>.<• 

, eidiii- ; f ■ ; I. '!:■■• .f 

. ; ui'iTUl. 

i: I'll! K. 


t : 



f . ^- ^ 

- '• i 4 1 

Dose. 10 to 30 ni 
GO m. ! 

I adniiniiitratitii. ; 40 to 



1. iEther Purificatus. Ktlu r from whi..}. mcst 
"f tin- . tlivlic aI(.oli..l h.,. fuM-n i-.-m,A..-l hv^hiii.' 

■Mtt. .ll^t.ll..i VVH'.r. Ht.i Ml. ~t of ill., wut. r"hv -il,...' 

'I'iMit .i:.f,l!atlon n, th- pp . r,--.. ,,f f,-. -!, l,",,,.. Hr,.] 
ciiliiimi (hi .n-1.'. 

t^"^"s, n,:. A ,,/,.!:.-, 1,,,.,]. s,.. ,T. urn 
exci'cli!! • (),•.'•_' (iri.l iH,t below ()-7_''i; h ,.], ni -„; p, 

2. Spiritus JEtheris. K-I,,,. I ,,„t: almh,,! 
(■'" !■ '■ • !''.'. ■-' I ..: . -,,. pr. (1 •>M.; • , ,, .,, 

Dose. 20 to 40 m. f... irj,. ,,t. 1, 60 to 90 m 

Id' II. t;. I- i'i'tii!u,-ti tti'M. 

3. Spiritus JEtheris Compositus. .s.v>j-j„,,„; - 
' "7",'"'' ' '^""i.^"... M.x -iph .,..• ..i :i.;';|. o/". with 
ill. ■..!:, .IcMti,..,-,-;. 1. 1. JM ;l. ,./. A.-niup'..x .th. r.-il 
c-Mipoii-,,! . i!:..,l,„l ,.f ui,,,. i, f,,rm.,i. It ,. ,.),;.. tlv 

'I "11 H SO. r.n.nsn. -iio. Aft. I- tw..,.,'-' 

f'Mir li.,iii-.s -lo-.vly ,i -til til. Miixfjr.'. Th,. ,li-t, iVt,. 
•'.-nliini. ^ -•ilphiir ,|:..\,M.., •.■lh\ \.,i. , au.l -i liu!o 
"il "f vMii-. A.M 'Aat.-r tu ti,.. iip|„.r l,i\-r ..f ,i;.tiilate 
iitt.r ,1 ,. r, „i,,v,,l f,.,„,, tlo:..w, r. t)...ri -hake it with 
SM.tiuiii l,.c;irl.,iiiut.. I., n.'iitr.tli/.' :h- ac; i. n. j,'ir'i<.. 
th«- .th. r.'iii li.j-ii.l. which c .ii>i-ts ch:.t!v .,f'.'.f 
win... .•i,i,l t,. u .th.r. .-.. !l. ../.. iui.l .ilcuhul ,;iu :...,• 
' ' iii.i. :;> ;l. I, • ' 

Dose. 20 to 40 m. f.r r. i.-at.,!, 60 to 90 m. 
iiT -iii^'it' .I'lmiiii.-iialmn. 


External. Kilur iv;i|„,rat. s v. rv onicklv. pro- 
;iiuin- great cold, .uhl rnnM.^ii.-ntlv thr [..u t to wiiich 
'^ ''''^ '"■'" ;'l'l'!"'l l"r.,i,u. uhitt^ IVuni :hr contnic- 
11. mot th.. X..--,. 1.. The c.M i. sunici.nt to cau^e 
surh Miarkr.i local an;rsthesia that th,. jKiin of wry 

.•all Imr.ily lu 1, h. To ,.r.,.liuH. ihi. r. <ult (thcr is lu st 
applir.l a> ii li.u' spray. If it 1^. nil.l.f.l in, or evapora- 
tion Ir pivvfuir.l. It. !ilu. alcohol or chloroform, i. an 
irritant. ' ' 

Internal. In iho mouth and ^fo7,.n..|,^ ;♦ 
a< t^ hkf chloroform or alcohol. Tiius tthcr caii^.s 
a burning ta.-^te m the mouib, an increase of the 



ilivii. of tilt' LT.'i'tric •^••(•rttioii 'vml i,';i-:trir inovo- 

' ' lit-:, iinil liilutatinti (if tht- vi -s.l- of tlif stomach. 

< 'ol)Sf.|nciitly it i- (•;irMi!ii;iMVf .iiiil iii'ls (lii,'c>f ion. 

hinctly it naflit -■ tli.' -loimu li it reflf-xly iNciics 

*' •• ht;ii-t. inert ;i-iiiL' ihr f'.rcf ;iii'i f:i .jUi ncv of tlif 

!-f, mill iMii-iiiL' .•! I'i > of Mnn.j |.rf--iirf ; it is one 

■ th. 1m M cardinc stimulants \Vf hiivr. In rho -,,inif 

ly It fxcitf- rt-|»ira:iMii. It is .[lufkly .ilismlird, and 

^timulatinL' irllMt-nci' nn \\\,- heart and rt'-piration 

'•"titinni d. It IS tliu-a i.:iim1 in-itancf of a rapidlv 

.::ii-^ililf stimulant. I; i- a!-o anti-pa-nrndic. 

X,r-,:is ^■/^^ /'. I.thtr i- a pow. rful general 
anaesthetic. Thf plu nom. na and -taL't - of tthii- an i s- 

■ ii- -ia arc -n like f lio-;c of ciiluii ifonn a na -• In -ia t hat 
' ■ discripf ion a hi ail\- uriv.n i p. '2^\ < will >utVn'f. Tin 

' iOWHiL' dltlt rtlli-ts, ho\\t\( !'. -hotild he liotictd : 

(li Tlif hi ait \< paraly-. d wuh iniich ^'rtatf- 
iilliciilty hy c;!!!'!' than 1>\ idilnroforiu. 

■J I The -anil' i- true <>( th' \asi) motor t'l'ntrc, 
.'>i And also-of the u-piratory cintn. 
ill l.tht-r !-• nnu h moir irritant to the rt-pira- 

■ :y iiiucou- nil ini.'.'aiif, and In tier is nn'Jf liablf to 
. I'll asf hronidiiti- in iho-e ah'i-ady -iitl'iriiiL' from it. 

'■"ii \\ ilh tlhtj- hr -ta'.'f of --timulation is more 
.' 'lartrd. thi-ri'tore tin I'e i-^ nioi-«- <triiL:i.'linL,'. 

'•i! I-'or till' same reason the anastht-tiL- stairt.' i-, 
t ria(dii d So soMii. 

i7) The ri diiftion of ti-mpt r.iturf is lmn at^r with 
oS lulu r nni-t hi- u'ivi i; nearly jtiirf. ahout .■>() 
; I" Cent, of air to 7<> of • tlie|-i al \a]iour ; hence it vs 
., ire difficult to adniini-tcr. 

i'.M The <n!t 11 of etiur i-^ ninre di-aiM'' t ;d,|e^ niv\ 
patients dislike it nior.-. 

il'»i l-'ther is elinunattd niorf sjoulv, and hence 

if ^niell han.L'S til'' '.'atle'O ^..iii.. til,... 

1 ' • 

'11) I'.thcr hein.- veiy inllamniahlf cannot ho 
.-id m tile close in i^'hbourhodil (;f a nakf<i lij.,'ht. 



.r i 




- i 


r • 



M \TI l:l \ Mi:i.Ii \ 

'l"i{»:i! \ii;r IKS. 
External. I.tlni-. allow. i| td <\ap(iratr. iiKiv lit- 
tl-f"! l<» can .1(11 al aid vid,.. |;i in , ■,,.<,- .it In iirai'_'iii. 
All ttlit r -prav i- iK-.-a,ii,nall_\ .iniil.iu i| t«i |.r<Miu( ,• 
loi-al ana ~Tlii-:a f<>v -mall Dpi ralmn-; ; j.nt as flic 
ttiitr iiial.cs ill. Km liaid ai;.l liiawnv tin- i.pci-atidii 
Iilil-t 111' ijiiitf -i||.. rlicial. aiMJ .\.ii' tii. ii llnTris 
Miiicli -nil-, .pi. lit tiii^'JiiiL' .ili.l pain. 

Internal, s/,,,,;.,, h. Ii may hf us.-.j f-.r tlir 
saiii. cia-^-. - (if dysp.p-ia a- (•li!..r.,f..riii or alcoiioj, 
and i- ottdi .inpIoM .1 a- ii cai iniiiativf to ( Apel <_'as 
in flatulent il_\ p. p^ia. 

Il> nf. .\ilmmi-tii-..l -ulicitant ou-lv (.lo-c, 1(» 

to 1.') m ' or ii\ till I illi. . ill. r i-; an t\c. 11, nr canliac 

.stimulant of' i/r. at vain, m fainliiiL', cai-ijiac tailnr.-. or 
palpitation, it- aMvanta<_'.- o\. r clilorotorm and alcohol 
litiiiL' that i! is more rapi.i in it, aciK.n. It h \civ 
llx fnl a>aii aiit:-pa-ni..(lic ,iiii jn._' ;,n attiicK of a -t lima". 
Spin! of . th.r wi'h an . -pial part of aromaiic -pint of 
iimiiioiiia and -oun waf. r foiius an . xccllciit restora- 

Iith,i!,if!")i. I'.th.ri iidial.dfor the -^anie pii|-- 
po.'^es. •■ind with the -^aiiie pr. (• inti.iiis. a- (diloroform. 
There i- iricif .li\. r::. lice of opinion as to uhudi i.s 
the .-af. r ana ^th(llc. All ih.' pnhlished -tati-tus jn 
\\lii(di the two ar.' conira-fed appear to -how that 
ether IS ninch saf. r. ami thi- i- what nuLrht have 
i)een expect, d Iidia th.' contia-t iietwfeii the two 

iilreadv L'i\i n. Chloi-of.iim i- admini-fered car.l. -<lv 
mnie olteii than eth. r. a- i* i- . a-i.r to irive. hut e\en 
allow iiiL' fortius ,th.r is pK.hahlyon the w holr s;if,.r. 
The nans, a and \ ■ imitiiiL' w Inch -oinetinies follow- tlie 
udministration of . !h< r ihav. it i- -;ii,]. he ch..du .1 hv 
eriviiii!; 1") (jrain- of so.iiniii hronnd.-, \'t rv often 
aiia'Sthe-ia i- comm. iic. d with a f>'W initiation- of 
nitrous onkIc '/a-, and ih. n comnlet. d with eiiier. 
This is mucli plea anter for the jiatit nl than t(t use 
ether from the lirsi. 


' \ 1 1 > r. 

•J!) I 

,\. . tir Kill, r. A':,::i,i,a. ...j U.i . ..h^.-l,,.- -l rtil^ , ar. tulr. 

' ll,(iM((l| I. t.'ftili. r with iiMiiii|H.rtiiiil ni irttM ..f 

tttiyiif .licuhui tiiiil ()th> r'-;. 

S..ii;.> A iiiixt'ir.' of ^...lium iic'tatr. -ii!!.!,.., ., | 

ii.l alchnl i, .ii-fii:. i. 1 h,. (listilUu- is ill;.', -ti-.l with ,|ri..i 
|> .•;it.-. ilnl thr p.,rliMn h.-ilui- l.<t\\i.'ll If,:, 
iM'i IT'J 1'. is Nt'pjiriit" "i. 

* "■ ^ i(ii..iirl»s.^. fniK'riuit Ii.|iii'i. Sp. i;r »»'• to 

"'"'"• ^ '">"'•>■ ■■^.•ii.t; fivlv 111 ali'nh..|,.r 

Dose. 20 to 40 m. f.i !•,| u.hiiini-tr.itinn ; 60 to 
DO in. : r .i <i!i„'i. .I'lniiiii-tratimj. 

It iiH»-l ill i:|.i-i..i,t:. II ,-. ,1 -,,;\...,. 1 ,,■ ,.,i„. 
■ i! i'iiii"'. 

Ai I l<i.N AM) 'I'm l;\l'i:i 1 !( M. 

Ir act- likr .tli.r. a- ;i -liniuliint. aiitiMiiu-iiiindic. 
iM'l caniii'iativr, Lin )i;is ;t I'l. a-aiilrf ta-tc. 

Ml HOI s omih:. 

^i^^.' (in-. 

'■'•I'l!'! l'> hffitiii^ uiiuiioiiiiiiii fiitr.;'. 

TiuiiM II I.-. A . ..'.. .i ■ h .. -, .1). 

j i.'l 111 th.' h.jui.i 1..1I11 111 ti. I ^-.lin.i.i- liihi. , . i.rt-dtiijrt-'uf 

•.•I iitiiio-j)hi r..-. h i-i ii.t .-h. in.Ciilly ;tlli.J •,, ,,t)„, ,..,., ,. 
i.'f.lic-. L'lt 1.-, ci'n-i<i.i, .1 (iiii- ti.f (•uii\. ni- II' 

'rilr LMS i- Hl\Va\> acilUlui-tclV.i l,y lllll;il;itiMn, 

''at-iii" tlif lioily iL siipiMirt- coinlMi^tiMn. imt it i.s 

n..t i>\ ihr >;ilur U-r !.. llV!IP_' ti-.-lh- U- . .\ VLfrll , ;in.| 

it' it rf|ihu'.- oxvL.'.!! !• !( b, a i.liy\ia"(Avii'ii,' to 
'Jif ahsfliCe of (iN)geli. 

\, rr,:u.s Si/stvm. W hfii 'Au- ^m. i inhalr.i, ili,. 
iKiti.iit f\{).Tit-ii(T-. iift.r ,t f,w -rr.,11.1-, a rn-hiii- 
ii'ii-t' in till- iMf-, and indi -tinctn.-- cifvi-mn. lie f,.,.]" 
Im' is lo-iii- control of hi- iii-h.r fa.'ulti,. ■ ; h-. |,,i,- ,i 
zivat *li--iri' b, la'iu'li. and f. .■!-; iiMpj.y; in. -prrch 
and other niiiv. ni. 11!- aiv in.- > (.rdmaN- ; n-piration 
l-c.,nif- .liillfuit. and liy !(:.■ tinie inlialarinn h..,. 
ia>^tfd ai)our :{(J s.-cmids he i< cyari'iiio, and th- 
■■'■lI'Avini,' additional .vid. iice- of a-"{.hy.\ia ar.' often 
preit-nt. \i/. : j.-rky. -runiin-,' stertur, niu-cular (dcnic 

u •' 

• I 

r • 

• 1 


>!\Ti;i;i\ Mi-.itii \ 

tu itiiiiii ■-, iii( ;„'ii'|;|, I ■■> ;i|,,| liiialh >i(iji|i,i:'c of P -ipi- 
r;itiiiii. I ln' l.i'< I 1, , . i!]ii>t lit- It iiM»\til will ii 

(_V.lll(»-i- I'l L!lll- t p il; ; .ll!'l It will i)»' -I'l (1 that 

tlnif H lit roiiit al ntirx ; th. i ft li\ii|, and 

the liiipilr' «'ll:r ' iiif |iati»!.; i.-. .ii.-<i) iiow cuin- 
|ili'I. 1\ ana -fii. , -i. flutt \n- tlots not fi •■! a -li.iii 

ii|iiiaM 'M, ■['>. 1. ■>,. \» il li.lrii\sal (if a t-'Otli. \. (\ 
Soon atlir lli. tlic fiic*' piecr lie tukt > 

a liif ]) linatli, .: .i ii;' n\:ilit_v 'li-:iji|M ars. Tlu 
-ta;,'! nt an.' -!l.' -!a la 4- friMii 2iM() in st cihuI-, and 
after it the |'atii lit wak* - m t\\<> nr ilui i- niinii'. -, 
al: I :-ii!y> I -■ ti-. ini n 1 ' !'< r t i;. . ■ 

It uili l.r iii'i.'i 'i lliat Uf iia\i il. r. th. >!aL.'f of Inn loil'iVSi'l l'-. ii. iin •• -•'■11. \\ in ilii r fin- 
fNfit.r h .n 1- li 1' ■ ' '1)1 (if '111' (•» nlral 

nt lAoiis >y"tt'iii "If !(i rt-niDval nl inliilition ;s iindf- 

Cliit i|. To -'line (Att-n! tllf '_')l- ilepie- e- the nefViiu.-: 

s\ >tt ni 1);. ciKtini,' ..'' iiwiTMi. In a I'.crt sliou. .1 ■ !i:if, if 
a'liiiini-;' r> 'i ni'i' i . ■! pri — u-i u r ' • n. -o 

tlial til' I'' wa- [tlfiiiy ii| (i\yi,'!'n iii ;ln ilni"!. ai: t >• 
tlie-ii '.va-- l;eVertheli-< prodni'i il ; t Inn f<iii' tlit'^'a- 
ii,i- a liiri el I iT'ct nil the i,t rsoii- --vsteni. iHK-ihIv. a-^' 
hixoii .- !_•-•-. iiu ui': II It- < iisy solubility 111 th* 
fats lie r.' |ii. ■■ lit. 

('./''•'.'.'. Ni:i(iii iiMilf ha- im dircet intiii- 
O'Ue (III the heart. I hr I'i-e of lil'.iid pre-- ire and tiii- 
slowiif ■>! it ihf |ii:l- I If li 111- t'l a-jih 'k \ia. 1 1 i- simiilv 
ill>-iih'd ill th'' hi'Mid; till' aiimillit tlhi'e Cnrr- 

-pond.- to ihe parti. li |ii'r--urf <if thf lm- in the liiii'/-. 
Ili'sinr, it ■■■);. The a-phyxia i.- idiii lly dur to de 
]u'i\at;on oi ow .i n, for :lii ;.;a- ri |ilar. - niueli of that 
in ;he hliMii. 1 hr L'lye i-wria that ' leea-idnalU oceinv- 
aiier it- adii. iiu-tiM! !> mi !< ihi.' to the a.-[ih\\ia. 

Tiii.i: \ri.i 1 1( >. 

.NltiMil- o\;dr i~ !|-rd Hohly to !iri)dll('(> aines- 
the.-ia for -!;orl op, i-ttions. The -tt cl cvlinders in 
wliiid; the lepi'licd v'a- i- eoiit.iiiu't ha\-.- a ta)) which 
i~, \vorkt d hy tie- adnnni.-trator'- loot. '[\iv ii.jiud is 
vjipuuri, id di.'ictly it e-cai»e- from tla cylinder, mul 

I THS I, 1 lir ••lill'l' 


• .1.— .-i into ;i lur:.'.' iiniianiM.. r huir. from whidi 

{'iitli-lit mli;il. , It l.y a Jii;i-k. Wirli ;i \;ilv.> so 

iintnt:..! tliar. whiU- hv r^\n in^i iiv fn.rn. I. .-inr.o* 

\! ITf lli-.i. tl.. 1 .1'. !• I . !,,iih1 t' ,i< It ,.(,|! 

. It, r OWL'. II, is mil.. 1.(1 at th.- siiiii.' Uiiu> aM t\u> 
;itroti-> oM.if. w.- .1111 |.r,,.i.,cc tl„. direct <hpns-si,nt 

fr»'0t7»of lIU' ^'ilS Otl ill.- , . Ii?.,il tM rVOU- systt III Wltll- 

iit the a-jihyviil -\iiij'((.! , ?1:. I. |".,r. jMir.' nitrons 

\i<l.- is riinly. iiiplu;., .1, l.iit an iipp-inniH .l,.vi>in| l.v 

ii. witt. l.y iiiciiii, ..t uliicli .i\s..', II an. I iiitroiH o\i.l.j 

!i \;.ninL' pn.portmn, ,-;,n l- a.iuiuii-rcic.l. is iis..,| ; 

■ !t p;iti. Ills can !.<• ;.ii;( stlu'ti.-. .1 f,.r a lonLT 

i:ill> I < llloi kIiiiii. \ • 

, M'. .1: . hloric ftl • 
I'i'K' {loiiii, aii(| |)r(ii]ii> 
old in K'la--< cilll^lll^•^ t. 
fiippf.l p.iint. Wh.-n the rj.i 

•>',■■ ,' 


■ il»'<t.inct' ha-i t\ 

• I b\ i!- cMiiMirution. 

n fiti.- tiilif with tl 

■l<l with thf fiiif 

PMhtin' f,.v.:.. !, .1,.. ,mrt t<. i.. n ..ihftizcMl. at nh..wt 
■'•''■ f'"' I'H'I 'til}! fhlori.If l.y it>«)\vn \ajH,lll• 

■ '^■' ' '' '^ i'> a tin.' j.t. whirl' iiiipiiit.'»"i on th*- 
I'iiti.i.t. aiil hy its (vap. . .tl,., pr.Mluc.'H .-noiiK'h 
aim^thesia (.a- the p.-rformu' t„all .,p.-ratioi.- 

"" "1 '^"' r.nmval <.f miuiII u..:-, . Ail fat i.-in-t h-' 

r.-m..v.,l fr..iu t);. kin hy i- ani -.v..}::.-. ..vit), , (}„ ^ 

■ ' '-''l""'!.' is inllamniah!. : halation 

•• !l' !h\ .11!,! -ill. tl,' 

^l4tll})l i lil<Mi«|r 

■ -Ai'V t'. pi'., .1;. ai .1. 

(Viciall i II . il ill th." 
'. .iii'l tl i>'.'i«-v<' pain of 

• ■■ MM. A.'. 'I'll.' v;ip' t:r , ^i ;,, ;,::t\ .. I. ::..■,..•,■,,,, ,).. 

uiii f.r foir . r ilv,- -, 

%IH'%lil«.,N.,toii,. ,., -.:. non-oi;..-;:un.;M..r.-.^f 

Me a!}(i fthy! C'hloriiif, all.) i-^ Wr.-i in 'h.' - ili.r ua-, |< 

• ■■ ^'Ol ' 1'' 'j;'!' : ■- ■: ana'>th. ■ ' ' "^ 

.Ktll}l lt|-OIIIH|4' V. ' •■ , j, ,,|i .-^r. i;..nt '.fl.-. .1 

na-thetif for ^hoit ,,,,.: ,.i„._, lon^.r HM-i-ri;, ' i 

■i..i!i that of riitiuu- oM,!... >. -ir.-.Hiii 

/me (■oiitaii!-> !t with .'thvl ;• ',!.,(iil. 

<'i v^ HI. Nitrites. 
Spiritus .Ethei-is Nitrosi. Amvl Nitvi+o tqi*^^ 
iriycerin. Sodium Nitrite, Ethyl Nitrite. Erythrol 
Nitrate. Manitol Hexanitrate. 

All th..,.- .il at.- th,- p.^-ipii-r,,' -. ■-, an.l mcrtanO th.- 

rapidity of the heart. 

C ' 

. •■ 

•i ■ » 


r j 
t * 




S}iiiil i>f NitiMiis llihcr. S;.)i.r),i^,n. S\v. ct siuritof iiirjv. 

i'lll- is ,1 M.lulintl ill ;,i(<, ,);,,'] ,,f ~(.M r,i| .- U }.- til Ilri-~ . tllO 
flliff 1m i.;- ftlivi llltlit. . .iM. li\^ic. J.ii.ii.i, l.;.,i, . iiciti,- ;'i(i,l, 

ami ail til- • tlni. 

!^"' ■•■ ' • 1 'i-ti! a iiiivtiii-.' nf uirclinl I'.ui ],. |- cnt.!, iiitiir 
iici'i. siilj'liijiii: ac;.!, an.j ii.),j,( r. aipi 

ll—lilM tllf li 

ati' III 

alci.liol ('.III jMi ((III. I. I'rni.alily what li:iii],ciis i^ ttu- . 
Cn|,j,rr iiitiat<- i-- t;r-t iMiiiifi ari.i livir..-. n ^.■t tr- r-. 'l-iii- 
ri-.liicr, -(line iiitiii- aui'i t-i dilK.i;- acii : ilii- i-.a''t-; wi'h 
ftlivl alcdlin":, fniiiiiii- rtiiyl iiiinir all'! wat.r. Th.. cop],,-!- 
iiitiat.' tir.-i fi)iiii..i i- iIcl'oiiii...-, .i l,_v th.- mi!ii1ii:i ic ariii. 
nitric aciii Im-iii;.' rf;.'ciicrat<-'| ami copinT siilphatf priHlur.-.i. 
'I'hi- (li>til!iitr fdiiM-t^ <,f a iiiiMurr of (ili_\| nitni.-. alccl,!.] 
ami its (ixidatioii jnnijiu t-. 

I'mc 'thyl iiitrilr .an In- k, j,i an_\ time. i,;it >i.iril;.~ 
•""■•''"■"- N'i!io.,i ,.|i, ,•;:,! 1„. |,!-, in th- .lark in -niall 
licrnifticaily scald! l,..ttlc-. fm- it si.t.ii L.c-hhm - aciil. Much 
that i^ suM i, nut pre i.,u.-.l a<T.,r'lin;' tn thr I'liarmacMp, iai 

^"''^'•\' " I--- 'I'-an-jiart-nt. n< ariy (■(.l.,iirl('>s, mohil.'. 
Inl!:tnimal.!i-. >:i;.'lit;_\ arid iiqimi of .m appic-Iikc ami .i 
•wi ' t iNHilniL' t.i-tr. :^'/,n■l'h Acorirciin;; t.i thi- I'harina- 
(■op.! ia it ni'i-t contain i-dA.rn 'J-.' anl l-7."< M.-r ciit. of .ihvl 
niti itc. Sp. -r. (isl<i to <i'N 1.-,. 

1n< oMi'Mii.M >. - roia»iuni io.liih'. iron --'.ilphatf. tinctnrf 
(if K'iaiacuin.^'ailican.l tiiuni.- acid-, ai.tipyrin. and cniulsion-.. 

I''ll-i 1:11',. i;\r,-< of accl;.- ;:(•:, i. 

Dose, 20 to 40 m. Tor n p<at.d. 60 to 90 m. for -ingle 


External. Spirit cd' nitron tilnr cvaponitcs 
v.h.u it i- ajiplicl r\i. riially, ami a slitrJuiv ana s- 
tln tic in'((t is prodtu'od. 

Internal. It cojabincs the action of tlio ttlicr 
with iliat ot" the iiitrit.s contain. <1 in it. iU'caiisc 
of the ctli. r it is a diffusible stimulant, a stomachic, 
ami a carminative. liccaiis- of th.> nitrit- s it act- 
like amyi iiiti'i!. ; hut as tho .-;h\! nitrit.' is so 
diluted, its action in this dir.-ct!. m" is tf. hlc : thus 
it onlv moderately dilates the vessels, and in 

lU)lS(ilious dosos i,r, .lrili]\- A, U.J iwvt ■>^X.,.t ♦!.., 1.1 1 

- • • tJ: 

The dilatation of the vi-sels lea. Is to a diaphoretic 
elAct on the .-^kin, a diuretic etl\ ct on the kidiievs, and 



;i low. rillLT of ;ii-t<l'i,il \>\<uu\ piTSSurt'. Thr <liliit;iti()n 
>f th.' . •111,111. •nil,-! \t-MU. tlir swriitiiiir. and pt'ihaps 

'!;■ (•ImiiL.'c-; in the liloml. jii'D.lnci. ;i -,!i^r|it antipv- 

'. ;k- intliifiuT. It. i< wi)\iuus tli;tt m ih. ^.. .-tyfctH 

ili.' ni'iit.- will tM .^uuc f\t.rit 1m ai'j. d hv ilif fthrr. 
'i'iii:i; \ri;i i k s. 
l-"i)f it-: .iiapliori'iic aii.l -^li'.'fit aii'ip\ntic ctlVcls 

.• i> cDiniiioiily -iv.ii 111 iiiiM f, lailr a'ttark.^. <iicj| 
-a comnioii roM. it i^ al-n n-,.] i - a (liur.-ri(.- in 

' hronic llriL'lit'y di^raM', and cardiif and puliiK.narv 

ii-it-ascs accomitaiii. (1 liv u drma. 

\iii\l Nitntf. 
^""'■' '■• i'r'"lar.,l t.y th.' inl.Tuct!-.!! of nitroa-; nrld und 
.v:yhi' .ili'.' tiuit hii- !,.■.. n .ii>iilic,l i,.f,v..!i -^ird aii.l 
JT'I F. It CnliM-t- < !ii. My c,f io,.i„iyl iiitnt... C.l[ , , N I I .. ),iu 
.i!m) Colli, till-, oth. I iKtntt - I!! th.' hMm.,!,i_',,iH serif-. 

fllxKM II!:-. .\n .till Mill i|,,ui.| of ,1 [.a!, V.-llow cnlnur, 

ind sin.'llui- ;-tr..ii-'y Hk-' tli.' >w.'. tm.-al f..ur'.iiu|.^. %vtiirh' 
,ti-' fliiVdUK ,1 sMtii .iiiiyi iicetato. Sp. jjr. tis^. \,.,^ Nijuti!.'. 
^ lalil.- ill . tli.r, chi.iroic.riii. ..r -pirit, Imi not in nwii.t. 

Imi ■ lai II •. I-'r. .■ ari.l .iii.i amy! luirat.-. 

Dose. 2 to 5 m.. .•untiuu.-ly "inlial. d fr.rn a liaiidk.r- 
•: II! wMch a k'.i- i'.ip~n!f contaiiiin;.' th.' nitrite of ainvl 
.'a- Ixtn eru-lif'i. 

A( Tl<»\. 

External. Locally d it diniinishrs thf ac- 
ta it v (d"tlio H.n-^.iry ii.rv. >, hut t!i.\ .pmddv recover. 

Internal. Amyl niirit.' i.s randy i,qv.'n hv th.- 
iiiouth. .so th.' foUowin.^' account will nf.!- t.) tin- 
tdV.'Ct.-: of inhalation, ddn- .'tlV.'t.s of a sin^de inhala- 
tion ]ia.>s ol]' in two m- thic.- minutes. 

( '//■(•/</,/j'/fy//,— i'V.iiii a iiiodical point of view hv tile most important . ilVct^ of amvl nitrito are prodiic.'.l iipon th.' !i. art and v.^^'.ol-. Within 
a niinut. of inhalation tii.- face flushes, the heart 
h.-at-; \fiy rapidly and vioientlv. tiierc is a throh- 
I'ilii^'in the and the v.' ,../. the, 
may he .-.'.'11 lo pui-atc ii.adaciie. ;^'iddl- 
ness, dilatation of tii.' pujiii-. alid incna.-e.l respira- 
:ory niovcni. nts quickly siip.'rv.'Uo. Tiie vessel,; of 


.,''t I 


MATi;iii\ Mi:r)icA 

llif IkhIv rapidly <li]ar. . hut ,,f iIm- cutaiK ou< vo<=.v|.h 
nnlythrs.. ol tl...;,n,l n. rk an aOVrt...). Ihmhv 
thr ll.l.hl^.^ llu. v..<.~vl-MK.y 1,.. a.tuallv s. ci to 
widen in ill., ramf a ral:i,i! t m tlu^ r. :i)i,, ' Thi-^ i- 
.iiH|toa.lin.rtart„m.,n ! 1,.- a rl. , i..],... in,- ,r haniMns 
If tii.. .-nni i.,l.^tr,,v,,l. It. H ti., ,n,^ni|.,.,i mn '<•!... 
ot tlieart.iiol.s.and.a.i il^. , nd^nf idm, rve^ wlnrli 

arc air.T'lf.l. Tlie hlMd,! pr, 
oi ciiur-c t':i!l vcr\ 
tilt' pill M is uii 


"1' aii'i uvu rial t.-nsinn 
'"'■:■'■'-'• ill thf rate of 
.. . , , "•'•""^'■"ii«'l I'.v anv ah. ration m tii.. 

'"'■;■*■ "t ft"' ''••■'t: it i.<nppaivntlv.|,' 
inJlufiK-.- on th..'.rv va-u> <•, nti... po~<il,Iv -is 
a n.suk of lov,..r..! M,„ul pns-niv. j,, tMxir ,1.'...'.. 
th.- I;, art may 1„. an.,t..i m ,ii;, .f,!.. Imni ,|iroct 
action on tl' cardiac inii-cl.^. 

I:rspini!!nn.- Th.- r;,i.l,h'tv and d.ptfi of ,•.>- 
spn-ation ar.. at (ir-t -.,„,. uhat incn-as.-.j. prnjiahlv c.ntral Minnd.tion : ti,. iv.pu'atorv ,•, ntr. > an. 
lat.T d.piTs..,!. ila. l,r.atl,in- 1.. .•oniini; .lower and 
-lialow.T. and n-ualiy d.atli (inallv ..ccurs frotn 
I'araluic a-p!i_\ \ia of (•■ iitral .wilmii. 

y.rr,,n.s .,i,.s!,-,„.-^yinu\- of i!,,. .ynipi,,n,s ivfcr 

ill ai'.- ~tc 
Is of til.. I 
c-nnl. Such aiv ih.. t M-nse of fuln.-. 
^iddnu-s and h.ada.da- nn,„-.d di;vctlv ah.r hi" 
lalation | h.. h, ;,da. h. may n luain .onio tin... 
n imi.di ha- In.), inhal.d th. iv is iin.!..a< of 
;/aU an.l l'. n, ral i-...t!.-.^n.^^'. 'Ila. pupd dilate. 

'♦'•''•/■; tl"- ii.rvoiH sy^i.n. an ^ ri.n.iarv .ir.cts of 
'''"•'''^"••'"'"i "f t!,..\..~Mls<.f the l, and spmal 

and distill haiic.s ..f \is 

'"" ="••• P'-o'm:. Tlie motor 

centres of th.. Old ai.. j-ndoiin-JK>M-.i there 
fore aff.r h.r.'.. .ln..< n ,1,, ;,,,i.,„, ^,,^. ;,i,„i,,},,.,| 
""■ '''".'■J'"" '» s.iiM.ry n.rv... m-Uor n.rves. and 
muscle,- is l.y ll,.. l,,ra! ;.ppli,.ation of the 
drill,' in. but iH.taher mhalalmn until .-hortlv 
lielor.. .i.-alii. 

J I Hi I'l /-(it II )('. Am\l intrirf- /•■m,,..- tl.;.. .„ c n 

ccinsiderahlv both m 1. 

IS duo to tho periphi ral vascular .hi 

ver an.l liealth. 'Die fall 

large dose;s are given, to the cl 

atatinn. and. if 

aiiL'i s in tile blood. 

\M\ I, M I lu rr 



I'mir.- 'I h- (iniLf |irfili;il)lv .■-.• t|i. -; in the iiiiiit- 
.1- nlt^lt(•^: nii'l uitrat.-; i: i^ ->li'_'iit l_v linuct ic. iuiil 
iiiiiy caii-'f L'lyc<i>iin:i. liuf. it is sai>i, !it ililir ;i : inn (,f 

•lie VcSS«'l«I of IIh- ll\rr or dl til. lllr.i!l!l.l. 

J)!("'i. Nitrirc- <_'iv.-i, mi ni-Mii-inal dn-^r^ riri'u. 

laff ;(-: so'liiHii nit nil'. ( (ut-iilf tin ic .liv • !i. \ LTrat I v 

i:!i;itii~li (iMilatinii. aii'l '111' ,~:iiii>' 'aK.'^ placf in 

'hf MikmI. Atit'T ti,<' iiiliala! mil i,\ ;i n m-al. r.ilile 

:!!iniint I iii'irc than i- a-nallv ''isin to a niaiii the 

iT'trial aial vinon- IiIikmI Imth Iimoiiic a iniifniiii 

rliocf.Iatf coldiir. Ihi-; i- ihir tu tiic fomwition of 

Ml *liMniM._'! aial anotln i' ImkIv, jiroliahlv nitric 

ir\iilf lia iniiL.'loli!n. 'I h<' liaiiid'_'|, ,|iin can no lom.'!'!" 

nlKdi'l) ow_'. n, ai;il Inner it> o\iiii/in'.' jmwi r i- 

">lit '1. It i- \>v i\\\< action ..n ih.- M i tlial m 

!!:aii nitiatis kill, not \.y thtir vaso-diliiri.r action; 
tin O't'orc the tr.anuiiii tor poisoniii",,' l.v tlioii i- 
inhala'ioii otdxyi.'-cn. that nicri' miiv l.c dissohci in 
rill' |'la~ni;i. in sonio of llic Inw. i- aninial-; tlu\ 
j.;I! I'V acting' as a. 'iiri ct. jHiisi.n to animai li-.-.iu--. 

THKiUlKlTK -. 

}[• lit (ii'i II ■ 'I'l-vrsst'ls. r.riinton in \^i',~ 
oliscrvi (1 tlia* 111 a ca-c of anL,'ina pcclMri- tli-- ]>< \-\- 
jilit ral \<--stls Wert- -trMiiL'lv cntin'actt'i (liii:n'_' an 
aUack of ])!iin. This indiicol jiini to niaki- ;lii- 
t'aticnt inhal.' ani\l nitiitc. and il was found that 
\<--fls dilated and tjic j.ain j).i~,,.d d!'!'. In 
liiilation of aiiiW nitritr is nou u-.d for all -oits 
of cardiac [aui. c-pccially wh'-n il cnnit-- dn in 
paroxysms. ( it n^ra llv I hi dniL' afford.- rcli. f in a 
minute or so aft. r inhalalion. hut hv nd m. ;tns 
always. W'c dd not, sulViricntly iind.rstand tiic 
patlioloL'y of anL'iiia pectoris to know how if acts, 
it may h.> j.y dilaiinu' tin pcj-jphcrui vc.s.Hds, iiiit 
ii.trainst that \i.u i- ;h. ta.t that liicv are not 
always contractid duriicj attacks of an^dna pcctori.s ; 
aiiiM nilrit(_' may rent vc [.atiirus iii wii'.m tiu' 
vessels are not contractc<l. The attacks of pain 
rdinmon in thoracic an. ury-ni may ho relieved hv it. 
It Id successfully used to avert the dangerou.s pallor 



'.t I 


MATi:i;i\ Mi;i)irA 

ll.i lUnn'Jja;;... '(Ml* 

.y, ;™.s .vv.s7.'';/^ il U,-inh;,l.,|ul„ntii.. aura 
"•1 It liiis alM, l„,,i iMinni ,,..,•,,! .1,,..;. . ,"^'"^'^1. 



ciuh.ntu-u. I' " • "^•''''''"'•'"^ tin. Slums 

J-.a an. contract. M.H Ik.. !,....n.,..,i, and >onu.t^^ 
on,lH...onlha.. ' 1 is u, ^^'""^ '"'^ ''^'"" 

,; "''•'•"-'""■•'"y '1"- iMhalat.uM ..f a„:Nl jutnt,- rn 
^^l'-Iun-roud,..a.s.rkn...a,.l,.|,.l.ra v. 

InMltP.-lu-, Mil. (\|i ,.\<) ;() 

• N"t I'.'iicial.) 

^>»,..,,,,„. T,,n,,.i„.,il inoil. N„|„.|M,,;;s„'„.„il 

1 IC 

•ini. Nitni-!\c,-rin. 17 

>''■■ Str.K,j-li. 1 jmiclu 

''• ; 

Dose. to „ fer.. „..v,.ru...|wn,iilut-.i. 

1. Liquor Triuiti- 

iili'ulml I'.tii |,,-c i-i rit.i. 1 ij , 

^l'. iiY. (I > Id". 

Dose, to 2 m. 
^ 2. Tabelh-e Ti-i„itriiii. Nitrn;:!vo ,;„ ■ „, . 

nori-k';;f\;,i:J,;: ----'■''•- -"-t th:,; ;■ 

Dose, 1 or 2 tablets. 

A( lioN AM) Tlii.l;\ii,t ,i,s. 
Its action is til., soma ot; .1 .. .• _ . . . 

^i..i .lo>t^ <innni lorn, nHtlianH,.Jpi„n in tlu- hluod, 



ii- . iTicts (if iiitnii:l_v('. rill iirc more persistent. ;n!il 
.1- it. is f>iily siiit;il>lf tor adiiiiiii^iraticii I'V tlif iiKnith 
:li. y ,ii-c >l(.\v. II till ir (iii<. t. It i-' friMjui ntly t.ikrii 
i;, )tt r-niis liai'if to cai'diiic jLiiii. with tin- olijfcl of 
'.'. ,iii!iii'.' olT til'' ati.ick. aii'l ot'-n .-nrh pi r-ons rc- 
'luii'i' and liiur laiL'i' (In-,-. Small do-c- art ofttii 
;; I <1 to lowt r tin arlfrial tfii.-ioii in cln'oiiic intfr- 

• iiial iii)ilinli-. ( 'ctM-iMiially i; doi - L'"'"i in asiliinii. 
I' i-; really a iiitra'i' of ^iyccrni. Imt ci rtiiinly 
i liy.-ioliK'icaii.- it, licloiiL's to thr rla-s of iiiti-iti-s ; 
: 111 rt-forf. proliaMy. liirictly it ^'t-t- into the lijood, 

^'.lum nitrite is foriiieij. 

S-iii>.. :■ in;> . N,iNt)_. 

S..ri;. r. Maili- Iiv l.-iitiii;,' .-oiliuiii iiitriitr uitii Ici-I, 
' ii ii liiroiiu'- all i-xicii-, taking; i»xy!.'cii from tin- iiitiati-. 

('iiu.\i 1 11;^. \ v.hit'- cry-ta'.iiai ili li^ut -re ut powiir, 

•> . 1 y -iilulilr ill V. .'111. 

Dose, 1 to 2 gr. 

IJ<H <HC 1:11111. M I |{l I IS. 

S'::.ii '11 Mf |;:t:;,; N,:.i-. . 
A iiiixtun- cpf '.••"> I'liit l>y \nluiue ni alisoliite h'cjIihI, 
v.ith ;') part.-, hy \(»li;iiii- i4 ^'!\t'tiin. cmiiI .imiiu', "aIh 11 fn-hlv 
!;:ailf, ;{ J'tT cillt. 1)V \vtij.'lit, illpi t \i 11 \vlnn l"!!;: kipt Iiol Ic^.-; 
■..'.all - ■ pt-r (■> lit. lit itli V 1 iiitiit'-. 

Si. I ui i:. (thiaiiiiii Ijy till- ijiti laii ii.ii lit iilci'liiil ('.((( pi-r 
■lit. I, Rmliiiiii liitritr, ami iliiiilcil .-ulphuric uciii ul 11 low 
■. Mpi-ralun-. 

(ii\r.MiM;s AMi Ti.- •. A li!i!}iiil, itlrnn-t ciilnuilf-;.-; 
,uiil witli ehaiact. ristic upplc-like oduur arul ta-^tc. Hit,'!ily 
.iiilaiiiiiiiiiilf. Sp. ;_'r. (i->-j:i to n>-_'i'i. SliuuM bv .-tmcil ia 
-mail Imttlis. 

Dose, 20 to 60 m. 

AiTioN AMI Tm;i;\i'!:r ri( s. 

The aci.'on of siKJimii nitritt' and e!li\l nitrite is 
ti.i same as that of amyl nitrite and (.tin r nitrites. 
Tiiey are suitahle for tin' --anie cases as iiitro- 
■_'iycei-iii, as tliey ar. slower and gentler in tiieir 
action than amyl nitiite. >oii.iim nitrite iias ilie. 
same actum on the Idood a- amvl nitrite. 

r » 


"^I\Tf;i;r\ MFDKV 

•■' '•'! ■ I ,i. 

iN'"t nlljci,,!.) 

l>.vtlirol t.'tiaiiif '•,■ 

■ ICVTIIKOI. Mliciv ,N 

i-rvtlu'..) NitiM', ^ 
CnviufTKits. Ifai<i 

Dose, to 1 gr. 

^ - ..,.,„.:,:, „,„ „i,n„.„f vl,.„„|,„„ 

:';)t>a,-ti.,n is ^!nu-. it is th. 1,...: ,.r thi- -^ 

I'flL'iit S (i!--.;|-r. 

VI:miiIoI li«\:iiiifi:ii,. 

iis It IS ol!..;ii)..r and !.-■. im^a. ,fn! 

1 1 

!■ f -. .itid. 
1" ip fur 

ut.y til. 
• aii of i:, 

' ' i'' Hypnotics. 


Chloral Hydras, Butyl-chloral Hydras Chlov^f^ 
hloralosc. Chloralamide. Paraldehv „,» ^J'l^^*""^- 
rional. Tetronal. Veronal. McHli^'rAcIalfn:''''""'-^'' 

« ' : < II (i||. . 

• ■!• i: ■ .-Ivc..!. 

("iHi:\( iKits. ^ Cu'loiiil. 
I'fi'iiliai- iwloiir junl a bill 

li' at 

"•■"'''• ''■' f'-iTii a ii_\.irat.-. 
■ - "'ii }uiii;.'i:it. 

K.-..MiAin;,~ Allulkali..,!..,.,,,. . 

-''■ in 1 f!. ,!,-. 


Syrupus Chloral 
Dose. ', to 2 fl. dr. 

External It ,s a jMuvcrfuI antiseptic Locallv 

<hi,oi;ai, ii'i 111; \i i; 


Internal. Aiituentart/ C(in<d. I'li!.--^ •liluttil 
: hyiiMif is a i^Mstric ; Lif.'f liuMs 
!.. I. t'Mc iii.iy '.MNr ri-i- til vmiiUiiiL,' ainl luiiu'iiii,'. 

/' ■' i' . i>;iilll_\ :ili-(»rlit'(l, iiii'i ciri'ihitt-i in 

• .1 M'lntl iiii(liii!i<,'t i. It v.,1^ t'.'iriiii ily thoiiu'lit that 

ii.k.ilii- fiiiiVi'it II iii'o { !iii)riit'i)riii and formic 

■. I. llii- f'uaii'jt wiiiil'i taki' ['hi' i in :li, Mood, and 

■■|ii<iitly Lit iiiti.-li .-iiL'L'' -^li'd .M' !i^ an 

.»|iiioti('. !t is How iiiiown that this siew is wroiii,', 

: !!■ nochloiotonii can if f »iind m thi- Mood of ( lilora- 

.d annual-, n-r ni lii.' hnatii, nor in the mine 

iik'ss tliat ihiiil i< alivaiiiir. m winch ca-c rliioral 

dralf IS <lrcoMiiio>»-d |iy the ali\aii m tlir nriiir. 

('ircn.iatii'H. ("liioral )iyih-,!tf depresses the 

iieart. lar>/i' do-t's haMni/ tlii-: a.rion to a (oii-id. !•■ 

aide dc|,'rt'0. 'I'lii-- '• liur to a ctt. .•[ on tiic 

: 'an il.-rif: nro!'ali]y liotji ;li.- iiniscuiai- siili.-iancc 

.•:.d tlif n> I u- coniaiiud in it arc atl'.ctcd. Tin 

l''dsc. wliudi lna\ at tir^t h.' -ilL.'htl} iiUKiMiicii, soon 

; . .Mint .- -low. Ifchh-, and iri'. .:;ilar, and thf iu-art 

!n,al!y -lojis 111 lii i-^iolc. Ti:f vaso-motor centre is 

depressed, and con>,M|:i, mly tin- \,v^m U dilatf. A- a 

rt-'ih of thfsc affioi;- on t!it_; iicarl ami thf Vi-sstds 

:h. blood-pressure falls. 

/i. <yM /.;/,■(//;. Allfi' lari^'f do-i,-s thf rf-[iirat:ons 

1- conic -l(»w* anil fiiil. ;ind al'lff toxic do.>fS ihcv 

•'• fonif iiTf u'ular and shal!o\s Ih foi-f tiiiallv ccasin-.-. 

; ■ :o tlif ;ifUMn oi tddoral hjuhatf on the 

:■■ spiruiory ciiitn-. 

I iinpt:i\Uiiri\ -Lai-'jf do-f^ taii-f a fall hv 
l;!tinishii;u' ihf production ami incrcasiii:.' thf los,^ 
u! heat. 

Iir<iin. — ( iiloral hytiratc i- a powerful hypnotic. 
ictiri'^ directly on the hruin. ddie -ta^^' of t\citu- 
l.ou, if it e\i>ts, is vt ry >hort. Soon after takin:^ a 
uiotleratf •{•y-.- •.'<■'.■ >'■']■' ■ ■ rcoJiio hv -Ai-i^i) 


hich la.-ts Several hmns, .mil is indi.stini,'uishahi 
from natural sleej). On wakiiiL' th.-re is mitl 
liisioii nor headaciie. ami he fiels relVeshed. L 

ler cou- 


i !■ 

i f- 


':ie9 I'roiluci' i-n(u:t, TIicihi->!! I- ;i|u;i\s ri)IltfUL-tt*'l 


m\ti:i;m .^^I:I)l(■\ 

Sphu,/ r..r.l Af \\r< th.. ;.nt,.r,or n.rnua rnav 

fattv.l....nemnonnf ,l,.,tH.,.. .„,i t. an ,n , « 
:>f nm-n,..„,,,,.,,.. „„i sulphur i„ th. i 

to ;*'''■''''■ '''''"'v^'^^^ this 

su-ar. a^ \va^ tnn,M.|-ly tlj,.,,:.-},! 

'f \vill 1m. .,1,.,..;.,! iiiat chlnral l,-,lrat,. i. ., 
powerfuU^eneral depressant.,. In, llv.nh.,..,.,^^ 

,■'';;/'• th,. ,vs,,rat.,n- ...nuv. th. va.,.,,,. n.: 
;';'"-' '^-y'-'-nina. th- pn.h,,,,,,.,, of h-.t. 

'■';''"T = ' """•*' •"•''•■'• '1'^'" ^'-,v ,„h..r nan of . 

l;^;!;;;;— '^- .aih.i .•hio,-a;.hut'th. . :.n':;i' 

T 111,1, \ri:i- 1'!,< 
External Th. o.,npoun,| w,ih nunnhor ha. 
"'•";"'l'l">.- w.alo,.a!:.n,„lv,u.t;M- n. urah.,, ,u .1 

Internal Chi.,,.,! h^.],■at.. i^ hu-^.Iv u..,l n,,. 
n^ livpnof.- ,.n...t. It^^nata.ivaMra^... • V 

:;'•■•!> I'-l' ^"v not l:.r^,...nou^h tocaus,..M.t^,- 
^^- ma! nTit;,t|,.n.,.anhar a,i.] r. .,aratorv.|..,,r:.;.u, 

.itaminnsa..Mon; n oun-kly |Mo.hic. . sh-^p ■ an i 
^''-:-vnohaaaf,er-cn.cL.. (•hi!,Lv,.tal..1t\:!n 

• iwork or worrv. h< ,!i.:iJ,.:,..r.,:r.... .■■.,.. .!, . ■ 


bnyvhev. pan. at all. ana it should^^^^ 
'< -Ifo^ th. heart and nsp.ration. it he ^iven 


( Hi.DiiM, HVl)l;\ I i; 


iiffiilly in ili-j. ,h.'- of tin- li.ari uml luiiu'-. !m<l iilso 

ii.ii liif >t(iiiiacli or iiit<--tiiit -; ai-.' ili^.a-rtl, a> it 

a\ irntatf tlitsr stiiirtur* -i. In trhn!,. iiHoiniua il 

■ V. ly valual.l.' in [\i,- early -tiiLTt <. hut iiiu-* he 

.vi-!i rautinu.-ly lat-r when tlitrc h aii\ daiit^'i'r of 

' mliac w.aknrsN. h .h,,.^ n^t r. lirvr thr distr.'ss 

:;ri coui^'h of ■iis.a-^.-i of the li, art and !iini,'s. It 

: !S 1). (11 usi <1 as a ctit liral d. prf-sint in iltliriuni 

• mens. [>iifrp.ral (.'unvuLsiuiii:, and mama. Init very 

;i:i- ilnsf< arc r.^jinn d, and cimim-iu. ntly tli.' r. -ulf^ 

i-t ln' \vat(di> d with irrcar cart'. 

I'loni it-; action on thf ^^pinal cord chlonil 

..■-ih'atf has l)ctn u-.d. and sonictiints witli siu-ctss, 

!': tftaiiiis, whoopiiit^coiit^'h. incontin. Mi-f of ui-inc, 

d -ti"y<dHnni' imisouiuL:. 

ll>jinal ido-r. I", L'r. in a cafditti is a compoiind 

ihl-ral iiydrair and antipwinc which ha. hecii 

■1 to |)ro(hicc >!.•«{) when ji;iin i.^ pn ~i nr. 

Acute Poisoning. A- wii! l... inf.rr..i fi,,!ii th,' artinn 

'•'"'•d i }'i:.i'''. tli'- \injito[ii> of Diii-.iiuiil: \,y it an' .i,-. p 

.1 w.iik. !• . liN . iii.u'uljir.>!o\v piiUc, wliichiiiiiy hcc,,!,,.. 

■. li*f..if iltuth ; liiiiiiiii-lif.l fiti|u. nc\ nf if-j.iiatuiii iitul 

: ' lu-iit !i\iiiity ; and aholilmti c,f r.t!.-\ iii<i\frii. iits. Th.- 

::;ii-f (if the -kin Ij^ cuid, anil the tfiiii>.r.itinc is siiluK.riii.i!. 

'ri.ttdi!, )it. (live .-riiftii -. i-.-c p. l;;c,| ,,r wa-h nit lii.- 

■-"■li. K.. ji lip th.' t.|i,p,.|:iti.i. I,y h,,t l„.ltl.-;. liMt 

';k'i-, frirtuiti, a! hi ma -sue. I'itmiii -i>fp l.v tnc irijc'ti'io 

tint strnr.i.' coiTt f liitn thf rfftiiiii. >li()iitiii,' at tl:-' p.iti^tit. 

■ ;'Mii^' him, ilappiii.' uith \\.-t t..\v,.!s, l-athin^r, Ac. (iivrii 

.!■. itaii'-nii-. iiijfftMti of -trvchtiini'. luraii-c df it:, •<tiiiiuhirit 

■ •iun on ihcantrridf cornua. I'-..- inluilaticaH nf amy! nitrit.- 

'. ' .-limuhitt' thf hfurt. uii'l artificial rfspiriitinn ii nfCf.-iirv. 

Ckr(f>u,ixii.s.yniitij. Thi- takiiij^M.f fhlniai hy.lniTf is a \ic.j 

•- ■ '.vha-li many pt-isuns art- a-l(hctf<i. A i-ra\niC' fur it is .oori 

' V^hfd. 'J'hf <-!iiff syrn}it<nii> of cliionic .'hlural p.-isonin^' 

. truintistiiui! irrilHtion. a f^nat hubility to .rvtJif nuit'ius 

• Millions. «lyspn.iu<Ifi>.Ti,l, .lit up..n thf canhac atci'rf ^piratory 

.' ;)rcssiiiii, ami ^'ciwral wcakiif^s. Thurc iiiav In- .ii-;turiian("f 

. the rnfiiiai • .pniruriuiii. ami pfi-,.n. fiave '(/.■..» ktmwii to 

icomc pfrman.ntly wrak niindfi. A .-li^'litly larpr du-e 

'-'■■.in a-ual may \>f 'laicklv fatah 

r ! 




M\Ti;i;l\ MIIKCA 

lei I % l..< lll.<»IC IL 111 IMC %s. 

liiitU chioiai H wiiiiif, I nchl. il.iii\ .1.1. n. < t!\c,.I 

Sunin ( ii In.lnit. . i 1) 

' ■ ii-iiMiinr.) 


Ma! '.],<. 

'A I til a 
'<•■■•■ 1 . p lii, ny.iiati'. 

J * ■ i i ^' , I h 1 • ■ .' . I i I 

tillatinii. aiii! \^ 

ClfVUM ! i li-. i 1 .11 iV \s(,i 

li:i i; ■:■,:: t-t ~(i :i l,ii ;, 1 : •: . . 


Dose, 5 to 20 gr. 

A' i I" - Wi) T;!i I \| I.I -I I, ... 

'•'" ■"•■1"" "f ii'i- 'Ir- ir;|y .-•imiLi r to tluit 

"t" fill,;!;.! ti\(i!;i;,.. i.iit It 1- I. .- r. i r.uii m it- . lit cts. 

Jl IS >alii In i.f 1. ■.>.-■ li. pi. --iihl Id [\,r ! i, net . ;Ml. i U) 

liavr ;i .-pfcilir ;i.ti..,i m r.lit\ iip^' n rin a!;: ;:! ot' liit; 
lil'lli ii»;ry<.^ l.ii; i.i.'ii ■ ,,■ ,],ivi<.i ^ ar, ilT^iiluf'iiL ^~~ 

i liloi <-|oii«-. 

•"^v i Li-i!;.ir\ 

< iiMutTEUs. Whitr lui'.il.-. [i.iiliv:-. 
Dose, 5 to 20 gr. in a cuclu t. 

\. M..\ AM. s. 

li>rii. .. 


ii'.i ill waUr. 

in ; l!;.,V i„- .l,l.,i, .,..4, It 

' : 1 ' : /ino osi.le 

'■ ' '■ ' ! "•''•" -■"■• .a. tjuin.--. Iiitci-iially 

t'co.l liypiL.tic. III). I has In-cii u>ed fur -i.i 

<'ill4»l':il<>s«'. iNi.t ..;u.'iai.i 

Si/iu>ui.' \i.ii_\iln)).'i\<'i> ill.'.. 

< I! -^uiiill while bill. 

Dose. 3 to 10 gv. in a cut), t. 

lightijr soluble 

Th:- .ii 

. . • hi ihiit, . 

( .iii\ lil-i.ijis ; if 

«• - •' ' " 'M ;■ ...-,, ,. 

< liloi :il;iiiii4|«>. Nut ..lln . . , 
Synoiujiu. Ci.i. i:J im maiiiiJf. 

.'Jll to rlllnral. 

-I ,. ft. ^. _ ..,,.] 

:u in Hi. ;.. 

( Fn.'iiJM vMiDi: 


(•|iM;viini>. Sl,iiiii.. <■,.;,, ,,!.-. .TN.-ta! . Tn-tr ^!i;.-),tlv 

littrr .Su/»Wu/j^V- Slowly in nh^'Ul I ui -JO .,f w^.r I m •' 

f lilcoh..! C.'U ,„.r (■••iit.t. ill..! 1(1 u,.,ik iii-i<l ^..lutiotw. 'sjioul.! 

■; '"■ J"'if'l nWT lln F. ,,, -M-i n..h alkali... for ,u 

■ .lh< r I a <• It ill (fin) 

Dose, 15 to 40 g^r. 

Ai I iMN \M) Tiii:i; \i i;i IKS. 
< hlnrahitniilr n :m .ACfll.iit livpimn,.. pr..,|,i,MiP' 
fiihii r.fn--hiii'4 sletp \\rli,,iK :ui\ had :ifi.r . tl'. (t.-T. 
I' h;is little or no .•.udiac. vaso-m-.tor or n ^pira- 
'"'7 <i« i'n s-!iiit action. hi the bloo.j it is .i... 
••uii{ int.. ciil.iral an-l fornianiidr, and it 
""^^' •"■ .'!'■»' t'"' l;it;.r pivv-tits til., d.pnssant 
iction oi th.. chloral. J-'iciu. nt ti.-^c d.Ms not 
necessitate an incr. a-, d ,\n^r, nor, a> fur a-, w,. 
■i.ow, is any chh.ialaniidf hahit cuntraftcd. It 
.l..e.-i n..t r. li.vr pam. init is ..|iially ^.rvKvahlc f.,r 
all varictii - of in-onmia iinlos du,. to piiin. If 
iMssihlf it sjinuld 11, a he •.M\cn as ii jM.wihr, for "it is so \.ry sl,,uly ah.sorhrd that prohahlv .some of 
it is d.eoiuiio-ed in the intesim. s or 'stonnudi ; 
nr,'ii,ionally. when powl.nd chloralaniid.- ha.s heen 
administered in the evenim.'. the [.atient iias not 
>lelit during' the nit'lit. hut lias slept all the next 
;iay, hec-au>e tiiu drui,' has heen so -lowlv ahsorhed. 
The hest way to u'i\e it is to di-solve it' in a little' 
ilcohol. Tile patient may he f.ld to disMihe 20 or 
ni.u-e .L'raiiH in sulhcient hralidy. t<. add water not 
■ibove i;UJ I-"., and drink it hefon- -,'oim,' to hed. It 
will re.piire stirrinL' for .-ome time. Soiuc .specimens 
i. very msoliihle, and must lie snspiuded. h is s,iid 
:Mat 10 minims nf aromatic sulphuric aciil added 
• 1 fl. oz. of water will dissolve ;;o >^v. ,,f chloral 
nude, hut this is not always true. It acts if t,'i\'en 
- an en,. ma. Fifteen L'ram of each of potas!-ium 
i-romide and chloralamide. tlavoun-d with tincture 
f^f oranL'e ar^l chlornfdrtM wut.f i,.... i,. . ., .., 


recommended for in.somma and for .sea-sickn'trss"'. 
Ihis mixture resemblt-.s a propri.tary preparation 
called cblorobrom. 

r r 
: t 



■*ii{\i.i>i:iiii>i Ti. 

I'liriil'it CJI^ () . 
Smi-i:, r. a |.r...l.i,i uf tlir |..,!yr*,...'n/iit...n < f .'i,M, l,v.l,. l.v 
in. ann ,.f van.n.s Hci.l- .,r ^hU-. Inr.xan,,.!... HM.■l.^.i,. n.av I,. 
';"-'' '■'- >■> I'Vlr... l.h.r.r an-l. s.IpinuK. un.l. .,r /.inVchlun.i; 
•iunnu- I... u. lM„. tl„. Muxtui.. l,.....,,,.- |,.,, ; „„ ,,„,.,,,. ,„ .,., ,/ liv.l. . rvMiiIli/. s ;i(M,<> (■ H n ' ' 

.m,,MV ta.-t.. It f..r/.H at ,-,(. !••.. J.,„I, Ht -J.-H) I. <u ,,, 
'^ . ^..M..^ nma ■! ..t.r ; f.-dv in alcol J anli 

T. T" L': ^" '" I"^ - 'v.-.i frn„, 1,^-ht an.l air. 

Dose. , to 2 fl. dr. m <-a, miU « nr a uiuturr (,.. tM.;,,w) 

A( r idN. 
External. It i. ann,-, j,ti,.. 

Internal. L:u-p. .In.^is iiu-n :,.<. tli. i!.,u ,,f urirc 
nn'i .«.i„.Mvl,;it .^fn.n^Mh.n tla- h,,.rt. Lui tl.. v .Jo not 
aMc-t tl.. -iiMnMnt..-!inal tract ,„• n .,:,r;ition ■ 
•■""n-MUis jins.s ^v,ak.n tl,.. j,.,ut. :nnl kill 1,." 
J)iiraly.-i.'4 ol tlic ri'spiratdiv ciiiir. . 

VMr.//.s sust.m.-h',. H powerful hypnotic. 
NN.t H.ut anv uni.l..a..antatN r rmrt.. 1 1 acts',. mcklv 
an.l the .^icc,.. uluch la^t.. ...vcral h,-,ns. ks .nn.'t' 
n-fn-luns an.l .inaml.s.. ParaM. hv.l.. i„ 't,,xi,. 
(loi^r.s i-aialv.., . tl,,. anterior <-.,nnia nf the .pi-,al 
crml; thu.. .t ah.,l,-l„s n ih x .rUov nvd rauM. 
paraly.^i.s. It ,1,,, s n..t atn ct n..r\. ., or inu^cU-.s. 
Tni;i;Ai i;i -IK s. 
It is -iven -(,lclya>an Inpn-.tic in the .<aiiie class 
ot cases as a. it .Ines not act ,.n the 
licart It may al.M, h.. u,m,1 for patients sntlVn,,.' from 
cardiac .li^ea.^.. It has laen u.-^ed hu-elv in a>vlu:n< 
o produce m mania and .sK,.p ,n n,elan.-holia 
It may produce an (rvthcmatous la^h I'nl, ss 
,i.MVen in cap.<ul» s the -reat ol.)ection tr its u<i: is 
Its nasty ta.te. which is h..<t o„v( rt d hv svrup and 
tincture of oran^M. peel with at hast two ihud ounces 
of water to ensure a usual dos,. lu-in- .li....olved It 
gives Its unnleasanf odour t/> tl... i .i, .. e • i '. 

many hours. Its nastv taste 

formation of u paraldel'mle babit ' b 

usually i)revents th 


ut occasi 


Sir.IMfON M, 


ihis IS coiitrai tt tl iiiitl ill. :5y!iipt<>in-i exactly rcsi mbli 


iriillM t!i !i;> M-. 



^1 lJ*llo^ \i. 


I . tilita 

1 111 IKJofii 


1*. ..f 

1 III ;i 

Dose. 10 to 30 gv 

•r 111 tl 

l\ (>;iii 

i boiling wuttr, lin 

)"^r;>l«' 1 in nriri 


i( I iitN \M) 

111 I: \l I I TK ^. 

Siilpli(iii;il i-; an hypnotic. It .| ..s tiot dcprr.sH 
In art. Til" ilniu' is ^'ivcij for liiu saiiu- t'liiss of 

a- (•hWinil 


riitr, hut ;is it is so iiisoluMi' it 

■ 'ulud with ditliciilty and slowly ; hmcc it taki-M 
•Vii or iiiorr liiiurs to art, and its action jiiav he 

I fiilon''i'd lilt') tlif iif\t dav. 

producfs its ( 


-. rnpidly if tin- tliiid iii \\}ii<di ii i ■• suspriidcd is 

'. liiit as liny aif -o ii:U(li more convt luiiit it is 

-uallv u'lvt 11 i!i (•■ii-ht;- in liour ;ind a half Infor*: 

I ••'Itiiiit', 
!;il<it ■" 

Sulph'.nal ViV 

Iv leads to a 


or !o aiiV i.l-.i 

'.'!tt .liile uftcr-ityt'ct- 


yiiiptoin- of a -ulphniial liahit are L,'ci;eral Icthai^'V, 
liifuta!, nigral and iniKcular \v. aknt--. lo~> of nu?ri- 
' "11. and dysjx p^;ji. It has lir.n known in produce 
' ! iptioMs on tilt' skin and li;eniatoporpli\ rin in the 

:;!ne. l.noi nioiis sinL'lr do-^rs protlncf, in addition 
: • tht se syniptonis. prolonire*! shtp. lasting many 
• iay-, paralysis of ^phint'ters. anuria, a fall of tenipera- 


d. lar 

<■ m 

;!■ i-> <>• 111 

pri -sion of resjiiratinn. 

'I'lifiiial iiiid 'I'rti'oiial. 

Not otliriii!.) 

'ihfse two sulistanofs have the same general formula a^ 
piional (r/.r.). •.•xecpt tliut suiphonal contains two ethyl 
:j'S, and ih« ^e txi'Uis contain three and f(jur re-f fot!Vf-!y. 
Doae, rriunal. 10 to 30 gr. ; TvUnna!, 10 to ?' {(r. 

are LiL'st given in caci.i 

X -^ 


MAT|-.l:I\ M! I>I(A 

A( Hon \mj Tm;i. mkutk's. 
Thfv aro \\<v*\ fm- tin- ^-aiuf luii-po-es us sulplional, 
and like it may iM-Diiucc !i;iiiuitoj>(>r)iliyrinuri,i. A- 
a riilf they ad inorc .piickly than -iilnln'nal. 'I'rion;;! 

i=MliC IIlOSl |:-liul;i!-. h 1- r;ir> [■.)• Vllhrr t(. lr;i<l to 

tlic fonnatidii (if a liahit or lo indiic'' di ,).;n rali!..- 
aft,ir-i!'ft cts. 

\ <'|-oiial. .N'l.t olliciul.l 

iS //«<(»;//>/;.— I )i,t liylnialftiiy 1-ui- 

A whifr rry-ra!::ii. (lowilcr ffciily .-■■. jiiii ;n water. 

Dose. 5 to 10 gr. iii ;i ouclK-t or Jiot thii.l. 

'I' :> ;t tiy|iiiiiiic. iri.iucin^' rffrcshiu;,' ^lt•*■^) alnn^ t 
always uiihuut evil ctT.ri-. hut ocfisionally it f;iiu~.-.s a scvi i. 
I ryih. iiiatoiis ru<li. aiul rai. 1\ an iT.iiiiary'doM. ha- i>rutluc...i 
(iaii;.-frnn^ ati'l e\. n fatal -yinpidtn.-. It ,'io.s imt (icprc?- tlir 
hi ail.aiui iKilit lit- -ii) iidi aciiuiif the lialiit of takiut- it. Lar).-r 
tloscH may \>r v'i\( ii r<.< insane or dflirious patients. .\s witli 
a!! in-^oluhl,. hypti.'tir-. .-Iroji may !. .1. fcrn-.l till suine time 
aft.-r .1,'ivint.' thr .mj-. M<-4iiii:i| (wliicli i^ SM.Jium 
\.im!i,,1i. dose 5 to 15 grains di-MlM-,i m w.u.i. ami 
A«l:ilill ivliirii 1. ln..i;i,Mii-iiiy! dose 5 to 
15 gi-ains in a cachet, arc l.oth s-'ivrn a> livpiK.t;,' ijii, <-. 
t h ( y a 1 1 \ I I y u . f I ' . 

Class V. Drugs which have an Antipyretic or 

Analgesic Action. 
Acetanilidum. Phenazonum, Phenacetinum. Sali- 
pyrin. Citrophen, Pyramidon, Tolypyrin, Exalffin 
Resorcin, Methylene Blue. Orthoforxn. 
ArilTAMI.ilM T|. 
.\c<taniliil.'. (11 ,(■<) Ml (J\ 
Si/noniims. .Xiitifrl.rin. I'hi :._s i-act tan.itle. 
Soriirr. (rlaeial ac-tic acid and ai-iiin-' arc h.-a' d l^i- 
t,'ether. C,H Nil • IIC 11 n ( 11 , CON ilC. H . Ac. taiiili.le 
is di;-tilicd over and |iiuiticd hy cry-lalli/atioii. 

Chauvi 1 i:i!s. Culnurlcs- scaly cry^tals nf a jiuriLrcnt 
taste. Sohdiiii/i/. I in 'ind t,f c(i!d \\at". r, 1 in In of hoiUn^.' ; 
1 in 1 of alcohcl ('.Mil, ,■!■,■, tit. I ; ficdy in . tli. r and cliluroform! 
Dose, 1 to 3 g-r. lii cadi, t:^ or -u.-iu mitd. 

iMii:"% iX4>'\i II. 

I'heiia.'.Mii... C,,H N_(). .S •,.!,.;! ■,';;.. Aniiryrinc. Phenyl- 
diuii tlivl-iso|i\ra/ol()ne. 


1I,CN C' 

Ar:;T\NTi,i;M', i:tc 


- i •■: A{ctoaootic ctlui is mtfii nii 1)V iihoiiyl livdra- 
aIi- I) plienyl-nif^thvlifiopvni/.olone, ♦•thvl nlcnhdl. nn.l 
•, : :ti.' l.inii.'.l. en (iiCH cVioCH^ ^ II NNIiC M -C U 

■ il..CjrN,0 . C.Il «M| 11,1. Th," n'iunu.'n.-|;',i ('• .-!.iu.;i:.l 
M'iilffl witii nicthvi iu ii.i«« atnl iiiothvlalci) ( II (lie, 

i N u cn.i -€,.»■(<• n • ( HN.o nr. 

C'ir\iiA(iKiis. Co . udoiirlt ->. sraly liitt-M- rn-ta!". 

:;' >()liiblf ill \vat«i, iticniiol, siH'i chloroforin. 

IviiiMi'v I It is iiicMJiiip.itil''' •■. !•!, , ;;, 

Mil. »•- tliat it slumlii i.c |ii<---crib<-»l a! 
Dose, 5 to 20 gr. 

riii:> in: TIM ^i. 

r ii NM . .% ,,; ;. ,, ;. I', I .^ , ■ •, , .., i, ,.,i 

( II «>(Ji,-Nlliii(il,. 
> . . <ii;ioi;U .uttif iui'l is Hia'ic to iii . uj>. iii paia 

■ ',. •■'iiM. :i pnxliirt .if ])nr;i iiitrD-plHiiM!. (' !i i )■(' U NH 
III I! i> < li •» ('.M.MICiM H II ti ■ 

( II\!;m 111.-. t uimil l<---, I, (.■-!•,■■■--, .-CM.y C;y.-tiU--. \tiy 

! irm^rlyd in I7i»(m .-(jluhli- in wjiicr. Sdlulilc in "JO parl- 
.t!iMl,, I .'Id [i. 1 r- 111.); iiisoltibh' in j^'lycj-riii. 
Dose, 5 to 10 gr. in r^clict^, citp-iule.s, or auspciiii* il. 

A riMN-. oi A( I 'AMLnu;. I'i{i:v\:'nNr. and 
riii.NA< i.riN. 

Nunc (it l!i( Sf .•'irii--i:iiic-(.s Ii.h ;in\ actiun j'X- 
!< riiully (ir nn tlu' .i.ja.-^ti'ij-iiiLc-iiiia! tract. Airtaiiih !•■ 
:tMi| iihiiia/oiif arc hiral li:iin()>tati(',-;, a.-; tiuy coii- 
trael Modil-v. s-cls wlu'ii a|>[ilic<l to thciii. Acitaiii- 
lido and iihtnac. tin arc in the liody convcrtfil int.i 
para-ainid(i-{«lii'ii(.l and ad as Midi. 'I'lu' cham.'!' 
takts place tin in..rc i.tjiidly with acctaniliihi and 
bcTK'C tlial is ihf iiiurt pnv,, rful and dair/froii- of 
till two. 

niond. — With (M-dinary dosi-- of iht -r dnr/s this 

!.a;d i< unaflVcltd. hul in hirirc dust'S thi cohi'ir in 

'•hanj,'fd from the formalioi! ot' niclh.anioghihin. 

'I'ho passa,irt' ..f tliis in th.- uriu.' di-rol'.uu -^ it. Acft- 

-iihdc caii-t the n d rorim-clt s to l»rtak up. and 

.uTfsts thi' nuAinu'iiis of iIk' wliiti . \V.' do not 
I.,- ... f -^ . • 1 1 1 1 1 I ■ 

IVliOtV J..1 i. A i LtiiH V«iiiin< i n'll- luili 1 LNVO - li'-L.llU.kf.T 

can )>tdducf ihi^ tf-ult. 

Ilriir!. All thc-c suhstanci 

.. i 

depress the heart, 



pr'.hal.l_\ owin- .o a .]ir. ct'.y nvl'uni ,.ii the 
caniiac niUM-lr. T],i~. (•■(••iia.' •i.pivssioii is inuch less 
inaik.d with i^liriiac. ; m in iii tlip dtli.r two, arnl i- 
piTiiaj-- l*-s will) plirii;t/Min tii.iM acr ta 11 1 i i( 1. •. Snriic 
p.TSoiis. i-i-.-fiallv ur;,ki_- WM),i.-;i. arc |M|-tic;iiarly 
susc.pMhlr. an.i ihc <iaiii.'<.'!-(.us syiiij.loin, (l.scnl)).'d 
uiuli-r 'in\icul"._'y may ii.- ca-^ily pnxiunMl in tiicin. 

\ tssels. — Ac, ianiliil.' ami iiliciia/diif (•(uitract 
tlic siiialh r vessels fi-.,ni .liner lu-lK.n on their 
miisciil;,rc<Mt. ']']),■ hl(KMl pn-Mirr tiaivfnr.. rises at 
first, hut, lain- it fail< tVom th- caniiac .i. lires.-ion. 

Iusjur,it:n>i. This i-. ,i(,t hy onimary 
(loses. Al"ter t<i\ic (l,,scs thr fon',. (if tlir re-^imatory 
act proLrressivt ly liiimni-ht -. 

A.'/'/cvs. l-ar-e <|ms. -of unyof ihe-e driiL.'- cause 
thr urine to hr .i.ii'k tV.iin the pa-^aL-'' i>l alt.ivd hhuxl. 
I'hena/one i > .piickly excnt. .i as s:ich C(.inl)in.'a with 
salphiincaridin the untie. Tti.' otlier two often lead 
to the appeuraiice ot' L'!uMin)nic at-id in the urine. 

Ski>i. - .\ny ni iiie-e ihive (h-iiL's niav [imduce an 
I'rytheniat.HH ni.-.h whicli i^ UcUiuiy nKa--l^\ or urii 
cariid, and tli._. are occa-^idually nnld liiajdioretic-. 

'■/"'■"'/'" "■''• 'idn/^e tin-e."' Mlhstailc.< are all 
powerful antipyretics. •|he\ ha\e a verv .-li^'ht 
at'tion on tlu,- ieniper;itii!-,' of hVahh, hut tliev re<iuce 
it V. ry mark, (ily wlu ii it i< raided dom anV cause, 
I hey wei-e all iiij,) iiu di( iiie fur tiiis pro- 
perty. We have aln idy -een i ^ce p. tITi iiow nu- 
ineniiisare the way^ ni winch ant ip\ niic- niav act, 

Tile tail of lempeiature produced 'hy these dmu'S 

is not due to any action (ui the Idood" or the cucu- 
l-'^''""- •■ii"l i! 1- tiio marked to he eiilirelv owihl: to 
their sh-iit diaplioivtic action. 'i'hey all decrease 
heat p,-oductioM. and it is nmst lik'. Iv tiiat thev 
act dma-tiy upon that part oi the ceiitni'l 
iicr veils sy-^teni. p'eiii:ip-; ihe coi-poni striata. 

which proidlS over llellt ncod.!!'! !on, 'r-'""' ■■•- 

increase iieat di-^Mpation. Tiie result of these two 
actions is that the temperature falls, Tiie proof 



f lh('-;o st;il»iiiint< is too l(Ui<^ ainl f<>i[i[ilii';ilt(l to 
LTIVC litTc, liilt We iii-'.y tiifnllDii !li;tr il is >tatr(l to 

LVf hi-vn <li()\vn luitii by ;i ciiliiriun'cr, .'iiul liy the 

crtMSL' of thf jM-DiiiK'ls of' ihc frhiilf (ic^tnu'tiiiu 

if tissuf, such iis nvcd, that thf-.' ilriiL,'s dituinish 

3 htat pi'ii iuctioii. Swmc dillVi" from the ahovo statc- 

Jiit-nt. ami hflicvc thrse (hMiirs net only hy lUlatiiiu'. i'y 

■•(•ntral action, the cutatifOM-: %■• ---••Is, ainl -o in- 

i-a-iiii,' tilt' liL'at lo-s. 

\i rrous S]/sti'>i:. Thi -.• thric ilrnL's arc powcr- 
.'il analgesics. ActtaMihJf aiid [ih<iia/oiic in lar^f 
'.M-^f- ;uf >aiil lo proihic first couvuNiotis, ihfU 
una and paralysis of inoior iirrvis aiiil nunclf^! ; 
•■ Ul all thi-Sf statrinmts require fuiihcr i xpt-rinifiits. 

Tin:!; \!'i:i liis or Ari. rwiiiiin:. l'nr;N v/om:, 
AND Phi:n \( i:t!.\. 

External. .\c» lanilidf is^ occasionally iMnploy('(l 
a ihi-tiniT jiowdir, or as an ointment c t'r. to 
i /..I. for chronic ulcrrs and vi'/'cma. 

Internal. /'///*<'.r/'/. - < >ri^'inally -hi-s.' drtiL,'s 

■ .■'t' introduced i?'') medicine on ac<'ount of the 

. ! 'perty they ha'>e <if red'icinLf pyri'xia. The 

nion now \<, hi>\\i-\-er. that if the ti-n:peraturf is 

dangerously hi'^'h no attempt -hould lie m;)de to 
nice it, for ))iol)ahly the rai<eil teiuiierature is iin 
' liduavoui' on the })art of the body to <lefend itself 
aL,'a:nst the micro-nr'_'anisii;s which are the cau-e (jf 
':.•■ particular fivcr from whiidi the patii nt is sntfer- 
lii.:: in other woi-.js, th-- pyrexia is a *" defeii.sivc 
lu.chanism." further, tiu-e di'UL'- ari' all cardiac 
depressants and ther. tore un-u.tahle for pa'ienta 
-itlV-rinu' from fevtr, and this last Cf)nsiiieration 
lii.ikes many phy-iciaiis preft r to use i-old water 
iitlier tluiii the<<- dru'^'-s when thi- t'lnperaturc- is so 
hiu'li that it is considered that it, in itself, is danL^cr- 
"Us to life. Should it, liowevtr, for anv reason he 
di cided to ^'i\e one of tiiese drui^'s as an antipyretic, 
i'henacftni has tlie u^reat advantage of <ieprts.sing the 
heart Very little, aud rarely producing the alarming 



M \TF;i;i \ Mil.FCX 

'"'^"""- l':'Mh. •,.h;,nta._v of l.<.i,i,r ,.,,„i,,,._ „„^ 

:""•'•. ^'""' ^^''^- ••'l-'t two 1„„„. ,o !V,|,i.. .. 

>ul-ut:,n..,.,Hh ,.,„ „„. ,s not,.:d,i.. a.; ; 

;'"■|•"■'"■'v.l...,■.^anak^.H^. l■„^l<,^,V,■,.ult^•att..^ 
'•)• till- sain.' jMir|)(iM.. (\,.fiil 

pht iia/oiir iiiav 1,,. ,is(.,| f 

•q.ara,:n„. :• iv I>],., nnn Ca IWna Ff}\. 
;-cvn.. ,i,.-.. .;,) ,., l^o .m-.. an,| l>ulvi. A<vtu li 

;;'-na a,M-<.pn.tarvan,,..-.utain<ac..ta,nl,.i..7l) 

.,„],, - I'" ""'• ■)"""'i^",<-o.,!ain-^arKaiii;i,l... 

,1....... 1 ., * , *^^^**"',"-- "'■'' ri"t"iiihi^tr.itinn U..„,- 

"•■'« *■'"■■' '- 1""- A-.»nn';. ;;.''t ;,;:,"'',-i';rr,i 



if'iiaf'etiii 1« a-t iik«!y, lo !).• liy svinptnm-; of 

poisoning. Any of t(i<-t' iliui.'-^ Mifiv {inxlucp a ni-h. iin'st 

'•' •■ 'H- '■;■■; ■' -• (r '-arl- f frvrr. I'lf siuiu tiiiif-i liki- pcin- 

Ti,,i!i>:- nt. Still. ulatinii liv alciiliol aM<l <tln'r siihruta- 

■iij-ly aii'l l>y the iiiin;tli. StncliiiiiH- -•n»'ii!a! t'> 

• iiiiilatf till- h-Hit. Ow/.ii iiilialatioii . \\,iii!ith to tlir 

>ali|>>l-ill A', t • :\.c:.i'.\. •, ,.:itai!iin- i'J A prr r.i;:. -i 

• iia/.oiic an.l ."iTT !" r cfiit. of salicylic acid, h.i- li. cri u-. ,1 
' f'v a- .iM ; n.iL. -ir chiMnic rlirumatisia ai'.'i .-ci.itica. 

Dose, 10 to 15 gv. iti a ca-'ln t, nr ilissulv.-.l in alci>hi>!. 
rili-o|>li<>ii iN,,! ,.iVici;,!), ii oniliinatinn ..f c;tMc acid 
i l^iaiiiii'iH ijiiii iDose, 3 to 8 gr. in uati ii, lia- 
■ i t" icli<-\c lifadai !;• . 

I*> l'ailli4loii ,N.t ('lVi.i,c:i. :in amido d. n\a!iv.' of 
■.p>:u: I Dose, 5 to 8 gr. in a caciiel). i. i i.. . ii mucli 

• i t"i- li. id.-L'fM- ;,ii I ti. -i.ilu'ia. 

'l'ol> |>M-iii \ ■ :]irial) i- antipyi ill with (ii.' hydio- 
'■'':. "I ti.i id.cnyl ;.'ro;i}) irplacfd hy iiicthyl. .Dose, 
5 to 20 gr. in a cachrt.i It lia> bf.ti nst-d for n. uraljia. 
r.xaluiii. iNi:i otlicial.) 

.Sv'!..)i;/;;i. M. tliylacctanilidr. C,H ,N((H .iCH.CO. 
('HAi:\< TKKs. — t'oloiirli',--; acicular or i.tliuhtr irv^tal.-. 
.•'•I a sli;.'lit -aliiif la-t--. Sotubil~' ,. 1 i)i M) of wal.r- 
■ 'v in alr..l:-l. 

Dose, ■ to 3 gr. 

A( ■!'ii>N AMt Tin;!; \iF:r lit -. 
I'.xalLrin i< a j-owoifnl cUi;tl,i,'esic. iukI lias \>,<n 
■ V( 11 with success f^r nciirali^Mii. Ofitii it rrlicscs 
\ui( II many otlnr dniL,'-; liavo failtd. .Mttliciiial 
(li'-'o-; i-ardy cau-o d. prc-si(,ii. l)ut Vcrv larm' 
'luaniitii'- may in- (l.iti;/( i-uii>. lircakiiif.,' nj) the hlooil 
like aroiniiiliilr. It i- 1'.-? di-suKrd in Tiiiclura 
A'lraiitii. and lla\i)Ui'rd with Syrujnis Auraiitii Flori-, 
I ii may In- madf imo a juU witli -\iiip df .din'o-f. 

|{4>*«4»r4-iii. (Not official. I 

Si/iT^ti/vi. Mf'tadiliydinxyliciizit'. 

It i^ n (1( ri\ativi' of licn/.t ric or jjln-noi. 

> hu;m 1 1 1;-.- -\\ iutf rry.^talr! n-i-rnliliii,'. I'Ut iar^.'* r than. 
i;,u-f of l„.ii/.(,ic acid. Soliilnliti/. -] in 1 ofvatt-r; 1 in •_'<) 
of olivp nil : cn-ilv in al"-oho!. 

Dose, 3 to 8 gr. 


:n 1 

M.\Tn;[\ MrnrcA 

A' HON an;, Tui !;\ii;i-ir(>. 
Thi. sul.-t,Mio., i,nj:u:i\\y iii;n.,l,ir,..i ;,< uii anii- 
Kvntir. 1. n-u- nnvly ;r,vui mt. m.illv, a^ it i. too 
U.i.n.saMt in the In art. A s.-luiiun of iv.oinii in 
ishr>nu. 1 ,n I. i. . x.^iNnt f-.r nni,..,nr_' ..l,„i,.^ni,• 
M•..l.- lu .-hru,,;.. -k,n ,li-, ,.,.., ,1,1 also inr ...ttin^ 

VV ''", -'•'^" '" -l-rrhua -r,;, ,,f M,. scdp 
A oiiun: K,..,„v,n l, .^h,, i. ,,, ,,,, „.] , ",,,;,{,: 

V'T;;: '"; ='''■'■'-! ':•" !■•=■ -■..p., :;.!. , ,;..ful fur 
•''"""•"^ ■■";■» ''i"!-'a. l; - ,,nM :, pow.rful ar.ti- 
Hriir. :in.| ;, .. ,„•,• cv,,:. soiuMcn ni;,y l,.- inj.cU.l 
liito the hi.iih! !• M! (■'. -'iri-^, 

Cnuu. n Ks - Dull .la.k -r...,, cTv<tals fnnninK' ar. in' 

;." -•""'tHins chloral. , u ,. ■ „,.l. nd .u.-iicallv 

Dose. 1 to 4 g:r. 

It iia^ i..., „ i,...,i as an anal;,',-.sic in nmiralu-ia. mi. Taint- 
M..ian..a. an,l rlnMunati n,. Somo authors rvcuun^n.! it 
t.OMK'iy for n.aiar,a. I: .„I„urs both unm,- ut.l f., c. - \ 
'"""•'■•■ ■'■••■• ' ''•'•.•iMunally ii caii-i.-, cy.-^titi.s. 

Oi'ilioioriii. iNot ..ihcial.) 

I h' III. ih;. l.stiT .11 111' tuaini.l..|,tiiaoxvI).Mizoic afi.l 

(Hu;uTJ.Ks. -A uhit.. crv-tallu.e po«,l..r uxh n.'ith. i 
t.i^t.. nor sn,..!!. an.l v^ry .li;,htK solui.I.. in wafr 

It .. noii-poiaonoud, an.l has no action „r. h-althv ^ki-i 
an.l innrous but appii..,! t.. abradr-i surfa.e' 

^^:'-nn,. a ,- a p.>w..rful local ana-sthet:,-. ma's „f ^rrat u'. 
'" nh-vc th.. pa.n uf .ancr. nicrs. an.i i.urns. It h ..ft ,, 
Mi.v..ssfu!ly ui,,,i,..d to til.. lary„v. an.l in d.-s.., ,.f 1 t., "i .-, 
It r.iii\,- ;!,,. ,,;ijn of cane* : • • toinach. 

„,,... <': ' \ I. Antiseptics. 

(xuaiaco , ludolorm. Naplithoi. Cx-eolin, Cyllin' 
Chxnosol Atophan. Lysol. Izal. Pormaldeh^ " 
and Urotropine. 


Call. ..lie Ac.. I. i :,, ;., 

■• ": I M. MS. a.c.iii,,;. C.H Oil. 

puriSt!:,;: ^'■"" "'•' '"■ "' '^' ''^'-''''''^ d-tmutiun, and 



<'i!\i:\c: III-. Coluiirlfss noicula. :.. i il-i of a inculiar 

i'rf.itetl With about •> por ct>tu. vf \viit« r, tlu-y 

:• :lji'<, ill- yart'viry li;. iMUiii lirtict- hctMiiK* 

:liii'i on cxiiosuit! toitir. ' ilish from the inipuiiti*--; 

,;.!! iirnl ro><)iie acul. winch l.)rm ,\ rod coinpoun>l hy the ah 

rj tinii of cartioiiic aci.l an<i oxygon. M.Mt^^ at Dl .J- 1". to an 

y iKjuid. l»oesnot rfd'i. n littiiu- pap^r. coaKula'is all)uni' ii. 

^ lu'nUtij. 1 in II of water ; fr.riy m alrohul, fat"*, ami oii><. 

It is rontnuitul m Tliyroi.l.i. an.! in Inj. .tin 

KrgntM H\]Hui( rmica 

r-se, 1 to 3 gr. as a j.iii. Tfic p::; i-a .s :s i„-r ma-io 
. : Ar,.ia!n ( ai ii' mk um. f,(i s^t. ; har^l paratlin, 12 j.-r. ; 
. ,. ..-^ n lIiKw. i.'. -I. : , iucanth, ;i ^r. 

/V •;vir,7,'f..?!,T. 

1. Acidum Carbolicum Liqiiefactum. 

I'lifTliil. lo ; v n\. r, 1. 

Dose, 1 to 3 m. 

2. Glycex'inum Acidi Carbolici. 1 h.ihl. I ; 
give ri.'i, .'.. 

3. Suppositoria Acidi Carbolici. 1 -rr. in 
ear]>.. .\!,!.i.' v.rii v.h.i. r,. • ..iv, :.:,,l , ,: ..! th' nhroinii. 

4. Trochiscus Acidi Carbolici. 1 ^r. in . ach 

5. Ung-ueutum Acidi Carbolici. Ih. n. ;. i , 
f,'lyciTiii. :i ; whitf iaral!in ointin.nt. -M. 


External. Cai-lolic ;ni.l, l.^■il;^' a pmiopla.-'iiiic 
[lui.suii, IS a i)()\vcrlui ant. yniotic, nqiidly (ifstroy- 
!!:•/ ni-L';ini/'.'(l ffrni.'iu-:, i„,'h aiunial ami v.--r- 

(.'(IIl<i-.JU('lllly IL (IcStCDj. - tlins,. ,,t" Sfjilic 

(ii.seascs, h. lu'r it is antiseptic, h thu- pnv. nis 
tlif fiinnaiii.n nf ihr {u-odiu'ts of ijic (ItH-omin)- 
-itions which air sii up l>y th.--c oiu'ani-iiis. l-'or 
:.i.s reason iL is disinfectant, an! a^ tiu sc pro 
'hicls (il ilfCMinp'jsiuon arc ir-iu rally I'liul-.-int'lhiii.', 
ii is deoaorant. li tlofs not art so rea'hlv <■!; 
unurL,Miu/.t-(i ifriuciit.-i (fii/yiiicsi, such as pcp.-iii and 
I'Lyalin, but in large dos.s u' (Ifstroys their 
activity. Carbolic acid ia iiut so powcriul an ami- 


M\Ti:i;i.\ Mt:nrr'A 

/yinotic ;is |M rclildiiil. (,f m. rcury (>^'e \<.'2()]>: for 

I'-ViUlS ('(Jliy'.-, llcxpit.ll l;.|H,l!S.' \nl. \\\]l.) f(",.in.i 

thiit ;nitlir;ix si»(>r,.- u,,, i,,,? Kjllr.l in t \vriit\ rniu- 
lioiii- l,y a .,,!unci! nf I 11, Jtid, i,,it u. n kill. ,"i hv a 
Snllitinn of I in li( ) art ii,L' fortW.-IKV fclir lioius. j„it 
IK. I wh.ii It a,;.,i Inr ,, lily four ll<flir^. Tilr ,;,ci)li 
of anthrax \\,vr l,ill.,l l,s "olution nf I in KM) actin- 
*'"■ 'i^'' iiiiii'it. ^^ I in i:,t) a, •tin- fw a (luart.r of an 
'"""': 1 ''I 17.". actiiii.; t.n' hall an lionr. i.iit w, rr 
uiiatr.ii. .1 l.\ a -^ol ition of j in ].".() a(tin'_'fi,r (.in 
"iiiiut.-. 1 in i;:. actin- for a .iuari«T oi an houi'. 
1 ill •';"<' ;i<!in'/ t(.r a)i hour. Mn n-,'!!:^ of ] in iO 
;•'"' ' i" -" iir.' coiuiiiMnly iiiipio^.d in surLTi'rv. 
Thf solution i)i oil ),;,, ,',,, ;,nii-.r|.iic projHcti. s. 
I hf p(.ut r of caroolir a.i'i \n ,1, -:ro\ low nr<_'ani-;iii> 
"i='i'^«-"' " :!ii fflicicnt parasiticide a/aiii-t c.rtain 
Vf^rtaM.- |.ara-it.s inf.-tin" tlir -kin. 

W In 11 aiipli.-.j to thf .^kin in w , ak or nin.lcratclv 
sin.n- sohiticjn-. ii pro<hic<- local anaBsthesia with 
a ftclini: of iniinhm-^. which la^t-^ hours. If 
(■••nc. iitrair,! it act- a^ an irritant aii'' caustic. 
cau^inu' a hnrnini: pain, and in a frw niinutts a 
\\hilc >p.,t app. ar^. wln-h h. c-oiiic^ r.d wIk n 
i.> niiio\,.d. if the application is prolon-. d a v.hilr 
I -rhar or >louL'h results. 'I'h, i', is no \. -i.ation. 

Internal, (i^.s/m-intrstiiuil tr.u-;. If .•(,ti,,ii. 
traltd. carhoh'r acid prodiicrs the sanio I'tfrc't on tlu- 
;"""f'> as on the skin, ami i< a powerful ^'astro- 
inl.stinal irriiam (>,r To\i.-ol..L'y ). in thr >toinacii 
it is r(.nv(i'tfd into a -ulphocarholat.'. and iinlrss^onoUS doMS h, L'iv.ii. it is so diluted hv tile 
.LM-irie conrent, iii:it it Iom - its anti/vnioiic pow.-r. 

I'ly<-'i. i! is m.t known in what fe.rni rarljoli.- 
aciil circulai. -. 

•./■.,'/;-//,,./;. M.dirinal do->e^ lia.' no effeet.'.:.' .h.^e-^ l>;iraiwe ihe va^. motor i-cntrc in Uk 
lut-duiia. ami iiir h!.,o,i. pressure fails. |t is not 
untij V, ry lai>'e do.M s ha\e h, en L-iveU liiat the Jn-art 
is alii cud, un.l then its activity is depre.s-ed. 



licsphiifioH. Sin. ill (lu-is li;vvf im iiiflurncf on 
-j)ir;iiii)n, but lirt'o oik-h iici't Icratc it. ]>ini)al»ly 
111 stiniulatimi cf the vuLri. ritin.attly n^pira- 
;i-ii i^ iKiralyscil. ami tltulli rt-ultH. 

Tt'tHjiOiit uri\ '\'\\\< '\< uiiairiCtril \)\ siiiall do-^rs 
nf carliolic aciil, inn lari'. unx'S caiisr it in fall, 
hecau-f tiny (liiiiiiii.-h th. iirtnluclinii i>i' In at ami 
• •reasf its dissipation. 
Srrro'is s)/.',tin,. CariKilii- acid is a cci't d''- 
prcssaiit ill larL'«' do-t -. t'nr (j.>ina is iiroduccd by 
rli. Ill ; tlifv lir-t >tiiii'ilatr tin antcrii)i- corinia, 
p!(jiluciiif,' cnnvul-idiis. iuit -iihsiipii iitly d* pnsa 
•'iriu, causing,' paralysis. 

L'rnir. — Much intmst att.ach.s to thi-. for cvtn 
after luddffalt dd-snf carhnlic acid, nr ai>~nrption 
t: 111 surirical dn-siiiu'-;, the urine may become 
dark. . >p.idaliy mi I'tin" kept . xpn-.d in air. Tiiis 

■ not due to blood. a-\\,is onci' thought, for Sir 
Tiiomas StfVtiison has ^hown that th. ir i~; no in- 
rr.asf of iron ii' the uiiiic. Aflt r t.ikiiiL,' c.irholic ai-id, 

altsofphon\l -iilphuric acid and ^^dyciiroiiic acid, 

r.yrocati'chin and hydrofpiiiiniir appear in the urine. 

he last two art- oxidation products of carholic acid, 

'Mch on further o\i<laiioii produce dai'k-coloiireil 

I'-tances, which are liic cau-e of the colour 

t' the urine. The ju'eseiue in the urine of these 

-ults f carliolic acid i- reco^'ni/ed hy di-tillitiL,' 

■ 'ieni o . I r from it after acidifviuL,' with sulphuric acid. 
The distillate ^dvcs a blue coluur with neutral ferric 
chloride, a white crystalline precipitate of trihrf)nio- 
plu nol with bromine water, and ,i red colour on heat- 
:i.-' with Millon's r(a.L,'ent. Some carliolic acid escapes 
iri the other excretions ; sonie is burnt up in the bo.jy. 
When Very larL'e doses are L'iveu, carbolic aeid it.sel£ 
may apptar in the urine in tlie free state. 

1 H K P. \ ! ■ f. ! ■ T ! ( ' S . 

External. Carbcdic acid is lar^'ely used a.s a 
d. odorant and diainfeclant fur draiuri, bed-pana (for 



^r\T^!t. . M:i>!r\ 

which the ciii ap cru'l'' iicid imty he (inplnyi <1 1, -niltd 
liiifii. siiri.'ir;il iiistruitn'nt-:, thr -nrLr'nn- liimiis, Ac. 
Ciifliolic lotion '1 111 1" ;- to \\:i-h wounil-; to 
ki (•[) th'iii ;iiiti.-ti)tic, tiinl c;i! lioii/cii uMu/t- i which is 
uiililt ;iili. ,1 cotton t.'aiizc iii((licat«Ml with h;ilt" it~i 
wciL'ht of :i mixture of rarholic a' i^i 1. Mm }, 
Iiaratliii 1 iplouda- ,i dii s^^iiii,' for the saiiic 

jiurpo , . A I'lav of a soli.itiou of carhoHc acid wa-; 
foriiurly liiiHdi u-cd to l\e.'[i the air roinid the 
Wound aiiti-.-ptic duriiMj an o|.(ralioii, hut iL i- now 
discarded a< uniieci .^.nv. 

(ilyccrin <if cai'hohc a>-id h a vi-ry etVicient j>re- 
paratioii to dr^ircy tfi,. fiiH'/;!-; of tin';, toii'-urans or 
tiiiea ver>icolor : I'oi- the iatt'-r it slioidd he dihite(K 

I'lecaiise of It- ana -tlietic etTett a -troiiir sohitioii 
(1 ill ii<). will r.JK \r itidiiiiL' from any cau-c. Car- 
holi/.e.l vajHiiir has ht .-n iniia!e(i in phtiii-i-. Iml hv 
the time it I'l aches tie' lunL'- i: i- far too ddute to 
have any ac'ion on the tuherde hacilli. Cr- -ol, 
whitdi i- a mixliiie ni' orthocresol. ineiacri-;ol. iind 
j)aracre-dl. wIik h ari-^e'it in crude carholic a(dd 
is u-'tful whiii -lowly v;iiiMii. cd over a spirit lami) 
for rediicinir iln' [Mrow-in- of whoojiiiii^ C()U'_di. 

Internal. M.utn.- The Ldycrinuiii, if diluted, 
may he applied as a stimulant to the mouth in 
ajdithous stomatitis, or when any indol.-nt ulceration 
is pres.nt. A L'aru'le il."i ii[ of (ilycerinuiu Acidi 
C'arhohci to 1 tl. o/.. of water is an excilleMt prepara- 
tion. The ,Lrlycerinum has h. en used for diphtiieria, 
hut ))rohali!y it do's no L'ood, except that I'ciim a 
h)Cal ana -til. tic it soothes jiain. A pi< ce of cotton 
wool soaked 111 sti-oni,' carholic acid \vill relievo pain 
if placed in a drc;iy.d Umm\\. hut .are mu-t i)e taken 
to prevent it from comiiiL: in contact with the soft 
part- hy piittiii_' another jui ce of diy cotton wool 

St'iynoch. Carholic acid lias hccn i/iveti to 
relieve liatulence, becausu it was thought that it 

< \i:!'.oi I. 



:M I'ffVt'iil (Itrfiinposiiinii in ih,. stomach : l^'it ii 

iwirU'Ss to do this, owiiii,' to fho <lfirr»-»' to wjiiih 

i-tric contents (liltitf i: Si.. • i*. i!i;it jt 

voMiitiri'_' ami htljt.s lo tun ii\.-|)tji>!:i, hut it 

:i ri:;;iil'. \vh;'!i i- iin:\ir i!!-. rtLMrdtd a-^ 

' ;■ ■ ! I ■ hourvff, he 

n "i.-; Ill r ■ . • \-. .;! -•.iin-niutM ho 

I III 111' ;i u'o'1,1 I- :; i;,;i: I tr, I . 1: jia- h> t n L'iVfU 

■iiaily as an aiili- )'?ic in nhrln.-!-. hul it iIims ho 

:. iii'i llii' I wi. ' i/i'.. :' foiL'tt that jirnhal'lv 

. hf'lf carholic at-ul rrarh' - thf hiiiL'-. It has 

■ i..n fxtcn-ivt ly triid in !\j)liMi(l h vir. \>\\i 

::■ <-;\ aliv i'in)'\ ( lit c'. 

Ii ciirl-iiic ac'i'i is ill ali i.-uti-ntrfttod, iinnK'ilidtcIy on 
i" ■ '' !!•!• : an i;;t.ii-i- haniiii^' seusatjoii 111 iJic 

1 whiti' (M-Jiiirs form m th..' 

11' }.' 1. his skin i-M.'i>I'i mill i''iuiiiiiy. 

itliii'-'i ml iin)rc f. rhlt; hii.I sliiiliow, 

liniiliy I h«- unru- is darkish nfti :i K< ilex inove- 

:- are >i. ■ :i-... .1, ii' ' ■I'-riiately lu- Ihcohm-. iri-ennihie 

. oiiKitope. I'ust >».' riure an- whitf, hanl sloucHs, 

I'.iliHps iiitl;ii!itiuit..iy r. .iiif- r^urrl thi-in. in tlif nmutli. 

• :i ■ .- ih.l -ti'umrii. 'Ihf is .lark uinl oohk'u Sates 

i !!ie caftps fiiliy tlej;eneration of the liver 

iiiuy ii- founil. 

■ lit. -Any soluhlf sulphate, -u h .i- un ounci- of 

ini sulj'hato or half an ounc-f of sixiitnn HiiTp/Kite 

.1 in half a pint of wattr. is tht- iiiitiiral arititiotp. 

-ulph;it«'s anil carholic acid form siilplinarhulatts in 

1, ;itid til. .«• aif h:irml<-s. Chiilk mid .-iiccharatf-d 

(xcoiicnl anti.|( • -. !'., for.' il.,- mitidott- is (.-iven 

t tho stomacl . ry .imckly acting 

■ ' apomorphiri" _iv.. ii nyi "i. ii:uraliy. C»i\e stimu- 

trt-i'ly. such a- ether or hr.iii'ly sulic!;t:ineniis!v. Apply 

■.^.it.r l)')ll';- - and hlank- t if tlare mf miv siens o'f 

A<-i4liiiii I'irrii-iiiii. I'icric acid. ■I'nniirMjdi.rHd 

othciai.i li mud t.y druppmi,' phfiud into fuming? 

>: acid, A 1 ii r < i nt. .-olution has betn iii-ed for hums, 

• is not to he recommende.l, as poisoninj,' syniptMins may 

K-t)ich's picnc acid bolutiun ia u £nvd ap[Mcatiuu 



M\Ti:i,U Mi;ni( \ 

somi HI i.i>iMH \ici{oi.%s. 

S.j<liuiii Siil|ili<.c, Sn.iiutM I'li.rioi p.vrn 
fculphdiiati'. C.ll.uH .S(»()Nii.-.'Il (>. 
S-iin. I . Sul|ili(Hiirkilic aci.i is fdim. .1 br ilis-olvint' 
r.iilnWc H. i.i III nil ■ ilfliuiii' u.i.i ,u„i co'ivrrtin*; 

til. |,h. ii()!-iil|.t,..i.- ':iiin<niito a .-^fMlium >alt. 

('HMutims. Loiourli.-s itnxJoioiis iiri.-jiis, solulilr i' 

Witt' I. 

Dose, 5 to 15 gr. 

ZIX I *»| l.|*||«M %|<|{0|.\v. 

/.KIC .Sail. lliM;ni„, Kit.- ..t /.111.- I iu Il..i paiH "ilnllnliutP 

/ni()llC,.H,M),i H_(). 
S.iiKo. Siilphccarbulic uci.l is (orni..i l,s u.l.iinj.- mil 
pluiric a.i.l to <!iil.(.lir aci-i. Tlii- i\ trrat.-i witli /inc 

(IMcif. '111., /mo r.lllpliniarhr.lntr cfv-t ,!Ii/..<. .,,|t ,,,, ,.\.^ 


^'"''•^' ' ^ ' - (■ :.iii:. . I V tii..^ m-.iy roUiLlv in ua-. ■ 
.\( no-, \M, 'I'm i;\l'l ITICS 0\- SiMJK. 

r.Olh tll<-V ^Uli^tillirf^ illV. likr (•atli..lic lu-id. 

iUitiMptic. ami jiiav !..■ ii^.d .xtcriially for ihi> jHir" 
luxr. Td,. MMliiim sail IS (M-ca^i.-iialiy ^'i\,.n in- 
tniially III ilif li,,[u- (if controlling' ;.Msti"ic fnnifnta 
tioii. Zinc Milphocailx.laif is not ^'iv. ii int.rnallv. 

4 i<i:oHoi'i n. 

^'"■'■"'- •' ' "•'l;ii'i"i I'V ih.- .li.tillrition. f n.,.,.l t.u 
It c'niiM>ts ihirilv ,,1 a iiiixtuir HI vai iabl.^ i,n.i),,itiuns i.l 
^'iiuiacnl (CJi,- I.I, cauM.l (('.ll,,,!).!, and utli.-r phriiul?. 

Chvua. inis.— A coloiirios.s or sli-htiv v.-liow iKjui.i. with 
a viTv .-tmn- j)c<-iiliar ...i,Pir aii.l a l.iirtiiiit; ta>t.-. .S,,/;.. 
Inhtf/.— ] ill l.-,ij in wat. r. fi.,!y in .i!r,.l,ol, .tli, .-. ,i,u\ piacial 
iici-tic acid. 

Imi t Kii'i. Cai l.,.;i,- a> id. 

_ Is.nMl AMMF. K\[.h.d(S wlirll inix-d witll nvidi- ,,f 

biht r. 

Dose, 1 to 5 in. Mi^p. i,d. d in muciia-.-; eras a pill 
*'""'' cnncot.' In .-1. iiirli.d >.llnw wax I.t ^^t pnwd.-r.d 
cuid M.aji :{,-, -r. In n.akf 1(1 pi]i> ; ,,r (diluted wiU, three limes 
Uie quanlity of aiiiioiid oil.i in capsiih-s, 


1. Mistura Creosoti.— Creosote. 1; spirit of 
juniper, 1; ^yrup. ;iO ; wnlcr, 4JU. 
Dose, ^ to 1 fl. 01. 

2 Un(»'ii»>ntum CieoMoti 




• . i>tf' llll 



-|M)ont'ii! i)f rum, Imil i 
'Mrlioii.'it,., ciiIUmI ('•■> 

111 (Mp-'lllf^l. i> S.i 

• riially as u .situ. 

i i\ sli;,'lit local ;. : v, .i- 

• It fi>l Vnliiiti! . |t l.;j, 

M Miucii fiiiployt'il in phi \ 
iiiH coii-jiilfiaiilf sue .in 

y pu^liiil until fr<ilii ••»» m :.> •. » tr[ ,n. ;,i;.. n at a 
.!■. It slioiil.i l)f u'ivi :: ;m:::. iliaS !v :i*'n r!in;ils. Tlif 
iiiav lie coiic IropH in a 


H aft. I- 

• ■ iinii- 

■:■■!!. ( r, ,,..,•, ii I I 111 mliala- 

.1 with a >tiMiii utouji/rt, uuU uii litiiuit ihn»u:^'li 

' III tui\' I with a pint of wattT at 1 lO" F. may In- 

til ■!. I'.ronchift.'tasjs with foul 3iv!v;ni i ; imirh 

I'titiil it the patient stiiy an ii( .lay 

I -mall room in wiiich ( bfUii,' volati- 

i. All ai-jiiiiuj tooth iii.i; i- i.ii.\icl i;' •• ;: 

•• 'i with culloll \,om1 -nalvi'fl in crro-citf. 


It l3 .1 IIMilw!U< li. 

SiifurK. Tllfilli! .:: , .1 

tli»' ilestrui'ti'.' 
tional flistillaiiiiii •; "j-: cm.) 

Cr.-n^otiiiiJ ami <»iiiu i "rnnntiiiliMl 

tf ailli ! !Vs. 

.■ i:; Cdloui ■ I'v 


(' :! MlA> TKKH. ii;.' 
■.!■. I'lMtll ;irf' i: 
I inilol, .■lluT. f;ilS, Oil- 

Dose, 1 to 5 m. lin a ' i;- <• , '.v:i> II ii '!!.■ . ;;.-.l 

^ ' I t!.r'. tiiiif-i the ijaariiitv uf airiion<J ; or ■: 1 ii\ 

i iivtn- oii. or in shtrryi of the hijuul, or 1 to 5 gr. uii ,i 

'! ,,f flu* ,nli,l. 

AciIo\ ■ I'llKKAll : I K •>. 

External, li is anus. [»iic. If [lainit-.l uv. r an 





M \''l I 

. ic. 

|)vrc\i;i, hut. i- i,(,; n-, .i f, ,r itii ■ jini |m,,,. ;, - n , 

>\Vi alillL' illnl cull;!!, , . 

Internal, h h.-i^ I.,, n ni'icii ■•i\; n in p: •in'..., ,, 

for it i^ li> li.-.. .i I,, ,;l.i ti,. li, -.t.M;r!i(,[i ,,t ih, 
•'■'filll ill ill'' iiMi.'^. l.'i' ;iitli..u-i) li^.i ill,. IV 
i-^ II" '•< i!.illl .."i.-ucc t!i;it It l< l"r!i."fi.-iiil. TI.. 
f;ir!)i)li;il. Jiii.i tl:.' 1.. n/oatf- '(lose m!" . itiii-i-. 5 to 10 £,'!■. 
ill -A .-.irl;. I I h.-iV. ;tl-M 1m., II .ji\i'll. 'I'm.'V ;in' saifTio 

''•'^''' '!"■ -;ini<- ^'■.l^•':^ a - ■,'ii:uac< .1 . ainl :liiv ildiio' 
u|i-. t tiic -ttitiiacli. Chronic ">;t,.,,;ii'liri';- }::[< ii,.n 
trrat.'ij hy •.'!\iiii' fuaianil carlM.nat, with ,i Ji;;!.. 
l.()!ii i...l:.i, 111 a <•:,. !,, !. J. i^ ., !;,. ,,unt. 
n-iiKriy with iiiMiy f.r. Miii., r^. .StyiMnu .a yiiaiaco! 
ciiiiiHiiiic .-t.i) 1-^ Slid tn |„ a .V,,,,] pn paration 
coinhiiiiiiLr !h" advaiita-t .- nf -Uaiacnl ;,!,d .•miKiiiiic 
acid (././-.I. which i • ai: jiiti -final anri-.p! 
l4»l>Oi 4>f{^li VI. 

lO'liifni!' • n- 'I I I M,i. ( ! I I . 

^■'' ' ' I ■ II. .1! T -■.tl:. !■ a^ .'li..: i...;.,;, . |„ t 
I't'ii.ii. . .iii'i v\ .• . . ell'' ; ( ; i, ( ■ ( 1 1 
-f ">1\1 "Jl I ( < ■ ..I '( 1 

'■" >1. M 1 II.-. ( icr .. . ,ii • ' . , 
ii in. .11 (•..!. nil.. i !i. \ii;j(j|i;ii iT\.-!.,, -. , ,,,,, . ,,,,;,. 

iil'ilat. .i i..,i,.i,.,i -uitalii.. fur -iii.i i ..1 niixiri:' wit"- 

"!l!'_i |'"--^'l.r-: I, I .aij.. cr, H,. a,, ..,;., i.r lik. .s. 

.Sli./iiil\ -.iliihlf in uattTiui'l ■. . Iv in li\..,l an<l ,. ,.■ 

"il.--' 1'!' 1. .ia.i . l,i,.i,.;.,im. l! . m'; ; ,„ , ,. i.l. ,.f i,,.- 

Dose, ' to 3 gr. 

1. Supi)ositoria Iodofor:ui i 

'111 i.t t',. .ill .>ii!a. 1:.' I : ■ . ,,•■■ 

2. Uugxieutum I-jcloturnii.,:i: ] 

.V. i.-iA I .M,l"!ll I. II. Ml, ( lit, '.). 

Externa!. l.Miof'ujn autiseptic and dism- 

tectant,. it' wr may jn,!-. i-\ li,. ,;is id, tain. .i 

in idiiiical juacliia : h.i; ilic c\jMriiiicn!a 1 .\i(l.i:,, 
iliiii i! Uu> in» jfowtr to hind.-i- tli,- dcx. |,,ji|,,, nt ..i 
Sfitj'!. /l,;-<H-rus p>/,«i,'ii,'s, liiii-liiK siihliiis. and otiu-r 
iiiicro oi-,u;ini-ni-. i- v.-ry -ti-.ui'j. t..r all . xr, pt ,,ji, ,,,■ 
IwofXjM'rini.iil. I- -:at. lliat it ha- im.i ,in\ 

.( Ih' 

IitlHil ()|;M 



iMi'Mi'S. Mil' It .-I -nil (it tlii-f i|i-iM-( palirii -: 1-; 

:'ii'i> Miis; |iHli)t(inM only acts a-< an :iiit i -fiitic 

• - li. (MiM)hi-;iti(iii, \vliii-!i i-.-.iil!- in :|i.' Iiiirra- 

'■' ' ! ti'i- uiiluic. Tilt' i'ais al\v:iy.s pn'^cnt. Ill tisviir^ 

-"'.\<' i\. W In 11 (ii-^soht (i it is f,isil\ <li-c()inp(..>, ,| 

: : my ai,'<'nt -, siicli a- ii-lit. (ixyu'tii. luitf/ c!!^, 

; "Miiiaiii. s, which \\(i:il<l ha\f tin . irc,-f on it if u 

• Ilinil-SoiVfli. i iy (lilt' (ir Jll'iri' of' the-.' II i ;, 

• II ili:-;-i>lvf<l aft. )• ii.iiit'- liii-fid on a Wdunij, slnw !v 
"!ii'<>^' '1. Iiiiim.- i^ thus <il tV. .• rapidlv . rKtuL'h 
'■• a- an aiiti-i-j)tic, hut not i-api^jly .•n-ni^'h !<) act 

. irritant. 

Internal. Not niiic)i i.; known aldnit the 

• "'al action of lodof,. 1111. It i< .hininat.-.i in all 
-•■,n rions, hut chi. fly in the nianc, a . ioijin.-, 

. h -;, ainl '.otlalt -. 'i"h< y in.iy h- found in thr 
.1 tor tlirt '■ (la\ - ailn- adniini-ti-atmn ><( iodoform. 

Thki; \i'i:iT[( s. 
External. hM|,.torni i-^ tn'irh ih, d .i^ i I.mmI 
laii'. anri-cptif. a)id di -nif. ciant. 'li,. .liMcal 
•■ir'\\\ til it.^ \ah!i i . ovcrwii. hnin-.'. 
\'< aiia-:httic inlluciicf diininidi-- ih. )Min.ii' 

• '- ;>i!y. "t ihi -nr, , to wliK h it ; - apj.ii- d. It 

' ' ■I'l Ihllt appiliMtiiill for ;ill -,,lt- of IlIcT.S, 
• 'llld \\Ollllds, hut ( -pcci;(|I\ to,- t'lh. rcul,,,| 

■ .['hilitir ulc' r.itiim- and tdKincrc^. rowdti.d 
• ■t'oiiii H 11 ;ii;il|s -<i,riiikl. d i,n tjuun. W >r,ti,\< ,iiid 
':■ real Mir. s aic o!*t. n paint, d uith .i Mijution of n 

■lliidion '1 in I li ot' tl.xihic coilndion'. 'I'Iih i 

■ .C' Ihnt application. IddofoiHi i> ii>. ful a- an 
■-ulliatiun .i'ldotorm l.-taivh 2 ■ t(.r o/aria, ulccr.-< 
i 'h. mouth atai throat, a' d t iilnrcujoii , ulcer-, of 

■ Iar\n\. ( tt't. n ', lm'. of actat.- of niorpiiiiii' i^ 

■ i. .\n < iniiL-^iun iodoform 1. moi-ttiicd Uitn 
"iml; hoilin'.' Water li. L'iMariii 7 !- \.r\ u-. fd 

"ilijiction Itll.i sillU>rS or .ih-i ( -;■, civin..,. J! !,■,_; 

'! ii-^t d in ill. tbriii of a hoiiL,'ic tor the ur. ihra and 
' ih.- no-c. ddif suppository i> ii.-. ful nipamfui con 
!!' of ih,. r.ctum. It i> ocea>^ioiiall\ tinplou .1 for 

\ J 






M\Ti;iM\ MKIMf'A 

|'r"''itii~. :i'i(i to r(ljr\. tin )i:i in nf ii. uriilL'iii. Maii\ 
ati.ijipls li;i\<- 1m rii iii;ii|f t'l L'l t lid (it i;< (iiioiii- . 
liiil>;uu (if I'tru. hiii4<, ;iii(l li per nut. nf cicnlu, 
liii^f tit I n iisid. l/iii ml (if •_'. !., Ilium ( i {>> 2")i i- Iw-'. 
Internal. Idiioforin Ii;i-, ndt ini n fnin il lo l,. 
(if ;iii_v 11-. int. ni;ili_\ . It ii.i- Ikcii tricii uii-ufco- 
fully ill [ilitlii-i- ;iii<l iiiiiiiy dtli. r cnii. lit inns. 

'I'.'M. .'I. ■..,•,. 
CiiiiniH Miiiiti.Tii-. fif;. 11 -.Ml.' .-iii'l -1.111. tiiiK- <-r.>]ii,.- 
in (iiiitli. air nci ,t~ii,ii!illy uli-t-rM .i nfit r thf apiilicatmn ,.f 
ii"lof'>mi Im h law -iirf,!!',-. Tin y ai,. a '|uick i.iil-i'. ra-tr.. 
illt, -liii;;l 11 1 !t:ili(u;, |i V. r. lapni C' i!!a|i-.. liiilallcllMlia. lia!- 
luciiialiiiii -. 'lilati'i iiii|iil-, t\tin-i\« • lyihi niii. iijni jirrliaj 
(I'/i ma. 'Ill" ■!■ -\ iiipt'iiiK- \ar\ iiiiuli in -fv.riiv. ai;.i it i- 
law li.r Miiiti- tlian f-vi ni i!.i. r ..t tli> iii r.i i..> jui -. nt at mir. . 

Il i- 111.; kllii'AII \\i>\\ li.ij.liilM r.iu-i- tin III. I III- liifllta 

-\ iii|''ciii> an- til'' i!i..-t cliaiai t.i , -!ir. I- .Ji y ili .-. m i.f 
tiii'ii'.'r ami mum I.- may drr:;]-. .stim;ilan!-, (iiailfUt t ;. 
hihI p'!".'iii.- ill! -km Ail!, w urn ua;. i .ii.' i iciiii mk iiiifij. 
lodofoi Iii-lik4' Siil»sl:iiir«>«». iNt ..iVhiali 
ili'ii 111. 111. Ill-, ..| ;ii.-t 111 •!,, inarkft. 'I'lifv a. 
'i' I" li'i tm tlii'.l alitl-i ] tic |.i..].. rill ■ I'll llir iniJiiH ill tlnih 
I 11' .^ ilav- li.i a.i\ a!it.:^<' ')\''r i"'i- 't' >l 111. t'M''|it t lial -i.liii .! 
til' 111 lii'M' Ii" ...i..;;!. ill. fi'llou ill- a I'- tii»' clilrl' : 

il "lull 'I IM l-'iMtalll- '."'r7 ji'-r I'lit. Iif i.'.iilK 
I'.'inl ., '.MKI 

I.i.>"plian .. ••'(Ill 

l>i I'.il.i -a!a'\ 111- a.'i'i I'lin 
,S"/ii|.i'inl (■cnlaiii - ,■'1(1 

IiKJi. -alii ylic a. ;.l -".n n 

.\n.-ti-l (■..iitaii.- l''.-(i 

I'.ur"|ilii II ,. 'js-d 


ji't'i iia|.litli"'. m !'.' ta iiimp . li . 'ii nw n.qilit lialcn. . (',„}{.( ill 
h"i 1.1 I . i'r- ]'ar.'il fr.uii ii.i|'li;liai<-iic--ul]'liiiiiif a.-i.i. 
Cm si: 111 1 1 1.-- \M' li-i-. White -hilling' laminar crv.-ta'-* 

I'l ill )iirAiii r. ( i.ininiii.i |'!ii iinl ; ta-;»- I'liiiu'i-iit . .'^'•iiliility. 

I'a-il\ 111 iilc'ih.i', 1 til' r, riKcf.if.inii. hi n/i-iii-, ] ni KldO (■.. 

Viiili r. 1 ill >• "f "liM' "ii. 1 ill >'il 111" \;t-i'lim-. 
Dose, 3 to 10 gv. im a cifiii'ti. 

.\( iiiiN ,\M) 'rni;ii.\ri:rTi(s. 
.\ )i(i\v( I fill .iiitiscptic. A 10 pur cent, (liiitincnr 
cuft - -c;il'i( .■^. and stroiiLjfi' iiia\ In- usi d fur liii^/wdiiii. 


1 1 ^* 

li;i> Ixrii u-iil fur p-oiias!-^. It is Lrivcn as an 

T.stitial aiiti-« ptic !ti tvplioiil fi \-. r aii'i iiifaiitil'' 

i'hii a. Itiit it i- il.iliciilt to .-ay how far any iiu 

:iiv.inriit which fiillow.- is ilii«' lo rt -t o!' ^hi lur/, aii'l 

■ i- j)os-ihlt' tliat. ;t^ iiiicrii n!LMiii-nis play a part ni 

i ahhy iliL.'- -tioii. a r- ally . tVirit iit iii'rstinal ant!- 

ptic ini'_'ht 'io niMi'i harm than '/noil. It i- useful 

.r ililateil -toiiiacii. I st-d foi- lon'^' prrio 1- it may 

I 1-" n<|ihi"itis. I.arL'f <lo-> -: can-i s\niptoiii< like 

hd-i line to cai'holic ai-hl. 

"*rj||-|«'l li<'«l. ' N'.i! 

\ :n;'l' i-.i/.« i tn.U' 
K ;ili.i f;it-.. A 

III' !■ t.ill.iliilth.M \ [■- i| 

»')W'i' r -.i.uiii 

!i i'\i-i-li''nt -'.mrilituii.: oititMirnt it ti 

III. wi'.W .1 l.ii 


M L- ' : f ■ ' I ! ' i n 1 • 1 1 1 ; 1 1 

I II'' .ii' --iru' .-liMiiM )'. 

^:l|»lllljalill. iNi't Mn;''i;il.i 

1 11.. Ah\il 

Inr.ii |i. 111. ( '' illl!)h illiV 

!l. .1 t 

il ill-ti-lt'i "I iMIIllillul t 

i-;iil' 'I tar raiij|i;i'>i-, is 

Ills. A''. it i - iiii ml 
ri-folill. (Nut oilicial.) 

|iliiii t I pi'V' 111 I :>• i.iva_'>'.i III intitli 

1 • I a 1 ; 11 1 , (.■ Ill I 

i..>.> i.f ;{ t'. t 

» j-'iaili-^. 

Ill: I - a ilarl; V' i^w 
:ii\turi' i.Tcii -11'.-. .Il V 

h.iai.l iJ.iiM.l f 

I-' .|l-illli-ita'it ; 

imu (-".ii tai. it 
ml ■ ^tliiT 1 !, 

IS cipiituin il. It i- .1 pnwiiful ■.'••riiiu III.-, il fiirm- .i wtiifc 
ilsioii with wall r. i.- ilifa(>.anii ha- a |'l«-,iraiil .-iiU'll. Tiixir 

tnin- ai'f k 

111, 'w II, I II. I ,irc \ I ■ V i.ui 

ryilill. iN>>; i>!lir:a!.' 

.\ li.iik lii|iiiil cual-tar li'-i ivatis-- -tr >!i^'lv aiit i.-i-pt i'-. Il 
|i!inli( •! 

■iiwliii. It fi •• III- 

I \u 1 ; : > ■ ■■mill 

•II Altll \'..ltl 

• i !l liilioTI |1 ill '.'IMIl iS iitt.ll 11-. li. It 1- nil.- lif lh>- !m t 

• lii-uifii'taiil-, niiii i-.ipsulc-i ci'iitaiiiiii^' ■_' III ^1 HI for 

I'iu.t aif yi\i'ii im I ii'':ii-i, >uiiini.r liianhn.i, ii_v-.-nt«My. 

i -iiii.lar ili-ia-t -. It may In- jucii ihivouiiii with svi m 

'I pi-liili li. hut th' I:i -;• :- ll.t ■' \ . 
4'llill4»*>Ol. ' Nnt .illK'lai.l 

Iiiipnla -luiii -,ill iif a t'ljiiipiiiiliii iif ii\\i-hiii' iliiii' aii'l 

'^'iiH arm. \ ciia! tar .li-nvativi . i -. ■! .i- a >ur'_'i<.-iil 

-■l-Ur, 1". ;m.UIi> to til.- ill '.■.!'• iM ,1 Ml .1 rarh-i'li- iH-ni. 

\lO|>li:ill. iNot n! 

'\ iii'-'.iiuT .iilii'i !'» rluii .-.1. . -.ti'i In lii.ii .1-1 !ii. ■ ,,:p;it 
ill :■! Ill the iinm-. Do-.- In to I'li -r. in .i i :irlii ' 

l.>sol ,::;■! IzJil. -Nfither tillicui;^ 

111.--.- coal tar ■l.-m.itiVf- iir.- powcriii atili-< pin--, ai-- 
l!i.'lil\ poisiiiioiir. anil ar*-, wh» ii iiux.-i with watt-r (L_\-ol 
1 11 111.. I/.al \ pt-r r.iit.i. u-.-i in -ur;_'<-ry. Lj.-.)] is vt-ry 
■ ' 11, 1; i|ii. - nut alT.-'-t iti-tiiini'Mt-. L-nt in i'. mak.- the lu 

• < 



MATi;!;I\ Mi;i)I( A 

• hill. -nil In !inl,i.,i- II is u >.,!utluii ni iiir ,,il, m j^ n.-ntrjil -. -i 
l..\.-nl iuni uili.-.| cmI lui ii»i iv.aiv- - uif 111 

lllltt lli;illV IM^('~ mI I 

■' : ! 11 

' " I n 1 1 .i. I'll- - ;■ ,|jj 

vlinnl.i }„. iii.n„.,Iiar. , • ;,,,,| n,, ,, ,, j ,,., , ,_ 

n]'.\i (,]\ li.illl'l fn 


■'''•'•'! I" l'!t '.'-n; tilt- lr:ii.,-.i|{ ..f aiiv 

■ I till |...-..ii ,.x,-i»t,.,l into til.' stoiiiju'lt. Ticirin. i;r urn-- 

'"■ !'!'•• I'! ii'i , ■ • ' il Miilll:im> vviii hi r.-.|ili|. .1 

I OIIIII4 \|«|i-||ik<|4.. |N„i ..ilHial i 
*".'' Aj.i-. ^.in'iii/ii:. l(,rmii!.i.!ivii. 
i i,c .ujii.cM-. .-..lutinii. (•(intaiiuii;.' tn ) . . , , i,- 
1 '■ '! v f.'il!. 'I furriiiilin. 

■ \i I Ii>\ \M) 'I'mi; Mil I !( <. 

I oriiiic ;i!(lfli\,l. \:i].(.iir\\li,.ii iiiliali d is \rr\ irr; 

I.iMli- K'th.' :iir-I);is.-;i-cs.;ili<l (Mil-. ■> viol. ■Ill siir.'/m- 

I <iMn;iliii is now. rfilil\ Ciiiisiir ; ,!ilii|,,l V. nil t. ' 

""" 't^ '"'"^ "f \\,V> I It I- l|M ,1 f,,|- ( nl-llS, ;ill.l !:^ a 

'-'"'"' I'l' - i'\:itiv.- tor mil-, iiiu |i. .1111. ii-. which ,io 

""' -lll'lillv ill It. |)|jlil,.,i 1\\, llt\ U\i- IPlIf It 1,> llM ,| 

;. • a li!-LoloL'lcai h;inh iiiiiL,' a-.'- lit. Il i- all . \c.!l. v 
''t'-'inirhl, . ;,ii.| ha- h. ■■ti . iii),|(,_\, .1 •;;<) |„r ,■. i,: 
''^'iili •-'■ I !■■ ^mIi- !oi- riMi'-Aorin o! the .ahi. 

It 1 ■ 11"! liiiich 11-, .1 111 iiiL,r,,|\ ;,^ 1, j.i-iMi- h, aiiir.'. 
i'Ut ;l i> aiiioq |i..u, fl:il .lisiiiJfctalil an. I .h,,- n..; 
ilc-ti.iy .-oLuiicl, li is [n a.t m 
^ it- |)ou, r ,,f c.iiih!!!!]!'.: with pro:. 111-. .\ 
fW" ]"i' ctiii. sohilioii iiiav he lis. .1. loiiualin I. 
water .'.(Id. 1. ;ui adiiiiraiih" wa-li ior a l,.i,l ihmui! 
I'ul.hls .■all,.,l t.iriiiaiuuil lahl.l-, .,t' v.tiich th.- 
priiie-iliai is Unir.u- akl. Iiv.i.', ar.' luia-h 
iisfil lor (li-i!;icclioii of ihi' )!i.iuih. 

i':ii-af.iiiii a whil.' aiiiorphoii- suh.-taiua aini a 
l'"iV"'' "I foriiialtl.'liyd .,11 li.ii:- ji. at. .1 hv an 
. iiflosr.i sjiMit lamp .-iihliiiii -. aii.l, r.imhiiiinx "with 
!!..■ lu'odiicts of .•.ii;,l>!i>tioii. is cmiN.r,..! into th. 
Nap.iui'of formaMrliy.l. Thi- lia- h.-. n r.-.-, ,:iim. ri.!-! 
;i< a .h-inh'.-lant for sick ■< 'oms after illn.--. Kai. 
th.ack has -h.)un thai at l,a.-I tw.) l'ormoL,'ene Kieiian! 
lamps -li.iuhi he ii-eih an.l that oniv; surhu-i.^ :-r=- ,!• - 
infeftt'.i. for the \a()our(li(l not peiietiale ihin 

Ly-o!,.'-m a h.pii.i fi)rma!.lehy.le po'a-,!i ua;. 
1- ;i p"\v. rlnl anti-.'ptie, iiiM,l,,ro!i - ami mi-eihie with 

]{\ I'Ul>C\ \NI( \( \\) 


\ l! I'tT ct lU. Ill iii'in i-; n^'d for in.inv 

I ' i!it aliil -•iir'ir il [iiiri .i-c-. \ ininitll Wiisll, 
h piiWilir, :■■ Uii -I >:i Ji :! !(• .iii]'!' '\ • i|. 
I i-olro|»iii«'. (Not i.iViciu'. 

'i. -l" I M.v'. .. •, ■ I ■..; ..:.. 

I foi li:al<irll_Vii«<. 

Dose, 5 15 t'lv 

.1 l.iV. 

.\i ! hiN aMj 'I'llli. \[\.[ ri(>. 

I ; IS i-()|>ii!" 1- thi' iii(j>l j)()\V' rtiil niiiKny iiiiti- 

■ ';(' '.'.I h:i\t ; it arts Ity tlio fi 'I'lnai i.iti of I'di-jh- 

; h_\'l ill llif Kim-', ill pi-oji'ir' uii as thi- is acitl 

iili'lf ac'.il j.||(i-lil;a;i' (if --iiilili:: -limilii lM';^'i\(ii 

! urot r*o[iiiir. It i- \m-_;. u-t fiii tor lvti)>ini' tin- 

■ swcct ill c;*-! <i!' cy-tifis; also, ir i- iisfful 

I iriiiuiai t""i' '!'!■ Ill ictm iia! incnni iim-mci- nt" 

■11 A hi n :iii: i; iliir iM iiacilliis I'.ili m tlir 

. Mi'l ti. ii:-;iif'. . ' the miiif uln'ii lyplidi'l liacilli 

■ -.t-.i t..i III i". ncca- inriaily it ciiiiscs a juta-^ly 
' 1 ■(■. ii!:].:) ' I, li i. M'.i' li i'i-!i;i)'_', I'art'Iv it caiHfS 

I' Ilia. I: 1- -b.'hlly iii'irt'tic. UMlsiilc lln- 

; uin lit 111- 111' iL li;.-, .()l\c HI if -iiiii. luit tin'r»_- is ii<» 

• IrrifC that lh»' :i'hniiiistrat:('l; nf i; iiicr- ast-s the 

I ;;;'\ "f urir a.'i'l in the uritir. ll.l!i:itiil ami 

isiiuhn.' ihiith MihThk- ;n water: dns.' of rach, 5 to 

]0 ^'r :m« h. (hi- iif -1. -iiuilar r()i:-n'iilii .11 and action. 

'• ' 1 Tlie Rfiiiaiuijig Carbon Compounds. 

I rt'Uitidiiship t'i ■ ','i . .'ini im> h iini-t 

i. ...,.].,.,.... ...... 

! ' 11 t vanui. . I UN. 

: r; 

I r 


\\.:l ■ I ; 1 , . 

I'KtttSSUUli ti'M n 

.1. 11. 1 li ■■ i- liilatcii w.iii 

I trtiitctl'. ..r (iitrulc yit-lii 

ilUiif d'. 1' l-i tiitll ft - 

■ I i- IV ♦ cr ■'> |<r «"<-iit. solution. 

«Uiti!» , f.iiiilly mhI iiijuiil, 

'-•il.!.': u 

|,i,.-.r\f H 

;kll in\i-i t'-'l :iniK'i 

.".2 s 

>!\'M.I;l\ MM.t<\ 

" '"111- .i -t(>p|..i, .j i„,tt!. -. (»;,i 

K-...M.'M.i'M^. Suit.. Of silv.r. .•'.,,,,..,■. „n.i U..U u A 

i:'" '■"" ^-:!'h!wir ;i„.i hv,i,,„hl,.,a' arj,!- 

Dose, 2 to 6 m. 

I'll I iiiii'ii'ii. 
Tinctuif. Chloroformi et Morphin.-e Com- 

^^•'^ "I ' ' \' • I'illl Hvirnrva,, ,,,,,, I, , 


.Jl III 


Dose. 5 to 15 m. 

, i; ■'"•■■.;-';;'H.:.M-r,,n',u:„.lin A.,:., fan,,..-,,.,,, .,„i 

.\( rii)\. 

External. i!v,li-,,cv;,ni.- aci,! .-ai, ,,,,.. tlimn.M, 
' :";t'"l'n,n^.a,Hhln.,i U p:i , ah ..•> 1 1,.. f, n,ina!i,,n. 
"t til.' - MM.n n, rs. . . il,„. „ ,. , local anfPsthet:c 
and sedative. I: ,. ^,.,y n,|„.ll> ai,-,,,-!,, ,i j,,,,,, ,, 
>urUir, ^. nuA mav .-au.^. pMi.M.iiin- it,,! to il,,., 

Internal. .1 ..,,./,;,.- n,,,!. h ,.. .niu-klv a 
•""■'"' ''> """•"11^ in.iiihraiir--. and !ia<' th- \-nnr 
.•>M;.-tl,.tie aiPl ...laMw ..tlVct .„, ih,. and 
^'""!"'-'', ''■- "" '!"■ --i.'" It iuM>t aluav< 1,.. 

*"'','">"' :."■>■ ;li!"t.. A M„^l, ,irn,,nf th.: nun 

'•''"■'^ !'^;" -I 111^1, i. ri„. .■v,.,,(\.v, ,, a !;io,|..rat.Iv lai-, 
:ii"li:al will kill It iiiMaiith. 

^>'m'"./'. Ifdralli lak. - phuv aliun.t iiniii. ,liat.-|v 
'.'"';■ ' "■•"Inin.i.iiaiiM,, ,,f ih.. .Ini-, all tl„. l.Inod 
'," "■'• '""'> '■""' ■•> '•■''-!'; arl.-nal liiii; hut if W.-ath 
;'"'" """•<•.•„,■ t.irM.inr Iii:i,. tin.r .^slt!,Ul halC a,i 
''^''"■'- '•''■ ''l'""l '-'{'.•1 dark N.n...i. mln,,,- TIt 
"nmarv ir;,n^i;,,rv r. d,l. nmu' W tin- v.n.u,. i,l,,od 
'"!'"■ ;"'!"■ t^'^-' tl!^" ;!'- liM,nn^!„l„n Hi u ,. still 

..xhli/.-d, ..ran.,, vvn-^u- uvu\ ivtaii. the al..(u-i)ti.u- 

nluvv.^vnl.vth, :i^^ihs.s„l,,u,.niiL'n.Hal.oliH,. Th. 

>!ii-..,jii,.n! .iai-k,n:nL' <>flh. arlciial hk, ,d h diir l.. 

ni'- tact i!iat It 1,.,-, !,,.t ,._ ,,vv^,.;, .,,,.1 ..,......;... 

'■'''''"""^■, •""' ^'^'^ ^^liy tlii. ;h<.uid""iH."^ir",int 

^•'■'t:uM. Imu !,n,l,al,lN it d. pmds up..,, ih,. a-^idiVMa 
^■oii^.,iUrnt ujMH ;]„. ;,,-ti,,„ .,1 indn.r\a.,u an.i „„ 

]\\ I'l'M- N \NI( \« ID 


• liiriUniy (flit I'. . Ili'ldiMi lie >li;il\( II Iij) Willi 

: ;-~ir ;ti-i(l, nlti r ,-m;i,c tlltif n\\li.-i imi'L'IdIi U 1^ 

!| iiiiu (.-v;!!;!!!!.! ii.iilii!. t!:- n\-.i,'iii litinu,' 

t.iiiiil out. I'ii;--ic ami a«iiii'i In <!r,iuii IiIikhI 

iltfis tl.c .-iiajc (.Mill lid liliH,(i i-(.r|i>i~il( s. Nciihcr 

^■: iImsc ai;n<)i!-> i- -1(11 111 liic, till' -iitiiciiiii |iruh-i(' 

1 t(t cause ihi 111 wniiM kiii lifiiic liicv roiild 

■ j iact . I.iictii- H'Mil aii"l r- iL'a! aic tnuiid iii tlit> 

M' it' liiucli pru-r-ic a(,iil ha- Lti ii tal.i ti. Tlit v 

;i 11 lial'iN ]il'f-tlit V, lull frniu ali_\ (.au^i' oviiialioli 

• :i->ut s i^ i!iipirf( (.•!. 

Il'ii!. l.aiL'i' i|ii-f- cau-r 111 -I,! titaiifiMi-- dia- 
stolic arrest. As tins i- also iru.- if the <iiii;^' is 
. I I'.i 'i liK.illy, \\c may fniicludc that lar^'*' dusfS 
. .il}-( llic Ik ai'I dirtctly. I'.UI ]i|-ii.-->ic acid acts 
1 ell llic caKhac ('ciiirf !ii the iiii-diilla. A stiiaU 

'i- will c,tU-r a .-1. 'W ill;.' Ill ihi' |.Mi>c tl'iilll -llIllU 

r;iiii (it the \a'_;ns (ciilri-. and ihf -tDpj'.iL'f tiinii 
'■'i r (1(1.-1 s i- duc huth t(i ;iic dir< ci aciinn dii the 
III iUid to ihat 1)11 the lU((iullu. 

1 (i.M'- //,■(//. ■/• .s,7.n/(/',. '1 he va«i inii'dr centre in 
■ nil ilulla is tii-t bnelly stunulated, and llie lilood 
I ii ->iire i-is( s, hut. .-liMii 11 i< nidioundh paralysed ; 
blood-pressure theieloie tail- very low. 

/,'.--/',/((?-.',■. 'i Ije !•( -jiirati .ly c(ntre is para- 
lysed ( Aeti innye Tiailily thaii tl.i c;ir(iiac or xaso- 
."'(ir (•(■litre-. c()!i-i ijuehtly tin re-piraiidns ijuicKK 
f iiiinish hiitli 111 fdi'ce aiMJ tn 'jiiiiicv . I nle-- the 
■art has heeii in-ian'a 111 (>ii-iv -tiip|ii(| h'. a laiL'c 
■■. a<|ih\\;a i- tin ( .lii-.- ot di alh, and the heart 
•e., (ill i'l at Hi',' alter tilt re-jiira; Ktiis lia\e .-riipjied. 
Iitlif dii-e he i jUili' slua li. a 11 ihiic ctiit re- liia \ in- 
■it first transitcnly .-!!!nul:!ted, -<, '.\;:i' the jci!-. and 
' -iiira'Kiiis may !■! iii'-re;, -e,! m ireijuencs. and 
liKMJ- pressure may ii-i . 


M. ,i;. .;....! a. 

■ l'ru--lc acid h;;\i- im i iS et oil the cirthrum. 

'|\ic dii-,.^ (MU.-e deep in-ell-lhlllt \ alid collia. ill 

:an coin ul.-io!i- a'', rareh -« en m annual.- tht v 





>i \'M l;i \ '.'I r>ii 

tMnniL'l, It. .,(■ [,) ti„. ;i-j.liv\iii. 

l'< i,j,li,T,,i //,■/,,. ,i'n,l „i!> , Im .,,,,,,,. . 

"'■'■'"■''"'"■ I" nri.-r;.! nt ;, I,„.l, ,r r .- .-on 
'HrtMl Willi tl... n-i ,,f !h,. l„„|s .,nlv k n. n.rvr 
," ";'~ '•^'-■. :is nn l,l,.n,| i.. .•i,vul;,rn,-[|,,nu.-(, ih. 

til'' \ur\i- ;iii,| u\'\ el. . ;, 

1! ; 

■\' r-'i liiiil.. 

,, I , , .;"■' I-'"''!;- -"'■ Ti,! . •..,,1:m!,- 

Iv-<<-'i. 'I (i.- pii|Ml i> till ,ti (i. 

•"•"I "II i!ir ki,|ii,.\,. !•.,,( ,,|- ,, ,■ 

.-IllplliiCVillliilr. It ~li./l||l\ 

lll>-|r ;i(;.i. 

i\ r. ■ii:c. - '\.< :. KM 

>i f ,1 1 1 ; 

HI i; \i i.r 1 i( 

iilirad.d ihcv must not !>.• u-. .1 

Internal S,na!Mo>. ... 2 ,.. i „i .,,• Hm. ,li!ut..i 
acul aiv us..,l lor thur st.latiA., ,.|}...-i ou tl;.- i„ i w 
'" ^'"' >!"'"'"li. tn allay x o-mtin-. ai:-! i,, r. H. ,, 
t^a>tnr|.a,n uh;a,.,., ,„,, i-llu.r .-a,,.. . ami .,[•, • 

7^'-^".'' ";'■'• -^ "-'■^'l^^^.vot•^,Vln;;,M. u. aM 
.ll..rv..>cin,u.lra,.._^ht. I, ,, ;, ...,„uin,n iHL'iv.ii. n; n- 
c..u:^l, n.ixt.nv^, ,..r l,_v it. J,,,,,. ..j„. ,.;„,, ,„, ^j, 
j-*-ntrai nnv„us >s.t.n, u .luMiM-h,.. r, ti, x 
'111 tv. an.l i>co,j>, .jUrntlN „:,,-i Mrvi.vaMr fur a ,lrv 

lliU-Kniu' r,.U,-h. I'V III. ail^ of wiiid, i!o!l:,i,.^ ;...n \ 


'i'"M' "l.-<iV. 

N\ni. a,. ,|u... il„. -v.Hptnni- iiMjallv 1,. :,. „, ■. •, 

1-1.1 -^ll)! M 


• • ■• , [■ li^'i* ill ' ii il'ii-. t!i>- >\<- iin- I'lXiil uii'l 

iiii [lipi!-. .Iiliit- ■!. t!i' lilt 1> ll.ici'iil. till- -km ciilil 

Tlif i'>|iiriitii>ri i^ hiu, i|-i p, an. I rmu nl -im- , 

I , .1. 1 t iiiiji* 1 1 rptililf. /' -M'i' '/"'' "I. 'I Ikti' iii.i\ 

•1 .: • I' iirn~-.ic ;iri.i jihoiil the Iim.Iv. wh.rli i-. \crv 

1 in [iti;:ti.- ate iltinlnci, tlu- jii\N - til inly (•lii,i(i, anil 

!:ii!!i ar iIh- tii>iut!i ; thr tVts (ik ti\' d aipl (.'listftim^'. 

1 ,< :i >lii.inil. 'I'tii- stuiuaih Iiia\ in- a hill' 

• i. i /!■ I. iiiiil 1.-^ \i I \ 'hil k. 

. <'iitnii-nt. - \Vii>li out till- r-t'>iM.i('lj iiiiiiK 'iial' ly. If 
•' ■ ari' iivnihihlf laiv.''' iii'-i< iiiu-t li<- ;'ivfii \try )ir(Mn]illy. 
. . • ry iiinnn'rit is iinjini tant. (ii\' itlu r nr liraiulv ainl 

• if atropine -tilMtitaii'o.i^ly. !'-<• inlialation- of am 

•i 1 at tl'lfi.i! f-piiatioii. 

4^1.1 Ml>l^l. 

( , 1. r. • , i\l -ulplioniiiii.l.-. ( ll,.( ( •>( ) N II. 
."> . ( ili>('i|.>iiiiiilf. Sail liai III. 

I . it 1 liii i^iil (loin to! 1 11 I If ('If .( II . a il.i 1 . a 

1 ■ 1 1 . 1 •'. .1 !■' ■;; , p' ii ati-il pi i n-o .. 

t 1 . .\ I .-'it. -.vliu.-, luinul.- c'l \ ■ lallihf pii'.\.|. I. 

,'1 i; In all iiit' n-i-ly -'.St -it ta -^t' ; 1 >•! -accliaiiiu- r.pial 

'o lit cant- -ii;.'ar. S"'uli:!:fii. 1 in Ind ut Ciii.! wat'i ; 

'1 1 'f liiiiliiij.' v., ill I ; 1 Ml .'iiMi ,)t clilDiofi II III ; 1 111 'J') of 

:.■•'. I'.Mt ].. rcitit.i ; I i.'i Jsioi ^ i\ii r;ii. h iinitf ■ w it ii alkali in- 

! ,i!i~ aii'l cat lioiiati' . (volviii).' f loin till' latttr i ai lioiiic ai'iil 

. ami yicliliiii.; roinlilc -av'rliari'i. \>.linli has !o-t iioiir of it- 

• 1 Iiif^>. aiiii i- vtiysoluMi- iii wat'i. 

I'.ti 1 i.i 1 Ii -. Cipiiiiii.Ti'iiil sacrhaiiii i-- not a putf or 
: I Ml pro'iu.'t ; it I'ft' ii roniaui- K ■>■- than '>u ]>» r ctiit. of 
. '. . i!i-iiiinii. 
Dose, to 2 gr. 

\i I io\ \Mi TnKIiArKl TIlS. 

( i I'l- i'lsiiii is :in iiiitistptii'. l»iil i^ iml ii.^til a.s 
I.. It IS t iiiplny.d its ;, sweetening agent wlun 
!;, ;iii_\ fau>o. a- diain tt .s, .suouf raimol In* taken. 
• !ii,i\ iir oi\«ii as taliltls or with sdilium car- 
'!ialo ttt lorui soliililc saccharin. Klixir (ilii^idi 
I'l. I'. Codt'x! cDUtaiiiiiiu' ■^'Itisiduni, sodium Id 
ithonatf. alcidml ilM» por ciul.) anci distiiled water 
is fNcelloiit t'nr c()\(rnj'_' tlio taste of nuus»'Oii.-; 
.1 ill uies. l'-iial!_v '^(1 u\ .tre re<|nir(il for a tuiir 
nice ini\tur< . 



^' •> ; i :.l \ M Mi;: \ 


l*\K\| I IM VI |.|4{| |,», ,, 

'"•'";"' '■'■■'•"■.... m,....i l,v.|,-„|latn„. 

It ' An ..,,■.-■•. 

four lliii.l .!• ' ' ' ''"■■ ' '"'> t" 

I'UMI I IM T| iH |{, ,, 

N" i.'i. Ol.i.-uiir.i l.y ,|,~i:iiati,.,, f,,,ni ha', m.l ., ..,• 
'"■" '" ti"- li.,ui,| uii> In <;.uUu,, ,.,. . ,,, „ ,„; " ' '■ 
CiniM 111- \ . . ' ""irii-.ition. 

:m..,i,„' ';:. •^■••'^y;'-"i--''- ''■''■-■••-• ••r-UlI.n.. 

OS-. ,„ „' '"//;•,■■ •"".,....}, at,u^.(,t ,1;,,,.... s,, 

I'iicu I iM Ti Tioi.i.i:. 

, , '•"• ' '''■'■'>' "'"■■':., ..I hs p.,i,iNi,,. th'. ' , v,,',,,i 

I'>''t...i; ,,| |..l;Ml..uni. . ui ., , \,,.ati!,. 

, ,• '' ' ""'" •" "'!'>. uikiiiiiiitv, cir ah\ 

!ni|i'" a-aiit I'lHiiii- (If /I 
•-' >lni(ic 111 w ati I'. 

Unffuentum Paraffini. H,nl I'aratll.i. .i 

S' ft I'ai.illin, ,. 
Ill will I 


I l'aia"ii, ,.i,ii-ii,.iit is th. ha-i 

f'"'!' 'Hini: .,1 h.ini .,,.1 _... V. . " l'".ltin. ih. 

'■''''■ '••''''^''''''^'•'i'ni.i...upa.a!in.niavi:;;;;.;;:;i''^' 


A- Ma.-.itliii"- (•.•iiiiKit li-cMiM. 

'■••""■'•i. "i- init.itf [Ji. 

.H-f liol ;i -iiif.-,i,h V. 1,,..). . ... .1 , ni\. ui, \ 

''\ tlif skill, 
only li,. list ii 

'"■r''^'""'' l''"ii!5in (.iiitim.iit shuuhi 
1- ;t l.iiMs uluii It H .Irsin-.l th-ir flu. 

(•\i;i;oNi-; if-ii 1 huh ^r 


if \;i;'Iiin i- :i ■_'(>■ il ;i pt'rifiif . Lilw Iii|iii'i 

.-uttin. It iii;iv 

1.. t; 

li fiir :i l-ni,' i>.ri(i'l. ,iii 

ii 111 It - 

u'rii't'. T'orli it •au>\ \\'\-i]i\ |';ir;itVni may 1' 

UV>"\ to tUSlf 


\ iiii\tur<' iif liiiiiiiiinumi-« li\<irii<'ai li'itJ- uiitiiiii'il from 

l 1 .^.il ir 111 

It ctituiiw iib"ijt 7" 1" 1 <•• lit. ..f l.ii-" I. 

H,. iimi Jn t.i :;ti p 

It. tuiu»-ii«', (■ li .( n 

(iiu;\riM;>. A fnloiirits- vrdatiir lii| fri • tiniuni'i: 

1!. >■. \Vl 

ill -11 

roiiu' chAiiiotcri^tu 

iiir. ,Sji. )/r. !• f«> i(.(i».'-i-«. 

I -• li to rii.ik'- l,i I ;<'V r.iiiiiti-liuiic ;iriil I'luirt.i Siii.iiii-. 

Ai rioN AMI Tki i; \n.i i h s. 
( lite frt .• ;L|'j'lic;iti(iii will •!. -I rov j nliciili cipilis 
I p. illciiji |iiilii>. 

I'llritiril Inll/nl iijn.-r. ."< tn 'J.() U[^ oil ^U^Mr. Of SIIS- 

'iiil in iiiui-il;f-rc, lias luiii u'imii for w luii r coii'^'h 

• r w hiiopiiiL' 



I %ICItOM^ Kl^l l.l'IIIIM n. 

Cull HI i'li-uiphi'i'-. ' ^ 

S'l Ki K. M.l> b'- |il'|i:ili ■! I 

)'. !•' 'Ill ii! 1 1 . II ■ 1,11 !M 'u .' n 

lit a lii;_'h t< iiiiniiitiHf 

Cm \i; VI 1 1 1.-' (" 

■h clialMcliI i-tir 

• III , iiiliiill 

ir. Ml 


1< --, lii;.-lils nfi.iCtiM- li«|Ui'l. 
. -I. 1 •-'<.*< t.i 1 •_'.'.'.•. \>]\ 

htlv -dliilili- III \v it'l. l)Ut Miluliii- HI ;.lciilic'l. itl 
■ !, I.M'I all'l Nnllltli'' mi-. 

n-r. iiuiir'i 


I s(;(l to iiiakf I.i'jiH'.f ( 'aoutchiiiic ainl I'lliila 


< :ii-l»4»ii llioxiilr 

iN.l .■iViri ii.l 

SlfTl'Ot III! 

irliiiini' -ii"\s. 

I'- UIl-^ 111 fVlllli 


h'Wtlt til 

i t. 

f-caji.' lilt. 

■\Vf I'f t'l") a; iiiii-|ili«rf?t i- 

• w 

t'l rnllfd ^o a- t'l fi'l III a t ill' 

I ••••Iill .'<(i 
I laMHl. 


"IlliW, vv 


-■iltat:if I>i'i-l'taiii-, -iirli a-< II 
'V^M' !.'.l< Clillilt Il<illi_' fiillll-- 

lit- fiirtii'il iiitit 11 -tick vY 

It (Mil in- IllOllI'li'l 


it Willi I k 11 iff t" fi 

iriii a 

!■• Ilfll Whlili. CA.-I.-.I t.. |ir 

,t- <•! lii.- h 

iii'i. Mi,i> i'l' a|i|ii II 'i l<> 

UVl, [l.llt Wlllf ^l.llll-.. IliJUiri lir 

iixiiMil uliei. Ill 

11 p. : 111 

iil'l 1)1- iif -ueli ;i r,i7.v tiiiit vvi,"ii j)n;.,.M'il ■ii.wn un ih. 
-»ii-til {i.nt ii ii)V»r> tlir wiii)l«- uf it. if suiiill. ur a pa 






t half :l iiiiiiutr III 11 liltlf li>ii</'-r. "n i^'iiioviil. -"iii«* 

iiipie (liiitiiii ut I - applii 

'1. Tiii- 

■xi-i-llt-n" ;- r 

il.. ,1, 

•1 t 

I 1 



M \Ti:i;l \ Ml uir\ 

''^'^' "• <>l;<.\\ir M\Tri;l\ Mj:hh \. 

Sk.timn I |■H\l;^^\(,M•.I,l\(, SI !;^,^x, , ^ ,„ ,,,^, 
'■'''"■'^' "li: vi;(;i;t.\i;(.i. Kr.,,,,.,Af 

TMr.lruK.<-..n,|.nl...n.|..l ,„ Dm. ,.,;.., ., )„ .^, , ^, 

'"-n.v «uvp l.,u 11,. r.. .r.. ..l,j,...(i„nH to ..n.-i,. ,„,.::,,„.Hl,|,aM,|,i„..HM..thu„,lMt.., .unL^,. . 
^.^.n,u,,.,|,.,p,h..r. iMll,.. .\,,,...n.iix.l:-, „Uh.^ j.: 

Drugs acting chiefly on th» Nervous System. 

ril'r.r |ri:i\ 1m i-l;i-.,i|;, ,| a . (,.<],, y 
<'l \— I. Allill,' .III thr ,1 I. I.llllll. 
\- ('< l< liliil .1. J.|c--ant~ iPl- ..|..,ii(., 

Opium. Hop.s. 

I . r»Tf| : 

I Belladonna. 

j Stramotiinni ^'-'-iKt ..lui.rv. ■ 
'•'liii.iiii Hyoscy.imus '"- ^ in •.•iiin.Naipi i 

Duboisinu. •"luiit;iiy mu-.l. . 

'Cannabis Indica. 



Cl..*.SS II. Artill- ni. the s|.ii.;il rnnl. 

y- ••x.ilH.^.ih .„;,,,„,, ,.,,^,,,_^^ Stiycluuue. 


ri.v.-- HI Artin- ,.„ til,. r,.r\,^. 
\. |)t).ics-i 

Calabar bean, 

1^ • " '^' ••■'• >-!-r ... rv... Conium, Tobacco. 
". I.;p.,.ys,„j:th. s,.n^..rv,H,^,. Cocaine 

!•. I». 

pi'-^iiit: til.' -.ri-. tnrv II. I ,. 
'• IVpiTH.-^i-'L- tif.' iii..t..i .lid plat.- 


'•Ill \l 



Vegetable Drills .icting chiefly on the 

roi»i'i i n'Hi i,i>. 

I*:i|>ii« «-i-i«> i :i|>«>iilir 

1 1. 

n* iii . 


<iiii 'i 

( , 


IT" V"[<1 

Nut. <»f-i 

. .1 >ii. i 1 -ii ii.' I' I . t 1 .... 1,. i 

Vclli»wi!.h l"r>'vvti \Mth Mmki.-li 

; tluii. liiittlc. liiiiirtiil i'lH«'<'tit.i-. 

Mil. ■ I -.h . - iitf c iilniirr'l. Ill 

•] ; I 111 111 t!; I rilp 


At III >N \Mi I '-I '-. 
\ V, ,1 I 111 llrCoiMioIl i-« USr<i 1mc;i!|\ ;i-; all illlOilwii' 

t,i»iiiii. I'l . |ijir;r.itiii~ of |>')]ij)y cap-ulr. iif 
uiialili for mltiiial u-c a.- tlii aiimnn! of njiiutn 
\ ( imiaiii i-i small :;til iitin rlaiii. 

oi*ii n. 

4>|>llllll. I ' liMi'illV' iht.i till' nil. l|'< 

/ ■ ' nil. til' wiiilf |'"]'|'V (Niit. «>i'i 

i . .il. 1 I . pillltlUUtHlr, 1 \HlHil.llil.n. .\li. 

. ', I ■|iiimi iiiJiy lif ii-i'<l !() iiliiHiM llif liijiiiii I At 1 .11 I 

■ tun t;iii III tilt ir i<- |ifrii\i- alkalniii.i! >tii iit-'lli*. pi" 

•!)■.! v.!i>i: titv It I .iiiliiiii.< iiut II-- tliiiii ?•.■> jit 1 Cfiit. I'f 

i)utiith«Twisc thi |'H|iiir itioM:- of i>jmiiiii 

I iiaMi ii.iji ■ I' I mil of .<iifli ;i !>trcii;.'tli thut win ti 'ii ii-1 

1 \s<lor»<J it hIuiH .vi»'M frotu '.»•■') l<> lO'i jnrr-nt. <•/ ».•■■' 

t tjiiiiiii cnritaiiiiii/ tiini»' ninrpliiiif imiv !).■ diliit'il tn 

■ii iii.;th hy llu' ailiiitii'ii of ojiiuincHiilaiiii!;' 1m t^'.• ■ nTiitnl 

cent, of morplnin (,r by niilk su^ai. 

I ;i\i:.\fi Kiis. Asia Min"r njiiiDn (Nv»;.';;/,))tj. .smyrn.i 

. l,i\ant nj'iuiiii i^ tli<- \aritty iim't fr<'i|iifritly 

!' JDi : ,'ar, or HiittiTcd iim> • -. cuiiuiiniily 

- , /.. t. ■' ■ " lit, ii-uully «-<)\iti<i with |)o!- 

.1' I'litijiv 'icrt'd c)V«'r with ft 'iili~hiii"v^ n 

"i ;i -jMiH.-, uf U,iui,.r. Winn Iit-li it I' 

marsi'Iy v'laiiuliii, n-ildi^b i>r Lhr.-.tmit Ih'i'a n. 

liai'i- r l-v kfvpinji. and <liiik»'iiin;; to l.I.nki \< 

'• i-'nT -->tTttu^, j'»i"Uiit»r, iiJirrrii,ir. iii'h* iTui4.-i^;wr;: \ 
\ t'ati'l iMi'jifvrntion ic'<J<l<'ns litinu-^ |iHpi r, uwiii^'; to lln; 

! nil I t.inn.- .iri'l. 


■'•''' >nT'|:l\ Mi:i.T,-\ 

""■■na.-,n.-.,. : to •!,,;„,,..,,„_ ^„„i ,.J,,„ J ^ -^ 

"■ .'•"■'",-1, I.U.. n„.n.,,lU.,„.. i „:;,.:. :,.af..xt..rna V 

'" 1'. .M,,.t ai.- CI. mi. III. .1 -vi 


a-f ii,;iiJ. .11 ill iiiiiii- 
,,i,.,,.; . „ . , I '"' "'•'■"'II'' .M-i.i. -,,n,.. with Mii- 

' •"■■"■ '"^'l -..u- ;u.. fi..,.. S„M.. n„,i„t,in...ait, an.i 

;:'•";•• ^""' '^.p'-pi.^u.. ,„.. ,„k,.i,,. >f.„,,,,„„, ,.,„,,,,' 

/^'■" '";■•. r"' ""'"""■ •"■'■ -'I'""-'"- li" :'^ll..uin-a,.: 

M-i-l'.l'n,.. ,„,, t., !•_' ,„.,■,,;,,.,. Crvp.,.,,.-,,.. 

I l-H,am.(i,,, ,,,•;(,„.,,.,„, ,. I .a,„ianin.. 

J.nrntin,. (a,..u,.al,.,i.\imn-..ln,. ,. F.,.:..!...,,, .m,,.. 

>.ll'C<|l|l . ^, , 

■ > Wi coniitiiic. 

1 a])a\.nii... ,., ,. 

I, , , . ''I 'I .I'liiii'. 

I -• U'l.. mm iiliin,-. .. i ■ 

I I'lt'llllllC. , • 

UwDarcntiiif. I , ,1 '. 

r-'i Ac/.'/,/,' /„„//,... 'I'u,, ;,, I,,;, ,,]„,,. . 

•>F( rnliin. ■>, 

■>!' 11,11 ..I ^ ill. 

'•;' "'••■"''■■ ^irils. Tu,, i,, r: 

1 n> l.>ila< tic aci.l. 
( li H,,r, <-. ii; ^,.,. ,., ,,^_ 

Tlic f..ll..\\i!i^r :inal\~l- 
Two -I'cciiii, ii< vi.-M, ,| 

I'.s > !io\v -jifcim-n-. \ 


I'afiia opium 

■"^'"'I''"'" I'"- '■'•':. AiiauotiiH- 1.. r.-.-nt. 


;; '.IS 


iiiynia o|ii mil 

iMli l.liu-,. s!,, 
I'tl) ;'!. lilifi .if L'lL''' v. 


1 :•» 

!■""-. fruit.. !.;iv. ., ,t^;ivl,. A.' 
'"■'i'l .^I'M 9-5 to 10-5 gr. of 

In«"M1a il:l.i ,. r,.|vlil,,ri.!.. ,,f 

Mh.: naratma.ta. ,u..i .,.Wuu,.oM..a,i.'!u.. "1"^^^^^^ 



" • nihit*'-. s;ii|)hiitfs. aii'l roliiuriiii.' in.itt<T>. All t.uiiiiri 
.; iiriiiii.' jirip.ii^itioiis pr«('i]jit.itf (•■lititi'' tannate. l'ix>il 
i,i.-. thfir ciiiiMnitt'--. aii'i aniiiioiiia jirt rijut.iti' innr|iliiiif 
i ii.iirMtiiif. '111.- >iiiall aiiiiiunt cit :.''uc .-•.■ in 'iiMini may 
. . -.t !.. (>\ii'"iir whi n riKi'lf iiit'i a j'lli « itli I'ltrati' of -iKfr. 
Dose, '_ to 2 gr. 

/'r. ;•.;»■,(',>. 'Us. 

1. Umplastrum Opii. i'nu.iti. .iopiim. 1 , n-m 
]ila-tti\ '.'. S:>i'n,;tn nf fianin. 1 in It). (\'i ly lui.f 

2. Eztractum Opii. Slic.i opium. ili-till>-.l 
watir. S: r.ii'ith ■''' I'iniiin. '2 in 1. S'^ir-l ir^ii-i 'i .'i 
,ii>itiiin I'll ;■» r i,n'. of yH'" rmnr. (I'd ohiain llii- 
CMiTfil -iri-riu'tli. -tiont'i-r aii'l wiiik>r i'\trai"t-; ma\ Kf 
m.Xf'l. "I" ■•triin^.'tr ■liiut''! u ilii wat' r oi -ii;.'ar "[ milk.) 

Dose. : to 1 gr. 

3. Extractum Opii Liquidum. I. xiiact >f 
(.]>iuiii, ■,' ; \\.it>r, l>i; aiciiMnl i'.m) p.T ■••■nt.i, 1. .str,i:.i(h 
III (tfiunt. I in I:;-, (1 ;.'!■. ill 1"> 'II' Sl'Dhhif'ii :,.i .'n 
fititiiiH >>"'> ii-'f ,i-nr. (if ni'irnJ, nil'. i()tllcial imitatiuti 
c.f I.i.jii'ir npii s.'iativu^ it llattlty- Sf.iati\f S.ilu- 

• ''in. I 

Dose, 5 to 30 m. 

4. Pilula Plunibi cumOpio. r"\vcl<r»(l opium, 
1 ; l.M'i ,11 r.i'. '' ; -.''nip of ^'i:; •"-(■. ^. Strt'i:ijth •>/' 

• it'iii'i:. 1 m ">. 

Dose. 2 to 4 gr. 

5. Filula Saponis Composita. i'>>\\>i."rt <1 
opiwn;. 1 ; li.iicl -oap. ii ; syrup of u'iui'o-c. 1. S:r,H'!(ii 
I.;' "!' .'<":. 1 in •">• it>l'lfn wront,'iy call'-'l I'llula <'pii.i 

Dose, 2 to 4 gr. 

6. Fulvis Ci'etas Aroiuaticas cum Opio. - 
I'owitifciopiiim. 1 ; aiomatii'chalk r,;i'.». Stnnrh 
of o)'>um. 1 in in. 

Dose, 10 to 40 gr. 

7. Pulvis Ipecacuanhe Compositus. .S''//i 
ort'/»;. Itovir's pow'lt r. I'o'.v.ififii ,,pi;nii. 1; ipi-cacu 
anlia, 1 ; jiota.ssium suipliaie, m. Str.-tujtii vf oi'iuin. 

1 in IM. 

Dose, 5 to 15 gr. 

8. Filula Ipecacuanhas cum ScillA. ~ Com. 
pouii'l \\« I acuanlia pnwili i , :! : -.juili, 1 ; amjuoniin.'um, 
1 ; >\rup of (_'luco-,r, q. ~. S'l, lujth of ooimn. \ in "JO. 

Dose, 4 to 8 gr. 


M\TF.IiIA .Mi:i)ICA 

9. Pulvis Kino Compositus. I'nu-l.r'.i 

"!""'^^ I ■ ^-I'l" I"'. ' ii;-,aM,..n, t >•,,„■ .ti^ ,,;,,,. .. 

1 Ml ■,'(( • ■ 

Dose, 5 to 20 gr. 

10. Pulvis Opii Compositus. I'.,«,i,,..i 
"!"" = "• •'• ''-"i^ !••!'!'• I-. »: -in.;.r. Hi; ,;,raAav 1- 
"•'"■■■"''!^ I. .S''. .'• ^ ■ .. ,, , 1 ,„ It). 

Dose, 2 to 10 g^r. 

11. Suppositoria Plumbi Composita. r..u 

'','■'"' "l"-"'-l ; :•-■! .to lai,., ,; . ,.,i ,,, i:.„.,,|„.,,ii:a 1 | 
S'r. ihitn I't , hiKii:. ] jr. in < ,u-li. 

12. Tinctura Opii. Sun"»,j,„.,. 

'"''''• "■' "!'ii''M, .! .,/. ; al.-Ml,,,! ,-..0 ,,,,. ,.,.„( , ,^,„i 
^^■''••1 "l"'il l''"'-^. S!,,>!.,;n.:i cl t.< ^1. ,,■,',.,, ()-7.-, ,,, 
fill. ■■' <i,il.!idr..iis )ii,'rp!uni\ Sfr.H.j'it i,f ,,j.iu.,:. 
"II rli. av.ia--. :;•_'•', -laiii- i. ..iiiainiii- l(i |>, i ,,, - 
'"•"l'''"i''' III 1 :! ,..-.. tliat i-. 1 111 l;i- 1 1 >..,. I,, I.-, ,, ; 

\ I'l. panIiMti ,,! ,.|,iii!M ralU'.i .Nrjiriitl:.. ,- tli. 
•'I'l'- ''•■"••ill .I- 'I 111. riiia«i|.ii. .Ss.l.iiiiam- !,ii, l.umn. 
'"•■'' I 'i'"'i '"'"!■" •Ill 'la-. ..Ill i-i with .alTi..!!. A. . t,;-. 
•'I"i <'i'"Mtiiin .li-.p! I- I, ,111 tun,. a- ^;r,,i, 
I .' !Ma t 'jMi. 
Dose, 5 to 15 m. (..i iv||. 20 t.. 30 m. i. i 

iii-'li a'liii 1 !i I tl II 1 1. .11. 

13. Linimentum Opii. I'lmtMiv ,,f ,,j,iii,,, ..m.i 
'"!' "I'liii' III. ' .|-ial | .. ,s.',, n'ltli .■J\.piu»i. 1 in -JT 

14. Tinctura Camphorse Composita. ,s , 

■"■■'"• I'.'l- •-■"lir. 'I in.'tillr ..(ni, II, ;,,,.•,.,-, ,„ ; l„.n/..|.- 
■"■"'; '" IT-; ••iniM lii.t. .-ill ;.'l. ; ;,i! uf alilM. :;(l mi 
ali-.' (f.U |i.T <-,-iit.l I,, niak.- -Jtl !l. MZ. ,S', ,/;,,.';,. • 
ojiuin. -2 -r. ic..,;taiiiii..' In |„.( .-.nt. iii..ri.)iin.') 
■ ''■ "''■ : lli'it 1-, 1 111 -.'l'.) |l ^-r. Ill LM(t rii 
Dose, to 1 fl. dr. 

15. Tinctura Opii Ammoniata. SunuWin:. 
^'' 'l''i !';ii' : "i i''. 1'i--m1v.. i..ii/,,u. ai-i.l. Ixi -r.. an.' 
"il I'f !ini-i', 1 il. (ir.. in alcdhdi I'.HI ji,r ,-. nt.i. 1 ■.; t|. ,,. 
A.M tinrini, of .ijiiuni, .'{ II. ../., ..,luii..ii ,,i arnniM 
ma. 4 ll. o/ , an, I ale,. ho! ,',«) p,.i- ...-nt.! to mak. 

I [.lilt. Str. n-:tit ,,f ,trit<m. •'» ur. (i-onlainiiiL' Id |.. r 
'■'"'■ 'ii"i|'l;inii 111 1 '.\. o/,, or 1 111 ''S (1 ;^.r. in '.n; ii| i 
Dose, to 1 fl. dr. 

16^ Unguentum Oall» cum Opio. I'nAil.i, 

1 111 i.;'. 


891 > 

It \' i:! !"• 11. tir.MJ »|l;il 

I'r.piii KxtiiU turn Ojni l]\>v \ )iiii':ii>-i l-'.xtr.nt'iin <>pii 

; inn 

! ■ i':i / ' ' ■ ■ > ■ I • 1- [rl .[..ll i-cl 

! i|f« ''.il- .Mill •■'. 

! '•'•M Tinrtiirn ( ■ 
I Ciiiiii'li ' 

I i;.- f..l!nui;:.' 
. :ii:itfl y ii<'f(l|(lill,.' !• I 

•i t t!,. t-iil- lit : 

. • ; ' I I . ; I 1 i 1 1 1 1 ■ I ; t U I I I 

ii.'i i'liM mil • >iMi Atii 

h'- .in-. -. ;ir.- at l;ii:.< ■! ap 
• ■ !'• tl.-' lii;ir!iiiic.i|..i la. 



t ; 

1 1 



~ '. I . ' 

I'iuiiiiri ' I ': !• 

I'ii.. l>J)ii Cn. 
I';!. Ii>'-.:u\ «• Scill 

I I... : I i).ii 
I , • 1 ' 1 , 1 I : , 

I , ; : . < * I . I i A 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 . 

I .: . ;. I', (■... 

> qip"- iliii i:i I'; ::;!!!.! ( n 

I''. < >] .. 

I n.'. (i.tlla f I '[.i . 

! .:'i:ni' i.t'ni! Mil 

1 ■'. 
) i 



•Jll r|- 

1 II, 


III ;•, 


I'.O l!l 

f ' * i .1*1 

V|4»r|»liiiia* ll> 4li'<M'iiloi'i(liiiii. .Miiijhifi. 

■liiliiii i. . (\ I! .\i ' .Mc: :;il I ,, { ,,;■ ,\ liy.iioi-liluiatr 
.. rjiliin- . ! '. I'. 1 •^'•'. 

S..I i;. I . Tii. !; '. lir. ic'i I . .. ■ ,iii ,i'k:i!i)iil I : S.uii' i fp.!" 

( HM:\( ii:K>. \\ hill- uc.cuiiii, mikv jjn.-ni.s nr ti whui- 
:• !■ ..f ifiiniHf 'liliicul crystals. S''!;ihi'i!;/. 1 ii; •>[ i,f 

. ! Ill Vi <i! a'fdho! t'.iO per r. ■:; ; 1 iii ■> ,.f t.'l\i-. rin. 
1 . .iM!M ii:i,i -^. Sfiits of K'Htl, Hull. ( i.j(jii-i , iiKicurv, ami 

.'Jkaiiiii' cart'n^ : lime w;il« t ; I.ii|U(ir Ar-ieiiicain ; ail 
; ,ii . - (■■ 'iiiiiiM'!;.' i.inntn. 

Dose, to TV. 

.* ' I 


"•'NTIHIA Ml:!.!c\ 

1. Liquor Morphiuje Hydrochloridi. 

'"','• ■■""^ alr.,1,.,1 , MM ,...,- fc-nt.,. 1 t!. ,./.; uat.-, t 

Dose. 10 to GO m. 

2. Supposjtoria Morphinie.,in. Ih.i,-,. 
1 "I '" I ; i.-y. Ml . ar!ii. ■ 

3. Tinctxira Chlorofoimi et Morpliin«. C- .n- 

Dose, 5 to 15 ni. 

4 Trochiscu.s Morphinre. M... pin,,.. I lv .j,,, 
<;ll....,,k.. .^ ;.r. ; uitii Im!i; i,,. ; . .S/,, „ 7;, • „, 

Ml I •<■}, . ■ I. 1-' • 

M..:H;J'liu'' !^„f"°'P'""^ ^^ Ipecacuanha. 

^Vitli :i ! -i I 

■^!ii '../;//. 

t.T. Ml . aril. 

Dose, _' to •, gr. 

Liquor Morphinae Acetatis. .M,„,.ln„.. \,., 
'■". I. f-T.: Mnui,.n.-Hir..„:,i, :is,„ ; .j,„,,,,i ,,„,.. 
"','■"' '^^ •',■'-•■• -"•■'■•'-,ak,. 1,1. „....:„,„,,. 

a,..,';. :;;■;,!'■'. "■■'" ""•"■'•'■ ^^'""^ ''^'•- "^ "• 

Dose, 10 to GO ni. 


;:,:;;;;„.;;;■,;:,;"■" "'^ "- -."i.„.,„.„ .,, „.„, 


ol 1! M 


Chmm 111.-. A \vhit>- [I'lA'ttr cdii-i-'in;-' I'f Mil- "f 
itf ;ici(iilar (1 v.-iiiU. Sf'lui'iliti/. 1 in 1 1 "f.^ii wutn. 
■ in ;ilcc'lii '1. 

In' .iMi'.vTiiii.v-i.- A- !ni>riilii!)>' liv ir.'.-ii'cri'ic. 
Dose, ^ to ;. gr. 

1. Injectio Morphinie Hypodermica. I>is 

cidliil wiit'T. S'nti'itit. •_'■_' I'l ciiiuiin 1 u'v.. ti'.iii 

I- •") i"r (I lit. (if iii'inilimc t.iftv.iti-. 

'I'hc lUMipliiii.- ^'ic iiv ;li of till- i- -I;/ii'!> '.< -- li-u) 

l!;l!f ili:it ..I l:. 1'. l--'i. 

Dose, 2 to 5 m. :i!"':.;.n^< •■:~^- 
2. Liquor Morphinae Tartratis. M iiil.iiit> 

'l';iitralf, 17.*. /r. ; iilf'hi.l i'.hi |m i ,•. lu.i. 1 ; wiitt-r. 

Ittl.n/.. Sn.Hi/tli. 1 I'lT.-.i:',. ,,r 1 ■■! .Mi",,- ,r!ii..,:il 

4 ', ^'f. i)f Uh' tiirtrii'-' i,, \ :'.. ,,/. 
Dose, 10 to 60 m. 

A< I liiN". 

Till' iiclioii and 11 -t - nf (i(iiinii in man arr duf 
: M-t iiitir«'lv to it-< nioi'iiliiui'. and lliiiif..|i tin) 
;\ lu' studied tuu'i tlitr. Ill' (odtiiif, .■-' ' p. 'A'rJ.. 

External. <>iiiiini pniiiaMy ha- md jk'Hhii \\ 1 • n 
jiluil Id ilif uiilii(ik« 11 vkiii. Imt It. liii.-^ litfii -ai<i 

li' -liijhtlv aiiiidyiii. It can \<v ■ih.'-drlit d ti'iiii 

1 rt lit\f thf pain (il I'aw --iiifac. -. 

Internal. .1 ,//^( ;/'.////. .n,; '. .\-fara-\V( kimw 
li.iiii diminishes all thf secretions nt the iMid\ 

' Mfpt th. -\Srat. The nidlith riin-f jlU'lll!}' iucntllr^ 

iir\ , and tlir jiatitiit f. •('!-. tliir-ty. i^'it niuv a rinall 

iiSf niil iiia:-l.( dlv >(i. This ctVirl i- jiaitl_\ diir to 

■hr (lirt'c!: union of tin opmni on []■.<■ i.Hnith. Iml lo 

If.-s i-Xtfllt to it.- witliifiK.- <-y[U d aftt r it ha.- he. n 

:'-orh<Ml. In till''n a:.d inti-tiii'-. I'. I hf -an if 

. ;h!c action, thf o-ci-flioii >i{ thf L'astric and int. ■■ 

Mil juicfs i- ditnmi-^ht d. 'j'hf dr^ / al-" p.o al_\ -• - 

.' pi-ri.^taltif nio\<-nif nt- of ih.' -toiu.ich and in^ - 

n.-. Tlii- i.s liuf to i*- action on tji.' iifiNousnr 

. i-iMiiar --iruciurcs in thf uaii '<\ i'h>- mif-iini- ii-tii. 

i lif ffsidt of thf diniinuliwH of -• critioii aiid p.-ri- 




M\TI ;;l \ Ml (.•, \ 

r '\<i. 

mdifjestion. .Ii.ost .Kw.vs ^ive. ris. lo constipation. 

iii'l if \. 

I \i>t-^ III t(). 

."".'■'•'"" -' 'I-^"iM |.:nt ,lu.. to it; .n-M. 

' l^"' lllllu. !|. . .11 f 1.,. .,. r, .... .. . . 7 

II till ii, r\c. 

'I". -^^ I'll; 'i .-1,1. ill |.;|ir ,,f !• 1- . 

'" Ml.iir:ti 

r. •'. . 

■! ■ -> -• III. II ). 

l-u.rlul anodyne, M-t of i, , ;,l,.,,i.. .l.V,,, ,,,, 

r, ^>- 'V"-''V;'i ^"l""t:ui.„„.K,. |...^nv....lll■ 
l■<■ '';.n:..-l,;,,.Il„,v,..I.. W rh son,,. , ,.,•..„,- it r,, :, - 

vomiting „tt, „ iM. r ,.:„-k.,i ,n:,nv hour. i.r-. ,i,. 

'''•"V''='~'""""^'""- \\l"'l'..-lli;. |.,l,,^•v..|n.l,.;,' 
'■^■lU■<•s.rr..tln,ls:^•..,!il,:|,^-!:.,i^.„,„^,„,;,„. \|,„;, 
"t t 1.- i.inr,,)ni„ ;;,|...n ,\ ..xm t- 'i m ;h,. f., . 

''•^ ^'" ii't'-tih.ii 11,11. ,,,, 1,,..,.,., ,, I 

■'Ii^'liMv l.\ til.' iw.| • . 1. 1 ^. 1 

'■'!■">' '\ ill ih, |r„iv. p, 

I'J'i'i" i-^ '.■iK<ii !i;il>i»ii!!Iv 
-'ra<iiiiil|\ iiicr, 

"I'imii "II ill. 1,1. „„i r ,.;:. 

- pulse slow. iMM.i,. .ovlv ,!i,. ,,„. Jh, 
""" -f^""! -i ;.p::nM m, .>;. |,,,; ,,„, j,^ ,„ ,.^.^ 

'"'"'■'"'^ "" -■'■;l'".">.|,. :,,„] ...|n.. ,.f th. ..■,.•,!,.... 
•(•|";:-^".n l,.:.y 1'^ -.,-..M,|;,.Vt..:,^:i,ln-vi:,. 

,,.,.,1 , ,♦ 1 . 1 , ■" . Ill , V M. |i>f.,.,, ,| I,. 

n.'.i. !,,.., iM.M... ,,,,,.■. rh,. vessels. >,uu.-n]i^r\, ^u..., 
'■"M-mI. I ,(|,|(. ' '111 

'•" .' ' ''piMiii i^- :, (lirert poison r.i rl,, 

respiratory centre, i:., ,.•),.,.- ,!,,., ^/ I,, ,.„,;'" 

Ill |! M 


•A. !•■-> ;iir i- I;ik'ii ill .it i u-h mi -pUM i f -ti. .ui'i 
•h !:ik. - ]>l:ic>' f'^'in asphyxia. I'n. ..ri!i<in of iiiMCU-. i-.; (|. cr.'a-' 'I. 

\, , -.,N 7-''". /.'";-'. Til. hiijhf-r facilities 
a' til -I excited l'\ -m.iil iliw, .. In a f.-w p. r 
• i,rf>' i- 111) inci 1 ni-'iiiia!ii 1(1 m tin - i \rif. tmii' . 
:i,'fllfct ual jHiWii- MMi| iiiiii'al viL'ouf ai'f in 
! ..|. aii'i tlifit t'l i-'i' til'- 'liii'_' 1- tih'ii I'V ~niii»' 
M.l. U> . iialilf th. ni tM 'III liiiir iiitrital w 'ik. 
.illv. Iiii\v.\ cr. tlif tAcitatioii iIm.-. ii'it all- it iIh' 
.li\iiil\ ; L't ii'rally till iiiiat^iiiat inn i< jti.wcrfully 
i )ilt a-iuillv fxcittil, liiiirli ninl'r <ii tliait tlif 
litii-nf na-on aii'i iniL'iinnt. wliirli aii a l;l'!f 
, ( i|. Tlif t \|iri-sio!i nil '111- fare i-^ (ific I'f liappi 
inil I'linit'nrl , aii'l tl.i- c ii'icspoiiil - with tin- 
■ li til ill iif iiiiiiil, w lii(-li I- ill a -tat I' nt ni-.i'-f. caliii, 
I li:i|i|';ii'---. Tiii- i- 'iinn -ucri . dnl ti\ sleep, w ln'li 
.ircniiipaiin (1 iiN I'lt-a-an! ilfr a iii -, Lri-iii-i :i 1 1\ I'l in 
i.!i--ilil( natiiii-. \\ itli -iiiiii- jifi-'i'ti-. lidUt \i !■. tin 
. 11 1 .|.ii!i lii'i aiiili -. 'I'lii , u liii-li i> till- l"-_'iriiiiii" 

-J:. .Iijifi --inn l't ill'- Ill-./lli -t Cflit I' .^•. I- -nt.n 
.,vA..l liv li'i'i'i --ii 'II l't thi- iilli'i'-. ii:'- lilL'i'r 

111' intluilll-' '1 h'tnli ;lli InWtr, n rli.ll -null the 
• ■ j'l'f (Inc- lint ri-pi'll'l tn all\ -nllllil. ll'.'llt. ni" 

• iiH'nii- -tiinulatinn, nor does he feel pain, ii i- 

la-I far! tliat iiiakt- tin- 'Iru',,' <ii iii\a lua l>li-, 
I- rialh a^ tla iiuaiititvnf iii(ir|'liii" ii' rt'-:-ai'y In 

• I'Vc pain i-^ nttcii iii-utViciciil to (-aii-ir niiicli 

' iH-ral (If)'iT-'-inn. if a laru'r nr r\'ii iiindrratt* 

'.■Milt i-< •.'i\'n. '_'tiit rally tin I't- i-; im priniarv 

.(•itt 111' ht, aii'i tilt 11 the tir.-'! \iiiplniM ihiit ojiiuiu 

:- lit'tii takt-li is lirnw -i:,. ->. ( Mi wakili'.' trnin --Iftp 

liirt-il ti\ oplillii >"hi'- jit-r-nll- I' 1-1 •plitf W' il. liHt 

iliv tlii-rr i^ a lilt!'-'.'iinr. In flai-lif. alnl 

• I. <>|,iiiin ciitt-K taki- If I'll' il-^ -tiintilaiit 

i r j ~ '.'i \ « ii ii n ' i il . i ia i i ■< ;i - ii. Ii -. j-iw uir .lli-i 

'.H|\ni. 'rin- pupil 1- contracted; tin- i 'Ih' in 
■ « tVti-t nt tin- ilniLi- nil ill' li'ipillai'}- '•cnfrf in tli'- 

:• nf til'- a'Jiirllll'-! l;l ^nImU-. Ill lliali. Jli-t il- 



: '■ 

:;i I 

M\T1.1M\ \II,h|( \ 

111.' st,m,il;,th,M nf rl,-, ihi..||.r!u:il cm. Ins ,. hvui. 

^o i> tli;il (.f ll:, <•. I, ri;i! 

liiMtf,!- r.iifi-,.., ,,, f.|,.(_ |. 

1-^ "ftrt. .iitlicult In ,1. ;..i ,u,\ .M.i.n.V nf ,t Tli.-r 

;^;'''"''';':;'-''i"i'-."""^'"^"--nKnk.,i a. that.'. 

7'^"'"';""', '""-■' = '^"- U':.K,M..s. a„.i th.. ,.ali..,.- 
alwiivs h.s.lnw,,. ^., 1,,,,.,,. ,.. ,,,.,,,^,,1 .^i^^^^^j .|. j^; 

" -"IT"""!- \-iiiiMi,- ,.^.nnallv cau.,,! l,,- 
';•'":""! "•'•naI,n,M,| -h,. v.„uMn-.-..„tn. 1m. t 

"".^ .'^ •i"P"^;'i. a.„i th... inn .„..l,... ,|n nnt art 
Wfll III ca., > of n|,ii|),i Jin!sn!|||;^r. 

,. '''"■ "'"""• ''11^ of th, sj.inal cord aiv at fi.-t 

sli^-'l.llv >t.„.,.Iat.,|. an.l en,,..,,,,.,.,!,. ,,thA ..vnia 
I'llity.s .xa^,..,aN,|. 1,,., ,1,, ,,,, •,„,„ depressed. 
'""'." '^ -littuMill tn ,,|,iain I, tl.A inn\, ,n.'iit< 

,""■ •■^'•lt:'l'llll> <'l Minln. Mli.nrv .:V|-n,^ |. 

""■'""•''' '•^'•'I't 'l-a; n, tiM- lat.r ^tau'.^ nf ,,p,„n 

I'"l~nM,n,-l,V.n.UM.n„,.|nM^ ,t .s .in, „•. . ., .i . { 1 ', f nf 
th.; ..nsn.v hnln.n th.. ,„ntn,-. '| hn nn.>ni.. n,..a.n 
ilTltahIn tn the l;:-.f. 

... 'M>""M. 1,. ,t. ar.„,n nil thn ,„r\nns ^\.t..lM 

ill'ist.'ul... ihn cM.u.i.,., iHl thai fmatinn, at fii-: 
stl.,.,.lat..ihv a -li-,,^ :.rn n^.alh s„h.,..,„entK para 

•■xaiii^I.- nf thn law nf .hs^nhitm,.. tnr h.-h.r fui.o 
tK.ns. ..u-h as ll... n,t,.lhr;„al ....aLMUativ... an 
lirstatt. ■.•!.. 1; ,„nii..,, ,. th.-i, ,ii~nni.n'..l; ur\i ih, 
l"'l"'''"> ^'''t..'. a.i.i th.„ th.. i.i..,i..llarv<vi,tn.. fn. 
ivspiratiui. aii.l ranjiac actio., am ,1 Th. 
.^■pinalcnn isit.tlucn.l -n a los ,1. trn c. th. n.m 
Very sliL'litly. an. I th.- inn -d.--. ii,,t at -ill 

I" man the ,M.. :l,an„.. nf th.- acn,.n of n.or 
);»""•■ ar.. th,. >l,.hth.<>nf thc.tai/. .,f.;:„;„latin,! 
t< iMv.iniinnai,,,,. i,,,!,,, „.■.■ .„i th.- hi^h. r met,.; 
;'•'<■''<"'- .•'...! tl,c.h;:htan....,,n„nf th,. nintoran.i 
III.' \aMi liintnr (. iitr.s, ih.. ..n.-.j, t}.. .-v...,- .;, .; 
ti iniiscl..s. I,, fi-ogs mnrphm.. ,.r..,h.c,.s 'viok'n- 
c-onvuls.(.n.. h. ca.iM. its ,u-. .Luiunatin^ action is t.^ 

-1 • 



■ Miulatf tlir s|iiyi;il cnril. Blids iii.' <iiily ;i!V.ct<il 
. lafL't 'I'l-t-^. \\ lii'li |ifi>ilu(t (iiiii.i. Miininials jiic 
r flif iiin-t i>;irt ;in»c!t a m the >iiiiu' way a- man, 
. ( |ii that the tii-l oi- . Aciitiiu'iit stai,'*' is iiioro 
arkMl; liciicc wit li iiiaiiy maiiuna 1>, f-|'fcially ciit^, 

I jiliiiii' is a \iMl(iit ('(UK u!-aiii : doL'- ami rahliits 
j.uif lari^'f ilii^fS to |irH(liicr -Miijitnin-;. 

i\ hi>!fiis.- - Soiiittiiiic- iii>iiiiii -iiL'litly iiififa-rs. 

'!ii' limes it ■^li^.'litly (It ri( a-t-. tlif tirii)ar\ t!ii\\. As 

.rtaii\ stat.d. hinipliiiif i- lit compoM d in tht lnnly, 

:• owtliiiiDrpliiiif has Ix »ii fmniil in the iiiiiir dI 

'-1 taking' murphint . 

s': //. (>|.iiim IS a miiil diaphoretic. It may 
i-f iti-hini:. 

M, t(ii'(Ui.^nt. If thi' I'tr-wii takiiiL' it Inis '^lycns 

•1. thf amount of ^iL'ar lif |ia--i s in thf uiinf 

fi t jiicntly "linsini'lii'l. (niuial nntahtih-m i- 

•..'hllv ilttTfas* i| al-o. tor tlir amounts of niti'oL:»n 

■ i carhoiiic aciii cxciiti'l auij oxvLrtii ah-nrlicl arc 

•• IK il. 

T> tniii r<it iir<'. 1 ia !■'_'•■ 'lo-i- iK pr*-- tlii-. prohahly 
111 the ttT( el of til' (i,Mi-_r on the tht rinoi^'.nt tir 
:-\.' cflitrfs. 

I'l rsisttnt iisf iif lai'L't' ilo-~ts dtiM.asts thf -tcrt- 

II of milk aii'l tlif nun-trual <lis( harL'f. Moriihiiif 
I \crctiil hv thf milk, aini -o may alVfi't tin- chilii. 

l'>'riiii<tnfir.-,. 'I'll, rt- a!-- ffW ihaii^'s which ha\f 

■ r\i (litTfrt-nt ftVtcts upon <litV' rfUt pcopli^ 'i'lif 

■ 'i\f ilf>cripti(Ui -tatf- fl.> maniii r in which mot 
iiiian htiiiL'^ are atV>( tcil I'V opium, hui in sniiif the 

' :_'f of f \citation i^ vi ; v i \ iiifiit. -o that tin _\ hfcoiuc 
.;nous and cannot -hip. In othfrs. viKnitiiit.^ ami 
diL't-tion arc \ r\ mari^i d. Sonic >{ thc-c ptcii- 

antits arc due. no ilouiit. to tin var\ snu' compo-i- 
■n of opium. Children ai-. la-ily poi-ontd h> it. 

' ■ i lilt t i tO i i " < ' i i • "t Oiii^m iily3C3 ";;>*":ii'i :"' .It;;::;.:: 

!-»d to thcin ; women are tipu-c rt-ailily atVecffd 
•'.an null. Persons uho take it haiutualiv -(.o-i 



I Hi 
i t ft 



"^1 S M KM Ml |.I« \ 

• rvtli.inatoiis riiiptioii on ili, ,l,iii. 

htjh rrnr.s i ,t -/, ,'/- // h, IWr, r ,.f,, .,„ ,,t ./ /. 
phin,. (1) Murpln,,,.. Imi,,/ innr.. r- iiJilv ;.l,.orl., ,■ 
'"■'' '"""• 'l""M>- It i- .■.,,M.i;,lh -un.'.l t.,r .„i 
rutaiirnu. inj.rtinn : ,,,•...,, ,,, tl.,." u;,v it ,■,,•(. v.-u 

';.'i"*">- '2) (),„ii.M ,^ „.,„. iiai.i.. to ,„.<.. f ti: 

• liL'.-<lion ;iiul !..c;,,i>..,o„.,,,,aiio,,. 1,,,; th,. I,,- f',,'- 
oft... MUik.S .ttlM. .,H„vv;.lu;,l,|. ,M ,.,;,„ V n Li. .„,, 

nal .i^.i.s.;s. (3) Opiu-u i. tl.,. Uu.v .l,;,,,l,o,vf „• 
(4. .M.u-|.l.i.i,. isn.on. (•...•ti.i.i i,, it. .•..-tio,, ;,. a., :.,„/ 

.Ivnr H...i SoponUr; [.o.siMy fhi. j. l,.,,,us.. of t),. 

oti..,- pouvrfi.l i.i ,,,ui.,m. (5i Opi... 
statr.l tcacl l.ioivp„\v,.rfnlIy!,i r..i,|.inL' :li. a.,n 

ol siiLrar pr.<. lit in tl... uriii. 

.1 I 


IM :ri\ i() HI la, 

'rni:.; \i i.i 1 1. >. 

^ External. Hut fnm. niat.ons ,„• p,„,I-,.. - .p,i, 
Kl.-I u.ll. lamlannn. a.v utt.„ ;,pp|„,i „. ,,,/,,.f„| 
I'.-.its. l.ut ,1 IS tin lu.-.t an.| „.,! l).. .,pi„r 
nlii-l. .vli.v... tlin pan.. LniMM. niu.M Op,, .hN,. , 
'"to tlir .km ,j..nnii>lH.s tli. pan, of ..In,,,,!,. ,)i. „ 
'>'aIi..Man.lii,Nal-ia: pn,l,al,h ni r In ^ ra ^. r 1,. tii.-ti..n 
" """••• 'f^Ma.inii.s ll... ..pi,,,,,. |,,,..alK a|.p|i.,i 
to ^'<"vs an.l uhars. ,t .ay sn,.tl... ,|„. pan, .1,1.. „. 
"';."'• ''"■ """",...,t .,r .^,Ils a,M|.,pn„„ .,,11 ,f,, 
'vl...v..t}M>pan. ..f pil... ;u„l anal fi^-ii, . <. , .p,.,i;,|u 
It H Miil.l laxatiw i.« triv.!, ,v ;1„. ni,„,th 

Internal. .S/,,/;/,,,//. M,.rp}iin<. i< ..f .^r. at .. r 
M(v f.u-tli.. pam .,f .^-asn-h- -i.v.-. , .a, „...,.. ,„• ..y, ii f, . 

nnii. a 

Hi.npl.'pa.nfi,l,|\,p. p.ia. ( »■, , .,f ; I,., nOi.-ial ...1 
of n,.„plnn.. il.', m.i.w.., j. p„vf,.,ahl. to.,p,„,„ . 
tlwit n.ayat/^,a^at.. td-;^..sti,,n. Tl,. n an- fr. 
'|n..ntivc,,n,lun.-,| u,tl, pr. paiati.-n. , ,f l„.„,„th a.^i 
laki-n ninn,..i,at.:y 1., Imv ,„ ati.r ,„.al< M■l„^ 

P'fi Hit, iici a ii.'~. 

•t .l..r,va.o. pa.M. p..n^ta|cH. an.i . x.vssiv.. s..r,..rj.>M 
hUcstnu's. Op,,,,., j. invaiuai.!,. t.-r stoppi,,. 
many va.i.t.r. ,,f .lia,-,|„, a. jf t|„.v wJH .i/l.l 

oi nM 

' Mlliitii' , oj.iniii - iiiMv;f liK.l\ 1(1 iif -licet s-l'iil. 

ImII I'lillc, Ik ijl' <lll<- to II lll,'ll|;||' <-\Cl -SIVr prli 

.iitluli, IS t.'t'iur;ill\ itli(\iil li\ ii|iiMiM ;ili'l, 
I. so is :il>.|oiiiiiiiiI ));iiM nt all ^i.its. |f m niiWf 
iiiiinatiuv ('(iii'litiiit;- of tlii' jMM .'IK nil), n~ ,i|>pt ii 
'. i>i" I'l i!i iiiin . lio n|.. ! iiiuii i< jintiiM 

■ •■i. t'lill lic-i - (.1 ohiuiil liiil>t, he vivMl. i\n- ol. ],.(■! 

• -11 to p,iraI\-(' tilt' m'l -tiiiil iuo\ . lilt lit-' !i- to 

■lit 'lit i.tTilMiital miii'hc, 1 :ilil>ilU' .iL'ailist fa^'li 

iiiiK't '-' 'I aft< r oji. latioii- or woiitids 

t.' .iiHinirii II. t |iimii is pn f.i ihlf to tiiorpliiiif 

;ilMioi!i!ii:il ca-t ; if tlr \ aif M-vcrc il imi-t ]>•■ 

ily pii-lii <1. 1 1 If pa; I' iit iniii-,' iu'pt jiist drowsv with 

'iliv co);..a<t.<i pupil-, a in I it ofti ii dots not mat ttc 

lrt)Ut 1 :irf lint open fiii- ;i \v. . k or i'\«'n i 


-lionld rart l\ \>i- ^'i\i ii if an ahdoiniiial operation 

ioipciidiiii'. liir it ina k- tlit- ^viiiptoin-. 
//' Ml, li -kill i it 'piirfd to L'i\i' opiniii 

I ' rl\ ;:• liia it d; -i a-i . I in li\ podt iinic ni|ict;oM 

1^" 'I'lHiK' I -. on till w lioi, , to iif prifi rii d to opMiiii. 
•i' iiiditM' '111 fur :t ! ■ wliiii rardiic pan and 
: '■' i" til' patii lit auakf. ( Mfi ii it act ■ iki 

t.iiiii. a ipm t 11 iVt -iiiii-/ di 1 p III in_' ttif 1 suit of 
■'i-l' nijiiMon. No doiili; u - a cardial lipro 
■. Imt \vi lia\i to ,ct a'jaii:-t thi^ ihf f\ i,,, ustioti 
i!ii .iiiii in^oiiiiiia. >'il!, if the patient i ; ver\ 
•i.i -I tv.o factors iii'i-t he (aiefiill} hiilanctd. 1; 

' ■• 1 • otfi 11 leluMs ill,, piiti rif aiuMirv>iii and 
.1 llh.racic rrowths. j:-, d< pre--anr eti't ct may 
■" -onif i\iint ei ••ill' eiha laiiccd I", eonihiiiiiit.' 

, :n!onn;| \\ j I 1 1 It. 

I e-.v/v' . ( IpiiiMi is :l [. I , J;. I 1, latic. It is 

*ai.!\- et'-cit lit ,iiti r aii-oj priwii. hut its -ri-Mt 

• ;s m L:a-ir!c and iiite-niril iia iiiorriia<.:e. wh. n 

■'■;s partis hy -topjunu peristaltic iiio\- men;-. An 

1 1 ... 1' I. . .1. • -.' . : . -■ .1 III ! i >i I 

• '•)'■"• It is also \ery u-tful in hMniiipt\sis, lor 

a ti I 111!' 'Mtie and ri In \. - i hi com'/Ii. 



'^ I 


M \TI 1.1 \ Ml I.I< \ 

l:,'sj,ii,iti,.)i. Ir will |„. ,, ,„. ml., n.i tli.i' ..p,,,; , 
'l<'l'r«-' -; th.' I. .|<ii;it..r\ r. ti!i. : t h. i .f/.iv it i.', 
•iiiimn^liiii,' r|,.. ;irti\it\ ..f tl,.. ,.. iitn f..r tli.. n'tl. ■^ 
ii<f (.f en i 'I, 111-.', will ..ft.n (ill.Aint. f lii^ ,li>i n«in - 
r^"'l'""". I»l't It H niily |lHliti;,l,I. tu :M\.. itwh.n 
tlu' lirit.ltl.iii u|,;,ii ivtl, xly pftS li]. ;i .-mml'Ii H 

irr. iii.,v;,l,|... as in intia tJM.i.icir -n.wtti nr an. nrvsm 
HI- wIm n tfi. IV is lit!!,. ,,r,i., l,\,.l;! v .in.l \. i rh.. cmi-'Ii" 
'■" ^"''' '■'• ■'■■ 1' ""' " 'li' '•!-' Ill pi. un-v. an.'. t.";i 
I'-- ••xf./i' 111 phthi i.. -1-1, .. h;,l,i,,iv t.. 1x1, 1, fv aii.i 
MSj.|iy\l;i 111 i,i;ii,\ ,1,. ;,,,., ,.,!r.i,,i. ,| with .MMi-'li'inii^f 
li.A.r U- fur-..'ntt.ii. Tim. ..piun, i,,,;,i;,. ,i,;„iinis>il,l. 
Ill III. la~t ^laL'.-of l.r.,ii.liiii, an, I pn. uinnni.i. an-i. 
'■'" " '"''■• I" ' \'i' til'' •M.'li. r .Mat.'.-, ..t' l.'Mii.-liiti^ 
':'''"•'■ ""■■'II- nf I, !i. NuiL' III.' .-fMitrl, ~)ioii|.i |>r tri..i 
lir^t : an. I if npinni i. l'i\.ii. ir m ,,i h., a.lnnni^trr. .1 
^^"'' '•:""i"ii ;iim1 in.iLiii- 11'. r.-it m piM iiin.^nia with 
"lit iiM.iity i; 1, \..,A ,,„ fill. I. ,.,11111- c, .:./!, ;,,i.l pam 
Mild piciimiiir/ ,!.•. p. A •• Im.iii, ii-.' ., f-n,Mirit. 
•'■'""I.^- I- "I"" -■i\.ii at ni.'lit wl„ II a ,.,,,,,-1, 

'^'''■|'^ ''"■ p't!:'-tit aual,, . h niav cnti,!,! ,,1" tllic 
""■'■ "' "|"'i"i. - M| ; .hint.' ^■ilphiinr aciil. " m 
"■'■■"■''• •"<' Ml ; Ual, ■• I,, I ll. ,1,-. Til.- n|.;,-t of tl. 

"■•■'"■''■ '^ '" >""il!<' th, i.iiaiMix l.,catlv. (ipinni mil-- 
=''"" ''«■ -'\' " '•.■iiitiMi|,l\ I,,,- a-^tlin,a' ;,< th.-iv ,. 
tins (ii^.;i^.. a LMval li:!lMlil\ to tli.' L'n.wtli of a p. •■ 
man. lit ..pnini An' inni!]l,irion of .'. nv. ,,f 
iHvtatf of iiMiiphin. wi;!, .-, ..r. of sfaivli i-^ of\'r<'ar 
UM' wh. n l.lown on to a l.irynv painful from ortraiiir 
• A-iaiii,,f l.oiira.i.lo.a -nun o)" io.l.rfom 
IS odiii lul-li ll to ( acli in-iit]Iati..ii. 

. ■'^'' "'"■'•"»■ ■^''^■'' "■■• /'■' ^'.. It is in if^ a.'tioil oi; 
till- oi-an thai tli.' inar\..lloii< vain., ofopmni !< sen. 
Its -n at lunrtion 1„ in-.- t.» i. li-sr pam 'and to pro 
dii.-.. sif.'p when tlia' i- piw. nt. d hv pain. For 
these jiiirpo-,, , it i< !„.<t L'i\e?i )■»!>-!= rijiir-Jjv •:- 
iiiorpiiiii. . tor thar :,et- n.or, .piickl.\ .' mon- (vrtainh. 
and IS I, -~ haMe to produci- in.ij-.-:ion ;iiid e\eit. 



' • l!i:i!i (ipiuiii. Many Iik« tn iiij^-rt ii •solution 
••tiiiiiu' •'., L'V. i)f atrujiiiic -iil|tlritf tit . ••H-li ', lt. 
: iii"r|'h;iif salt. I'nr ly -n lii'Mi'' th' liMliilily of 
: jhilit tn ii|i>i t lh< ^tiiiiiacli ali'l li(>\\rl> {•* 
:iiiii'lit<l, ili:<l it-; ctliraiv a- an atintiuif i-< not 
;>;illly It --t-Mi •!. |; umiM he a l^llir ll>t in !.'1\<' 

. rhr ilisfiim'S tlif pain <if wIimIi c m l.c it lifVcil liy 
. ! jiliiiif ; (• met !• a II' I f'ratt !ir< - aic [\ j ileal iii^tanci^-. 
'''ii'phuii' i< \<r\ val'ial'lf t"i>r ! lif iii-ninma tif ac'itc 
1 . -. liiif ]' -li'iiiM II- \- r \'> prc^crih- il t'nr 
;!.:!!ial -l> I pit --iH'>-;, fur fiir \\\>- patii nf -lioulil 
■• rai-: till' ha I 'It nf npiui;! rakiiiu.' niili — tlif iji-t a~<' 
'ii'_' llif in-iiiiiiiia i- itiiMira I'lf ati'l will imt la-T 
ulnu till' u-f i>f Mppiiii I ijiii;. iu-t:t'iiil. It 
' ,;.t I"' '.'i'v' II caiitiiiii-l^ in ''(111!, fur that is nt't. n 
, . 'inpaiiit li lis I'laiiular k!iliit\ - ; aiiihiiit f'>r liv-fffia, 
of' I'M It ilm - net II !:t \ . }i\ -I. I icil pain-, ami all 
■1111 haliif iiia\ 1>|. fiinii' 'I. hi i-pi fialK !i-;« ful in 
V.I i .iiiii 111 I la ry ciilir. aii'i t'lif ! iif atiir pain- nf a (•(lIl■ 
.. nn lit. In tilt -• ca-t- ir ri h. \t^ tin- nam partly 
"Mill Us piiwti- a - an annii\ iif, aii'l al-n lucaii-f liy its 
i!M!\-inL' ftVfi't nil iin-tt;pi;il i.iii'-rlf it ft laxt - thf 
;-i:ilar coiiii-ac' mn. Tin- pi'npt-rtv aUn inaki- it 
! iMf 111 Mililf ('a<i - of -pa-lnnilir >f lie* Ml'f nf tli-- 
;lira. it may lif >_'ivtn a-< a -ti|ali\f in iltliiluni 
,,i n- ati'l -niiH- fnrni - nf iitania. I'lit nf;- n -ucli 
L'l' >lnsis aif It .pill"! >1 that its ii~. i- imt j ii>; ifiahlf. 
I ' :■ ;i nt< sutTfiiii!^' LTtat pain can takf iiinrninii-- iin-;cs 
'hniit any -yinpfnuM nf pni^nninir. 

S/ .//.// lOI'l. \\< ll>l- fnr thf pain-; nf lncnllintnr 

■ i\v ami fnr cnnviij-ivf ili-tas.s i- tn he iltpiicati li, 
- ;hf nioriihia liahit i- ia-il\ fnfintil. 

Ki'liti'i/s. It sliniiM always he nnit nihi rci! that 
'■phiiif is fxcntt 'I witli ^rifat (hlhculiy if tin' 
...iMtN-^ arc ili-i-ast il. 'Iht rt- art' sc\iral ca-fs rt- 

-lasf liaVf lit-»ii killi (1 hy <pii'f small ilnscs of 
'luiii. r.iit it ofttii >o mark' iliv r(lif\(< ura iiiic 





.M\TKI(I.\ MKDU \ 

•Ivspnu 11, iinnni.- iiHr.iniii;.. t!i.. cani:;.,' ,lv,pn ■ 
whirl, i,i;i\ (■(„„,, lira;.. I;n,,'lits ,iiMa<.- an-i .^., 
'"■"""-■ »'""v.ll-l(.lis. rhal ,1 inav 1„. pi.titlaM.. I.', 
»li.)<ct '; of a ^rraiM .,f a ^ait nf inn,-,,},,,,.. ,,i,,.,,;, 
""^"■'>' """ •' !'■''!' ": -iitl.nir.' tiM,,, .,i,.. ..f ,i„ ,, 
'■"i"l"i'"is an.] run tlir -i,,-!,! ,■,.,, rl„iv ,. • 

iiiii-l III' ailojitci \( rv cautioii -l\-. 

'"'■'"• <''"<| uith i|M.",ariiai)lia a-. |».,'., , 
|'«'\v.|rr. (.pnim i, (•,i.,n!\ i'i\.-n a- a mil.! ,;,„,,}, 
'■'■'"• 111 ca^-^ ..f ,l,,'l,t. iiitlaimiiatnrv -ii^,,,-,!. ,-. ',';',.!, ;, 
!i cuinlm )!! ciiM. 

y,7,//''... ,//,.-( )|, ,,,,,, i. a.lnimi-fMv.i i,, ,„.,•.,„,, 
suthnii- In.ii, lial.. r..-. ,,,„| t|„. a,,„,„,,t ,.t .;,..,•,,■ ,' 
111.' iiin,.. ntt. 11 r..:-!ainlN .limini li., an. I id. pari, ir 
-'•"'*'■'' '"'''•' i"M'i..v. .. (t,„niM .-an. iM iIm- ,,i,ini. 
"♦ '"•'">. <-<'nli..l all sa.i.Ii.-,.! !nMainMa!i,,n • !),.,■■ 
'""' 't ^- -''\'" !'"• ;i M.M m i|„. 1,,,,,| ,-,,,, ,.. .,, 
I''••"'•'^^• ■^'•. ".•.■:i^lM,alK ,..,..,„. :;,K,,,,, • ,;,, 
-""••'■ ''■'■"> '•-, n!,.,n .,f ufui, . W.. j,;,,,.. ,,„i„,,,, 

''"■ "••';t-l"M; (,11 '..!.;. -j, ,,|.j,,|,, ;i,,,l ,,.,,,. 

i'fS|iiTtiv« !v ].!'.f, raM,-. 


'• ilH-ai'a. 

Ai :it,' /"lisonhhi. Th. !. iii,i\ 1 . .:■'!;;., I, ,.. , 

"" '■^'■;""". '"'I'. :i".l tlnall.^ .|. . ,, rn,ua. Ti,, ,„„.„, a 
""""'•■'> '■""t,a.-l..l At til, 1 tl,. ,,,.i,i..nt r.HM ,. ,-.,„'...i !,■ 
-nm nn-tnnal,.ti..n u;il,i„ ,,.i.. l;.,l..v a.f,.,, ;- al.,.|i<h,.] 

""' ''•\"^"' "^ • ll"-p"l-Hw.Mk.iM.i.!..w. Ti. r.M 

'•"'"'!'"••""." -"■^^■■'■•""i "I. •;!!ir. at la^f it i i, ,;,.,, 
aii'l 111. I ati. lit lii, -^ fi-,.iii a>iilivxia. ' ' 

l>ia.i>!«s,s ..J ,,,7 /,,/ opiu' (1) ; 

/........; ..ft.i, ,,,. ,i,m..ul,. ,.s,„^ n. .- o.,....,.,„: 

'■'"V'V ""':'■'",.. ■-,,„...l„u!, ..lauii, l,a. tak.-n iil.a.ho! . 

poi-^oninr. II... i-ati-m i. ,„..,•.. ,.a.i!v r.ui,...! i„ ai'..I„ 
J.nisomn.'. 1 xfinnne tl,.- urin. (.„• ,n,M-,.hin.. ai..| alr..}^. 
«"' a .a..!,,! la^.ury. (2) /.,.,; lurmn, rh.,a. 
" ' ' '" "'"■ I'""- \Hr..lii ;; , i-upil- iiia\ 1.. V. -v 



■ ''i.- ilii) -iH'-i- iliJVicnlt. I'dt li>ok carefully for li>oiil para 

I ,.s r.rtlpial h.i iiim rhar*- tak»> plarr into th>- 

i,:il I !t . .■ilni tin II til'' f.ii-.' :i|pl thf llliiht* nil thf opjMi 

,ii ir;il>-''i. It till' li!t iiiciihak''' i-^ a siimllonf. ami 

,,,;•. ; 1 Ml llir Ji"!:-. ll'.*' t '■!!! |i»'r'it M !'■ MKiV I"' rai~>''i : 

■ 1 a \.'\ l.iiC' "ii* tl'f tciiipfraiuri' falU f<>r tlif tii'-i 
! . t.r-, bit iiiav M-.- ~i)h-( .|iiftitly. If tin- pu|>il-i arf 

,:i: thi iM-f i- 1 11'' I'f c'lfliral lut tiiorrha;.''-. (3) /•'■■"; 

( (/((</ fH>i.-,ii>nri!. ill \\hirh tli<-ic iiiav 1)»' (Miiia aii'l 

:i, till iiupiU. Tin' ari.j proiluci-- wlnif patrlics in llu- 

.-ii. :iiii n:< wlour 1- fliaiart'Ti^tic. (4) l'">fn iJilnn'torni 

. ■Ill I I'Oi^imiiii I'V tin- I'li'iur lit till- hrtalh ainl of the 

111! !iiatttT>. (5) f'ltiDi :n.i-mi>i hy llic si^-ns 4if |{rit;lit - 

. • -|" ri;ill> aiburiuiiui ia. (6) I'l ■ni ilLdf/'tiC rnvut |iy 

:i:, ii of till' lii.itli ami th>' ^'lu'o-iin.i. (7) i'f't>it<< 

:^.^, \tilili- i't' an ' rii'-i't:< 't 1>> tin- lii-lol_N, tlu' ilila'a 

,.t ihr pui'iN. all'! til"' f.K.'t that tin' liviiiity .ii.f- ri'.*. 

I . .|. (8) /•''■"'I ti:. ^.(<);. :'<l-l' "/ ll lit in (!l'i:,/,ll I'lll.l 

..I till' ill -all.' aii<! otin-r iicr'.ou- liica-f-- iiv iIk aiiu' 


/•,,s.' ,;(. / 'I in .ippt aiaii'-' ' aftt r 'l' alli fii'in i.|);ii!n 

,ii] ai' 111"'' always foiiipj aft> r fata! a>i')i_s \ia. 
i >, ,i!iN. I'!. \\'a-li out tin- -!oiiiai-li at )ia'f ilit"! '. al- 
■i! i.ii|Hor l'ota«-ii l'> i iiiaii;_'anali~ twhirli li' c'..iupo-f inoi 
• 1 ililutf'l '.Nith till. <■ I iiii' - tin- iiuaiiiiiyof waiiii \wit«i. 
iiu' alio'it "i tl o.'. Ill till' -t..iiiarli. (live prompt i-iii>tii' 
l.'.to. a> ap. iiiii 'I [iiiiiu -ulir,,taii' oi|-iy . AKva\ - loi!^.- tin' 
. M l,y wa'.kiii^- him aliout. tlappiii^' him with a tow.l. 
: in_- liiiii. ajiplMni.' tin' fara'lir curri'iit, ainl pulti:;^' am 
.a to lii.- iio~r ; a plM of -tr.'MJ' rolTii- ■-hou'.d he liijfcti.i 
tin- li'ct'.l'n. iT. all.']>ilH- -ulphat'' ;.'l\('li .-ulirli- 

iij-h. (-r 'M) in of liiutiu' if i't Ua'loiiiia hy the month 
l'i li i\< rv .piartt r of an hour. If thi- hroathiiii: is very 

■ i't. artit'aial ri -piratioii -houM h'- < "iiplo\.Mi. ((vy^'.-n <.[■ 
hitiiti- inhalation.- !i.:iy h.-ii-'-il. Tin' tnatnuiit !iai-l h« 

• uji fur -i'\t ral hour- if m ci-^-ary. 
Ciir.'uii- M'-rjruf ^o^^ .)n»i.;. As many p-r.son.-^ ad 
;-t> r till- ilru^' subi'utani-ou-Iy to ilicmsflvf-. chronn- 
oniiij^ i.-> \irv r.nniLon. 'I'hc -ymplom-^ arc that tin 
• • !it lo<,-- all -•■ii-f of riv'lit ari'l wron^-. hi- uil! lie ami 
.• ill tlir nio-i iic-!aiiin^' way i'-prcni!ly if hi> ih -in 
■ li.tain '\'i ii''U;:. ami ah-opUily no -tatcimnt that In 
can h> t!U-!i'l. II' n<-L'ii'i't-' hi- work, ami l<t- hi 
. .ms.-i ^o to rum. llf wa-tt - aii'l hfcomc^ ana iiiic. In' 
iitr.- froin lo.'-3 of aj'p- lit' . imli;;t'-lion, dry muutli, .^luj-'n h 




M\T).1.I\ MI.Dlf \ 

»-u..l~. ;u„] ,1 foul f.u.uu... Th.- naiU arc l,nTtI.-. t}..- .k,- 
'irv. i!„. |,a,r tni ^n-y -arh. ami fall- out. Th.n- i. -^-xu-^i 
';"l""""--- "" •■"^""' '■■l^'- I-H-... ,,,, M-n,..,, i. -..rr..l.,l 

""■ '^ ■"|"i".Ml,aa, ,.r,.| ih. .|,,..v ,,r nulL i. st,.n,„.,| l,,.,' 
''"■"• '~'"';^"''"- n-'l-I-l-.- -rMa.:.nn,iln-.„f,;n,M-u;a. 
!.;.sv,.r. -1,/i.i ataxv an.i t,Mu..i a,. ,u.-.„t w, ,,.^,.r.• .-a- - 
"';■■"■'"■" "■''■' I''"'- •"' - nr..l sMth .nark, nf th.-^v.,„ 
;in.l Ld -iaiii> ..f ni..i).inii. a .lav ;n.i\ h.- lakrii 
,. ■""•!'■•"'•■•" "Hi-r I,.. ,.,,;,„,. I au.i,an-fullvual,'),„-.. 
t la h.-;.,N ';;'n.,,.,.l,,„.. ,lw, ,[,..„,. i„,i,..„ri;r,i,..,hH,nn-.. 
it ^""'i'i 1" ■in.,)n,~l:..i,-ra.iuaiiv,-,,ti.atat tl,.. ,.n,l,.f a f.,rt' 
m.'hi lH.,,takn,.. n„n.. If ,1 .- M.,,,,,..,i -u-i,!..,.! v th,.,v ,M.,^ 
'"' ^'"""- '•''-■'I.... a-Hl >Mi,i ,i..!,Mun,. l;rlup~.-~ arv ^vr. 
'■""""""-'"■' ^"■■■'"I'l-t'.-m, aM.ran.a!,-.. 1- v.ry rat... " 

.\ N I M.I ■M-V. 

, , ■\f""'"'- At,.,;..,, ...iKa:,.,.! „f 1„ 1 ..,i,„nKi) ;, an ami 
''"'•■ '" """I'l"!-, L.rau . It i.n.,v,,!u;iv >tnnulatp-; thr iv 

■^''7'"'">' ';■"',"■■ 't^'- ■">;■''. '.I..I-. ll... .■.,.. i,ral.n„v,,l,t,n,,- 

^""' ""■-""■■'■ !'">MaiM-. I, ,th ,i. ,,:... ..,i hv „,.„■,,)„„.• !• 
i'''l7", '" ';•: •""•'^•-'■'^"■- to ..,.M,u i„ nth.T partTular- 
''•'V; '"? • ^"- ""'^- "^th,,u.-h i, |M. v..,:t. ,u.r.,urat.. • 

!-'npl,..,-a I1...V.. t,.rniii,aun„,.u!,,:. ,,„„, ,!,„„■ i.nni-,,.,.- ,-, • 
n:i>-.v ,,-..!,. I. va,.tn,^^ ,,„ u,.. ,..,,,,,,.,, ,„,,,,,, ',^_,,,_, ^.^ ^ 
It l..>- ,....„ >..,„.. ,,f tl,.. uu^i.-MraU;. ..iT.rt. that 
niav f,.,l,,.^ il... -uhMUa, „•,,::- in..,t.,„; ,,f UM,r,,l,i„... Mfh a^ 
'• '" / ^T. n! at,,.,Mno ^;.!iJ,ai.. ,, it.j- .•i,-,l at lli,. satn. 

OmnoiHM,. ^ ,,, lv,.,pt,., ,,>.,„ni..i.:,. 

, , -V '■"■,"■' "' ;"■ •■■'■'■ .>:kai.,i.i, ,.f ,,,„,nu a. I,v,l,, 

( -ii-.MiioN. M.„,,h,n,. ,VJ J,, r ,■,„,.: „ar.-..t.i,... •_'(. ,„ 
;■""'■■"■■'""••- I"-' '•""•: r.M-''>-ni.-. ■_'■-, ,,.,■ ,.M,t.: 11,. 
,'""■■ ' '"' '■'"'•• "•'"•■'-..■. 1 ■> 1..., ,..nt.; ,„h.., alkalui.i- 
' !"''■•"'•; ^^•'•' !■. >> p.r.-nt.: l.v.lnM-hlniic a.;,! ;. „.. 

It I- L' . \ ],.iu,t, r. ,;,..,li!v - • ' • 

Dose. to gr. I.\ m., .ji, ; 

I ,^:i • "Ui!ii.|Mi! f, ,1 1, j,,,,,, 

, *•'"""!"" '- I'- t-.i- i!...n ;n..,|,h,„... au.l ..-,„.,.,,.; 
'I' I'l- -- !(.- i.-,i.,ratnrv c-iitr. 1,.,- ; „, ,, ,, ,,f ,,,„.,,i,.nii, . 
U- lo M..,, purposrl,.,, .-uuKhili;.'. It i^ :. - .-(YrrtlV,. u. 
.Inui„:,lu,,. ,...r,stal<,.. atui tluT.-fntv upsK, ,i,,r.-~tiuM 1..- 
It 1.:.- ': - ■! . l^au!a-.- !• • r. aiufrlu lati.v 1 1:,^. ad v.ti.ta.',-- 
<««««'■»». r.-l-m.. M..thyl,u..,pht„... C, T7JC11 

■1 (■( 
iii.i- 111 N\,i!, r. 

to -111.. iitaiH iiu-lv. 
" ■"> ;--f. opium. (t 


codhim;. \r(iMoi;riiiNK 


S'irnrr. An ii!l;;ilni.l nlit;i'Hf'i frutn i']>mtii or iiiorjiliiru' 
N<\irlv cDimiri' r^.-! trmit li ic i rv -t^il.-. S du 

» 'i\\.<i' tim;^. 

r, 1 in -J 

1 ill ■'(I iif ciM I in '2i of hoiliii'; 
;. iiim! ('.Ml |i(T cfnt.l, 1 :n "J nf rhlMiofdrin. 
Dose, } t ; 2 gr. 

r<Ml4'iii:i' I*Im»«>|>Ii:is. ChL m<.' li 

11 , (11 iNn,.li,i'() I ..;ll (I 

('ii\K\citi'.->. Whit. 1 IV -tell , -.'i^'litlv l.illf-. SflubiUtij. 
[■.i \ (if watiT. 
Dose, \ to 2 g-r. 



Syrupus C^deinse .s'^ 

I' n-itn. 

■ f r...!. 

[■iH.-pliatf )n c, I- A Vi\\'.-{ ■i!ii''lini 
Dose. to 2 fl. dr. 

Action and 'riiKUM'r.riics. 

!• iiiiiv pr«i'liiif trfiimr- licciiusf it fxcitt-^ the 

i iiKiri', ;iiul iltprt-sscs llic lii^'ht-r fucullii- mnl 

I natdiy ciutro 1< --, thun luurpliiiii'. :inil iii iii:iii 

|ihv>i()l()Lri(Ml lU'Mdii i; in ;ill r( s[)(i-tH iiitich less 

t!i that lit" laorphii.f. Il nt'irii ri licVi'S tlu- li:u'kii:'_r 

I'll of phllii-i-;. iiii'l I'll!' this \.\w iitlicial svni[) of 

[ilii!-])hatf is V. ry u-tfiih It is also \\><i\ for 

~ of ovaritiii pail!, mil to <iiiiiiiii-h tlir -.'lycosuriji 

liiahrtt'S ; l,ut It is (ioi'.htful 'Ahtlhcr it (!.)• s 

Miorc I'tytetuallN than Ofiiiiu. I'or diuht t. s it 

:-iiail\ driven a- a p:ll The jihosphatf has thi' 

. iiitaL,'!' of hi iii'4 luui'h 111 off sohihlc than (.'(xifiiif. 

Tlirbiiiii- I Nut ii'V;<-i;iIi pnnlui-e,-, jinwrrinl (•(inviii^ions by 
.lotiiiii on tin c(i!il. l!:^ sulisCMiUfiit iir{)r.--;ini iicUon ir> 

■1 -i;l. 

.1 11, ir. 'itir ( Nut otVu-iii! I. Tlii- i.> al^n known a:-' Narcutino, 

!) 1- n Ij;ii1 naiiii-. for tin- ilrn.' dne- not imusc -licp. It is 

. " in ii"ur, and it i tin- clin f .■on-,tit;H ril >'f Iiiiiiiiii o[iiuni. 

i|M»lll<»l'|>llllia- ll> 4ll'4H Ill4»l'i4llllll. AlMiHior- 

. Ihdr.Hhloii.i. . (', 11 NH.ilC;. li :.. lilt -ainr a.-; the 
ii.ciiiiiratf of AponiMi; 'Ui''. 1;. 1' l'^"'";. 

Siiiit.'K. ll ir lii«' . yiliDfhl"! i'l. I'f an alkaloid nhtairi'Mi 
' ' .ai.'ip' iuijrphii:i. , Uuchioi.Uu ui Cu'itlUc bvdri'i.di lundt; 

A A 

:;.- 1 

M \TI,I(I \ \i} DICV 

111 M, del till).'. -Aitii l.y.ii-...'ln(.Mc aci.i. 'M;- n.MM.hi,,,. 1. 
•-'"'■'!•■ ul. ,,f ..sai.T. iIik: (Vli„.N<». r,H,.\(> • H n. 
' Sijiall k-nvi^h wliitf.sliiiiiiii.' ii.....'ll.-w. ti|.. 

■ ' ■' ' " • ■|"' ' ' ;ui-l uir; faintU aci-i s 

' '" ■'""> ■• • " ..; .iI.mI,,,! ,'.mi ,..r r...,t 1 

^•^sc. to tr.-. ,, .i, to ,: . 

III..!.' I, ■ 1 l» ■ . 

i I. : ,r 
Injectio Apoinorphiuie Hyyoclermica 

•■'''" ' i'-i wiit.r. llM Ml .s.'r, ;,,'', 

I !•» 1 ■■••-1. ..1 I •- .,. 1 hi , .. >; • , .. , 
;i-^ it "lo'"; ki . \,. 

Dose. 5 to 10 m. i.v).. ,i.., lau-.ti; v. 

Exteni;il. .\.., 
Intf-nial. (;./ 

\< i;<i\. 

'^ '■ '■ 'I'" t !'"Uri(Ml emetic w, j.,,,,, ... i^ ,|,„,.; ,,,, 
'"■' ''■' :''•} "I' '''-■ -!<'n.;i-li. liMt ,.,!, U ,,,, ,),, .,,,,,,111,1 ■ 

'■'•""■'' ''' '*"' iH.'dliili. It ;-,. llnTriolV. ;,1, lj„i|,v,-; 

.tn. nc. Tiii>- i^ .sli.,wii l.vil,.- fact tli.i' wh.ii tl,, 
dntu' IS iiijm:..! !liriir;ti..uiis!v it prniiii..,.^ \i..l.ii; 

\""nlillL' if til.. Vr.M !- :,;•• ~M lir.i t!i:it lunu- r-.^v 
n'ach llir Sl..lii.l,-1,, h;;f. ,,-; if [hey ;i IV <, , n.^l [h;i- 
it Clllllll! frarh th,. Ill, ,1'illa. 

' rCUllttiri:. Tllri.-ljirlilic (in^,-H }i;;V.> HO ttl'-rl 

1- Vdml tliril. |,r, -Hii^' ariiM,, which inav hr attrihuin! 
'" '''", \-"iifniL'. l.aiy.- (1,,.,.. can -.•'a. n>i' in th, 
'■'''■'''' '^"' l';i!^f. " fn.iu stiiiiiihtti.Mi of th. 
uccfl, rnor u.-i \.-. ami unh .ioM > the puN. tall-. h,,.aii.-..- th. druu' (iiiccilv paralvs. -; th. 
(•■n-(ii.i • iii.j^cli. 

/:. spinit,,ni. Thi.^ is at stiiiiuhit( .1 hv t 

:i'-l nf \oiuitiii-. Th. trUcL .,f p,M-„,:M.iis do.V.s 
'I'Mihttui : pn.hahly thfv .Irpivss ivspiraiion If ih.^ 
I'i.ui.'hial s.rr.ti.iii is t"hi.-k and viscnl ir is ivn-icr. ! 
more tliii.l \>\ apMiiiofpliin. . 

^' ' ' ■ ■■ '"!"■ 1""'-!. rc>iih ..f ;o\ic ili.-c,- 

l. c-:ius. .1, in-:;:.::. Kmallv tluTo is i.aralv^is of ill. 
'"■''■"■ ''' '^' ' ■ " "'II-.. .pu.iitiv of thf niu^.-lfi. 

in uoiN 



\'(<mitinii <i''ti<')i. 'rii.iiilvantagcsnf ai'oniorjiliin.' 

ut)i' r I'liictic-i iii-f tluti il ! - ctrtaiM, jtr<)iii|it, .m'l 

,,ri,l; It vn. In- u'i\tn ulun tiiiffic-- iiitrodiict -i 

;lv mtii tlif ■IniiDicli uiuilil not jict, aii'l il iloc-^ 

.nitiitf t!i' st«»iii,i<h. It i-^ liirt,'«'!y ustti m i':i>(S 

I .:-(iiiiiiL,'. it i^ 11-^11, illy <_'ivcii liy|>o(l»'rniiciilly. 

■il, plniriuiu'opuiul inj. clioii will moI kt .•)>, it w 

Jil.ic to use 1,'t'latin ilisc^ of ;ipiiiMiirpliijif liy'iio 

ill. . wliicil ,111 1 (li<S()lvr(l ;l■^ rr [uirril. 

/•.'j7'c, 7' •/■■",■/ ,ifi!'iii. it 1-, ulifii <^'i\tii \'\ tin- 
,;li. a viilualilf »'\)KTt<)i-unl f"r chroiuc lir(»!u'liiti> 
.11 \v.\\!-h lo (liiiiliii-h ill* vi-i'uiity of llif t\ 
•Miii;i(iii. It iiiav ail\aiit:i^'»'iiii'lv Ic cuinUiiH il 

■, I. II llfllf SlI-pi'Mlc'l 111 lllUClla'.'f, llllt till' 1H1\ 

1. \. r\ nii>ty. 'i in S\iii|)ii< Ap.iiiiiiriiliii'.;i- 

i'. (■mIcX). stri'd'-'lli ', /r. In 1 tluul lirarhiii. 

•ii 1 tiniil (Iracliiii, is a. i^'odd pfrparatinii. 'I li<- 

iiiav al~<» I'f L,'iv(ii a- ;l Io/i-Ul;*'. 
Ilrroiii. tN'.; .' 

\:i .iiUticlul a'k;i!iii.l .ii.i.-flvl iii..i |>hiiii- fi.riiii'.l hum 
; ■ .'1. tiV siii'-'iHi' :ii-' in-.:\i I'T lis iwii hyiir'>x\ ;-^. 
Dose of the iiydrochloride, /, to ' gr. 

A( 'I ION ANK Tui.iiM'i;; I u>. 
ill idiii is used tv» allay coul'Ii. isp»'cially im-t • 
• lujiL'h, witlioul much fXpiH'toratinn, ami lor 

|.,irilll-'f it is OIU! of lilt' ilfSl (irUL'S \Vr J)OSSl-S. 

.M(,| loriiiuia is ht-roiii ,'.. ;,'r.. with a <lrachiii ot' 

. (if s\ nip of ( iHltiiif ami >yrup of N'ir^'inia {irmic, 
. lUolhf!" whuh is very iih-asaiil lanilains ttr[:iii 
iratf ;, u'r., htroin hyiirochloridc ,' j^r. to oiu- 
-I liiu o"f thf syrup of \ir'_'iiiiii prum . it is known 
i.Iixir 'I'trpt! .iMi. Heroin i- pt-ihajo nmst iistd in 
iiisis anil asthma. It liia s not often prodiacc ihf 
■ lacliC and other disaLrrt'faMc i'tTcrtri which may 

Av niorphinc. A twclftli of a j^ram dissolved in 
".I call \>v <^'ivcii every two hours by llic uioulh, 

ier-s >ul'CUlanfously. U piolon;,'s inspiration, 




in.-roas.s tl.,- .l.-pt}, of r.-spiration. and doprcs^og iIm- 
n^spiratory r.ntro ; hu.,. d,.s, s n.av produ'v da.iL'. r 
"i.s depn.>nnn juid ,n ,s.,uu. anin,al> hemm ui.lur. , 
<-'.nvulsH.n< l;.on.nor..tlnl,n,.r,.hin..,usualivm.i 
with us a hvdr,Klilori(i., Ini. tli.- > action a^ 
liornm, hut IS p„w..rf„l. and onupius an int. r- 
iiR'diat.- position l.c-twccn heroin and ccdcin Ml 

«Ot»lllill4> Il>«ll04|||»|i,|r. (If NO, ,N 

.oli.-,| t.,ln,lr,><tinm... t.-in- in,.ih...xvl i^vlni^tinm.. 
Dose, ; to ;, gr., iMt.-.niiilv nr liv|-,Ml,Tinicallv 
^,„ ^'^ ""'' '" '•■''V'^^;-. ...,,..,.,ailv utrrin. 
StM-.M.n u,.,„. .au.... 1.„.,h.s, uu,| „.nt,n.'u are" n. pi,.!,, 

^^^^^^( Srar!..,.uaha>nH.!l.,f „,„u>na^,ialMttM 
CuM.uM I I..N. I,',.,i o.lnurii,,; nuitt-r. .J(.,„.r ,-,,.1 Th , 

imr^uui " "" """'''""•••"'"■ '"iv.' tlu-v anv nu-vot. 

Syrupus Rhoeados. 1'. t:iU. l.t „/ • .„,.„. 

•i'.n/.: al..,,h,,! ,;.,,,,,,- out.,, -Ji ti. o/.. ; wat.r'ton.ak,: 
-- '"'•■ 1" 'u.t rnumn.s tlM- ,.n.,,„rt,.,n of al.ohul n.av 
l..a htti- imT.a-...l to ,;, . v.nt f. rnuTUutuni. 
Dose, ;, to 1 fl. dr. 

A( ri(t\ AM) I'sKS. 

Peppy pot;tls are only used as a colourin- a-eiit. 

Llipilllls. Ho,K. Th,. .i>i,.i .trobil.s of Humulu^ 
JZn/r ' ^ ^ '''""'""'"• "'•^'— if-' cultivated 

Ciiuivriiiis. Stiohiles I' in 1 ,,,.,,,1 i • .• 

, 1 , "<^ ■> 1 , 111. loll;/, i()',iiiilc(l, consi.stuik' 

' -".;• '""ruMt. i K'nvni.hv. How nu^ubranous and 

m.i.r.MioN* V :{.')7 

r<>Mrn«;iTTriN. Th<' rliii f i-i >ii>titiirnt- arr (1) I.ujiuliii. a 

, ii.i iilk.iloiii. CJi I, iipuimic arid, II jut (••iit.ik lutt.T irvsiul- 

,, . |.rin.-ijilt . (Iti V,i!<r>"l, 1 j.i r en:., an uruinatic \n!au!r 

:.M\ iIl^; thf <vl()-ir. (t) iw -in i'" i'luuiin itl) A -f'»i|ui 
■.• rfiiti' . (', ,H;,. 


1. Infuaum Lupuli. 1 in 'JO of Imilinj,' wat»r. 
Doie, 1 to 2 fl. OE. 

2. Tinctura Lupuli. ll'ip-. I ; alcnlu.l (I'.djiir 
(■(•nt ». •">. Mil' ' r.'it- , 

Dose, I to 1 fl. dr. 

I.lipillilllllll.- I.upulin. 'I'lir K'lanil- olttanixi from 

! I'.luli < nf II miulits hiimni!^. 

("HAUAiTKiiS. A t;riinul,ir. I'ti^'lit. liittcr. l)ro'.vin>;h-_\» ilnw 
! M'!' r. >ni»'llin^' iif hiip-. uiiirh whfn in;it:i.iti'-<i h -rrii to imh 
■f ininulc ).'l;inil-;. tlf- citiclc i.f wliirh i~ r;nsi il li_\ sccrtttd 

Dose, 2 to 5 gr. 

.\( TION. 

Tli«' voliitilc oil i< stomachic atnl carminative likr 

■Mr Vdhitilf oil-. 'I'hf liithr jpr-iiiciplr :iiils tin' 

• M.acliic intlutiicf. Hops art- li-cidiilly sopotific. 

i'liiitalily it is llu' volatile oil that. pnMliu-f.-^ this ctTt'Ot. 


Tlu' |)harinaccip'iial prrpaiations of hop arr iml 
.ill u^cd, liiit L'ood littr, Itfcausf of i\n- hops i-on- 
: liiifd in it, is oftt'ii trivtii with nuals to tliose whose 
'iiL't >tioii is fcfhlf attci- a lonj: illin'-s. or from any 
'.;h( r cause. Many pfoplc lin<l tin- •-oporific intlufiur 
lit' In rr vcrv Well iiiaikcil. 

Ki:i.l.ilM»N> A. 

lt«-lia«loiiiiii> I'olia. l;)'!i;i.<l..ini i I.r.iv.-. 'I'ln' 

ti i»'a\'-. u:th ttif hriin<'li' - tn \vlu<li tin _\ ;ir<- iitt.ii'li<il, 

• i-tcii when th.- p'.uit i-* in tliucr. i'f .^tit jht i; ''iiii,i<inii . 

' ', ii;. hr.idiv ni;.'iil-li;i'ii' ( (>iii. Sn'amiii tPi. 

(iiAiLM I Ki.s. l,(%ivt -• altt'- iit iiiw. in jniii-; n{ un> 

.i!i()\f, all ;-lii>rt!_v -t dki^l. finm ;{ Ui >^ in. !on(_', liroioily 

;u'Ut«'. entire, sinnotii llu- . xpreSHeil juice dr an 

.-I'Mi, iiruj»peil into the eve. diiute-; the pupil. il'Si'vildnuj 

IntUmna Ifaves. Stramonium U'u%es. more wiinklfJ ; 

-iviiimi- \>-&\< <. Iiairv. 


\IMll;IA Ml.liK \ 

('(IMI...IIII.N. 'I'll,. ,l,|.f cili-ltltiicill . ;ilf ih ,1',, 
'"P ■'•"'••'• '-' lllto^i-i), iinini . \\hii\i \* \\\> -;itiir a- .iiituii, 

'■-•'■ I'- •'"•'• Till,.- t\\,) Ji!k;kl..i.l-J ii jitMii i,i.iii. 

Mr. I). III.- m (.pli-Hllv iim.tiv.' ; livo-icyitinni- i- !ic,..i<.t.i' ntli.iui-i- , h. riitc.-i!ly ..1. ( -Aiih :irn.|,in.-. r,i;;,.lii. 
tlifV .•UMniiiit In n\> a tt.. I- r- .-11!. ..f th.' > .n-tiliiiii- 
Hy()-c\;iniin.- IS!\ tli4. tii,.i<- ;it.iiii.i:i!it. l.ut tii.- pi. p., 
'i"ii "f till tw.i alls, li.. J. Is -.jii,. J ■,,•,■, .riipi ■ I., ft,,' -■, .■ • 

ail'l ih.' Iiiflln.-i .■! . \lla.-!.ii|| r'n |)1. iv.-.|. 

1. Extractum Belladonna Viride. \ 

•■X tract. 

Dose, i to 1 gr. 

2. Snccus Belladonnne. iui..'. ;{ . iilculm! , 

|l'f C'llt 1,1. 

Dose, 5 to 15 m. 
|{4'lliMloiiii]i' l<:i«li\. i;.-iiu.i..ini,i KoMt. 'Ih. r .' 

"f .I''"/" ''. ■! "./,./, ,>,,|. ,.', .1 .1, til. !iilf!l!:ii all.l .Ir,. .i. 

i'ii\n\< it ■:.■>. i \ Li .in.'li. •! pi.-.-i-. .•ntn.-nr lonv' 
tii.iiiialiy -pill, i; t.) !•_' ni. l,,n-. _ t.. ; m. thi.-k. l-.Nt.Tna': , 
pii!.- -r.M-h i,,,,u.,, uiii,kl..i !.i!.;.-itii.iiiiallv. l-ia.-f:' 
-li'.rl. Iiit.inally th. i.i.t i- uhif.. and ^t.-ir.'liy. w itli 
.■\ III. lit i.i.liat.' i\pp. .iiaii. . . //.v, )<(/,■ ,./; >'.:f,,,!.,,,,i.: , 
''.^'•■'I'lii'ii >■"■'!. \\hii-li I- iMiliiaii.'li.'.l. ,i!i.l da- a l.iiiJiin- t,, 
■HI'! 1 i.i'iiat.- tia. 11,1. .1 -mia,'.'. .>^^■,l.||lM..|l•. i..i.t islar:.'<i, 

'■■■■II..MI. .s^ .\s .,f th.' !.M\. -. Tsilailv r..!ila;li 'u I ■ 
" •• 1' '■ '■' lit- "1 .i'kal..i.i>. .'ill. lis ii_\-.-.\aiiiin.-. 

/ '/ . CM ./ ' ,. 

1. Extractiim Belladouuae Liquidum. 1 i 

p.Ui.M.y i.p.a'..i p. ..,.;,, I,, ,1, .s.iii al.olr.l .ii,,i ..,,1-. 
St<inninti.,ii t> ^^~i'> I . I i.nt.xi t'n. ,;./.(.•,' 

2. Extractum Belladonnae Alcoholicum 

'''"■ l''|iii.| .Allai-l . ■.ap.M.i-. .1 :u;.l .(luti-.t uuh ,^ 
.'! milk. ,s .';■,•)(,/,'/,. l() |„ |- .-, lit. ..( a!kiil..|.|-. 1' 
"'"'"t ': "' 111.' .-ti.-ia'th ..( .-a;n. pi .paMti.-n, I'.. 1' I -- 
Dose, ; to 1 gr. 

3. Einplastrum BelladonnaB. !.: ; i . 

*: t'.ap.iat. aii.l ,i.|.i i.-m pia t.-i. ■">. S'l, . 

p. ! .•••ill i.f ill.- alka, -:.!-. 

4. Lininientum Belladonnie. I.;.]ui.l . \ti . 
1" tl. ...... .i! ..IimI I'Mi |,, 1 i-itit.i, 7 fl. <>/..; caiiipi 

1 .'/.; Wilt. , _' il. ,,/.. ../»,;,./,'/,■. o:>7.", |i, r ciiit. 

Hi 1,1. \\< 

5. Tincttira Bfllivdoiinro. I.i | l • \tiu. . 
•_■ ".1. 1'/. ; liiciitmi ^t.'» 1" I f. lit.j. Ml . !■• III.*..' ••' •' ■■ 

S'^mdar'}: Ti'il f X "ii'' >■ •• (I'l j^rfnt. nf :,,t.. 
,.',,.»,'. Ii i- .iKour twu'<' A'* -tri)tiK Ji-i :n I' 1'. I ■-■'<. 
Done. 5 to 15 m. 

6. Ung-ueutum Belladonane l.;.|-.i:il . vtm* t. •_'. 

, .;il'nr;ilc Ull'i H.('l li'U/.u.t!.' I !lll, -' 1 • .^t i ■ 't'l' '. . "'■ 
111 I II lit. lit ii 1 liilii .il - . 

7. Siippoaitoria Belliulonnae. Mroliolif 'x 

t:.-\r;. r. ..T. ; "il iif !ii'-iil'i"!ii.i. 1 1 •■. ^'', ,'■■:■■ I'm 'l 
i-..iitfiitM ', t-T. of th<' alkiil"!'!-. 
lli'opilltl. Atriipiii". .S'7H";i.i/"(. \iri'i>i;i. (.', M ,N«',. 

>,.i i;i I . An ulk.ildi-l ohMiin-il trmii th-- U-jivi-s iiml itx't 
:li- li.-l;iiiii>im;v jMiiiit. m wiiirli viv lit'^c pii!«-xisis. I,ut 
: iiii-'l III ilic I'li'L' -- I'f iiM'iufiicturf fi'itii Its i-oiiii-i hyi. 
,,iiiii- 1-1 i>. :''T1 1, uliiili is ihr ihni ulkjilnul "I tin- I'Luu. 
CiiM-.Ai in.s. (•.iliitirl<"<.>< acieiilar cry-*tuls«. Si>!uh,iiti/. 
. -,iHi III" <-i>l,i,l in r,^ of liiiiliii.- uiit.-r. 1 in 1 of rhlorofortn, 
•i .{ i.f iili'i'hi.i '••<• I"r .■••nt.i. 1 in .'i" of .•ili.r. 1 !ti i ot 
■ I in. .mil 1 in 1 •'> •'! ul.-ic m.-iii. 

1 u\ii -1 1 los. I' r 11.- -t- of Uic ln>j>i:i< . wlinn i- 

••1 11 !iitro;.'i'n..u- i'.k- iiti.l :in alcohol. oniliMn i n i;i 

. , ;' - i!i \Mtli a-iini,i:ii- ai-i'l. tropi-- ari-l. Alrojur.-' i- 

;• ,m1iv ii.irtiv.- h>o-.rvainiiif. I'oiitamin'.' lif vo!;M>s<'VRiiiini 

.\ ill \tii>ii>o r\an!ii!.' in •••|i;:il (.fi] "r' .on- . 

1\ M .; I V I il.l,' -. ( a i-tir aiKit'iii 'li 1 ' ni)" > ' 
DoHC, to . gr. 

/•,.y,/r,-;i ■)(. 

Uuffuentum Atropinrc. N ' ' 

ari'i. in , !.ii i f.ii 

\l|-0|iili:i- Mll|>li:i«». Atr-iMnr Sulpha:-. 

. H N<»,i II -< ',. 

>..rK.-i-. ll !!Uiy 1.. ..■•tan.-.l i.> n.=ilral:/.in/ ariop.i . 

: I .lout'' 1 nlplitiii'- ;i' I'l. 

CiivKM iKi.>. N.aiiy i !•• •';in.- -;ii.-tan.-i 

.■ .liihi'ltt/. 1 in 1 of \va!' 1. solution ii.iilral . 1 m 1 "1 a.. - i.' ■ 
Ml p. r I in! I. 

Dose, to gr. 

/'■;•, I la/■(^R"•^^^ . 
1. LamellsB Atropinte. i>:s'M' 'nMiniu^; inau . 
;iliiip,ii.- - nj i: tt-. . ■ ■ ; -' 1^:111 an.i ^^>t;t tin. .,/^r- 

2 Liquor Atropiuie Sulpk.itis. Airopmr -u!, 17— r.. -a:,.>.M' .U..I. --... a. lilW-l %va-.i iri. 
,.,'. S'r, n.jth. 1 l>''i- (••■in., or 1 ;:r. of llu- «u:pha!.- m 
1 10 >n. 

Ousc, to 1 m 



1 I 

; I 


4 I 


"^' VTI l;l \ Menu \ 

A I litis. 

External. Atn.,,,,,.. ,.i.,,.,| l,v If.,-!! 

MI'MM Ih,. 

•""-" -'M .-ann.. i... ai,..,h..|, l.,.t rnl,K..,l . 

UhM.Ht:nuvsun,.hHr..;d..Hi....i. .nrl.a.alroho! 
^i> .,r canij-hnr. „r a],, !,.,! t.. a l.n.k,,, s„r 
-V. U PHralvs.. tin.,uMs .,f tin. .nsorv 
n. u .s. .-jMnriHy if pam i. pn. nf. h ,, n,,,. '. 
ioca anaesthetic an.l an anodyne. Tl..-.. a n- h", 
.■('..^ —nuns. l.,u t,.a nnuh 1.,. ..^tHU it io.-allv 

-"tnu-ts aiM th..„ .,.lat..s th.. V...N, a,„i u^uL^ 
llH'sn'ivti.,nsnf ,},.. .k,„ l, 

Internal. ( .<i.trn.nit,:tn!,i/ :,-.,. ■ h uiil i„.,u ML f. rl,.. ..nV... .. l...ila.|on„a ..„ 
_. s(T..t.nn>ulH.n >l..ak...,'..| ,t. a.-t,nnonn..rvo. 
■I'l.l u._. ,,....,1 uni uu'UUuu Ihiv „. iiiMii. n.-. .„, th. 


M corniaiv 

iiuiscular coat .>f thr iiit.>tin... f.,r that i- 
to Its aelioij (.11 tiir ii,r\(.iis sv.^t. m 

""V ''■''';" '' '• ''^"'^^'"••^'"-'"i-onth.M,..rvou^ 

.S; >:■!<■>■;/ >i,r,,:.. Thr ;,,! ixif. of t h.' periDheril 
terminations of all the secretory nerves in ih. IhIk 
is. as lar a< w,. know, depressed, -o that th.. mht.'- 
Uou. -i ihns. ^' Nvhos.. activitvis rs^.ntiallv 

n'^ulat.,1 hy tluor n.rv. sn,.,.lv. an. nu.rk.llv .inn^ 
> shn,,.toth..r dan,ls arv htth- 

.l/,.,7/,^ i;v,.M small ao...s „;■ atiojuno makr 

'-mouth dry fn.n, la.k of saliva alul mucns. 

nlnalth >,.,.,•. t...n ot .ubiuaMllary s.lua ahvavs 

hn s stnnu .non „f th. .-honla tynipam .utu.. 

M . a. s w. known, tins ,s Ano to tiu- Aut thai 

'H n,,,.. „ ji^ .scrntoryiurv.. forlhi. dan.l. un.l 

'"t toaLyvascilar dilatation. If h. ,^1,,,,, 

J" ^i" =tnin,ai, siimulation of th.. chonia no I.Tn-tT 

^•^tUMS an uu-na.,,! liou ,,f ^aliva. how.A.r clos^.. 

nri.i. \!imn\ \ 

••!(■, 1 

th.' L,'liiii<l til' 11. rv.' H «'\cif. <l. till' rciison I'ciiiL: that 
iTojiiiic lia- l>ar:il\ -< il tin tt rtiiiii.itioii-^ nf \\u- clmrtlii 
tviupjllii. Ill tin -iiiir way the t.rtiiiiiatinii^ of ihi- 
Mi-n'tDrv III rvf^ dt tijr otht ; ■;ah\ar_v i^'lainU aiitl thr 
lailcoiH t,'lalni- ail' para!_\ . d. ainl hi-IiC' thr limiith 
iii\. hccan-<' mil' il.-t-; caiiiinl it ach llit' 
,'. lU of the ^'huKl-. 

S!n)iiiii'li, iirrr, 'Did intr^itinrs. .\tni|iiiii' hi- im 
iuiirk«'<l otVfi't (HI tin- sfcri'iioiH i)f lu'-f urtraii-. 

Su'rdt iililit'ls. Ati-ojiiiif paial} I - ihr Ifriiillia- 
ilit!H nf the TltTSf^ ill til- SIU ii i|l | >a mu -^ '„'lall<ls. I'llll^ 

■• (THrs till' skin to !>.<•. mi. • dry. 

A'/'//;«''/^'. Atriipnif ha- im ilirict i th < l nu thr 
. (Ti'tioii of uriiii . 

I'.rnih'hiiU n.'hiNs nii'niln.mi'. 'I he si'Cri't loll ot 

bronchial and tracheal mucus. I'kf tliat ot th.- 
!:,..!ith, i< diminished. 

Mninmiir'i •jliin i. I'.i lladoniiii i- 'Hrl to iiihiiul 
Un- -ftTt'tioii of ai rur iiiaiiiuiarv ^laii<i-, hul r\|ii'n- 
•;..iits oil iiniinal- havr ji it shown that it ha- any 

■ .at inllui'iK'i' ill llii- (lin'Ctioji. 

SiHsnri/ urn ■ it ii.i- ah-iuily l>i • n incntioiicil 

that hi'liadoiiiiii nitdicd into tiif -l%in d. |'r»'-scs the 
function of lln' it'nnin.itions of tin' si-nsory lU'rvrs. 
It does tlu' -ani'' win n i^'iMii i>y tlif inoutii, Im: it-< 
• tion on siiisorv n. rves -tiiat i~ to suv. its ana-- 
Until* and anodyne artion — is vrry int. nor to that 
oil tlif st'crctory iierM--. and is not powerful eiiout,'h 
tor atropip • to r.'h.\e pain wii.ii '^'ivcii int. I'lially. 
Il i- onlv ii-ed as a local aiiodwit'. 

\''>(untai!i >iiii-.t-.(\s (II. >l tiifir //»'//r.s. \ohiiitarv 

■ U-cliS are -plite unalh'cti d ev.ll l^y to\ic do>e> 111 
.'r.ipine; towards thi' end ol' ;i case ot i>ell;idninia 

■ i-'-niiiL,' tile motor iK-rves are sli'_,'litly paralyseii. 
I uViiliiittiiii/ inuscii.s (in'i ihrir iu rvfs. if atro 
piiU' in small do-es is i^'ivcn to animals, it is ol)serve(i 
;liat the liowi'ls an- relaxed, and vomititi;,' takes place. 
' 'a liie oth. r hand lar^^'.r do-e-; >lo[) p. risial-is. 

t 1 













d 'APPLIED !^A>1Gf 


'•' \ I I I i \ M!.I)!( \ 

■ni.-.f. u:uh< ;i,.. i,!,, , ;, ,!„.. ;^, paralysis 

ot -(w,i. .,f tli<MiuiiicnM!~- ueivf t'lidiuus .|i-uil,ur,,i 
i" '*" '■■''■ rh ;itj(l ;iit. -;i!i. -. 

'"•' '"■'-•■1' - "I tin- t.hi'M. r. .i:vi. ! :,, v-sic-til.., 
■•••iiiihalt-, iit.-ni<. aiii v;<u'iii.i. :ii. paralysed I ,. 
Ill"" !M r'l. n»i.>ii,,iil iuiisclc-<. 

''" '' !!::'n;(:;..ii. .,}■ i!,, !,,..•^... ,,, tli<- iir. n] ii,,:;. . ■, 
'""-'■" " /! ''"■ '•}'•• it i; i" Mn.i'i'Mi Hit,, the ■ 
'"■ -'^'■" ''.■• ''!'■ Ill-mil. !h.. pupil dil.ttcs widely. ;ih 
''■""I"' ••'; ii!:<'!' '" coiiir.irt i.\ -l,-:, ni„t mm -! ilu' ili;i.; 
'" ' '" ■ i"''''' I'"- 'ii!atitli(.ti !■> II,, I ,iii.' iM iitiv iiiitik, -I 
'^'''■"" '"i 'li' 'iiii^.-nlar fii.rc, ,,( ih,. in< ; ll.Mu-rlv, 
Hslmwii i,y tiir f;icL tliaf t!).- a: n i).!!,!;:. d [.iipil u. : 
'■"litrarl il i',,. musch- ii .. If 1„. .• MiinlaN .|. Tliri'. 

'"'■"■ 1' '" !■! !"• that ;i.. t'Tiuinations ol the thi'd 
nerve m th< in. aro paralysed. I i,,. . i„i,h- ..f li,: 

II' l''<- 111 the ciiiai-y Uiil-.-j,. ,, :i!;, , •..,] ,,, ,j,,. .,,j,.,, 

v.a\. all! c/nis..!!!. jiilv nccoiiuno^iation is paralysed. 

'• '■ '■' '■'■■"I' ''• I' •' 1- lliyu-i,: ,. .,M,| ,|,-l,.r;r.,. ;, ,■,.,,!,; 
l!ioil:i! ;n|| I III ;,,, |,;|, I c.,.|,it;i!, . 

'I ;i 

Ih ci til! IMcI !i ■ 

' "■ I'-I'il piiMliic, ,( i-v (i;Minii. ^n Stroll^' i^ tl,. 
'"'■'' '"•!i"" "I' !m i;;;.|,M,rj,i. :li ,; n ;,- : lM7jr..|.|.. .: 

""," ■'"■ i-'-i';i,v .•■■-.•!.., I , p.ij.^i ,^,ji ,|,|,,,. 

^J'" " '.''■■ ^'"''1 I'- v.. IS fuL LiM- pupil tlilaUvs. aiMi 

•''.'• •".''" ^l-"i''"' !"■ 'llnj.|„ -i intn the i Vt- if (lii;f 
Still fill tiuT. 1 r,,|,i th:- :<!i,l Mtli,!- iv.iM.iis w.' 1, a; 
tli:'! arropiii.. ni .., r^i JMiiil,,!,^ thr t* nMinatiojis (jf li;. 

\ii.;'<;l:t';ic ill tiiL' ir..- ; hut this art:. .11 i - ,•,.!,, j,;, , 
• .sli-ht, till' chirf i i|„. t,,nu. ni ij,,. ra.lialiii 
Iil.r.'s' -hliitatioii wh. n tj,,. , h-.kI;,,- aiv |.„r, 
'>>"'• ' ■ i-OfUJji. ,11 ;v: n,, ,, .t^,,i i y ],, 

''"^' -• '' "• -^ ■■• il^ a r. ,u: ..t •!,.• ,.arai\ -i, '..i • 
'■'''•''.^' I';'!--"''. 'l!--iirl..iii.. ..[ \:.^,,,M. .\ti'..|Mii.. .I'- 
ll, a art 1. 11 III.' |'ii|.,U ..f !,ir.i>. 

■ ' ' • ■ II-' 1 1 1 . 1 1 n 1 1 • ! I , , 1 1 

ali-.i-.u, 1 1') p;t]M;ya.' liiv toiiiiitiation-. of the VHLniv 

l•.^I.I.^^fl^^ \ 


. -i,., h.,,,-i.:u'.l.Mn-.MM. ntlvtlM pulse is re-.(lerc(l 
•no.e rapid. :ui.i c.nnni I.- sl-.w..! l-v ■-t...nL'lv ^tnuM 
. -ii.' v:Piu^. If th- rat.- nt" til.' Imm!! h.i< I'.-'" 
,,.,,,1 hv nni-^.-ann. wtn.-n -'iiti 1... ^huwu to h.iv.- ;. 
,1 .iiiniilatniL' nillii-iwr -n th- t.-nnniati.)!!-^ <.t 
v;,.r-,w m th.' h-art. tl;.' a vpliratimi nl a'f.M.lla- 
i, .-^ ihr M""'^' it-aiti. tli- two (iniL'^ hnn--. 
,„!;.l..'art..Aa.-r!vantaL-oni-tH-. This 

nuick.-lliimof tl.r I'UNt' frnni lllilll'ltlnn nt lll.'Va'al 

,!,,,li,„. ,;il tUaM..-nt.i- th.- .'hi.-f a.-i..,, ot at m 
,,i,,, ,,n t)i.' lua.t. l.'it tlu- toll. .urn- inuior a.-.m:,. 
HiP.t luliOtic.Ml. TIm- Na-u^.-rntivaial t tu- UUtik ot 
••. .. n-rw aiv a!^o .i,.j.r.-M.l. l.ul to a inu.h l-KS ..xt.-l.t 
. •,,.,. til.' I'lil-c IS q'.iick.'Ji.a It i- ofcasiotially ,l..\v,.| 
,',;„-rl tiiiu- l.v a-n.Piii.-; tin- h owm- 

.,, i l„-;,.f ..XCltailon of th,. Na-in .'-Il'lr. N.U,. 

,„,h..fiti.-s 1,,-lirv.. that of th.- 4'.nrU..i,nr.' ..f !.,.• 
,.,,I^.. i-; 'lut' t" a .^h'.'ht ~tni:ulaM..n ot th- car.ha.' 

', l.Tator n.iv. ^. m th.' ^uuh' uay a. u.; ha.. 

, ,, ,1,;,, ihr ^Mnl'aMi.tK- lil'V- ni th- in^ ai. 

, ,..,1 ■ hul 11 thr ac.-. 'aiatMi- im ,',. ~ ao -Miiiiiat..!. 

■ . . .'Ml. Illation H MMir,- .iih.i.iiarv lo to.- iiiilM-ita lit 

..,lv-.,- of thr va-al I.riHitia.-ions. Ahhou-h th. 

p ase H ouirk.t...l i.v lu.!la.|..Mna. it • force IS not 

■nninishfd. Toxw .1..^, ^ah-.h-h th- tuti.'tion m1 ih. 

,,i,:,r in-i>rlr. ali-l th-- ^t.-).- m Uia-t- L . 

,i, ,;,h!r .lo^f ot hrlladoimii thr skui IS ftushfd, ■■ ' 
..•ariatijiifnnu . rvi h-tna'on^ ra^h may h.' |.;- ■ 
,,.,lh„|,.,,na i...-o,n!r/. h , ^ t hn< .-hvions that . 
,,.,-,. ,,} h..lia.l"i!Ma n lax. s tin- )Mrij>h.-ral v.-^ . . . 
, ,Mu-. ,aoi-rof thi- has lu.r .U-tinlt. Iv h.. 'ii it:"!. 
• i,!u it is I' i.roliahl'' tha 

,,., j,l, ,.,.., 1 ;:,.fi,,;i. .|Ui!.' hal-Uloui/.in^ ^vl■l! Mi. 

,,, ,a ;irl:'.ii u. hii\.- s.M-ii atropin.' t.. ha'. '■.- 
. ,,,>.,1mot:,,x f.UM-'..- of t!i.' niK-tm.-. '•..(■. :;:;■« 

..,rt : that h to ^av. th.- ^ ,t -. n-.i^tn,'!..,- i.. rs. 
.i|.„„.!it- .M pKi!.:' -'m' iirl.Tiol.s HO !'aral\ .-^ 



M\TII;!\ MKI. 

I \ 

;''■"'•"'"•"•"", 'I- "-'"llary vaso-n.nto,- ". 

l"l"-^fi,un!;a..,l.;,n,| (h..,Mi..,,n.s^..-l This nr,,, 
.tunulat...,, js .nnu.,..,,. to ol....o,n:. t t n WV 
of U... j.nplH.ral v.-.s-ls to .iih.t.., .o Uk t ? 

'';.'"-^ ''^ l.-t ..ontructH th..a; un,| us t h . . t 
"I CMiitiaclion ,Hst^ w.ll mr,, tl, . • i ,' ■ 

t(i '•■■" '^ arnl.,-,rr,l. ,h.. blood-pressure rises 
- .-inahU . subsequently ,t fall., fi,.. f,if j^ ^ 
' " '1" I' ot th- ^a.M^oto^ .vnrn- li 
'*"• l""l"".'"^ =»'t>nn of l,..Il;„i.n„a o,, tho v...? 
-">^",.th.n-w..|.. .l.l.tat.on. ritn,K„..Iv u) .^ ^ 

I -sI.Ualva.Muoto,•c.Ma^..;^■.^u■v,l.,na. .,r 
"•lly:.n„n.,i,, n.-iullarv I.!;;;, 
':' ^'' '■''^■"'' "'" -'v Nrrr.. If,,,.,, .. I _,. i. n. , . ' 

'l-o I't iiiuioniia 
III this ca^,. 

paralyses peripheral nerve-filaments 

;"';;:"• ,"';• -"'^'^ 'j'.tt :1... muscular coat of 
. :,''";"-'"^''."""- '< relaxed, an,l ,har th. s. •,. 

'■-•-i-.M,otUT,tar.MluMu.rv....nnn,,.h.. i;f,. . 

■'-■" '> - -'>. t]..y a.v hr.r sti,n,iiaN,i. and so th.. 

1,,,. , ,, , 'i^idiVMat. (I. ;i,i,| this foiitri- 

, /V/^y,r.,///r,.. This IS .i.ri.lnilv rai^^d I..-...;.. 
-;>.^,MK. un..y 

" "'• 1 H> nse ,s .n,|.,H.n,U.nt of tiu. hi [. 

1 "-'•'-.->,( oMh..,h,n;nu:,on.,f,,.,,.i,,;,,,.,„. ,^ ,, 


;i1 that heat-prndiii'lion is u'r^atly cxau'i: 
It liws i- a 

at. il. Tli 

>j'iniii '• 

I -I I iiK Ttasnl, prnlialtly liccaii-:.' tl;.' tlu-li- 
if thf skin leads lo a iTrat.T l(i-< \>y ra-lialmn. 

/. l'.\.t ]ii for liif actinii (III tin v;i-'i- 

>r aixl rt spii-aU'i} spinal t< ntrts. h. lla^iiuiiia Iim.-^ 

••1. iiitlufiicf (.11 tile -jaiial copl m luai;, I'lil it. iia- 

\Nt U-iuarkfd Iftani/mi,' .'tytil in fi'iu'-^. It is -aid 

;_'lilly to incrrasi' and aftLTwards dunmish -_r« m ral 

tlix excitability. 

Cert-hrutn. A considfrahlc do-i- of belladc una 

(iiisfs delirium, sluiwinu' that tlic lii'_'h. r ciurrs avi 
^tiiniilattd. (ii-neially tlif sliinulatinn takt s phi 
iiuM "i-diiiatcly. That it i- pow.rfiil i> i'ldiciit. d hy tl 
lu-t that 111 poisonini: hy hcllad"niia tin- (Kliriuiii wii 



ill' 1- nil* 

f(jr a loii^' while. 'I'he sidxt'iuent (iimtii 
V than the exhanstidii of the (•( rehruni from the 

ntmiied deliriuni will explain 



oiinii rarelv 

\<r. pr(uhifes (,'eniiiiif CoinM. <Mlnr syuiptoiu 
it iiiav iif ohst rvt'(i with lar^'e do^es, and which aii 


hlv due lo di.sorder of the hraiii, arc v 

i^ion-, St a: 

■ I'liii,' ^'ait. L:id<hne>s. and (n.'ea<ionally convulsion- . 
Einniniiti'-n. AtrojMne i> i.rohahly t hniinated 
•irelv hy the kidiK-y. 

It wiU'lfe s»<n th"' tlu dominant action of h. 11a- 
;.!ia i- to depress the act;\ ity of the tennination- ot 
;rlv all varieties of nerves. In addiiion. ii first 
stimulates and then depresses the three great medul- 
lary centres, and it i- a delinaiit. .\ -uniniaiy (»f 
•-(iVecis on man will \n- u'lveii under tie- hcadinf,' 

: Toxifolo^'y. 

Children may take con-ideraide doM- of lulla- 
■ !ia witliout any symptoms of poisoning'. 
i'ii,'eo!is and rodents are ptculiarly iii.>u-ceptihle 

• ■ It. 

The action of atropine on secretion, tin- iieart, and 

:!!l IS "hie to hevohyoscvainine, dextrohyoscyaniine 

' isim; little action on these; on ihu other hand. 

ihe action of atropine on the spinal curd of frogs ia 

. I" lo dc\lroh\u6cyamiUe. 


M' ':i;i\ \n:rircA 

'I'hki; MKI/TIt s. 

External. l;.lhi.l..iiii;i is u-..| .vt. riiall-, u, ic 

!!■ \. ;,ll .ort> of |.iin. lor rsMUlI.lf. ti,;,l of n."iii-;ilt,M;i, 

|'l'''iro.i_viii.i, ;iMi| .■liroiMc o-r. o ji-tli-iti-,. CliI,?,-,,' 

'•"■""":i ll-'li I'i-IIM:.-. I;. I'. ( 0(i..\ ih.. r>>n\ is ,.v, 

'I'licr, A \\i\\i ;ii,iiii()iii;i ;iiiJ (•!.!(. roffu-iii I. .lilur,..! wiih n 

liltlf ollVf ,.\\, ,,i- ;),,. ii, ,1111. Ill is r\ccil. ii! {or [\n^<^■ 

j-urpoM-. A L'iyirrKi pn^ar.-itioii ur.uU- l.v nil,i,iin' 
•.'rc:'ii (AtnuL ot I- 11;:, I, „, nil 1 o/. v.itl, l.oifi,,- waf. r 
~ ''■ ''!■• :'i"l 'i"'ii aiMiiiL' Lrraduallv i/lvcrnn :', il. ,,.■. 
-.oth.- til. |Mi!i of aciiU' nitlatiitiiation--. Thi-. or tii. 
phi^lcr. or ttn'oiiiriii.nt, i- v. rv ♦•llicanou n. j,iv\,.i,t 

'"'' ■'" -'^•" '1..I1 ni lullk 11, \vo!,,. 1, v, l,o .1., not for 

an\ r.'asou inir-. ih, iiiiifaii!,. i.ut it i,;ii.t !..• r.'iMfin 
i'Mv.t that ;•!.■>t,r is siilli.-i. iiily ^t ron- to^ 
''■y'"'!'-' ■""! •''•M.ral toxif ■^viiiptoius in iId.h 
.-^)w cially su^nptilil. . I'niritus 'an.l 1. >.•;,! .uratin- 
«■! vario,!. pai!^ .,1 tl„. i„„|_\. ,..,,.riall v th.. f,., f. ,,,.,•. 
-.hi. !ii,,. s i,v ..topp,.,! l,_v II,,. fn .iu.ii"t appli.'ari.,,, ot 
ixiladonna Iiiiiiu.ijt. A lam. 11a. or a -^oiuti.,n .,f tli.. 
SiUiu- stnir/lh (atroi»ili.. sulphate 1 it., I.oric aci.l 
r, ur.. wal.r 1 ll. (./.), will .lilat. tli.. pupil forophihal 
ipox-opir .A-iniiiatioii. Atn.piii.. is nft.n ii<..,| i,, 
• .plithalinic practi(a' to parah -..■ th.. ino\ .■iii.nts .if ih. 
in> and .Mliarv imu-.-Ic. to l.r.ak down a.lh.sions. 
an. I to pic\,nl thr forma' ioi, n;' (•(.nt racrion^ of tli, 
\n- ' - <■ I lomatropinc. p. ;wiiM. 

Internal. .U:nu,!f.,r;/ nm.,!.,. ha> ,,.■- 
caMoiially h. .n ..mploy,.d t,, id„ vk salivation, and 
.s.Miic us., it t.i ovcrcom.. con-.tiiMtioii aii.i colu-. Tin 
aU-oholic rxira.t is thm -,v. n. and is conimonb. 
n.mhm.-.l witli son,.. purLMtu,' in a pill. AlcoiiohV 
. xtra.-i^ot iu lla.l.tnna may l.f .ird.r, d witl, opiu;,; 
•'•'' =.' !••'' '"'■ I'JitK'iit^ Mitr.rin- fi-oni app.iidiciiis or 
peritonitis, if operation is ina.i\ isabh- ; as it is L'is..n 
Heveral tinu's :i .lav. a laiw auiount is !:.]. = . n. :;-.! 
llns.a-^alnady .■xphtnu <i. pr..l.:.|dy -'aralvs, ^ intestinal 
nioviii'M nl^, an.l .>,o ai.l.-- tii. oiiiim. 

r.n.i, \i>i'NN \ 

-N ;.. Atrdiiiiif >ul[)li;itf ! f I iiiH-cttii 

it.iiiiDUsh . Ill- ouf (ir twn iitinnii!- . t ttir Liijii^ir 
. :ii I Mlljihiill- liy 'he i.ioiltli, Ulll soiiifllIii»'S 
. .1 >\vi-:i!m;^', <!:i'l thi^ irtM-ri-n' ■■•i- "•v.-l- •}■ 
li'hl sNSfal- ot |i!itlii i-. 
I , riiliition. 'l'!iti-M ;ir»' niany < > f IhmM 

, 111 wliifh itll:i'ii)niKi iiKiv H<iviiiiiaL;»-(.iisly In- 
.Mitii'i witli ctii.r ilr;;L'-. W in-ii. \fr u.- wi.-li t" 
i.:v ilit' vriilriflf .'oimijIiI'In h i~ u-.iil. U:v ii wili 
I-. iiu'iiilicrr.t rhnt ii iiK na^i- ih* r;ij»!'tirv <<i rli.' 
■t witliou! i!i!!iiiii-liiiii,' ill.' l'>ri'i'. r.iit It- ^Ti'iiti-^t 
, 1- 1(1 riiiMiVr f. inline j):iiii iiiul ilistr»-s, which it. 
li (iufrf 11111-1 I :y:<-tiuiil\. It 111. i;, hf loiivi'iiiiiitl) 
. '.lifd ;i.>^ ;i I 'hi -til n\rr t h«.' car^hac ri lmuu. nr it in.iy 
•, M 11 iiil'-niaHy. u-u:i!i\ .l> th.' lilirtUlr. A ^llh 
■ 1!HM)1H '.ajr;t;.>!! ril :i ' ! ■ .; I H. • ' ' "•!':!' '•>!• 

I :;i jioisuuni'.:. 
/.'( . uirat.'."-. A- h.-li.i.l. .una if!a\t the im: ^-wlar 
? ,,1 th.' i.roiirhial luiifS it, i.^ o!' '.'rfaL \ahir in 
j,i-iiu.(hc atTfctiKiis ct ;h.' r. ■.[Piiiifui-v pas-a^'c^. 
i h;:-. tif all the ninm inus '\vwj> that hii\<' lutii '.'i\« n 
:■ w hi'i>l»iiiL''-ciaii,'h, it i-oin ^ it' tht in -t. It i - also \i-\y 
. ful ill asthma, ami in l>iMn(ii:li.> with asthma -hkr 
,:M\v.-ms; 111 Uu- hist-ii'iMic<i (iist-a^f its [Hiwcrtul 
Muh'.lion of til.' respiratory ci nti- ai,'i its capahihty 
.liiniiii.-hniL' the sfcretioii aiU, m i^-op. rly cho-. n 
i-,isi-s, n-ml'T It ])arliciihii!y \:i'inii'i' . li i ^U'- ii.i-a!.\ 
'\^n as i!ic lincturr. aii'l ijoi,i!'iiu>l wi'ii tithcr 
; :s. A li-i fill linctn- contains tinctur',' ot hdla- 
iia :• iH. vuii'var of sm';i!1 - \\{. -; i'^'p "f ^'l'•l 
!'- >U. ^'lycenn to 1 ll. lii". 

( i,'nit"-in\n<ir:/ .■/.'.,(•./.■,... 1'.. Ua'lonna i- one ol 

favo'iritf remedies for the iHH.-tiirnal aicoiiu 

luc ot' cliiMi*!!. ami !l occasionally o'.cr(;t)in«'.-> 

.;s truuitl. in adult- wilt n it iS not duf to oru'aidc 

-i-;ci^ !»-; »>o\Vi '• o! r'-ii'-vmLr thf snasin of m- 

luntary iim^^clf i- wrll -hown ui the ctlectual mati- 

:■ :• in wliicli the \ciy p.untiil \c.-;cai .■<p.i.-.iu which 

1 I 


M \TI.Jil \ Ml! Ml \ 

;u-.'oinp;iiii.-; ralculiH. cystitis, an-i [.n.^tatitis imr 
'"• '"i"''''!''! I'v It. h iiinv h,. -ivin iiit.TiiiiUv. ..V 
iipplicil as a jilast. r ti. tii.- p.-nna uui. 

Atn.pinr coinliin. ^1 with ^tryclmirif has hf, i 
mj.rt,,! Mihcutai,.,M \y t.. (liniiii'i^h thr cravin-- f..'- 
!il.-,.l,nl. ,\tr.)|iu„. has al-i h., ii in,, I ,n ,naii ' 
ii.rvniis ,\i,,-A,r-. l,!it uitliMui any l'm.,,! r. .iihs. 

T^M' ..1 .■..V. 

If .1 l"i-.n tak.-. a Ml ..l.rat.. ,1..-.- ,,f h-ilu.ionnii Iw .v,,,,- 
.NI-i., i,r,.- ,ir.v.„-- nf th.. ,n..;lh an.l ihvu.a. and as thn fo.,.i,.i..,.ann..t 1,.- iii.^p.i ly lul„ icat.-.l. ih. n- is .iillicultv ,.; 
.-.wallu.MMK ; ti,..,,al>.. .n.ivat Cr.t h- a iittl.' .low.-r tluiu u-ua; 
111'' I'upil 1- ,iuiit.-.l; a.T..„;ni,..iat...r: i- .!.f.rti\.-. and v,. or 
.-Mfu>..i. Tl... -ku. f,.ls,iry. If t!,. ■! ... h;,. („„.„ ^ lu.- 
■>u,-. tlu-r .Mi.i.tnin. all .■,„;„■,„. ,,,urL!v: il„ ,■, Ml I unct i %■«■ a-.i 
fa.T. a-id oth.-r part- of tl,,. -kin. ai. l!u-'h,-.i. luui tl •• 
■ •■iir n! ti,. p„1m. ..s ^-natly!, it ,„..v ,.^,.„ t„. .inabi, .i 
1 11'- pali-iu sta;.v.Ts. fr.k, -,ii,lv. an.l .-■.•.■], uh.-n h.. walk- • tl . 
throat ^...nn I.,..-, ,nir. v.ry h..!. tli. -kin siii! nn.n- llu-li.-.i' M,- 
.'Y'lid. -u. !I, :n.i tl„r- may l,.- ;, inuf..,,,! . rvth-iuaioim ra-l, 

l.r l.-,n,».ratur. i- ..ft.-,, ,,.i-. ,i. th,- r. -p:rati..n- ur. :-l.,u a-i 
'l-I'. Ih. pupil- ar. \..,y .,v„ diiat.-,l. I'.v tin- tuur tl- 
p..tirni ,c ,,,.,,.■ ,i.;ir, .,;;>. ■ll,,.,v ,,iav l,.- pur^ati" hut tin- i 
'"" ':"""""": an.l •.mMum.- 1,.. .■..nipl.un- nf a'u.nt «l,-iir 
I".nirturat.. ..:tl„,u,h h.. ;,,n.ah:,-t^,p.-aru ,:nnr. D. ,ah 
lak.- plac- from .-aruiar failun c.uihin.-,! with aplivxia ]'..' 
mn,t,m. Tlu- or.Mn> arr all in a -tat.- ..f N,.n, sk .'•on-.-t,,.,," 
^^l^.■ll ,s .1,,,. t.j th.. a-piu Ma. If r.-.-ovrv tak.- pla.-.- th-' 
patiyiit may ha\c no r. en:!,-, ti. .n ,.f hj, liha'-s. 

. '^■'■' "'".'•".'• (ir.' .in. ta- i p. 1 ;5";: nr %va-h out th.^ stomach 

Mimulant- an.l pilo,;u-pn r m.,r|.hinu .-ulMaaanf.)uslv Em 

Pl..vart,li,milr.-pirati..n an.l h-- h- t-'. - and j:;vc strong n.fl.e 
/'.•/■ )i\!u>>l. 

Thr an;„.}.,nism hrtu:;u ,itr..,,nu- ,in.i in.-rrhinr has aln-udv 
l"<n .h>cus-,d |.,v p. :r,l,. I, i, that as ntiK-nnnnc 
siimulat.- th.. t.rnunati.,M- ..f th.- M,T.t.,rv n.-r;,-.s in'tla- 
-:,hvary^and-u..a ;rland.. and a!-, .-xrit..- ih.' t.-rminalion- 
of ih.. third n, r\, lu th.- iris and ciliarv iiui,-,l.-. it i- a .Jiapho 
r.-ti.-, a s,al.,L-.)i:u... atid a myotic, an.i i-< in th.-.sf n :,p.>cts ant 
a-om-tm to I'l,iis,Ji,ti,i}>un. al-.. cau-^-.s .■ontracfir.n of 
in,, pupil una spa.-m .d th,. ciluiiy mu>.-U. hv stimulation of thi- 
l.rmmationsof iht- thir.l n,.rv,Mui,i U .i.-i.r,-"ss,-s th,- respiratory 
ivntr,. almovt fr,.m tho b, .;inn:n;.'. In ih.-st. punus .1 is an 
toiUttjiuuial to aUopim.. 



lloiiiiili-opiiiir ll>4li-ol>ioiiii«liiiii. If :: it- 

[ivii-.-hiMiiii-i.-. (' . H N< ',iil; 



u.i- rilitil tl 

H- li\ 'li "I'l"' 'in. 

•-■| lAtl'liiniilMi, l""'."*). 

-> .1 K, y. Ii 1- till- hv"lr..l)iiiiniiii' of iin iiikiilni.l |iit ji.nt'i 

.iiiiitc triiii'-tiic iT>;. SiiliifnUty. 1 in •> of wator, 1 in 
• ilcdliol ('.in |i. r i'>iit.). 

Dose, ,',, to gr. 

I'r, i-nr I'l^n. 
Lamellae Homatropinae. l»i~is nf ^rtlntiTi an I 

liDinatnipm*' hy.lri'lpniiimlf. 

i i-'iit 


Ai' iloN .\M> 'riir.K \ii.r I K >. 

I liMiMtropiiif li;i^ :ui action txact ly similar, ;i> I'.ir 

>.>' know, tit that «if ati'n[iiin . I' i- niilv u-'il In 

■• tln' pupil in o|>litlialiiiH' pr.H'li'-. . tin- ail van t ml,'" • 

! atriipiiic liciiii,' iliat tlir iliiatiitiiMi priHiuccil by 

atropuii' pa- 


in a iiuailir nt the Iinif 


, lif applb <l t'lllK f a^ H SiillltlMll (1 ^T. cf lllf 

iliininiilf 1(1 1 ll. ()/. i)t' ili-ti!lt li walii') or iis tlif 
■ 11a. SoiiiftinMS a .-olutioii m ca-tor oil is uscil, 
It i^ less liktlv lo lit' v/aslu'd out l)y tlif It-ars, hut 
::ay !>•■ rattier irritatinLr- 
r.liplllllilllllilK' iN'i'i otVa:;!!). a <!• ! i v,Lt i\>' i>f man 

ul'l. IS U-''il ill ■> 'a I'l |>i I' i-tllt. -iilutiull lu liliati ihr luipil. 

:- ll 

k»- lioiiiatriii>iiU'. l)Ut the ctTicts p.i-s i>tT niTc r.ipiiiiy, 

^ll'aillOllii *>«'IIliHJI. Suani'iiiinn Sfnis. Ttit- ili i..! 
..•■1- iif hu!urn '^'nunmunin. tlif tlmrii ajii'lf (Nat. 
s audi 11 I. 
t !\i:\( IKli^. (>nf -ix'ii iiirh loiij-', rtii:fi>nii, tlatl. lifl. 

i-^li iilaik. tiiifly pilttii, uniiklfd. 'la-lc l>if..i-. 

I 'M 

iM>i 1 inN. Thf i-hiff f()!i-iitij»-iit is ii!fiK>iiia>ni>ii' ,0 (•". 

!,.T I'l-iit I, -i.iii. iiiufs cailril ilaturuu- \i,ee i>. .'{71). It 
- ,is a iiialatf. I-uaUya iitll'- atri'pint' h iii<-^<iit. ati'i 
nil ilaturiiic is iici-a~ii'iial!v aj'jiliiii to llie lutai aikalniils 


h h 


M^TIRI \ MF:1i1' \ 

Im "Ml M Ciinxtic lilkalii;. rii«t!illic nil-, 
until 1 al a< i>i . 

I'll i><irii "lei;. 
Eztractuin Stramouii. Aliiiltulio. 
Dose, . to I gr. 

^(i-aiiioiiii I'olia. '[\\>- >\\\>>\ imvi . .'f h.r , 

stiiiiiii'hi.un. (,..;'. it. I imiii plant.- in ili'Wi-r. 

C'liAi-.M I ri.>. D'.atf. jitti(»lat«'. I »> in. loiiv:, ilaik ^.f' 
wi iiiklrii, lun <|iial at !/a-i', inHiKHi smuat»f <i»-iiliit<-, ami a[- 
acuiniiiatf. (tilour rtli^.;htly ntirci'tic. 'la-tf >aliiif ami liitt. 
Ill s,iiilUti>i striiini>niu»i Iniris. HfUa'lonn.i Nasi . 
wiiiikltii • li\ii>fvaimi.- liav<-. liairv. 

CoMl'HM 1 lu\. As iif tll>' IsCeill*, but t!l<- lH'JnrticM 

alkalcii.l-, is m rv iiuciii>taMl. 

Tinctura "♦*• monii. StrannMiiiini 'nav. -, 1 

alo'l:"! I 1 "i j" r ' • ',1 ), .".. I'. r'<ilal'-. 
Dose, 5 to 15 m. 

'I'll! |ili\ -loloirioiil iicti(»n t'f straiiifiiiiuiii i-: ,ilinn.-f 
tlif -iiiiif as til, It <»f l)i'lhi<(niiiia ; tlir ililltifiii-* - liciii'/ 
that >traiiu)nitmi ri'laxts tin- inu-inlar cdat of tli- 
l»niiicliial t iil)f.s in< re itowrrfulh than In Ihidiiuiia. r 
may caw-, thf hcari to Im ahttlt' iiTiL,Milai , ami i 
'M'licrally ihoiii^^'lil In In imut actixr than hcUa 

Thi i; \IT.I IK >., 

Tht r( i< no ria^on why >tiMin"niuin ^hnu! i 

not he ( iiiiiloyol !(ir llic sanif piirpipso a- Ixll.i 

iloiiiia, liiil 11 is rai'cly list (h r\( t|il in rasos of a^tlni, ' 

to icht \(' ihv spasm of thi- limmhial tiihts. l-'dr 

this il i.s viTV vahiahh-. ('iuMfitl* s of tin haw 

may ln' •-•tui'ktil. or thf <h'ii:^'may 1h' L'ivtii initinalis. 

Thf foil' •vviiiL,' ])'AVilir, whii'h umncsuIV d.-n-c fu.i;. 

if liurnt, atVords great nlicf for a-^tlnnii : Itavt-; 

of l>atura Slramonium and of Patura ratii!;i. 
I'll" iiti* iji. II' » 

I aiiii.ii'i-- iiriUa, uiiii ijtiiii ii,i ililiiita. iiii iii (iiASiiil. 

and of t ac h r. <lr. ; nitre in p<i\vdi-r. 1 o/. , ciu-alyptu- 
oil. :'.o i^. Mi\ thoroiiL^'lily. Himrod's. IMiss"^. aiai 
otln r •■ cures ' fin' asthma are nf a >imilar compo.-ilirjn. 


ll> ox>« \ :iiiii l'oli:i. lly'>~OTanni«f.o 



to \shiili tl!»'V 1! 
t Mil. Stdiinai' 
Miiiu tlif liraiii'h' 

< si'fiiiratrd ati'l i!i'.vtt:i'i.- 

I 11 \H\i I Kl; 




•ii_'lli ll|' I' 

iO 111., Willi < 1 

• -tiilk.^, iiltirtijitf.f-x-'tiiuiltitt'. Irirtd^'uliir nviitf dt uvut'- 
palp K'lroM. k'liiii'lulur hairy, particularly uiKicrnt nth. 
ii( .4 >iil" yhiniriciil, hikI ul-o i-'laii'liilar liniiy. Otlour 

/. llP.lVV when fn-ll. TK-'tO hltt'T. ^llU'htly HiTli. I'ho 

.pjn'il in th<- »'y«- ijilutf* th'- I'lpil. 


'^11 .■>! 1 I"N. 

Till- rhiff con-titu" iu< iir-' (li //; 

f II ,Nn,, nil uik.ilni.i. CliiiriK ti r- : -IK 




1 III l"_'t» uf ssatt r, lr«'»lv iii 

i~ ill- Ill 

t'liii'il in tiflhi'liinna, straiiioniuiii. uikI 

till r 

plant- of tlw Natural Or^lfr S •'iinnrr.r. It. iik»»ati 

all \vliicliili.'<i->iiii.'rii-.cnn.M-t-i nf Irnpn; aci'lar 


nil trniiiiif 


-I'Vaniaii- aiii 


1)1 >th 



•oninierct' an aiiwrphdU-i impure- hyoscyaniin«", \vh;. li 

.11 fliii'l li.iviiu' a lii-aL'r.vMlil. 

• liiur. 

.\s It IS liiUill 

than thi' .MV-talliii.- aikiilniii it i'^ oft«'n us<-il. Trn- 
vaniiiit. lull "Illy hyii-tinf. I-' //?/" 
wliiti' tTV-tallinc alkalunl. 

1 Pht.llll' ll' ' liy "Si 

.n.,N(».ll .«>. Cliann tcr 

iciic Nvitli a piiwi rtiil iiivilriatio alkal"iil. atroKciin" 

■ ns 

i>ts <il I'-riiH ami atr"pii- ari' 

I. i:$)Ai 




■ ]■ 

lUIHIIIIDM.-. ull 

I'l', Ira'l ai >' 



/.'cirii', 'n-. 

1. Extractum Hyoacyaiui Viride. \ 

il lari f i"lii t h> 111 il p am. 
Dose, 2 to 8 gi-. 

2. Pilula Colocynthidis et Hyoscyami. 

M I \l! ,1' 

n ; 1 1 . 

\ llllil- 



Dose. 4 to 8 gr. 

3. Siiccus Hyoscyami. I' 

I'lr I i'!it.i. 1 . 
Dose. <t to 1 fl. dr. 

4. Tinctura Hyoscyami. 

>ll"i i I'l !" I I ■•|.';. ill I '• ''■■'>• 

Dose, to 1 fl. dr. 

i; il 


M \ ri;i;i \ Ml i>H \ 

II) (»«>4-illII' ll> 4ll oIiI'OIIIhIiIIII. Ilyoxcill)' );V 

|iyiltnJir<iiiii'i< . Ttti- li\.liii!iriiiii, ; i > nn; i 

m ll\ i • Miiiiu^ l»nvi -, liilTirtnl >jm-i ■ ^im]i..1,i 

(iiAiivt iKii.s. ('oI(iiiiU-s. traiiri hoiiihic <'r> : 

."lij^litlv l>ill<i' ta-if. I i 'XMri r : 1 m ! 

all iiliiil (',t(l ]Ml r. lit I 

Dose, to (fr. 

ll>i>H<-> iiiiiiiiii- ^iil|ili:i^. ilyuMviiiiiiii*< :- 
p!.ii.'. i( II .N(»,i II S(',.::ll n. 1,.. ...j.liat. n( an ulk.i. . . 
fiiiitiiini'ij III HyMx-yiiiiius iciivrs, uriil |i"S>iiily <i(lur sulaiii 
'•Mil |ii:iMt>. I mill I H- Witii iitriipiiif (,<i., j). .'J,"('.t|. 

(■|i\!:A' II i;^. A CI \ -t;i!lit!' . ^ii !i.|!i<' >■> nt. oijuiirlt -. lii!!. 
|H,...,i,!. Si'liihili' ,. 'l i!i I 1 II I'. uli'<ihi>! i'.»o I • r 

11 lit I. 

Dose. to tfr. 

lliilli liViiM-iiir hikI liyMvc\ aiiiiiic >u!t-i \w\- u-iuillv : 
suliciit.iin i.iisiy. {'.invt 111. Ill ■ii ■ ,,f I,. ,- !, ,,f t!,. |,, i., 1., ,; 
8(i|v< A ii. f.irt- use, an- pi' i';ii> 'i. 

At lloN. 
That till' iwlii II! I it !iMi-;c\.i!iin- 1- aliiin-i iilfiitlca! 
with tliat nf In Uaiiniiiia ainl -traiiinni iiii i-> not sm 
|iri-inf^' when \Vf ii niciuli. r ili. cN)-., r< -» inlluncf nf 
tlif-f liiiiu''- ill alkaliiiilal (aiiii|Hi-i[iiiii. 'I'li.' I'dlluw iiiL' 
arc till' cliitf pniiils of iliOi itiicc. tl) 1 1 vo^cvaiiiM- 
contain- hyoscine in iinnu'f iiuaiitirii -. Tln-^ i~ a 
powcitiil cerebral aiii spinal sedative. an<l liur. 
foic tlif fxcitatii ill ami i!i liiiiini oci-a-iojifd \\\ 
iMlJiuioniia all' not >o c\iiiiiit ulnii liv i-^cvaiuu'^ i- 
^'ivcii ; niiltt il. til a I may, o\\ uil' lo the li\o>riiic in i:. 
distinctly (lt|iiT--^ the Ihl'Ih r functions of tin- lirain. 
'I'lic iicart is not (juil. -o jkavii fully atlVctcil iy 
livosfyaiiins as liy lulla'l"niia, fur hyu-cin*' has x 
(•oniparati\ii_\ ft I hlr cariliac mtiiii lu-r. Still it i~, i f 
c'oursi', iUVicIi i| h\ thf tiMi-r_\ aiiiilii . which act- h •_ 

airo|iinc. (2i Hyoscyamus increases the peristaltic 

t x*,^Mn/^4««-,*>4« ..t •!. . It.t..-tl»t.. ,....(>. *...,, ..,■•* I. ll, *\ 

' Ji.i.\.Xs.-^\.i.\:u.s '..-i .:;•- : ; : •.-•.-i ; : :■ - :;;••:• j ••• i- •,;;:;:: -. •,;;.:. 

hclladoiina, and at ihr sanii- tiiuf it is niorc «tV; 
cicnt ill relieving the griping of other i>uf_'aiiM 



3. Hyoscyamus In- 1 more mark* .llv sedative 
;i,,n<.ii til.' urinary unstriped mu'^cle ih ui l.. I'm 

n:i. •4) Iho- 111' 'liiuiiii-:;! ^ iiTm 'n-'iUr t.-n-.ioii , 
..f,>rr hvM<,-_\iuii'H .1'..- not i.lf.v^ tlii^ rto l.lll.ll as 

: i'ii)iiii;i , 

I'urratr.'i' i pur. ti>i )•<<•> ainni-' lui^- i.|-.-.m-;pi\ 
. -lui.' JK'tL.ti:,. i'Ut liy..M-y!initii.- i^ twice a-^ pow. |- 
, IP if-* iictioii oil til." ti.T\. .ii-liu'-r-^ ill ill.' -.altvarv 
; .1^, aii'l \<n]>\\. 

'I'm 1: Mil I I' --. 
llNM^.-sainn- lui-lit 1m- n<v<\ f-.r th. saiiu- piirpn-rs 
. lla.lnnua. l.ii: 1- rlii. tly .•!ii|U..>. «1 in (■..inhiiiatinn 

1 pUI-LTiltlM- I" .illlll!ll-il ..'niilll'^. It H al-.' L'lV.Il 

• ., !ir\.~\.-iral -pa^lii in .al-Milu-, CVStlt l -, aii.l ju'.. 

•.:i-. iisiialK with nih.r urinary sr.l.ilivcs, ih hiichu. 

, . iii~i, nv iM-ii/nic aci.l if itif iiriu.' i> alkaline. Il 

I |... 11..II.-..1 llial tlif <1..-.-! of li\..,cyiU!iiH art' 

',r than ih.i^. ..f th.' corrt-iM.n.linu' prrpiiratiniH 

• i.lla.lonna. 

tlsM-rinc oft. 11 call.d -.•opolmiiu.-. ami liyo-- 

. .mm.' may Ix' <nip! as crfhra! ili'iirt's-^aiits, 

i AVr us.'.l in acMtf mania, iLlirium tr.iiHii-, 

:. ! rile ililiriiini. aii.l itiMimnia. somrtinif.s with i,'ooil 

'.Its. 'rh> y art' oftfii u'lv. 11 in ii>yhim practwc. 

•»i must iw Lriv.n carffully. ii< th.' activity of 

. r. Ml -|icciiii.ii.-i vari- -. an. I fata! results haVc 

MW.d th. ir 11-.'. 'rii-> -hMuM nrv.-r I).' employ.-*! 

';..• patifiit 1- w.ak. lly.'Min.- n nm-^t iH.<l.iiii.l 

i-uallv '_'i\tn suhcutan. oii^ly. ('h-.r.a. par:ily-i- 

•aiH.iUi'loth. ri'on\ ul-i\.-.ii-.'a-. - ha\.- i:. t-n tr.-atcd 

•: i'. hut th.- con\u'^ ahvass r.-cur u li. a il i-! 

■..•itinuci. (omhin-.l with morphm.' it 1- iaru'.'Iy 

,.,, t.. .iimini-ii MiiMl'i'itN h.-f.-r-- a ■-'t'n.ral 

th.-'ic ami in lahour. 

■ l!*li<»!t!!!:!> <^i!!!>!i:i«>* — (Not otVicitil 

ill- .-ui|iliUi.- I'l 111.' 'l- 

klitiil diiboi-^iu*' "111, nil- •! iii'iii 

ilV>--; (I 

{ l)ulii>i\ia )nij'>i<(>r.ndi s. l)uhiii->iiH- is \n 


• ticid with hyiiscyuiiiin*' (.n^<' J'. •''< 
-.■ i)f iitropiiip. 11!.. I i«pbthjil!iii.' 'h-. 
iiri arc u»-'i t.) .lilal.- ih.- pupil. 

71 1. It- ju-tii)!i> ar- 


f ;i 


M \TI !M \ MiaMf \ 

4':iiiii:ilM«. Iii«lir:i. liLan 11. ,1. 'I h. .Ii 

flu'Afriiii.' or fniiliij;.' t..|>. ,,| i|.,!. ].l.ii!t .i| ( .n.n, 
sntirn (Nat. t»ici. <''iiinii'>ni<->i. ii^iii uhicl, ih. le-m |ia» 1 • 
liccn It i;in\iii. Ilhiiii. 

'■n\i!Miiu>. Fii ifitnpri'-sffl <hi^ky fjTttn iiia'^-C'-. . 

i-tiiit.'"f till- hrjuichci u|>pr r ^ijirf ru" ihf -tfin lifarin- ' 
rcMiiiins (if iImw.i-. irjivi -, nrii a ft w nj c- finite, and i- ■ 
I.if--»ii liy .■iii)i'~i\f rc-iii. Ihf i;|ijiit Iia^t- itn iini 
iiltffiiatf. 1 .'I |>ai litf • tin- li'A. 1|M.~it. aii'l ili'-italf. I 
fruit i-; inn -. 1 .ii -1, - Np]...itiii !■'. u hiaft, 

C'>Miii-i I I. ■>. (I I lilt- aiti\f fciii^tithi lit i a !< i'. 
whicli iiiany iiiiin •- i,.i'.. ' .-. n -ix-n: tiiat In -i kni'wn 
I aimaliiii, it- :nti\f j.i it,( :|.;. i laniiuhiiifl : iL'i a v . .hitili . 
it.n-i-tiit" ell lit' V . t ,1 1 i|uilt I p' lit , i-itriaht m ; i.ii .'liMlii . 

!">' "Ml > • n ) I W'a'- 1. w hifh I'M . ipital"- t !if i .--in. 
;'..,-,-,,■' ,..;.. 

1. Extractum Cannabis Imlic-B. \i. mIi,,!,, 
Dose, , to 1 gr. 

2. Tiuctiira Cannabis Indicae. 1 \;ii. : i, 

.'- '■!>•■' '''•' I" 1 • • :i\<. -JH. S.I,,,,:, _,, ,.;,,.,,. 

Dose, 5 to 15 ni. ; -iinulil lu- iritiiratttl with ihm. 
ia;.'f l.iti'ii Aalii 1,- a'i'if'i. a- t hi- ]■! 1 1 ipital. - t li> .. 
hiilky rf>i!!. 
'I'l 'ii !tir,- '' lunum Ifi:ni]> in ccnt.iiiu'il m 'I'iiictina 
< lilwi utiiriui it M(ii|i!iiiia Ciinjii'-ita. 

.■^Uiunii/iu ■. Ila-i-h:-ch i- a i > 'lift cti. 'ii of th<- ihi. 
«iuil.)ah. .11- ;.';ill^'a, i- th. .h'l. ■] llirA.-riDi.' tnj). ,.f ill,- rultisal' 

fiinah' plant- wlmh :[]> r..a{. i wirli n sin. ( ''.",n rii- . -r chai 
i-lhi n -III -I rapt .1 i>lt thf I. ;- . . . I'.h hil- 1- t in .h 1. a-. - ■ , 
in .--i 111 If pi..', lint - it lilt .111^ p.pu.ifii li _',iii^M iiiu.if into a lirin. 
(iaiiga ami < hara> aif nil. n -innk.,1 liki- tiihacc-o. 


External, Ni-iic i^ known. 

Internal. Thf t tit ct- of <-:iiiii;i!iis iiiiiica v;irv vt r\ 
iiiiich m liiiVi It 11! ]it oj.lf. 'riii> i^ piiitlv (iiif lo ilir 
iiiiccrtMiii s[ii?iL'!li of ilif jinparatioiis of tin- driii.'. 
iiii.l partly to iiiii-\ i,li;ai ]M'CMliarit u.-'. hut ■/fiifrall\- 
llic -\ iii)ito!iis ar. -opi, wliiit ,a-~ follow-:. After S()in> 
liiiif. u-uall\ ffoMi liaif an hdiir lo two or tliffc liotn- 
liiii-f 1-^ a pit asurahl ' loii ol unlil iiitDXicatioii 
til'' lialiili! i- j'ailicnlarly >_'ay. joyoiH, aii.l j)!cHH*'ii 
wi'li t \. rvthiiiLr ; lif v.;ll lai!''}] ati'l siiiilt on th- 

(A I 1 KINi: 


<t-<\ JiroVncMlKiIl. :illt 

1 is liiiiisclf iiMf t 

1) S!IV 


'ttv ihiui:>. ricM-Miit 1 

,l,ii~ lilt tlirtniL'-li hi- 

h woiiijt rfiil iMpidlly, S' 

tli;il tiitif -'iTiii 

nil 111 111- ri i\ 

1\ fM>-L'"Itrn, 


1. (..IlrniUv tllr MriiS ;nv 

Mi! S(l 

iii''tinii < ill. 

lliclili'rv n 



!ii;iiii- at't r ii ii'Vi iv 

•1 I \t - :i 

1. iiiii< may i 
! I lii-rf !- a. iiiJifi\fi 

w ia'i.u'lif, 
11 aw, 

i,l.,-,,,l. ■ "I'll,, liiiii.- t.rl h,A\\ 
• i lo\\fiiii'4 i)f !.'tni'ral ^.iHii'iln ^ 


t hf s( aivrlv f»M'l- a -^^ voi-f \nu 

■]] ; tlii- iiiiiv 

(111 ti> (•"iii]iit 

If ana -tlitsui. 


. !(• mav 

h,-. All! .■ a till!.' >!••. p. IS "U'li ;iri'"iii 

,1 l.v .l.liL'litfiil lir.-aiii^. i-Miiif- on. 

niL' 1- 

iitl\ takiii m tin 
if -\ iii]itoni-^. a 

^t to } 


ri.r a 

llif tallv 


ml. Ill iiiihI- ration, it i-au-i' 

!..! nil. 
i- 1(1 

1 II 1 1 \\ 

\', IV f< \v take 11 I 

(I r\(i- 

l.Mt 111 tliiln It 

lo-s ( it app' t itc all 

1 -tKllL'tii. Iifinhnii'-'. ati'l 


( annalas ni'lif-a i- f' 1 
~f\iial (MitciiHn! 

.iittil to (Kca-ionally 
),,it thi- 1- incornci . 

Ill' >'~i 


t .iT.ct i< thai time s»fm> | 


Miiiulfs appfar i 

(I he ilav: 

aYl'*- IHKc 

I,, :i .l(,._' onlv ma.l.' liim -Ic'l-y. ami un'-.rtain 

-- 1( '_'-, I'li: he apftcart'l contiiiti 

1 ;iml pl.a-('l. 

ll tUc 

anil- rt-sii 

Us follow. •(! wlift! a monkty \va 

In inlialt tlif >iii' 

.kr -iailv for iNl 'lay 

TinmrKi 1 1< s. 
h has ^,'iv(:a with in nuLrrani.' am 


a!'j:ia. hut it very c 

ft«'n fails to atVonl r.licf. It- 

as a liypnolR' 


has htTU .h<i-anh'<h 'I'll" tiiutun 
iu<f of the voluuii 

V (htliriill to pr. senile, l)eea 

:- precipitate O 

f n -in which falls on the ad-litioii < 




hi>'v nni-t he use<l to suspeml it,an<l ih 

-hoiil.l he Covered witli spirit of chlorotorni. 

« ATI I.I m: 

4 :ill«>iiisi. < uT* ill 

(• H ,N n .11 ( ». .s'v""".'"'- 

t i (.ii'iiniiii 

>-CK' 1 

It < '-ni: 

1 ll-llftllv (ihtuilH-.i fl-.iK! th.' ch.i'l 

(.-,.', fi'lll 

llliill t'li 

iNiit. «>r.|. 'I'-rnsti 


,M\r!:i;i\ Mi:i)ic\ 

I'li.irr., ). .T til.' .lri.,1 .,•..!. ..f r,./!V„ ,ir,i>::,;i, common rof. , 
(\;it.(ti(l. J:,<',i.i<>., I. Wh.ii (■\iipor;it.ii ti-oni a. jiit-ous >..;.. 
lions it coiiiaiiis orir inolcculf of wiitrr. 

('hu;\. in:-, Colwiirl. ■,..-.,. ilky.iiio.I,, roil -,,;i<-icul)ir cry -t.-i'^ 
Snluhih/;/. I i!i Til of ,.,,!,! w.'it, r. 1 in 1 of Koilin;.' wiit.T. 1 in In 
of iilroli,,! CM) |M , ,■, nt). 1 111 tnii ,,f .tlur. 1 in 7 of .lilorofo,,,:. 
'I'hi- soliil.ility of .■:i!i..inf i- p.-rf.-. i in c.i.l wal.-r. if for .^ri, 
j-'iain of catTi-in.- ■ .-i i.'iain of ^...liuni -alicylal.- is a.M. i. 
'I iir aii.lilioii of alroliol ,1-. Ill tin. tiir. , or -piril of rlilorof..r',. 
liors not impair tli.- -oliiljiiiiy. 'I', a roi.tain-, :{ t., r, p,.r r. i • 
(li.'iir.. 111.- nam.- th. in.-). C'olT. .-, l-;i p., |r,,lTf.- Ir.iw- 
<_ontain miu-li mo,, ,. (im-uMiia itli. .-.■- ,l,,,f I ;, ullnn<irup<i,;.n. 
■ > p.-r (-.■lit. (li.-n.-.- llu- iiani<- ;.'iiaraiiiii.i. Mat- (I'araruav t.M 
till" !(-a\fs of In r I'.irfiiuiiij. >is/s\. ii .*, p, r c.-nt. Kol.-i n .' 
(wlii.-h 1, n-.i as a h.-v.-m-.- in \fiir;ii. ;i pt,- ,-, m. ;' li,:., 
IS til.- fruit ol S-,nutui <!.!nn.natu. V.mpon i Apala.-h.- t, a. 
al-o .■Miii.-iins (.-atr. .11.-. Mo-i of tl,.-<.. -.wh-tam-.-s al-o .•..nlain 
tli.-..l.romin.-. CalTrm. i- tiiiii.tli\l -vant liin.-, lh.-.,t,roinin.- -. 
'Iim.-tliyl-\;ii,tliin.-. aii.| In.-i, .•:i„ |,,. pr, par.- i -'. ntli.-ti.-a 'i ■• 
from xaniliiii.-. h is a f. .).:. alkaloi.i. it, salt-'lH-in- v.i', 
lialiii- lo ^plit up. 

Is. oMi-viii..:.,;:,. T. ,t a» i u 1:1 i o, i 1 ,1,-. >a j t .^ of m.-r.-iirv, ai.l 
tannic ai-i'l. 

Dose. 1 to 5 gr. or 


4':ill4'ili:i> <'i||-:is. CalTcinc (^uratc. fll \(» 

(',H,(>.. " '"■ ' 

Sori..K A.M .-alT.iii.- to a li..'. >..liition uf citiic aci.l, a^ i 
••\ a)i..rat.-. 

('ii\i;\. iri;s. A w hit,-, ino.|..r..iis pnvv.l.-r, A fcd.l.- ~:t!- 
ca-ily spliItiiiL' up. 'I'a-I.- an.j r.;„ti.,n a(-i.|. S.ditl.ilitu. 1 ;■. 
•'- <.>I \val.r, I HI •_>■-' ,,1 a!, ilh.i ('.in p,.r ,-cnt.i, 1 m 10 ,.i i 

"'."^'"' ' - "! 'Iiloroiorm an-i 1 ,,( uicojioi ,'.»ii p.-r cent. 

^'^''!i I ill In ,.f u.a.T. it lorni., a ^vriipv, .^up--: 
.-aliuat.-.j -.,lii!i,,n. h^it .iirc:-ily tin- mixtinc i- st"irr.-.i tli.- 
.alTcin.- .-irrat.- 1- pr. ,-ipi!at..l: th-n, if ni,.r.- uat.-r i-; a.i.i- -i. 
ihis pr.-.-ipitat.- r. ji.-olv.-,. Thi^ p.-culiantv in the s..i;: 
l.iiiiN ol cancm.- citiati- ..ft. 11 i,-,i,i- t.. mixtur.s i„.in;.' pi. 
■'■"''"'"' ''^lii'-ii th.- latTfiiic ciiiat.- i- pr.-cipitat.-i. l,ui th. : 
a .-an !..■ ,ii~p, n.i. i m iinicilu.',-. If .aiT.uic citrate i- pi. 

~lTlhl'il Willi >-,..lill..i ^ lll■..^ I..1 - I ..11 . ■. 5 

_...,.. .J ■ ■ ■ ■. ■.■.i-.r.-. j;r::j;:;;iii r..;i;, 

In. ..Mpuiiu.i ^. Til,. <:unc a- of < 
Dose. 2 to 10 gx-. 



I I 

( all<-iiiir i ilrsi** l.rt«'iv« «.« rii%. 1 T r . i 

.;i. Itlf (ill.ltf. 1 .,- . 

S.„-,TK. Mix ritri. :u-i.i. 1- -■.. t.irt:ir;.; .ir, . .. ,•. . 

n.-Mtnit,. \ ../.. AU.. mix -..liuin l...-,n t.^.a.-. -l o/.., 

,,l,,,,,.u- n ../. Inr.,iiM.r.a.' til- two miMiiiv-, h.Mt to 
, K Wh'.n th- inixtiir.' i^ t:riinuliir i.a-^-throuK'li a sirv.-, 
1 .i,v li! ;i l.niiHrufii.- ii-l .■x.-.-iin- l:'.n V. 
Dose. 60 to 120 gr. 

A" I I'lN. 

External. None. 

Internal. Mnn.'^i cnn^r. l.\(v^^i\r t.a 

uKiiit,' inav <;iu>(" iinli-r^! i<.ii. Imt tli;^ i- pn-Lahlv 

,, i Hrif liv tl.'' taiinin ii: thf l-ii. :ii"i "o: l.> th-- 

■,.y..nir. 'Til.' I'-'tl' "f t-'' ta-tri-< aiv l>.tlilr t,, 

. ,.,iv. (nil.T is wilh .^'.ni. iMi'-Mii--. slmli'.ly l:i\a 

:iv. -it i- ii'>l known t.» what iti^TtMiu ni tlii< i- 

"'//, ,,/ CatTrinr is friM Iv al>M,rlH.l. It pr<Hlii.'.- 
, ,.).;,,,,,.. Hi til. 1'1".hI. >I.Mh.rat.- a..>.'. increase 
■1... rate .'f tiif canluu- l.rat. .liU' t.. Muiiulaiu-n nf 
;iu. t-anliar muV.f. Th.. .lia>tol,. is ^Unvi aM. 
l.arr'e .loses cause thr h.arl to Unnnv irn-ular ; 
ratlViuf acts much i.nw.rfully ..n tii.- luail 
•hail .li-ilalis. In nuui th.- heart i< occa.sinna ly ul 
lir^t ^lo\vc.- from stiinulati.ui of th..- mhii.i'oiy 
apn.ii-atus. ana this may be th.' cau^.' ..f thr palpita- 
;i,,n eKperi.-nceil hv son..' who take too much l. a. 
r,.,s.r/.s. Catr.ine cau^.-s lir>'. a cmi-truM i..n an. 
n a (lihitation of lli'- artni-.h-s of th.' Inwly. aii.l 
;. i. .luc i.niicipallvio its action on th.-Ka^n 

.,t,v an.Nli'_'litl\ t.) us acti m llic iPU-cular c-a! . 

l.umu' the dilatation thr pr-s^uiv ivmams iMi-.d 
., Ain" to caf.liac action. 

l:,'s,.ir.iti<»i. In animal^ ih- rat.- ami .xt.-nt of 
i,r. athiliLr are increa<. .1 hv from -stimulation 
,! ih, m.-.luUa. 

X.'rr.'iis .//a/c///. it i- \\«11 ly'!"^^" ''':^' ''^^ '"' ' 

te th. cerebrum, i i 

.iT.f stimi 
;.tTt If..' in 

th. 11 

Th. \' 

It U nt Ivrcoli! 

■s wakeful, th- 


"^I \'l li:i \ '.tl'!>ir \ 

III' lit;il ;icti\ iiy ;iii(] ci p;i Lilily \<o,- \\,,, |> ar,. Inr-r.';i~, ,i 
lllf |-t;i-n|iiliL' |i()\\( I- h, iii'j .jiiit. ;i - Iiillrl; ; W]. ct . ■<! ; 

til- iiiiin'iiiiiTioii. Ill ;hi:- I-, .|,. , t ilj,. (•( ,tiin,. 

'•'""II "I tait. ill,- ,ii!;, !■- l|,,(u llilll i.f opMllii, ;,|;(| ;ii , 

"I 'li;it. the f\<-n;iriMii ;. nut inc.) tiniin.iu-. inn- i, ;• 

'-""ll_'''!'l;"-' 'I I'.V -i- ' p. 'I'll.- IM (1,1 i-li-.'S JIC- !, - 

(iri.'.i iMdi-f ;il< I!. \,:\ .■\cf--i\,' !r.i liriiikiiii.' ran ■ 
f-. liililin'/ f,f ;ill r!i. lu'i-clt- of ih, |.,„K, :,,,,i ,,,,,,; 
' !i' l':il ii 111 ( \r I'l iiK Iv •• )•, v\ (i;h.' 

I" "i'li' '!;'■ -|iiii;il ;i ti' I mil -(■!(•< arc \civ ill! . 
;itt.ct, ,i \,y ,.;,tv, j,,,._ 1,11, j,| <,ini.' fV<>i.'> rlu- spinal ( i- 
'l'''-i<l. .il\ -riiiinla'i .1, an.i cnir. iiNioiK ni-c:;i-; in ntj;. ; 
•|" '■!'■" 'li' inil-rj. ■; air rliiiiu n intii a -I a '.• . .f riL'iil:! \ . 
^^ l'l''li I- i-lrai 1\ (111.' til an acla,|i ..n lli-' in ii -I'l.- I h. ; 
^' Iv. -. |..r It l.ill.iu-- !l,, local appla aMon ..f cati.-in, 
'" ;"' i-"I:i;- il iiiii-c!. . iii.- Ill,), < (.f l„c,,,. . 
''^''1''' ''""I "p.n|iic, ;Im' Jian \. i~. -MaH-.n .ii app( a: 
a II. I i-i'.'.ir SMpc IV. •!!(-. S.iiii. liiii, -. f(,,. iniHcj,- cin .. 
' ■ ■•il'''!''l 111 cliaia.-t.-i-. In man th. ix.u. r i,, ,j.^ 
nin-ciilar u.ak i~ incrca-..i l.\ call, in,.' M.-,,.- ;i,i,i 
-fii-<ii-\ n. i\i- ■AVr 'iiiiiiilii, net .1 III all aniniUi-. 

I\- "'•"'. A- call', ill,' fii^t laii-.'-; a cunf racf i. iii 
"* :iiicri..|( -. ill, IV ma\ l.c a .1, ci-.a-,. in th, uniiaiA 
'5"\\ : '"" /"'111 ill'- iviial v.--,]- ,ji!atc. th,' rcna'l 
'■-■11- arc .liicfilv -limiila'..!. an. I ih.' ( ,if urine ;~ 
iiifi-, a~. .1 (•!ii,-t'y it- llni.]-. hut to a 1,-- c\t,'iit :; 
soli. Is. Thus ciiHcin,- is a l'ho.I local diuretic, h • 
th, .,hi<miin,- is, r. as ih, iv is with i! no pr, 
liiiiiiiai-y c.>iitra,'!ion of th,' \, -s,K. it i- m, iv ],n\\, r 
fill and .jiK -, Hot cans, -1. i-plc-snt -s. 

v. /.//.,, /,;//. Manv clah.prat. • \pciiiiicnts liav. 
I'l'in ma.ic np.iii llw aclii.ii of cal'iciii, on f is>>nc w ii>r, 
they ar.' al! of tlhan in.'oiiclusjv.'. m.'-.t likdv h.cau-- 
11 ha- no cth'ct. It inci-ca-c- ihc.'xcr, tioii of \;inthi! 
in th.' iiriHc Ixcaas. it lo<.s il- n.clhyl L'roups in i' 
na-><i.'i Tiicoiiir), till, l,..,lr • ti,, ;.,, i 

■ I .^W( t I. 

tiin, -; . \ i< ,i,ii\,,l (iircct Iv fVom th.' xantlim 

o\ \v i|o-.-; ma V ( an<, a n-.- of fi i 

ipcrat nri 

(All! INK 


'I'm i; \ri;i i i' -■ 

H,.nt. ('.ill. lilt 111- i' 
iiM'. It, is : 
•riHtinn. ii 1 

II iiiii-it '1 

.1 in lit III 

'IV' 11 'AIK'II. :i- 1 

11 iinl'tlC 111' iiul'iil 

!v s!lllllll:l!l 

'(■ llll-l' 

r s L'niiii- ;i 

t H M. 


,i,i\ I't' ralii '.Mf. iiff 

!i < 

a-ilv iiiuiM'. Mil 

i ]\iA\ \" CMtlll'llll't W 1 

ii >tr\fli 

1; will iml v I 

i!;iri' ' 

li_'lt:ill:-\ t'nl- U SOllH-WlllH 

•K, II- t tif ht 

:-trlH t 

;lfl. 'li'OS 

iiol iiiuki- I 

t r<'.Mil;ir. aiiil 

Ip. ,li;i<t')lr. It I-^, <Ml ll.'folinl 

.f i: 

;c aclli'ii. 


llv \;iIm:iM'' in (Mnii.ic <-;i-' 

•h ill. IV i-<lrniwy. T. ;i Mini m!!'. <■ .i 

y> . HI -^I'liii 


li;i |)1( t'l pi-iiiliici' irr 

'iil;in;\ lit 111'- li'''i 


I\.,i>h-,. ^lll;' 

1 ,loM -. wf rati 

lie. all" 

\ :iic til. rtt'Mi-.' u-i 

iiii.i pit uiitic tttu-inii. 

iiiif ari )i"V 
i| 111 I" 'ii'! 'Ii^'- 
iifii- ai-ti"ii i- " 


ft. 11 

h aiilf 

IV t'lVlIlU'' ' 

li._'iti!i at the -■Mil' 

ill ilni'-' act' 

n, I autii'U-lv ill r< iial 'li^- a-i' 

\u;v'\s nil thr 1 :ail.>. it <l.nuM 1 

M lifCOlllt' 

U-i-'i Id it. t 

Many jMti.i 

),;,(. ;i! t !lf I'Mii lit a \Vi 

l! - Si> 

It- |ios\« I lit prndiu 

llU'lllL' .llUrr-I 

i- i- lIMt M) U<( 

()(ca>i'iiially It iiiiv< iniLM-aiii'-. 
fill a- I'll' iia.cii'- "!• pliiiiact tin. 

in..- of tlic ctlcrv.scinir citrat. 
aUT is a pli;!.-ant fiTiii in wli 


ill lialf a tiinil'lfi- 
ich t<i '.'l\f t all. inc 

hi- jiiirjio-t 

I: may 

111. nil- iU 

1„. I'vn.l.T. ,1 MitV;ci.-Mlly sniui.h' f'T -ub- 

Iniiiiistralion I'V iiii\ni-ii uiti: a - 

iiir I'.n 

, l: 

•\lat(' of .so.lium. 


I N,.t (.!li 


'rill- i- ill' n::iiii' ;M\.n 

1,1 rhfoUroiniiu"- 

■ll ClJlTf-l" 

1- t" ('lit' ni- mmH'. siili.-\la 

,lin -,.llicv!llt. 

t»-, wiiiih 1- ttii 

f I'alT.'inf lui 

,-t 11-' 1 ill <«i'n!i.'inyi. 


it.-iin- :ci"i".l 

it iif tlifoliri'iiiiiif 

'lllll.lhvl \:ilithini ail 

I f.ii 1 

;ni -:i!:'-\ ::i 

t.- : It 1 

- fi. .'Iv -olui'W- in wiil.-i 

Dose, 5 to 15 gr. 

\ , I- 1 , . V \ K 

i> 'I'm i: \! II 1 i< 

'hr.ilir.'Uiiii. .tilt; (-ill. f principle; m f:< 
.• a- liiurctin. is i>n > 

)CO;i\ ofu-n 

It I Ncflitiit iliur. 


>r\TKRI\ >f!;i)I(\ 

:'*'^ "" ''"■ '•• "■'! 'I'I'Ih li'ini. ;i)h1 h most .Oiciicio:^ 
m nlicviiiL' u,|,.r,,;, i„ .ii.,,i>..< .,f tlir ki.lnovs an'<i 
iM'art. r-|;illy if .li-ilalis i< i/iv.ii at lli.. s;nii.' tiin... 

It i-^ -.;i|,i Unt fu pr.wlll,-,. Itillcll (i. p.. ->inll. hilt it Ili;i. 

'"•«■;. -i..n;illy cmsc s.hmh, ^vinproi,,.. Tl,c<.l.n.n,ii!;" 
itM If may 1m riv. n m caclift-^ hi du-, -; ,,f I to ."i ■'. 
'i'l)"iv an' many sal!- (,f it i,, tl.r maiKtt. .•achV.; 

Wlilcll 1km h...ii fn,!,i MltM- tn time .m|)l(,V,,| tfl.T;i. 

p" iil'.cally. 

4aiiai-:iii:i. i.N,,t (.|V|,.i,ti.i 

N./'.'' /(,/";. i;i:i/,iliiiii cMci. Th, -,.,■,1-. nf /%,„! 
nii-an,, (Nat. (•,.!. .s„,„,n/,„...,,. p.n^,,,!. Th.v ;i,.. ,,,,1'. 
l)"W.l.r. ,i, ai„| ur.vl int.. a -titT pasif uul, \^:,t..r. 

<'i''''^' " !•-■ Cvlm.liiral rolls nf .Iri.-.l pa-l. . 
. <'"■"'■ -"I. \. Ill" rlii.'f IS 7/«;r.;///»ir whi. i 

•^ i.i.n' v.i-l, r;.!T. ,:, ,., ,,, h;,;, (dose. ■'•. to 5 OTi 

Dose. 20 to 60 g^r.. n, ,..,u,|,r or i„fu-..lw, a , , ,, 

iMlllll^; A at' I . 

/";,'_"■''•'' ' 'i^M! I'liaiiii. CimI.-m. 
Elixir Ouaran.-B. Cuaiai-a in jH-vlrr | , 
''-'''' "la-ii.Ma. }, !l. ../. ; nil ,.f ,-:iinamMii •; mi • ,vii - 

•-' !!..•./.: prn,.f -,,;,;,. ■,. .. " " 

Dose, to 2 fl. dr. 

A( in.N \M) Tffi.i: \n.i tics. 
AllliniiL,')) tluiv IS IK. iva^.n f. L.-lu-v that "iia- 
raiiirif .](..< )i,,t piodu,-,. th.- -^am-^ ac;inn< .,ii"tl. 
ll.TVoiis .<y-t.-m. hran. ai:,i ki.lm.v- as ca t)Vui... v. i 1: 
IS ran ly u-.',l . v,-,.pt {■,,!• ^id; h, ihiauln -^, 1mil in lli, ^i- 
«-a M -^ It 1^ -,,iiii liiiK- nt' L' -f|-\ ic.-. 

(I - 11 Vegetable Drug's acting chiefly on the 
Spinal Cord. 

M \ \o^iir \. 

^ll\ %oiiij«-:i. Si^non!.. r.^^nuMt Tl,,,],;, 

K.^t In.iuv^. Il„- St. l^' i. Srr,,-iu>.,. ,,,„„/,„ 
I .litT. iviit III -hail. . ami .niit.aiM- iiiniv .-.'i vriiniii. 

,, . /'"V^^' '"^- '"■■'■ -I'^M-I. : t.. 1 in.",M .l>a.n,;,r i ,. 
'""■'^- ' ••'' '"■ '■ ■'-■ <"!i^- X. .Mar- n i,.m,.l..,i ....... ',. niia! ■.>a,.h,„uu!urhar,.i,..,,,ai.-i 
•'J!'! -n.i.s in a ^li;.'l,t pi nininni,-,.. l-.xtmiail v a-hm .-r...,- uul. sl,„rt .:a,„y haii -. Iiit-niaUv hurMv^ui'l 

■^"'■'"'> "■•■"■•' • ^ i-un Ta-t.. rxtniu.'K hitl.-r 



: „n--.n.ur .rv.tal.- -r i-aHv lluk.-. \..v -at 1.-- 

./u, 'trv.O.nin... .S././-.7r> - I •>. H-M f .-.M «a ... 

;., ,„ ,,.,:.,h„|. It ha< th.- ~a,n.- art. m, as sUynnu^ Inl 

,,..., nitn. a'. U-^. 1.1 Vo-^.^^^nr. .U /....n. 

'•.\v,ll, ^slM.•l, ih- -n.h.u.,- an.l !..;» u.- a,, luul.a. 

Dose. 1 to 4 gr. 

/■,, ..I' I/. ';'■'■■ ■• 

1 Extractum Nucis Vomica Liquidum. 

Alo.l.ol... >!:■:■:">■:■■■' ■ ■■ ■■' ' ' ■• /" '■"' - 
.s^rv./i.iiKf. th.a i^. r. ^•'. ". IK"',. 
Dose. 1 to 3 m. 

2 Extractum Nucis VomicJB. Th. l.|i.i'i 'n 
,,,,l ■,, ,.vap.. ■,.!,. 1 anl .i.l-it. .1 M.pir. 

Tin- <■ n.tain. al-ut of llH. a.iMunl of .-.trvchu.n- 

.. in I'. 1'. l--'- 

Dose, i to 1 ?r. t i . ... 

3 Tiuctura Nxicis Vonuc*. I.i.i ,i.l - u. a. l 
,, „,x\...u,.'a.^l!.../.. wai.;.;nl.../.: .U-l,.. , h, ,,-, 

...nt.i..,.- M- N'.'-/"--' '•;';';;■' '" ^" 

■■II,;- o.utain^ ul,..!- I.M.. a- .nu. 1. ..t^^.!,Pin. a- 

in i;. IV I--''- 

Dose. 5 to 15 m. 

H|i-V4-|llllllSI. Mrs.liiMli. . (• II.N.O,- . 

C,u\c.K..>. -Minulr. rnlourl.-, ..,l„url...s Innu ,h: 

„„„. , N,.?,,/,,/!/V. 1 ". "f.M nf CnM. 1 , U -'..00 , .f h.t . 

; r„;r,.,f.i,i....;fn,>u. I .., i:,o.,tai.-..hnii'.M. ,...■ r.^U... 

,.;„., col.iur xMth nun. m, ..ulpiiun.' a....i>. A.M to a 
■ ta tron,' <n\rhnuc a. >.l. arM th. -a a-M a partul.. o. 

! 1 1 - . 
I 111 

i'' r. 


1 1 ;• iti"' L 1* 

-,,..ciHlly .lan..rnu^. fur Uk' ,>mM,..iat...l l.rnui.ii.. of 

,iU -;1mw!>. 1 I i . I. t 

iMin.uv. , ai-un^' hs l- I • 


M \ I 1 1:1 \ Ml (i|( \ 

Done, to gr. Ill nr iiiml.iii !i pill \Mili c; 
"' ""'^ "" " "^''''>' 'i'vi.l*- It) lirul ^.ly..iiM .,f uiit'jicanth 

/'i , ii'l rn •<.■«, 

Syrupus Ferri Phosphatis cum Quinina et 
Strychniim. I,,,, i, tl. .ir. ,. i„. ., .„. ■ ,., .uvchnui. 
( . . p 1 •-:'. I. 

Dose, to 1 fl. dr. 

Mr><llllillil- ll>illo«liloii<|lllll. _ strvrhnir, 
iiv'ii.w hi.'i i,i. . I II \ ( ) IK ; -ji j , , 

llii:- was riiik-.l hv.iro.-lilorfit.-of ..trvcJwniu' in I; |' Iss-, 

Cha.,.. m , . s;,„,,|| ,,.],,, ,ri,..,. tir.M.tiu- priMu.. wlu. : 

'■'•'"'''>• ••'"■ '' ^"'■: wy l.itt-r. Solnhilit,/. 1 i„ ;■; 

«.ll< i , 1 III •.'! a.. ,);.,! CM J,, ,■ ,., ,,| ,^ 

Dose, to ' gT. 

I ''• i'aiiiti"n. 
Liquor Strychninne Hydrochloridi. - S,,> 
""•'""■ '■i'l''"'>^"^'-ln..ti.. >ri\,i;,wi,. h'..ii,,rlil<,i;'l, 

I I ■, Kr. : Ul.-nll.,i I'.MI ,,..,• (•■•Mt.l. 1 ll. <,/. ; .Ji ,t ll l.-.l \MiI. ,' 
tnur.d: J )!.../.. .S'/v^y.'/i. \ i. r r,-ui. : tliuti . 1 ,-,■ ;■: 
I In i!| . 

Dose, 2 to 8 m. I.', th. m.nitii ; 1 to 4 m. -i.i 

I'ltalli ..U:-l). 

A( rioN. 
External, .■^tn.liiiinr i> ,i v. f. poss, rlul anti- 

ht'ptU'. I'.IUi lllr i- ;, 1,„ ;il ;|P i -tlh tic. 

Internal, d.i .!>,>-ntt.'.stni„! tr.n-t. i;, j,,- m 
.'"'^''^ '"""■• ""^ vomica i, ;i ..rn,„i stomachic 
"irna^iii- ll„. \asculaiity ..f il,r -..tilc liiiim:. 
Ml. inl>iaiic. tlir .^.• of ,iM>tnc jiiir,.. iuid th. 
inov.i.u'iit-^ of tlir sioinach \,j its anum on tf'.. 
nioiitli, just Ilk,, .aluiiii.a (,y.'.), or anv oil,,.,- hitUr 
(oiis.,(ii. iilly 11 ai.JH .li-c^tio?i aii.i ".sharp< n.^ tli/ 
apii-lil,. It i-a -timiilaiil to tlu' iiitr.>tiiial iMii-.fii!a: 
roai, ami ii_v tin- im.ui.s it increases peristalsis, an^! 
is tJHTrfi ri' |>ur_'ativt'. 

/>'A.(.(/. -.Stnc'liTiinr i.s al.Mul),.] into thr bjo,,,! 
■•""1 <iivulat<-^ a. Muh. If l.l,,u,| i. niixMl ujtl, 
sti-ycliiiiiir and -iiakm uitli an- a rnniaiiis imii. 
oxy-.ii ■dial if^s caiiioiiic and tlmn il would Iniv, 
ilonr had th-' .«trvrliniiif h. , n al.M iit ; Imt there is 
no . \idr)i(f that ^tnrhiiim m .uiall dos, .s alters the 
u\idi, iuL^ jiowt r of li\iii^' hjood. 

I \ \()%ni \ 


^,.,nnl <-.,-,/.-Mrsrhnn... rau^*-^ convulsions 
in. iinl (MT.'l.nil. t.H- ih.y ..ccnr if llu- ^pin,. 
i H ^r| the hnuu. Th. y .L n..t .l.-i.n.l 

,H ..XClIiltlnn uf tl;r nu.tnl- U.V\r< nV niilScLs l.T 

, nv III. -'Ill in iv Una. \Uv simi;.! an'riu.r n. ia- 
;,,,f wlii.h aiv rut. TImv. >..,,!• It til.' |...-^t.rb.r 
,. p.ois u;-f cut. i.r(.vi.l..i thr pu.Min;.! tn-l h 
..;Hhvu.a. ■Ihr.vtoP' tl,.v niM~t !..• spinal. :w,.l 

, ,. „rnvr.l I'Vth. ti.rt thu: it ;iil ill'" V.SS.Nof th. 

.T pan nt t'lu- <i.'nal c...! a.v liL'atur. .1 ju-^i .a 
,,. .nii-v int.. iIh. s.. tlnit liii-^ w tl... only ,.:.rl 

■1,., b.Hlv (l.-l.riv. .1 of 11^ bl.....i supply. an,i -iryrli- 
, into thr l.luod. ruuvul-inns oc. iir in 

lUr ,nUM-l..s (X.-pl ll>')^.' tin. tuTWS ..I uliirl. 

p.' fnuii tht. ivarl ..f th. nnd Nvhirh thr stnrhnm. 

■ noi reach. A-ain. if an aninuil !..■ conuiU.a •> 
v.hnin.'.an.l a prol.r U- slowly pas.^.l .<mn llu- 
■, ,1 curil llu' r..nvuUi..ns uili -ra.lually (■<aM 
,' ;il.oNr.i..wnvv:..nN. I'-ui a p. nph. ral -^uniulu^. 
•uulailv it sharp aivl ^u.M.„. ^u .a-ily . x. it- - 
uNions uhrn -irxrhninr ha- l- n ur- ■" thai 
,i,. lu^nli.'.l in a.^uiMin- ihal.N.ry .•onMiUioii ! - 
...a' ^U.muIu^. aiul otim ... >!i-ht, 
,,„• u. U- evi.l.uit. I'-.a-tlH' nryrlinme .n-.r 
:,u4v rxa--.nilr. th- vuiuhu:um p..Nv. r .-t th. 
\ -n ^u.-h a wav lliat ^'m.Tal coin tilsL .n^ hM. sl> 
,, ;4 v.rv sliiiht iH-al ^tiinulu. It i- h. in v. .1 
• ihr pnris.' part of th- -pmai .nnl ..liniulat. -1 i-. 
.,vas..a exciiahihtv hv .trvchmiu- h that ininM. i 
. nnthcatYtTfiit si.h-of the anterior .-..rnual eell-. 
When a muscle rontra.t<. c ntnp. tal nn,au>.- -o 
. UupMtr.' r. mf.uvth. mliilu 
, „npu!M^Uoln-tolh. oppo-nmuusel.-. Ke.-ent 
, -lu^i ^h.'ri InLMun i show^ that -tryelmin.- ivvr-e. 
;he enr.l th.s.' inhih!t..ry impulses, makint.' th- in 

! ..>!......,;..,..., '.v.:'.!: of t li.-se illhlliltorV 

I'.iiNrshut wh'.n ihev i.ef..nM. .x. itory they an' .-1" <^'=^iLv ■'•"*' -l'>'-l"""* ''''-^ h. . iiuiv. ti 


M \ I I I.I \ Mi ;.i, \ 

lor th.iii, jiH jii-t 111- ntiotuMl, th,. .xcitMl.ilirv (,f [] . 
••oni IS h. i'.'lit..ti<-.|. Th.' \\ mak.-s soin.. .|i,.;.. 
iiiM\.iii.i,!. wlii.'li wniiM iiuniiallv lu' a-isnciat.-.l wr\. 
iiiiapjir. riat.,| inliil.i;i,,ii uf ifi, ,y't, ii-nr.s of tlif ^piiu 
ImiI. >!!•>( hi. in. ciiiu, rt> ih, s. iiiliiliitnr\ into |h,\v, ,• 
' ^'-ilin ' mil. 111-. ■• \vi!h til. n ul; that' p-.u. iliii ,,!,,' 
"■■"■""" «'t th. . M.Mi-or- lak. - pla.f o,|,i<t h.i[,.n.: ' 
111 ih.— iiii.' \\a\ . an att.'lii|i' to op. n 'Ji. jaw h.c. ,- 
a pMUi I fill .■oiitrat'iion locujau 

M.isci, , ,iu-i A, /•/■,A.-i:\,ii with .iiornioiis (los, - 
\\\v niiisrl.- ami afr.r.tit n.r\. < an' unaff.rt.-.i. 
'"^^'■il''' thi ,ii.i of a .a^.' ..t |M,)-,.niii;/ th.' fiUK- 
ti.inal a.-li\ity of ih.' ni(.t.,r . n.i or mih i~ ,i, prrss.-.l. 
'I lii^ '■''"'■ '" 'iir.Mi action on ih- in. ami occi: -' 
I' a'iil_\ III -I iiii( -|i. cii - 1 1|' t|-, ■' ,. 

/''//',. 11,, convolutions an .imt.' unatt'ected i . 
"I'iiii.ny -loMS hilt laiL'r .1.) . - -liL'htlv ^tiniiijat; 
lii.' .■I'll- of il,,^ iiiotoi- ar. a . hut as m Lh. rnni, 
'"■''•• '""'I'll iina|inr. .i.itui mhihilorv inipulscs h, 
com.' p..\v»Mhilly .A.-ii.nv. Thin ^liimilation ..f tfi,- 
\.|-> part of th.' motor ar.a iliat, woiiM iiornialK pi 
.111'.'. >a\. Ih \i,.ii ,,| ,,11.- inn. I limh now pro'diif. - 
.-ironK . Nt.-n-^ioii of that limh. Th.- .-.ntivs m th. 
ni. .hilla. uhirh ar.- r.all\ iji,. .•oninmation iipwar.i- 
"''^. ''"■ '"I'' iii'i' coiinia of ihf i-oiil. arc powerfully 
stinulated. .-p.oiallv thf respiratory centre Ti ■ 
vaso-motor centre i^ al-o ,Mn.„i. ,.,i l\ excited, ami 
.•111. tl> hir tlu^ r. asoii lii,- hi,,,,,! j.r.-sui." rist--, from tii, 
Vfryiii -t. .'.■ntiv i-- hut >liurhti\ atft'ct.-M. 
< "''/'''''.• Stryolinin.. stimulates the heart. 
hilt wlulst till-- i^ partly .hm ;,, a .iiivcl a.'tion oii 
th.- li.'art. 11 clmtlv r.-iilts from tlif -'rcat rise of 
blood-pressure. Tins ^ ,.,,i-.,l hy tlir .•ontra.'ti..!: 
'ii h. \...^s.'U .ill ovi-r til.' ho.iy, ulucii i^ hrou-lr. 
•ihour first hy tin' .• hy tiir slrvclmii:. 

nt tilt' 1 1 u ■( i 1 1 1 1 :i r\- \--» ^-^ > i . . , .t . , « 

...... - . I 1 

.jiuiitly hy It. a.spliyxial stuiiulanoii. an.l also hy th-- 
in.r.aM.l p-ripii.ral r.-^iMan.-.. w Incli must nccurVroiii 
til. li. .iiunlcomratiioiiuf all liu- mn-.-h .. Str\chnin 

SIX \ )MH i 


, t.) <nuu' .M.-ii' cin-.^ va^i-ulnr cnnmriotion by 

• -iiiiiul.iti'.ii of [\i- niusfle of tlf art.Tiol.-^. 
i.r.rii.itn,:. llispinitiun i> .vii'l.r.'-l quicker 
i' deeper i<.c:ni«»,' -iryihiiin.- .xf it. s ili.- --piiiiil 
•M.,lill:nv iv^iiiratory r.ntr. ■. I li<' n-^piratoi y 

. ;i|-.- uiiili'.r.'t m lilt- ^''•"••'•iil cnnviilsit.h.s 

!, il,.. i-..^uli lliiit. til" patirnl ultiuiat.-ly (..•(•om.-4 

i.vxiat. a owi!)-; to i-xhau-tion <.f th. ui. aii-i 'n 

;;•" ].r..l..iiu'.'«l cniiliai'tion a;r;n',' tli.- f-ii\ul ^v 

1 iif ln'ait r<»iiriri;i. - In i'»'at aft.r (U'a'h. 

, is fimr.'lv <iue lu Milnr.- of n^piration. Tli.' 
, ~,iv.. imiscnhir coiiirai-tions (.ci'fi-ioii.'iUy civ\-<- a 
. ..f I, III!', raiuiv. l.iit M) rar.!\ thit ofi- ii ihr lo.s^ 
::. It III':-', hi' ^Ti-ally uicr. a^. 1. 

„.,-m/ .^rnsr,. Siiu'll. h- .inn-, touch, aii'l -i-ht 

-harp.n.a l.v .uuhnuu-. 1 If li.'M cf vision. 
, .laliv for i> sai.l to l,r .ularL-.a. All !ii.-- 

.. ;uV piolal-ly -iur to !-cal action on ihf inri- 

.•i;il Sfii-se orj,'ans. 

I-::i>ninati>'ii. Strychnin- i> .liinMiatrd un- 
.iP'.-a in ihr iirlnr.' It i^ .xcr.'.a ra'hcr siowlv, 

1 ai.T»fon' ttn-U to acruniiilat.' in llit. sy-^tiin. 

,,,;nKM' IS n.A.r t.tahli^h.a. l-or a clmicul 

„nit of >trNchnin.- poisoning • -' Toxicoliv/y. 

linu-nu- an.l th.hame ar: i:kr .trychnmr. hut 
. tivlhrucmc. mfthylthchain-'. ana ni.-thy!strych- 

, '.In not inthu'n'T tiu- cora, l>ut paralyse th. iWlH 

:i.,- motor nt:rvi- likf cururc. 
Mrvchninc a^-t^ on all aninial.-< m the mam as 
iiuin. hut ^om.' hiras ana u'unu apiv,'d arc ksi 

. t-ptihli' to it, for th. y ahsorh it sluwly. 

Tni'.i.M'i;' 1 1< >. 
External. htr\chnin.- is so [M.i-oimuri that its 
. i^ an antiseptic would not he sat.'. 

iuiernai.— * '■/.s?/'o--.-«i.c'.ic(?i- -^ - 

. . vomica is vtn lar-t'ly -iv. n with .Accan-nt rt-uU^i 
a hitt.-r -toniachlc and Larinmativ.-, e=ptciall\ lU 

c c 


M \TI l:l \ \I| T.rc\ 

CI • - IM Wllich tin- f. . i.|. ' . . • , , 

p.irf (.f -.•!.. nill\ f,...i.|.. Ii,;,lti,. A inixruiv ,,r ,i, 
liyilr..<iil..n.- iin.l. j^m nriim. aii-l iiu\ vomica is (,f .- 

S.TVir,. n, fl.-s.. <•„.,.,•. A^ thr.ii^'rstini, i,n|.rr.v." 
K-'Il. h. il'h IMipn.w . l;,.r;m-.' of its p.AVi 
Miiiiiilal. |.. ristalsi-*, mix voinir,. valiiahlf i]. 

^'"' '•■"p "♦" '•'•ii^M|.;.rinn in ulii.t, ;he rontra. 
-''■'■"-'''' "' '•'■ niu-riilar . •,,-,[ of tl„' ittr.-tin. 
Wrak; i,.ii;.llv tin : ,,,,[ „{ a <,'rn.T;il u.akli.-^ 

''"' \''"''' ''"'^ ■'•"• '•••M^ti|.,'iti..M of aM.-.iiiia. will, i 
<-aii li.' v.ry <iic,v-,fnlly fnat.-.l hy a pil! nf v\t 
<){ mix \(.iiii.a aii.l ii(,n sulphat'c, i - i - ,] 
static. ■ (if till- vari.ty <»f constijiatioii. 

<ilt,M!ali< l^ iiiadiiiis-^il.l,.. mix vuiuica uifl ; vc},i. 
}ir<. rxc. Il..,,i car-liac -titmilaiifs aii.l fur tin. piiri' 
llwy iniiy l.r roinhin. .| with nUT-ltK'. I'.-itinit^ ah,, 
• hntu lailun of !h. h-ar- i,, thr coiirsf of chronic 
canhac .liM.asc may appan mlv h- hn.iij^'ht foti„.l },\ 
the suhciitaiicous iiii.ction ,,f ^[ivcl.iiiu- ; hn- ,■ ' 

lioiihl lis ( I'li.McV. 

J:,::pit;ih'<'„, Stiychtiiiir ),i:iv 1„. cninl.Jn.fl wit)' 
expectorants as it stiiimlatr. th- " ivspiratorv c iitf. 
aii.l It 1. cxtivnirly ^.Tvir.ahl,. ul,,,, f,,,i„ anv cans.-." 
siicli as -.s..,-.. hroiM hill- or pticunM.nia. tlic 'n-pira' 
tions aiv f... hlr an.! >h;iliou-: it is :h.i) h. ,i ,mv, •. 
subcutuiiouu>ly in fr- .pi. niiy r. ptat. .1 .io-ts. 

X,-rrnHs .s■y^/, //,. it Ir.i^ h, tn ;,mviii for :i iiunihcr 
of n.ivons .hsfjisfs, hilt uiih no certain ^'oo<l resuh-. 
for when th.. ,iisra-e is not m tli,. ant.rMr corii;;t 
spychnme i. hanily in.licat.d ; and if it is in ih-'< 
part ot tile cor.l. it is ,ioul)tfiil wii. [her it i.s a.lvisa!-. 
tu .stimuhiti' ih. pan of tip ! o ly wliich is .liseased. 


Ill til.eut an liowr aft-r a poisonous a..,-- ili.. u-mwui bft-- -- 
to fi^el :mH«-.y fiutn .1 -,.M itjttn of i!:!j-.;.r.,{in-' suiT,.i-itii u • : 
t.Unio i;oiuul.-iuM> liuii coimmuiu-.. Nvjii, iiraVviulouce, noarlv 
a,l tlu- luu-clcs of the »)u,|y laiii;,. utli-cted ut once. The lirah'^ 
(lie tluMWM ,,„t the hands are clencho.J, the h. ri.l is jorko.i 
f-rsMini.^ uii.l tlif!) bent backwards, and thr wh..!r bodv i^ i.. - 

r\i.\i'.Ai{ fu:\v 


•iff frn- 

Til.' ]r. 

iji.'-i from ixhrtij-ti'iii an'l 

. . ii- ,i:i' kll'iWIl to ' 

I > • ; i' r\p|)»-!ira' 
tnvit 1- 

'. III. •li->-;i-f -\ :i.i ' 
• i thf j i.v arc itiip^ 

hriri!^ on th 

(iifountlKl with 

• 111'- on uv<T>- ^ 


riiiniiii I' iiiii-i 

. i\ iiirly. and tlit-n- is 
'lity with ]i;irox\ -inal ••xactrhatiims, loliituti' '1 

ni'-nt. I'ut till- patient a' 
Wik-^h 'Hit thf :«turnarh w. 

1. r cl 

nplUin (■«''»' J). 



•I ■•: 

■ I h 


iniiMlly if tlif jaw i- 

,i;;l hriiUliilc llll'l t:lll' ' 

I.- inhalation'^, :iivl if i 



^ensestryihnine isantitlntii! t-'-^^'oral fi"<l mori-liin 

not a strict an 

li-i-ito, for tl 

thf ClTl-- 



"'^tili, chloral IS Mihiablf itj -i.' > 

1. liif anta;.''Mii-m witli Cal-.iliar l>«an un^l g'lacnuum i--» 
acciiratt'. a.-i both ihpi'-ri thf anterior cornua. \-t tiny 
.,, IV !'tt'.. iH<' ill -trwlioiii"' jiiii-iiii III-'. 

r\i.\it\ic iti:\>. 

rii>sus|i;:iii:ilis *«<'i :t. 

.>!■">»! )/IlI. 




\V. -Mil A I 

1 ica. 

1 I" 1 • in. Ion; 

in. liro;ii 

m. I 

r.!.- ,: 


alt al< 

c c 


^r\Tf:i;i\ MF.uifA 

convex iiinl'V. T' -ta Im-'i. 'hiittlo. ro:i^;!i, <]<•[) bruwn. , 
clo'^int,' t.Mi l.!U-'i, wliitr', hrittle cotylf-dotis sc^mratfMl J.y ., 
i-asiiy. Iip.'l'.nju>. No ili-finctivf !a-!f. I'-u.iily '■■■"! •■ 
iiljout H r_' (11 r cent. <»f t'ltu! 

Cii>iriir-i I ruN. Tlu? i-hi<'f (■()ii>tiluiiit i- tli' aikulwii 

/'//;/ ..^,' ./I), i7i( i.r /.'.-///((' (iiC Ix'loW). 


Extractum Physostig-matis. Alc-iliolio. wit'- 
5iit,Mr ci ::...k. 

Thi-; is ', of th" -tr<ti:.'t}: of that "f \'. ]'. 1"-".. 

Dose, ; to 1 gr. A- this i- not -l.iniarili/cil it i- 
UMMUtaldc fi-r inttriia! ailmiiii-tialioii, ;i!i'l it is L. ••■ ■ 
to ^rivc rhysostiKiiiiiif Sulphate in pill vr solution. 

I'll) •>o*<liuiiiiii<i' >nl|>!iJi»». '<'. il.,Nj".> .H >i I . 

.; H ( >. .>//'.' ":/"' i-~' !"''■ -io . 

SofiiCK. - The sulphiilf ot an alkaloiil oht^iiiit'il fro::. 
Ciihihar h. ,in. 

f'Hs:.\< 1 1 1.^ ^ I !lo%vish-uhit<-, niiriiite crystals, ht'coiiiii;^ 
r. 'i 'II ivjioriuic to liolit aii'l air. JJitter ta^tf. Vt-ry ^rll^lJl^• n 
\s;i!< 1 ai:ii a'lc'ohoh Tin.' solution in >ali<-ylit' aciil i- jx-rinan'.ir. 

Dose, ,', to ' gr. r>e-t viwu suhiulamou-ly. 

Lamella PhysostigniiiiSB. r)iyso-t!t.'niinp sii: 
jihu!''. , uv , ; -•i.atin ..ihi ...m-iiji to;'i-thi r, ' lt. ;:; 
each hiiui lia. 

\< rii.iN. 

External. Nniu. 

Ihteni'il. — .1/ ''^^ At'irr ['liysii.-tioiiiinc i< al- 
■^drluil 11 increases the salivary secietiou; nul th- 
lias liciii .-hiiwii 1(1 It .iuf 111 stiiuiihilioii ol llu- t. i 
i.iiiiatidiis of tl,c si fi'i'tnry HffVfS m the oljind-. 
Oilier St iTctioMs iirr iiicrtaMd. iirnliul'ly in the b'au *• 
wav. Afti )• a liii.t ilic llow nf -aliva ci-ascs, hccu!'-' 
tlu- (Ir'.iLT liii- s(i aci.d nil the circuhridii as lo ennsiriir 
the \(ss<!s. ainl t iiii-^(ijiuii;ly ilir llow of I'lo i 
tiii'oiiL'h ihf sali\ary olaiid- i< (iiiiii!i!>li( il. 

^hiuiu'ii ..'.'/ Irttcstines. — Tin muscrlar coat •' 
the stomach :i!i'i ititr-tiiic-' is i^'naily stimulated i ;■ 
the (lii'tct action of iho tlvui: circiihitinL,' thioiiL'li :. 
The i-(>'iiil IS liiaL af'oi' a hiM.'* 'losi- NomitlliLT ai;'-i 
purj^'inu '^ciur. rii_\ scstioiiiiin is ijuickly aii-^orbt li. 

Ciixulatiuiu ^^u iiiihu luf oil ihc hlood is kuowii. 

r\I-\H\K BIAS 


.tTffl nn ill' h.'iirt i- 


•:i- i 

nibil'.tv M{ th- p.Tii'h. ril t'-i-m 

< at tif-i iti-T 

ir.J'Ut it appoar? Uiit 
inaliim-* (it tlif 

r:i-' ' 

I, aii'i that con<."i>i.ntiy 

h' an 1- 

slowed. Vt ry l.u 

,',■ iii)-i 




he \VV\ 

tai'ilitvof th" va'_'ii'. 

iT.'Cl-: fin 

ih.- va-MH. ]iiiy-^" 


I- . 1 
.-• h. 



t„llv ?tuiiulatr< til.- onn-ra.-tu. 
Tin' beat is th.r.'f.av I'm'Ii m 

aiil to 
111 a'Milion I" 
in frou's at 

U' tor 

('.• o 



il sloWiT. 

.jK in 'lit- 
Th, blood-pressure rises 

. r.iv iliU' to ihf in.'T. :i^. 

t, Iv th.' oru'aii 1- p:i' 


I aii'l 



of til'' f 

U-; i- 

h: tl 

aril'.ac m 

•tlv to stnnuliinoi 

1 o 


\f va-i 

lunMr f. ntn'. par 



)ntra<'ii''n o 

f all tl 


-irrlp. il nr.i 


1 vi-i-'t 

a. drivuiu' iii'.( 

h l.loo.l out ot tti 

•1,. ot tlie 
f th 

It i- lilt Known 


prd mn-clc ( 

,f the avK'ru- i- 

fur (". itain it thi- un- 
hitt.l. Analoi'v 


1,1 Ira'l iH to <npi' 

that It 1- 


, /. r.i 


i- t'lrst (pnckt-n 

,1 hut -oon rotar 


I death tak-^ i 

• ill 

■t leas' 

larcfrnni asphyxia. 


ii'i-i' 1 

art p 

iMj.ahlv coTH't 

).i„.,l in InniL'Ui',' a 

ho, it 


'Hi.. .n,!^ of th.' va'4 


hitr.l. for if n.rv. 

-tiuMniiU' is a«lninii-tt 

.i-.mI tluTf i-no 

irnr f 


f ri-1 


n. rhvso~ti'_'inn 

. ^i in thr hini.'s aro 

ari' cut anil physo- 

priinary (piickcn- 

,. troni its action 

involuntarv nii 

Hc\ilar tihr.'. cai 


m t;.nclMaltnh.-. vvithcotH.'.iu. 

!l O 

f ih. III. Lastly 

in,l nior^t inipoi 

iscs c-ontrai'tioii o 
nt fonsiric- 
taiitlv, the 

:itv of the- r.spn-atory en 

[]■> - in th.r ni 


lulla and 

,1 i- lUair 


Xmcus sii.-,i,ni 



lin ccrta 

icnc^s ifJ nniinpairt- 

mlv kni'Wii to 

all-i-t« ( 


cntrr. hut it 


IS l)tcn --ai 

fatal dosps 

part of the 

I H thf r.'Spira- 

1.. motor 

,v>n 111 

he iinl-. 

d th; 

rto\ IS 

tl inporanly vMit 


StJlH'l. c, /■' 

U" „ luT.- thai phy;^.-n.naM. p.- 

duces its mo 

:t cliaracteri>iif fllccis 

IS 1 

nhibited; hy exclusion it can 

]„. shown that this 


M\Tl.l;[A Mi:i)IfA 

IS not r,^^;n,Mn,n^ mil. ;.„<■,. on :h.. n.-rv... r,r voImp 
tM-y .nn.,l.~. ilant,.,-. ,: ,, .|,„. tn depression of the 
r^pinal cord. 11,, ,,,..1 n-ndusu.. ,. ,f ,,( thi< 
''"■''"'"•' ■'I1'li':i!i"n -.1 !1h. (Irii,. tn il„ , '|'h,.'-, 
!'• '""• "^ *">'-l'-ni th. init.tiM,,. ul,,,.]. i. ,•;,„-..'.! 
l'yi.Iiiin.t :,n> M.i,>taiu-c., ;i >li;,lit iiim ;,>,- ,.f r..ti,.-, 
7'';''^'"'''>: .'"" /'^'-^ ^'>"" ;-^*- u.v U. .-.Hnpl.t.' 

7''';^ ^'! ')--.,^.,i. .„l!:;a Ih.n ;,n,U.,,: 

!; 'trlnnu's l.-Hnu -In... i„ ,„;„,v .MM.n-!- 
IIJcso:,)M,;,r I., i.,.,iur t(, a, •;!,,,, nn-'h,. ,n. .[..r r.n.' 
t«Tiiim;.iiniis; stiisory 11, ia. - .,m mi:,!!.,!, ,| 
, ' '■"■''nt'irii n.,.r!, \\<.l■:,^, :,lr.,.lv „., „tl.,: 

""■,'"'"''''"'•'> "Mi.H.< ol tl.. iMt,>tiM,<; .tuiu;u-l. 

^""1 '"•nn.-!naltul...aiv ui:nl(.i,M.,ntr;icii,v !,!.•. .o-ti.'-' 
'ii'nr: .M)a M.aivtliuM.oMh, -H'-n. iir.MH. i,!:M,i," 
■•""^ "■'••^•. l''-'"'.'''b .„ all i)..^. m<MUv.^ it J. ,1,; 
l.ilnni:itln,,s,.f ti:, n^Mt, „• n, r'. . . t li;. t a . ,■ air. rt.-.i. 

J'.lH'tUa "';'Mlnnlur.,l,i,:nih,...nvulat,nn.a:,...con. 

traction of the pupil, spasm of accommodation f,,,,. 
''inn^tiniiilaiinn nf [!„• . i,.l- of,!,, ni.unr n, rv... n'.' 
■-.n^andlh. nliavs i.n-.U.. Tin ,v is a din.inu: 
tion of mtra-ocuiar tension. Th,i.. a. n-anl- 1m.iI. 
^'erf!Hm<a..l (h. . >. . pja .„ .n.Muin. 1^ auiu-.,ni-Lir 

Tlh. aclion of i-liVM-.ti^^jain.. 1. mur!, m-uv c: 
>ta.Ull,an thai olCalahar 1„ an. {urhajw luraiiM- ti ■ 
otIuT ac-tiv.. in-uj.-ii.lrs 11, tl.c hfai. inuri; ,v with tl - 
action ol I'liy-o-slij^'iuiiu-. 

i ii !!; \l'j.( I !i 

■ ■ '"•'■"'.' '; "■■'■ iifcau-r ,,i Us ^tiniulatin ■ 

P'lu.i- un unstniH-d miisclf Inaii ha^ l... i, 
"'■^'''"'""'""""•rhnmu- c-o.istinatinn. at.,nv of th. 
I'la.Kkr, and rhiun.f bruUcliUi- nuh <h ticuiu puwui 



\lH'Ct(»tMli>'H, l"l 

t it \> raft ly ,u'iv. u fur those 

/.- -Calal'aL'lHMi! hi- i^> ill u-..l 

U-tauus, ami .-nii 

ca-t. - t' 

t )•< fOVtl' 

•V ha\r inrll 


1; M 

;,-t 1h ;L'llIiilii~ti V 



lie »\- 

ha-; oft. n iH'i-ii 'Ji\i'\i. 

l,.ii ii i- h'^l' 1 t-'* "ijti-t 

li<'iniii'- suljihatt; \uu 

III luU-t 

ly i\ p- 
hf call 

;ii> 'i may 
tuUv w.iii 

Ut the ^^lan. 1 'osi'S ot 

iImViiI. I'Ut lilt' 

«■ 1 ill 





"ivtn a> an an 

U.lipt-' for .-liM'hninr poisoning'. 

)'•,;,'' "Tlu-"l:nn.lla a.v p^^'-'"' ""''"' '>*• ^1' '"■^"''' 
■ ■ innii.-h Ultra ofiihir t< n- 

. ,.t ihi' irn alt.r wiuuhIs 

h'>l"ii- I 

if t!ir iri~. t-' 

j,j, \,-iit prnliili.-' 

iili-cr- *' 

t thv ctirii'a 

It i- 




' ;'.c'>n 
1 to 1 

in I'araiV'-iH o 


f ih. iris ami ciiiary n:ir-«'lcs, 
if liu'hl into tiif t Vf in 

[\[v I'l.Dalua- I 

i ipMMl'l; 


a 11 

1 -o 

i.-ti'-,niiiii' >'\[i 
I -trciij^'th. 

ai« L' 

■nil '11, 

tl. ..- 

to li ^r. < 


,t wat'.r 1.- 


I \ 


i!i«' iminl, nil 


h V 11 l." ..l.served thai m it- a.tiuu-^ «n th- . . 

. :„„ :t\c to atini.iu.. In It- ac-uon rm the si-nuu cool .uul 
j;a.atnrs cuiiiv ii i^ unta;;omsUc to -irychrun.. 

<.i.i>i:'sii ^1. 

............. u:....x.v ;;;■;'■;•—;„ ^n- •-;,' 

''•'■""■" '^";^ 'i' '"''tl .' .,ith-eastvrii Initcl Slai. . 
,. \..l':.,w. porous, with m.tlullaij raj^. *.^«-"' 

ii-..-i . 


tts viUuwir-h-^^hite 
-^->- i;"-",'^;\ , , .,.„,, i.T, but. laum^;!)- ill 

...nanuiiHait. -^1 (.^-■'"if =':-^J^ 1,, water 

- 1 .1 , . .1 t 0;i.r. -1 '" "aici. 

1 i 

t i 


41 \t;;i.: •. Mi:r»rf". 

Ke.-ni,!..- i-nit-n c-,i!!, i , ,,. .,,.. an.l vie- viT-.t 
Dose, wf L'.. Mini, :ri. 'i..lrnchlorid«.', ' to i- rr 

Tinctnva Gcl.srniii. (,, 
Dusc. 5 to 15 m. 

!;:: ,111. 1 


I li. 

A< I! ON. 

External. Nin, . 

Illtcnial, (M'M.ii:iui:! |,n.i-;r. - ;io , (V, ,.t ,„ 
st",n;.,h orint.n;,..-. It. j ,, ,u ,,-,•,, 1 ^, ,n r.d pliv-', 
U l')(-aI .flr.t.^ arr (in.- to tii. irrl^ ;, .■;,,,. in n. 

^^/■'""'- '" |'"i-'iiiii,t,' \>v .i:.l-,-iiiiuiu con^-ci .11- 
n-'ssisi,ian:t:.i!„,| nil ih,- ,.,1(1 ; til.- ^\,n'j, il„.rt.f,,f,. 
Ji.'^ n.. 11..V., r ,,11 tlir l,i-li, r mnLial ciitr,;.. 

■''/';''■'' '■•■'■••- -Tli. 1,1,, St luaik. .1 svnipr.Uii nro 
.iucr.l l.v t'<.!-. ,„nnii i- paralysis of all the muschs 

Ui.i-i' UM-,1 l,,r >try,-l,ni,„.. tin- can 1.,- .Imu,, t,. }..■ 
•I'ir in depress-.on of the activity of the cells of the 
anterior cornua .,f il,,- .j.ia;,! c-nni. It a i;^,,,,., ,]-,,.. 
IS jjiNvii il„. wh,.],. „ftlH, !,,u,.r ,1. urn,,, i. .leniv^..] 
un.i h. ■,!(•.. t!u. |).riphc-,-al ,n,,t,,r n.:\,s a,i.l their 
.ndi.i.^s ai-e i)aralvM.,l. Thi- j. saiM tn 1,.. full.,w,.,i 
l'\ a .Icju-. sHn,i nt tlir s. ,i.n,-v juirl of tlh- co,-,!, uatl, 

fnnM..,u._,:tanM<ih,,ia,l,Mtth,sish.s.i,njH„-,a,it. Tli. 
r.Hil: „i thr a.-tin,i nf th. ,|ni,' j. i],^; t!;,. p;,r„Mr 
may 1,.. uiial.l.. tn walk. .,r ,f I,,, ,.,„ ^j,.. J,.^-. ■;■' 
^ta--.,!,,-: hn,_;.„,.ral s.-,i-il,il,tv i-, <nUi> ^^■h:a Un- 
'';.'"';"• ^'-"^''l^i-ns may 1.. pi,;j,u..l Tia> ca..-^.- 
o{ I irs.. faiii:n! 1h ,ua.!, ,,ut. fnr llu v aimi-ur to 1. 
lifllhtT Cfivhi'al. sniiiai. Ji,,r p.-ni-li.-,- a"). 
_ _A/,v.- (ici- tMiuin .^n,,,i ,-a;i-;, -^ 'ii-t ui-h \,ir(. (_,* 
visin,,. tiuiifnihu, diplopia, -lu,' tn panilvsis of til." 
oc ular muscles, an.i t,-,„H th. .<a,n.- ran... th. umx r 1. 
u;-|>:.. iiic pupii isd.iat.u. Aii tii.-,- svmi.toms a;. 
!"--'l'al.Iy owMi., tn th.. |,a,-a!N>is of li,. n.'.unms of tin 
'" ■'""" '•'"^'^- n, th, ilu.^r nf the fnui-th vor'r-'c'f 

nr.MT.orK ^^^ 

i th.' aMU.dMrr nf Syhiin. for tli. .=.• nm &.<■ r-n 
nation upwanls <if ill. ai:i- ricr vnvuwu. 
(-rru'ati'^n. Thr act imi o' uKHl.rar. <\n-^c^ \< ii'>t 
. !;,.,1 Tnxic (loses an- row. rfully .1. yv> saiit : the 
;>,;.! rat.' of 111.' l"il~'' ;i'"l t*»>' ^'^"""^ I"' -'"''f 
1 1^ owiii- t.i a <lir« ct a<'ti.>ii on tlir c ll~ of 
\;r':.l -'an<,'ii;i. ih.- 'iniL' a^'in- likf nirotinc 
^■, s. ;n(/;,^'^;.--Soon aft.r th.' a.lnunistration of 
■,',,,i'ii,i ih. r.-piratioii Ih r,,)ni'- slowvr an.l nioiv 
;,.. „ 11 >:.'P^. .l.ath lakin.L' plac- l-v 
.;)hvxia. Thi^ 'i ^ .luv to raralv-is of th.' ivsiuratory 
■ •;,, in th.<'-M and ni.a;ill:i. l'-. t-r, .L^ath tli.^ 
.|:, ratwiv falU. an.i llu' ^Uin i> l^atli..! m a .-M 

Til!:!. \ii:;-:;f -. 
(nlM'nuuni \va< f..niar';y lm\.h f-r many c'on- 
■,,,,. liMt as it <ii.l no 'J."'.i and H an un.-t rtain. 
•. twiw.rful j.ois. II, it is not often pn ^.■nl..;.l. but 

• tniu-sit 1-^ UM.l <u./o-^^fiilly fni- n.ural-ia au-l 
■ line \ "..od fonil.ination for lli.-«' di^'a-fs ih 

.onmc liN.lroclilori.l.- ,' '-'f.. Nvith l.utyl rhlnra 
iato H <rr , mad. into a pdl with niucila-^^, and 
,., i.vLTV two hours nil th.' lain is relu'Vi-d 

• norlv t..o. It was t-mplovrd to .lilat.- tlu- ^nial an- 
alvse"aroonin,odati..n. it will .lo tin- win n api-hed 
■ ifv for it is .juicklv al-orl.d fiom the eye. 
(■-;'ea(di (M.ntaininK' ,.'.. g^'- ^'»1- '^"'•'•- 'i''' ""^^'*' 

• application to the eye. 
. 1 1 1. -Vegetable Dr'-iga acting cliiofly on Nerves. 

roilii r«»li:i. H..mlo<-k L-avos. Th.-fn sh ['■^"•^/^'x^ 

, hniMch- ..! (-'.n/j/J macn!ntu>n. it •■ ^•'>n<-\ hoial.M'k 

:.'()rL On/'W/./.-r^r). cllr'-U-l ule n U'P ^Mlit be^MUS t.) 

CiKi-l^TKKs. Divia.d; l..w.r 1-avrs decom. 
.,1 un.l seinetinits 2 feet Ion.': ulahrou^, ttn.inf: fr-.m a 

..Cil -l. Ill millK.'i «iui pr.rj-.-i.' :.j!;:ir,. u;, v:o-t-.-,- :- -" . _ 

. in« len.'tJe^. thnr^f of lli.- lower leaves beini; hollow. U.lour 
• !h.. !».avt^s Btroiiglv like- that of mice and very aM. . 
.eiallv if th'V &r<^r:hh-'\ with -i ^. h:M..ii of rofi.h. 



■ \ 

;50 1 

.M\Ti;i;I.\ Mf DICA 

lN<..Mi.\rn:i.i>. C;iu-tif ulkali. , i 

aslriiif^'cri' . 


1. SUCCTIS Coilii. .1;;.,, nf fr, -li !;»Mllluckl.Il\, 

Dose, 1 to 2 fl. dr. 

2. Uiigueutuin Conii. Sucous Cmiii. j il 
\\""1 , (I/. 


< OMii I riK Ills. 

;-'ri'v, II i.iit i;,'.^ ,|., i , ■ 
imhclliftr,, i. 

Cif.Mui Ticiis.— About 
pn-NM'.l laterally, .lipi -• 
jUi -rd styl<>|)()cl. Ill , 
liitc'l 111. ricarjis. « acii i. 


11 U i 

,it. (^i 

iuoatlly moid, cciii 

'■' .iduiit il liy tlio ill 

.sually of t!i.' -r i i 

>i jirotiiiruiit luon 

(•niiat,-.hi.|;.',„. (un-nu -j, and without evi.i. i.t \.; ■ 

low.i.i.ilan MuliL ,1 with potash, it mvesi.ff a strong (li -a ;. 
al.I.' oilour liu, tu th.- alkaloi.l. J:,:s,->nUi,i., omr..- fru.' 
( arauay. atiiM.. .ijll, all known liy liavin;-' \itt .. 

«' iMi'..>iiii,\. The chief con^titueii; h (' , 

IH„1{N. projiyl iiijuTi. line. tin. uctivo Mm. -i i. A vlhiw; ;/ 
oily, .strori^'ly alkaline liijuiii alkah.i.l. wah a nio;i-...iike o.i,.:;r 
ami a (..hareo-like ta~te. SiHtdnhtn. 1 in Inu of wal..r. It i- 
. asily i.hiaine.l fruin th.. [,!ant l.v <li.~tillatii-n witii alkalies h 
IS n.n.i abuii.iant ;n li;. in;;; It i> n-aiiily,u,,o^ed i.v 
li;-'lit and ami ilu- lutparati-ins of coniuin are iheivfoiv 
ot x.iy vaiyinr -Inn-tlH. Its salt-^ are much ni.-re stabie. 
C-'i M'thylci.nun.., (■,H„rll \. a (•.-lourless Huid alkaloid. 
i.'l tonhydnii... a nearly iom .r.s -Uiilizable alkaloid. 

I'- "MiMii;i.i >. Caustic alkalies, vegetable acids, and 

/'/■. I niiitiioi. 

Tinctura Conii. llnuhck fiuit. 1 ; alcoljol (70 

I" i II :i!._l. •> I't ici.iali-. 

Dose. ;, to 1 fl. dr 

Extennil. ( ,,iiiiii,- j,i', ,l.,-il,l_\ \,-^< no inlliu-nco on 
till' iiiiiirnkiii >l\\\. l.ii; i[ lia. 1,,,, n th.cii^lii to be 
;i!i;t-tli.tir wh, II applini to l.aiiiful hniken mi.-- 
lac.-. 'I ins 1- lioul'ltiil. for in tiir liisi jilace nsc li;i\.- 
no proof that it can \)v aiiM>rii..| fnna .suie< ; ami. 



-^ ;iv, .\i>. villi' Ills show tli:il lai-.u'i' '1"^« -^ li^i^i' ^^ 
. \, 1, t.; ,b pr.-s ihi- iicli\itv i>f sin>ory n. rv. s. 
luternal. (nt.Jrointrsdunl tnict. It may "oci- 
M .llvL'ivf ri.M' lo Noiiiitin^' aii'l <liarrh.i a for il aeVs 
' iiiiuthtlic •^'aiiL'lia liKr iiicutiuf. 
/,■.'(;,)//..-/;. ('(.iiiniri^ ai.M.rl" il iiil-> lli- M'-'tl. 
,in-ul;itcs luuhaii^:. .1. ll CMr.-..s viicM-.l.-^ t.. 
,, ,11 th. 1.1 crlU. Il -Irpivs^*'- ihr capli;if va-al 
.i:i. ;,inl li.iur Ihf pulse .piiclu-iis : -luukliiu' 
..'iiv (-(niiiK-. Ilk.- nic'liiir. paralysrs iit-riplurul 
...i • I 111- i-niif cMu.-.'ot'thf tall I)!' Mn...! pnssure. 
i!! ;ul l.tats loim alt. V l.n athiii- has cu^i-.l. 
l:,'spimtu»i. ONvin^r l.' lh«' iT-.tuund paralysis 
!! the iiintor lit rvis. and th.' lattr (Kpnssion of 
,-, -piratoiy c iitri- aii.l mdIoi- [uirt of liu; cnl. 
Il tak. s pLicf trciii . ufrt hit 111. Ill of r.-piraliou 
.■,,ns.i[iuiii asphyxia. 

\-, ,•■,,.., s,/,s?,'//..--.V' /•'-•• CoiuiiH' pow.rfully 
Miesses all the motor nerves. Tins .Upns.i'.n 
■ i;^ at ih.- pirii'h' ry. an.l L'fa<lually ascends liU 

-lh..l.' lurvf, 111) ^""''"' -"I""''^ '■'*'■•'' '"^ ""■"Pii''^'- 
-pnn.Uii.' lo <liuiuli. Thi- U-,i'U l.. pariily.-i.s of 
,;. niu^cl. s of ill.' hody a- far as v..lunlary an.l 
(.lion arc i-..n.-. i n. .1. lul lli. y thfinM-lves aiv 
■r.i'tftlri-luiniui,' th. ir irritahility to local >linuili. 
s. nsory lU'rvts are not ini[>liraU'.l unlcs.s the 
.. i> vtry la-jv. th.-n con-Uu-tini,' power i.s 
. .|,:ur.(h The etl'efls on .u rv.s are v.. 11 illastrale.1 
h,. .hath of S.K-rales. for he was .hrected to 
.iu al.oiit till his h-s fell heavy inioL.r paralvsi«»), 
:;.l later, when hi< f""l was pressed he coiiM not feel. 
Spinal cord.- 'I'iii-^ reinani- uninthienc .1 till (luilu 
ilun, if poisonous do-^es iiav.^ Iniii t,'iv»-n, the 
I. ..11 of il> motor cornua is fei'l.'ly, as is 
,1,.,, ,,f tl',..- !•! -iunitorv e-entrc m ll"' m.duUa. 
-. "u-lions are p:(')hahlv'.lue lo llie m. Uiyleonine. 
the amount of llii.s is variahle in dillerent 


M\Tj;r!iA MDrufA 

spiciiiH 11-. th. ,■,,,.•' p.riM.l ,ir ^vhi,•ll tlicsr ctT. ■•- 
coin.. (.11 v.iiir- with tlitfi!-. nt pr. jKuuiii .ih. In <,<ii,. ;i.-.|iliy\i;il c'.iiviil.-intH un- \t i\ iiuirL .1. 

lir.tni. jnr i}i,. n-|.ir.ifory c.nti. , ;i.. 
wliol.- (,f th, hniiii i^ iiii;itT.M-t.-.j hy cniiirif. ('.,,. 
scir,ii,n»-ss ijj prt-ftciAtd uumI ihc sta^'o of ;i~phv\i;i. 

Kjli'. -Coiiiiii* .\vh. II drop]...! inN) (h.- rv.'cau-. 
iiiiiii.diatf coiitracti.m of ih.^ jHipii r. t!.\h' iVom th. 

roiijuiiriival iiiiiatJMii. j;,it ,. , th, pupil dilates. 

anil ;icc()liitii()(iiili(iii is j.;iraly-t(l ; thi. saint. usna!>. 
happ(.iis wli.-n til.. driiL' is ;,'i\.ii inttriially. I'l.' 
l)ahiy tht t n -.lilt-^ an nwir.'j to p;i: ;i!\ -j',- of li., 
trnniiial pMi-tiMiH of the thiid ii. r\.. for u,:i mai-k. .; 
ptosis, whicli 1- (hie Id thi-- caii-r, \< present, hut t! 
piipilhuy (ll'.cts arr paitly (i,i. to d. pr.s-ion .f th 
fihary ,t.'an^'li()ii. as coniiia paiMly-. < all p. nph. !■••! 

CiiiiiiiK. i- f\ci'..t<.(] niicliaiiLrt 'l.chi. t!\ in tli.. urii.. 

'J'!'];!: xi'i-.r-rii v. 

Exteinal. ('(niiniu ha^ li.,ii ajipli.-d t<> i»ainf:;l 
ulc. rs and Hir. s, hut it i-^. fnr tin- r. a-^mis ;iliva.i\ 
,i.M\.n, doulitful \ u priiduc.- aiiv l'o.hI flh-,--. 
It lias also h. .11 fuipha.d fi,r luyal.L'ia and rh. - 
inatisin. hut it is .juit. u-. I. --.. 

Internal. Coiiiiim i^ rarely iriv. n a- a m. ilifii:, . 
for i./i '!i. aniouiit of coniji. cMvactcd hv anv p: 
parati.:u is vt.ry variahlr ; (/.( th. ainou'nt iii ti.. 
.-aiiH. part of difffinit plants i< inconstant : (.■) \\ . 
aiiioiint of 111' th_\lc(iuiir. pnstnt i- also \\x\- xm 
(■•■ftaiii ; ('/) coiiiiiic is vi-ry \oIatil. ; (,' it i- un.s'tuhli-. 
li.L'ht and air niaKiii!.' it in. it. I'ur th. -.• reason^ it 
IS pr.^h.ahl,- that iiftt n tin- pharni;!iaip(i.ia! pr(.paratio:.- 
c-on!aiii III' coniii.- at all. Ouiic- ..f th.. succu-. 
^vhi(dl is iitlu-v. .1 t.) li- tlu- mo-t r.liahh nr. narati.a^ 
^.a-.i ;r. .puiuiv hen .-^w uiiovs t d wr.houi jiroiluciiiL' 
any . tTfcts. Th.- pieiiaratioii of tiie fruit is said h\ 
soiiM'to hi,- nior. itliahl,. thnn the preparation^^ of th' 
kavts. Conium lia.shttn given in spasmodic disease.-. 



.hoopinL,' coiiu'h. in ^'ii 

lior. a. t»tiiniH. a-tlnna. and 

•psy, lull 111 III 

I 11 din< litil.- or no u'u(x 




With til' I' 

sonoii'^ dose arc in -tiid 

cal acli'in 

i.iiN y ; 


11 hiipU/niove th. m. iui 

1m- hiis no po 

iwer over 


The siuTcnr (••••1^ 

tiiii; to walk he staj;j;t'is. luul 

il tliiftUy he has to lie <ln\vii 

Tlifarm-^ h. comip {lo.vr- 


l \U- Ml 


hi- ^1.1... •rhfrriM''"-i-a'"':'""" 


of ftf<"lIlIUOi 

lilait-a. Swallow iiiu- 

jcc'im H I 

Ifttiou; th.' eyes are fui-.l. til.' 
lUtVicull. lU•^^ln^ltlotll■i 

rd. tl»e vou-f In i<"< 

;t. ait 

I .kiith liikv- I'liu*^ from a^piiyxia 

r', ■)'. 

The organs are 

foutul COIIK* 

-li.l wiih vfiious 

Kniotics (p 

. i:jt',i,(iii 

,1 wa-^h cut tho Ht(<nuic!i 

iiiiiic aoiil aii'l atiain 

v \V;lllli 

WA-h it oil 

I. Stiinu 

,la:it-i SI 


Ih I., th.' f' ft. Aitili.-;al r.siaralL.n. 

I':il»:i4 i I'<»l«5» 

. ,N(,t (itViciiil.) 

riir 'Iri.'l !.-av.-of Sicotuina 




ClISKMTl Its. 



tire Ijiown 


up to -JO 'ir 111 

.1. ill 

■\\,-i lin;j;, <)viit.\ 

hiu.l.i'.av. hiviry. oamir charac- 

la^lf naiiseou^ 

bittt-r, acii' 


!l,.N.Ci-.S per 

The ch-ff eoii-litti. Ill- ik 

(li Xu-^'ftne, 


.). A colourl<-«. vo 

ilatiU". oily alkaloiil 

liiik' an 
,l)lf in wi 

,1 tasting like tobacco leav. 

larkfiiiiiii ''^ith titi* 

[Iter, more so in 

ilcoliol an 

,1 .-tl 


L-vJ CO 

ntains hafllv an; 

2\ Nieotiauiii. 


:5i Salts an 

lurint,' agent? 
Nicotine i.s 

the mam 

.\ nio-t ai-tive ('"1 

istitU'-nt of 




.■nl 4iianlily tu ]■ 





IV,- pre-'Ul, but n 



<■ an> (• 

ill \iriui' 


r^^'Vn !. :iV. ^ aol 1" Mil-'. .■. y- 

most powerful and rapid poisons ki 

,[" nicotine, one 


External Ni.'<anH- i^- an aiilis. [ 
Internal.— ('<i-^''''^"^ 

tr-itiU'd tra< 

■f. Nioun.j 1 


n niiniUo 
1 --.1 

,l,,,s.'.s(!' .^'i-.) pn»inptly pn-lu 




iv arv ilow. 'lue lo ac 
•ninu' I 

niic aiipatuni-. 

tinii on the salivai-y 
:iin m the luwiitn, 

iinliao'i-^. 'I 



lid sloiuacli, 
;\v!n ' ti) its 

h hnrrihl.- naust-a, 'luu 


action on 



lia of 


MATKlsr.V MF,nK\ 

tli<' LMstn. int. ^iniMl inn^cl.. l,v ^,„,,ifi!lL' ;m,l f 
pui-in- iicT()iJi|i;uii. i In extreme collapse. 1 1 
tlieic ;nv piv-,.|U u i;,|.i.|. vry f.-,-!.!,. ,Mii.... int. ■ 
iiiusciil:.r wt.-ikiMs.s, !;ilM,ii(,iis n sj.i r.'it j. .(i. p.-irtinl i 

of COHSCIOH'^IlfcSS, OCCU-i.Hlill CDllVul-iMli^. lev CXf!-, . 

ties. an. 1 j.|-.,f,Min<l ,i'. u, r.A (•..llap,... A ,i,,V. „f ',,,, 
tin.' may Kill in (lnv,. n,,„„t..>. I.iu m, i„.tii , 
annual- a .-. dain loj-.j-anc.' may hi' aciuiivil. 

Cirnilatiun. M.ntin. .ji^nu. -rat. s tlirV..,l f. 

nf fr.^hly .Ir.un h\ i. l„u I,,- urn thn .-tlWt on 

"^'"•' ''i'""l. ■■ilMinii-li til.' spectrum of )i;, niM.'j,,! 
IS altered. -, that tli. ,■,„,. :i>,l, - mii.t 1... m .nui.. u r. 
=''^' "■'"'• ">^i'r_' 1.. -ii.-hi stiinuiation with siil. •' .|..|.n,,,„,M ..f !),,. \;,.r;,l .MMu'lia an. I a .Jnii 
<■(]'■(•( -ui \a^.. nn.lnr uMu-lia tli.' puN.' i^ .a \\< 
''"'^"' '""l ''"• l'i""i pns^nr.- rus..(l. l.ut <om- 
tlir i, i< |H,v.,, -fully^., ,1, tli,- p:,].,. |„,.„„,. ': 

rapi.i. inv-ular. an.i t.-. 1,1,-. anJ tlu' \A i p.v^sir 

ns.-s and talN irr.-ularly an i lai.i.jlv ; (linliv ii fa;; 

n.spiratu.n. Tli;- h ai \\v<i ;m-c, I.ral. .i u-ui 
• l«,i ; it i< paralysed fm,,, .1. p!'...^i„n 
of til.' .-.•iitiv. Dt-ath i^ pai tiv .lu.' ;.. a-pljvxia. 

\rrrnHH s>/str»i. Ti,,. hi..^,, p facuJn..^ are ih 
press...! i.y lai-.' .)..>••<. l,.,' 1 !,..<.. p-.i-,,,,,.! h.^oni. 
(•oniatoM. wiiliin .v. n a minut.. ..r t\v,, .>f takin- • 
laru'fdo^,'. 'Ih.' .•.,n\iiNi,,iis ohs.TVt-.] i" 
man. an. I alwav^ in t!i.. fn.-, ar.. pn.r.aMy ,1,,,. f., 
spnial sti.MiiIatK.n. riiimat. K tli. function of the 
motor nerves is entirely abolished. Thi. .xplun^ 
llj. iil,.,r.v, akn.s-. I'r.ihahlv ijie s.-n^urv 
ncrv.'s. ami c, i-tainly the mu-.'j.-c, ,.scap,'. 

W hit lid' It ■.(■'.. i into »li, (•!!•, •■■'•. fi 1. - !• 

. . ' • ' -nLj lIIi ( lu ,11.1111)11 (,r apph' ii 

I'H-ally to m-rvc u'anLrlia, nicoiin.. paralv<.s tli.- 
iift.r a hn.f p..ri,Hl of -[imtnation, and to t!i;- 

• " ". ■'■ ■'■•••■"• ■•-■• .^a -tio-Uin--;n)iai, ai' 

(lu.'. Alter mi.'inal administration or loi-aj appli- 
cation ..f' tlu' superior f. rvi.-al ■Mn-'h..!! 
forr\ampl.-.i<paralysi.,i,>o that while .lo-t-ran-iioniJ 



;l;it lull (M !!■;»'-> 

l.l;inc'hiiiu'"f '^ir. <lil;»*^ti"n «>f I'''!''' 

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\ toxii- .l..-.,'i;ik. n uit.rnally. nr fli- \< 

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■f iiiiniiiif t<t ill"' ivf. contracts 'il- 
ls. Tlii^ will occur in 

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,,f t!;:in Mill Hi'i"! annua 


f.,r. a l"c;il .tTn-l. Willi 

iiiiiiiiil- iiifi'tii). i~ :i niyi 


Nicotiiif t'li'-t -titiiulalv- \>nl ulti 
Iv^cs thf -.cntniy structures uf the 
•v'sw.iit, lacliiviiial. ami i.i-..l.;iMy all <.lli. r 

ly para 

It acl> on thf L'aii.u'lioiiH: aj>i';ii;itns 

n<i I !<•>'' 

Sic. tine Htliniinat«-1 p.irtly )>> th 

iiut chi.tlv ill ih.' unnc 

tin.' Sfcrt'ticti tif which 

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.l.accn H II. vrr ii-^. .1 tlifrapculu-ally. luriu. rly 

• iiiployr.l m til"' foria ot an oncina < 

.. !!iu.--ciil:ir spa-ni. so 

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I- to farilitiit«- llif r< 'iiii--- 

it ili-lof;i!l<>l 

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kiuL,'. in thosf'wlpiiirr unacciHtotn. .1 

proline. -, to a i^'i.'at. r "T 


• icLMt t', till -VIU 


f .^':istroiiit.--linal irritation aii.l cuUapSf ju-t 
. .]. j-.v.ii ill lliosf will, ar.' n-.d to it tin- 

atarrli uf tin phaiynx. Mod. rale 

ihf Mon.l pr.-siir- i'y va-o-niot.-r 

1 quickfti- Till- puNe ami ro-^piration, 

ifui- liivakfast assists lli.' .laily action <.f th. 

ki' 111:1 \ proitUL-* 
ikiii^' rai~.- 
.'riftiuii iitii 

■1~. Afi 

L'T tNCt--!^'' 

-iiiokin/ tlif vasomotor 

:r. v< th. hk'O'l 1 ri'-n 




ami itn ri' 


1 r..l!;M.-i .Willi iiiaii> pfO[.lt' .-m-kiMir Imsa 

urfe'tTicl, t -p. cially allien 

those who lead sedell- 


eS. in -tlliiU 

:: uriv 
art, ( 

atiiiLT the hrain and prodiicin'.' 

hie, c.ilni state of niiiid. (»v. r indult'eti.-.' 

. Irad tM lo--; uf appetite, irreuulariiy of llic 

hroiiic larvn|,'»al and pharyiiL'tal catarrh, ami 

1 11 

. i'l II nil I H\. 

iiciF lii 

.ti.» *i..f\' 

11 fTi-r-t 

ihi^ is that the sntTeror (•oiiiplain^ ihai ..hjcets 

k ini-ly, ii'' has a central scoloma. s.>iu. •tunes 

lele. 'often only for nd ami trreen, and linally 



M\I I.I.I \ MIMtiC.V 

iilrophy (if hi-^ npiic inr\f. l'ii>lMnL,'t'il hi^'fi Mi..; 
pressur.' \< v\^ t.. ilf'i^'j-Moration of tin; artcrii-s. 
tlmrofort' [irolouu"'! fxi'-'^sivo toltjice »->iiu)l\ln'^' li i 
iiH h;n Itrii ■'hnwn i,y I,,,., exp. riiiK ntiriL,' u 
nilil'its t • tilmi-.-; ijf tin- inii-T ari'l t • :i lt'>s cxt . • 
if thi' mill llfj c'liiit, lir-truc-ti ii uf t-histic lilirt-s un i 
tli'j'O-itinn (if calciiiiii >ahs. 

'I'hf iiiliiri |il.i!ii cfiiiiaih- ,i:i .lin.iM,;,!. pi- ,,, u, 
acliiiL,' . \a(ll_\ likr iiicoliur. Tli. kav.s of n a;. 
ii-( li 111 Au-iialia iii>tfH(l of toliacco. 

4'04-:i' I'olia. Synoii i ,o!i. The .i 

Kri/-hi , ( , . .. ,/. ;iii.l ..til' ;' !■' •■r ;■»( . 

Dili. /.(IN ' 1. Sniilli .\rinMicii 

CiiAiui iKiis. 1.^ to ;i in. \<>u^. 1 u. 1 , 111. wi.l.- ; browiii.;: 
>,'ri-en,<j\al,«'mir<-.«iuliri)u- ; •■.\.\.v -urfauf iui.-, a lll^tlllL•t n i • 
ab'jve iiii.irih. uni. r -tni. I line fitluT -i<l«- of it. i .■. 

the riii/'' iiii-l ouiw.l lui' , .mh..' w.-ll nuiik..! in ^p. ciiii' h- 
frniii l).,!i\iii. iin- u-iially aiix-iit in tlio^- from I'lr;'.. whi.}. i . 
.siiuilli'". luiiit i< II like o'liiir. biti»r ta.'^t**. 

CoMiiiMiiuN. It cuiitftiiis four aikaloiils, \,,-. \\, i._«,j.'v 
('/.(•.). wliich IS III- th_\il)(ru.n\lt'c^'onitn', 2 p* r cent.. 
('J| truxilliiif. fiirnii ily (.ailcl cociiiiiiiie or i>atr.)pvl cociiiii- ; 
[A) ciiiimiuyl I'.icaiiif ; (}) iim|..i ,., ,-;.,,. 'pii,. ');■•-• ;!■-.. 
aif 'it rivaiivf s of of^(min>-. I'l:' 

niurh in .-trfn;,'th of cocaiiir. li. ;i p.ciiiiiii.- aic .^Uoii^tr 
tliaii those lliat lia\r Ihtii k<j)t 

Immmi .\niii.i s. Miiu'iiil tioi'l.s (di Poinposc cocaine inio 

liili/iiii- ariil and rr>,'oIUin I ...n;.,, ),, ;,i,, . . ; ... r , . 

iiK-ntlioi, aii'l >ilvi-r nitrat' 

i'r, jhiiiilum. 
Extractum Cocae Liquidum. i'u'.sa. r. d kas* ^ 

and ali-i'hiii |t',() per r> Iit.i. . 'I iiti pail.-,. 

Dose, ; to 1 fl. dr. 

4 <M-:iiiia. Cu.aiiu'. C, II ,N(},. 

S.>i i,. ; . All alkaloid uWuiiiievJ from Coca if-avcs. 

(. iivKM II US. Colourlesh nionoclinifpri.-iius with aslij;lit;v 
liitti r t.i-tf foliowt-ii by niimlini'.-;^. Soln'dlity.- Almost in- 
.solu'blr iti water. 1 ill 10 alcolnd ('.to pfTi-etif,)': 1 III 4 cth'-'r; 
2 ill 1 clilDrnioiiu ; 1 in 1 oleic acid; 1 i!i IJ ^.ir.i oil. 

Ung-uentum Cocainao. Cucaiu.:, 1 ; oleic acid, 
1 ; iaid, L'U. 

rric \ t \ K 


4 or 

:tiiisi- li\<li iM hloi niniii. « 

li. li 

Dose, to ^r. 

1. Iiijectio CocauxjB Hypodermica. « 

: . : .1-., I ' • ' !■ • 

vt. r. •' ■' lt>i»ercont. 

Dose. 2 to 5 m. .i- • ::: ■ ':■ 

2. Lamella Cocainas. !':■■ "f ^'^itin nwi 
A\ct'th\ laoh \vt'i;.'hiii . i 1 > iitiiimii^' .ocjiiiie 
liv.lrc. • ' :. , , . 

3 Trochxscus FrameriiB et Cocainie. \'..u\i 

■^ gr., with a ..i.U \<& 

A( noS. 
External. Cocaine ha- little action on tlif nn- 
■ •; -km. l.ui if injcctc'lsul'CuiatK-ou.-^Iynr iipj-li.-.l 
a. .us iiK'iuhram-^ - as, for fxaini'le, tho-.-of the 
iKisf. inoutli. ivctuin, va.u'ijia it I'roildc - com- 
•c local air-i'sthesia r > [am and touch, so ihat 
.'.ln|.i-raiion.-ii;an !'.■ j.* ilonui<l without tln: paliint 
■:■_' thrill. A 'i or 10 nt-r cfUt, solution of th. 
rhhu-idi' is stroiiu' tiiouL'h to tlius paralv-c tlw 
- ■!■%• mrvc-. Sironu'i-r solution- mast he ai'i'lit ■[ 
■olish stULsatious of boat anu cold and to paiahsc 
• r lurvis. If a solution is iiij.<ttd into the 
; iiMi ^jiace of tin spine, sensalioii and u ilh lar^'er 
MiotKUi is ahtdished in th-- paiis the n. rve.s 
Auich arise from the eoni t/eiow liie point of 
'■;i(.n ; thus hy injection h.-t\v..n the ;h-.l and 
. lunihar vertehne, sen>ation in the lower limha 

D L) 



iiJl'l iil-'li'liHli Up Im t!:f lllnliilini^ iri alinli-licd. W'l.. 1. 
;i|)]ilii(l IdCiilly (iKitii,! -ti'niil;it.i-.- v.L~-!.!-(.'(iii -trir',. .r 
iicrvfs :i!h1 lit iicc .irtt riis cniiiract. 

Internal. ( m ■if-i/.t'^innu tiuirt. Ai'jilictl : 
ilic u()^i nr inij;_'ac cufiiinc ulidlislu s siiuH mul ui.-j. 
((.'S})((.i;illy for l»ilU-r suli^;t;iiif» >) r* -[k cnvcly. ami 
will n it 1.- titk' 11 intri-iially. the L'a-trie iudcou.s iia i:!- 

lilalK- cXlKriclli-t-. its aiKI'Sliu'tic lllliUfllCr. 'riu-rctn;! 

tlif Miisatidii dt' luiiiLM'r is ilt ailiiitij. aial ]u.'i'-Mti. 
takilii.' (■dcaila- cm ii <j>> a leiiL' while w ilhuiit f.-eliiiL' ;ln 
waul mT tMHii ; luil the dnii^ is iiol a f(;o<i, fur t hf 1 - iv 
laj'hlly \\a,-N >. 1 )i^'cstidii i- ii"i iiujiairtil. Jiifa.M 
(if it- local aiia-,~llitlic (■lltct it -(iiin tiim < st'n -: 
Ndliiitirii-'. \i!y lai'i/f iIom > may Icail td iliaiTl;- 
ill till oi'L'ani'-iii it is i|uirkly cdnvtrtfij iiii(»ecL,'(>niiif 

L' :ri'ii ill! fit. — ly.W'^t' (idsr- >tiiinilatr lla 
acccl. rutor centre and the cardiac iiiu-.; le, and lliei- . 
fdr< lite jiiil-e ijui(d-:eM<, and a- lidtli the \ a -d.ii,;,'iir 
ceiitn and the ^yiiiiiathe; ic ner\e tt iiuination^ in the 
arit iidh'> jire slinnihited the hlddd jire>-ure risis. 

Ii, sf iviit iKii. -It acts iqidii tile ri -pira'drs centra , 
llr^t >tiiiiulatiii_- it, ^-o thai the rapidity .jid ihjith ef 
r(s|iiratidii art inert a -td ; hut xion tlepn ssiou of ll.t; 
centre fdllow~, the re-[>iratdry iiiovt ineiits Ixcdii.e 
f('(l)le, of the ("in yiu- Stokt s tyj'e, ami dt ath takt - 
jiiart fioni asphyxia. 

.\rrious ,s//,s /(?/;. ('(■rol/rmn. — Cocaiiu' i- 
.^f/iindaiit t<i the ci nti'al nt rvon- system, alVect;! j 
first tl'.e luLrhi r ceiitrts, later the coril. Siihscijui iit 
to -tininlatidii iie)/i'e-,ddn fulldus. Moiler.ite tlu-t ~ 
Lrn a!l\ increase the bodily and mental power, an ; 
,i:i\e a seii.-e of fallii and h.qj^ne-- with alidjitii'i: 
df hddily anil mental fitiL'Ue. This Lrreatt r phy-it s. 
t lu r'_'\ rt niier- po-sihie tiie nerfdrmance nf h'l.:. 

«Ahail<till.'4 mu-eiilar U-dl^. l'"V tin -e ellVcts. Cet a 

lea\ts mixed uitli (day or ashi < are cdiewt-d iy 
thdiisaiids o\ the i:i ha hitaiit- df I'erii ail'' the neli.'': 
liuiiriiii,' cduntrit <. A sin^de larire dose ■smenltl 

extdteniei.t, lielirinm, e;on\ ul<ion-;. aui ,.-!.. v, witii 

(•n( AINK 


■ lM:ul;icht' ainl ,1, pn s-^inn. Th.' ;it:ixy is 

,i:.j.;iiriiHiit of condiK/ti'iii of M-ns.a-y iiiiprca- 

i:-,.!ii ill. ! . riiilin-iil s.'usury iitrv.-, but ihi;^ 

,i; fiictiL'ii III pirvtiit iiicrcii-t (I rtt!«'\ action. 

M..<-iv.' iii'luL'fii'T ill tlir li;ii'ili.f coca clu'win,^,' 

•o luilii-'c^tidii, ( xirtiiu' t in.ieiiLiitiii, iiisoniuia, 

•,t'< t hlfllK lit of iutfUirt. 

, . \\ li, 11 :i snlutKui i.f (Mi-jiiiu' of iiiHiiit t jH-r 

^ ilroi»lMMl illln tl;.' t y. !(u-;il ;in;i-llu'siil is pro- 
, !!i--^l ut tlir ciui.uiictiv,! aii't mnita. hit. r of the 
It i- utlaii;.'! in alntut -rM'ii luiniilf-;. :iml lasts 
-rvrii iniiiut.-. At lir-t th.'ic may hy a li-aii^i- 
iitractinii (if the jMipil. Tiii- is prdl-aiily dnv to 
u-tioii, aii^l it iriv.- way t.. wide dilata- 
Tii' iiuixinium i- attain, li in an hour or two. 
-iiial stati' i- rr'^aiiiid ni fruin twdv.' to 
t'.'Mi' luMirs. Thr .lilatcd ]mi]u1 is ff.}>ly 
i\,. I., ji-hr. Mii'l tlu .lilatation is mpi-lly 
:i;, l.y [.hysustiL'liiltir. 'Hif n.-Mlar im-i'ai is 
, Inu.-rrd, aivi ili. palp. Ira! aj-vrturr is 
'1. AcroniiModatinn i- [.artially, Imt mver 
.•:._lv. paralvM(l. 'I'lit of the vyv are 
., .•,;!. Th'. M , !]Vit^ arc chi. tly due to irrita- 
of the sympathetic, arul a- th. y arc 4Uickly 
..1 l.v .Irni.liiii'/ llu- <iriii; in thr- i-n.- th. y arr 
Iv local. All th. sf clVt'cts arc -^lowiy pr.jaiictMl 
. "do-., s of (Dcaiii.' arc tiikfii inttTiialiy. 
,-,Ci't.s.- Thr aniMunt of muscular work of whicli 
MJv is cai)!!.hl.- IS iiK-roasfd by cocainr. by its 
. (Mi th.' c. ntral n.!-w)us sysu-m. I'h.' cxcr. lion 
:! :i!i(l iiitroj^M nous luttaboli^m art' unaltLrLtl. 
crotuir. 'rhi-^mayri-.' in cocaiiif poi-oniii!^. 
,//>■. ("ocaiiir is partly f\cnt»d by thfdc 
In .ioL's th. diUL' 1 ma;iily ih -troycd in the 
,..nly iiboui ."> ].L'rcfiii. a{)iHarin^' in tht- uriuc. 
.:ni-lu'S s(.\ual ixcitabilitv. 


External. A f. 


,f a -"i to 10 p< r cent. 

■ n o 

f tlu' iiy.lrncbluiidt- may Ijc rijuclt d sub- 

V 2 


M.\TI.1:I\ Mi;i)I( A 

cutaiK nil -!y 11 - a liK ;il nil.: - th, tic w hi n u \ ( i ■, 
oj)i i;iiii.ii has 10 \>v ptrfonn. 1. I'liiblovo'l Inr I.i:_p- 
(i|.. !;uii.iis I'v iniiliriiti..u (.vt Ei.caiiif, ]'. 105), (n' 
in O-J [Hi- (.-lilt. >()liiti()ii.s iiijiy he t sl-I. Suln- 
});i;iitt,tl or (h-opixil on may iic used fm- i; . 
tiiiii^ (.11 ihi iiiuiitli, lliKiat, ttiih [ pt-r t'ont 
i'>'' 'J ^''1 !" '' '"i.:.', > :i!'. \;i'_'iiia, i;r. thra, a: 
'■''■"iiii ' 1 to 10 ).. r (•• iiM, ;iii,l thi V in-dv 'i 
upi' U) any ol" ili, m- j. ;;!!-; wh* n thi-y anj"\(:. 
|;uiiful. ('()(;iiiir will i-.!;r\c vul\al jiniritufJ. ai:": 
lia-^ hn n ii>iil locally lo thf iiu-e in hav : 
I'amful ulcirs and li>su)t- ;ui' h. n.ticiallv n ■ ;: . 
with it. Oinnm-nts. Ixuiu'ic-^, .-md >iii>!»i)>it ;. ■ 
usually c(.iilaiiiiir„' '1 {,, :, y, ■■ (-.•ut. nf cncanH.. whi 
is soluhl. m fats while lii,- hulnichlnrid,. is lu.t. :i. 
Very U-. ful. A l."> |„ r ^i nt. solution has betn ;i. 
jcclt d in'', the -nil!- for tn,,ih txiractioi', hut isn.- 
.>iion.:iy I'lcoiiiiu* nd( d. (or-uine ianoha (M-,". j. 
cent.) i.< a[. piled to {niiiiful dt nt;d caviti. ■^. ( i. ■,■>:• 
employ i-oeaiiie Mvy laiu'eiy u) proiiuce local a:.;-- 

tllt -Kl of the i\ e. 

Internal. ;./ A solution i^ useful f^ - 

paintm'j (W sprayihL; on [o iho ihioat previous 
laryi!'.'. ,il < xannnatioiH. '['he lo,:en,L,'es ol' Krau.i ;. 
ami ( oea.iu- uie \al;uihle for painful sole throat-. 

Stmiuich. ('oeailn ill ,-oiiie cases alla\se\ci -.-iv. 
vondtinir. and has heen said to cnn- .-^ra siekncs.s. 

it i- not olien usrd in iiiiiope a-^ a nn-dieine f - 
it" ir-toiativc etiVcts : a- ah'eady naiit ioiied, it \^ nrt 
a lood. and tiie L'ood it do( > h oiilv tenipor;;!'v, 
it i:-- a re-j-iratoi-y di pres.sant ; luil .^.\ere pi^i-oi :■ : 
syiiij'toni-; are raniy noticf^l the diw_' ir 
injc<t((l. Ti.iii 't may .juicddy cau<r vrrii-jo, tn';!. r. 
famtmL.'. iwolound car.hac a!id r» -pir.atoiv depr. --. :, 
with til lu-'ir and o'iiir m rvoi^ -ynptom-; wliich 
niii\ in \eiy rare ii,>:ane,-s j.ei-si-t fur riK.ntlis. •^■:: 
if the otlur -\ mptoms are overcou.e. 

''■' ' /'oi.nm/; ;. .Svrionvin, C(>f;iliia::;P. 

The>ulT.i.: ■ '!i<' -i:li. r f..r i:s j.:,.-:itit rii..- • 

( nc \\sr. 


. Iv thit.k- it will heir " ' '-rf^ak himsoU .f thf 

1,-, or ho t;ikt-s it 'a/.h I'lnipliinv. It i- u .nl y 
-tcriMl snl" ;it:i' t-lv. Th- pmIm- i;^ rapi'l.iin'l fiiii;: iiiR 
.,',jp 'I'l , 1 the jiaticnt looks I ftle 

'''ike 1 -u.i. \ ii- -.ii'i '"' '"-"ninia an. I he 

:. iicuti'ly umnia.-al with .1. , f pprseoution. 

,ii.i othtr halimiiiftti'inr; aro <'tt< a juofiit. an. I it is 
.iiartfri-lic that pati.-i.t- <■ riii.'ain .-f liti'..' anim 1^ 
„• III ilif skin, "cocaii' '^ "J' 

".r.l'rul stimulation. lluy aic lm; ii'i'Unai : . in 

•!■.' r- itinn ami writinj,'. 
I'liraiiif. iNot oflicial.) Tv artiilcia! alkaloids 
, ,,.ciaif. \i/.. alphatMioainr iC.JL-NO,) an.l h.-ta- 
tC H ,N() >. ha\t' 1"' M u-f'l as local an-fsthftics. 
, oniponml is ih.- h. tt* r, hrint,' It-s- irrita;iii<:. un-l 
., Mine is sjiokfu of tho beta compound is m. ant. Tl; 
I'Miidf is th»- salt commonly used. Thf action of 
-'..wtriliaiithat ..f (ocaint'.andwfiu'ht fur\v< iurhl two 
. ;uiH-- !.-> powerful : t-' 'V.r- nv. -t*'. ja is moro pro- 
Ihe hf art and bloods. tlrcted. and the 

^ not iiilated. Thf hy.n en ■ im- i- ■■luble 1 m ;5(> of 
A •_' per cent, -ohitinn is u-ed for the eye. a t per rent, for 
■. and a •'» ' ' M !" i" cent, for mucous membranes or 
• i-i.-ons inje.tioii. It is used f-r l-'-.- op, i-itions by 
tini.' it into the tissues in th" f 
■iin<,' eucaine hydrochloride ;> 
■wf nreparid : <ai-h di ^oivi-d 


lution ot ■-' m 





i.. .-.oii.uu elilonde 

:i' tl. n/.. of wafer 

injected in 

p.-rated upon. 

ihe pa't attou: ; > ^ 
ton of ^. ur. of eucaine hydrochloride for a single 
, .!! safe, .\dreiialin hydrochlnri.lf I in 
•■ ; I ii.-i to dimiiii-ii !■!• ■■•ii'- '. 
^tovailK'. (Not otlieial.l 
. nyvi.- Kthyldimelh.'.laminoprMi.inoi hydrochiondc. 
I ., ,,ine. eucaine. ami stovaine. whtii injeetfd in^i'k the 
1 dura mater bv puncture between the vertebral himiias, 
.,o -utVicientlo(.ala' . ' ' ^' -he parts haviiiK nerve 

V ^ in nerves leav ■ canal below thv -ito 

•or the jHrfonnaneeoiiipeialionsupnnth. in. The 
1- usually made in tht- lumbar r. i. k and n^ore 
. '• etween the first and second dorsu; i! Ibis 

: 1 roducin;,' ana stln-sia is no s if.-r tii.iu ^'^ n- ral anir.i- 
■, ;t stovaine is certainly safer tlian eucaine or eoeaire. 
on contiiinin/ ' lo I ;.'r. of ^lovHUie may 

I it 

I, au' 

v< it. 

IS a'tvisi 





\4»i o«':iiii«>. ''Iriiili. 

,,ii>h" j,iK.,i-,tiiii<i.ii..n/.oy]ilictliylaiiiinoptli' 

I'll! - -iihstanro is used in tli^ i ■ 

it lipptar- to ho the Ix iter ih 111^'- I 

r;t(A',i;iif iiic ih"' iiio-l Hjitisfi!. ■ r -tlicli. 

is nft, n c'l'iiilii!!.-! witli iidrfnaiiii. 1' 1- iuiii>- m watfr 
S(ibr'U':i"' 'U ■!••-'■ •- ♦ • I :'v. 

.1 \ie4»K\M>l 

.l:ilioi-:iii<li l'oli:i. Th, .Ir:--! !. :it!r't=: of /',7 , 
jabi-r.nhii \S.A. (M.i. liutuCKi). V:v. 

('iiAi;\. 1 1 !.>.- I.I iillft.-; very ' ..t.-i. aii.-r 

Innr; ii\al nhloTii.' «'r ohlf>nf:-Iir . unnjiial at 1 

nbtii>i' ami < mai;i!iutc : sli^rlitly uvuiulf aini fiitin' at tr. 
inari-'iiir- ; (■•ritic nu,-. Tpjn r -urfarp ^'labrous, (lull \!v- ■ • 
ui)il» r surface pa!' r. oft. n h.iiiy. u ith proniirwDt iiiiilrii 
pcliuciil lots. ( tiliiur will 11 Ijiui-' il aitmiHtif. Ta>t*- on c: 
irif.' sli^'htly bitt< 1 ami ar..niatie at ll;.-t, -uhs« qii. i;tlv ji;;: 
ami iiicrca.-^in).' tln' llow of saliva. 

lMrTKn\. I.<av(s of sprcits of I'ij; ,. n : iv , ,,!,;, 1 . 

C'.'Mi M-i ! I'N. i lie chief constjt iif-nts ai 1 1 1 A li.iiii 
coloiirh ss alkali>i,l. 7. //..(•, /r/)iw<', C||ff,,.N_(>,. \ to 1 )Mr i 
{•-') l-ofiilocariiiue. !.'{) I'ilocii|i;ii!:. TIie>(' arc tlit- 
thrci alkalnids : the last two ar. -oniers. and co 

cIk iniially of a ir.etliyl->:lyoxaliii« 1. i uiiite.l wit)) a j. 
inlopic radicle. (H A volatile oil. 'I'ii'-r iic!i\e jiriticip'. 
oiiihlc in alidhi'l. lea mily ii!)).i li. 1 \\\ -d in water. 

1 'r, j'tirii! ;■ lis. 

1. Extractum Jaborancli Liqiiidxim. 'ai) 
raii'li !ea\( ~ and ;•. c 'li"! ( 1") pri- ( .iit.i. c-j ;;.; parts. 

Dose, 5 to 15 ni. 

2. Tinctura Jaborandi. Puwl. rt 1 leaves. ] . 
alcailn'l I I.", per (■■ .• ;. 1. ."i. 1'. 1 r, 1' i-.-. 

Dose, to 1 fl. dr. 

l*iio<-:ir|Mii:i' Aiii'iiH. I'i!..<\'irpiiic Nitrate, c ii, 
N,()..11N(»,. ' " 

'^I'vucw (ti.taimd fi •■ i j,di..r.tndi Iciives. 

Cii\i;\. irns. A white ci ystalliiie powdi 1 , C'l'iiimr. iai 
saiii)ile-. freiiiieiitly v .:;taiii 1- 'inh ciriii.'K and pildcarpidiii' . 
S'ilu>'il:ti/. 1 in ;» of wat( r. 1 in .".0 of cold, fredv in Imt a'. 

Ilnl I'.tU per c. ut.) 

Dose, ■ to ; gr. hy th. imath. ' to gr. 




External. N"ti'' 
Internal. " ' ' 

ry i{\ 

ll'-Klv ;ili-^nrn> 

'1. aii'l 

nil IM-n.llU'. S 11 grCAt 

. rease in me amount of salivary secretion i. 

.n...-^ ;.1:<.,U til. >:aiv;nv u'bi.ul-^. Hi.' ^-il'^-i 

.an-^anal' s:i!t~:ni.l piyahii, ..n.l ran 

>„v».rt staivh ml.. >n-ar. h-^ nirna^r i^ 'lue to a 

Itinu.latu.n of th. t..n:unal tjlannnt. of W 

1, ivnnuni aiul mh.r lurvrs whirl, ma m tl..- 

„f ih.' salivarv .'lan.l.. - liwit r^ninulaiinn « 

(it ill 
i.-rvi- can a'M v.Ty lit? 

!,. to till' tlow iiro'lurt'il 

.In..' in iari.nntnnnv than rani- a.-.'.)unr,.,l 

hwa^^-ular all.ratinns. Tl.i-^ a,-t.nn .s annu^o^ 
,,i i, by atr.-pin. a. thai l^""'^ ^^'^^ 

.,,„„..,, ,U.. th- ^.•nviin,. ot th.. ..'a<inc.iua-.', 
.:n,al \\nu\. and panrr-atic s.-cn-iion. 1 li" 
.,,,,,,1 nin<rU- of th.' sl.^H.ach a,.! '"•';:!"": .!' 
.,;i,..a an.Uhus th.-ln.-:niayi..u-.;. 1 h- In-- 

";V 1 , . 1 .,. ..<,,.•(■. illv of lahoi-ainli. 
Miatli-ct.d. i.ari^'c <lo-»-. < >]u(iaiiN ij 

, nroilncf voniliini,'. , 

■r:rru!„ti<n:. I'lloranatu. ha^ no .It.;^- nn h. 

„l ua ii i- a cardiac depressant. Ih-' i-uU- 

V is in.r, niav In-, an-i m li'- human hwn- 

. ;v.^., a httU' aVcvl.Tat.a al lir-l, hut ..-m . 

•/■Thi-^loNvin-ofihr ,H,l<eHat..n.a-Ka<iMrhy 
,:,;„, iM.ti. noir.-.vcntMlhy.,rU.mollh;-va-..s, 
,;,,•„.; i,„,,,,,i,„. act. o,. th.- h,a.'t ;t.-l.. snn.n^ 
,, th. UTnu...iUonsof th. vai^u.. i h- art.-, a.!.-. 
■n. Im.hsan.l body <. mrally a.'- .-onsiriclM >> 

.:„„,,, ,l,,n.rv.c.)as.nlhcv.s..-lwall-^h til.. 
,..,narvarie.-ioU.san-.i.iaU-,l. I h.- vasculai con- 
;::io,. and prin.ary cardiac acc-lei-aiion cans- a 
. a i-isr of hlood pressure, hut ^oon ih, d(Tn-.nm 

•ii,. liearl to a fail. i ue in ini-n-.c/a;. •:. .-..■. 

' > 

i ari- increasfi 


MATl.l;IA MKij* A 

lu's]>ir<ition. 'I'ji. ,'nnouni f)f lnoncliial srcn-tioi; 
)Hin(T.;ist<l.iiii,i i\\v hrunvhiulcs aif con>trictf(l fn.m 
(•\cit;i!ii»!i t.f til. \,,<-;,! ,.,,!;...--, M, ,1,,. 1, ;•,),,(■.} ' 
lllU.-t li .-. 

N/.///.- .lalnu.iii.ii. tlin.iiL'li !• iilKaloid pil.K 
)Mn. . products a v. rv profuse M.-iciidi of sweat 
It 1-; tiuiiKi-t pnw, ifiil .li.ij Imi'L-lif dru;.' \\.- i.,a\.;. ' 
Slll^'I. d<.-f li,;,_V rim-, il;. !l(,\V(.f Jlft.Hil fluid (Mill. 

ol sw. ;it. 1; i^ -aid t!iM' the pKiiortiiiu (,|' uita ai/i 
(•ld(>ri<l. > 111 tli<' <\v<ai i> i,'n:itly iiicivasrd. T) 
I'lniii-c i, due "to ih.' action of tl„ ]aV> 
<'"Ti"«- "" ^li' tci-iiiiiiatioiis of til. wvVM:- ill ti.. 
sw. at ^daii.l-. and i,- -;ni,),. d liv atropiia . 'Idir -1 • 
may iiu>li. |„it thi-- is ii<,t t"lf rauM- f,f tlu- .l::i 
idiorcsis. I nd.ra •■•'urse of jalninin/u ihr liair^'tow ■ 
liK.r.' artisrly, Imh it iHroJiK'S Very voarsr and .hrk. 

J\i<ini'tfs.- If ih. s-vVi-aiiiiL' i- piofn^f the sccnti' 
of urine is ],>scn,d. Til ..ari-ino is oxcreted un- 
cdian-cd m tin- uriih , whi.di nuiv contain sii<:ar duv 
lo Miiiiulaiini, (,f th, .L'!\c,.L'.iiicVin!ciioiiof the livir. 
^ J, ■iil^,'i(iturf.~'l\u- t.MiiiHial'irr tali- c.n.-id. 
ahly. 'I Ins is ]iroliali|_\ du,- ii, JarL'*' part to lii. 
c\a)iiiratiuii of tin- jn r-piraf inn. 

^'■:'; ■ \\ li- til' r aj.].!!, d l,,ca!ly lo tli. . - ^ 
j^MVcn iiit.riialiN . pilocarpi no jinniiicf.- great contrac- 
tion of the pupii. diK to -tinmlation of the cnd.^ ..i 
the third ntiNr in tincw, and tin- i-. anta'-,'oni/t >i 
l>y atropnir. It al-o cau-rs in-n a-, d t.HMon of thr 
eyi-hail. and an approximation nf tin iican-t ai .1 
larlhcst i>oin!s of >ii,.,iiiict vision, .iin- to cniitraciiuii ' 
tlif ciliary nni-cli . 

(^nlur (ictwu^. l! .-liinulatrs tlu ut( rii-. an.l 1 
ui very rate casts produced al;(trtion. It incnii- 
ill.- of nnik, oi t, ars, ,,f na-al nnicu,-. and ol 
ccnnmn. It can-, s tli, -pUcn and Mad.l.r locuntract. 

[^ '''"" 1'' t 'ti(rd that it has two main action-: 
(i) it siimuiat.,-. tii.- s. cri't;oi,s, ^i/. of tla 
sali\ary^Ldand.-, >toniach, intcstm.s, skin, pancrta , 



. hill iiir.rMiH MM iu].r:nK'.nosf,l»^-hrviniil L'liuvl-. 
,.,,• hi ihosr tliat hav.l..!! in\>sti'4!itr.l, and 
.,hlv inall. itact^ Inrally. It has linl Urudv- 
I in' -vvrv ca-^cwlirrh.T lh»' r.U^ of th- l-IupI-^ .jr 
■....r\r It nniiialK.n^ in th-m arr athcU.l. rii ll 
lulatr^ th'- n.rvr t. riniinition-; nt iiivnhiiitary 
'-,1,... viz. m Ihr cv., th.- intrstin.-.tli.' ^^'li. 
hrnn.-liial lul>-. th.- nuvn<. thf si^r.ii. tli. hrart. 

Ma.l.lrr. aii'l ll '"'t- <'n tlh mu-r 

iihir I'lvit. uf *ht 

, 1 '11,, ,,ii.~t nnportanl t-nVc's arr th." <liH- 

, .,< ilir ^ali\aii..ii. aii.l thf iiiyo-i- 1^ ^ vnn<v- 

■U ania"<tic in it^ aclinii in alDinn' . hut 

liiurh weaker. In- a small dose i,[ atropine 

,,.,,rirt-. a viTV lar-e dos.- f.f ]Ml.)cariane. 

■;',h'eii<e< of it Wrll. I'lloearpiur 1^ 

,.h moi-e u<.d than ialu-randi. a< it i- in.uv pminpt 

1 more certain in it- a<-tiun. ;ind i^ 1' -^ nk' ly to 

, iiidiu''-Stioll. . 

l.op,lorari.ineh:.-inall n-iavl- a sum ar action 
^ilncarpiiu-. l.iit il i^ laurh 1-;^ p >wertul ; and s^ 
: ;iocari>idiPe. but it i^ -idl i> >s active. 

'riir.i: \n.iT!<-. 

External.- Pilo-ai pin.- ha< 1h en um d locally to 

, <,-. the .nvwlhof the hair. An ointnienl (1 i!o- 

,,n..nitrau-. t i:r.: va-eUne. '. o/. ; lanolin ^oz., 

,.iMn'i'il.Harpiiieni:rat.-.2L'r. ; .luinm.' hv-lro- 

I 11 ll 


ir.s u'r. ; ^'Iseenn.'i tl. dr. ; a^paa ro^a 


, , n.ti) usul. 1 1 f 

Internal Pi'n.-arpii'e ha> been empl.-y. d tot 
V conditions, but It- is as a diai-horetic 
I ■;,•!. dit's di-ea^e. lor tld^ i)urpo:-e ;^ of a <,n-ain 
.ioreof thenitrat.. i-^ iiijert.-d subcutaiu-ou^ly in 
'..venMi" Thf sw.atin- is aid. d by wrap^pmg 
,,ai.nt, who .hould h. nak.d, in .. veral warm 
Lt< .'ivin ' Idni hoi drink-, and puttm- a hot 
■... I.AmI.. t,. his .\fter the >weatin,u has 
, r>] he should lu- .Irud and h ft m a dry blanket. 
il 1- =uch u i.uwcrlul cardiac defres^ant, it must 


M.\Ti;i:I \ Ml.OK.A 

lio L'iv. n with f,'roat <';iiui(/!i Aiim thr li<ait 
(li-cii>< <l. <)c<;i-^ioii;il!y it i^ »'rii])l(n. li localh 
alTcctn>n< nf tlu' »'y.-. rutitut -: -^iiltrrinL' iVi.m d,..; 
)ii'--;. ilur tn discaso df tlx' amlitMrv intv.. or • 
l'iuiiiiati()!i>. ai-.- SdiiiitiiiK-; rflicvcil \,\- piluc;! riin:. 
Iii|<cttil sulieiitaiifoiisly it has Ikh-ii !/iV' m <\\cr< 
fully ;i^ nil autiilotr to h.Hailonii.i [i- li -Mum^r, 
^liisi-ariiK'. iN.,f nUicini.i 

Mu-iciirm. ^ iilkaloid »xtraft. .1 fi..!n n )H.i-<m,.';. 

lull 111 iiuin, .-li/"' ' ' mii^riiniis. 

It ;i(t< f\iu>tly iik<' jtilocarpiiU', luit iri not u^. .1 in t:;- 
cine li.i-a'i ' r ; , !i . . ry jtowerful poisim. 
Atfaririii. (Not uiUcial.) 

A ■ il,-t;iii('(''iiiaii!iii;,' tlio active jirii:. ip].. a;.'iiric a. i 
of tii(.' white ai-'uiic. a fijri;.'u-^ ^^'rowint; on ilii- larch trer. 
stops .s\vfatii!<,' by acting on the peripheral nerves of t)ie - 
;,'lan(lB, but it <lot's not inhibit anv other secntions. !■ 
k'i^'M a-; a pill in ilo-es of ,' to 1 c'v. to stop the s\v(,-atit. 

phlilisis. Till' o!,Jl ctillll to il.~ 11-. ■ i, ihlU it MlV r ,!-. V,, 

m^,' ami 'iiiin ho ... 

4'iir:ir:i. iX-t oil:tiai.i 

Si/ii''ir,n!-. Curare. (>iii;iri. fr.irl, Wdirara. \\ .. 
The Soiuli Ann riiMii imii.a ] " ■; "ti. pn par.ii frmn .spcci< 
Stihi hit-i.s anil itin 1 pi.iht -. 

(.'iiMucrKK.-. A h'acki-h brown, -li >. hit:, r . Ntiai t. 

CoMio>iri..N, It r.intain- an extremely active poison, 
cur:! I in.' ..r cur.iri iia. a yellow i>h- brown |"". l-:'. i-^t' ii-;e!y bit" ■ 

Dose. ', to I gr. <ul)Cutaneously. 

I'i;'p<irat'um (I'.rit. rh:iri!i. Co.]. \i. 

InjectioCurarre Hypoderiuica. Curare.." rr. ; 

:"i'l 'li-till.'i t. f'i:n a iliiM pa-te. Put in .-i 
funnel plu/;.'e.i witii abs. w i lol. aU'I ;,'r:iiluall v aii 
ni"!.' war. r till a .iiailiin is ohtaini il. 

Dose. 1 to 6 m. i-ubi utaneouslv). 

haniiila or lii-c-. each containin}.' ',-, of a trrain. aro 
also (1. They aie (li-s..lve(l in a'few luinini'^ ' 
wall r h. t r. injection Nubcutancouslv. 

Ac I ION AM) 'rnL{;.vi'J-:L lies, 

\\w ])h\sinliiL'ical attidii ot" curare, bv \v)iic 

{■•:u-.i iv.s. - tiio I ii>i jualr- di lilt' motor rK-rvcs o; 

vohmiary iimsi-h-. is well known, li )ia.s l)ft'i) ^'ivfii. 

and occa-iunallv siirc('--fuliv, in trtanuj;. 



flf.JUi Ili'V 


•liilUi IK'V 


Vegetable Drugs whose Main Action is on the 

, 1 rite iliK'itii'i^ k'roup. <i'<''' 

DiLHtalis. Strophanthus. SqiiiU. 

I, creaMii^.' tht> force of the beat nf tl..' h. ml : 
Aconite. Veratrine. 
Ci.,- i The Digitalis Group. 

|»iuit:ili*> i«>li:i. I'lj-itali^ Leaves. Synonyrw.- I'ov 

1 ,-iv. -; riifin-a i.-avc>nf r)i,,itnlisjmri>nr.a{'Sii\..iir<l. 
' 'htn.t. . . ). th- i.urin.' fn\--lM\r. Coll.M-f.l from j'liint^ 

. : ri?)H to tluW.r. 

CuKv.iK.-.^. 1 1-2 in. lon^'. "p u- •• .... brua.l. u. - . 
...l p. uolo ; oval.-. «ul.aciit.-. (T.-.uil.. ; .^onuwhal . 
, dull K're.n ahoNe. .h-ns.-ly pul-M-.i.t and pul.r h< ia.uli. 
.1 faint. Ta-lo \. ry hilt.r, uiipU'a-^ant. 


.•.,..,„ ..I..N. TM.".'>ii..unl an.i char. 'he iictiv 

vary wiili i 

i ,. i...rftt'"" •'• ■ 

Stll,.. ...,...., .,.,, 

,,.i,1r tlic ino.^l active principW-, v.-ry poisonous, ciuiiii- 

l.,.oluhl.- in wat.r. spani.-iy in ether, .-usily m 

;.,•.•. iimi alcohol. Kxi«!ts in comuierc a-» imn Ue 

. It i- un^uital.l.- for giving >y the mouth or sul,- 

' ii ,s verv irniunt. fj) Diniialin. a crvr^tallmc 

,,' ,., _ , -.;„■' tip' .■tioii..^'of .li^'itali^ to half ih.- extent 

.' , 1- I coiuniercial pni'luin. aii'l wh.'ii 

■A th.- -lil-uiuM t.n:..l Di'-'italin v.ruin (..•rnuuiicum i.^ 

V -ui.pli- 'I. 'n.i.^ . ..mains .i:.aaUn an.l .U-itoxin (.>"■ 

>.. i:!) j.ipitonin. a saponin {q.v.) \ th..-. is a car-hac 

' :,vA l.ul svh.n ^-iv-n by th -M, it is not ah.ori>.-.i. 

•,.,■ prncipal <-:iu- of th. irnla Uon 

,u,..-.n.v .Ui-Mtahs. It cn-iiu. u- lu- -^.u.b.hty of diK'i- 

,,a an.i "ai^italin in the infu>t..n. Iho foh-Avins^- -luc... 

i,', have b-en .hscribed. but U is un.-erta.n if ^ '; .v 'ir.- 

• t ^nlwtcinc.-s. <4) Di.'itophylhn, a ,'lu.-.>s,.l.-. (..i Dii-'i- 

<.,>M'i.--.^"!iibh- in wal- !■. aiid Ih.r.fDn- 


iivp.Mhrnuc injection.; dose hypod. rinu.-ally 

table for hvj 
.-a'd to 1)« 11 >n-cuinulaii 
[.divsioK'tjii-rti li-tMi: 

ve. (•'>) l>i^'itin, a ^:!'Jci 

iidf dtvoid 

•Vl! t'l' -(• plufoside?? are non-mtro 


{h T 

WU iH-U 

i.-., lU-ilala: ai 

,1 antiiihinic. \-^) Other 


MA! i.l.lA 


iisiial ronstitiipnts of plants, Ji- lannin. \Mlati!c nil. oolr,' 
inj.' iiiatf.r, r^fiirch. 8u;^'ar, I- wi;! |„. ,,,,(,, 

thai ili^Mtuii ccintaifK iv 

Til. ■ foil.. wiiiK' Huli^- 'luhljMii alcohol, ill. 

uith ill cninnii r<' 

(A) lii>iii-)li. . . iiu-'« 'liritn-i' . 

llllKllJihi.lls _Vl llci»|>iiAilil»- JHiWiit-l 

I'ittiT, UMiilnroU-. I .t ,1 I ,! i! M ■'..);,. • 1 ,,-,,(,,(,,, 

"f <lit.'italin with i the action 

till- lcavf<. flrai; , < ■ i : i: ..jl ,;.. -i un •.!.( (. wntinrnt ; vh 
iKiialiy Cdtilaiii- ,'. of a ^-rain, which i.>> o.jual t-i 1'. ^^r. of ;• 
[rrnv,]. 1, ,1 icasc'X, hut tln_v are uiifrrtain in coinjinsainn. 

(B) Nativcll<-V (li>,'italin : Ii^'ht whitf oiv-tallinc lur 
of ii. (-1,.-;. very hilt*r. Sniiihlc in rhloroforni! not in wa'- 
or I tliii. It consist- v.ry lar..-. ly .>f .iiritoxin, ami is cunui. 
ti\c. I>.i-c. .' to ' pr. in a jiill. Tin,-; is a pn|iiilar dru • • 
1- u-ii.iii\ ;.••.. II in :.'! ,!! i'. 'ontaininc I niilii-riiinin.- ii . 

(C) (r.iniau .iitjitahmnn | '■ ; imrum. !».■ 
J to .; j^-r. l,y til. month ; ', t.. ' ,. .\y. A yeilowi- 
whitf jiow.i.r. Soliihiiin w;it. r. ConsijitschKlly of di^fitalc-i: 

with s(.iii.- (li:.'i'alin ani ! • - !• • •) " most suital 

l)rt|iaiatioii f..| riihriitai 

(D) l)i^'al• II or " l;i-a.ixiii .-.uiuiiiie.' soifl as an aijnfo 
-i.lsition with u'lyccrin a'M'.l. D-i-i- hy tlo* mouth, lo I' 
hi- I1IM-! ;, ch^'itaU-in. 1' i •.•!. . !i':t.' v.h.n injci. 
.-uii(iiiaii't).is!y. ami is lur no pur]i..-. -u|.t rior t- ; 
I'hai in,ico|"i iai |in parati.'iis. 

(E) 1> Kip'iratiiin. 'ihis is said to canso h-ss irritati 
than any di^'itaiis proparation. and is. thc-n fore, oft.ii of ti- 
lt is sMJcJ a- tahltt.s, contaliiiiif.' t'l •'rm. Thrto or f'Hir lu i 
u'i'i .11 daily. 

(r) Dij-'italonp. not mu< .. i. 

Ini II5I1A1 1111.1 . I'er-saltsof iron(.S(( p r_'(ii,ltadactth!' 

Dose, '. to 2 gr. of ih. p.,\\,l. r. i Lav. s. Siihciitam-. i. 
adiiiiiii-tralioii ni diuiitalis is not nconiniond. 1, as 1,. n 
iiiitaiii; Imt ill. nio-i suitahlc preparation i- iii^italini.! 
r ulvirisatuiii ruiuni (rcrmaiiicum (mc ah.ive). 

J I', r,u\:! ,x '.':.s. 

1. lufusiim Digitalis. Drit .1 1. .iv( s. CO K'lain 
LoilinK' wiitiT. 1 pint (cuiiain.- much (hj.'itoniii, n- 
niuch di^'iti.Miii. if 1;. pt I..I ..' lu-(- it- physiulogi. : 

Dose, 2 to 4 fl. dr. in./tc that it i- dradims, i. 
cunc.' ■ :. 

2. Tinctura Digitalis. I'li.d haves, 

|,p, ! iM : -. 


iliMhul (f.O i>r (I nt.i, •-'»». i 




1 1. 

Dose, 5 to IS lu. 

X* till- ! 

L-rcd itisc.-). 



to 2 gr. 
iNori aro jtliu'lit Iv initiitiiiv'. Imt 

I ;i 

External. T!;. ! 

- .l.iii) itnl \vlul!i> r aiiv i»t' iln 

l,>,.il)r(lltv iht: -kill, rivpuniii-n-^ lil 





IS I utii- 

V causi- ;il>-i- 

- It I' 

,1 ^ntri 

lulerual. ' 
mild gaslro-iuttstinal initaiit 

luses cause 

h.u'itiiln 1- 
t \t n uju<K ial» 

\i)iiulinL,' ah'l iiiarrh.ia iii >.)iiu' prnplf. 
bluud. Il is ,->ouit:u!iiit -l"\vly ;il)?()ilii(l ; it i- not 
known to all'tft ibu bluoil. 

;/, (/•;. 'l i:- tu>t actii'ii i.f (l!;.'il,ili.- in iiiiiiuni;ils 

. lo slow the beat ..fih,- bcaii. by prolonging tbe 

diastole lb. cbuMU-.n nt' tb.- ^yslnlr i- n..!. .ilinvi. 

" ■ ' b so lb:iL 

s. br Sftll 


-() null 

;i 11.-^ force IS gitatiy lucrta 
d{ ■>• lar-f ili).-fs lb.- b. ;irl niaV, m annua 
I bti-iiiur j);ib , I 



jccausf iihnost t viry drop of blood 
I'oiii of it. 'I'lu' piil-f IS cons('.{u. iilly 
^.v. .n b.rcc, l)ut ivtardrd. li b. f-iv tlir drii^' 
Mvin tbf btait '.vu^ bi'iitm^' iiTf^^ularly 

ilUlt Z> I 


•iifiallv bi/conii a re. 

ular. If tbi' ilru^' is Uiki-n 

lb i-nallv 



].• whi'if 


Dill Ntnincif 

IS. m 

Is. uiluCUd ; bill ni I: 

.. ;,iricli' iiKiy 
during ibc nias 


ii..iiii i?[iiisniodic'aily ct.ntiacUi 

I'oriuni o 


f tb 


^, _^ .,iulf of ibu rt-st of it. Aficr tuxic 

Inst's'lbe conirac-tion.s aro vrry inv-ubir. and tiiKilly 
•.be veiitriLdis aiv in fro^'s aii' -i.-d ni >\-^uA*\ hrndv 

mtracu-d, <iuiie i'ln 

and unabb lo n .-pond Lu any 

.^tinnili. bul in niamn.a:^ ibe b. arl linally slops 



!. 1) I I if 

i(jii on lb 

I'US 111 

in fi(.<j- ibe . louini: is due to a prolon^M- 

L dia-lolf. lur .11 li.fiu liif ibrt-rl 

"u is ytLiiter iban tiiat on the 

.\ -^ti lie. n< it 

1 1 . I I ..i* I Ti i«;»o ■ \ 

1 1 


JlKlIlirMll-. Ill Ilrr :_, j. d ■• I , I ;,,i •,,,, 

l"(v,l|\ .ippli. ,1 to part ,,!,. of the fr 

•'"•> '*'"^' l'^' • :is is appllfd , 

i-niiiriictcd ; ti,, ; ,.. ■, .u i:,.iu.>u.n-. T)i.- auri. i 
fill ill most aiiiiuah .-lowid I . !t l.ii'. ihr fon-f ■ : 
ill' II- h. at is not much altfrt'il. <■ their muHctil;;- 

iiH . li.tiiism is much less drvtloptd than th» ir va- 
in all aiiiiiiajs larL't' d '•- at irrrufnlai ' 
of the auricular hi-at. 

That th. -;o pht-iiomina arc partlv duf to il 
direct action nf ih- dnij,' on th. cardiac muscle 
shewn |,_\ ih, fac that ditdfalis not onlv toiii.-all, 
ciitract-^lhr tV..-^ 1,. art w lien appli. d In,"allv, hut "• 
will . \.n imi-fa-c th.' fore*- of th.- coiifractioii wli. 
applir.j to tlu- is<.Iat.-d a|.(\ in it i^ h. !i, \, 
tiM n.r\. s,Ai>t. and it actson th*- cmhrvonic heart d 
ill' 'luck iMfort' the ri. rv( s an- developed, lint f!;. 
inhibitory activity ot th. cardiac peripheral end • 
the vagus !^ increased; forastinmlatiun of th. 
which, h. luie ill.. .liiiL' was trivin. had no etVect. u,. . 
alter the dni'_' is ./iv. n. -^lop the heirt. Fiirth- -, 

''1 waniiM I. d animals, althouLrh diL'italis do- 

soiiiewhai. it do. s not very ^'really ivtar.l the pul-. 
il' th.' \ai.'i have h. en cut' althouLdi it iiicrea<e-^ th. 
for.-. ..f thecaniiac heat. th. r. fore m th. m th.- va^us 
centre ill th.' lue.hilla must have h. . n stimuLited to 
a cuii-ich rahh- i \i.nt. ('•! hny luus .shown that th. 
va,i,'al acti(m. with luo-t of the diLMtalis ^'roiip >■( 
dniu's heL'ins a lilt!.- hefor.' the muscular. 

't- li'i- •" 'li prov.-.l that small do^'S .actualK 

increase tne amount of work .h.n.- \^\ the h. art m "■. 

,!-M\' n tim. . thus th. re i^ a irreat.-r 'output at each 

xeiitncular coutra.-lion. This indi . .1. must follow. 

f"r :iv th.- dia-t..!.- is ])r. .loM-,'. .1. the v.iitricular 

dilalatKMi 1-; exc, -^-iv.-, vo at ili.- c.ninii.-ma-nu-nt of 

sv-^'iili' rli, 1-.. iw III .,1 , ...11.. 1 .. ^ . /• 1 > 1 

■■■■■•'■■•••■•••,'■ '•■''•-'' aiiii/Uiii <ii j<ii")ini 

Ml tue u-niricl. , which. owin._^ toincreas(d Ventricular 
t.'ic.-, is Milt forwar.l in;., ih.- a-u'ta. L;iru'e doscs 
.M» slow the heat that tia lota! work m a "iveii time 

n 1 1 1 ! ! A I I '' 

1 1 r, 

,n.,|. tlu- bt-nefitofai -lur d 

.1 cireuliitioM ihrouv'h the> url. u-t. 

. ,1 great rise in the blood-pressure. It.; 
.1m. tuilif!.'iviil«rciir.liac forcf.but uotHUinly, 
-la- u. l.of th.' IV.../>footaii.i th.TJil.l.ifs tut-, n 

• h,. uru-ri'.l.s huv brfU ob^.-rv.-.l to i-..iitr;i.t 
,,u^lv wh.ii .li-itnli: }i:i^ »M 'Ti "iN'ii. A^ ilu-^ 
nr.-ur. iM art.r. '■ f'""' ''"^ 

;ii;a tlirou'.'h which an ai iir«.-ulati<.ii ot 
. ,-niuniin'/<li-itali^i-i'ani.a mi. it i«^ <!..;ir th tt 
i,..,/ .■onna.t^ t!ir arr.nn!,. l-v direct action 
their muscular coat. 1'. ciion is 

■, r ill all intact animal than in on. whu-;.- spinal 
i> dcsiroycl. (.r in whom ih- n.T\- "■»" ' to 
part ('X|Knnuiit»'l upi'ii air di\i(l»«i, 
•' .ii..'it:ilis also stimulates lii. mo.luliary and 
..! vaso-motor centres. In man the «t^'^'^ 'jf 

• ilis on tiif iilon.i-i.r. ,Muv i.> Nt-ry .li-ht. \\ itli 

closis iIh' iniiation of i\n- cntns and of ihf 
,iilar co;it <d" thf arterioles \y ■ ". to d. i-c s- 

,i!id th>- Idood-i-rt-ssun- falls. 
V,,//;, ;/. 'I'he <tr.ct of di-ita;. ■ :. tin- kldn.y 
..r.rtain, h'lt u^ualiv in h.aUh> mm il i.r.rduo-s 
ht diuivsi^.aiid tl.r sanif discn'pancy m its action 

■■• . kidiMV .M-'s ill palimtsuith dn. a^.-. hut 
.rallv in"tlu-.. ca.-.- il is a diuretic, h c rtamly 

.•r..a.>."s thf tl..w in many h. aithy animal^, li 

:)hahlv acts thn.uu'h ill'- ciivnlati.-n. 
\V.-"liavr no c.-rtain kiiowl.du'f "f th. til..! .-l 

■ -aiis on tlif constitution of the urine 
/.•,...,.,, ^/,, ;, _l)i._Mtali< i-; cxcn-icd {larily hy Uw 

• nartlv hvihr kidn. %-. This tak. ; place ni.uv than' its al-oriaion, ^o that ih- dnit' is 

"']vn:,!^''n,f>nv. Moderate doses ha\c no intlu.nce 
!hc temp.iatuiv. l>ut toxic doses canst- it to laii 
. n in health. 'I'lie rta.<..n of this is unknown. 
I:,,juratiun.-'rhi< is unaliected unhss large 


.M\Ti:i:iv MF.nirA 

(Inses li!i\c Im ii </i\\ n, \\\u ii ilii/ltalis -tiinulatc 

s t! 

rt i>ii ;il<ii V dmrc 


t /■/■( (ts >'7S 


I',. I 



ildM S t};i- Dlllv cfT' ct (111 th 

1 lliiillr 
-tt in \> 

(MiM s n;i- Diiiy cH'ci dii iiic in rvou- -\ -ttin iKSiiM 
.>liiiiiil,itii 11 1)1 till- MiL'jil ;iii(l \;iso iiidtdi't't iilro-, isti.i' 
ill -iiiKc c'::-( ■; \Miiiitiiii: IS |i'ir: ly iliif i(,) stiiiiiihitii^ii ' : 
till' liK 'ImII.i. W hli-!i 111 iv ;il-o ;iiT()lint f'lr tlle ili • ; 
rr.-jiiraliou -i ■ n with'f <losi .. 'I lit ~r inav ca:;-. 
hfiularlif, vi'liliiM ss, auil lii.-nii luiirt s ut -JL'ht ;iiil 
licaniiL'. Mini soiii.tiiiir.- ali (ilijccls lia\f api'i iirt'd I'lu. . 
'1 111 .-!■ cliaii'j-c,-: ai (■ iii.t. ,iii,. In altt laliiiii- m the vtir- 
I'j-al ciixMilatiMn. a- \\a- funn- ily tlioiiL'lit. l'iL;itali- 
<lirfi,'tly i>aral_\S( - luu-clts it' '_'i\t n in toxic dn.-t s. 

i'tcius. Till- orL'aii 1.S .-aiil to tu' stiin;ilatt d '.o 
contract I'y diiritalis. 

Tlill. \1M I TICS. 

External. I>i_'itali- i> nut uskI < \t(riial!y. 

Internal, it is cnc ol the nio>t valuaiji druu's v • 
lia\f. it is chiftly u'iNiii in ca^fS of cardiac disoiilri-. 

Mitral I ,:! Id ■III, ill, 'It. if in any case of th;- 
variety of iicart disease the oi u'au is Ixatinu' fi'cM'. , 
in'c^'iil.iriy, ami rajiidly. diu'italis in iiioiK latt- ilo-c- 
wil! I'loliably >ti-t ii'jiln 11. icjiiia tt . a lid slow tlic 1m .a. 
it will caii-f till- lift \cnl!-i(dt.' to contract n.-r^ 
lorciiily, and to act .-■. iu-liroi:oii,--lv in all its nart-. 
litiKf ihf initial liap^ will he hciti r aiiiiroximali d, 
the I'l-LMii Lrilalioii will he h-s.a;id niort iilo(,(l will !• 
sent on into ihc art* rial circulation, 'I'hc prolonL'. i 
dia-tolc will a!>o hf of L'ri at advania;,'r, for it \\;il 
allow iiKfc liiKc for the hlooil tci flow from th' 
dilated aurii'ii . and from the rii/hl .-idc of the h.a:". 
and \i nous -\>;«in '^inrrally. into thr !< f; vi ntrich . 
in luiti'al ii u'in''jit-i! ion, a< i- w.ll kiiowti, \-eno- ~ 
en'_'o;'_'( mellt and o d. nal of the liillL'-^. of tiif ri'j:.' 
>ide of till- lit art, of thf li\tr, the iddiit-vs, ai. i 

sill)cl!l:ll|i(ilis !|--!ii s ;iii- \i'r\ (.'ijli'mr ti. 1 ML'itiiHs. I '■ 

imiiroviiiu' the vtiioiis llow ttiwards the heart, will 
auieliuriile all sym}itoms. It nii,^dit he supposed 



• i,v foh^liiftint: all thu i-tri!'!!' ml .1: •• i-i.ilt> 11 
-l.Tiiiipfdo tilt' arUTiiil ll()^v!isf tiu; hfari 

avf to vo 

iitnict ai/aiiist a i,'rfat»r \>i'V\[ 



hut tins (ii^;;m<' i~ iii'Vrr fiiouuh to 



ivV tllf llii' 


!'t a-fil 

caniiac j 


a IK 

-l bf rfinc'iiili; r. ii iliat 1 

;i 'Tfal a<lvaiit:iL'f 

lit' c 


to I 

ia\ !■ 

a }i!()i>if ji 

■ inlii-ral arttiial 

i^lancc, for without that the tla^lic .•(.;il o 

f il 


■rios cannot an 

1 th 


1 ll 



It usually 

s HI 


U'se c 

uses, (li'Mtalis acts as a (Inufti- 

hc of Ki'f'it valuo in reinovnit,' the d 'leuia 


(■;iusin'' the scan 

tv hi'^'h-colmirt 


1 ahiuulant. The iniprnViiiicnt in the eiivu 


<1 uniie to heeonie 

11 relieves the cardiac jiam am 

a .li>t 




.inmonlv accompany milral re.L,Mii-^'itati..n. the 
nisse*- oil. thedyi'iKea ilccreases. and usually 

titv 1 
I d 

day or t\yo a wo 

iidei-ful imjirn\cm< nt m tlic 


I's condition takes pi; 



If more ; 

my case 

itral r 


dvviates frol 

the al> 

)yf water- 

d typt 

the 1 

OSS f,' 


as a 

rule, will diL'italis d 


cases ill w 

Inch there is much pain and distie 

,1 hut little re^'ur^'itation ar< 

not .^o often hfiieiitc 

iioULrh e\en o 

sucti ca-e: 

ii;an\ are 


■times the vonntin 


.4 cau-ed hy dif^'italis | 



Fatal syncope may oct ur m tliosy lakinj,' 

iialis if they ari' too suddenly ra 

1 from the 

to the ui>nj,'nt postun 

Mitral constrictu'i!.-' 

In this condition it i^ 


that It wi 

11 h 


<iyantau'»'' to leii^'then 

.liastole. for then there will he a -r- uter cnance 

the diastcde will he lon'^' e 

noU'jh to iillow the 

ual amount of Idood to pass throu-h thr coi 
1 oritice. In proportion a.- 


ns e!hi i> altaniei 



Uiua, lividitv, and otle 

V ^l''!!-^ o 

f 1 



lus con''estlon wi 


)e reuc\t< 

1. iiml if the diu'itali- 


diuresis this is very va 


e 111 aMini 



ion C'l tue vi ui 


f the t 



In both tricu-j 



b L 




I'oiistiirtioii .1(1 in<-;j~jii(l rM'iii"..'it;itiii;i liJLritaiis Wil; 
l)f Ih'Iii ticiiil 111 tin- snijif \v;i_\ ;i.-> ill atl'i-(;ti(j;.~ 
of ill! iiii[ial valvc. A'' a rule, luiwrvt r, il doc ■■; 1- > 
;_'()( 111 win II tlif "li-ca -•■ i"^ di! tin- n.Lrhl siii> oi llu- licar;. 

A"il:c I < -III I .j!, It ■ //. ( >ftrii iii!.'ilali> i> luiniitui. 
f( r tiv ji'cil(iiiL'iii_' til'- (iia--i(iif I'ldTf liiiii' is allon.ii 
f(_)r ill' liiiioil to tall i a.i-k ihrou.L'h lli-- iiiijrrrtVctis 
cl(i-til annic (iiit'icr. aiiii liiiKc ili( It is u'ltat fJaiiL'' r 
(1" fatal s\ iK.'opf. 'I'lic dni^' -hould only 1m- urivt'ii \\\ 
casfs of anriic r( ■_.'ui"'_''itati»iii \vh(!i the licarl is rapi'l, 
or will II there IS eviiielice lliat IKil much hloi^ 
re'_Mir;jiiale-, or wheii tlui'e are reasons, such as the 
coiiicuieiit preMiice of ai'i'lic iili-!nietinii, for wishiiiL' 
to slreiiLTi iieii and regulate the ciuiti'actidii, hut Uv n 
it iiiav do !iiin-n L'oiid. The dn-f must he small and 
the ( llects mu>l he can, full_\ watched. 

Ai'i'l.i- ch.stnic'iii)!. 'I'lii-, unfortunately, i- 
usuallv a'-companied hy annic i"eL,'U!\L,'itati<>n ; hut 
sometimes u lit n it is wi.-lud to incr.-a^-e the force of 
the heat, and >o to dii\e more hlood throiiL'ii iht? 
oonsti"ict((l aortic orifice, di^u'italis is useful, or when, 
as a result of the oh>tri:i'tuui, mitral dilatation and 
consiMjuenl re'_Mu u"iation. with nuudi |iulmonary and 
Venous cn^^MULTcmeiit, have set in. .Many cases of 
pure aortic uhstruction tlo not re<pnre druirs. for iht- 
lii'art liNpirtiophies suilicii iitly to overcome the oh- 

/>/-,'///t'.s (li.sciisr. — In cases of contracted j^Tanular 
kidney in which the cardiac hypertrophy has hcen 
iinahle to ovei'come the jieriplu'ral resi.--tancc, and 
conscquinlly the U fi ventricle and with it the aun- 
culo-veutricular orifice has tlilateil. ;ind mitral rt- 
LTur^Mtation has tlurt fore ensued, tli'_r!talis may he of 
Kirvice. for the iiasoiis L'iveii on p. 11)1. A diuretu- 
pill, (dtt 11 ii>t (1 for tin.- coiuhtioi:, consists of nur- 
curial pill, diiriiahs leave s. and stpiill, a irrain of 
each, made u{) wilii extract of henbane. Olht-rwi^e 
in chronic lhi^dit'> tii.->ea-e di'_'italis is not a suitahl' 
diuretic, for it raisis the tension of the pulse, which 



;iliradv iii^'ii. Ill tlic fiirliiT stages of acutf 
..'hlV I'iiseasp it. lias l)rcii iswm a"^ a -Imn'tif, init 
- .lucstionablr wliethfi- it is ri^'lii to constrict the 
-. 1^ of an acutely intlaiiH <1 ori^'an ; fiirtht-r, ^liu'italis 
ilwavs. unltss tiic Ill-art is di-^fasfd. an nnciTlain 

ic, and tvcn ui tlit- •■;! 


■Iv St: 

i''(S o 

t' anitf r>ri''lil's 

. !-.• tlif ai'trrial tension is somewhat raised. In 
-oinc tuhal nephritis uncomplicated by cardiac 

a-e It IS worse tlian ust 

less, for it li 

as no < 


•iir renal cells, and it raises tiie hlodd-pressiu'e. It 

. common error to ^'ive too little dii^ntalis, some 

ciMsof cardiac disease are not henelited l)y less than 

i~es (11 

'01 ) 

f :{() minims of the tincture, and sometimes 
1 follows until the drii^' has heeii given for 

If days. 

f the 

c CiU'iHar jiiusi 

Ic. — If tile heart bo 

V (.r otherwise deu'enerate. di^'italis rart-ly does 
!. tor it is harmful for the diseased heart to have 
, -rk against the increased arterial tension, and it 
:i:d that there is dan "er of ru[)ture of some of the 
. M.rate fattv libres. The weakly acting' heart that 
,. ; with during pericarditis, pneumonia, typhoid 
' !'. -carlet fever, rheumatism, and other acute 
,i-;rs, even if no valvular defects are present, is 
: Kedly strengtheneil by digitalis. For this purpose 
bined With caffeine, or two drachms of 

:iv be com 
infusion niav 

X' 'Mven, wi 

" solution ol ammonia, in a little water 

th tl 

iree minims o 


tion is made more etlicient. and the prolonged 

■ >le allows more time for the muscle to rest. It 

u ar that in the course of twenty four hours this 

i.iional repv)se. although but little in each cycle. 

'! amount to a con-^iderable time. Many men who 

r^ractised rowing or otlier hard exerci-^e t(j excess 

hortness of breath, and the apex of tht 

irom s 
is foutu 

I to b 

)e a little out-'^ide tlie normal posi- 
biit then- is no demonstrable valvular lesion, 
condition, which also occurs in soldiers after a 

K V. i 

1 : 



lonf,' cainpai;,'!!. i> nuich Ix iicfilcd hy di^'italis. The 
dilatation of tlic rJL'ht sidf of tin heart that >.- 
froquontly accf)iiii)uiiH s chronic' of tla- luii^'- 
niav lie, hut is not usuiillv, imnrovod hv diL'italis. 

]''uti(ti<'}i(i' 'Ir-idsf nj the Ii(iirt.--'l'\n' irrc<.'u!;'.! 
palpitatini.' heat, oi'ttii .-ccn ap.irt from any orL'iHi; 
disease, may iu' hcnttitC'd hy diL,'itaiis ; hut it niu>t iw 
rLinoiuhcrcd that this ccindition is conniionly a rc.-ii!: 
of indigestion, in whirh caso tlu' ri.u'ht ti-fatnuiii i<, 
if possihlc, to vnrv the dyspepsia, and if dii^itali- i,« 
given at all. to do so cautiously, for it may cxcit* 
indigestion. Tiie functional alTections of the heart 
met M'ith in highly neurotic suhjects may he, hut an 
no*, often, henetited hy digitalis. 

E.nij'htliahiiir (j"Hn: niay improve under a Ioiil' 
course of digitalis ; hut generally this treatment faii.v 

Jhpmorrhnfjc. Although digitalis contracts the 
arterioles it is not often given as a hainostatic. for 
the increased hlood-pressure may lead to greatir 
ba'morrhiige, hut it may he useful in the pulmoiii.i;\ 
ha-morrhage due to disease of the mitral valve. 

A lc< holism. Modi'rate doses of digitalis liavc 
been saivl to i)e servictahle in chronic alcoholisn. en 
account of their stimulating elTect on the circulatict:. 
Enormous doses liave Ix en given empirically in 
delirium tremens, hut gtnerally without any good result. 

(_'/(';-?/5.— Ik'cause of its j'ower to contract tht- 
uterus digitalis nuiy he useful m menorrhagia. 

It is often di sirahle to coinhine lluid i)rej\aratin!!.- 
of digitalis with salts of iron ; the resulting mixluri., 
which is usually inky fiom the action of the iron i^ 
the tannin m the digitalis, can he clarified by ti.- 
addition of a little citric acid, llecau^e of this ditV: 
culty the p(»wdered digitalis leaves an- often miilt 
into a pill with dried sul['hate t»f irou. 

A.N l.MiU.Nl*-.Mb. 

AiitagunlMii betwii II (iniilali:) mid (iri>>i,t,\ Acoiiitt- • .•. 
cttftliac poi'-cn. wiiikcninj.' insttinl of --ti' ii^'tlitiiiiit: the lieaf t 
liiluU'." the )icrii'luial \lb.m.'1s. it luwiii ilic bleiMiiiie.-&ure. .: i 



1. .ith llie i-s ivlways fomvl in a 

conlition of lia-;tolo. 

11 tlufio jioiiits il !■< aiit.ii;ini 

aic to ilik'itaaa. 


k- i;U)i'l. that of .lU'italis v.-iy -^lnw. Thfr''f' 

Diulc 19 very la} 


l>i''Ua!is i-i cumulative. PatitMi 

!!•! aCtii'M 


I i-! aUrt,'ica!ly antiL'onisiic to ili^^itali-^. 

t^ vOu) ha'.'- tik' 11 it I'T 

. .: w 



n.tiinfs ^a-llfiily -hriw symploins uf ji.usoiiin^; 

;it any inor.a'^e i 

n th. 


\'\A \i hi'i'auc 

,s not oxcrcto 

1 hv the ki.lnevr; a^ fa-.t a-* it h ab-iurhc 

as the 


:i.'.",im'iilatrs i 

II the IxmIv. cliictly 

n l! •■ cii'iiiai' nui>>l«' 
11' it con-taiitly shuuM ),-rn.ially nimt it one wf. 
, ly four. Th.- nio-t "iuip.rtaiit -vniptMi-i of poi~omnK' i 
W'j. of th-' \ 

hut tilt' nio~t C'lninon i-; voimlinK. '>■" 


ff.'ii prt/Vfiit^ it- a'lnii!iistrati..n 

hut i^ l«a t lik.'ly, it 

1. to orcur \shcii tlu- prrpar,\tion u-.-l i> )^iv»-n unroni 

i with olh'T (Iru^;- 

•tiinf- lino to tho varying; 
S'an'lai'lizatii'n. p- •^). 

Thf irnvu'ar appt aranrp nf voinninK' 


-tit-ritrth of til-' pr-paralii 


''^tropliiiiitlii S<>miii:i 

Thi- .Irifil ripe sccdi of 

; n t n n 

Nat. »)r'l. Au<<unaciit), frceil from 

K.inutorial Wt-t Africa 

r.-~sf<l silky liair- 
iin>^', viilc^ tlatltiifc' 

Oval acuniinatctrrfcnish fawn. coverfd with 


hint'. > in. broa.i, has«' l>lunt, ap*>x 

.(, one siilo ha-^ a 

ri'ltrc from centre to 

'lor>al .-urfacf coiu 

.■\. Ktrncl whit«> and oily, consisting 

traight enihryo with two 

tliin cotvlt<lons siirroundeii by 

O'.lour characteristic. Taste very bitter 

hief con>titiieiit-< arc (1) Utroph- 

V albumen. 0<lou: 

('oMl'osITIoN. Th ... 

n ' C H„l),.. Thi-; ^'!uco>i(le, which h the active 
lile. *i'ri in all probahihiy the same us. or very closely 
i to the active principle oiiahaine. which has also been 
a, \ from phu.ts elo-ely allied to strophanlhus. It exists 
. 1 i>arts of the i)lant. hut mo>tly in the seeds iS to 10 per 
: 1 It is a trai-.sparenf. white cry^talline, bitter k1u'"^1'I« 
• -iplit i;p hv acids into i:luco,e and >trophantludin). 
;ih!e in chloroform aii'l ether, soluble in water. Uuabaine 
;i.I to be l.-^s M)lub!e than strophanthin. (2) Kombic 
i (.i) Inein, an active principle. 
1. Extractum Strophanthi. Hried po-.vdered 
_-,,...,,!,,,. ..a,,;., .f.,.,1- ;tre n. ir.j i.t.d \Mth ether. dri(d , per 
colatedwiih alcohol, dried, and diluted Nsilh milk .-u^-ar. 
Dose, i to 1 gr. 

. i 



2. Tinctura Strophanthi. Dritrl strophanti. us 
siOfK, \ ; alcclioi (To per ciiit.). '_'<(. rcrcn'mtf. 
TliiK ii. ni:i<l- witli imlt flie .--troi'liiintliu ■, sf^ls of that 
of B. 1'. l.^b.'j (A'ldirithiin !>'.)()). 
Dose, 5 to 15 m. 


External. None. 

Internal, -(ni-^trc - inteslitnil tnirt. -\a\{c i\\._r\. 
tali>. .--tropiiaiillMi-^ i.< liahlc to cause vomiting and 
diarrhoea, (!.-j)cciall_v if the dose hv hivj^v. In siii.ill 
(loses it.> hitter action may (•ciiif into play, and ih. n 
it will aid di^'cstion like any othtr luttt r siomachic. 

llciirt. Slropliaiithus act< on the heart of 
mammals exactly like digitalis, for it streiii^'thi :;^ 
the force without altering the duration of tlic .qvstole, 
)u-olon'.,fS tile dia.^tole, conse<niently .^lows tiio rate nf 
llie heat, and inakt-.s an irieL,'ular heart regular. la 
fatal casis of poisonitiL' hy .strophantlms the he;, rt 
luuy Ije arr<-5)ted in either diastole or systole. Tii- 
details (jf its cardiac action are the same as those (if 

VcsscU. It dor- not constrict the peripheral 
vessels, or at any rate very sliglitly ; tiierefore. the 
slow rise of l)lood-pr(ssiire is almost entirely dui ;m 
the action of the drut: i>n the heart, 'i'ii'is is the 
most important dilVert nee hetwoen it and di<,'itali?. 
wliicli contracts the ve->tls poweifidly, and cou- 
.sc(|iiently giveS a t,'reater rise of hlood -pressure. 

Ki'hiii/.s. In animals it i.s a more certain diuietir 
than digitalis. This is prol)aMy nuiinl} due to tli>' 
rise of hJood-))rt ssm-e takini.: place without \aso- 

Xcnous si/str7)t. This is not alTected. In toxic 
doses it i.s a direct poison to the voluntary muscK.^. 
l5oth strophanthin and oualiamf are powerful local 
anjtsthetics when dropped on tlje conjunctiva'. 

The African Komhe arrow poison is made fr(/ni 




Strophiiiuhus is n<vi\ in tli.- -^aino varini.s cf 
--.liiir' (lisr;is,. :h .li'/it;ili^ : tli;it i^ Jo -:iy. wlu ii it 
,l,.^iriiblr to slow the li. iirt, .o iiun as.- i'> Unrv, to 
k. it n -nlar. and !.. iifMlonir tlif diastolr. It is 
, n- therefore, that it will hr chirtly valnahlf m 
,.,., ,,f mitral -li-^ra-^e. .1 / /■ ''. it- "ii-ht he 
':./,i"ht that a- -iroj.haiithiis <lo.s not cnnlnct the 
. .iphcral v.<^rl< ati'.l m, ituMva^r thr canliae r.sist- 
nrr. coiHe(iii.iitly it wouM !).• the usi'ful -Irns ; 
;• , xpcrience lias not eoiitinned this, and there- 
,. m the tivatnient of a ca>e of heart dHra<e, 
'lialis should he used first , hut if the patimt dne^ 
.1 iniprow on thi^. then strophanthus may hr tried. 
1- vvdl sometim.'^ happ.ii that ^trophaiithus will not 
■• ,duee vomiting' ^vhen diu'italis <loe<. hut th*re are 
tnv individual d.trernic-. Di^'italis should usually 
i.,. .'iven when a diurftic etTect is desir. d ; hut oftm 
orophanthus, as it doe< tiot eon-strict the peripheral 
,..s.,.ls. is prefrrahh- when it is wnhed to j^'ive one 
of these dru^s to a i.atimt sutl'erin'-: from ehronic 
i'.ri-hfs <liseasp. Strophanthus i^ not eumulative. 
1- has heen recomm.nded in .•\oplitlialmic <;oitre. 
I'lohahlv other seeds than stroplianthus seeds are 
ofttn -old as su(di. hencu the rlViea.'V of the pr.- 
i^arations is variable. 

Ouahame has h.en .triv.-n in whoupm-'-couuh. 

«^4|1 ll.l.. 

!»i4-illa. S-iuill. Tlu- t.ulh ..f !'nvnea f^.tllu (Niit. Or-l- 
[.'■U,friC). (liv.-f.i of it^ .iry. in,-nl.r:inotH. uUt<T -,ral.s. •'Ut 
• , .l,c..saii(iaii.'l. .M.,lit.Tt.iii-aii .1 ii.-^t. 

Cm Ai; veil IIS. Tli.-Iio'> of th.- iiui.r =cal.-'^ an .Mirv.-.l. 
v.ll.,Nvi.h-\vlut.' -r tran-hi.-.iu -tvip-^. 1 to "J in.loim. 
'.;.,iir noiio. Tii-l- v.iy hiit.r. Ka-^iiy pulv.-n/iUHL- it .Iry, 

" '('oMrosiTiMN. Tlif clii.f ron-titu.Tils ai- 1 1 ) Srillitnxin, 
...■'.Mr-, r :r!..--v;i;!!- the mo-t u'tivf principle. r2) Scilli- 
: irrin*. ai^oVti%.-. aixl cIo^lIv n-iatf.l to <^cil!it..xiM. 
Dose, 1 to 3 gr. 




1. Acettim Scillao. S^iiiill, 1; ilihitc ac ; o 
ai:'I. •". Ma. . r..t'-. 

Do»e. 10 to 30 m. 

2. Oxymel Scillae. I' -.|U!ll. '_", o/.. with 
acitic nci'l. ■_' , il. <,/., ,iiii| water, s il. ,,z.."f.,r 7 •i.iv-:. 
I'n -.- aii'i liltrr. aii'i tnix li;.- liUral-' wali !i.(iii.l claniiV.i 
hn.i. y. -JT ll. 1./. 

iOose, ; to 1 fl. dr. 

3. Syrupus Scillaj. Actu'ii Sciilii, 1 : sii/ar, 'J 
Dose, i to 1 fl. dr. 

4. Pilulalpecacuanhnecnm Scilla. S.|iiil!. 1, 
cniiiiKiiinil i|i.(M(Miaiiiia i>mw.|i r, .! ; ainiuoniucuiu. '. 
syrup of (.'lii.'d^,-. q. ^. (s,\' Opium, ji. .iM). 

Dose. I to 8 gr. 

5. Pilula Scill.TB Composita. S.iuill, IJ ; fiii 
K'T, 1 : auiuinniacuiu. 1 ; :^llaI^ 1 ; syrup nf kIucosc. 1. 

Dose, 4 to 8 gr. 

6. Tiiictura Scillae. S.piili, 1; alcohul (»'.u per 
C'lit.l, .'i. Mareratc 

Dose, 5 to 15 m. 


Squill SI) closely resembles digitalis in its action 
that ill.' account of that dni;,' will apply to s.^iill 
with the followmu: adijitions. Many lu-liovt' th;i' 
s<jinll is a more powerful gastro-intes'tinai irritant; 
and that voniitiii!^' and puri^'inp; rt-sult from t-Vfii 
moderate doses. hut oftt n this is not so. In the 
Second pluce. some constituent of squill is excreted 
hy the hronchial mucous meml)ran •, and in pasi^in^,' 
thro;i^'h It irritates it. The vascularity and the 
amoinit of secretion are tliorchy increas»"(l. S(piili 
is. therefore, an expectorant. Thirdly, s.piill in the 
course of its e\ereti(,ii throui^'h the kidneys stinnilat. s 
them ; it is. th.refore, a more eneigeticdiureticthan 
dii,'italis, and it may irritate the kidneys e.\ces.sively. 


P>ocause of its irritating' properties s.^iill i.s not 
L'iveii iilone, hiir if is freuiienf'x' conihiiied V'"" — '- !^'■^■^'■- 
talis when that druL,' is administered for heart 
• lisease or as a diuretic. .\ verv favourite diuretic 

l'()N\ M.I.MMA 



I of pnw.l.n'.l squill. p«nvil. rtd di^'i- 

l,.aY»s':uia l.lur pill. 1 KHiin of I'a.h. m.i<lo iii 

pill is compos. ( 


ill .-loiiio piiuplt' Vfhiol 

quill is much usi'.l asnn . xprciorant. H.Teal^o 
ilwavs prt'scrilxil u\ coml-iiiatioii ; it i- too irri 


to tilt' linmcliial iinK'nufl mttii 

lirano f<ir it to lif 

,lvHablt' to give 

it in acute bronchiti: 

nor should it 

hoson in phthisis, hst it 
It it is valuable in flinmic 
n is scanty. 

Sipiill should not be giv 

-h<iuld cause dyspepsui 
bronchitis if the secre 

en m 

acute Bri'^ht's 


for it is too irritatm^' to the kidnt-y 

4 oiivallaiia HajaliH. (N t iVoial ) 

Th.' Illy ot the- v.illfyiNat. Or.i. Li:uue^^). The entir.' 

CiuHuTir.< I..;iv.s A t.i r, in. loiu-. railictil.oUlont^, tapf-r- 

■ ' Fhns'.r stfiii !c:itl. ^s ra^H-.v!, >hurbr than tlie li-avt-!*. 

■u-TA \vlut«-. hell-hajjo.!. .Ironpiiii/. forniink' a Ir.ose rac.-in.'. 

('MMruMTins- The chief consiitu.iits ar.- (l) 

.Mil. a ^:hicns.i>lc. the actiN.' i.rincii)!'-. (-') Coiuallarui, a 

.rn^iilo, saiil only to purt^f. 

Vrepiiration (Hrit. Tharm. Co'h \). 
Tinctura Convallariao. Th<- ilowtrs, 1 ; alcuhol 
(70 J *-r ct-nt.i, ''. 

Dose, 5 to 20 m. 

Action and Thkumkitk s. 

The action of (V)nvallaria Majalis is precis-ely 

,1 of di^'italis and it may be giv^n in exactly the 

lae varieties of disease. It is sometimes 

] c.ssful when diiritalis ha^ failed. It is not so 

'.vtrful as digitalis, but some lind it less likely to 

■ luce sickness. 
r.rylliroplilu'Hiii. -(Not oiVicial.) 

Ca.e.i r.ark. Syn:,ni,ms.^ Su^>y hark ; Oi-hal bark. 1 !..■ 
k nf Krythrophuvum 'juineense <Nat. Onl. L.-^umoi.-. ) 

' V.Airo>rn..N.--Tho aclivf- principle i.s or\lhrophlaino. an 


i'n'Piinrj'i'H i I'-rit. I'ii.n m 


hol ( 

Tinctura Erythrophloei. Sassy hark, I 

lit. I. 10. 

Dose, 5 to 10 m. 



MATI nfA MF.r)F<'\ 

A( IION AND Thi;kai'Kitics. 
Tlic actidri of < r\ tliropliht-nm is iniicli tin- saiiu 
iis that (jf (li-^'italis. ami it iiuiv \u u.-i-d lor tlic sarii, 
clas"^ of cascv. It is, Ikasi \.r. iiKirc likely to chum 
voinitiiii:. an-i tlif ucti(»ii on the iniulMtory vuL-al 
inrclianisni is luiich luorr inarkt.'d than that on tlie 
cardiac nmscli . 

A|HH->iiiiiii. iN.,t r.lViriiil ) Cina.iiin H. !i;p. Aj. i , 
mini iiiiiti.ii, Ilium. 'J'lii' riKit i^ ;;-<.!. It Ci)iit;iin-! a cry.'.tHliii!. 
Iio'iy.uiioc . mil. which i- iinTt. hilI iiimrtivf priiiciplf.( yn.itoxn; 
or ;ip()r_vii,iin;iii!i. It- H'lioii IS txictly that of tJir olh. r 
tiifiiili.T- of till- .iiu'itiih- k'roup. .\ tmitir.' of apoi'yrinni .- 
pnpiii. d. but It is uiit iiiiich ii~.-.|. !i- it is a pir.v.M liil fastra; 
iriU;int. iiut i'yiiot(».\iii nu;,'' bf with a<lvaiitiiK'e. 

Ci..\ss 1 1. The Aconite Group. 

\< oM'i'i:. 

Acoiiiti l<a«li\. .\c..|,,tr l;,„,t. llu- ,h-ir.l n)..t .f 
Acnnitnm nup.Hii^, (•(.Ihct.d. in the .•lutuimi, from pl.inri- 
cultivatid in Britain. 

Cii\i.\riKK>. r-!iully •_• to t in. Inn.-. I'pp. r cvtrcm,- . . 
crown. il with has.- nf -t.iii, i^ ^ Ui ,' in. in .lianietcr ; conicj, 
shnvcllcd, show-, hats of hiokin rnotirt^ ; -hirk hrown t-xt' r- 
naily. whiti-h iiit<riia!ly. Has a central axis with ra\-. 
Caiitiousiv chcwcl. priKliiccs aft. r -mur minut.s tin;.'Iing a;: 1 
numhncss. Kcscnililcs lior-.Tiuiisli is,e p. ol-J). 

Cmmi'.'sIiion. -Till- <hi.f atti\f pnni'ipic is tlu; a'.kal. li 
a. o»ii\',n.' (^c- bclowi. Tu.j nth.-r ar.' present, vi.-. 
aconuie ainl hen/aconiiic. Sonu- (.Mnini. rnal >.peeiineim cf 
aconitin.' con-i-t cliielly ..f tli.-e, an- much !• ■-« 


1. Linimentum Aconiti. PowJcreJ root, .'n : 
camph.'f. 1 : u!.- .h,.! lOo j„ r <•- iit.i. to make ;{(). 

2. Tinctura Aconiti. I'ow.lereil root, 1; alco- 
hol (70 p, ; c. lit. I. 2n. I'eri-olatr. 

Dose, 5 to 15 m.. or if \ery frequentlv repeat. : 
2 to 5 m. 

'I'ins is nuuh- 'Aith t\\o-titth.s of th.- a.-niute root, |;, 1'. 

.\4-oiiiliii:i. A.-. !,itin.-. C\,H,-N(),,. 

S^a Ki 1.. All :i'.kal.iiil. . .)it.;u!!.-i! fr"'.!i .'I'.'o'iit?' r!iot. 
CuAiiAcrKio. Coioiii ie--. hexau'nnal prisnisof the rhonihic 
sybtem. Meltinc point, iiTl' .iTi' F. Truduce;, lingliiiK' wi > . 


4 '27 

,.,.l ,.M toMRUf. Its ■'iilt-^ .ir. rrv.lalhm-. Its .nlutmns 
; ■ , ■ Nvith a.'Ki.' aci.l ^'im- a ««-! on •.tiiUn.c |.irci,uUt4. 

,1,, „, ..f iM,t;i'';iiii!i } Uv ^ai liftl h v.Ip-. 

„ ,,niliii.. form- Im n/acnin.'. an.l on furth. r hv.lrn.y..H 

;,„■„,. acoini..' an.l »- n '..i,. H.-i.l. S..;nM/.?'/. H.a.ii y ... 

,hnla.uiclilon)f.,rn,.l.^^ - ... .'I'-r; ..."olul.lo m 

/'; laratit'i'.. 
Unguentum Acoiiitinw. 

oUiC ari'l. ■•* kt. ; lari. II ^.t. 

\r..|litill''. 1 

.\( TION. 

Thr artinii of iirointc which liii-^ '>'tii r.- 
.aud l»v Cusli un.l hiinstiui. ;s dur chi.tly l" tin- 
, ,,nitiiu-'in it, :iw\ thmfore th^y uuiy !;.• oonsi.l, rr.l 
• ,;, thcr. (For lU ii/.aconiiif iiiid Acouim- .s<v p. J2U.) 
External. Applird lo ilu- -kin, t<> a luucous 
.nil)riuie, or lo a raw surfac. aconilinc. and tluri-- 
fore aconite, first siiuiulttU'H and llieJi paraly<("^ th.' 
-. .'.-nrv norvfs ; ii thus .-aus.H first tinghng. tlien 
'.umbness and local anaesthesia for toiuh, pam. and 
•■ mpcraturc. which last so.iu- luur. I nlcss th(- skin 
1. sound a danu,'froiiH (luanlily may ht- ahsorU-d. It 
■ intensely irritant to liif nostrils, causing', wh.-n it 
: luhahd, smt'/.ing and inuch Hi'cretioii with an icy 
colli sensation. 

Internal. -G(/s 
V. rv dihitc. nmnhncss an 



ht re tiii'jlinL,' art' produced in 
arc no (Jthcr i^'aatro-intestinal 

xTi'v; 1 


.ptoins proviih d ihcdose is not very I 
r. inav he vomiting' and puririny. 
//,,,, /;._lf small doses are ^,'iveii to aniiii 
< ,,f the heat is soon very deci.ledly steadied and 
iwed- siiorilv afterihi-- the force and tension hec(jme 

il-^. th 


:ess. and these t 

■tTect- are mainlv (hie to a stimu.ali 


r.iit after'lar^'er doses the pulse 
.anil hecomes irregular. Many 
llio ventricular heats haw no c.-rrespon.iin-,' auii 


vau'us centre 

iickeiis. nil-S( s bea 

eular coniractiou. a 

llhou'di the two a 

iricles always 


^f\Tl;litA mi: Dies 

rctntriut foL'rfli. r aiid tlir two vrntriclr^ alwiivs rori 
trarl i(«:'ttli»i . As fli'- irrtt^'ulirity aiiii frtr|ii« ncy < f 
v»'iitri(Mil;ir (•((lUiMctKiii-i iiiiTt ;i-i.', tlif liluoil-pn s-mr-- 
r.i|tiiUy iiiiiltr'.,'(i<-j I'l-rM variatiutH. Ii is nut iinfii 

• piitc ilif »'iiil I'f Its a<-finn acnnitf intlufnc. 
llif li' art iiiiisrl,.. 'I'll,, vt'iitridt M. al\va\s ]iuir>- 
HtVfctr.l tliaii till' auticit-:, pas- into a coiiiiitioii . f 

• lilirimii. liven Hiiall ili<< s It-ail to a fall of blood- 
pressure, liut all the til", (.ts on 1>| I prc-siirc art- 

ahiio-t tiitiitly -• cdiKliiry to the action on tlir lirart 
or its nerves. The va.~u iiM'tor cenlr." is I'uiy .sli>:liiK 

Iu\sj>ir,it."H. 'I'lif rt -^iiiratjiin. after a transitory 
'lui.kenin^'. is steadied iirl slowed, < \piration an'l 
the pause after it are con-iilt ral-jy prolon^'i il. Tl;. 
movements lieconie more slow and dyspnoal. ti..' 
respiratory centre is powerfully depressed, ,iut it i- 
not ea-y to ijecide win tli. r d( ath is due to this or to 
cardiac failure. 

Xi'rvous s>/str7)i. It appears clear that aconite, 
whether ^'i\en internally or applied locally, depresses 
the activity of the peripheral terminations <>i th. 
nerve-^ ; the nerves of common sensation and tem 
perature are atVeettd lont,' hef.ue the ]nuu>r. :\u\ 
pain that may he pr» st iit is relieved. I-arL'-' iln.--, ^ 
in niaii cau<e ch'nic ciiii\uIsioi:s, chiellv respiratcirv. 
Later on tlie paralysi-: df tlif motor iierves ;,MVes 
rise to miHcular weakness. It is donlitul whetlier 
the ronl i< influenced. The (' rehnim is not. 'I'li. 
{uipil is dilated. 

1 roi I', r. I t.n-i'. - \{-i)U\ii' cau-' s a ft 1. rile tempera 
turr to fall. Thi- is in part dur to it- action on th. 
circulation and if<i)iration. hut pn)hal)lv other can-r- 
are at work. 

Skin. Aconite is a mild diaphoretic ; in thi^ 
case also we do nor undir-^tanjl !i(.>\v it acts. ()co:-i- 
-ionally it pr(»duct s an i r\ thi matous I'aslj. 

Ki'iiu'iis.- -it is said to Im- a feehle diuretic, hut it-; 
etfect is very slight. Aconitine is excreted in the urine. 

A( »)MTK 



i> Litter, lui'hlot :• not vnn-v tuit'liti^' 


(.f imic'iis Mitfiict- ; 111 hniH' •!">. 



< the pulse li< at %< 

rv -irikiii;^'lv l»tC!iu>e lli< 

iiLir IxiUs lire frt'|iieiitiv n<> 

M fnll 

(i\M I 

1 \<\ V. II 

It- ;irt l'i!i I- ji'iili.ll'ly cllletlv (»n . ii^''le Itself, it .loe^ ii^t lanilysr seiisnrv 
tl\ iiilerfeies witli motor ii. rves iui.l 


l.lit t^Teii 


i,.- a seiui-foiaitose co 
itiire iirodiiced I'V it is very 

•.iced thill it is ill :iliuo>t nil resi 
Kill to iicoiiitnie 
Acoiiine is 

'111.' tall of I. II 




It wi 

II bo 

ets c'ontrarv \u 

i- iion-toMc us retrari 

cardiac inco.) 
iiiitino. It 

liitter, but <lo. s not jiro'luee nuinbiu'ss. 
Is the luart. uli'l opj)0-e-? 

r-linatioii ami iisequeiic*' called by 

iii'l respiration 


motor nervis 

V H 

trikim-'ly, probalily actin-.; like curan 

It IS wor 

c) aconiliiu' o 


tvl-ae-oiiitine) f,' 

li noting' "that, whilst tht- intro.luetion 
f iwo'iMitional acetyl trrou).-^ ^as in 

lerivative very 
the loss of the acetyl 

ives ri-e to a ' 

liar in ii'-tion to aconitim 
up, a- in I'fn/.aconine, a 

Imo-^t entirelv abolishes all 

iv-iolo-^'ical resembhincr to aconi 

tine. On the other 

iii'l, tin- removal of the i.en/oy 

1 railical from ben- 

(aconine ri'iiiauun'-') pr 


'•■ration in ac 



much less 

tioH altlKuii^'h it does dinnni4i the 

Mxuutv uf beii/.aconine 





and r.ikhaconitme are a 

Ikaloi-ls derived from 

hidian aconite 


External. .\s aconit.' product 

- iipl 

4ied externallv an 

local aiiiirithesiu, 
l' often with irreat benefit in 

of neuraluriu, especia 

liv f; 

K'ial neur;ui-'i:i. 



itlv it fail-, and wecanno 

I tell l.efori hand whether 

11 w 

ill succee< 
bbed in till num 

1. A >miill pi'ci-' of the ointment may 



.viutKive I) 

hne-s IS produced, l»ut as thi 
reparation it is usually better 

• > paint on 
i'iii- jiain c 

imtdtihair brusfi. 

die linimt'iit with a ca 
f chronic rheumati-m is .sometimes re- 



lievod l)y iiconitc. Chlnroformuin Acnniti fa I'.. 1'. 
('(xlcx i)r(j)ar;iti()ii) an<l Liiiiintiitutii Aconiii Coni- 
p()>itiiiii. C(iiiiiii()iilv culled A. !;.('. Liniment, hecau-.. 
it contains cijiial parts of Ac.'Mtc, llelladonna. and 
Chlorot'orni liniiiniils. arc excellmt jiri'pai-ations for 
extrrnal u-c. Aeunitt .-.hoiiM nevei- hv u-^t d e\l( r- 
nally unlc-s the -kin is .juite -oiind. 

Internal. It may he -riven internally for neur 
al^'ia, l)ut it does not siicr(<'d nearly so well as wIk n 
ap]»lied extt rnally. It is nfit used internally so miuli 
as foniKrly. wii.n it was administ(-red in almost everv 
febrile disease, with the object of d( creasinj^' the force 
and tension of the pulse. It was said to do tiiis verv 
(dl'ectiially. '.>ut l*ri< .■ did not find that it reduced the 
rate of th" pulse in some patients he examined; the 
reason why it is not so popular at the present time 
IS that It is not now th()U;.dit desirable to reduce the 
force and freipiency of the heart in these diseases. 
Perhaps it is usid too little, for many htdieve that 
till' milder febrile diseases, such as ton-^ilitis, larvn- 
f^'itis, or a conunon cold, are ilistinctly benefited'by 
aconite, especially if they occur in 'children. In 
addition to retarding the {julse it increases per 
ypiration and lowers the temperature. As lar^. 
doses diminish tlie force of the heait. it is usuallv 
given in doses of two or three minims of the tinctur'' 
every hour or so till the pulse falls to nearly normal 
for the same reason it is not advi-able touse it feu- 
prolonged fevers, as typhoid, nor when the heart i~ 
diseased, except in the few cases in which there is 
sullicieiit comp. iisative cardiac hypertroi)hy. In 
Hiu h canliac cases ii is sometimes ust'ful to slow 
the jiulse, evi'ii whiii there is no fever, it will occa- 
sionally relie\e the pam of aneurysm. A common 
practice was to comltin' with it oiie or two th\)ps of 
Vinum Aiitimoniale,as tnat has much the .same action 
on th( heart, hornu'rly it was much us(><l in surgery 
if it was feared that intlammation might set in after 




'111. sviiii)t(.iii-. <-()!M 1 (luiokiy: in ii U'w niiiiut'^ thfiu 

-. \(i-." liurnui}.'. tm-liii^' -i n.-:ir;iiii m th.- inmith, fnllowfcl 

.'iiiitiMos. Voiiuliiik' l>i';.'ins iii iiii hour or .-o, anil is very 

, ,,.. 'I'titTc i- iiii intfii-.' iili'i(iiiiiii;il I. inning' si'iisiilinii. The 

.- '■ol.l iiii'i cliiiiitny. NiiinliiH.-- (iii'l tiiiL'liii>_' witli II s.■Il^e 

.iniii-iition of ill"' wholf >kiii troulilc tlit- p:ili.-iii very iiiiK'h. 

l,iil)ilr-;uc<lil:ittii.thf<'yf> lix.daii'l -tiinn^'. llw rn;i,sc!>'3 

-:,i.- very frfl.l.-.ii. -lice hr >t:i^.'^'»-r>. The [.iiUr i< Miiiill.'^fitk, 

; .irr^,'uhir. 'riii-r<- is liilliciliy of r.-^iuriitioii. l».Mtli tak.-a 

. . from a.-i'hyxi;i. or iii .-"iiif ciis--^ iroiii syiicojx'. Tht' 

..ul is often "coii.-cioii- to \\v la.-l. l'"St VKinon. TiiP 

.111 si;,'iis (jf liiiuli from iisiihyxhi arc st-.n. 

I'rr itnwnt. Wa<l) out lli.- sloimich (.romptly : >:ivf .•lUftics 

l:;t;i. I'sc artilicial rt-inralion (.'.irly. stimulants, 

■ ther or l)ran(ly, ^ulKMitaufou-ly. Atr..i)inc and thr tiiicturo 

;L'itali^ shoulii bf ^iv.n liy nu-uili or .lUbcuianoously. Hoi 

ki t.-> anil bottles. 

\lliyl 4 4»lloid. (Not ollkial.i 

S'ln'OViVi. Anu.iyne colloi.l. The composition nf this 
iMiyl hylriiK. 1 ll.'o' ; aeoiutine, 1 kt. ; \< nilrine, f, j^t. ; 
. ..hon to •_' tl. o/.. 

Action asm '!'ii!i:\!! fin s. 
Amy! colloid is painted on the -...a over painful in 
ralj^'ia. sciatica. Ac h is an t le;:anl method of obtaining* 
h"i1 anasthetic action of aroinlui.' and veralriiie. whudi 
I ied by the evaporatiuu of liie hydride of amyl ; !in<l 
M tlu' Jolludion lias formed a lilm. a piece of warm moist 
i^-iopiline helps the ana nlhetic tllcct of the alkaloids. 

■ I 


\ i:katici\i:. 

»rall*ill!«« Veratrine, an alkaloitl or mixture of 

I iLiid.-i 
( n'>c<i 


lamed "from cevauilla, llie dne.l ripe see. 

is of 



idon Dlliciiud-' (Nat. Ord. Liluiccr). It usually 
I siiL'iit adnii.\tures of two other 

f veratrine an 




I llAl-.Ai TFKS. 

line and cevadilhne. 

K. I'repared from cevadilia liy precipitation with 

.\ pale t:rey amorphous powder. Odour 


er am 

but very irritating; to the nostrils. Ta.-t. very 
Sotut'ilitii. 1 in f' of t ih. r; 1 in :{ of alcohijl {'JO [nr 

t.) ; rt a 

liiv It 

ciilute aciUs i very lecDly in water. 

Dose, Vi, to ;, gr. m p 




I'liir vcrittrii:'-, C,Ji ,|Nt>„, crv-tiillizt f- in iiiHil.ii- jiri-:; ■. 
Tlu- pliartii.icojKiial \(rutiiiK' i- \(iv ran Iv i>mf \ciatriiit . 


XJng^entum Veratrinae. Vt latrinc, 1 i.r. ; 
oleic arid, J tiv. ; l.u.'!, i-i pr. 


External. W-niiriiif if it is applii'd to tlio iir.- 
broken skin, and c^pcciallv if it is rublied in. produc* 'J 
tin;,'lin<,,' and numbness, fnllow.d by a sensation '■( 
coldness and ansesthesia to pain, toucli, and tciii- 
j)craturc. (iivm siilx'utaiu'ously. it causc'S violti<t 
pain and irritation. 

Internal. (idstiui-intr.stinai hiict.--- Inbalati"ii 
of tbc mimUf'St portion caus^-s j^'reat irritation of tlu- 
inuc'ous nu'iid)ran( of tiif nose, violent sneezing, and 
a free discharge of mucus. \v)ii(di may be bloody. .\ 
speck on tlie tongue f^'ivc s rise to burning pain and 
profuse salivation. On arriving,' at tlie stomaeb and 
intestine it |)rodnces great epigastric pain, vomiting. 
and diarrhoea. Tbese results also occur if it is giv. u 

JjliHuL \'eratrine is (piickly absorbed. It is nut 
known to afl'ect tbe living blood, but it kills tlie 
wbite corpuscdes in drawn Idood. 

Heart. It acts directly on tbe cardiac muscle 
as it does upon voluntary muscle : tbat is to say, 
tbe contractions of tbe beart become fewer, but 
eacb lasts a very long while until ultimately the 
heart stops in sy>lole. It als<» acts on the vagus a- 
on spinal lUTves, the functional activity being first 
exalted, and ibis is partly the reason of the slowin.: 
of the beart ; afterwards tbe vai/us is de|>ressed. i'.t 
this does not cause a (juickeiiing (d" tbe pulse, becau-e 
of ibi' action of tbe veratrine on tbe cardiac muscl--. 
but it m:.iv miil;e tbe beat iireL'ular. The blond- 
pressure at lirst rises from the increased force of tlie 
beat, but when the heart becomes very slow it fuli-. 



t'D.ssilily thosr ftTict.s an' al^o m part owin^' to the 
•i.iii of lh<' drui^' on tilt' vaso-inolor (•tntr"H. 

i:c^ljirii!h<n. Small <l()>fs .luickfii ii'Si)irati()ii. 

..■_'»■ oiu'- i-.tard it. producinj^ Ion-,' pauses, and 

li'iv arresting it. Tin •:.■ rr-ult^ arc ptol.aldy duf at 

-I ;".) .-tiiiiulation, and afterwards to paralysis of ;lu' 

i- (if the vai^'us in tlu' luni:. and to paralysis ot the 

pu-atory ecntres. The tcuiperature is lowered. 

' X, ■'■!■' 'i(s si/sti'tn. '\'\\^' l»rain is unatVtrted. and 

.i.;il)lv vrratriur has no intlumcr uu the spinal cord. 

Motor iierves are first excited and thn: paralysed 

,,ir-r dose^.an.l the same is true of sensory nerves 

i linir tndinL's in smalUr dos<-s. imt heri' tiie 

Miarv stimulation is more marked, heiu'f the 

uisi.iit pain produced by the local inunction ol 

\< lalriuf. 

Musrlcs. — The elTret of veratrine is peculiar and 

i!iicteri>tic. In animals to which it has been .L,Mven. 

:n <'\ci.sed muscles to which it i.s ap{)iied, it is 

; ,nd that the i)eriod during' which a rfin^'U' con- 

'riction la.-ts is enormously prolonged. M a traciiii,' 

• ;lif contraction l)e taken it will he s.eii that the 

... of the -cent of the curve is unaltered, that th.' 

■lit is ^'reatlv increii-cd and the descent is extra- 

I Miarily extended. This is a genuine lengthened 

:;tracti*on, which is neither rigor nor tetanus, hut 

ihiio-^t exactly re.-enihhs tile contraction ()f the 

,m1.s met with in Tliomsi n's disease. Tliis etVect 

; v.^ ratrine di.-appears if the muscle i.s cooled. 


External. Veratrine ha.4 been used as an in- 
•loii for neural,:.'ia. and sometimes it succeeds 
iiiiiablv, generally in the >ame class of cases a.^ are 
:,. tited'iiv the local application (jf aconite. 

= -"v -..^ it has 

H i*« V 

CI l;aii 1 

lutcrnai. it is xixnuy giVc 
h a powerful and peculiar action on the heart. 

F r 





Vegetable Drugs employed for their Action on the 
Respiratory Organs, and not falling among 
Volatile Oils (q.v.). 

Senega, Ipecacuanha, Lobelia, Virginian Prune. 

Till- lii-t thiof an- ^-'iistro-iiitfstiiuil iiiituiits. Sfn(f;a n:;'. 
ipccacuanlir. mo hi.ih i xtrtti i ]i\ \.)\(' broncliial mucous niim 
hrarii . which tlifv iiiitatc. dioup II. is (■ciimcUd with tli^s 
firvu\) hy s< in>:a. -Ahirh at t- en the licaii lik«' sijuill, and ^-'liull 
like siiK ^H is t xcreti'l hv il,.- bioiicliial mucous im iiibrani . 

Si IK'^n* lfa(li\. 'Ilif <liic(l i-c'ct of I'vbjgula scnrga 
(Nut. (till. i'o/.'/|/'(''o/ 1. From Noi th Amtiii a. 

Ciiai;a( TKi;<. Slfiid. r root.- •_' to i in. lon^,', of uhicli tl.o 
i.j.j'cr end IS an iiKKi'liir knoUy tulitic-ity with it mains of 
bmall stt-m-, taj'i ring bi-low into a torluou.s wrinkled kttlid 
root. ; to ,', in. thak. lunk yellow i.-h or hrownisli i^ny,;- 
vcist-lv cra( kod. I'racturc sl-rt unci hrillle. (.idour of bark 
jicculiar and rancid, its ta-te at fust i-wclisli, but aftorwar.i- 
\i'ry sour, and causing a llow of saliva. C't iiral column woody, 
tasttbss, and inodorous. ] U'si }>ib!i7i[i scniija rvt. - \ruuii. 
Valerian. Sirpentaiy. and Green HelUbore, but none of th' -e 

have a keel. 

CoMTosnioN.- The chief coiislit .eiits are ( 1 ) Senti.;!;, 
a f:!uco>idf. is the active juincijile. is identical with Sapunm. 
found in Sajcnaria (Quilhiia bark. -y.r.). and many other 
plants. Sjipoi'in is decomiosed by hyiirochloric acid into 
ui).'9 a-:] sapo^'eiiin. It exists as a white pcAvder. whuh 
f ..nis a soapy emulsion winn mixi d with water. \2) Poly- 
galic acid. 

iMivunu-t.. Other roots are mixed with it. 

1. Infusum SenegBB. Setu ga root p.iwdered, 1 ; 
boiiiuK' water. 20. 

Dose, '. to 1 fl. OE. 


2. Xtiquur Scuei^cE Concen 



in the usual way for concentrated liciuors (i(t p. 11*). 
Dose, ,', to'l fl. dr. 




3. Tinctura Senegw. 1 to •■» .f al .V.<U (^<0 jer 

.]. r.TCnhltf^. 

Dose, i t 

fl. dr. 





External— Saponin i-; a [hi 
luucc sentt^'a is an irritant to ihv skin. 

Internal. Alimcntnri/ canal. Si'Iio^m is an irri- 
tant luTC also, prodncitiLT salivation, vo'nitinj?, aiai 
iiarrlura. Kven small dosrs often cause indigestion. 
It absorbed with ditViculty. 

Circulation.— U injected into the blood saponin 

circulates as such. It arrests the heart in diasKdo, 

and id a ,L,'eneral protoplasmic poison. It i^ excreted 

i V the skin, the bronchial miuMus membrane, and 

h.' kidneys, but whm f^ivon by the mouth its acti-n is 

,^ually limited to the aUmeutary canal, as very little 

- iibsnrbt '. •■Ill 

licspiratii'H. - \\hi'n the powdered root is nihaled 

:s saponin acts as a violent irritant to the nose, 

, iiusing much sneezing and coughin<.', totrether with 

hvpiraniia and increased secretion from the respira- 

:.'ry mucous membrane. If senega is taken by the 

•..wuth it irritates the stomach, and so by rellex 

linn increases the bronchial secretion and the 

• nd.ncy to cough. Senega is therefore a stimulating 


Ki'lncys.^-U absorbed it is a dmn tic, because 
:he excretion of saponin through the kidneys causes 
irritation of them. 


Senega is only used as a stimulating expectorant 

!• is evident that it may be useful in bronchitis, wh.n 

. secretion is scantv, and wh* ii the power to cough 

fieble. As when absorbed it i.s an irritant to the 

..,.,,. I,;.,] .,>,j,.Qi,^; ip.ij'iilirane. it n.iust not be given 

n acute broncliitis, and its action as a general irritant 

•id protoplasmic poison often renders it undesirable. 

r r 2 

4 MO 

MATini\ Mir>ir\ 

I|i<>4-:i4-ii:iiili:i* |{:i4li\. 'I'tn >ii i-.i id^t i>f /',>;. 

triti II ,: (I: Hui.hd (N;il. Onl. Uuiaturii). I'lia/.i!. 

('ii.\i;.\CTi lis. Tuiit'il |iiiria 2 to •> ill. Ion.'. \ in. 'ii 
III' ti r. C'liticai iinrticii tlii'k, ■ rt"i "r lirnwn. luinuliit' 
wiiii a -lidit. r<'-iiii'U-; v.a\y ti ut.-tuif. ('•■iitnil iinrtinn \s!iit:-- 
wiKfiv a\i~. Tii-t'- u'nil, liilti r. o.itiiir -li^.'iit. ]i« rnliar. 

(.'■•Mi.'si I ics. Till' cliii f cmi-tituciit.- !ii>' lit l!iin ;:', 

C,,H,,..N <),. All lilin \ -talii/alilf alkiilnid. Col' 'Wl !.■.,> (li.i : 
Vfilow nil 1.1 I I'l r . I, .-nl;ililf 111 aloiliul. ' iIk'T. iUi'l cli'orofnr 
lint ill c-aii-tic alkali. I'J) C' !>lia< liiif. l'..H,.N.' ',• C'lUourl' 
(turns vi-ilnw (in ki <iuiu'i, ^MJulilf m cuu -tii- alkali, Ir-s cdh,! ■ 
ill itliti' tlian iiiiiiinc. tiut fii i'l_\ in alc'ilidl aiiii ciilornfi.i i. 
(.'i) .\ thiid alkaluiii. ii^yi'lmtniH'. ••xi>t> in ininutv ijiiantitu . 
(•! .\ nnxluit' lalii •! iii'ca'uaniiic ur tM-]'liatlic aii'i. i">i A 
};!ucii-iilr. (til Tatiiiin. vnlaliii- nil. slaii'li. ^miui. Ac 

Iji' cai'liallha I'Hit cnlitains "J Jii r r. Mt. nf ll! kftli 'i'l -'. '11. • 

]irn|ii .riKiii dt lacli vai'ii-^ in liilliiinl -juaiini n.s of tlir ri^^!. 
Imt a^ a niif tlitii i- twicr a- niuili i nift.m- a n iiiiachi:' . 
l-'.nii'tiiii' li\ilrncli!(ii iiii- aii'l liviiinliinimiii- ai' .n ;l.r niuik' • , 
a Miiii!i(iii nf (iihi r nf 1 L'v.iiii m s; il. n/.. of .--Ir-i i\ l^ almut t; 
^ann • '.1 .■ii;_'lli a~ N'iiiuni l[ifcai-iianii;i . 

I^1M 1,111! s. Hi-iiiiiii .inus. uliidi i-" cracki d, imt wi.v 
latnil .Mnmn'i I'owili 1, nicasldiialiv fnumi nii\ril with ]i- 
til ri <1 i|U'cacuanl.a rnol. ;.'i\(s niinur nf ]ii"ii-,~ic acid wl. 

niiii-t< lied. 

Dose of powdered root, \ to 2 gr. k \]i. ctDiaii 
15 to 30 gr. (> uii iici. 

I'll'llt I II' (' 'Us. 

1. Extractuin Ipecacuaiihae Liquidum. 

I'nwdiiid ipi cicu.iiiiia, 1 )iniiiid ; cakiiini ii\clro.\Mt. 

T'KI ;:i.; Ji. li-nlatf \\\l\l alcnlml {'M\ J,t I ("Mt.), '] -. 

St(in<liiriitzr'i tn i>'ii'.ui)i ■_'•() ,'n -J J"< ii-r vfut. <>/ : 
fl.'/Vd/'ii'/--' I'! till' r,i,it. 

Dose, ^ to 2 m. (. xiu tinianti ; 15 to 20 m. 
II nirtii.- . 

2. Acetiim Ipecacuauhse. I.iinid <xt!a< i 

ai-id, 17. .s'». »;•;,'/;. O'l jicr ceiil. ul' lulal alkaloid?. 
Dose. 10 to 30 m. 



3. Vinum Ipecacuanhw.- T.icii'i'l <xtrn(n of 
il..rii.''uiuili;i. 1 ; -lurry. !',». .Sf».r.;."\. (i 1 p^r out. 
(.f t-t,il alkuliii'l-. 

Dose. 10 to 30 ni. ,i x{tctorant) ; 4 to 6 fl. dr. 

. I 111' 111- 1. 

4. Pulvis Ipecacuauhre Compositus. Sim- 
i>nii»i. I>n\irs i..,\\,|.r. Ii'tciicuiiiiliJi. 1; .-iiniiu. 1 ; 
Kill!. lint.' "f iiMt:i-Miiii. ■> I «■'• Oi'iniii. \K 3:iT|. 

Dose. 5 to 15 gr. 

5. Pilula IpecacuanhjB cum Scilla. l\<v.\ 
pnuii'l i!"''HfU(iiili;il'"'-^'i'r. :'. ;, 1 : aMun-iiiji.'uiii. 
1 ; «vruii >>i '/lui'o-r, '|.s. (sit' Opiiini, ['. :;;>"'). 

Dose. 4 to 8 gr. 

6. Trochiscus Ipecacuanhie. j ^ r. i f ipiiii.u 
ni\hn i!i tiH h : iiia<ic NMth a iruil liaei-. 

7. Trochiscus Morphinre et Ipecacxtanhse. ,■. pr.: IliPlpiiilH hi.nhir, , UT. 

ill .ach (,S(V Mu'ri>lniu', \). :U(»| ; nui'l'' wirhatulu lKl^l.s. 

External. Iincacimnliii powdn' is a powt rfiil 
irritant lo tlu- skin, produfiiiLr ri'tiiuss. Vfsicatiim, 
u'l iMisiulation. It has somv antiseptic powt rs, for 
11 can (IfStroy anthrax bacilli, Imi ii has no •■tfcct on 
•lit' spores. This itropcriy is not due to its fnic-iint-, 
Mil to sonu' otht-r constituent. 

Internal. A Ihmnturij cntnl.-Uvrv also the 
irritatinj.,' action of ipecacuanha is si'cn. it increa-^en 
.}\v llow of saliva, (iilales the i,'astric vessils, and 
:iiiiulatcs the secretion of ira-tric juice. Therefore 
~mall doses are distinctly stomachic. and aid dijj:estion. 
1 .ar^'e doses are. liowfver. powi rfully emetic. This is 
. ill. liv due to their irritant etlVct up(*n the stomach, 
tail in a much less deirrce to the fact that emetine 
-I. ft s directly upon the vomitin;,' centre in the medulla. 
- ran he proved liy ohservuiu' that when the alkaloid 
~ thrown directly into the circulation vomiting' fol- 
"mws before there' is time for it to have been excreted 
,nt() the Htoniacli. ipecacuanha is therefore boih a 
direct and an indirect emetic. It produces a certain 




a?iiouiit of (Ipprrssion, hut not iiKin- than the iiK-r. 
act of voTiiitiiifi; will cxjjlain. It (lo»-s not usualiy 
cause nausta. The irritant tOVct is continued in 
tljf intestine, an<l hviura inia. exee-sive secretion. 
arxl pur;,Mii^' resuli. In ily.sentery there is a peculiar 
tolerance of ipecacuanha. Ipecacuanha is said to 
increase the amount of hile secreted, and if so is a 
direct cholagogue 

Circulation. — hnv^r doses nf f'UU'tine depress 
the lieart powerfully, the hlood tension falls, and the 
heart finally stops in diastole. 

Jirsjiirdtioi. — This is unafTectcd. Ipecacuanha 
powder wh( n inhaled, or if emuiL'h ipecacuaiilui i-' 
taken internallv for it t > he excreted hv the bronchial 
mucous memhrane, causes hyperaiiiia of it, to^'ether 
witii an increa~t d secrttion of bronchial nnicus. and 
therefore, retlexly, cnuirhiii^' is stimulated. It is con 
seipiently an expectorant; and because it depresses 
thf circulation a little it is called a depressant exp«c- 
torant. Aninuils to wliich lar<;e doses of ipecacuanha 
or of fiuftine have been piven show, after death, 
consideralde hyperjcinia of the bronchial nuicous 
membrane, of the lunf::s, and of the stomach and 
intestines, and tlie same conditioji of the re'ipiratory 
passa^'es is seen if ipecacuanha ])o\vder has been 
inhaled. \Vith therap('Utic doses, however, any e\ 
pectorant action is mainly due to reflex action fr in 
irritation of the ston)ach. 

Skin. — Ipecacuanha is a mild diaphoretic. 


External. — Ipecacuanha is ne\^r at the present 
day employed for its external irritant efTect. It ha-^ 
been used with success, as an antiseptic, in cases of 
anthrax. It is directed that the wound should bt 

t\ roccj .<1 


fl> fV, 

i ' •' 

root, ar 

A fj>..t n 

trirrt 1 » 1 c 

should be taken by the niouth every four hours. 
Emetine (ilose, i pr. ) injected subcutaneously is of 
great value for amoebic hepatitis or amoebic dysentery. 



Internal. St^mrh 

Oooasionallv in small 



such &< i or .', minima of thf vinum or \ pr. of 
ier.'(lro,)t,itis(Miipl()y.'(l in a sioiiru'hi.-, and 

ih.'-c quantities may {-v.'n stop vom 

itinu' wht'n oth-r 


>j< liave hi\W'\. A iHuil pr.'^criptir.n to arrt-st tho 


tinj^ of prou'nancy h a i 


mm of ip<?caciianha 

. int 


wator evorv half hom 




l.T has hi-i'U praH.-.l in ca>rs of u'astric ulcpr 
1 offt'ct it mav have i-^ (hv~- to its 

il.ahlv anv ''o' 


latin^' "powtr. Ip<'caciunha is a vtry common 

, ..tic. It'shoiild not h.'t^iven when it i<^<Usir.(l. as in 

-,.<()f poi^oninu'. to empty the stomach .piickly. for 

■II,. iimtelaps.s before it Is ahs^rliod and inthiences 

■..' medulla; nor should it b.- Riven to the very 

• Ide, for it has no action that will counteract the 

a. pre^sion of the vomiting. I'-ut it is an excellent 

. netic when it is wish.-d. by the act of vomitim,'. to 

. intv the air-passa^'es, as in bronchitis, the early 

• ,-,.s of diphtheria, tracheitis, and larynj^itis. for not 
,lv the vomitinL^ but the etT-ct of the ipecacuanha 
•'the respiratory tract and the slipht suhseipient 
. pi-ession will be' beneficial. It is chietly employed 

f r this purpose in children, as they cannot couj,'h 
'.v.. 11 and often it seems to act like a charm. It used 
; , b,- .'iven in the earlv staj,'e of fevers, to empty tho 

• .Tnadi of uiKhgested food. A <,'ood emetic powder 
•isists of, for an adult, "20 L'rains of p )wd -rod 

.. vaeuanha with \ '^r. of tariarate.l antimony. 

Ipecacuanha is stated to be a specific for dysentery. 

■I ,w it acts is not known. Very lar<,'e doses must be 

■ ven -GO to 90 i^'i-ains of the pow<lered root in a 

- M<'le dose, or 20 grains every four hours. Ipecacu- 

•.ha from which the emetine has been removed 

i'emeti/.ed ipecacuanha) has been much employed 

' .se. 10 to 80 gr.) ; on tho other hand, it has boon 

■•.•... 1 •>ia* th.e erticient aLront in tho treatment of 

v.t'Uti rv is the emetine. 

Half a grain to a grain or more is often combined 



M\T1IU\ MKIiK \ 

ill a jtill with dtlicr cli'ihit:*)!,'!!! s t<. rein \c cast s if 
li('|i;itic (IvsjMjisia. aiiil soiiictuiH s with cxcfllt nt 

Ji'i\sj)irati(iii. 1 ptracnaiiha i- a vtry (•niiiinon < \ 
j)t( [(iniiil. IiO/,cii;.'ts may )»■ ^nrk..]. or the acctuiii 
or viimiii may lir {.'i\tii iiiti riially. It i- suitalilc in 
cases of lironchitis or phtliisis iii wliich tlic sicrrtinii 
is scanty, aiui therefore tht re i-; mucli imtjioselt ~- 
coiif^'h ; ami also wIkii tin tli>;i a<« i> loii;.'-st;m(liiiL', 
for then tlif stimulation of tin- clironicaliy intlaint ij 
mucous lilt iiihraiif will aid the ciiic of it. It- jxiw. 
of exritin;^' the act of coie/hiiiL' ;iilils to its u-^cfiiliu -'-. 

The inhalation of i|iccaiMiaiilia jiowilt r hy nit an.- 
of an atomizer lias hcen ncuMimt luh il in cases nf 
asthma, and for tlic asthma like |)ai'o\ysm> which 
often accompany chronic hroiicliiti<. Sometimes it 
does ;,'ood, hut it may make the trouhle wnrse. 

Skin. I )over's powder is very commonly u-ed 
as a diaphoretic in mild feveri>li attacks. 



l.,ol»4'li:i. -The (hied l!o\Mriii^' li'ilief Lfbelia infla'.i 
(Nat. Oiii. L"fh liiimr). Ndrth Ana ric.i. 

Cau!.\i riiis. 'J'hc >tiin- ai< iin;jul;i olianiicllfd iiiii 
witli niiriow wind's. I'urple. si-ariril, liaiiy. Cai'suli-s iiitlatfl, 
tw()-ccll('i|, coritainiiit: ininuti- ulilnii^' rcliculatcil ludwri s<mcU. 
(t.lciur irritating'. 'I' lir.^t iiiiM. tlnii hur-iiii^.' and ucnd 
when <lie\Vid. 

CdMI'iisI TlnN. TllC (dliff COIL-^titUfnt S HVi- (ll Li'f'il. 

a Hijiiid volatilf oily alkaleid. .'^0 ]>er ct nt. 'J'a-tc juiu;.'- i.: 
t)d<iur like totiacco. It is cnnibined with ("Ji lui io acid, and 
form.? crystalli/.alile salt'^. {'■'>\ Inllatine. 

1n< oMr.Mini.i s. — Caustic alkalit>, as they dccuini'Uit 

I'irp nation. 

Tinctura Lobeliae iJtherea.- Lobelia, 1 ; spuit 
of ether, .'.. IN rc^Lili-. 
This is made with about 1.^ tmus the aincnint of loboha 
used to make the tincture H. 1'. I'^s."). 
Dose, 5 to 15 m. 

I,r»BKI.I N 


At I It'N. 

External. l,..lJii' ha^ im» . tr.( on tli. -km. l^it 
.- ,ti»tf(i that )»..!, Ml, .111- >yii,!'''>iii- iKiy ov ir fi-Min 
,,r|''.iiii "t " tlirmi.'ii ili" t]ii(lfi-iiii-. 

Internal. (,././/-.'//. ' '■ ' ' •'''"'• ^''"1' '■•.''; "' 

-.'r .1..M s a!v |i<.\\«ifiill\ irritant. hipI can-.- vid. ni 

■piling' aii.i i.uru'in-,'. ' Tin m- iv^i'.- mv ^u-cnii 

,1, ,1 l,v v.rv mt. ii^f prostration, u^ >iin\vi! I.y thf 

il.. ,,ul<r. ('nl.l IK.', -km n ' -r. ;it imi-cu- 

1-1 hixaticii. 

Cnrii'.itn.n. Tlic li. art i- at first sMnmial.-l. 
• ,nnu .l.pnsM.i. aii.l It fmall} iH'cnh.rS raiii'l, 
'. Milar. aii.l t\. 1.1. . ""'i. l.lo..,l pr-'-^urf fall- 
,,„.> on ill" ^a-'-.i int.-tiiial tia.'t ainl 
, Illation iirv .lur, lik- th.-mf ni.-otiii' an.l r .ninr, 
paralv.^is of in-v «• '„'an,i:lia. 
J:cs]ur<iti''n. Siii; li<lo<«^ lo\s rcsj.iiation ; lar^'r 

.. - slronu'iv «Ui iv^- thf iv-piratory .•ciitiv. hipI 

th talus 'plac.' frniii iv>i.iratoiv fail iiv. Ihf 
, i-cculiir coat of thf hroiiclii i relaxed. 

\rrvnHs .'^i/ston. To\ir .los.-s ar.' rciuirnl to 
•,ct the hi.'luT f.nhral cntn-. ami th.ii coma 
. ,1 .•.mvulsions arc, but it i- not cl. ar 

•A far these rt'sult-^ an- -luc lo a.-plivxia. \:\\n'V\ 
,.,i- si'i-ni to -how that thr niotor c iitn- of 
, ror.l an- .l.^i^n-ed. Mu-cks and n.r%.-- aiv 

alffcttil. , , , , . , 

L„h(.li.H- is cxcntcl hy llif ki< nrys 
,u.l skin, and is sai.i to have .Imnlic an.l .liaphori- 


Till UAlKfTU S. 

Loln-lia has h. . n riTonnn. ml. d a^ a pur-^Mtut- 

uii.l as an emetic, hui il shoul.i n^i ... use.l for these 

„nv.uw.... because of its ^real liability to pro-luce 

.'•ollaixe. It is emploYcl in astlima to rdax ine 

uuscular coal <.f the bronchial lubes. A uaspoonful 



of thf liiicturc shniiM Im- </\\rn til! nau-^'ii i< cxpcri 

MlC<(|, lillt ir sImuIiI Ilf\iT lie pU^ll'.l III V. III. 1 til, It 

joiiil. h luiy iiUu lie pr. ^cniiol for l^ruiif.'hiu-i 
accoiiip iiii'ii l»y s|)!i iiio.lic dy-pti'i I. 

\iit4^i>i%\ i*icim: imick. 

I'riiiii % irKiiiiiiiiir 4 4»ri4*\. I ic itrk -f // <• .^ 

smittihi ( N;ii < ii'i. /.M ,), . /I i-,,[\< fU i| in tin .lutuinn. 

CiiMU' iKiif^. fill, 111 |ii( c. -. or fiH;.Mii>iii-, ali.ijit i". iii'h 
tliirk. Voiiiii-' bark fii-iiin ritl\ MiiiMMtli unii iKiii-h, with tra* - 
vtT^flv «!(iii)^:it»'l !• iitu i-\> iiiil >iiMit tTiiiHi'iir ftii turt- ; 
b;irk i- Ih-mwii nuA r.iii-h. J ar,t.'. ii>trm;.'t ui uri'l hitt' r. {»i ,r 
ftftir miii-iiiitinii with will' r hk<- l»ilt>r ii'iip^ii'l-. 

('MMii»iih'N. It c.iitiiiii^ ill Aiiiy.'iJaliii. whicli yifl'ls 
with Wilt, r (.•: 11.'. >•,<■, h}.ir"(y:iiiii' n'i.| mil c-,-;. ntuil 'lil of 
bilt<r alui' [qiw. ("J. l\iiiiii-.:n. 


1. Syrupus Pruni Virg^inianie. Virginia". 
pruiif Imrk, ;i n/.. ; r.fin.'l -- i^'ir. 1') ../.. ; Klvcrm, 1; 
ll. (./. ; wati-r to •_'!• ll. o/.. T.-n'ohit-'. 

Dose, ] to 1 fl. dr. 

2. Tinctura Pruni Virginianae. Vir^'irri' 
l.ruii'- haik, 4 <!/. ; iilr.iii..! i'.ki |..i- c< iit, i. \2 fl. u/ 
tii^lillicl Wiitt r, 7.J tl. (I/. Ma. . 

Dose, '. to 1 fl. dr. 

Action and TtdiiiAiKiTK s. 

W'lioii tliis (lru'_' is trrat.'.l witli waU-r, h ydrofyiiiiic 
ariil is fonintl. ami that is pr()l»al)ly the reason wliv 
it is ftVu-acious in rdii-s iiiur c-oiiLrh, especially a haik- 
iii.u' eou^'ii. l»y ^\ili(■h notliiii;,' is expcctoi-atcd, for 
j)nissie ac-i<l <li!iiiiiish(s retlex txeitaliility. \'iri:iiii,'.ii 
])riino is a \try favourite riiiU'.ly. and tlie syrup i-- n 
very useful tiavouriu^' af,'enl for cou^'h mixtures. 




Vegetable Dru^a having Antiperiodic. Antipyretic, 
and Antiseptic Propertie*. 

Cinchona Bark. Quinine. Salicin. Salicylic Acid, 


4i\riio>% n%Ki4. 

rilK'llOllil- Itllliril' 4'«>I'14'%> KxlC'iiichotm r>urk. 

ii.,.1 ii.iiknf tln' -t. Ml :i!i i hniiH'ht^ of culti\at»''l |'hintn 
i,u hnia succirubrii [Sii\.Ah'\. llubuue<}. 

_ ^^^ Siiiiili .\iin I ica 

Cii\ii\' ini-. Quills or iiuMirvi'l jm ot-. a ft-w inotu r* to 



■. II. 

I lorij*, ', to { »" thick, n-alt.l wiili |i>ri.ltriii. 
•ic.. rouj^h (Mill lon^'itu iiiial furruw-, tpIk'' ■>. iriinsv. r-.- 
^, annular ti^hurc--, ami warts, l-mwiu^h or rflilisli 
Inner surface hmk rtii or <\>>\< r<cl.ii-li brown. 
■ iliirly anil cour," l_v >tri;it-l. Kractiii.- nearly close in 
MualU-r quills, finely filjrous in the larger. I'ow l.r\vn 

• Mish brown. No'odour. Ta-te l.itter an.l ii-'rin).'ent. 
f;,,y,.,„iTioN.— The chi.'f cti-litueiits of cinciiMtia b.vrk 

four a':k.i!oiils, two aci<ls. a kIucuskI.'. tannin, a cnlainiiK' 
,it. r. an.l a volatile oil. (Tlu re are thirty-one cinchona 
I'.iuis. but only (our are inipurtant.) 

il) Quinine. An alkaloi.l. C.,.H.,N.<K. Kxnt- as the hy- 

Whit.' acicular cry-tals. ino.l( rou-. \ery bitter, (iives 

.!,en colour with chlorine wat.r an.l ainni.miii; turns the 

, . of polarization to the left ; .Mjlulions of lU ^alts iire tlu. 

. 111. Soluble in ether an<l m ammonia. Foinis >..ilt- wiUi 

1, (SV. Sulphate an-l, \>\). H-'. and -lH'..) 

ri) QuiHuiim\ An alkiiloid. C,„H,,N.«>... Nonieric with 
■ine, (lilTerin^? frnni it only in cryst.illi/.in^' in prism-, turn- 
;ii.' plane of polaii/.alioii to the rij-'ht, and nut bein - ...lul.le 
•.MMiionia e.vcept in excess. ... i-, , . 

(:>» Ci'ir/KTm/K-. ■ An alkaloid. C,,H,>/). Colourio^s 
;ii- inodorou.s, bitter. N.. K-reen colour with cnlorine water 
i ammonia. Turns the jilane of polari/ation to the rinht. 

• t'.uorescent. Almn.-t insoluble in ether and in animotr.a. 
ill Cinchoni'iinc- An C,,H.,N.,t). Isomeric 

cinchoninc, ditlerinj- from it in turning- the pliint of 
i!;zalion to trie left, beiiip; .-panr;K;y :;:;;i^ifc ir; ct;:tr, 
ijiink' sli^;hllv fluore-cont. ,, , • i 

(iood red bark should yield J to G per cent, alkaloids, not 



less tlian liiilf hciti^; ijuiriiii. ami ciiifhoniiiint'. Of non-oftirial 

ciiicliiiiia haik~. ;.'i>i)i| vi 

bark >liiiul'l yiil<l 2'."» io '.i •"• j.f r 

cut. (if i|:iin.iif. ami j^al.- hark, very httN- t|uiiiiTif, but ()■ 
il alkalnii!-. cim !!_v riiich'^!:!!!'- a!!'l iiuiiU'liiip. 

1 i 


(.")) ( iiinw III' ijUiii 

(/( .' 

/. C.U.O.. 

L'f foioiir; 

It ami it- -alt- ar'' snii 

,!.!.■ ii 

in;iv lif ^'i\fii Ml 

h< lit 

im (.u-iv a- uui 

1 uati r. a 
iiatf of .(iiii 

ml t 

111-- qilinil 


us ar; 

tiiuml ill till- I'l.iTff l;)-;iii ;iml dtlii r plant.-. Il i.- alii'ii ti 

|jiii/..>ii' ai-iii. aipl appiai- iii tln' uiiiif a- liil'piii 


(I'l) ('iino'Vir 

in ill . 

to (1 

A wluli' aiiiorplmu- -lili^tancc rilatt 

lltUl\ III. 

(7) ('Innnvhi. \ ;_'liici,.-iilc. wliicli i a.-ily 'Itcoiiiposc? iiiio 

^.'iuio-c an 

<1 elm 

\'i\ ic ai-H 

(M) C'i);rlii'-titni.ii III 

1 to H iMr ciit. It i- tl 

triii^-'fiit pniicipif cf ciiicliMiia li 
acid il 

;irk. It 'iitf.r- liom tai 

If ;i- 


I .--tl ikiiiL' [.'ricii \silli pfi -al 

.f il 

It I- (■a>ilv i>x 

(li/.i'il t" ciiiilHitia it'l. 

'.n Cm 

iiifiii »■( 

./. Tl 

II' (• 


ill'' iiiatti r of tilt' I'.irk. 

It i- aliii">t iti-oliiiiif 111 wati r. 

ijih .! rdiitili' I'll. 'Iln- < xi-t- in minute .piantitii -. 
C'iiieiiciia iiaik owe- It- rlllc!! In il. 

Keinijia liaik (ti"iii wliieh .)uinine nia\ I'c pM] :!■ 
vielil- in a'liiilion iiiiiiH"juiiiiiie. which yiehi- (juiniiie .iii<i 
aiif)th'-r alkalni.i, cupi tine. 

Imi! i,i I II s - i i.f' I .•■!• liaik-. kii'iwn li_\ their not yicMiiic 
the full .-tn ii^-'th of i]iiiiime aii'i einc-honi'liiie. 

Is' MMiMii;!.!,-. Ainiiioiiia. lime water, metallic .-ait-;. 
and pelatin. 

The riiarjnaciip.i :n dinit-^ that ih- nlVu.ial hark, wlu-n 
11^1 il to liialii the jirepHiatioii- of It, ^l^■l:^^ ciiiituin lietwi ' n 
5 and 6 per cent, ot inial alkiiloiih-, of which nni le-.- 

h.ilf ii'li-i-l- I'f .pIMiilie and eiliehi'Iiidille. 

Dose, 3 to 15 gr., "i 30 to 120 gr. in aj^tu-. 

I'fi narii: i'liis. 

1. Extractuni Cinchonse Liquidum. Hi 

cinch"!ia iiark I'ow.ii red. iMi i./.; hv'iri'chloric ;u -.d, 
.") II. dr.: ;j1_\c. rill. 'J^, ll.o/.; alcoliol ('.Ml percent.!, i- : 
distilleil wati r, (]. s. St(inii'iriii:,ii ti< ri'itUiin ') ■' 
I, lit. I < i' ' / (/.'■.'/' .■'■''-. "»■ .') ijr. in llii in. 
Dose. 5 to 15 m. 

2. Iiifiisum Cinchonre Acidum. lied cinch.' ui 
I'ark. I : aroii.alie -Uipliui.e iieni. j ; hi'iiin<: water. -U. 

Till- 1.- a s.ilutioii Hi the .--ulpiiult s of the alkiil''.-'-- 
Dose, .\ to 1 fl. OE. 



3. Tinctura CJtJ bona. lifi liiu-hoim bark. 1 ; 
iilcoliol (7n ].. I .-.■nt, . 1'. r.oUit.'. S-,iK.i,n:!i:.:l !n 
cnt.nn 1 p. r <: >i>. .. ' .ilkahuh, .>r 1 .jr. v. 110 m. 

Dose, ?, to 1 fi. 

4. Tinctura Cincliona Composita. Iim tui.' 
,,f .•iiH'li.'ii.i. IM !!. u/.. ; n.' i l';i;' ' .-i;ui-.' )'. .•!. 1 <'Z. ; 
.M|..'iniirv. ' .1/.: .iH'i'hi. .'•■". -r.: rM.-|,ui. ai. 'Jm i^t. : 
:ilo.liol iTll l-r r. ut... Id !l. n/. Mix- .Sf./ "■/.('•■/uv.i 
!,> "rmtaiii It:, /.,;• c.^r. ./ (■•till iiH.itl'i'l^, ■"■ : i/r. I" 

110 IM. 

Dose. ' to 1 fl. dr. 

!• vill l>f fuUi. ■! that a'i: jMrjia: ati.-n > nf ,-!nch..ii.i liiirk 
.ii,,rt.-.l hv tlir riiarinaroi,.! la to 1.. nia.l. f i-iii i .■.Iciii- 
■:al,'aik. hilt M'linni.' salt -^ !niis h.- iiKvi.- fr"!n ViUP .as kiii.l-^. 

<|llillillil' *»lll|»lisis. guiiiinf Siilplial.'. ( C.JI.., 

' 11 >(> i,.l".H(). , , ^ 

>,.r'n. K.' All i'llkah.i.l j.npiir.-.i frniii t!;.- l.n^^,l.•r ■•( the 

.11- siHcifS of cineln'iii'. liii'i r.-iiiijia haik. 

(•mm MTKi'.., l-ihf..Mn,Mlkv,\.ry li:.'iit. .-iir.w ^shit- crys- 

,,,th:,„ int.n-.-lv ta-t.'. S.<'nlnU",.-l m MMi ,,{ 

■ r nil. I u'i%iii;.' il :i thimv-cnt, lilui-h tin;-'.'; f:i.-ily in 

hllv iici'lulat. .1 r . 1 m ..{ :i iniii. lal iu-i.l in 'J tl. ../. ol 

•■ 1- sMll ai>>.'U.- 1 gi. ..I -iiliihiit.- ni ,niinn..'), hut rrj.i.- 

• ,t, ,1 hv aiiiMiniiia ; ih.- i.r-cipitiitf U >..hihlr iii i-\.'.-,> ... 

.„,Mia liii'l ill 'til' 1- ; 1 "1 •;■'. of iilchol r.tu p.T .•.■iit.i. 

iMiTKiiivs. ll ^hmii.l not loiUain iikH'' than A p<-i »»i!t. 

Mrhoniani.', aii.l no i'iiicii'.'iiiiH-, .iuinia:n.', or lupivinr. 

:..■ clKilk. nia-n.-ia. -tai.h. an<l uih.r whitr j.uw.l.Ts. 

, m , hv il^ a hlno-l-i..! .•..h.ur xMlh H><>,. 

1n,,,mi'A1II'.i.k>. .Mkali.- aiiaihfir earh,.nal.-, a.-liui-. nt 

Dose. lto5 gr. .hitt. i .. -r 5 to 20 gr. niiiiii'yrolic ami 

. iitiiuilie). 


1. Ferri et Quininae Citras, ... lion. y. l-^f-. 
Dose, 5 to 10 gT. 

2. Pilula QuininsB Sulphatis. guiiiln.- huI 

j.hat. .:■.<• , -iy. fiin. 1 ; 'ai tar.^j ac, i, 1 ; ua-iicantli. 1. 
Dose. 2 to 8 gr. 

3. Syriipus Ferri Phosphatis cum Quinina 
et Strychnina. Ka.'li 'h 'ir. i. [.icm i.i,-. ^ ^r. "i 
quiiiiiif sulplialt- i^ee y. I'^^'i)- 

Dose, i to 1 fl. dr. 





4. Tinctura Quininse Ammoniata.— Quin!n« 

'^iiliiliatf. 17") tT. ; piilution of iiimiicitiiii, 2 fl. nz ; 
ttlciilioi (tlO i>. r ctiit.), Is ri. oz. Mix. 
Dose, }j to 1 fl. dr. 

<{llillinii> ll}<li-04>liloi-i«liiiii. Quinine Ilvlrn. 
chloiiilr-. C,„n.,N,().HCi,'.'ir«J. Cull.-l Hy.lrochlorate of 
(Quinine. ]\. I'. Hs,',. 

S..ri;( K.- .\n iilkaliiid olitfiiiic'J fr.Jiii tl\e same source ai 
.sulpluitt (if (juiiiir't'. 

CiiAKAi iKi,>. Cn-tal^^ n -I iiililint/ th(i-o nf tho sulpl.ii'.p. 
but liirK'cr. Solubt'ity. 1 in .i") of eld wutcr. 1 in ."lof alc'h •' 
('.•() jicr cent. I. Vf-iy .-i.ilul.le in Imilin^^ water or bouuis; 
alfiiliol. Its solution tjivcs a Knen colour with chlorine water 
and ainiii'inia. 

Dose. 1 to 10 gr. 


1. Tinctura QuiuinsB. (Quinine hydrochloruip. 
175 ^-r. : tint tiir« 'if niaii;.'**, 1 pint. I'isscdve. 

Dose i to 1 fl. dr. 

2. Vinum Quininae. (Quinine liydrochloiiilc, 
■JO ^T. : uran).'!' win-', 1 j .nt. 

Do3e, I to 1 fl. oz. 

<tiiiiiiiiir ll>«li-4Mlilori(liiiii iiidiiiii. 

Acid Illumine lly.ln.i hluijd. . C„U,,N_()_,2HC1. :>{{.(). 

Cii \ii.\( iKiis. Tlie acid hydidchloridc is a white cry-tal- 
line powder, solublf in lcs> ilian its own weight of water and 
yicldini,' an a<'ld liipiid. 

Dose, 1 to 10 gr. 

.\cTi()Ns OF Cinchona I>.\kk and its Ai,kaloid>. 

Till' Hc'ion of cinchona l);u-'-; i.s duo almost 
(•ntinly to th. quinine in it ; the otbcr alkaloid:-: act 
in much llic >anu' way as tliis alkaloid, i\w sulphate 
and hydrochloi'dt! of which produce the .same cil't it 
as (piinino itself. The followinj,' description will he 
that of the action of cjuiniiie sulphate, which ;- 
tifti n called (juinine. .\ny dilTerences between it 
and the hark or tlie other alkaloids will be meutiomd 
in the course of this description. 



External. Quinine i^ a vfi y powerful antiseptic. 

\ ^(.lulion of 1 in :.<)<) ^Ifslroys many fornirf of 
n.nj-or^'ani.-ius, and a -ohition of 1 in 'l')0 pre- 
, tits fi rnii'nialiun an-l piiln'f.uli-n. t^winini' is v.ry 

■Ml to almost all low forma <f an.m;il und w^i^f- 

■ A.\v life-. A sedation of 1 in I'kk) kills many 
:M!usoria. No ftToct is pro(lnc(<l upon thr >ouUil 

:n l)V quinine, but it is irritant to :• niw surfac. 

Internal — .■l<^■■'"<""^"■.'/ .m/^)/.- (,)uinin»' acts like 

!,y olhtr bitter, sucb a> calumba. Tlie bitt«T 

•:-"te is vrrv marked; in tin- mouib the u'uslatory 

!.,r\va, and" in the stonuudi the i^'a-tiic nerves are 

•iniulated. Thi-^ leads rellexly to .m increase of the 

divarv and gastric .-eeretions, and to L,'reater vascu- 

rity and peristalsis of the stonuirh, the appetite in 

',,irpene<l, and dit,'. stion is aided. Quinine is, there- 

■ re, a stomachic. Th. -o etVetts, ,.f course, bring 

lUt a bettiT absorption of food ; an<l h.'nce, if ili<;is- 

n wa^^ previously f.-eble, the patient fe.ds stroni^uT 

:f,r a cour>e of <iuinine. In the >tomach any salt of 

, linine is converted into a chloride, some of which 

iili^orbed there. In the intestines it is probably 

. cipitated bv tht alkaline secretions ; but as .pnnine 

soluble in alkaline waters if aerated, perhaps some 

• it remains in solution. It is often excreted un- 

Liianu't'd in the fif'Ces. 

L^'.-",/. Quinine, as a ebb. ride, is i( adily ab- 

! bed into the blood ; and althou^'h this is alkaline, 

. IS not precipitated, being probably held in solution 

carbonate of (piinine by the gases of the blood. 

. is not known to undergo any alteration there, but 

. produces -onie remarkable changes in blood. 

(</) White cotpttsclt's. ' If the movements of the 
■;iie corpuscles ale hting watched in a drop of 
ond on the warm >tage of the iiic-oscope. and 
lue (piinine is added, they at once r.use. Again, 
the mesentery of a living frog ' c put under the 
ioroscope, and slightly irritate'- so as to set up 

1 I 




iiitliuiiiiiiiliiiti, ciiii'/ratinn of the white corpusch -; 
lliruui-'li the r,i[)ill;iry wull.-'. or (liiipt'dcsis, iis ii i< 
called, Nsil! !"■ <>Iim rvi d ; it imu -oini^ .jiniiiin' i..- 
inifc'ted mill tlif ciii'.ilatiiin tins ctasen, imt tlm-, 
wliitr cin-puscK'S ihal have ali\ad\ passed mil \vand« r 

tiirthtr trnm nun- (mi Hilary, 

If ih 

• lUUIlIK 


ijird locally lo ihr iii» scuit r\ . dii'i ctlv the win: 


rpu>clc^ iiavr j»a~scd throuLdi iIk ir capillary llitir 

I, and I \\r in"! i.jnl. -> i-nriuiM-i. - 


iiiic, cniciil IS -I'ipp. 

collect in larL'e niunhbrs around 'le' capdlarns. 
is clear, tiitMi toi c. th;i' ijinnnii- ha- fhf pown- 
arresting the movements of white blood-corpuscles. 
In suthcitnt ipianniy ii apinars arliially lo ih'Striy 
theta, for in a I'at killtd liy 'piiniiie thry are in 


fewei' in nuiniii 1- than in a lieallhv cat 

i>\ l:,''i 

C 1/ II !l .\i , ( >. 


(.Munine \< said lo cans.' ii 

diininulioii m lie' si/e of ihc.-c, hut. this is nio~t 
likrlv not r^iricily i direct. In frvii-. if ihr tiniper:i- 
tnre is hitrh, the r.d coipu^clt < are prohahly a litil. 
lari^fr than natui'al. If tlu itinperature h.' rechict'i 
1)V anv iiirans tin- roipu-chs ri j^'aiii th» ir 
si/e. (^)uinine will nihe «• tlu- tein[)eratiire. imt i: 
prohahly has no special action on the corpuscles. 

((■) Ac:<ittii of ihr l>'ni,(l. lUood ouisitlt' the hody 
"Tatluallv l)econits aciih (^)iiinine j)revents this. 

{,i I ( ) ."uutitij j>ni(t r. It" o/.oiii/edoilof turpentiir 
he mixed with tincture of ,L,'uaiaciiin, nuthin.u occur-, 
hut if a (h'oi) of hlood he added, that transfers the 
o/one to ihr Lruaiacuni, o\idi/ts it, anil turns it hhu . 
This ozonizin^'• power of hlood is prevented hy ili< 
addition of ([lunine. 

i<i 'i'h('Si,thliiti/(>j(i.r>/h(eni",i/(,/iin is strengthened 
hv (pimine. so that tlu' hlood does not yielil up it- 
owLjcn as ea.-ily as normally, con.-e'iuently it cannti' 
ahsorh owu'en readily. This inahility of hainoglohin 
to taki- up o\_\'_'en in tlie presence of (piiume is 
paralhd with its action ou other varieties of pruto- 
})lasm. l''or ixaniplc-, fungi ahsorh oxygen slowly 




inint> be pivsont, and thus^ fenuoiitation may 

prfNt-nlrd. I'lio-phtirfsccnt infusoria 

the pi 


■re.sct'iiCT !■ 

lilt' to riii)i>l oxi'li/.atiou) lose ihia 

ipcrtv in iln' prc-tiici- (it <[ununt 



r of fn >h vivLM'tal'lo juices is rr-tanlt'd by 

if o/.onizinjT 

< I uninc 

is, ther.fon', viry ■•on>lant and v.ry powerful 
iiitfrfcring wilh oxidation. 
Cnr-i''ttinit. Small doses of ipiiniiif probably 
tv of ibe licn-t retl.xlv because 

.i;i ruas» 


f activi 

tiniulate ibe stomach; but la r^'. <lo-fS (larger 

111 ari' u' 

the e\cise( 

ivt 11 to man medicinally , eithiT app 


I b 

eart or 

circulatini,' tbrouu'b it. 

i;ivctlv paralyse ibe (ir;:an ; tbe pulse Uconits 

,\ver' and more ff.lilr, and tbe le art is tinally 

■v-trd ill dia~tolf. Wbftbir il acts on tbe muscle 

If iran^dia i> not known. Larj^'r doses lower 

blood-pressure con>i«Urably ; tins is owinj^ 

•ly to tbe t'tb ct on tbe beart, but it is probable 

1 ibis fall of arterial pre-sure is due in piirt also 

tbe action of (piinine :>n tbe bloodvesst'ls. If tbe 

ren is enlarired as a re-iilt of malarial fever, tbe 


linistration of <[uniine, ( 

uriim tbe fever, lead< to 

lecrease ni tiie s 

i/.c of tbe spleen, luil it bas 


ct efTect on tiiis or«,'an. as is often as<ei 


-t. 1 


AltboUL'b, as we bave seen, (juinine 
ueause of its retardation of oxidation, bave a 
.verful intluence on inti'rnal re-piration, diminish- 
' tbe acti\itv of metabolism, it iias but a moderate 
ct on tbe respiratory movements. Small doses 
ditly increase, lari^'e dnses dt^press tbem. 
7V///y/(n;^»;v.— Quinine bas very little power over 
111 alibv temperature, bullbat of fever is markedly 
i iced ; it is, tberefore, an eneri^'etic antipyretic. 
nsideriii<,' its direct capability of diminisbin;,' meta- 
.\<in in tbe tissues, it seem- fair to assume tbat the 
,_' diminishes heat production, and that it does 
i.y acting directly on the tbermogenelic tissues ; 
:,'wbelher it decreases beat production by also 

G G 





iiitliifiiciu'-' tliC (■< r( hiul Ihi MiioL'cnt tie ct-ntrcs is not 

;iu)u 11. 

( 1 1 1 hnnii. — Sii:iill (i( '~< s art' li«luv»(i t*^ stimulatt 
ct i-( ll ;il act i\ ir_\ . 'I l.r It >nlts uf ( xiKriiiiMils niK.ii 

lli( acl icli (it "jiilliilic nil the I 

as til lif at I'll -I lit \alii( 

(loM 111 iii;iii will hf (i( ^crilitii luiiii r ( iiiclinnisii 

nam aif so disccirdant 
I ill' tttfct-i of }i laif'f 


('. t I •) ,t III;, I t.i I'l IS. 

ill t 

ii'L'S iiuiiiilic can- 

a 1( '^-t iiiiiL' of II tli\ ( xciialiilitv. ulucli IS rcinovt li h 
stctK.n iiclww tin- iiiiiiiilla ; I'Ul in larL'f iio>t'S it, )a'i 

• liiri - a ] I niiaiH lit iliiiiMiutioii ot r. tli \ cxcitanllitv. 
Ill iht^c aiiiiiial> iiiiiiiiiii- al-ii til .-t • \citt s and tluii 
)ia!al\MS till- -iii-iiiy iui\r- or ilu ir juriplii ra! 
ili(iiii!.' •. I hi- lini-rlt ■■ arc iiiiiiilliuiictd. Tin ~t 
(■]]» ct.- ari uiit >i 111 111 iiiiiii. 

I 'ii'iis. It li;i, nttiii In (11 >ta;((i that i|uiiiir:f 
will !• ail to al'iiilMiii, that it will whin lahonr h:;-^ 
i-i >liilii(;ici ll aiil thr (Xpni-ii .11 of tin In tii-. and !h:it 
i: Will incK ;i>c the nil li-t 1 iial tlow if that is scaiitv. 
h a])|iai- that thr tir-t --latiiintit is certainly in- 
cni ll ( t. ainl thai th( xi'oiid and llurd ur»' corrt'Ct oi:!v 
for >oiiif \\ ( iiiii 11. 

A , 'I hi IS. Afti r a full dose of ijiiiniiic it is foumi 
in the liiiiic ill halt ;ni hour, and is >lowly j'Xcrcti li 
tor M \(ial dav'-. lull i'V far th' Lrrt atcr part is tdiiu: 
iialcd within till llr-f tortv -ci),'!.! hours. 'J'lic oxtTf- 
tioi! ot uric a' id. urea, ami sulphur in the uriin' i~ 
LMiiitlN dimniished. trom winch wc Irani that (]uinii:r 
retaids I oii-idi rahly the protein nutabolism of tl.i 

hody. hut It -iiould ]«■ .-latcd that M-ry little alt. ra 
tioii i> oh-(r\id ill till- ah>or|.tion of ow^'cii ;ii i 
I xcii t loll o! c;iihii!iic acid ^'as hy the Iuiilt-^. 1' - 
>:ii(l tliiit niiiiutc ijuantitics of i|uininc arc l'oI rid • f 
hy .til the ~( III tioiis. as ii in;i_\ ht iKtccttii in milk, 
sali\a. hilc, and liars, and it may he found in dr' ! 
su-al tl'iid- if tin jiaiaiu has hen takin|,' it. 

Ciiichonism. In many pcr.-ons a dose of I'M 
L'rains lu- more of (|uininc i'rtHiuccs a train of pliy-. 

riN'cnoNA nvKK 


lu'icU symptoms, cliiotly from its iiitliifnc*' on tlio 
■ i-vous' system. The patient soon coiiiplaiiH of 
;;il'1ul; in'the ears, fulness in the liea.l, aii.l sli'^'ht 
. atiu'ss. With hir^'er doses iheso syiiipronis m- 
iviisc. (hsturhances of vision ami <,' are 
lUd, he may staj,'j,'er when he walks, and tiie hi-ad- 
•tie may he very intense. 

( Munine is hardly ever ^'iven as a poison, hut if 

-liould he, all llu'S(> .symptoms of ciiKdioni.-m will 

vi-rv sevf re ; the patient may hr dclirioii> iind 

iiato'se, quite deaf and hlind. and if hf die il will 

from collapsL' due to cardiac an<l re-piratory 

iiluri'. (ireat cont,'<'-tion of the miiMh' rar ami 

li.vrinth is found in animals ^xjisoned hy (|iiiiiiiif. 

i '.."• mild det^'rees of cinchonism pa-s otV directly the 

i i'4 is discontinued. Itarely .puiiine caust-s an 

••.riifmatous rash, and it may f,'ive ris.- to epistaxis 

, 1 oiht-r h)emorrha<,'es. Those who work anion:,' 

..liona harks may iiavc a rash on their skin from 

. in.chanical irritation of the powd.'r. 

Relative Action of the Alkaloids. The oth. r 

aloiils are (piite similar in their action toquiniur, 

■ thev are not so powerful. Their relative anti- 
r.-tic etT.ct is quinine ICX), (piinidine iH), cinchoiii- 

: ." 70, cinchomn*' 40. 


External. (Quinine is too expensive for u-^e a- an 


Internal. — (rastro-inte.itin,il iract. It is very 

:. ly used on account of its stomachic pi()[)«'rtie-;, 

,-tly for that variety of indi,<,'esiion which is th( 

coiue of K'eneral ill-health, want of fresh air, 

i amemia. and not often when the stomach is 

■ oru'an primarily at fault. The preparations of 
M.hona hark are'very useful for this variety of 
. [iepsia ; they contain quite enough of the alka- 

ds. The compound tincture has the advantaf,'e- of 


i I 


MATi:iU\ MKDK \ 




coTitainiiri "tlitr sloinacliii's. Irmi i>^ very coiuiiioiilv 
j,'ivtn iit till' siiiiif tiiiif to cornet thf j,'tii»'riil coii 
(litioii. t,>iiiiiint' h fr.qiit iiily pit-cnlnd witli lii. 
tiiK'tiiic of ptrchlondf of iron, tli«r»' is iilw.iys 
t'iioii'_'}i free iicid 111 tliis to ili-solvc iiiiy prcpimiticn 
of (luiniiic. Alkiilit'S, especially <iil volatile, are 
often |)res('rilM(i w iili solutions of -iilphiite of ipiinin< , 
but tlu'y precijiitiile the <piiiiine. ;iiitl tlitrefdr.' 
luiicilai^'e must be U'^ed to SU<peIi<l it. The dose oi 
the sulphate or hydrochloridf of (juniiiie as it 
stoniiichic bitter is \ to 2 lt. 'I'lie iieid hydro 
chloride is often preferable, as it is more soluble. 
Antijnirrtir ctrrct. (^)uinine \va- commonly u-ed 
as an anti|)yretic. lnu for the rare occasions on which 
antipyretic 'drill's are required, it ha> now been n 
))laced by tho-e whi(di are nion- certain, as phenacetm, 
acetanilide. and pheiia/.one. it is. howev(r. a \<vy 
fairlv certain antipyretic. It i- be-;t <:i\fii for ttiH 
purpose in a siie^'le do-e of lin to III t,'rain-; tor an 
adult. Such laru'e do-es may he pre-('rihe(l either in 
("udiet-, or as a solution of th>' hydrochloride, or a> 
the sulphate suspendetl in milk. About one or two 
hours elapse before the teiupeiature be^'iiis to fall. 
(,)uinine is more etVicacious in reducim; a lemperat'.ire 
just bei^'inninu' to fall than a ri^im,' one. Ilence if 
possible it shoul'l be ailiiiiiiistere<,l an hour or two 
before the time at whi( h previous experience of tlie 
l)articular case sliows the teiuperaturi' will iirobahly 
attain its maximum: then the fall will be m.>!. 
marked and last longer than if the drui,' iiad li-t 

been ^'iven. 

Sjiccifir itrth'H. (^)uiniue. ami to a less extt n: 
the other cinchona alkaloid-, have the remarkable 
properiv of arre<tiiiu' the paroxysms of malarial 
fever. If l'> to :ii> jjrains b«' taken ahout one or t\N'i 
liours liefore the attack is due. it will not take plao . 
or it will he'^very mild. The same elTect will he pm- 
iluc d if >iiKiller doses, about .', -_'raiiis, have b. ■ ". 



•ik.n four or Ww linu-s a day .lunii« the poriod 
l.tuvcn thi' attacks. Not only is it thus pn.pliy- 
!.,tu'. but tJic ( n>r ..{ it IS curative. Ills 
' -., nrcv.nnw. .v. n if thr persons to whom it has 
...n -iven haw n.v. r h;..l ii-ue. Kor this purpos.' 

■ i~ a(hninist. r.-l to ^ and s:iilor> who have 

■ , , iitt r niahirious rcvrions. and it i-^ th. n found tliat 
;, A of them ,u'«t at,'ue. If the disease is \v\\ severe 

• 1, l.est to ^'ivt' siii^rle hirire doses. 

If a person has once had a^'ue. ilhusses that he 

- ,l,<e,pientlv-uir.rsfroni are Hahle to as-^ume a mahi- 

■•: .1 type. This is esp» cially tlie case witli neiiral^'ia, 

i.i.h is then p.(uh:iilv paroxysniah It is often on 

• , tonluad, when ii i> caUed lu-ow a<,Mie. In sue i 
1,11, <ses the ellect of (juinine i> frecjUently very well 

iik.d.and a cure speedily tak.s place. Sometimes 

. , iral^ia which is not malarial is temporarily heiie 

• . d ^guinine run s a^'ue by acting:, while circulat- 

. ' in tile hhiod. as a direct iM)i<on to the hiematozoa 

proto/.oa!. which infi.-l tiie Idood and are tlie cause <.f 

■- u- ihtVerent formsof a-^'ue or malaria are due to 

utlVrent hut closely allied parasit. s. 'IVrtian an<l 

iftan parasite^ are more readily athcted than 

.lidiaii and malij,Miant. guinine has been ,t,MVen 

' ■ :i host of diseas.s. especially seplicaniia, hut ihere 

M.. e\idence that it does ,t,'()od to any, except those 

ntioiit'd. . . 

ll has been stated that (luimne. i.Mven to tliose 
V. H, have malaria. cau^e< blackwater f.v. r : therefore 
.^ doubtful whether .piinine should be used for 

•. ;s disease. . . 

The preparations of the bark contain so little 
nine that they cannot !..• used as initipyretics or 

•iperiodic-. -1 1 • II- 

(^uinim' should if possible be avoided m (1) 
~,.n, sutrenii).' from acute or subacute diseax- of 
•Middle ear; i2i those sutferin},' from [,'astro-intes- 

iil irritation, which it may increase; (H) those 

. ! 

ii»*, «; 1- 



pKijil.'. ocfii'^ioiiiilly met ^vitll, in whotu (juito sinali 
(losrs pioiliicc Vfrv severe syiiiptoiiis of eiiiclioni^ni. 

i'>iitli hydrolirniiiic acid ami ert^'oiiii arc said to 
diiiiiiii,-li tlie Iiiluliiy to cinflinni-ni. 

I f It H wishrd to ^'i\ r (juinint- hypoderniically, tii- 
l)est salt- nre tie lactate (solulde 1 in '> of walen or 
the olVicial arid liydrochloride ; (J to HO j^ of a m.!:- 
tion of 1 LT. of either in (J n\ of water may he ii^t d. 

ir./»/.,v/./'v /;»(. /'/»■(■ in ft iiif<h<iiH' wliich lui^ a \,ry lii^'i; 
npiiliitinii in India for iiuilaria. It lias Ix-t m cHlltil I'lncl .: i 
\iitiji. liiiciir.i. 'Jill' imtilislifil formula -taU'> lliut it is a tii.r 
tMit nni'lr with a!iMli(il (.'»7 |h r f nt.l. aii>i roiitainint; rjuiii •;■ 
-"Ipliatf I i!i .",(1; Si>ciiltinf rilm -. 1 in |() ; (i|iiuin. 1 
l<iui»; rlrihaili. 1 in I'.'".; ciirii|>iiiir. 1 in ."lUO ; witJi ani.-.:i i 
■tri. < !i r:iiii|i;ini', '^iitficii, finiiil. (.'"iitiiin. /<ilnarv, ctilitl 
iiivnli, and \'.liilt lu'iiric as iirumatios. l»(i-c, 1 to I tl. dr. 1'. 
i-« (ift> n |ii(-fi ilnd 1(1 lif made willumt. llic aloes. 

>»iili4'iliiiiii. ( .H,,() l)( ,11. (H OH. A (Mv-taiuii. 
Klucosidi- I'litaiiii d fiDin tlic l)ark of vaiu>ui sjxcics of Suhi 
iitid i.f {'•■/■iilus (Nat. Old. SdluDi.'., ). 

("mm A( in:-. C'(.l'UirU'.>>-, •.liming', liinittric. talmkr cr\-- 
iiiU cf u Mtier la>tr. (■ >'ourfd nd witli sijpliunc acid. S''iu- 
''■ 't'l- 1 111 '2-< of cold \vat<T. 1 HI 1 of luiiliii^^ water, 1 m 'iD 
of al«'')liol ('.10 per cent. I. Not in ctlier. 

Dose. 5 to 20 gr. 

%4i«llllll ^tllicyliriim. Salicylic Arid. It 
itlio!i\,li.. hen/ou' .ici.i (.'.H/lHCOOli. 

S'TKi 1 . Made by tlie interaction of sodium carbohue 
and ciislionic acid ^n^. Thus dry carbonic anhydride i- 
passfd iliroii(.'li Mi.iium carbolatc heated to toO V. C, H 
«>N:tC'(> N -(' H,(). (sidiuni >alic\late). Tlii> is HeaV a 
with liy.trochb le acid. NaC.H.l)/- HCU NaCl t HC H " 
(-alitvlic aeidl. 

Oi .'-alieylic.u'id may be (ditaiiicd fiu:u natural salicvJat^ 
>U(li a- the oil I ' wmier-^Mccn ((iaulthinit ]>rtH:umb> }i<. Si\\ 
ih<\ }■:> u-i'. I ,. ), uliuli contain^ niethjisaiicvlate, or the oil of 
>ue. t hiieli. li.nd.i I. Ufa (Nat. Ord. lUtuUuf,/). 

<'mm>a. Mi;H. l>i.stinct. pri.^iiiatic. colourless crystal-. 
Inodo;(iu.. Taste th>t swettisli. then acid. Lij^ht, ea.Mly 
ditTu-ed, irritating to the nostrils. Melt at 31:5' F. Tii'srvi 
bling siilici/lic acid. —Utrychmne, but the crystals of slrych 

S \ 1 . 1 1 I s 


^r. liir •■•!• II ■" irrilAlin«. l.-^s Holuh'n. ^..lulion v.-rv l.itu-r. 
i'oi/i/i/ ' I 11. .VK) n( wat.r. U. 11 lily in alc.hol. .Hit. Imt 

r ...l.itinn. Mf .m -itrat.' .i.-.' . 
,„„ ,.H.-1'''^*'' "^ '"•■'' ri.f^- ^o 

,„1..'iil. A.p.n. '• ,-. -u.-^r. 1. ..rt 

II ' p'Ti'iiliri'l*' 'if iron. 

U. ,,Mi vinti.K. Npir.t of iiiu.. H 'III' r. 

iMr.KtUK.. -0,th.H-n-^.H.,... .n.t MT.-^nUr. an.l , 
,. un.i,. Tlv^o .'xiat on'.v III sahcylir ii> ; I I'' 

.,. .if -1 •■c'lMU'M "l V iV'" ll*i-''ll'. 

Dose. 5 to 20 gv. 

I 'r,' pa rat inn. 
Unjpientum Acidi Salicylici. S.ilicvHc acil. 
1 i-T. ; .vhili' I'.ir.iiiii <iiiir:;i. I/. J'.t-r. 
Sal.~:iU'- '«' "' '^ o.n'.int.'l in Inj-oti.. Ohmuv. Uy|....l.r- 
%«o<lii *»alir>la-. .-...inun S,i!i.'>'.:i'- • ■<n.Mll- 

S.-CK. K. »)l.t:iiii--i I'v i"t"''-' "" ■-"•1""" '■•u!.-.:.Hl' -r 

i-tlC M).l!l \Vllll ^<ll'<"^ '•» '" "'• , , , 

C.vKA.-nu^. Sn.ull cLniiU-.. ..-.vl- - .t j.. iiriv^tiil.ular 
la-i ii.'ii--. T.i't.. ,\v.ti-,h ^ -^ 
., 1 ,,f xviit.-r. I m f. ni .ilruhol .'.to |..r .•.■111 . 

In. uMiMU'.i.i lly ir..l.i..mif iK-i.l.foi .-...liUMi pL i 
;..,..l .mi -iilii:ylu' uri.l i.- i.n-.'ipit:il.-l, 

iMiruiiiK^. " .X-i "f .iih.'siii- i"'i'l- 

Dose, 10 to 30 gr. ,r < ■ i ., in, 

Action ok Sm.ktn. Svi.u vm* .\« io, vm> 

SoDUM S\i.n vi..\ I K. 

External. -S;ilicin ami salu-vlic acid an- anti- 

•■ptics rather more pouvrful than carhnhc a.-nh 

-.. V arc stitiiuhuil and mildly irritanl to th»' <k\u. 

■callv applied ih.v checK sweating. >^i>duun 

au-yl'alf H U.'<s anlist'plic. >;ilu-}ln- acid ..olten.^ 

!id ivnioves Liiithelinin. ■ , , , 

Internal Ahmmtaru n-.u-t. W hen inhai.Mi or 

pplird lo tlu' lhrn,tt, <ahcyli.- aci.l is 

Mi'^in-' sn»'i'/.;n>j and .•outdimu'. In iii<' stciuacli also 

•, IS irritant. «ivm^' rise to pain. naUM a. ai:d \o, .n- 

^Minlcss well diluted, and should th.n ton- r.ever I.e 








S,^ 1 2.8 

3 6 










.uivcn as j.ill r.r pdwdi r. The ^odiiini salt and s-n 
v-'iii arc iiiucli l<=s initatiiiL'. 'I'lir <,'liicn<i(le salidn 
is ill tlic liowcl conv.rti (1 into L'luCdsr and <a]iL:(iiin, 
(':IL(),.anil this i- fin'tlur dicoiniioscd into ~;;ilic\ lie 
arid. s;ilicvliirica(id. HC , I LN( ),, and .-alicylous ai-JM, 
H(':H ,<>_,. 'Die l)i!r is )•( lid, ivd inucli 1. -"-; vi-cid. 

/'/'■'/. Salicvlicacii]. whctlici' taktii dircftlv (,r 
foi-ninl in tl)c l.f)\v(] fmni tli.' dcconipfisiiion ..t 
salicin, is rapidly ali^ in -pitc of its insoluliili; •. , 
and tlicrctoiv ii is prr.lialdy taki n up as sodiuh! 
salicylate; anyhow, tlii-^ i-<*tlir form in whi(di i- 
circulates in the Mood, and con-^c (pi. ntly the f()llo\\. 
u\'^ description will apply whetli.r saliVin, salicyl;, 
;i'-id, or sodiuni salic\late lias j,,. n taken. It has 
been thoiiL'lif al<o to exist in the hlorMJ as an alhie 
nn'nate. Imt of thi-; there is no evidence, nor for th. 
theory put forward hy I'.inz, tliat when the sodium 
salicylate iiieet- with carl'oriic a<id. eithei' in th. 
Mood or ill the inllanied tissues of rheumatic fever, 
salicylic aci.l is set fre.'. Some of t h.^ salicvjic acid 
of the sodium salt unit.- witii <:lycocoll "formiiiL,' 
salicyluric acid, which appears in tli.' urine. ThiH' 
I1(\H,(), + (\,H,N(), ,,/,v,.,„-oll) = IlC„l|^N(), (.all 
cyiuric acid) 4- 1|.,(). Ir will h,- notice.l that tlii- 
chaiiL'e is jirecis.dy aiialoL'ous to the conversion oi" 
benzoic into liippuric acid hy its imi,,,! with ulvcocoll. 
'i'he bin. I'lcial .irermicidal etlVct of tlii- aci.l 'is well 
seen in a .iis.a-e of hee< known as foul brood, un.i 
due to c.rtain Mdii/.,pliytes. f.,r f. e.lini; th. bees on 
syrup containimr salicyii.- a. -id cuivs tliem. 

•^•"'^"■- Jt is of inter. St that so.linni salicylate, 
like sodium Ixii/oat.', probably increa>es botli th.' 
amount ami the < of the bile. 

Ilitirt. Salicin an. I salicylic acid are often 
state.l to .l.pivss the force of th,. and causr 
a fall (>f bl.Hid-pivssur.'. Car. bil comparison show- 
tliat >alicin is not m arjy so^ant as the acid-- 
in fact, it is probable it has not this action at all 


• ) < 



-s i/\\ru in ti'xic (l(Wt 

Further, natural salicvlic 

f "til 

,1 is not so .U'prt ssant ns s.niir pprcinuMi.s ot tiic 
iticial variftv. l-'or t•\allll'l»^ Cliartcris fouiul that 

1 siihcvli 

:,() LM'ain-^ oi sahcni. or 10 l'tiiwis ot natural siincyuc 

, ; l.or :{2 .uM'iiin- of natural -txhuni sahcyhitc had no 

■.'irions I'tVcct on a rnhliit. luit that much -niaHcr 

-, s tiian lhv>c of thf artiticial acid or it- .-alt killed 

■;.,. anini.'il. 'I'h. artificial variet\ was found to 

• .ntain ortliocre-otic and paracicsotic acids, and the 

•..riuer is a powerhil cardiac depressant. Thus it 

iu< i)rohal)le that the depressing' etTects coninionly 

-( rihed to sahcylic acid are really ihie to the ini- 

. ;iitie< ofc-a-ionally present in the artiticial form. 

-;ilicviic acid incn ases the Mood prt'>sure from stimu- 

•lon of the vaso-constrictor centre. 

lusjiinitinii. Moderate doses have Very little 

■ fret on re.-jiiration. Toxic doses strontdy depn-s it. 

'D'iiijn'riithri'.— \\\ medicinal doses >alicin and 

li.'vlicacid liave no intluence on the temperature of 

;in'. in toxic doses tliey sliuditly lower it ; hut they 

. ;idily depn-- a h'hrile teiuperature. and ;ire theie- 

: If called antipyretics. Tliey cause a sliirht increase 

t' perspiration, hut this is not sutlicieiit to explain 

i.e fall. 

Salicylic acid and -alicin are antiperiodic. 
Xrrrcns sJisti-in. — We know little of the etfect of 
ilicvlic acid on the individual parts of the nervous 
'v-tcm. The clinical symptoms known as salicylism 
111 he de^crihed presently. 

Kiihtru. Salicylic acid escajus chiefly through 

■'.'A' kidiu'vs. It to a much le-;s extent also leaves the 

idv hv the sweat, the saliva, the hronchial sccre- 

■ns. an<l the f.eces. It appears in the urin<' very 

inn after it< iiiu'e^tion (in from 10 to :')0 minutesi. 

\i the elimination ^'ot- on slnwly. It is excreted 

^ salicvluiic acid and -sodium ,-alicylate. which i.s 

pjit up hy the pho-phoric aci.l in tiie urine, yielding,' 

ilicvlic acid. The dark greenish coloin- of the 


MATKHIA .mi: Die \ 

urine HcjiuL'timcs scvn is due to siKiill .|uaiiritics ,,f 
• •ithfi- iiidiciin or pyrocatccliiii. Occasionully sail- 
c.vlicafifl causes hiciiiaturia, due to coii^estinirof tii. 

Salicylic acid increases protein metabolism, 
h(>nce tiu' total nitrogen ami sulphur in ihf unii.' 
are increased. The ijuanDty of unc acid is |);ir- 
ticularly groat. It nndeis thr urine antiseptic, 
and tiie salicyluric acid in thai lluid will reduc' 
Fehling's solution. The urine of patients taking ii 
gives a purple colour with perchioiide of iron. 

( trnis.- It may cause ahortion. 

Salicylism. In some persons to whom salicvlic 
acid or its suit is given a tram of symptoms is pin 
duced to \vhi(di the al)o\e naim- has he, n applied. 
They are very like those produced hy (juinme. Tii. 
cause of at least some of them is' the impurities 
existing in artiticial salicylic acid, Imi it is stated 
that the natural acid nuiy very raiely give rise tu 
them. Orthocresotic acid is certainly toxic, meta- 
cresotic acid has no action, and it is <louhtful 
whether paracresotic acid is toxic. The commonest 
symptom is deafness, which is often accompanied 
hy ringing in the oars. Headache is also verv 
frecpient. The administration of the drug i- 
usually stoppeil when tliese symptoms show them 
selves, but if it i.s continued' the patient becomes 
violently didinous, there is nausia and vomiting, 
the face is llushed, and the other symptoms increase 
in severity. The falls in both fre(piency ami 
force, it becomes irregular, epistaxis is coiumon, 
and liMMnorrhrges from other parts of the body 
have lieeii recorded, such as haniaturia and retimil 
luemorrhage. Albuminuria without luematuria has 
been observed. One of the rarest symptoms is iry- 
thema or urticaria. Very iMrge doses mav cause the 
breathing to i)econie weaker, and death' mav take 
place either from cessation of tlie heart or of the 
respiratory movements. 




External. — The omtiufnt may hv iisfd whtii an 

!insi'|)tic stiniulatiiii,' ointnu-nt is ri'i)uirc(L A 

.lloilinn compo.^fil of salicylu- uoitl, a (Inii'liiii, collo- 

;i nil tit \ilf. an (juncf ; a ijlyciriii containiii-i; 10 yur 

I 111. of >alic'ylic aciil : ami a pla.-UT, al.-o 10 per cent., 

ii-c t,'()()il jirt'parations. Strong' ajiplications of sali- 

. \lio acid art' \t'ry useful for reniovinf.; cxcfss of 

. piiltTinis, warts, or corns. Salicylic acid 1 1 paris, 

l.\tract of Cannabis Indica '1 parts. Collodion tk-xilc 

''T parts, form an fXcidlcnt remedy (connnonly known 

■ -■ '^'reen solution) fur soft cornt*. I'uwdered salicylic 

i'l mixed with starch or chalk may be employed to 

ii.i-k ju'ofuse perspiration of the feet and axilhe. Tlu- 

iiriuian Pharmaeopd'ia has for this purpose a I'ulvis 

>alicylicr.s cum Talco (salicylic acid. H; wheateii 

;.ind"i, 10; talc, in powder, 87). The sweal.s of 

htlnsis may be treale<l in the same way. A little sali- 

> vhc acid is often added to Thompson's lluid ( p. liO I ). 

\ prei)aration called " Anti[)lil()^'istine " is much used 

. xternaliy to relieve pain. It is said to be composed 

it -lycerin, salicylic acid, boric acid, ferroiis carbonate, 

n. ppermint, uaultheria. eucalyptus, and iodnie, coni- 

I'liied with an earthy l)ase. 

Internal. -Salicylic acid is a specific for rheu- 
iuatic fever : it louvers the temperature, lessens the 
-welliiiL', leads to a ra})id cessation, of ])aiii, and 
iiminishes the liability to pericarditis and oihei' 
.implications. It nnist be j^iveii well diluted to 
I'lCNent dyspepsia. The sodium salt is ()ften pre- 
:• rred as being the most soluble, but in order to 
iiminish tlie risk of salicylism it should be i)repared 
• It her from jHire artificial ur from natural salicylic 
1 !. If tlie attack is severe. 20 <,M-ains every two 
Ml threi' hours shouM be t,'iven for the first twelve 
i>r twenty four hours; then, if the patient is doini,' 
A ell, the frequency of the dose may be gradually 
diminisiied, but it should be continued thrice daily 
feu- ten days after the temperature is normal and the 



pain ha'< cca-cd. i he luicro-orf^'iini-m wliich is th 
cause of rln'iiiiiatic f.vcr forms foriuit- acid, wliicti 
is cMTctcd l)v the swrat and uriiir. Tii,. forniatinn 
of this acid is contrdlh .1 ]>\ ihr .iiiniinistratioii of 
salicylic acid. Salicin is not so [.owtrful as sodinin 
salicylate, l)iit it i< said to ]..■ 1, -,-• depiv-sant than 
the synthetic acid. 

These prejtar.itioiis nvv nf no u-e for Ljoiit or 
.severe osteoarthritis, l)ut occasionally th.' ])ains of 
clironic rheumatism, sciatica, mitrraine and painful 
menstruation ai'e somewhat relieved. 

Salicylic acid or salicin may produce a fall of 
temperature in any fevc i', Imt.' as we have more 
certain antipyretics, tlu-y are not used except for 
rheumatic fever. 

Some writers have found salicylic acid useful in 

it has l)een iriven to render the urine acid incases 
of alkaline urine )in<l cy.-titis. hut there are hetter 
leinedifs foi- thi< purpose. 

It has aNo heeii L:i\('n in cases of ^'allstone with 
tiie ohject of remlerini: the hile le-s viscid. 

A«>|»irill. (Not ollu/ial.i A.-.t.vl.-a!icylir ..r -ulacrtir 
;ii-i(]. iitti II calinl iispiriii. i- luhch ^'i\eii in dnsc^ of lu Id 1.', 
grains in ii ca.'li.t. It irritates the ^tniniich i,s< than otli. r 
sahcyhile-. fnr, heiiiL- iii.-nhihic ill aci.js. it is not a.teil .m untii 
It l-ea.h.^ till' illtr-tirie-. whel'e it i- .1i-m)1\,.,| h_\ tlu- alkaiiiir 
secietinii-. Itisuseful feriiaiiiful iicuiiti-.M-iatic'a aiulchnaiic 
rheuiiuuiMii. an. I with M.iiic art- u~ a iiyiMu.tic. It often 
ielic\cs il_v-ineni)irli<i a. 

.llO^tOtMII. iNnt nlliciul.) M. Ihe.vvni, thvl e>ter el 
saiicyhc and. A pale y.lhnv liuid. Mixe. with oil", and when 
l)iunte(l on the skin is (jinrkly ah-urhed. It h.i- h.-eii ajiplied 
for {•hinnic rhe!iinati>ni, hut witiieut much Ijem lit. A u.-ual 
fui-innia i- equal part- of nirsntan and olive oil li-htly ruhhed 
in or painted un with a canielV-hair hnish. It i-^ not to he 
reeonuui nded a.- it nniy i-au-e a m ■- er.' ileiiiiatiti-. 

Niii4»|. ilunyi saiicyiaie. C,,iI,-l)ilL()l)-C'„H.. 
SeriuK. Prepared hy tlie interaction of salicviic acid 
and plieno!. ur of their sodium -alts with phosphoryfchluridu 
or carhonvl chl.Mide. 



CiivKv n ii> AM. Tk-i>. Siuall loIuuiK --^ ciy^.tal^ ol ;i 

••,ii,t aiomatic -hIoui- ;in.l iilinu:.t ta^tflf— Sulubilit;/. Not 

•i wat.r; 1 in •-'<• in alroh..! I'.Ml jier itiU.). :{ m 1 in ftlifr ..r 

".'■,„.',, toi'in. Ccuit,un> I'.O jniits of salicvlir iupI J" "f ciirholic 

Dose, 5 to 15 gr. in cadnt- or .iir-iusnl.-.l. Th.' lurp' 
.;uititv of ciiiinlic ,ici'i in .-alo! rfn.i.r- caution ii.ri--iiry 
:.. a lar;.'f 'io-.. - air L'iNf-ii. 

A(TlnN AM' Till KM'l.l ll<>. 

External. It i> an iiiuisipiic. aii-l whfii inix.d 
Aiili lulc il in :.) may l)e usfd as ii <luslin^' powder. 

Internal. — In tlu^ initstiiic salol splits up into 

,rlu)lic and siilic\lic acids, and the fornur may 

vnd.T tho urino diirk. .\ ^'"()d mouth wa-h con.m^l.s 

-t salol 'i-o. saccharin ()(KM. peppermint oil Oo, 

ilcohol (SO per Cent.) '.tT.with clove an<l caraway oil 


In rheumatic fev. r it is ethcacious on account ot 

•he sahcvlicacid it cntains, hut it has no advantai^'i! 
v.r salicin or salicvlic acid, and the carhc.luna may 

\n- trovd)lesonie. 'it i^ used as an intestinal dis- 
iifectant. These have h. en discussi'd wlu-n de- 
rrihim,' naphthoic p. ;?1>1) and ..n p. UH. h disinfects 

theurinarv tract. The foUowni^' is a <(ood way of 

preserihin^' it: Sah)l, ^'r. x; almond oil. ni ^\x ; 

j.owdered acacia. .<;r. \; syrup, ni xx ; water, 5 ss. 

The emulsion siiould l)e made m a warm mortar 

with water at 1.jO° F. 


Vegetable Purgatives. 

f I ^~,, I. l.aX i!lM -. 

Prunes, Pigs, Tamarinds, Cassia, Castor Oil (small 

Cl\^s II.- Simp!.' liuivativ.-^. 

Castor Oil, Rhubarb, Purgatm, Purgen, Senna, 
Cascara Sagrada, Aloes. 

C'i.\~- III. 'Di.i-tic i"i"-'al'^»'- ^.. „, ., 

Scammony. Jaiap, Crotou Oii. Coiocyntli, 

Elaterium, Gamboge. 

Ci.\ss IV. Chola^'o^'ue?. 

Podophyllum, Euonymus Bark. Iridm. 




Ci.As-^ I. —Laxatives. 

I'rillllllll. Tlic (Int-.i iii„. fr.iit- of I'ruiius d<n)h.-.!i.: 
the iiluiii (Niii. Onl. lUi^ar,., ). South of I'raiice. 

CiiAin.iH'.>. Ovoi. I oblong,'. IJ in. Inn-, hl:ick.-liiivfllf.i ; 
brownish |iiiip ; swt-it inut'iliii,'in(>ii-; tfi'^tc 

('oMin>iiio\. Tlif clii.'f c()n^tiiu.-nt> aif (1) Supar. 
C-'i imilic- iicid, and (;{| a jjiupativf i>rinc'i|.!... 

I'liaus arc c>iit<ii)u<l t>i C'onfcctiu Sfiiitu , f, u, 7:,. 

A( T[0\ AM) 'riii:iJAi'i:i-i K s. 
rrunt's !irc dfiinilccnt and iili;:iill^_Jii\ativr. 
They luiiy he cateiii us articles of diet 111 Cases of 
slight constipation. 

ri4-||««. Tlir <lii,,l il,-li\ r.cciaaii. - of I-\cus atrici 
(Nut. Old. rrfifdcf.r). Si;ivrnii. 
CiiMuc riii^.— \V( 11 known. 

('oMi'osiiioN-.--Thf cliicf con.-^ritudUh aif di Siij^-ii!. 
• I'J j'ci crnt. (2| (liini. 

I-'t'js (irr iiiiitaincd in Conf»ctio .S»-nna'. 1"J in 7'). 

Action and Thkhai-kl- rirs. 
Figs arc a pleasant food and Jiiildly pnj^^iiLiv' , 
forming a convenient remedy f(u- slu^iLeonstii!^tii);j. 
There are in the market pleu.-..nt tasting synip,> 
and elixirs of ligs. Senna is the ai live ingredient of 
most of them. They are, in doses of 1 to 1 drachm- 
taken at night, excellent laxatives. 
'I'aillil|-ill(l||«<.. Til.' fruit of Tatiuir'oubis uulua fn. -i 
from thf hrittlc outer {.art of the jiericurp ar.d pr.sirv.d witi 
siit,'ar (Nat Ord. Lnjumiyiosi,). Wc.-t Imiif.-^. 

Cii\i!A( i>:i;s. A rid(li>h-browii, iiioi^t, Mi-aiv iiia- 
tiiclo.-m^,' .-tron^'-branclied liluv-^, and brown, .shmiii}.' ^(•l■,i-. 
eacli (•nclost.l in a IoukIi infnibraiiou.s cout. Ta.>tia^Tetabl. . 
lefrishirii,', subacid. 

Imitkhv. ('oi'per. 

C'oMi-oMiioN. Tile ehief eon.-titueiits are (1) 'J'aitari. 
an<l aii.i pota-Muni tartrate. (•_') Citrir, acetic, and utla: 
arid.-. (;ii Sii;,'ar. 

Tiunarnul i^ rntitnin, ,! y.i f',,.;f..,.. ;,. c,.,-,,..: n :.., r-. 

Action and Thi:kai'Kitic». 
Tamarind is pleasant and acid to the taste, and a 
mild laxative . It may he made into tamarind whev 

<\S>I \ ril.l' CAsTOll oil. 


(1 part of tamarinds to MO of milk) an<l f^'ivcn as 
!i aciil, (iKilin;/. sli^'htly pur^'ativi' drink in fevers. 
Ir 1-; a ^'ood pur^'afive for children, and may i>e 
-lift ad on bread and lnilter. 

<':i*»*»iii> l*lll|i:i. 'Ihc pulp nhiiiinr<l from the p'xls 
nceiiilv iiiipKitt (i of ( ^(-.^(a^'^^'</(J. tlif purKiii^' <M--ia (Nat. 
I'l-il. ! ,, •imiiino'-ut. Ka-t or \V!.>t IiiiIh'. 

( }( vKAi 1 n:-. Tlie ]io(i- lire l\ to J fitt loii^'. 1 in. in 
lumit tir. Shortly stalkid. pomleci. hliicki^li hiown, viiv 
h:ir(i. imiihisc'-et ; diviiiid inlt rually liy ihi ir trai'-\«r>e 
j-artitioiis into luuiifroii- cells, lach rontaiiun^' a solitary 
-iiiooth. tlat. ()%al, recidish-hrown -ttii. .-,urroiin<leil t>y pulp, 
ilie pulp, whicli alont' i- otVieial, is \ iscul. hlacki-ii brow n, 111 ta-t--. >iikly in odour. 

Ci'Mi'i-iiinN. Thf idiitf roii>titu« nt- arc (li \ pur;.'a- 
tive luiii'iple clo-cly allied to cathartic acid. (.S'-.' S'liiia, 
e. M"i t.) ('-*) Su^'ar fid per cent. 

Ci.ssui I'll!)) is c:')itai)if'i in Conftctio Sinna , about 
■ in 7 ■> . 

Actios .^nd 'rnKUAi'KiTirs. 

it is a ]j ■■ ■■' * ' ^-^ only </\\cn in confection of .senna. 
('i,\-> II. Simple Purgatives. 
4 A^'I4»I< Oil.. 

OU'IIIII iCil'illi. ilie ii\>d <'il <'Xpn'~.-^>'d froni the 
■•(■(.■d^ fl linrinus ,ntnniu)iis (Nat. Ord. KiivhinbidCid'). India. 
Cii \ii\ciKi.s. Viscid, dlourlt'^s or pale ycll<i\v. Od(jur 
Mint, charact.ri-tu'. Ta.-tc .-li;.dit i)iit unplea>ant. Sp. kt. 
o',x",(i to (I '.If,.'). Snltibditu. 1 in I of ahsolutc alcdioi. 1 m •"> of 
,tlcoh(d ('.H) pir cent. I. These are tlit- characters of the pure 
,,il oxpre-scd in tlie cold. Miieii that i.- >old is expre-.>ed by 
ihe aid of heat. Thi- is dark in colour and very nasty. 

C'oMio>ii iiiN. The cliif f constituf'iUsare (1) Hit iiiii!,<ite 

•-////<■. r///, C.HjC,, H, ,«>,!,. This coiistitutt- the chief hulk. 

,'Ji Otlier fixed oil-, as p.ilnutin. stearin. Ac. (^i) I'o.-sihly 

.n alkaloid, ricinine. not purgative. Ill .\ccord;ni^' to -nnie 

.lUthontie- an active principle which has iioi yet been ise-lated. 

Dose. 1 to 8 fl. dr. 

I'r, -xaratiii)!. 
Mistura Olei Ricini. -Ca-toi oil. :5 l1. oz. ; 
oran^.'e- flower water el coumiercc, i li. o/.; niuciia^je 
r.f ;.'uni acacia, 1', fl. oz. ; cinnainoii water, •2\ t!. nz. 
(Contain- :5 fl. dr. of castor oil in 1 fl. o/..) 
Dose, 1 to 2 fl. OK. 


M\Ti:iiI\ MKOMA 

Custur ml is nmt.iin.'i i>i Colloiliuni IK'xilc. Linimcnturn 
Siniipis, uti.l I'iluhi Hv.lrart,'yri Sul.ililoriiii Cninpn-itH. 

(Cll:-t(>rnil Mill- Ulc lint finiciui. Kut ,t i- illl|)rirtlltlt til tl).-tii. Tlif\ air ■, in. i,,iii.' an. I ; iii. wid... ..vuiii, 
(!attfin-l. Till' -,,.,1 1- |.|,,l(HiL'<'l int.) ;i -liiiip Ix^ak." 
Kpiil.rmi-s^lim.v (.'i.v. niiiikf.i hy l,iu\vni-h Liiini- aii.j ,pot>! 
Ki'in'l wliit''. 'I'll. \ contiiiii •".(• prr (•••lit. .if thf .ul, auil an 
acii'l -uli-t.iiHi wlii. h niak<-- tin in pni-onon-. 'I'luci- ca-tor. 
oil seed- have Immu l-,n..\\n tn kill an adult man.) 

A< i'loN. 

External. Cii-ior oil i>, lik... olive oil. pn.tcctive 
iiiKJ .Sfdiitivf, and may lie us((l to di-oii into the «■>».■ 
wiicn the conjiiiicti\a is inllaiiit .1. and ii< u soKviit 
for liomalropinf, Init thi- .solution is occasionally a 
littlf irritating'. 

Internal, (nr.lyn-i'ntr.^tlual ti<i,t. The imsti- 
ncss of castor oil is mo-tly due to the sinuU, and i- 
not noticed muili if tin imsr i- li.ld when the oil i- 
drunk. Medicinal do-e^ produce no ellect on the 
stoin.ach. IJeachinu' the intestine the oil is an cxcel- 
h'lit simple laxative or mild puri:ative.actinj,nn ahout 
live hours, ami causing' no i:ii|iin'_' nor suh.stMjueiu 
constipation, '{"iu' motion is <oft hut not liquid. 
Castor oil will pui-.i^e e\en win n ruhh, d into the skin. 
The ricinoleate of udycerW in the oil is decoinposcd 
in the duodenum, and the ricimdeic acid pur^'os. 
Castor oil will i^nv^i- wlu n i:i\t.'n j^rr rrctinn. 

A/'<n//;7;,/;7/;//<n/J.s.— Applied locally to the breasts 
it is said to lie g"aiactagogue. 


Castor oil is perhaps the hest simple purL,'ative 
we lia\e, and is Very u>. ful in cases in whicl/^then 
is sliL,dit temporary constipation, lieinir mild in it- 
action it is very suitable for l^i ttin?' rid. of undi 
^'ested food that is causiiiL' diarrhua, and a dose of 
castor oil with a minuti' (quantity of laudanum in ii 
is a favourite remedy for certain form- of diarrhu-a 

«'»sifin fjir 


■ \-i,, c-^jx cliillv ( nii\, 111. Ill III j . 

■ ii\(r\. .iinl uhni in iui_\ ahdinuuial di-ca ., 

• nil! frv. r. jHTitdiiiiis. (,r wlnn, ufi, r 

It:. .11--. ih.. UTitatidli c-a!ist-(| hy tht t';ic.> inakt's 

- Iv iMTt'ssarv to uM t tlio Ixiwcls op, n. Also 

.• ry useful for cluldnii. or (><\- vt rv(,l,| ,,.• intirm 

Mil-, or for those sull«'i iii!.r fiMiu jiilc-i or li^sun >^. 

:-ji i,"""l I'urKativt' to '.'iv.' Infi.n' and aft.T ili, 

■ nf aiitht liiiintics. and tak»-n d.njy f<M- Wick-^ or 

onlhs i \ulnal'i. !mi- muv toni! of cluonir 

Its na-t iiic--> i- tlif Hilly uliitctiMU lo it. As 
■ I'iy UMiilioiiid. llii^ i-aii lar/i ly he .ivi rconn 
holding: tiK iioM'. ;iiid tli.M arc 'ii;:ins forms ,,f 
•or oil in the niark.t >o piipan.i a- lo'h.. almost 
m!!)!...-; and od,,uil,.><. It. may l.r taken in ca). 
. . l.i;-- th.y ar.' l)iilk\. 'i'lir idianiiaco).., m! 
inrpisnot tn 1„. r. i-ommindi d. L< moti juut m 
■. .' lOncfaN til.- ta<t.' to some e\t, m, ,,r fh,. ,„| 
;■. Ii.- add. d to ,1 t. ;i~|>,„,nfiil of I.epp.'rmiiil Wat. v 
■!i.i ill. n a little 1. randy a.l.l.d till the ojl neither 
•.k- nor swims. If ili.' in-,id,. ami rim of th.' iriass 
- moi^r.ii- .1 with th.' v. ihe' oil. winch should, 

■ PM..-.ihle. lu h. twe. n two lay, r^ of fl;,. vehicle i" 

, .\^ ;ili en.iii;i ici^tui i.i! 1 Ii. ,,,',. uarn, olr.r oil 
:'. oz., iiu\ thon.mdilyi u i- .•ft, u v. rv useful wli.n 
iiM injection i- rcjuired. 

Jlr,''!-,:^. The lea\es of the castor oil j.lmil 
pli.'d to th.- hr.a-ts will -ometim. s induce the 
• •ictioii of milk. .\ tlui.l extract n{ them m,iv also 

■ taken three or four tinu^s n d;iv. 

Castor-oil seeds arc nmny timr- i„nn' puiyatiw I'.un -h- 

because they contain a toxiilbuiuiu. ncin. -.vlnch wiien 

. ■•!- d into the hoo.l. is GUP of the most powerful vel^ctable 

('.'..- kn.iui). It i^ much less nct'.M- •-vh-n =:...! ...'j - 

. ■ liiryply .iestroycd by digestive ferments. .\ftiT .leath Uie 

-icnis membrane of the intestine i? violer.tiv intluriH-i tli.Te 

re ecchymoses all over the bo.iv. and b u,"] in tin- -crous 

cavities. Eliriich, by -nidually incr-asing tiic do^t of ncin. 

Ft n 

4 or, 

MXTF.KIA ^rl.I)I(■A 

\va;i ablf to render atiiiniils iiiiiiiinn' to it, iiit.l this was sh'iu; 
to bo flue to tfif fiiriii;Uiiiii m tin ir Ifiiv of iintirii-in, u' 
lUMitriili/t 'i ilie u'linii (if i]\,- 111 ill, Till-; <li-co\. ry wii- 
basis of oil' kiii)\\ li 'Iff of -ciuiii tin r.ijw ;itic .. 

■till lfi\Klt. 

KiM'i ICsiilix. hliuli.iib l:>>nt. TIh' • rrrt rhi/.oiii'' - 
so-ciliiil inct, I'liiilv lit pi iv<-.| i)f it- l.aik utnl di ir<|, of y,'/ 
jxthii'itiihi, H'ncinn niijuithdv tNiit. ni.j. I o'ni^ininccn \, 
lirolcihly nihcr si>t'cii -. Clun.i and 'I'llx t. 

Cm \i; v( iKi;^. C'v liti'lriciil, ((Hiiriil, I'luiinfonv. \, ,,i 
le^riiliir juict-. ( »iit<i '-uifm-c ~(im<tmn-^ covircd with ;i lin^' ■ 
yt llii\vi-h jinwd"!; rnuiidrd (If lingular, -iiLioth or u \w 
wrinkled, .--linwint,' lieiniiih thi' [PDwdcr nddi-h hmwn In . 

Tlli\<d with !l VI llnwi-h-iirn'Ali >U ll-tlince. itild UHUlllls .sl:::i. 
slur >lui|)ed >l)otS. The piecr.-, lire otti II hored wilh II h' ■ , 

wliiidi iiuiy I'ont.iin tlir renmiii> of the coid u-ed to >ii,p. ■ i 
tlniii to dry. Internally hard, coiniiact. fiacture uneven, iii 
with a niarhled appeanuue. Odour p'ciiliar, armnat , 
Ta-te f. ehly astnn^'iiit, hitlir; thei,- is (.Mitty fi eliiij.: helwi . :: 
the teeth when (hewed. 

CoMi'o>iMoN. The eliii f con.-titui rit-^ are (1) C/'.r?;- 
araliin (sunimijins, rhein, chry-ophaii, .srr Chry.-arohintn';. 
('il Chry^'<)ihmiic (icul cr il:'>.rinn) tli;fi<i>itlirii<jutiini ,<. It is n t 
known whether, when alive, rhiihurh cotitiiins nnv ehrv- 
j)hiinie acid, for win n ki pt the tdiryr.and>in ipiicklv oxidi/' 
to clny-ophauic iieid. 1 he ciirysarohiii K'i\es the yell' w 
colour. (;{| I-!", . „iii! i>r tnti.ri/iii, !iinl(t)itiir(i<jiiu:iini. \i) J;',., 
tmuiir (U id. to which tin asti inu.'eney of rhuharb |is d', 
(.")) (h'dLitr <•/ liiiif, ;!.". p. r lent., to whieh th.e ^.'rittiiie-.-; i-; 
due. (f.) Other liodi.<, uljout which little or iMthin/ ;- 

Imii i;irii>. I'luudi-h ihuhaih; liitTcrent taste, ^nielj, im 1 
exci-s of >t,ircii. Tiirnn ric. wliicdi is turrn d laown hy horic aci I. 

Dose, 3 to 10 gr. (repiuted adniini^trutionl, 15 to 
30 gr. (siii;.'le adniini^tratnm). 

J'l'i jiur,iti")is. 

1. Extractum Rhei. Alcoholic. 
Dose, 2 to 8 gr. 

2. Infusum Rhei. -1 in Jt) of hoilin^- water. 
Dose, I to 1 fl. oz. 

3. Liquor Rliei Couceutratus. — i'ercoiat- d i.i 
tile usual way for concentrated li'juurs. Sic p. I'J. 

Dose, ' to 1 fl. dr. 

Kill r \ic!'. 


4. Pilula Rhei Composita. Uluilxirli. •> ; 
Socntrin.' al... -. t'; mynli. .t ; li;ir.l ■ .ip. :< ; "il nf 
p. ppi iiiiiiit. vrup "f v^'liiiosf, .'t\. 

Dose, 4 to 8 gr. 

5. PulvisRheiCompositus. .S;/».'H,v»'i. Ore- 
)4or\ s iH.u.i. r. l;hiilKi!N. .' , h'.ts.« or li;;lit iiia-H'-iii, 
li ; t;ii!i.'i r, 1. 

Dose, 20 to 60 gr. 

6. Syrupus Rhei. I'Jiui.iuii. '-' ; rnri.iii.ltr, •_' ; 
^Ui-'ur. •_• t ; ainl;..! I'.Mi p. r CfUl.), H ; watir, "21. 

Dose, ;. to 2 fl. dr. 

7. Tinctura Rhei Composita. Uhuljiirb. 'J; 
cariliiini.ui'. ',; mi liiii-i. i , [; ^'l\c'll^, 2 ; iilc.iiul (fiU 

Ji.T (•(■111. I. 1"^. iN'rcnhitr. 

Dose, '. to 1 fl. dr. (ifi><':it. •! !i'liniiur.lrati"u) ; 

2 to 4 fl. dr. (-iti/ii- ii'lmiiii-tr.ainii). 


External.— Pn'lKibly rliuliarl) would have, to a 
i..i\'\ dv^Tiv, till' siiiiii' :u-li<>ii ii> (ioa powdtr, b\it it 
- uvwv ii{i])lifil fxti'i-nally. 

Internal.— -l/ci. ■///'/;■?/ cnuiL — In tlio mouth, 

almrl) increasi-ri th»' How of saliva ; and in thf 

lUKU-li. in .^inall dosfs, it, like any other bitter 

i)-nince. .>^tiuiulates the flow of ^'astric juiee, and 

, vascularity and i)eristaltic movements of the 

.ima'eh. It is, therefore, a stomachic, and will aid 

.u'estlon. In lar^'e it ciiuses purgation, pro- 

i K'in^' in from four to eit,'lit hours a liquid motion, 

louri'd yollow by the chrysoplian. Tur-^ation is 

;. to the chrysophanic acid and emodin, both 

ihraquinone derivatives, and ii has heen already 

i .inted out that most voi^'etable pur^'atives owe their 

I ropcrties to derivat'.ves of this body in'r p. K,',). The 

iuous constituents of rhubarb are said to increase 

•i.e llow of bile, but certainly its choUmo^'ue action 

..„ A;,.;,,.,»lf ..M\v<.rfiil fl) ixDhiiu its uurL'a- 

ve properties. It is commonly stated to exa.u- 
riite very actively intestinal, but there 

u u 2 



ij 110 adiijiuiu- proof of thi-. Ii i,> lialilt- lo ^rii/u. 
riif i>iii-i:ation is follo\vc(l liv coii.-lipalion ; this i- 
u-cmi1hi| Id tlif ihco-taiinif acid: if so, it is probalih 
ali-Mrlu li 1111(1 sul)-«MjUfiitly rc-t'Xcrctfil into tiic in". 
icHiiiic, oiliLi-wisc ii would all lie swopt away in th. 

l\"i)iru<^.- Thf colnurinpr matter i^ cxcrotod i;. 
ilic urnu', and stains it yellow when acid, red when 
.ilkaliiit. The urinary flow is sli<,'htlv increased. 
TlIKKAl'lUI lo. 

Khuliarl) is coininonly f,'iv»ii to chihh-en a- a 
stoiiiachic jiur^Mtiv, in indii^cstion, especially w!;. : 
cau-rd i)y « rrors of diet, for it ch ars away a'ny nn- 
(liL'istcd f(.(id, and it- stoiiia(diic and aftt r-astrinj^'. ii» 
itV. ct- aic valiialilf. In the same way it is n-cful in 
diairli.ia dm to irritation cau'-i'd liy undine- .j 
t'lod ; lure the afttr-a-trinL,'cney is c-pcciallv >> ■ 
vi/calilf. A p.iwdcrof })owdfrcd rhuharh and vodinii: 
liicai'hoiiatc (whi(di hidc3 thf ta>t(.') r.jual pa!'!-, 
wi'ii sdiiif powdered ,i,^ntian, or a similar Ihiid i i 
cine, forms an cxcclUnt stomachic for younp^ childrii;. 
lihuliarh should nt'Vir bo t,dven alone, liucause of tli* 
L'ripini' it causes. 

Purgatin.— (Not otricial.) 

'!■' '■ '1" ii--ii-il iDinic for Anthrapnijiuiiii diacotali . 

Dose, 15 to 30 gv. 

l'iii;::ttin i.s iif j.-riaJ intcrrst, us it i^, a (l.ri\aliv< ■• 
.inthra.iuia.mi'. an.l it \va~ ihc tir^t niado .~yinhftio pur^iativ. 
It luuy cau-e colic, but a great practical objection to it- •-. 
1^ that i; c <!tiurs the urine a bri^'ht red. 

Piirgeii. (Not orticia!.) 

Till- i.~ tlie usual name for Dihydroxyphthalophonom- ui 
ehriii.Ipiithalein. It ia also called Laxoiii. 

riii> body i^ described here it can bi- convt-rt. i 
into anthra(i\iinone derivatives. It i.^ an exct llenl purgativ. 
tir.d b. in-,' ta-tek'sri is .suitable for children. It i^ u-ually -oil 
in tablets ; the sn-allcst contain a gr. each, and are u-ed f, r 
chihiren : tlie next larger contain II gr. each, and the large-t 
7k gr. It i- aiso bobi a^ palatmoids of Laxoui, containing 2 gr. 
raeh. Very little is absorbed, and large doses must be given 
fur any tu appear in the urine, but much is excrefd by the 



, , .=. which therefore turn :i 'hriili.uit imiplf uti'ii ;iii aikivli 

i.irii to till in. It r.irriy ^.-nii.-.-, and if '^wvu o\orni)^hl 

1,1'- .m r;i-y action iit;\t niMiiinu:. It (ini'> nut .ilI mh 

iii:i' ^IV nriliili' tli<' kiiln.s-. (.hwii;^ i) it- '.<iy .-.irlht 

it^aviisant 'iTi ct it i-- suitiiiili' Inj- ci-cs ot iiiait lii-. u.-c. 


^4>llli:i il<'\:ill«ll'ili:i. Alexan<!iian S< nnu. I'h*' 
. i 1. iill.'t- of C''(.i.w<i (icult/<!iii (Nut. *.»i'i. !.■ 'juminosip). 
■ -..aii'h'ni. 

Cm \i;\*n;K-. ,' to 1; in. Ion;.', hinccolali' or o\;xl-!;infto- 

ucutf, uiK'ciual lit the l/iiso, cntiif, tlnii. hnttif. |iah» 

.i-h Ki't'ii. Fmeiv pnlii scf-iit. V<iiicd on tni lowi r :.UMiice. 

I :o:ir iicculiiir. faint, teu-like. TiL-ti' niuciliik'iuou^. sickly. 

■ >i'.Li:)i'i .s> )uui. Le.ivf.-, uf SoUnnsttinind Ar-j'l. I v.i 

. 1. anil IJarosnui. ail ('([ual at the base. 

1 Mil i;iiii>. Any of tiic ah(j\f. 

^«'lllia IihIk'JI. — Kast liniian tSeiina. Sipwitipn. 
, .:;iuvi l.v -1 nna. Tiie dritd leatlel.-s uf Cu'^^tu aii'iu-slijolui 
■-At. Old. L,ijtiinL>iu.->,. j. Suutiicin imlia. 

CilAi'..\eTKr.s. - 1 to 2 111. i(MiK. iaiiCeolatf. acute, uiii iiual 
.-. till- ba-e. ihm, entire, ycliu\vi.-ti '^ixvn ami snii'oth ai<o\i . 
,:.iT bfiieatli ; (.'liibrous or -liKhtiy pubc-cent. U'iour ami 
■i like AU-xandruin >enna. 
C'".MroMnoN "!•■ iJoiii KiM'>. Tht cbuf (■on.-tUu''nt.--- 
(1 ) C(t!h<iytLC aciil. an atnor^)llou^ ^.ul()liuratt 'i ■jluco.^ide. 
11,, N.SO.. It e.\i.-ls as >ail> of euilliy Oa-^i'^. such h.- 
. ■.uin and nuigne.-iuin. Tiifsc .-alt- are ^-oinbie in water. 
' .'Jiartie acid is capai)le of ib cuiniio-ilioii iiilo ^Mico-f and 
.tiiartoKtme acid. U is tlie chief imr-ative pruu ipb- in 
una and other }iurgati\e.>. {'2j Otber (,dueoside.-;, .-enna 
.1 and .-eniiapiciin. wlncli do not m nio~t }"re[)arati()n- 
>ntribute to their action, a- tiny are in-o.ubie m w attr. 
.1 L'hr\soj>hanic acid, ur dioxyin. tli\ Ian tbraqii; none, m small 
.oiint.- (.vei lUiuiiarb and Cin \.-aroi)iiiinni. (I) hmodiii. ur 
.'xyinethylaiithriuiuinone. (.'») A -i^'ar, e ttiuuiei luaiinite. 

I'fi paration.'^ <>/ i dhir KiiiJ. 

1. Contectio Sennse. S. una, 7 , cunander 
tiuit, :i ; lij.-'-. 1- ; tainannd, ',» : la- -a puip, U; 
|>uUH.->, t; ; e.Mract ot h^nonce, 1 ; -u/ai , :>0 ; wattr. to 
make 7.'». 

Dose, 60 to 120 gr. 

2. Infusum Sennae. .senna. 1 , -o. •. 


■A at' 1. It". 


i . 

Dose, ', to 1 fl.oc, ur 

ar- a -I! 

lraueht.2 fl. o: 



3. Liquor Sennae Coucentratus. IV icolat. 
witli wuti r. .SV« p. r.t. 

Dose, ; to 1 fl. dr. 

4. Mistura Sennae Composita. S)/),,„n/m. 
lUiuk (]iiiiij.'iit ; iii(i;_'ri(~iuiii -iil|.liat<'. .") n/,. ; ii(iiii(I 
• NtiMct nf li,jij(n-icf. 1 tl. ../. ; aidniatir -piiit nf iiiii. 
iiKiiiia. 1 t!. f)Z. ; (;(.iniuiiiii(l tiMctiir. d cai liaiiioiii-;, •_> 
tl. (I/. ; iiifu-K.ii ,,f M'liiia, .). .-. Id inaki 'Jn ll. i,/.. 

Dose, 1 to 2 fl. oz. 

5. Pulvis Glycyrrhizae Compositus. S. .na 

i.^ llx' iiin-i iiMiKiitaiit ciii^titn. tit. -J in r_' I.,,, p. .-)77i 
Dose. 60 to 120 gr. 

6. Syrupus Sennse. S.nna. JO oz. ; r,il of mii 
aiulrr. 1(1 m : Ms-ar. ">(i oz. : alfjoh,.] (!i() per ccnti, 
40 m ; ai(o)i,il ('JO per cont.), To f!. oz. 

Dose, ■ to 2 fl. dr. 

7. Tinctura Sennae Composita. Sf niia. 1 oz.; 
rai-iiiw.'Jo/. ; carav.ay. .; o/. ; coriaiiatr, ! ,,/. ; alcuhnj' 
{i") p. r cent.). 1 pint. Sluci lalf. 

Dose, .' to 1 fl. dr. f..i- n p( at.-d adinini-tratioi. ; 
2 to 4 fl. dr. lor siii^-ic Hilniiiu.-tralidii. 


External.- N(»n(. 

Internal. Sfiina. Ihtiui.-c of ih,. cathiirtic acid 
in it, .^liiiiulatis tlic imisiMilar coat of the intc.'^tiiu , 
especially tlu- colon, and ])ro(lucfs sonic Iivjk -neiiiia. 
Conseijuenlly tlie lluid coutiuts cd' tlie sinalj intis- 
tine arc hurried throuu'h the colon, and i)al<' yidlow 
•NViitery sio(ds. containin.Lr sonii' undiLristid food, an 
the result. Senna acts v( ry or not at all on 
the l)iliary Secretion. LarL,'e d'-ses open the bowel-^ 
several times and produee griping. i)ut not much 
hyperionia. I'rohuhly there an other substances in 
senna h(sid. catiiaitic acid iiavini; a inn^^ative pro- 
perty, hut it is hy far the intwt iinport;int. Purt^a 
tu)n hy senna does not cause sid)Stquent constipation. 
Some constituents of it are aiisorhrd. and juay 
tilt' nruic tit hi. )•..<! ]t wW] imh.,.. ;♦' ;,,;.,.t..i ;.,i., 

the veins, and will impart its purgative properties to 
the milk of nursing women. 




S^niia is :i siilV, inrful purj^'alivo^ for cas.s of 
-iinplt' constipiition. It is. lucau-f of iis itiidfiicy 
tM L'ripr and its nauscor.s tastf. raniy <,'ivfn alone. 
Till' compound li-iuoricf powdtr is to Ik- preferred to 
ih.' Mistiira Senna' (" black dniuu'ht ""), as this is a 
iia>ly mixture. Senna is lari^'ely used to complete 
the etTect of duodenal purj^rative-, as we see in the 
,.Id prescription of a Iduc pill at ni'^'ht and a black 
irauLrht in the morning. Acting' on the colon, it is 
v:iluabu' in sli.udu casr^ of facal collection. C'oni- 
i.iund li(pi()rice powder is nnicb used in habitual 
rcnstipation and the constipation of prej^niancy. 
( oiifection of senna, coated with chocolati'. forms 
liie well-known pur;^'ative Tamar In(hen, and in this 
form can be taken by children. It is said that the 
infusion contain^ more- of the active principles than 
.ilhtr pri'parations ; it soon decomposes, but 1 ^r. of 
iiiire to thf ll. o/.. will prevent this. Some prepara- 
tions of ligs {'i.e.) have senna for their active in- 

<':is« .tl'SI *»:itfrM<lsi. Si/noii'/m-:. Sacifil IJark, 
llhauuii rur-liiiuii t mt. x. 'I'll-' <bit<l l-iuk of lihninuns 
rurfiiininus. California l.uc'ktli..rn (Nat. Oi'l. li'namne.,). 
rroiii tl)'' North racitic c 'a.-^t. 

L'H\K\. Tn;>. guiUs or'lv Hat picct-. .\bout I m. 

...11,:. J in. will.', an. I ,'•. in. tiiick. Smooth paipli-hhrown 

wxk alii'.ost (;o\. i-.mI witii liclitns ; iniur -aifacc hrown, nearly 

-inootli. aiui -triiitr.l loni-'itU'linally. iMMcture short rxt.-r- 

iiallv. til)rous internally, ('harad. n-tic o'loar. Hitl.T taste. 

"CoMrosiii.iN. The cliifi constitiH iits arc I'.inodin, uUci 

.iitaitiiMl in rhuharh and -rnnii I'/.'M. Ca-carin, I'ur-hiaiim, 

, ;luco.<i(lf, sev.a-al rc.-iii-'. \ariou» aci'l^, •.itpI a \o:atile oil. 

I'y, litirutlon-^. 

1. Exti'actuiu Cascarse SagradiS. .••=-.■=• ■■)' 

percolation wwh wat'-r. 
Dose, 2 to 8 gr. 


MATCRiA ^r^:^)I( i 

2 ExtiactumCascaraBSagvadsB Liquidum 

■^''^" ■■'.iMi ;, i:i(i iHi-c. I'l.i ami ujit.r. 
Dose, to 1 fl. dr. 

3. Syrupus Cascar.-e Aroiuaticus. - I i,, . 

Doae. to 2 fl. dr. 

Action am. Tiiii: \i i.rih -. 
C;iso;ira ^ii-ni.ii i- :i simple laxative ai,. I ;i|„ii,i' 

i^ ;,.,,,. i,„ ,, ,s ,norc ceitam ;,n,l ,m 

-PuMailyifrhrnnic. Kith, r a ^ind. n:.,.];,] 
'"".."'••',v ".. rak,.„ in ih,. cvM,.,,,'. ,>r ](.,„ ]:/„.. .i 
'';: 'H-n^i „;.,; 1,.. ,:i^.,, tlin,. tun.s a .i:r. 
''•/"•■" "''■^''^- On.;Mivanta.^ o!' i:> ii., i-: , i,;,t .M-a.i,;. 
Hllv uuT,n^iu^ -loM^ an- ,„,; p.iMilv.i. Tii. ' li,,.,;.] 
'■x-ra.-t H vH-y l,i!t..r; tl,M ta--. u;:,v 1. ,•,„:.■. a!, .i 
'>Varon,a!,r.. h,jn,,M<v. ,„• .1,!..; :,„.! it inaN I, 
•/'v,„ u, H,lwr,,f,n-M. ua:,r. Tl,.. an.,: mI,. .;,„ 
;-'""Y''^ ^''" ''''•"•• '^'-t- \.rv v,-,ll. a,.l ;, ,,,.,;ara 
•'"" '>"'»^^" '-i-^ Tnu-;n,a Laxaliv a. .|,„. -JO In f.O „, 


'••''■"""""/ ^^^'•"^'' Sai't-aua. J.;,im.!i.i,i i>. ^pu■iu; 
\!-iuM„ia_^. ,.,iuanru. 2. Spiiitu- Chiwrolonui 2. 
' "i'-:!i!a ]h-1.;i.|o|)i]m. I. Tiiut::ra Nuc;. \"ni,,ira 1 

'" ""^'■";'",^^'^'' ^^''-'i'- ni^a >- ;i pira^nt sim).!,' 
pur-,, wliirl. IS .,p,.,ially ii^Hul U^r ciiionic cniHti- 
paiion. ;.)).{ ,na\ , ■,„•.• ii. ( .i.c-aia J. llv, ,los.. 1 to 
1 ^. mad.. u,,h a-ai' iu-ar „ ;iv. mulvL^^ the 1-pc<-s 
lUiiKy ai);l i':,,i f. 


AliM- «:,rl»;Hir,isis. Aloe-. Tlu juic. 

■■'''^."MS uii.i ,,ti„ r ^pccie^. csaiMTat..! t.. 

J. , ' ' ;• »» t- L i:; lit s. I lic v.iiii tv Kn.iuii 

.'; Yum.;;u, a,. . ::,.}, j, ^U^ onii-iai. i, incliKkd iin-Ui 



(11 u;v''iFr.-'. -!'• rji i"..!.]!-'!! brown, chcohito litdun. -liirk 

i.iAi), ur iiiiii'i-t l>iji' k. 1 1,1' :■ 'I i:ill> dull an<i wuxv with 

: i.|U>' -I'lintt 1-, .-otiictiiu',- . luu .!i iiii'l ;;las»y With liaii.- 

:it >|iliiu>i r. Till- opa(|iie variety wh<*n moisteripd with 

!iiil (".to jH-r (■••iit.i. ai\il fs.iiuiiK'I m a tliiii stratuiii uikUt 

iiiK I u-coiic, shnws niiiiHioiis oryr>tals. I'uwdiT tlull ohvc- 

(iiioiir .«tn)ll^;. ili-:i_'ivt,'alilf. bitU-r, naiiseou?. 

.'.;';/./.- .\lm(i>t t-ntin;-, ■■• ■ -ihol ( H( i" r cfiit.) : To pi'i 

t. (if liiirliinios al<H'^ di .iwaliT. /.'c-. y'i/j/d/ k/oi-.s. 

Kt-iiis of miaiiicuiii iiiid ja.ap. uhit'li are not Litt. r. 

CiOii'o-^iTKjN. Till' cIiK'f ooii-litiu'iif- ;ir<- il» Aloni. 

lonym. liiiri'a'nin.whirli i-^ ullicial .'■ p IT'-i. i- 1 1 .landiii. 

■, idxytiHthy. •i.iiujuiiidnc . -^i <■ SeiiiiiD. (.i) .\ nsiii. (h 

>.■■!■ uf ;'.i!lic .K'iil. ("n A tract* of a volatilt' oil ^'iMiit; llir 

Dose, 2 to 5 gr. 

1. Extiactum Aloes Barbadensis. .Viiutou. . 
Dose. 1 to 4 gr. 

2. Decoctiim Aloes Compositum. Kxtrart ul 

Ikul'i'l'^ ' ill ,r 'J; r!..rii,, ) . iiiT II, 1 ; jxiiassiuin 
carbniiati' 1 . .truft "'. Inpi'i • - lompuurid tiiu-- 
tiivf nf cantiiiiViiii-. r,ii : w il'-! in' "'"' '* 'i" ■ '' 
ilir I xti.tct, 4.' i;r. in 1 i! ■■.-■ 
Dose, to 2 fi. oz. 

3. Tinctura Aloes. K.xtiact nl llai iiaUn.- aii't>. 
.', . li'jiiui . xtiart ..i h t', ;< ; ;ilr.ih..l I l"> )•• i crtit.) 
17. Mai'iratf. 

Dose, ;, to 1 fl. Ay. :■•. i.,..;ii.d. 1 to 2 !<•.■ 
. iufrlt a iiisiiii-'ratidi!. 

4. Pilula Aloes Barbadensis. r..iilaili' 

• aim--, 2 ; li-ii'i .-"qv I : ii;t'itif>n i<! 

r«v-i-. 1. 

Dose, 4 to 8 gr. 

5. Pilula Aloes et Fevri. Ilarhado^ alo.-, _' , 

fX-iccat. .1 !■ 11-,.,. ;pii,i:'-, 1 .■ ."ii.-nn.l i.nw.l.r >>! 
(.•iiuiaiuiiti. :> ; -^vru}) .>f ^lucos^, 4 to 8 gr. 

lnirli(oiif> ill.n.s IS i iiittu Hi- ■' lu liiiiii ' ,.:iilMi.ii < Ml 

il.i (1 in tJI. I'llula Cnlocynthidi.-, Conipo.-ita (1 in :<). aii<l 
,ala L'liliicyiiiliiili^ it llyu.^cyauii 1 1 in l/.l. 

F.rtnht ''I lUlll.i.ios /'/<'< s i- r.oitonul in |-'. Xl! aCl' . n i 

* •iocyiithidi.- CiHupohituni f I in '^il. 


>r\TF.i!i.\ >ri;ni( A 

Alo4' S4M-oli-iii:i. Sm,-,, trill.. Aln, -. Tin- jui(v tliat 
flows trniii liir lr:ui-\( .ill lia-r- <,i tlif ], a\. (,f ..(/<,<. 
I'l-rrui. aii'l j.rMlcihlv (.fh.i- s|,, cn apMratt d to >liviir'--i 
(Nat. (»i.|. /,;.«;,, , i. 'I 1,,. \ari. ty kii-uiias Zaii/.ihiir ulofH. 
wliirli i- jtl-,, i.tViciai. i, inclii.i,,! \uu\,y Socntiiiic Aloes. 
I'roliaMy vriy liiil,. ,,t th,. ■ ., (.Milii] Sdcnt rid.' al- - com. - 
fruiii Sci.-nira. 

('•i M-V' I I i:s. 'i'l.,- S,,r.,!riiH' \arictv .- \i~r\,\ a!;'i 
lii-Mwiii-li y.llow. .,r v.h. n .iry in hai'l .iaik l.i-\vn ..r n. iirly 
l)lack niiis.cs -.sjili a .lull waxy inif\.n frartur.'. 
sfroiu', ta-t.- liitt.r. Tli.. Xan/iKar i- in iiv.rl.r..wn 
tiiassi's with a .jiiil. wa\y. sii„,o!!i an. I .'S. n frarturc Hdlli 
varieties arc .i|)aqiic in .vcn snia;! -^lilint.r^, an.l Au<w un.J.T 
tlic niici..>o.ip.. niinut.' cry-ta's irulM-.i.l. .] in a trair-paniit 
inas-. SohihUitij. Alnm-t .titiivlv in jil.'oli.,! ( to )..t ccnt.i ; 
.",() p.'rr.'Tif. i.f S...'i.trin.' al...- .ii -^nlv.- in water. I:, s.tuhlijuj 
(ihw^. l;.--in- ..f ja!ap itn.l -uaiacuni. wlii.^ii ar.^ not bitter. 

rMMi'.i-iiic.N. 'I'!:.' -ani.' a- 'l']\v a!, in 
i> a littl.' .lilTe,-ent. uini i- .■all.'-j Smcm!' 'in. Imt tli.^ )l).ysil.• 
lo;-•il■al i.roii.rtie- of the tw.. ah. in., v.liicli aic i-.un.-ric." are 
tlie -ar:i.'. 

Dose 2 to 5 g-r. 

/'/'_/ ./>'.;,'/ii),',s'. 

1. PiluLa Aloes Socotriiire. S..c.. trine ai... .^. 
'J: Inir.l ^..ap. 1 ; ,,il ,,f nutnir-. :^ ; coiif. cti.jii of 
rose-, 1. 

Dose. 4 to 8 gr. 

2. Pilula Aloes et Asafetidre. Socutrin.. al.. . 
; har.l -..ap, couf. clion ..f ro-..-,. i,f each 1. 

Dose, 4 to 8 gv. 

3. Pilula Aloes et Myrrliae. S.icolrin.. aj. • - 
- ■• iir. nh. 1 : <\iup of u'hicu.-.'. 1.'.. 

Dose, 4 to 8 gr. 

.S';-,;;, „ ', „ .s />■ ciT.taiv.,! in I'ilula Kli.i C'oniposita 
I I ill 'ii. 'I'lnctma I;, n/oini {'..nipo-i!a (1 iii t'.Oi. 

Aloin. ''Vl{,,n ,;ili (>. a rry^t.iHin.. n. utral i)rin<'ip:. 
i\tracl..i hoMi alo. - hv ^..l,, nt- an.j rrcivstalli/ati..!!. 

Cuvkm li n^. Tint-; ..f \cil,,w acicular cr\>t:i!-, ...loiirl. ■ 
lull ta>tin- ..f alo,.,. S.^hihi!,!,,. F.,.clv in li-.I ihii.i-, 
sparin-ly in col, I wat.r or c.>!.i alch..!. n.'.t at all in . th.r. 
Kapi.ily alt.n.l l,^ alkali.--, 'ri,,' -p.^cinL-n- of an- 

:;.::::t;. ;;;•;■.:! .n;;^' I., t!.. wil i.i \ oj alo.'S from whicil til.\ 

are .lerue.l; ilms wc hav.., -..caloiii. natal. .iii 
(Natalj, and /.analoin (Zan/.ibari. Tli. y .iiirer very islighlk. 



•r,.iM .fi.h ntli.r: t\u\ ar,- i-nin-ric iina tli. ir Hcii^'ii i- th.- 
. . IJ.iiiiiiloin i- ^.'.'ii.riiliv i.r. f.Tr."i. Al-iii i- &.<■ iirtiv.' 

..jin.ipl.- <>{ ■iUm . !.■;• it .|..r II. .t u'l-iiH ^., iiiiifli. 
Dose, .1 to 2 gr. 

.\( III )N "I A 1,1 'l.S. 

External .\ln.< li;i - mo exit mal nction on the 
.. Ill, rok.ii skill. I'ui it cMii I'.' ;ili<oil,Mi t'roiu a raw 
-irfact-, f<ii- alo.< spniikl. >1 on ;iii ulf.r. lo wliu-li it 
i-; a sliLrht stiniulaiit. will Icinl to i,iiri.'iiiu'. 

Internal. ( i,islr"-inf.:stiihil tr<u:t. hi tli-' sto- 
mach the hitter iirincii»lt of alo»s ciiusrs it to act a> 
1 stomachic, likf other hitters, in the inte^tnie it 
increases the rate of the flow of bile, I'.n.l prohahly the 
:, mount secrete'l. It producer little intliieiice m th. 
-mall inte-^tine. hut the niu<(Mil;ir coat of the colon 
:. powerfully stimulated, and the intestinal -secretion 
troni that part sli._rhtly iiccelt rated. Aloes, there- 
lore. pur.LTe^. and naturally takes some time, usually 
tifteen to tweiitv iKun--. to act; the motion is well 
f,,r!m'd. not wry soft. a< th. re is so little increased 
-rcretionof lluid.andit i<da-k coloured from the bile 
in it. Soiiietime^ tii.- dtuL"-:ripe- somewhat, hecause 
the muscular contraction it produces is irreL'ular. 
As it acts chietly on the lower howel the habitual 
i-e of it mav lea<l to pih -. 

Fcninlc ^.ii'ni(,il o/^/,;»/^. Al(.t s will incr.ase tlie 
Mieiistrual {low: it is' therefore an emmenagogue. 
It is .xcrettd hv thf milk. ft>r aloes ,1,'iven to the 
:iiother may purj'e the .hild. It is stated also to he 

• \cr.ted in the urine. 

r.arhados aloe< i-^ .di^ditly purgative than 
.^.K'otrine aloes, and coutaiiK a t,Meat>r proportion of 
iihstances jjobdde in water. 

A^ a ru!" al.>in art< like alo.s. hin'^ it does not 
-riiM- ~o nnich. Some specimens, however, hiivi- 

lion, or diibrences in ihii^compoHition of ditTennt 



MA II l;l \ Ml (Ml 

Tni:i; \i'! irii -. 

•^''" -^ ' ■"! .•■..■- 1!. II! |)Ur«?iltiv. for' CM 
lllll illiul (■(.|l-llj,;|!|,,l!, )||:il;_\ nl ui:i( , ,.■,,,,, 

liniMTt«'(t cnlilia. !i. ;i uf ttif iii't.eujui o.a ul ihi 
lar^'t iiit.-iiiH. It i- \-, i-v c,,:;!,: .i:U- given as a 
''""";'• I'll' '' '-'•■ "I • , -r. of aloii. 

ail'l J l-'l-. ';!' cXtlMC-t oT ilU.\ \(»II1I' ; ffl S t'p till 

(■lir<»iiic (uii-tijuTimi, iuid in tin r ra.-i,-. i!- hit', '• 
lU'iMcij.! ^ actiiiL' as >t.iiii;i( hic^ iii.i <li'..'.'<ti<.n. if ih, 
f:ivv< art' liard '. -/r. ,,( )„,u,|, f, ,| ijm , ac ;iaiih:t ^Ik.iiM 
I't' ad.i. .1. To avoid ..'ii|iiii._' it Is Well t.) t'l.iiihiM. 
•' ^'"''' tMiM't of }i\-()>c\aMiii- or a iittir .-xt rad oj 
l)fllad(.:iiia witii n. On," ._rivat udvantai.'. of alo... i- 
thai the do<r ]i,,ii no! \>r irraduallN incn.iMd. 1; i 
aK.) very coiiiiuoiily -ivm a^ a piifwith ini\ Voiima 
and a f,'iain or two of i\i,- ,iii,.,| ndphat.- of noii t- 
pi'r-oiH siilV. nil- fioii, (Idoro^is and oilit-r fonn-^ ■ t 
aiiaiiiia. It ovticoin, < d,,^. (diroiii<- foii-tiii.i! ion 
cniuiuon ill (MM s. and -oiu. i. •Mid'Ji, \. ■. 

nu|)ortant for thf cmv of tiir di . a-,.. Tt„ .m,. i;.. 
rhoa so fn^iunitly a ^social, d v, nh chhiro^s i-; (,fi, , 
liciii lltfd l>\ aht. ■. and ana noniKra <iii.' ;., oihi !■ 
i;ailsis may al-o hr ivlu-v, ,1. A!- ; ot L.'rra! 
-••rvicc in many ca.x > (,f chroiiic coii-ui.annn ,,i idiil 
drrn. A warm aqurous solution <,f n'o'u^ imi-/. 
when injci'tL'd -iihnuat.'foii'dv . 

\\nr< mn>t not he ^'ivri! ii; j-n ^■■uaiicy. camo 
rhoids, or iiaiionhaL,'!;i. An . mn..! of ifi- aiitia ! 

i:i.\s.s 11! Drastic Pnrijativ.-, 

MllllPllV Uutlt. Hr.l. <'n>, 

^« aiiiiiioiiiii- l{:idi\. 

lira d iiH.t (i! ( \,.; , ■; , 

•«'| ' ■' '• ^> 1 la ami A r,i .\Ii'.. 
t'll V II 1.1 ! !.!.-. ( ■>. j.i,,!. ... 

1- « aii.l ha-- i.inams of :i. rial sieni'^ : .slnivcll, 
iwutnitr.i. I()ii;..ituiiina!!> nno,vs.-,l. Kxt.iiialiv. -ivvi.di In,,,. 


(.1 I l.U. 1> in 1 t 


-I \MMONN ^ ( I 

I , . ... : wiiiif Fiactuicd .■Jurface 

O'Juur ami taste like jalap, fain? 

' I'"Il,'l'l"'IiIl.l. wJlicll i- -Ill.-llifl. 

H«:iiiiiiii»iiiiiiii. Scammony. A j^iitn-rcsin ohtiiiiK d 

f Cotirolvulus .srminnonui. 
-■ :,mniiiy. 
I . . tr cakt's. ash-«roy or l.lacki*)i 

,,j , ._,, .i.l.,^,, . 'Vi'S pcnviicr. Vi i y brittle, 

turt- r- . shiiiin. .dark Lrowii. Kasily rr 

(1 In KM ii>ii-f.'rcy pi)v».i. 1, loriiiiii;.: an emulsion witli 

. 1- ( 1.]. .: :r )i. I'll' i.i ]■ ilii 1 \ 

W'hiit I'licwtii ^.'ivcs a j'tick- 

iMiiUiiii--. — I i.;uK ur.ti .-luifli. 

('n\!i'..-i I ii'\. 'Dk- ''hii-i constituent- HIT ili V'/.. nsin 
-\ -.. -M I '.'i r; M'l. lo !■' -Jn i"T rent. 

Dose, 5 to 10 gi- 

^«':illliiioiii:i' l{<"«ili:i. - Ki'>in of Soannnons. 

;^,.; ... ... \< ,;' i ] .1 ! r. . ' 11 1 < ' .-Cll 11 1 n 1 1 UIV TC't witll 

..}iol(UOpe: i-reeipit.-itr tli< re-ill with wiit'r. vsa-li 

.•verai tiiu' .-, ;i:i i 'iry it. 

fi!<.i:\i TEiis. l*.r<i\vni-h, lirittlr. triUi--!uct in pi. •(•♦■- ; frue 
■1-;. ()<liinr fraf^'rant. SoiiiMe in filnr. 'I'liuluir 
1, lio. - not h]-u- tlw fre~li-cut surface uf potnto. 

CoMi'o^ I'lie chief ennstitilent is jalupin (.s*v 

iMiiKi;!! . (riiaiarnni iTsin whieli blu>'~ point' i .lalap 

ill insoUil)!'' in etli' v 
Dose, 3 to 8 ffr 

1. Pilula Scammonii Composita. J>caniniun\ 
i,.-,ii, 1 ; ri -in v^l j,a:ii'. 1 ; cui.i -■•.ip. 1 ; tiiiclure ot 
ginger, ii. (The only ollicial viu'etabie aperient pill not 
rnrit'-iinini; alof-.'i 

Dose, 4 to 8 gr. 

2. Piilvis Scammonii Compositus. -Scam 
mnii\ I'l - Hi. t . jii; U', ■'' : ".n^'' < . 1. 

Dose, 10 to 20 g^r. 

Scamyyiony rrsin also contaimd in Extractum Colocyn 
um (1 in G|. I'lluia ColocyntlnJis Coniposit.'i 

Lhidis Curaposit 

1 1 in 3), i'liuia C)loo 

. ? 

vntliidis ot Hvoscvami (1 in •!*). 



M \Ti:itI \ MI.ItK \ 


.\( I ION. 
(/(istm-intrsi iiiii! f rm I. Sciiiiiiiinjiy ha-i no rfyt (■• 
till it n iicln - tlif ilundtdiiin. \\ I'll I 111 iiilc It fdi'iii- 

ii strone^ly purgative citiiiiMiiin.l, jdw. i tnlly -timu. 

latiliL,'lh( iiiti -.1 itiiil u'l.'itiils ;itiil c.i M-iii'.,' ;i pi'Dfii.-st' 
Sccrctinli III lliti -! Ili.i 1 llllld-. I lli-lc i-: -nliU' (.'\a"!.'('- 

riitiiiii .)t' \;i -(•iil;iiit\ . -nine iiif ^.'iiliir -niiiulatioii i.f 
llif iiiii-C'iiliir c.r;!!, liiit llii -I all' ciiiiiiiarat i\clv sli^'lit, 
aiitl there is littli it' any aililitinn \n tlir liiliarv tlow. 
As !i result nt tin sc actinii^. iii aluiiil Iniir hours 
then is a imituse watery evacuation of the Itowds. 
Thr linii,' i<, tiieii fur. . a powerful hydragogue 
cathartic, and in larirf dosi s a stiniiuvir.istro inti .-■ 
tinal irritant. It- action is aitiiidid wiiji soim- 
^'ripini.'. It produe.s no ciTict if injccttd into thf 
hlood. and theiitorr act> only locall\ on tiie inte- 
tine. It is aiilhilniintic to i)otii round-worms and 

Tmi; \!i riles. 

Scammoiiy heini,' a ))ronipt iiiirL,'ati\e. ohstinate 
constipiition, in either ( hildii ii or adults, mav lie 
treated with it. It may al-o he gi\en as an anthel- 


.Illlsi|>:i. .lalap. 'I'll.' lini .1 tuliii'clt .■; (if Ii'u}r,a!a j'Uttj'i 
(N'.i*. Ord. ( 'c'/;ri'/r;(/(/. . , i. >!. xirc. 

CiiAiiM ir.Ks. Iiri';.'ulaily uvoiil it nliliiii^r, luird, C'iiii|iiict 
iiiiit-. Si/c \ ariiililc. L'liii-ialiv snini will I >• liiiwi fii a wultiiit 
ami hiii'-^ r;_v. Ma\ l"' in liaivrs aiiil i)uari(rs. MxtiTiuill v 
(link liKiwii, fuMiAM'.i, wiiiil;Ic.l ^vith pale liiics iir seal-, 
liitiinally dirty xrilnw or lirnwii, with ilark brown irrc^^'ulur 
circlr.-;. ( •(ioiii- -iiioky. -Ii;.'lit. 'i'a-ti -w.ili-h, acrid, nauseoii.-. 

C'oMiu.-i 1 loN. Till' ciiirl roii-litiicnt is llic olVicial rist>i. 
'I'll'' I'liarniaci'iHi ia liiMct- tha! jalap .-liouid cuiiluiii fruiii 
'.t to 1 1 p' r cri'.t. o! ihr n -in. 

Dose, 5 to 20 gr. 

I'rri <iriiti'i)f<. 

1. Extractum Jalapae. Made with alcohol 
(',•0 pir ci'nt.i and uati r. 

Dose, 2 to 8 gr. 

I \I.M' 


2. Pulvis Jalapjo Compositus. J.ilap. '> ; 

.K'i.l'' if p"! 1 riMi, '.I, ^'iiij-l'-r 1. 
Dose. 20 to 60 gr. 

3. Tinctiira JalaprD. .I:iliip. 1 ; iilcoli.-l (TO p.r 

nut.). ■'>. r<("'. ."t- n 'iiirdl .III ^> f>lt,lti: l-'ij.r 

Dose, to 1 fl. dr. 

J.i'ii II i> con!ii '! '' ''I I'l ■ i ^liiiii 111 ; 1 M ( ■ 1.1 1" r,itu-;, !5 

.l:il:i|»:i' ICroina. it in I;' m. 

S.'TM K. .I:i!:i|i I- iilj.~t->l .mil pticiihitril u itll ;ilcnhi>l 
I'M) |iir cfiit.). I iiini thf liiKtMrf thu- fnriin il tlu' iT>in is 
I.Tt'cipitatt il witli \v;it. r. It i- u.i-hi.l aii'l 'iri> '1. 

CiiMiM iiK^i. I'iil< tn'iwii, (ii.;i.|uc. linttl" friiKiiioiits, 
•[;in-liu't lit lit tt.i- ' l/' -. lirciikiii;,' with ;i n-iuums frHctiirf. 
ti.lniif swiitish. 'rii-tf ;uri(l. Snlitbtliti/. K<iiilily in iilcuhul 
i'.Ml Jill- I'tnt.). tint in \s;ittr. I;i •.. Dil.'iii.i inlni. Mm-, which 

:^ IlltttT. 

C'liMi'ii-iriiiV. Till- chiff CDiHiil'icnl^ iUf (li ('l|;!r<■^ 

■ /'.(i, a :.'hi(i)Mili-. ;i li:iiil -uti-Iiincf insnhihh' in ( thor, iiiorc 

•i\.- than julai'in. .tn.i the im' t !ih:in<lant active iiiK'rctliciit 

it jahip. (■_') J'diijiih. a k'!'"'"-"'*'- I'l'-*'. '. -f. Thi-^ is a 

)!t rc-,iniiu- suh-tancf, .-.cI ililc in • ihcr. The tubercles of 

Ifinniini jiinyu cMtitam very little, hut .■^caminony ami nllur 

•u rir- lit' I|in|iiii a Cnnlaill a Cori-lilerahli' HlUiiUnl. 

Dose. 2 to 5 gr. 

Jiiliiji i-i iin is inntdini'l in I'ilula Sr.unuiDnii CmniHisila 
1 in ••). 


'I'lic modi' i)f ;icli()ii of j;ihi[» i- pf^cisely the same 
IS that of scammony, witli only two tAccptions. It 

aiisis a L^rcuti'r st'crttion of intestinal juico, and is 
■hireforc more liydfa.t^'OL'iic ; it stiimilatcs the vt sscl.s 

!!i<l niuscuhir coat h'ss, an<l th. ftfoit- i> Ifs.s irritant 

tinl !j;rii)ing. 

'riiKiivrr.iTK s. 

Jahip i< Very larL,'ely us( il as a hy.lra^oLMie pur- 

;ativc whi'n we want to (h-aw olV hiru'e qtianiitiu.s of 

tliiid. therefore it. is t si)ecially rinitul)k' for patientH 

with r>rij.;ht\s disease, for those sutl'erin^' from 

ira'mia, and for those witli dropsy from any cause. 


'III! l: I 

■!• \ 

..,.1,.. .1 

'•'■«■ con .ti|.!in<ill. 

4 IC4» I 0\ Oil. 
Oliiiiii < roloiiiK. 




<■-') I iFtiivl . 

'•n.: .,, :.I.C..n,,. ' ! 

rijilc. I t) Sfvi ^:il f)f 
fi'iiu f;it<. I 

bur i- .lu,,.,- . , ^,,„ 

Dose. to 1 in lutnfi i 

Milu ;■ Ml sa ( iiMi- juiil ji.a. 1 .1 at t' 
that it may he i|iiifl;lv v.uI'mw. .1 

( II ' 

( tlv<^'»'r\ '. 

■ Uoll. 

Linimentum Ciotonis ( 

tl :i..;un ... ,,i-,t.»' n..l oiiiciiil. but (I 1- impoita 
uiZf tlu III. 'Ihivait ' it! I,,n ■ ■ ;„ i,|.,!i.i ,.,-,; I , , 

11 , •: , ''H>U«1, 0\()|<l a!:il lillii ' 

I.lack. I hv k.rn.i , .u.a. a:.a .„ly. Tli.y virld ."Hi t,. .i..,„ 
..'Ut <.l .io ,.„ ,.,i. J1...V an. knnv,M f:„„, ca.tu.-.cul ...•, i 
winch ar.. hk.. tlun. by tl..- fact ti .astor-uil ...h a^ 

hi 1 ht |,, ! I .),. ,| ■,>,.],......'. I . 

External. < i<'t,>,i .ul i. ,,nr ,,i tJ,, most powerful 
irritants ni tli. I'iinrm;,- ..j... la. A .in.p placed <„. 
th.. ^k.n cuu..t.s i-Mim... I.iiniiii- p„i,j^ g,^,, j,^,,.j^. 
a (.1-1. )) of vehicle- loiii 

I -^ I \ HCl.-ti f 1< 1)1 1 

bfcoinc. pustules (|.ustuhxtioii i. Hn,rthi/surn)umlm'' 
siihfufaju'oiib tH.-uc !> ]\<i an. I (t.'(U-iijatu'i^. 

CKOTfr. mi, 


Internal, (iisirninti'stitml tr.ict. N'rry soon 
Mftt r :i ilinp liiis Im en t;il\«'ii rlitiT IS coMsiiliTiiblt' 
u'ripiii'.' anil ;il"li>iiimiil |i;uii. In an hour or tud ihr 
iHiw. Is ar«' o|ifHt<i, and thi- nia\ -iil'-f'|M4'n!l\ ncur 
-. Affal tinif-^. ill' iiHiiiKii 111 idiniiiL' nmif ;iiiil nmrt' 
tl.iiil. Til' rruiiin I'll iritatly aL"_'ravMti - tht' \as- 
ciilantv (it ill'' -tninacli :uiil inl'-tMit s. tin- MiiiCoUH 
iiifiiiltiaii'' I'f uliwli iiriiiiiii ii il, II 'I. inalniis. and 
;in^rv lonkuiLr; tin if i- a ;.'itat inrccasf nf the iiitos- 
tinal stcrttinn, Imf lu'iif nf tli'' i'llt . Tlir dni;,' pro- 
.luct'S. m fact, .-' \iri' enteritis. ;iiid \>> a l.-^i •xtriit t:as- 
iritis. The 1111)11" >iH may ('(nitain I'lnod. Tli.-^f t'Orcta 
:irf all du'' Id till' crnt'iMi'l' H" acid, which .-i «.nihh*s 
;lit' ncinoli ic acid of casiur ml, Iml is much ninrc 
powerful and i^^ imuh mnrf f;isily -ft fri c fifiii crolon 
■ ill. hence the e \t' nial inranl. ac;:"n "f ih'' "A. Il is 
iirohahle that thf peri-laltic mi>\ em-iits are iiii'ieaseil 
also. ('i-()tiili nil applied to the skin mayciiu-.'- tree 
piir'^'atinn. the aci<l iieiii'.^' excreted into the hnwel. 

'i'lir.KM i:i riis. 
External. Cn. tun "il wa- formerly employed 
I Ateniallv as an irrilaiil and counter irritaiil for 
ititlanied joints, pleurisy, hronchiti-, phlhi-i-^. \c. ; 
hill it is nut often so U-. il now, as the scars left after 
rhe suppuration are x.-iy unsiu'htly, th'' application 
1-: too painful, and the inthimmatimi iiiihiceij too 
-evere. A little crotoii oil spread hm r n\i area not 
exct'edin<^' that of a -i\pence may he applied to ^vt 
up su|)puration in the scalp, and so to destroy an 
inveterate patidi of rin^wnrm, if it is wished to cure 
It (piiiddv. 'I'll'' croton oil \vill certainly iId this, hut 
the re^ultim,' suppuratimi i-' ^o scvi re that the remedy 
-hould l)e US' '1 with care, and only when all others 
have failed. The liniment, wel! diluted, is occa>ion- 
..11.. ,.,.,, ,1, .y.,;! ?!! >;t i»! 1 nlat.!' l\n'. skiu HI illopeciH, 

Internal. — Croton oil should only he j^iven in very 
obstinate con^til)ation not due to or^^anic oh.-iruction, 

1 1 


i I 


>r\-n',i;i\ Mi.DK \ 

and only ont- dose -lionld i>c u'imini'^tiT'Ml. Not moiv 
than onf ()i- luo <lr()|)> sliouM \h- |iic>('i ilnii. Consii- 
patioii line to Iciiil poisnniiiLT ;ui(l f;fc:il iiiipariion an 
somctitiics suitaldr cases. lMacc(i on tht- hack of thf 
toiif/iit , it i~, on account of its small hulk, a useful 
l)uririi'i\c 'or luiialics w JiM rcfn.-c lo liikf anvthin^,'. 
and for iiiicdiiscioiH paticii:-. hccaii-r in such cases it 
is swallowed retlexjy and ;u{< <|uickly. and therefore 
it is coiuiudidy u'uni to those who are uiiconscioii'^ 
from a})o|ile\\. iuii it must he diluted hy mixture 
with suLMr or hutt. r to iinveiit local inflammation 
of the tontT'ie. It shoidd n. \er hf adinimstered to 
children, to prf/nani women. ;o f. chic suhjccts, to 
those with ha niorrhoid-^, nor to ihos.^ -ulTci-mi,' fi-om 
{xTitoniti. . Lra>tritis, or enteritis. 

Criitnn "il ri <1~ 1 I lilt .1 !)i a i" li- 
whi'^li r(^« ;iilil' - ruin t^, ji. ii',:,,. 

'!1 t' ' v.i' i':il:i ll:. cn^itil!. 

4 0I.O4 1 M II |»| |,|». 

roloryiitliiili^k l*iil|>:i. -lli. ,i,i.-.| j. lip .,f li,, 

fnut nl ( in;, ,, . ;... ,.,,■',', },, . .[ Iiniil ,-,•..] . > ,;;,,„.•/(;;. 

Hilter <-;tluiiitKi (N,,!. (fr.i. Cucurhiutc-.r). Iih|u,M. .i fi,„, 
SinMnf',. 'I'lii >t> . i i.Liiii . aini ^piiin. 

('iim;\, 11 i;-. Moic CI i. -, i;r..k.ii, v (lii i,li, -,,.( v li^rin. 
s()on;,-y, lou)-'ii \Ki\\>. ahuiii ■_• la. m dnju, i.t, rnn-i^tuiL,'' ..; 
Ih.' Mill], in wliich tla^ s.-.,i. ae . Mil.e.M. ,1. Til.- lu-okr-n lit. 

I.ulpNsitll-.el Ihr s.c.l-.i<;,i,.n.nn;rial. Thi- i- 1 i^'llt . ..pnn^'V , 

wliitish. oiliiiiili'>s. \vii)i iui iiiti-n-' i\ iiifter taste. 

iMrnarn-. S.ed- aii'l certix. 

CcMi'.xn I..N. 'J'lic elii. 1 cen-titucnts are di (',,/( )(•/,;; 
thin, an ani.^i pliuu- er ei y.Malliiie. i.iiur, aftive -liu-.)>i,ie. 
readily -oluliit' in v.aO i .uid alcuhel. (•_') l;,.,innu, mmie 
liaviii;.: the nanif -..f tatruilin. nti;ein, and eelni'viitliitin, 
insehilile in w Hier. 

/'/■, I;!)-,;! ,,J; , 

1. Extractum Colocynthidis Compositiim. 

Coiocyntli i)ul)i.C,. extnict ef };;iiiMdiw ai<'e~. l-J , rr-.,;,. 
r.t^s,-!nino..v, t ; ei.rd -•.;,,,, }; eiirdunmni:-. 1 ; a!e,.li,.l 

Dose, 2 to 8 gv. 



2. Pilula Colocynthidia Composita. Cnl>- 
,'Mi!h pull-. 1 ; l'.:ii!..i.h- :t^..--, •-' : r.-iM-i -rsiiiun..iiv. 
•J ; iuit!i>>iuiii -iiliilKtlr. ■ : ml .ii clAi -. j , waU-v. •[. -. 

Dose. 4 to 8 gr. 

3. Pilula Colocyuthidis et Hyoscyanii. 
rilulii rMlocyiitiiiiiis .ninii.'Mta. .' ; r\tr;Vl of hyu-cy:i- 

IllUS. 1. 

Dose, 4 to 8 gr. 


In ■^iiiiill ilosrs ('(.locynth ■.u-l- ;i^ :i sininl.' bitter. 
ici-fiisin^' ihf t^'itstric iind iiitr<tin;i! Sfcrt-tion^ ami 

::iil)n)vin<,' the appctilc. In lar^MT .io-^.s it aiiL'iiifiil-; 

•!:<• tlow of liilf and sin'cus cnUricii- r.m-id. ralily. 
•nnulatrs the inu^cular coat., •mm >. - a H;.; !.• L'i-i[iin'j, 
lid Itiid-^ to tlir t\actuilion of a watery motion. In 
•lU laiv't'i" do-;.-,-; tin- hy|Hrs.crttion i< v\rr<<w<' and 

:'• .• LM-ipinu' i> si-vrrc Ix'cansc ih<- nni^cnlar cnit i- 

; ..wcrfnlly UTiialfd. and -.-vrral aliinidan; \vi;. ly 
iM'aons iv-iilt. 'i'lii dnn_r may I lurt-ti m'. nc i-aiU-d 

drastic. hydragoEjue. and cathartic. rii> d. pi. ,-i(.n 

wddnct d mav In- (-(pn-^idrraldf. 

Tiii-.KM'i'.i r[.>. 

Colocvnlli should n.\. r \» 'j\\>n .ilonr. i..ransf 
-1 ilic "ripirp it canst-. In tin vi)1(m\ iitli and 
livoscyamus pill, wliicdi is often pn^cnhi'd, tiic hyos- 
.".amus prevents tins {>ainfnl irsuh. Colocynth ..-; 
.n cxcLdlcnt pur.u'ativr for lu-oducinu^ a -^inirli.' al>Mn 
■ lant cvacnation of tlir lu,\ ni tdn-onic con-tipatioii, 
-ueh as that st» oftt ii met with m [>• fsims siitVcrinur 
from hepatic disorder, and in iho-., confiiird to 1>'(1. 
I'ncau-^e of the watery cliara<'ter o.' ihe niotii.ns ir 
mav he tdvcn in ascites <ii' I'.i'iLrhl's di-t-asc, hut 
j;il;ip or scaniinony is u-Uiilly pi' ferr. <1. h i- ton 
irritant for hahitnal use. It ^Imuld n.\ir h.- adminis- 
tered if there i- any suspicion of intfstinal or u'a- 
Tic intlanuiiatioii, nor in pr>":iKincy. It U oft.n 
• nnhined with milder nurL'aiivcs. .\ cliurt tic acliou 
tias heen claimed for it, but thi.s is unimportant. 

I I -J 




r:rATi:i<ii 71. 

I'.l:it4'|-illlll. A -..liiii. nt f.f th*- -w.ev of Fchnllium 

) Idtrninn. 'I l;c S(iiurtiiiu' Ciiciiiiiln r ( Nut. Ofl. (' ncurbitarr,,-]. 

C"n\ii\nKUs. hi li.L'lit.,;c. tTifiii ' .L-r»'V. tljittfrud. -t 
~lij.'litl.v inciir\,Ml pi. •,■.■-. alimit '. iii.lhick. (i.l'mir faint. !. ,i 
lik' . I'aW- 111 It IT. l.iit -iKHil.i iiMt \h' t; u,> it is so acti ,. 

Imi iKiMi s. St.iicli, l!(,:ir. clialk. 

CnMi'o-iTiii-,. 'I'l,.' ,-lii..f iii-r.-.ii.-nt x:-. ihiti rin. 

'V\u' l'li,iriM:ir(,j,.i la .Jirrct- that ••hitriinm siiuuid cnntaiii 
fnnii "JO t(i •_'■") pi r fi-tit. '){ I iaii'iin. 

Dose. ' to ■ gr. 

i:i:il«>|-ililllll. r.lut.iin. C.JI.ji. A 
tlif active pnii'ipii' iif clatcriuiii. 

CiLAiiM! ru,, Siuall. ciiliiurlf.S". Ii(xa;,'niial -cfilc,-; with a 
l.itt.r tii-tc (hut II. vc r i,, h.- ta-t-.ii. Snh,f'iJi;,/. Soi in 
watrr, ^parin/l.v in al.-nho!, fu-ily in r'lIoiMforiii. 

Dose, / to gr. 

I '>'■ 1:1 }■•}' ''. .1!. 

PulvisElateriniConipositus. iihtt. liimni. 1 
.-u;::ii' nf miik. .'i'.t. 

Dose, 1 to 4 gr. 

A( rio\. 

TIic iictioii (if clat. rimii i]rp.p,]s ( utirclv on the 
• ■I;itiriii. 'I'liis is so |i()\verful tlmt if • lalt'riiiin is 
piTxTilnMl it iiiu-t not .-NCffd th.- oiriciul stfenu'tli. 
l-'.latcini IS violently purgative. i.fiHliiciiii,' profile 
wiitcrv evacuations altciKird with L^ripini,' juul much 
prostration, it ticts lik.- colocynth, an<i fxci'j)t tlittt 
II is imich iMoi-e (.iici-ctic the «lfScriptioii of that 
ih-iiL,' Mill apply to it. It increases the salivary 
secretion. When injecttMl stihciittineonslv it piiri^'f.s. 
It is the most powertul hy(lrai,'o,i,'ue purirative in 
the I'hariMiicopd ia. 

T}:i,).Ari:r 1 ics. 
I-,liiterin shniiM not he '.'iven ni ordintirv consti- 
pation, :is it is too violent in its etlects.* but on 
acccMint of tlie lar'^e aninniit, nf fhii.l if l.rinrro owt- 
it is iu .suitable very useful in asciie.s and in 

(,\Ml;i'(,K I'oDorm l.I.TM 


I'.riu'ht's <lisfasf. The saino ciiutioiis us \v»it t-nu 
iiirratfd for colocynth ;ut -till ukuv lu-cc-siiry h. rr. 
Ir shnul.l 11(^1 !)»•', !.'ivf!i. i.r only with i^rnit rare, in 
iirarl (li>',on accounl of lln ai'i>ivs>i(.n pr.Hlu-rd. 

4'illlll»OU:ia. (iaiiilM,;:.'. .\ i.miiii n-iii i.hliiin.Ml f> m 
,:.:r,ini.t hanburii (Nut. <>r.i. (.iHti/o.^ li,.iM,it, .1 (rdn 

{'•hm'.k. II i:>. Cslin.lri.-^il i'..!!-. ^"ll'i "r hullow. ^.||^'i 
M^iiialiv -triatr.l. Sui-k- .>r u^rluinial.-.i iiitu ma-- -. r.i.ak 
\ :h a "!i. cuiul.oi.lal. L:li>tfnui>; fiarim.-. ll. ,M:-li 
. ;i,,w, .•liaii'iiiiv.' to VfU.Av wlu u ri:l.h.M| with wat- r. Ta-^ti' 
.11.1. i'<twclt r bnt:ht vdiuw. ^ 

(•MMi'.^riioN.-.-riH' I'lii.-f ...ii-titu. nts aif ill .V iail.iant 
-...i- .w r.-.-,in, ,].i>nh,:!i,- acfi. 7:< {>• r <■• nt. CJi (imn. ;.';'. i>v 
', . ,. This i.^ >,)luljlf. so thai all .■iiuii-inii ot KainiM-_'U- aenl 

HUinfil with wat' r. 

iMiriani s. Sliiicli. \>i)iMly lildf. 
Dose, \ to 2 gr. 

/';■. I'liratifyi. 
PiliUa CambogiaB Composita. (lainlu'V., 1 ; 

liarli.ulo.s iilo,^, 1 ; cuiniioun.l iiowati of Liiinaiin.n, 1 ; 
lianl s"a|i. 'J ; .-ynip of ^'lucu.-f. 1. 
Dose, 4 to 8 gr. 


(Jauil.o-f is a drastic hydragogue purgative. 

r.vusiii!.' iimcli LM-ipitiLT. aiul ill lar.i:<' ilo.-f.-j^i cil iri'i 
• i-icii ot ihf alinitniary canal. Mo.< of it pa.-sfs 
1, thi' facfs, 1)111 some is aliMirl...!. causin^u' tlu- uniic 
■•: lie yellow. It is sliL'htly diurctu-. 

TmiiMKl Vly >. 

it is not ofttii pi-i--criinMl. as ii i- uncertain, iui.l 
/iipos c-onsi(|.ral)ly. It >hoiild n. v.r he .t^ivtii alnn,-. 
h lias htiu iisid as an aiithtlniinlic. 

Ci..\>^ IV. Cliolagogues. 

i*oi>4>rii% I.I I II. 

l*<>4lo|>hyHi Ulii'/.4»iiia. - i'<><lup!iyiliiiii Klii/onH-. 
Tilt: diK-d ihizoiu. aad louU ^I roiivpiiyilum jMltntum, tin- 


M\TI!;l\ MI.DK \ 


\!ii<Ticari M.r. .ipplf (Nat,, O' i. li, r/n n-l.ic,,, ). I iiii)..i t. .: 
; . oiii Ni'i ill A mil ici. 

«'ii > I. \( 1 1- i;s. I'lfic- lit \:iriiiMc I(ii;.'tli ami iiljoul ' h. 

■ ill. iluck. Jliittfiii-il, rylimirical. ^vitli irn ;.'ii!:ir tul.t idsitj, ., 
"•'■lii''li .•!!' m.irkf'l alioXf liv a lii pii --' 'I riiTiiIai -car, uini 
'ji\<' III* litinw ji i)f \ir_\ luitili hrnwiii.-h rnntl.t-. 
-li"\v. il ilifM- air l.ri.kin <.fT. a c.rr.-iinuiiiiij,' mimli. r , 
wliitisli sours ; I'xttriialiy >i,iik Hiiili-ii Ipir.wii, Miioi.tli . 
WMTil.l.'d : fiactiiP' holt; ii,!i iiially whiti-li ami iiieaiv ,,i 
•.<il..'vM-ii hi-i'Aii ami liMiiiy. Odoui- faintly nairdtic. 'l'ii>\i 
liil ti ri!-li. ai'iil, iiau-ci ims. 

CmMI'ii^II li.s. Tllc rlli.f cull -tiliUIlt- a If ( 1) 'i'llf ill ka - 

Icml 1; 1 1; nil. . (2i 'I'lii- ,iiVu-ial »■•.,•'»/. wliicli 1- llif J, iir,u'ati\.- 

jll lll:i|i;i . 

I*0«l4»|»ll>lli ICcsilia. rcMlnpliylllUil llr-i'l. 

N// ;(.■>; ',/',. r."h.|.h\ lim 

S'liKi r. Kxtiaci till i.Hii with alroliiil ('.M) p.T t'fnt.i, 
,iU'l prrcipitatr rii. ic-iu with '.M'I. i uciilulat. 'I witii liviip 
(■IiImiic ai'i'i. W a-li aii'i uiy. 

C'liMiM 1 1 i,.>. A jiali- yliiiw til ill fp Diaii;.'!' lumwi aiiuM 
|iij.pii, )u)\\,i(.r, -dlulili- ill alfdlml aii'l aiiiiiinnia. 

CuMi'.'.si 1 ii.s. l'.i.l.>iilij, lluin ri.-sin cnntain- at li-a-t \.-. • 
'■lii.i' ii--iii-, iiiii -Miuliif mill the (itlicr iii-^nlulilr in i-tliu. 
■| III -!■ r< -ins funtaii: an ai-tivf pur^'ativi- crystallinr limlv, |mi,1,) 
|ili\ llniMMii. 'rii:>. il i.- >aiii. ran In- split up into piiT()}iiiiii) 
pli> ilirari'i. wliK/li 1- im ii.ami pii-io-jiniliipliyllin. a LTy>talliiii 
ni'iitiai l)M,ly, til, ai'tivi pi iiuMplr. liulh tln-i- also »-xist fn •■ 
ill till' rlii/iimc. 

!\i"Miv\ ■ ini.Ks. WatiT priiipitati'- il frmu alcnlml. afiik- 
pi I I'lpitati' It ! I . 'ill aiiiiminia. 

Dose, \ to 1 gr. 

I'l ' I'iiiution. 

Tinctura Podopliylli. Uisin i,t poiiopliylluni. 
;)-_'(i .■■I. ;] ('.Ml pi r !■. in.), -JO II. ()/.. Maccratf. 

I'll!- • •iiit.iiii> twice thi- piDjKiitutn of l)ic n'>in in 
tin- iiiifiiii.- i;. r. iss.-,. 

Dose, 5 to 15 ni. 

Af! U)N. 

External. Ii has no external action 

a|i) 1(1 raw ."^urfafes. from which il mav he 

i'l 1.1 ■,•11 •• 

;iii.s( j; , ■< I ; iiiiii ; i I 11 n vviii piiFji't'. 

Internal, t instn^-lnlrstiihil fmct. Toilophvl- 
liiiii has a l>;ltcr taste. It is in liir<Te .loses a powerful 

I'oiioi'in i.i.r.M 


.'H-iio iiit.-titiiil irritani. and has cau>.(l .U'atli. In 
ui. ,lK-in;il -l.)srs 11 u,'i\vs nst- to mrch <:r\p\\vj. pain. 
.„.rhai.^ SOUK- nau^.a. aiwi in ahuui. uu hours lIhto 
„ iui evacuation of the 1 wels ; tlir mniu.n. which 
1. hM'ii'i i-^ a-M.plv stain.. 1 with hil.'. 'I'h.' [Kiin .-liows 
ihat th.' niiix'ul'i!' c<.aL IS .-tiniuhitcl. tli. h.iuiaity 
'h It i.rol' an .-nc^s of inlrstmal llm<l is srcivti'il. 
•ui.l the col.'.ur llial th.' am- is an inanvet chola- 
'.r„.nu' ip. 9:.). In small do^.-. podophyllum is by 
"onu" btlieved to incn. -- ih.. sri-retion of hilc. and 
aTtamlv thr ^oluls in ii aiv -rKiLr: ni pur-aiuv 
!,,<..> it" H r^aid noL lo iiicnax' llif .[uantily. but 
•hill nioiT biic is pouivd Ir.mi lb.' u-all bla.l.ler into 
',1^^. ini.slin.'. ll probably ads atUT al)^orplU)n. 
t,,i- all Its .•tVccts can bt' l>nV- r ■<! if it is injcctMl 

TiiKKM'Kr ri<>. 
lNMlMpb\lbnu is onlv usfd {m- ii.> ihola;.'o,-uc 
„upr;ai^.. actio,,. It is especially suitai.b- for 
.'unsiipalion du.. to h.'patic .lis..i-.l.-.-. wb.thcr func 
n.uial, as in tb.' lu^patic .ly>p.'pMa winch comm-niy 
,,.,e^ bv the 1 anic of biliousness, or or'^'anic, as m 
hepatic" cirrhosis and cancer. It must b,. reineiu- 
i,..ivd that, as it causes niucli -npin.LT. U should he 
...mbincl with livoMvamus or some other drug 
•,, overcome this; tliai ;t tak.s a bni- whde to act. 
uid will therefore b.^ swi pt awi.y b.foiv it has 
,>ro.luce.l anv elT. .-t if ^'ivm oili .piickly actinj^ 
pur-'atives; aii.l ihat it is better t.) b-^nn with small 
':„,.rs. as peopU' are very uu.'.iually utK-cted by it. 
U mav be advantau'eou-^lvonibmcd with cah)mel ni 
, uiir It IS >o disii-rcablr t.i th.' ta<te tliat it is 
,,..tter to dissolve the resin in aromatic spirits of 
,„,,„onia (1 -r. to 1 tl. dr.) than to use the pharnm- 
coua'ial tincture, as \sater does n..t precipitaW tfie 
fesin from ammonia, l)ui it -ioes trom ine |uia.,uA- 
t'op.i'iiil tincture. 



i:i o>\ 111 s itiKK. 

i:iioii>iiii <'oi-t«'\. KiioiiMiui- l;,iiK. Th,. ,iri(.,| 
rodl liark of I: II, I, I, in Us ii!n<i:ur),U}. us. Waimo 
spimilf Ii-ic. (iniiiiiiy l.;i, (Nat. Or-l. (', iasfrn^, .. t. I".|i!..! 

StUti ■:>. 

ih\r\:. Cn Miir iJL'lit ii-l»--ic_v wnh ilaik.r jiatcVi.-. Iiui.r 
surlai-f tavsny whit.- aii.i Mnooih, uinr, I'm.,! li,,!,, na-ini i • 
cf v.liili- U(](i(i. Ta-tr ill tir-t .-w.-. l 1,1. n !,it!.'. ami acid. 

('nM|M.,lll,.N. 'I'l,,. ,.|,i, f^titiirlit- air (]) , UOJt :, II. : i. 

a i-f.-iii. {2} a-parai'iii. ai:.| (■.',) , iiDiiii' aci'l. 

Extractxim Euonymi Sicciim ■. ,:i,-,iii(iin_\ .•alK<l 

"'""".^ l"'!i '. l.ii'.hN l',li . I. 11 1,. :!U n/,, I - |>( n-, ,Ial!<i \V)tll 

iilculi,,! , |.", )., T cut.i : t!i.' iiijiipl IS . ■..iiM.iai.ii till H 
t'liiwii iiry ii.,\\.|,r i, l,.tt. wiiu'li i-> iiu-ni|ii.iat. .i v,it!i .^ 
ijiiai!. r .'1 it.- \M'i^'lit i)f raciiiin pin 'spliati'. tlir ol.j. v: 
"'" '■'''i" ti i • t^' pit'V, III it !i,,ni aLL'iiitniatiii;.'. Jt m.i-l 
li'' b pt ill a -:,.|i]H 1, ,i Ih.ttlr. 
Dose, 1 to 2 gv. 

A( I ION A.NIi Tliri: All I IK s. 
In .'-^liiall (In-cs ciiiiliyiuiii .^tiliiiil;itc.< tilt' iijijic 

till' ;iii(l the tliiw lit' LM-'inc juice. Jn larirt'r it is 
initaiit t<> lli.- nih >tiiic ami h cathartic. Jt i.< ji,, 
inilirccl cli()lat:i)j,'uc iji. '.)5i. Imt dd.s nnt i^Tipc or 
cause inuch iiitc-tiiial .^tcrct imi. Sonic .•<talc tlmt \l 
increase-, the -^oli.i.^df the lnle. It has .-hirhl diuretic 
and expectiiriiiii etrect-^. hut its onlv ii<e is a> a 
l>ur,i,'ati\c for those cas,-. ,,t' coii-nitation in whicl, 
the h\('r is diMird.reih and lor which it is particitlai'l v 
elhcacious. Ii is iKu.alJy coiiiluiied ni a jiill witii 
other c!ioiai,OLMi( s. a< iiadiii and calomel. 

Iriiiiii. .Ni.t uniciiil.) 

>>:ih-'ii.. HI. - lvi>\n. Tlif pi.wiicrci f\trai!i\.' nhtaiiifl 
fiuiii the root of Ii.s r, )-i,,.;.,r. th. hii).. Ma- (Nat. i)vi\. 
lndiict',i\. Hritairi. 

■- •■■"■:•"■■ : : ;. . . ; -l.w^ l.r .wri. i/iltii. iiau->u.l> pewiicr. 

Dose. 1 to 3 gr. in a pill with ^'i\(.■enIl u( truKacaiuii 

i>r i-\tl art el llrlilialir. 



At 1 K'N AM' 'rm.i; \i'i 1 I'l' "^• 

-„l;,l.. una us it nirrlv -nins ii .n;i v l-r -iv.n wh.ii it is 
,,.,,„iiva U. u-.a c'hohiLM.-ur pur-ativ.' aailv l«'r soinr 
nun It inav be n.nil.iii. a \vitli fUenvnun. caloin.l, 
poanphvllin, ai.a ulhrr .-hnliiLM.-ur piiiu'ativ.'S. 

Volatile Oils. 

11,.-. vv!..'n :n.,.!H-.l ■ xt.rn.uly. th.. ^kn,, un.l 

■ J'annu.Uu..<. T.l-.. nU,.rn.!ly. t u-v --tnnuhj . tl . 
• ,,,.„U,.ln,Hl UHT.iiMn^ a^ ^H-..:.l:U•.tv th.'ll.- 'f 

■ v^^^iM^u•uu.•.^•c:u--.■^t.•,•u■u.;Hnath,■y.•^.•.t.. 

/■:;;:;n^:^., n,,;^.u!u. ni.v,_. Tin. n. nu,,i.....^h^^^^ 
, stomachics an.i carminatives; .u l.u,-.- a.-.-, th- > ui 

,' Tt^tUKd irritants, n... irnuu...n .,t il,- ^l-na h 
,N.v!v -tMuubit.- th.- l..;ul .ui.l thr .viit.-il .■.•.v..u^ s>..fiu. 

■l- ; V >v Z .rb. a an.i .xcn t. .1 l.y ih.. .ku.. wl.uh tlu-y n.ay 

,.„Hv th.-y ar.. expectorants. 1 h. y an^ a.-.. !■ - ^ ^^ 

'.„,„ •.^,,,1 i,,,,,,,.,. th.-^.. am- ar- -.ft.-u diuretic; :u.a h> 

■ senito-urinary mucous membrane. Nvhu-h is a.^ 

,„.E.a...ft..n.,.n..>v..tu.aiiy 'j;- ," "•—'T .;;;:':;, 

. .„„■ x.-latiW' cuU a.a .tr..n,-ly in all th--. u.iy. oUh. act 
^,.,, „„,,,,. ,,v.rfullMn---.n.. than ... .,U,.t-^ lh.-> ..H. 

■,::':,;.'l>uHnrain^i.. th. ti..u.. .... th.y .hi.-tly aa. 

, f..i- th.- a.'tu'ii I'-r which th.y iir- !.i..M;y ii-.l. 

,-,,., I -V,,lat,l.' ..lis ...r Mih.ta..r,- .■..ntaii.iu- th-'.-n 
,„, ,hi.,,.v up...., nr u-.a .-h.-fy Un- th.l.- -uu.uiatu.u .... 

■ '5u Of Turpentine. Wood Wool Tar. Oil of Cade^ 
_ .„ -w^il-i. •o^<,i^ Frankincense. Canaaa 
laSl^'MuS^OirofCajuputTdn of Eucalyptus. 
Oil of Rosemary. Arnica, Mezereon BarJt. 


II \-;ili!. ..iU .or sulist.iiicfs <-(.|if;iiinh:' III. ! . 


■I' I'll • . ill. !! . .1. ', , .i, !i',[ls t.^rtli. ir rii!nii;iti..ri nf ■■ 
tfastro-intestinal tract. 

Pyrethriun, Cloves, Pimento. Pepper. NutmeL' 
Cinnamon. Horseradish. Capsicum. Ginger, Carda- 
moms, Sumbul. Oil of Lavender. Oil of Peppermint 
Oil of Spearmint, Anise, Coriander. Fennel. Caraway 
Dill, Elder Plowers. Chamomile. Rose. 

^''^ I "• \' ..| ,,,, - .1, f;,.,r. ^ i.intllillill- t!., ;: ■ 

:" I:";' 'il.' !'■■ ^HMill !ll. -t<.|.,;l,-i,. -,,;,- tnM ll.Ai^ - t 1 tl 1 1 il it t- • tl • 

heart and central nervous systems, m , li, :!v u ■ i ' 

tills |,);ii„,-... 

Valerian. Asafetida, Galbanum, Ammoniacum 

*''^"' '^- Vn!,,lilr (,,. .ul,,!;i, .•..!,tailiin;' th.-l.i) 

■" ''"^ '''"'',• '!!■■■"■'■' =■ '■'■ !.;■ t!^ !..i tl,.ir.!iiniilati,.h nf ;■ ,. 
bx-onchial mucous membrane. 

Terebene. Balsam of Peru. Balsam of Tolu 
Storax. Oil of Pine. 

. <-i^-- '^- ^'"latil.' ml. t.,1 .ul,-t,iiu-. - ,..;,!, ill. Ill) 
acliii; .■hi. Ily ii|M,ii. ,,i 11 .-.l f,,i |i,,ii -iiiiiiilHti..n 
kidneys and geu^to-urinai-y tract. 

Oil of Juniper. Buchu. Copaiba. Cubebs. Oil of 

<i '— In, Volatile Oils. 

Tli..-^.- U-. .1 .-ill. i!_\ f,,i ill, ii .., !,,,,) ,,,, ,i|,. 4 i|,_ 

Oil. or n i<i*i:>Ti>i:. 

4»l<-liiii '|'4>r«-|»iiii||i|,:,-. (».:,,! Turi,<ntiiif. Tli,- 
oil <iiM.ll...|. u-uully I.N til,' ai.l ..I ..t.,iiii, from thf ,.!.., ...■Mil 
(<-oniiiiui,;iriitiii.-i . ailIih.- i,,,mi J \'iu.s sijlvt'stns ;u:.l otlui 
"I'"'" "' /■''•"-■ (Oii,,.- c, ,11, 111. ,11 .|.fei(-- :in-- /'. austra:: 
:iii'l ..•..././. \iii.Ti.a : r. pnuis!, ,, I'lalir.- ; /■. .w//f,>/.-; , 
lin-iai. li.Ttiiit.i u [„.,vs.;iry. ( All Nat. ( )i,i. C.n;';; /-.r. I 

I'HAKA. II i;.. I.lIi.I.i.i.c.lnUl!. ^- < »,i, ,1,, -t 1 . ^■'."I>ec•llliill■ 
i H.-l.' pill,-, nt. Lit l.T. i;.u'iiis t.. I.(,il at .l-Jd 1"., aii.l iiliiiu<l 
.iitir.'lv .iiMi!. l„.l,,.,v ;;.-,.; \\ SvuUnl. .Mix--., uitl, 
v..iatil.. a. Mi flx,.,l ,,i'-. |.i.-,,lv,-. n.<in-. a!., .ulutinii 
Mirnisiii. wax. -liiplnn. i.ti,..,,),,,!-!!-., a,:. I i,„]:ii,.. SniubUitti. 
Noi at all ill uat. r, ] m (,,■ ,,f aiculi..! I'.MI |„.r f.-m.). ;< in ]!) 
"f .-llu'r. an. I in ail pioppitmns in ah>,.lut.- alf.i)i..I. bis-lj,lii,i. 
■■■■■■ tJii.-M.ri. an.i > !iii.iui..ini. it is .a.-iiv nxi.h/..-,t. Old oil oi 
luip.titmf is iui ..znniziiv a;..,.nt; jt rVa.iiiv ab-orbs (.xv^eri 
•'ii'i •"■.•„i,,..- .-..nv. rt,,] int.. an ..l....-r-.iM'. I'lviicli oil of 


,,11, ol' Tll-.I-KNTIM- '• ' 

. ,. ,.l,,sor..,.a...v. -...„.. of itom,.- [...>,. /■. ..-uM 
' Vn.-li-h ...1 Ml tu,f..Mt.n.. ^vl...•h m.-^th om.u-h rn.n. 

,.„,,,.,,,,.s oiinfiurix-ntin. i^anuvluun (1) M^ 
" -1 ,. .L.-f "f tJ,..m fnun.I )n th.^ o.l ,u. pnun. , 
,',.,„ ,n.i ti,.- anv.-lum .n uln.h ll...y U. 

,■,',,:;:,. „ a.u.,,un!.M..; tin. 1- ■.';;'•- ';.;;;;;:;;: 

'-.:;;;.:ri',r;i:;;::,,.^:;:-'M:!r;;p;v;;;;:. K 

'"'•' *■ 1" '■■ , . . ;.l .... I, t(M»l. SillUl.l-^ 



Dose 2 to 10 m.. >.. 3 to 4 ft. dr. ,.ral..;lunnu.-t 

,/.' ,l..liui!..nln>.-.val. 1 tl ■./.. ..t waU-r. 

1 Liuimentum TerebintlxinBB. Oil m; lui 

^ . r;iM:|,h..r. 1 : "ft -'•M '' ' 

watt T, ■>. 

1.. mill' l--> . <ilM:|M:..i. . . ■- , ..,.._ 

2 Liuimentum Terebinthinje Aceticum. 

.,,,„f ;„,,,., nun.-. »; ,l.u-:alar,.t.cH.-ul, 1; Inunn-nt. 

llllll'll"!'. \. 


External, o.l -•> ^''T''^''^"; ^.f ^'^.^^ "'^y!;;':;^ 

.,.,..,. th,. actio,, uf <.tlHT vnlail." nil> I hu>, 

; ,..,l,.Uu.>ku...s,...Mally,f ruhl>Min,.tcauM. 

, vr-M.l< lo aihii.. tlur. ..-. a s.ns. oi Nvanuth, tlu' 

' : bluut.a. Th><.ul i- tlun.for. rubefacient 
:rntant. und counter-irritant If .nnu,h vs .piau. 

■-.;„„,.^;« 1 rlkinfectant. ll is ab.sorbcd !>% Hi' 

antiseptic and disinfectant 
niirnktn skiiK 

;hi- .-aim- .-tnni 

Mil ^.f t nrnt-nllllf 

mt ."tlV'Cl wlu'ii locally apphcd 

ihf -kin, 

tlM- nioulh and pharynx a- il lias on 


.M\ii:i;i\ Mi:i)i(A 

■'""' '" f'"' -'""lacli ir |.,,u.rfullv .lil;,t.~ the v.-.,.' 
iiirn.iM.s p. n.i;,UH an.i ,1,.. ^^iuw s.rn tmn. ai'.j 

'""'•^'y •llMiillat, - tl,,. lu;lM, l„it ,,n arrniu.f of • 

i.iiu^.-.n. ta^lr ,t IS not .,.,,! [,.,• tl,,.,,. ,.ro|M.rt.. 
^^'"'■''. " •'•'■^ I" <'>iii!ii..ii uith ntli.r Volatile ,,ii, 
lis .(]..•[. (.11 the mt.- Iiiir ;,lr ihr Sllii. a> tll..^,- , 

til'' st..iiiuc(i. fl... ,n.)si Miaikf.i Imh.l' it. <.ii,.r',.[ir 
stuiiiilath.n of tl,,. rnu-ciilar cMts. heiuv it",. . 
stn.ii^'carnmmtive. .A|ullin-LM-< lV..i,> th. Ih.u'l 
It '^ v.iy laix'.' aiMuiuit is -iv.n tin . xntati.,,, ,,i 
111. iMiis.-iilar cuat Irakis m purging', th,. ,,1011,,.. 
S..!ll.tmus r(.lit;,|lllllL' I'l.HHJ. I,:, MKU-rlia".. ivsuh" •' 
lion, thr ^Mvat \a~r„|;n-,iila'a!„m. Oil ..? t uriK.nti,^^ 
IS anthelmintic, killmu' th.. tap..w.„iu uhm a'lnnm' 
"•'•'■'' "'"l'-»-"f^tolil.,lr. ; l.uithiM,vatni..ntn.n M.v.ivsun,.tw,M-. Wh, n l'Iv,.,, as an rn.iua 
11 Kills the tliri'adwi.iiii. 

l'nru/,ttn,n. Oil ni tiii|,rn: itir i. ivaijilv al. 
sorl.,..! I'on.u.rly it was llunvjUl tn >tiniulaU. il . 
iH'urt, JMH any anion in this (iinvtion i.s vcrv 
:^li-ht. Jt .•uMtran^ th.., artm- „„ tin- 
vusu. motor (vntiv. aii.l for this r.ason an.l h.- 
ciuis,' locally api-ii,.! !,, a hl.H.linLT vcssi.], it c-lot. 
tlir blood, It i> a hemostatic. Tl„. l.lo.MJ.j.ns.uiv 
ns..s. Altera lar^.- .io>.. of any ^arletv this stimu- 
auon IS folloue.l hy ,|,}Mv.s.on. the heart heat, 
leehly. th.. \. ..els .iil:,t.. an.l hlo.„| p-.s^mv fail< 

^'■'■V "'■■'/'""• \Mi'-n ii,hal...i..„l of tin-i...nrii;, 
'"■^' "" ■'" l'i-"ii(iiial niM.-ou- lu.nihrane as it .jn,- 
"11 the skill, irntatin- it. .lilatm- th.. v. .^el-: m 
nva>in-an.l .ii.inf.etin- th,. secretion, .linmlatm.' 
the niuscl... ,,t th.. hronchi. an.l r. tiexlv .-xcitinr^ 
p'U^h. ll^|V..n„„.rnaily. a..o!n.-ofitisexcretea 
by tlie bron, hial niucoiK ni. li.hian... .innlar t'tl'ect< 
••>'••• imKiuce.l. At th.. same ii,n. th.. a.-tivitv of th. 
respiratory movenieiii-^ i-^ i.,. •!■,,, .;,.,! f....,,.. ',,.....,, ... 

on, or Trupi'.NTiNV. 


Xrn-ovs !^ystnn. Oil of luri-iUtui.- in hu-...lo..-s 
a^^'V.n. .Vp'-' -:int to iIm' n. r^.-ns s>^t.iu. pro 

.,. Tnvu- .Ins.- rauM. 0.111:1 ai-.l p:ir,ily^.' tl ,. m'I 
;,;,.■ ,H.^^.•^; cniiM.,iu...itly ivtl.A :u-t:n,. n u1m.1h1i...I. 
' Kuhu'^is. It act^mnr, 1...U.. .fully ..nth. s..tluin 
a„i<>.tunvoth..rvnl;i..l..o,l. KsMMnn-h-nit.. .,,<.•. 
V l.a.l "to pan. in Hm- l-.n... ^••nnty In'^lin.loun -1 
;,. ,,ihunnnu.-i;.. anil h^ematuria. I 1>. urinary 
...ssagesa.v al n irntateii : n,n . M""'tl> . -.wn,- to 
!:;,:rul;u-sp:.<n.. (Inn. ,^ .l.tlimlty ,n p;.;^.nu u:. m". 
,:,,tunt,u,MMun.t^.l.n,.aas^n.tU.mntll.:.tln u- 

,„„,,„,. is pivs.nt ith.-. ^vniptnn.. o. nst.mtc. 

,„.„,v, ifalar.'.. .!..-.■ hi.<lM-i"^'iv.n tl.r m-ine Turp.-nt.n.. rau^.. 

,•„,,„.. t... null of v.nU I.. S..n....t It .Y■^'•'••■t"' 

•han-.l. sonir ni .•n,nl..nat...n uitli u'iNM.n.n.c 

N/,-/,,. Oil nf nn-i...ntin.' i^ . \rni..i l.y ili- .kin, 

1 niav causf an n vtli. niatuiis lasli. 
Snn'n IS .N.T-r.-.ri.v tl.r n-pirat...'y^ inmi- 

.,,.•, tli.' nnlk, l.ilc, an.l intrr-inial n.ueous n,Hn- 

"it'i. .ai.llo \>. a n.iia aniip> nlic O.l .,f tur- 
ulin.. is an anti.lntr to pl.ospli'.n.^ an.l It .> ^latr.l 

, a. .Moil ..f lu.T-nt.n- and r.vnrh of I'l.p.n- 
, ,. -irr p.-t f. l.ul thi. i< .l..ul.ttul. 

verv lari^'fly 

Tiir.K\ri-i ■i''<-'- 

External, oil of tni-j.. niinr i- an i, riiant o." onni.r iv.lant ... van..u> 
rln-' of rhron.r .ntlunmiM...ii -u<;l'. a^•o- 
, , nt.s. pUun-y. T.hni.n....t^<fonM 
:f„l Hpplicatu.n. Tlu, .nay a!-o '^ -I'l- J ' 

latic pains, and hin.i.aj^u. rnnini^n^^- '- '- - ■^■' - 
. panJitieidV for nngworn.. SH.utas is an a-iueou^ 


M \ M Ifi V Ml I»l< \ 

^uliition r)f coiiinioii liii|M nfni. , uhicli ha-; h, . 
allowed U. (.\l(li/r in till- ;.ir. l[< iicti\. a.itl>.|.':, 
pnijciplf IS pijoxi.i,. <if liuliMj:. u isrr p. 120.. anl ;• 
contains a Imlc tlivuml. |t is a \( rv pl.a-aiit .li- 
inf.'ctanf. luit \< not -id' ;is ;,,i,|. 

Intjrnal. Stmiuu-ii <iihl Intcstun . (»il .,f t ;. 
ptntiii.' 1. tidt ..ft. II j.r.-,(ril.( <1 for \\< cardiinanM. an^i 
^loiiiacliic rllrct-^. thduvfi '.'iv.ji filli.T \^\ the iijoutli 
or as III! .n.Miia (1 tl. o/. i.. i:, tl. o, . ot'iuucihii:.' nf 
.;<turc}j) ii is off. n \ci-v tt]icaci..iH in n iu..viiiL" th. 
inti'stinal di^t.nsn.n ,[ii. t.. t^'a-. If it \^ ii>,.(l ,is 
im aiithchiiintic. 2 t.i t ll. .|r. . iimlsiri. ,1 in iniifil;i.'. 
an.l follow. •.! \,y 11 .l,,s,- of cLstor oil ^li.nil.i I... -iv. i,. 
SoiiK'tiini'S ii proinptl\ V. - '.'a-t nc ..r int. -tinal 
}i.iniorrli;i;,'r. mk-Ii ;i. that .lu. t.) ..'usinf ulcr nr 
t>plioi(l ffV.T. Wli. II. V. nl. 1-; pr. -ciih.'.i a- a lia^ni- 
l.itic, c.nsidj.ciM. ;|<>>. s. ;to :,, co ni. n-p. ii.l.d m, 
miicila^M'. sli.Mil.i 1). n.Iiiiini-.;.r. .1 y\^y\ l,,.ur h.r , 
ftw liour-'. 

t '!i;->j'.ir,.,),. It :sn..t . t.Miillu. n,-, th: 
'■x«;«pt as a hii nio>tali. . It lia"^ tli.- r. pii';iti..n .-f^' faiijv . IVkmcioii- di ;i nc^tiii'.' ha iii.iri h;iL'. . 

Iu'sjn,ati<-u. It is imt miu'h \\<,,\ :i ^ an inh.i 
lHti..n, for til.' vapor of ()l. inu I'ini i ,*■ >.. :,:r, ^ ■: 
plcasanfcr ; hut it iiii,Lrlit !>.■ .nipiov.d t.. <iiHnt..i 
foul hronchial srcrrtions. an-l t.. stiiu'ilat.' ili.. niuc.u- 
ni.iiihraiif in chronic liion.-hiti^. 

It siioiii.l hi. rem. nihcivd that oil of nirpcntiii.^ 
liHi^t he LTivcn intcrnaliy witji l'|-. ;ir caiv h,,-auM 
ol Its hahiliiv t,) ,.;nisc inll;tiiini:i!i..n of th.' kidn.v^ . 
indeed, this fact an. I its nastv ta-^te accoiinr [..rits"n< t 
I). in<r so oft.'U adnn'nistere.l' as w.)uld .>lli. r\vi<e h. 
tli(M-a--e. It shoiil.l never ll.' •.M\.'n t*^ thf suhi< -t 
of I'.riLrht's din. use. 

%%00«l %l'OOl. (Nut ..•1i,-,;,i,\, ih iiii.-iy coniiiiitiui.a (.HI. u,M,d ivn.i. r,,i jimi>fni , 
Villi corrosive suliliniatf. 

I \K 


I- 1^ MV\ al.M>rluiit. IS 11- .1 f-r .liv^sinj,' 

, ,1 ,. vtiv popiilai- m ihr fnrin ..f ■iiai-. r. (siimtiiry 

,sVfU) fn'- UM- .liuiML' in. K^tniiitiwn ..r ul.-niir .li- 

, ,pM-^. nr afl.r .i.hv. rv. It h al^o ih.-.I l-.r in 

;> napkins, for v'unon-h. la l.a -. :nM iMr imikinK' 

l.ollltU't'H l«t'' V- J •"*• 


|»i\ l.iMHMla. W.. 1 1-1 \ iMtmuinnu- Ihiuid 
, M.'.l f....n iti- u,„..i .,{ I'inus »ulv>'^tn.s. atwl -^I.. 'i'- (N;it. Oni. Cm'/.-r.K bv .l.•struetl^.• .li^t.l. -ti.n. 

-v., in <-"iiuiiti<i' a- St<)fkli"liii liir. ,. , . , 

( ivrvin;- IWouni^h ..•nuli.iuM >ul.-laii.:. . 

,^, ;,„,;,,,. ;,,.„n.a..-. \V.a.. ■^^K.^ M -Mh ,t^ a 

. l,r„^vn ,,■!..„... .n,.vr.u.uatK- t. i an. r.-aH on 

1 ui 10 "f .ii<".ti..! ('.•" 1" I '•' nil. -lirtillv "> '"' 'f 

,,.,,,,,.... ..h%.' .al. 1 in :» <'t 'i -I'ltioM ..( ••au-.tir 

,l„ul!,iti..n It viiv^s ntl an on.|'V>v'nnut..- ..•! (.al -t t.n |, 

,,h is m the rnit..! Stat. -. an- p.vr..l..'iH...u., u.n.t 

..:,,l .^ J-.t,',. Tlu^ i^ Kuu-k, >..l..l. ..U'ltu.;; 

iioiliuL; \\ai< I 11. Ti 

(.,Mr..Mn..-. \V..,.i' I h- 

.,, .■nn.^utn.Mt- ui. il. "«/ .1/ f«'7'«^»ft"' ; '■ 1'- ;■"" 
, (•r.,..W..^. ,..:^--'"' ^^' l'l,.n..I-(-. ,..:UtK ..._l>n 

, Tiilunl. I'.ii M.lhylie i.lcolu.l. il"t li- -iii-. 
Dose. 20 to CO m. in tlr- f"iiii -i i"'-- 


Ungxientum Picis Liquiilae. 

y lliiw Ih . -\v:i\, ■-'. 

|»i\ < aiboiii*. I»iai»:n:iia. 1 i.iu. i c. il lar 
^,, ,,.,,,. C.Minin,';;!' .".il till 1- :>lirr..l .^n.l lii-ut.'.l :il 
r. t '1- 1 li'"'!-. , 

.nn-L.^'ous^. CJi I'l.""-.; ' • ^""■1 ''-^■"" 
.ilH.ns. a.s iiaplil!uiii-n.- iiu.l antlua.-. n- . 

Liquor :^icis Carbonis. (j iiilam l.aik, J ■■/ . 
i, porclai.-.l Nvith al.-h..l I'.to f. r ct-nt.). •-'<» il. '"■ '" 
.1,.' ,>..r...,l..,f.- i^ H.ia.-.l |ir.i.;in-.i coal lar, I <•/. \M'> " 
,n i)n-.cnbin« w^U...- a.Ll. •! l- this swluUon -.t ui. in. 
.luiUaia helps I., .u^p. n.l tli. pi.cipitat. -l tar. 


MAT!:i;i\ -vriTiicv 

A( iios. 

External. -"Till- ti;i^ [irrci-cly tl-.c saiii" action- as 
(»il .if riir|i.(itiiii', liiit is 111, I Ml {u(\v<i-fi;l. t lifn-iorc th,. 
\ii<cnl;ir lillatatiiiii iMicjy |)i-(ici > t\> to till' .-tii^'c of v»si- 
cjitioii : hill )Hi<f 111,- may ivsuh if thf tar is<l in. 

Internal. It i- \i rv li:iMc to up . t 'liir.stioii ; in 
laru'i (In.M',-- it. caii-^i > i|iiL:a-irii- i.ain. voinitiiiL'. severe 
hraiiaflif. liark iiiiiic. ami otli.r -yiii|itoiiis oi cjirluilic 
acitl )ioisoiiin'_' ! s,c j>. :;]!).. Scuiic of its ( onstiLucnts 
art- f\c!i!(il hy imiicihi- imiiilu-ancs, tspccialiv tin- 
hrondiial. on »Nl)icli it uct-^ a.> a <ii>iiifrrfaiit sfiniu- 
latiiiL' cxpt ct'ii-.-nit. 

'I"Hi:i;Ai'i.i I i< s. 

External. Tar ointiucnt, uiiich is vi'tlicr lianl. 
anil may lie x.ftciird liy I'eplaciiit,' half the uax with 
almond oil. i,-; ofi.-ii appli. d as a.-limiilaii! l:) fhronic 
.-kin (list as( s, smdi ;!> pMiria-i- and (.•lirMiiic fc/cma. 
i'>ecau-i' ot its mildly local aiia-tli. tic actio!), it i^ 
somt'tiiiii -■ ii-it'ul ill ])riu"itii-. 

Liijiior i'lcis ('arli(ini> i< a favourite pr.jiaration 
for many <kiii diMa-es. It is ;,n iniitatmn ,d' the 
popular l.icuor Carlionis iMcrLreiir which is an 
alcoholic -olutioii of ordiiiarv eo;il tar. 

Internal. Coal tar is "raivly pr.scrihrd for in- 
tpnial ii-e. Wood tar is only Lriven as an expcctoranr. 
and it i.s very valuahle for (dironic brunchiti-. It niav 
lie pivscrihcda-a pill, as perles.or as the S_. i upus VkU 
Li(iuida' {]>. ]'. Codex, do,,' 1 to '1 \\. dr.). or as Vinuiu 
Picis (a saturated solution of wood tar in sherr\, 
(lose 1 to 1 ll. dr.), or as the I'rench preparation eau 
de LToudroii. Tar water is made hy srirriiif,' a pint 
of wood tar uith half a .i^'aHon of water for fifteen 
minutes and d.c.intiiiL'. The do^e is 'i pmt daiK. 
Il may he used exieinr.lly a-; a wasji. Tfi,. Synip 
<if Tar^with Syrup of \'ir^M,,m,, l>cu,ie i.s,v p. '\\-2, 
iiiid ..'; -r. of Apomorphine hydrochloride forms an 
(•xcelleiit cou^di mixtiut . 

oil, OK ('\I)K uri;(H ^I>^ i IKH t-'T 

Oil. or TAOi:. 

Olniiii <':Mliiniiii.— .S.'/""",'/"'''- Huiif do cii.i.'. 
i ..,n,.r l;u- nil. All Mup'.r. uiii!iticoilyli(iiii(i ..t.taiiK.,1 l,y tli- 
ii'sTU.-Uvr ,li-lillati.wi of fiir NN i.v ("'rlP ' ■ nn;).')-«.s 

' CiiMiACiFr.-. An .■in].vr.-iiiti;it;f, 'iark r.-.Mi-h lanwn, 
_,.,,i. ni'.y luiuiil. O.ioiir Muoky. l.u lik.-. T:\U arni.i.itic. 

,, ',,r M-'"t;». Sti'llfiiiltU. l^'lrcly itl fthi-T Uli'l cIl I'Tofc MTU , 

■ ;::;y in alcohol, not in vMil'T. "Mix»- n-ii.iily with lal-^ an.l 

.. i i)il~. , , , 

('..Mi'.isni.'N. I'rohihly similar t" tha? <i! ^"...1 tar. 

At HON AND THi.u\ri;i rirs. 
Oil of fiulf Ikis ill*' s;iiiu' action on iIm' >\<\u a ^ 

■ -v. l)Ul it is pr. fiTiiiih . iis ihi- o<lonr is i-La^aiit. r. 
Th'r diseases \>\ the apiilicalloti of il arr 
,,-oi-iii^is. chronu' (•(•/.•ma. ami pnn-itus. .V u>iial 
fnnuula IS oil of cade 1, soft soap I. aU-ohol I'JU pur 

.!it..j i. l>ut an ointment hy nnUin^' it with an 
,ual ['art of y.ljow wax is a mor.' aL'r.calih' pr* para- 

Ki i«a MM I'lirii. 

I*i\ Bnry^HH«M«':i. Tn-' r<--iti'>an .■xiiduti.iii fr .in 
. -trni of I'ln.i ,VT./-/. tli.- ^yyiu-<' nv (Nat. (H-l. ro>n/.r..K 
...I. ,1 iin.l slraiiu/il. Au.-tria. , ,, , ■ 

(.■iiMtviMKUS. Hiir.i an. I hritt'..'. \.t ^.'ra.iually a.iaptiii;.; 

, if to th.- f'ani of ih.- v.-,>.'l m whicli it i.-^ contamr.L 

•;.ai|iH'. 'lull ifiMi-li or y.'!l.i\vi<h hiown. fractnrf rlrar and 

'.-.■hoi'dal. Odour a>.'r'.'.'alil.'. arnimilic .-p-cially '.vhen Tastf sw.ft, ar.jiiuitu'. K.-adily solahlr in ^^lufial 

•' *"' !i''i'h , , 11. 

hi II- Kin F.-^. I'.iim nil. r.-m. and wat.-r. dtt-rtcd hv imt 

1 , luK soluhh' in ^hu'ial tic»-tic lU'id. 

C..MPOSIMON. Idu' tdiicf con>liIii»-nt- ur.- luniario and 

and :i vohitilf oil. 

Emplaatrum Picis. Hur;-'undy jiitcdi, _'•; ; 
frankincrn.-f, i:i; i< -m. U ; vtdiow b.f.wax, 1,1; 
uliM' idl. 2 ; wal> r, '2. 

Action and 'riiKiiAi'i:i t.'cs. 
Pitch IS used as a husis for plasters. It is nnldly 
liiiiulant to the ^^kin. 

K K 




IC4'siii:i. Sipi.mijm. lid-iu 11, >■ r.^iduf; left Httt 
'li-tiU.aiMii .,t ..ii of tnipf-mu)'' tiuiii tilt- cniii.' olen U'sii, 
(tiiriKiitiiKi iif \Hiif)Ms s|i.'ci(> uf J'tnu-' iN;it. ih(]. ('.oiif, r , , 

ClIMlAi I l.l:>. -'r!;ui-luc< lit. VI lliiui- h. hllltli', pulvfri/. 
:ii>l''. I'r.'uiurf -hiniii^^. olant aii.l t.:i~ii- iik-' tm i.i-iitin.-. 
Iliiiri-, with .1 v.-lli.\\ thiiiiH Hii.l iiiiicli -11,. .k.'. Siil'il)!i- in 
alcoltiil. ftln-r. alkiilic-, ( hiIhiIi lii^ul| Iml.-. 

("•.'Ird-M KIN. 'I'lic ciii. I |-nn>tif U.'lit 1- lilii-tir ilii.l. 

'■ .11 t <Mi|l. :i crystalliii.' MilihUuicc 

1 'r, jii: I , : .■ i: 

1. Emi)lastrum Resiuie. >.',»,.»■)-• \,li;, 
-iv pliister. lO- m. •„' . [.l.i-t. i , Hi; liiir.i', 1. 

2. Ungnientum Resinae. Sitn-'ni^in. {{a-ilicnn 

"intiiii :i: !;•• !'i > \,,..\\ l) ^- '.live nil ^• 

/.' '( ..^ i-'illliLLHiit ill 111, Hi', |lia^lt-»'S. 

.\i ; i' 1'. \M) I iii.K \rr,i ik -.. 

lit .-111 i- aiiti-f|itic ;inil slii^'htlv sliinulant, \i\u\ 
i-. iiitniori. ail .■\cclltnt utiplicalioii for indolent 
ni'-irs, >-iir»'<. ami woiuil^!. Hcsin sonp, lorjucd liv 
lioilinL,' to'^^'i.tlui- ill a; Niiporjiriii;; dish for two houi"-< 
]N(»() .r,-. of refill. :'.(i(( <j^\\ of (Mu^fic ->odi), and 1 jiiut 
of uaiir. Mjiai-atiiii; th-. >o;qi l.y ii straiiitr. and 
dr\in;^' on a water Icith. may lie used as an enuil- 
--ifviiiL' M'^t nt. l>iit tlio t;i-te is very disa,i,'reeai)l( . 


I'lnis Alll«'i'i«-:tiiiiiii. I'raiikimwusr. rhc cn- 
(ifti' dU'ii-resin .-criii.cii niT tlir IniTik- ei I'ltnts j^Iustris 
and I'lHiis '■ :iii I Nat. (»r.]. (',<niUr,,). Sniitlicni riiiti-.i 

CiLVK.^iii K>. W'uii fr. -ii it i-. 11 >,jft. ydluw, i^juiqiu . 
touv'h siiliil. litTMiuiii^; liaik.T, ,!i_v. arni hnttic i.v kcpinv;. 
itileur Hiiil ':i>t" a^ of turpt'iitiiH'. 

CiiMi'i-.! rii'N. it is an nico-ri ;iii. 

\N \I)A i;Al.S\M — .Ml>T\Kl) 


AiTioN \NP THi:H\i'i:rTi( s. 

1- raiikincfiisf i-; ust-.l fnr liu- <:i.nn- |.urp(jsfs a? 
.-in (s-'.' ! l'.».s>. 

'|'4>r<'l»iiilliiii:i <:in:Ml«*i»«»i*'. Chiim.Ia Turii.n 
UUf. (II- C.iii;ui;i l'.al.-:iui. 1 nr mI,,! i.-iii nl,t;uii.-.i frnui Ahii's 
',,t!sa7i:r(t (N;it. (hd. ('<,vif,-r,i'). Cuva-Ia. 

('n\K\. 1 1 K>. ll 1- ]nv.<- ytllow. fiuiiily u'lftni- li, tniii- 
inul. Ilui'i, "f ill'- '■.>nsist» ii«\v of I'mn li..n. v. O.ioiir pccu 
"a-. ii'.'n'.MhI.'. Ta<t»' rtli;;luly l.itl.r. It. -lu'.vly dii.-. 
riiiiiu' 11 tiiin>p,ir. ii! varni«li. l;.:iiily -Mhihl.. i!i .•tJi.-i. 
i.Hdlnriii. iT -^iiirit. 

CuMi'Msni-.N. U i- :in ok'on-siii. :iii:l <'oiitiiin-^ oils sukI 
. -in- isoiii.-ri<- with th.i-.- of unliiiaiy turi>.iiliii<' uiul v.-,iii. 
(\iiiifiti htilxini !■> containxl in CoWiuliuiu Fl.v.ilr. 

.\( rii'N \Ni> Tiii;i;Ari:rri(s. 

CaiKula li:il-:im i- rarely u<vd excfpL tor \\.< 

].\<\c:i\ pri.ji.riy ..f .liyitiL' u^ I'orm an iulh.'>^iv.- 

.arni-h. It iuis "lli«-' sainf aclMn as oil of turjU'iiliiit'. 

>ili:i|»i«> %II»J«' *»<-liliilJ«. \Vi,:;.> M;i-l;ini S.■.,l^. 
ii:,- .Irii-i rip-' -tf'i- "I>ua 'ilb,i (N:it. Onl. I'nuiffi:, }. 

CiiAi;\>iKu>. A1m.;U .' in. in .ii;iiii.t( r. iMimdi^-h. })iil'' 
, .low, viiy liii'-ly i«itl<'<i.' hunl ; inl.inally yellow, oily. It) 
1 iiuus. 'I'listc jian^'t'ul. , 

r,,Mf.,MiinN-. Th.' chief con-lUucnt-. arv ill A iumvi 

• ,.il. (2) Sinulbhi aii.l vuimsui ; ihf latter is an oir/.yiiif. 

in luiiiact with wat.v foiivcrt- -,iii!ubiii. which in a ^;hico- 
iiitn a tixf ll i.uMi-'.nt Iw.iiy call"! iu rii\yl isnlhifjcyanate. 

.■-r, aii'l -iiiapi!! sulphalf. 

*Niii:i|»i«> >iKi"Ji' ^«'Hiiii5«' V>\.ir\ M-.s^tanl Seeds. 
r; , .in. 'a npe :-.-.<il> 'ii y.'niv.;.- / nojiu (Nat. Ora. Crucif,>r r). 

Ciuuvnans. Srarcely half thf -ize of wliite niu«tanl 
,..ea~. UoiUKlish. .Uirk rea.iish or ■:reyi.-h hnnvn, finely pitted, 
hard- veliow intiriiahv. Inodorous if dry even when pow- 
dered, but when rubb.Mi with water yi-lding a strong punf'iit 
..dour and irritating' the .yi>. last.' verv pun^re^t. J:c.sfmln..uj 
h!iu-k miLst'ira ^f-Js. Coleh.icuin ^e,d - which are lar^^ir, 
lighter, and not <iuit.' ^.-lobular. 

X K ,i 


MATKIilA Mi;!MC.\ 


CoMPo-.i I iiN. The rliii f r'nn.'-titiiint> Jiro — ( 1 ) Tho sann 
fixr'il oil as tli>- wliiif s«'f(i.s, ahuMt .'i") per cent. fJi Siyiigrin 
(\\\.\c]\ is iiMtii-siiiu) iiiyroiijitc. C|„fl|,K(J| NS... it i'f)t: n salt. 

i>' invintiic ;ii id. uhii-h i^ ji cin stulliii*' ^liK-o>iilf; a: /rosn;. 

ail I lizyiiK- v.liicl) oi! luiitart with \%at<i- fnnv<rt> -: .j^-nn into 
thf hIVkiuI vnlatilf i.jl nf iiiu-taril (C'.ll NCS, wliich i>- allvl 
iscitliiocyaiiati-). {.-liicose, aiiii jiola ; hy'ir<>f,'eii sulphate. 
The Mj'.atile oil i- v< ry piiM;_'etit. ami itr- ilevelopiiient un tin 
n'hiitiiiti (if water e\p!,;in-~ the p'!ii;.'eiicy nf ordinary niu.^tard. 

Oif'iiili Mii:i|»i*» \ol:ilil<>. Tiie v,,latile f)il di-. 
tilled tr.iiii iiiack iiiiislaid .-eed> alter nuicer.ilioii with water. 

Cm \H\i II l;-,. I'alf yellow Ol cninlil if -.,; intell.-^lvpUll^'eIlt 

and irritant. Sji. -r. Ml] s to l():i((. Solubility. 1 in .'(U of 
wati I. leadily in -pirit and in > tiier. 

CoMi'osii ION. It <'..ntain- '.".") per ((lit. or inoie (if .1/7/// 
inKthiocijtvuiti . (',ll,Ni'S. 

Linimentum Sinapis. \"o!ati!e oil nf luu-tari. 
■_' ; camphor. ;{ ; ca-t.ii- (,i.. 7 : alcohol ('.id pi r ce'it.i. j:;. 

id I 

Siii:i|ii*». r.l.ick and white mu.-l.ird ~( cdi powden 

ami nii\i 

('ii\i;'.. II Ks. A ;_'re. iii>liye'low powdi r, of an acrid, bit- 
terish, pwii^-'eiit ta-t( : odourle-^ wlieii dry. Iiut exhaling: when 
luoi.-t a charactt I i-lic ]iun;.'i :it odour, and \eiy irritating; to 
the no~lni« and ese . 

I^l^^l:l in 

Sia!( ii and liour. 

1 'ri'i >; r,i;ion. 
Charta Sinapis. Kxtract the tix.d (;il from 
hiui-ed mu-tard -et d- witli h( nr.oi. i>iv and jiowder 
tiie re-idue. Mi\ 7.". L'rains of it witli .") ll. dr. of the 
I.i'pior t^aoulchoiic and -prea i on one .-.ulc of ;{() sijuare 
iiudies (jf c.irtrid,L'e papi r. 

At rioN (ll MfsrAUD. 
External. -MiisUird is ;i typical powcfful local 
irritant. Thus it lir-l iM-ddiicfs dilatation of the 
vessels, which ca r.s(s ridin ss of the skin (rubefacient 
oilVct) and a sensation of warmth. Hccausc of ihc 
iiriiant anion of mustard cii the sensory nerve.s, a 
sc'\civ burning pain is soon felt. Tliis irritation of 
the nerves is followed hy their paralysis, con.secjnentlv 
there is a local loss of sen ,ibility, "and a dimmution 

Mr> r \!;i> 


,,,.1, of til.' iKiin prn.lucod by llir itiu-tanl an.l of 

' hat iii;iv liiivr I.. .11 jiiv- III I), fore its iipplioalion. 

li„. irritation (^ ih.v,..s. Is lr;i.l- to tlu- tran>u.liitioii 

,,f i,la>nui ihrouu'h thnn ; thi:^. mll.rtin- uihUt tin- 

...u.lenms. rai-^r. it, ai.l thu. vesi.les, i>M>s. or 

l,ii>tcrs art- foriu.d (v. sic.iit .•tk'cti. Mu^tatd is also 

counter-irritant is-'.' p. '>'>^ ■ t'l'i^ '-^ f" ■-;>>• 't"' 

■;tuulatinii ..f th. cntiiiirous iin-v. > r. ll.xly had- to 

,,\ altrnition in tli.- h. .■ of tlir \r<SfU nf tti.- viscera 

;,i,l,.r thr >r:it of ,11. plication. 

■y\n< f\ciia!i(.ii of the Mii^orv n.r\c~ w siillr 
, , ,,-ly p..%v.rfiil to reflexly stimulate the heart and 
respiration, and s.,'!M<'tiin.'^ to n'Storr c(.nsriousnrss 
,r, r famtniu'. 

Internal. (/-rs'M 

Mustard al.-o 

;ictN hvir as an irritant. Taken ui the usnai snia 1 
Miuintiticsas :i cundniinit. it cau-rs a s.-nsr ot warmth 
m th.' stoniacli. it lo-d. ratrly stimulates i\u •^.civtion 
of "astric juuM. and the p.ri>taltir inwv.nimt^. and 
thfivton- sharpens th.- appetite. .\ d. -e ot one to 
lour t.M-poonfuls .<lirr. d up m a. turn'' ier ot wateris 
.utVuieiitlv irritatin-; to he a .Hrect stonuudiu- emetic, 
rausin- prompt vomilin- without the depr.—ion 
which usual'v attend^ enu tu-^. he(au>e the mustard 
ivti.xly stiuiuhites the heart and re.-iaratioii. 


External. A poultice made wiiii Ini-'cd and 
iiavni- a little mu-tard '1 part to IC, of linsr.'d) 
^piinkled on It H a ver\ .-..mmon and ellicaciouB 
apnhcation as an irntanr. and cnint. , -irritant m 
rheumatism, [aeuri-y. pn. cmonia. hr-nclnti^, ptn- 
.irditis, and manv mtlaiumatory .iisease-. In the 
manner alrea.iv explamd it will, when applu'd 
•o the pun in -a-tral-ia. cohc paintu. 
diseases of the chest, neural-ia. and lumha-o. I a- 
paiier or anv of the mustard haves that are .sohl, 
mi li.'^Leuia in '*\ii.i.<i. !••:.»' "•• •■ --^ ^ • :. 


MAI I, I; I \ Ml. IMt \ 



()fl»'!i t-ln' iuL-ai ;i|)|ili(.-ati()n <>f inu-lanl uwv the 
s'jjniucli rtli<nfs \. 'iiiiliiiL% A Iiul''' iiiii -lard poultice 
applictl to the li'L,'s was foriiitrly ii-td as a ri-tlix 
stiTiiulaiit ill cases of synropf. a-;pli_\ \ia. ami coma. 

('oiiiliioli colds and t\'lMilt ((Hidilion.-. e-peciallv 
ill children, are nfii u treated \>y placing' tlie fret and 
le'^x or the' wlinle l)od_v m iiiii-t:ird and warm water 
(10 to 1') ounces of nnisiard tn every lo ■.'■allons of 
water, as hot as can l)e home), the nhirct heiii<_' i)y 
the cutaneous dilutatioti to withdraw i ood from the 
inflamed })art. .\ mustard _^t/ halh may bu taken 
al the period to iniTuce~m^'nstrualion. 

Internal. >lu>t;irdis used as a condiment, and 
al.'^o as an emetic. It i- esp'cially \aluahle for {inison- 
im,' hy narcot ics, hecaiise of its i-etle\ -timulaiit effects. 

'I'lll4»«»ili:illiill. (Nl nii'.r.iii.' 'Ih:- I- tie :;-!i:il 
ii;iiii( fur Ailvl.~iii)iii(iciirliaiiii'li\ C'S MiC[|,Nll. It is prc- 
jiiirrd 1)\ wiuiiiiiiK oil cif iiiii^tanl with idii'lioin- .Ndlution nf 
aniiiM'iiia. Sn. nh,! •fii. I \>.\ is wiitir, 1 m "J hIchIk!]. 1 m 10 
;.'!yi>i ill. 

Dose, iiitt-m.iiiy (ir -iii>ciitan<'nii--iy, '. In 1 ;.'i'. 

It ha- hfcn lai','c!y ii^rd li. i :iii>f it h;is h. .ii -tat< .J tn 
r-idttni f'l Htricia! liluini.'; tissiif. I'lius it is <jiv. n ui i-asi - ot 
t'ilirini> --irictuiv lit ihc II .-o|iliauru^. |)yiiinis i>i un tlira. \\>n 
till nupuytri ii"-; coiitiacliiri-. iiar.iiintrit i^. rciiiractiin liu.- In 
>rar,-. ati'i ilialin - iLif lr> clirmiii' tilirnu^ riiiiditinii'^ in tlif 
iiii'ldli- laf. In ^(llMl a rfrtain inipfi .\ ciiu nl i - .'-aiil In 
follosv its \isc. ill others eiin. < \i>\\' ■ . It i usually j-'iven us 
ribrolysin. whiili rnn-i-ts nt ihiD.-iiiiiiuin ami sculiiiu'. 
salicylatf m ^ihitinti. Th;- i- inji'dni .-iiiiciitanrou-ly or 
irUraiiiuscuhiily i\.i\ otiii i- ila\, h<';.'!i)iiiti- witli "JU ni and 
incrcasin;,' thi dn i- i.) Jd lor mcli 'iijiction. A.- it di'i- iinl 
keep after e.xpd-uir to air it i- >n\>\ in aiiiliullie nr i-^las-- hulbs. 
4 \.ll IMT OIL. 

Ol4>iliii <':iill|»llti. I'l il di-iillcd fnun the Iraves 

of Mi-I,ih'iicii ■,■!,'. I, i, i::i);>ii iNat. ( ird. .U//»7(;ci'.(' . Iinpurtcd 
from llalaNia aid Siiij^ap-iO'. 

Cil.\K.\eii i:--, .\ traiL-parciit. v,.i\ vi.'atilo. limpid, jialo 
hhli.sli preen li.piid. w illi a -tmii;.'. pi ertrat hil . rainide 'raf'<'ou.=i 

Hiioreeijed hv a sciisa'.'ion id onldrii'^s. I'lnat- iin watr'r. Sp. 
).'r. O-'.t'iL' to (l-'.t.iu. i;. adiiy soliihlr in alcidml. 

oil, Ml I I I M , S I ■ 1 I -> 


(',.Mi'<i>iiinN. rill- chii'f coii-titmnl- ;ii'- ilt H.wliiilf 
1.1 1 :ijiiii'ittiir. (ir i/ii(.>i'. isnuifiir With r-'iMico tuiin'tmr (m<( 
1>. i.iMi), T."> iMf triit. This IS li.iiii.i :i "il of eiu-alvptu-i 
(.•^ee h<i"u\ aii'l (.thfr vulutilc oil-. {-\ Aii"tliir ■•il. 

Imii'iutu-.. Olliir (liU ;iiiii lopiifi. 

Dose, ', to 3 m. 

Spiritus Cajuputi. oil ..f ,-ijiiji r, I ; alruiiol 

('.lit |I<1 ((Mt.l. '.I. 

Dose. 5 to 20 in. 

This i- livf liiii.-< ii~ -triiii!^' ii- in I'.. 1'. l---^"'. 

( hi of <-<ijiij'Ut i.-i cimtiii)u''i i>: l.inniifiittiiti riotcni. 


Thi; action of cajuput oil i> t-xactly the saiin' a-^ 
that of the oil of clovfs<' j). .lOS,. 


External. Cajuput oil is n-fd as a stiiu'ilant. 
irritant, ami counter-irritant u-ually ililutrd ^\lth 
sweet oil for all sortsof purpost < wlnii any. if liifse 
ctTt'Cts aro iiccclfd. Thu- it is rnl>!ic(l m t'nr rhillilaiiis, 
iiivaiuna, i-htuiiiatic ]y.\\u<, clironjc intlaniniaiMiy fi.n - 
<litionsof the joints ov pfi'iost'iini. It ha- al-n ti.-. ii 
iiiiplovcil as a [»ara-il iChlf for 'iutdt tiin.\ii)'t n\. I lu 
oiilv ol)j( ction to Its u-c i^ its -ti-on;' snnll. 

Internal. It is occa-iona!lv -iNrn m lyspip-ia. 
usually combined with other r. tm di' s, tor thi -akf 
of its carniinativf. -stomachic, and antispasnioilic 
. tVect^! ; it may l)e takrii on .--u^ar. 

Oil. oi^ i:i < \i.i tf*i'i ^. 

Oh'lllll i'ill4':il.V|»li. I'iu' ml (li^Uiii <1 from th>' t:. -ii 
lfa\f-, of A'/u--; ///,/'.';<> .//o^;///! ^, tif hhie ^'um tn-r (Nat < >mL 
Muitac,',). ;uul iiroiiably uth-r -it.m. - o! h.ncal>ji)ta:i. l:,i 
] frniii Aiisli;i!ia. 

(.';i\i;M n i;n. Coloiiil---- "t |i,i!i' .,ira>v iMiLjiirvl. hfi'.iiiiiii;.; 
■ iarkei ami tliickcr hs f\\)i'-^\u<-. «>iii,ui aiouiatir. Ta-.t>- .-.j)icv, 
pan^'ciil. h'a\ uij^ ii MMisiUioii nt (.•olui.c-- in thi' nioutli. N'l-utral. 
>1). ;.'r. tl'.ilU 1(1 (I'.CIU. SolnlnUr;,'. In ,ui . .lual u.i.Mit nf 
;ii''o!!('!. TIk oil- tvoiii iiitTclfllt -lit ri.',- ot Kit: ,! ■.'/■''/ ■ so\ 
vi ly rniK'li. 

C'oMi'o-nioN Tlir ciufl roii-litiit-n'- an I ! i A \oiatili- 

-,0 } 

M\i!;!;i\ Mi;i)M\ 



oil, I in iihjjitnl, iiliniit T'l jiiv ctrit. It i-; that portion wliioh in 
(i'>lillHt!Mri passfs ovt r IhIwi i ii ;;:((( ami '.\'>'l V. If i-^ aniix- 
tutf of I.; I an iiritatiii;-' ti'ii»'nc calli'i plulliunlri'iic. C,.,II,„, and 
(/;) .villi II.-. CH.CJI, (HiCH,!. iu-,' p, :,'1\]. It IS nut with in 
.■oiimi.rcf. I'Ji A cry-talli/alilf n-in. prwlmlily .l.Tivcci from 
the oil. aii'l SK-Miiiu' o/on.-. (:{) 'riiiinin. (li An "il. r.'«.H/. 
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